The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1947
Page 2
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hif, v if:" f 1 gAC% two BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS •• Snow Wrecks British Railway Station * i * HOWM Committee Urjp; Quick Action Against G. Eitlcr BY GRA.N1 DILLMAN ._., ... ., c^ropoa^,, - Tv-nbef of the Hovse UnAmerl- can activities committee predicted odaj that Gerhart Eislers con emit Itlal woulo. shed new light m Russian espionage In this coun- R"P Ri-hard M flxon R Cain aid the trial would give the Jits ice Department a chance to que / ion E-sler unaer oath on charges I 5~/ hat he \\as the No 1 -\genu ol I he CoJi"i]unist-Inter/iationai and' y k y link in i Russian vspy net .or* kislers tLStimonj—if he testi ic r — hculS be vtUuajlc in uncovering the peoole he worked \ull| ?J x3n said 11, siould steer the coirmUtee to others jfke him " ThO comnjittea cited fcisier ior contempt after fie Refused to be for testimqn> The citation -- -fpro^ed bj the House jester day on -a, iote pf 370 1 TJie'rale (,is enter was'Bep Vito Maiean tonio American, Laoor. Parti Ne« I York The cjta(ion was referred" to Bl IMliniSOtf ., Tj t> D <-fict Atlonnv Geor 0 e M (United J'rcss Korclsi. He will decide whether lo NE.VV YORK. FC'J. the CPSC to a Federal O-^ncl l en i offijn 1 naval •miy lor incli-iment or to place £ World Wn • before thf> court, on a criminal in ' Ihe Uin'cd Stale.; \\us iLimatkm *\hlch I tantamount to inol tir-ent Tlje practice in 1011'--»•, -Rations has been to ieeX jury Indjctmenls T'lrtu Earlier Convictions HistonanSays Great Britain Slow to Okay Normandy Plan [of sfiiff.'apparently "to needle'the "•••'•'-•' Xfonsou said, proposal thai If coivjicted Elsler would face •eiuines 6f from one month to a eii in jn| and n fine or from TO to 5.HCO Since 1940 there lu\e peen three comlctions lor oitc ip, of ihe UiiAmencan Ac tivitie, Committee One dtfemuni vas fined |153 and another »£>U Prison sentcnce-i ,rom ^0 days to ' x rncnvjs were suspended Meanwhile Assistant Altoniej Generil T Lsmar Caudle head ol the Justic> Department criminal duklon was studying the commit tee s Irequcst tliat E.S er oe indicted en several otheV charges Among them, tlje committee listed re\olu tioua« conspiracy pe i urj pass vart fram. and income tax evasion .Caudle said it was too earls jet to determine uhat a-tion woula Eliot Morison. ifotcd Harvard University 'historian, who v/ns commissioned In Ihi 1 Naval reserve ear- I) 'n 1912 to prepare a naval nis- toiy of Ihe war. Previous -war-tlmt? accounts Jia'l indlcntcd that Ihe second Irani wojjcl WM abandoned' 'because or t . - — ~....v.~..^i .^.<iu.^i; m ine ij[?mocraue minority In Hr» l^hu- 1 ^-, •' Wi "?" Chu "">- NC V York ,tate ]e,S "re wea ', n ill biu MDrij:oii f, report on "Oper- [ ;j >—»-'~~ - - • • - taken Nixon sald^Jne committee hoped tie Justice Dapartmenl would act Easier- m Et^i>f ^ case Lpan it, had -n cHie^ contempt citations brougnt ^i Congress The o\er»hclrnlng yote shoun be i'majidate that Congress wants ^omethtng done aoout this—an \ " H(5n P talA* fI; ^? l "^^ conl * m P l K B^rskyV and 2J other t' iJ-e Vobit Anti Fascist News Keillor) | nrilisli _. p _,.,,._., 13. (UPJ— 'A|\\e (oracl. noout Hit European war . historian tir until 1944 uiul • C(;n:cn!r.\te on Uie 31 reported today pucilic. • forcctl lo Roosevelt mid Churchill' then iflcond 1 Ironl ngiueci liial somo hind of Ironl plfins for i\ -- - nice in 131' or 1943 became opposition. The revelation ol tin front decision was made .socou-.l must be cpjiie-.l in 10« uiul tossed Uic question fc to tile chiefs'"! VoV/c Legislators Stage Site/own Strike to. Protest Spectators' Ban ALBANY, N. Y... Fen.' 19. IUP)~- Tlie Uemocrntic minority In Grocery Firm Offers Plan to Pay Pensions ClNOlNNATf, O.. Peb.'io.