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16 GREAT WESTERN TELEGRAPH. Judge Drummond Remands tlie Case the Jurisdiction of the District Court. The Company to Petition Judge Blodgett to Set Aside the Bankruptcy Adjudication. All tlie Creditors to lie Settled with Except Status to Bo Determined bj the Courts. His Honor Judgo Drummond, sitting in tho United Statos Circuit Court, yesterday morning xof usod to allow tho motion to admit now tosti- Jinony in tho record of tho petition for review of tho decision of tho District Court, in HUton v.

tho Groat Western Telegraph Company. Having already, in tho numerous actions taken, givon tho facts over and over again, it is not necessary to repeat them. Leaving out, therefore, tho well-known facts of tho caso, as they havo been so frequently presented to tho readers of The Tribune, His Honor In effect said that woro two motions before tho Court to bo on. Tho question, howovor, substantially was, os to tho practice of tho Circuit Court in 'Applications for tho hearing of now evidence affecting the question of bankruptcy; it was brought up by tho motion of tho petitioner in this Court, for permission to odd his nowly-dls'covorod testimony; and, in tho second place, it up on the part of tho petitioner in tho Dis'trict Court, in las motion to striko out all testimony from tho proceedings in this Court that not boon brought before tbo District Court. Thoro wore two ways In which tho objects of tho petitioner in this Court might ho reached.

One was for tho potionor in review in this Court to proceedings hero until ho -had an opportunity to present to tho District Court tuo newly-discovered evidence. Tho Court hold 'that thoro was no doubt of tho power of tho District Court on proper showing to open an or- Kler in bankruptcy and to hoar new evidence therein; and pointed out that tho proper stop io bo taken was first to submit such evidence to District Court, and wbon ibat was done, if 'qpon the final order of that Bourt still to come to this Court for review, they knight then properly do so, bringing their new along with them. Again, although what tho Court had suggested to be tho preferable course, there was 'another mode of doing it, if that was not adopted on a proper showing in tho Circuit Court, where a petition for review has boon filed and proceedings in review havo taken place, tho petitioner might ask tho Circuit Court for an on the District Court requiring it to proceed to hoar tho nowly-discovorcd evidence. If it was true, as it was contended by the petitioner in review in this Court, that the Company 'that bad boon adjudicated bankrupt was really solvent, and able to pay its debts, 'thoro was another method of procedure by which tbo petitioners could gain object. It was to cuter into approved arrangements to pay or secure all their outfit andang indebtedness, with tho exception of tho 'notes on which proceedings In bankruptcy wmo brought, those favor of J.

0. liillon, which. It appeared, woro given to Reeve, in carrying on: contract which tho Supremo Court of this ifitalo, In a decree, in Torvrilligcr v. tbo Company, Imd declared to be fraudulent. These notes were contested, and, until their character bad been established, tho defendants in tho Bankruptcy Court might well ask the miporscduro -of proceedings that Court on their 'giving Hilton suitable security for tho amount of such contested claim.

Ilia 'Honor had already so ruled, iu a railroad case, at Indianapolis, whero it wns decided that tho company, being put into bankruptcy, aottlo all its outstanding debts, except those contested claims on which tho proceedings In bankruptcy woro brought, and that such proceedings must stand In suspense until tho litigation over tho contested claims had decided the in dispute. In this case, tbo petitioners iu review contested the claims on (he ground that they woro not legitimate bona fide claims against tho Company, and Jn bankruptcy might io stayed u.dil limt question bad boon decided, if il. way decided that the notes were good, and Iho bankruptcy decree was afilnucd in the Districl then it would ho time enough to come to tho Circuit Court, in review, with their complete If it was decided that tho notes were bad, it was competent for tho District Court to upon tho decree, and make another order. The Court directed an order to bo entered ilia 1 the motion of tho petitioner in the CiicuU Court to bo allowed to introduce now testimony bo overruled, and tho motion of tho petitioner In tho District Court to strike out certain portions of the petition in this Court be Kimlmnrd An interview with tho counsel for (ho pc'ilionors in tho Circuit Court elicited the that they havo determined to ml' courses pointed out by His Honor. A inn of all tho creditors will bo called The debts nominally are believed to $16,000.

but really to be less than and they will be at once arranged for without dilltculty. FARRAR VERSUS FAYNE. Decision In the Sixty-niiUli Struct Mortgage Redemption Sult-Syiiopof Appeal Judge has decided tho of rrr V. Payne, hill and cross-bill, Farrar filing a to redeem a mortgage on five acres of land corner of Sixty-ninth street and Cottage Grovn and Payne filing a cross-bill to continn )iis title thereto, tho particulars of which suite Jiavo already boon published in The Tkiiiune. Tho Court said, iu effect, that ho mast dismiss bill, for want of equity, for tho following reasons: First, in Illinois an attachment cannot be levied upon tbo mortgagor's equity of second, tho complainant lias no wquity, because eleven years elapsed after tho tsalo under tho attachment proceedings through which he claims titlo, boforo (lie Sheriffs deed issued, tboreforo tho fibor- Iffs deed is void; third, tho equity, if any, remaining by vlrtuo of tho certificate of 'sale, is also barred in analogy to tbo statute of -limitations, and cannot bo sot un as un existing equity; fourth, tho laches of the complainant in bringing suit are so great that a Court of Equity will not interpose to grant relief.