—A re- til (Mient proBUtm lor the 22,0"U 'employees of liie Kroger company lias Ijcen ap;:iovcd by lliu Uoarci HI directors and will bo sub.iill^pd :to .'iharcholdein . :a lliu company s annual mcutinjj MV.rch 1 5, it was ,^miO(tn:'ed too^ay. •' " O:)e feature of the program" is thai no cojilri'jiitinno win be by cmpk-ycvs,. si!i costs 'b^lnij pai:l by t.'ic con:piny. ' : Desiftni-ii to pinvidc a regular •Hi'liiro ln:oine for veteran eiii- ploircs ulter Ihe close of their iiic- llvc .'justness 'vpnrs, the progrim sels ts C-; tho' normal-'aijC' lor ntlons in North Alrlaan Waters" nh'.ished b; Little. Brown & Oo presented the lirst iletailed lu'coiml of the uffnir. Morison revealed that in ih'cir Initlnr. chri-slmas conference in Dc- ctirbDi 1941, (Jhurchill find the late p.-esldent Raosevelt'ni;;ced tlnu a majDr military move must ije lain Lhcd against Ocrmany In |'j4a. The American chiefs of staff Itiv- ored ah invasion or Northern France ma Churchill opposed this, Mori•on reported. In April "p.fler a visit to Lona'on of. Gen George c. Mnrshnll nnii H8rry. Hopkins, planning for invasion cf Normandy in Fearuary 1WJ •\-v> st-irted. Morison saiti that Mr. Hboscvclt oriuinally had fnvorod an Alrlcan Invasion "but lie had to admit thai, the direct «a<! better ..., £" "sltdown" strike' today when bi>irc<! lo 1.000 persons "innrclieri" on Albany -to more homes ntul low' reut.s. •As tlii; "mnrcliers". wlio hnt! ,-oino to Albany [roni New York 15-;rr ;j): • ('ontlnucd frnm .•it.-vtc capilol wen: lo 11} llio i-nabliiit; «CL to the stiUc'K I nnrs mis wlm 3in r\ •<< ,.,,,,,1^,., i ,...i_.. , • . !i<wl."tn:Mlom-lo-work" aincnilnicnt. '['o deinnn'.l become u law, ihe bill needs,only Governor Luney's signature. ' ' The mcusiirc. cirlclnnlly Intrft- .,.„. (luceil in Die Senate by Sen. E J 1 L?";• S"' 1 .™ 1 " ^"! p !: or Po "^ C"*. would make Sennto Minority Loader Elniei- P Qlilnn announced Lhut the Demo- lBm , ,, lnl „,„ ,.„, .. ffi Bl «,^.^;,S^t>.:,^ !!-'""."«- "™-S. » IflBhlntlvc wa, admitted ,„ Lubor lendcrii \vei-e quick to coh- tlmt the 1:111 Is nnconsUtu- the cys liandllnj! or housing mid too •nneonstitutionnl" closing of legislative halls to the public, left liie cupltol stejjs and \vent (o n ncaioy »icellni; han uiHlcr a heavy state had Dew- vo'lc. )roaclv lo Germany , lian Une indirect and j )l;e (jimrel not sec Only five conntrie.s in Arkansas tele? th thc^e. cases Tht cojnmlttee hopes to 'sha nptul oflaj renRi ife case against Eis'er bi'quei i ' ' 'T^in"*? ""*.'•:'* "-''.• oj-quei dngton in June. 1S4'2. it wns' uel "So^'n ^ l^ 0 ", a " d &lm ' :t mpj:>r nlllltl "-5- «iov.. must -Lrtiff r ""^i 0 JiearmMOpcnctl ui) in 1942 -nedilFd lor next Mohoaj me ~ ; caivmi^tcB n-as told .hat Josepmoi i >V; i " lu ' u •"•"• -Josepnson and LJptzsn Jiejppd. ariange false pnsEf>orts /or Suislanf enteHnr hi> Uultea Euifts t 'h failea to an s\ver_ sTib^anns ty.o weeks aijo .Defense Counsel Offered MJW YGRK F'b 19 (UP)-The C v i Fights Congress said today it ft^uid be giad^ to defend Qer H't...Easier alleged Rust in agent cited, for cor'e npt of Cangres Tae Ci\4l Rights Congress said it 1 ad b en asked tjy Airs Eisle t-o cjand her husoard because he :s not In a. position to EM • ior hm S"If ~ I s«ld Eislcrs'arresC was co lou 1> for nothing but publicity "I> s &r<i his -citation for re «s ; to b> s>,om in as a witness t'lvTe. tn ~ C " OUAe Un4nlori<:a " A " Sen ed Mjrison reporled, alter the \fslts of cimivlilll and Foreign Minister^ v. iyf. Mololov to Wasji- de- bc The wiioln question of a r.eoond front in 1942 was threshed out They would liav c exempted firms pugnced in Interstate commerce from uppllcntlon of the- -b.111, niul would have given anttiorily lo courts of record to <ietei-m:iic nriiis «o enuaged. Only IB • votes were -cast in ' tlie House yesterday aj;n:nst the llnal (v,-o i,t Governor Laney's tax mens- urea, as income and severance •is n Morlsoii said, "b'tween the Frcsfdcnt, and the Prime Minis tci Mr Roosevelt wiis disturbed to find that Mr. Churchill who hid ah\a»s favored r.n indirect or imdcracJl/ cpproach to the heart of the ,\xis. did not relieve that Ko- r tii cross - h «»iiel Invasion ol Churchill doubted wiiether tr<xip,s rb i . cx;-,oit a bjaehhcad >r'htrn France \vculd be sivnll- o->fo c At this potiituic American chlels, Lemon Juke Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly Lloyd Godley Named Fund Drive Chqirman O O^OL-i AVk Feo 19-Uoxl s JKJ has oeen named chalrnifin •-- •-'• of the pncual Red Cross fuiu. ou^i! , , t '—«—» ivvw i^iubb 1UHU ciljtali cj n || 1C .,.].,• ,," ',, "•"-' •?•"« rae fa^c^cSW MlrCh ' ' l ^'iH^^SIiKHS Th= O eola cnapter made pnn-, K,_J^'.'"' ""'w-j'.!'* > tS™K'"C. < Fj lor th e dnje at en Exs ullve BOTXI " ""' '"'"'••""TOIM bj KEEPS HOiS CLEAN No liquids! No suds! 3Jb. can *1 Us« on any rug or carpet, including light colors and fwisls. Cleans entire room, or small •was without leaving ring. have less than !iO per cent of their boosts were approved, u wns csli Charles S. Lemons, Furniture THESE ARE FINE WARM RUGS, SIZE 9x12 WITH LOVELY FLORAL DESIGN. AVAILABLE IN A RANGE OF ATTRACTIVE COLORS WITH BLUE, WINE, GREEN ROSE AND BEIGE BACKGROUNDS. THEY HAVE LUSTROUS RAYON FACE OVER HEAVY FELT , ' $19.45 bring an additional $3,000,000 into the stale's tills. The chief executive Is expected to sign the 10 fiscal bills Into law tills week, as the House uovfi iippi-ova) to the other eight last Friday ami the Senate enrller iif/livncd all of them with a minimum of opposition IJehale J.iiiuui- Bill Tlie Benato yesterday made a special order of business for today a meusure setting u]> a Memorial .Stadium Commission, and another by Sen. llntler that would put the Kliite into the wholesale liquor business. The liquor hill has already been handed un unfavorable ree- otninendiitlon frpin the Senate Temperance Committee. The stadium measure was amended in u )e up- iw chamber yesterday, with (he stipulation lhat tlie structure would i'.ol be ljuill with state funils unless a specific appropriation was made by the loyisluf.irc. In other action, tiic Senate: Approved and forwarded to the Kovernor 11 House bill raising the maximum penalty for negligent homicide from 1 to 5 years; Kcrclvecl an election law revision measure that conflicted in part wilh « previous measure. The bill b" Sen. G. Liiwrence Blackwell of Pine Uluir, would delete that part of lh«> earlier measure providing for a revision of (he State Board of Election Commissioners; Also approved and sent Oovernoi l.nn;y a House bill providing, salnn ••a jcs for uuic Rock and NoMh LiUle Hock Municipal Court clerks Other House proceedings included: Receipt of )i ), u <!gcl bills, ln- idlns two for $21,600.000 a year for highway construction; 51,177000 for the State IJcvenue Department; $9,000,000 for old age asslsr- fl»ce; $542,000 a year for the Game and Fish Commission; and $181000 Kcceipt of u bill cstahlishinp n commission to plan for the construction of a governors mansion, and appropriating SIUO.OOD Jbi lhat purpose; Rtcelnt of another 1,111 tliat would piovide u state Income tax exemption up lo $3,500 for small coriwri- llons in Arkansas BRIGHTEN linn ynmr home 7.6 x 9 $12.95 9 x 10.6 $17.60 Charles S. 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