in the cross-bill, the Court held that (lie complainant heroin was entitled to relief, he claiming through a mortgage sale by memo conveyances; first, that the notice under which tho mortgage was foreclosed being susceptible of construction, tho Court would not indulge in presumptions against it aflor a lapse of fifteen years, and that no laches had boon shown sufficient to defeat the title through which I'anio, tbo complainant la tho cross-bill, Tito Court therefore dismissed the original bill, and decreed title iu Payne on tho crons hill. An appeal was taken to tho Supremo Court. W. 0.

uoudy and Fuller Smith for Farrar, and Bpafford, JlcDaid Wilson for Payne. VALUABLE BRICKS. An important shipment of diver bars was made by tbo Swansea Silver Smelting and Boflning Company, yesterday, from tho banking ofllco of Adam Smith A Son, at tho corner of Stato mid Washington streets. Tbo shipment consisted of 111) silver bricks, which contained 47,342 ounces of pure silver and 5,000 ounces of gold, and was valued at $70,000. The tnetal woe the.

product of seven days' emolting at tho works, which aro ojow turning out worth of gold and silver every day. A shipment equaling in value this one Is made each Saturday to the United States assay office, in New York, whore the bricks are again smelted, and whatever gold they contain extracted. The bricks aro sent through in tho care of the American Express Company, and are cot encased or protected In any way. In looking at them ouo would bo easily deceived as to their weight and value, The 149 bricks shipped yesterday made a load which two large horses hauled with difficulty. A largo crowd gathered in front of the ofllce while the precious metal was being loaded.

INCIDENTS OF THE The following accidents which attended the explosive mode of celebrating tbo Fourth ore the only ones which were not given in Toe Tbiounb yesterday. AMU years old, named Thomas Deodo, was acctdpntally shot in the loft thigh by a named Charles Bchutlor, while playing In front of 259 Ferdinand street, Infliollng a painful but not a serious wound. At 4 p. on the Fourth, a boy 11 years old, named George Daly, was standing in front of, his home, No. 835 South Morgan street.

By the raokloss use of a revolver by somo boys on the apposite side of the street, ho received a ball in his abdomen. It wan thought that George Earnout fired the shot, ami ho was accordingly arrested. The physician who attended upon the wounded lad does not think him fatally injured, although the wound is a very painful one. James and Robert Clark wore playing with a small pistol in tho basement of No. 103 Eighteenth street, when it was accidentally discharged, tho hall entering forehead.

The weapon was in tho hands of Clark when was bo was therefore arrested. HABEAS CORPUS. The Alleged KofnNod a Writ, and llemniulcd to Jail tor Further Singular Henry Williams was yesterday brought boforo Judge Rogers, in tho Circuit Court, on hearing of petition for writ of haboas.corpus. Williams is tho man who was, two wooks ago, suspected of'aotting lire to barns on tho comer of tho alloy on Twenty-seventh street, between State and Burnside streets, arrested, and committed to jail on that charge on tho 28th Juno last. Tho petition, already summarized in The Tribune, shows that Williams was examined before A.

H. Banyou, Folico Justice, on tho 28th, and discharged, tho Court thinking tho ovidonco did not connect him with tho crime charged, lie was afterwards arrested, on tho samo day, whilst packing up his wardrobe in tbe jail, on a warrant issued by Justice Haines, on a complaint made by Wm. Dixon, whoso evidence, it was stated in the petition, was all that bad boon ami could bo brought against him. J. H.

Bums and E. L. Barber appeared for tbo people, and Johnson Groeloy for tho defendant. Tbo first witness for tbo people was Mr. Lang, the owner of ono of tho barns fired, who testified merely that the bam had boon fired about from to 11 at night.

Mr. Blackman, owner of tho other bam, testified that his bam was consumed, with four horses, five sots of harness, and other property, about midnight of tho same night. William Dixon testified that on tho evening in question ho was wailing for bis sister, whom bo expected up on a State street oar, on the corner of State and Twenty-seventh streets, when bo paw Williams loaning against bam. Williams came up to him ana said he was sleepy, eld going homo to bod, ns he had been Dixon caw under his coat a package of newspapers. Williams then went in tuo alloy behind tlie barn; soon after, Dixon found him coming up Stale street.

As ho came up, ho wont ido Holden's ohoo-otoro and asked for somo old papers, and they gave him (wn, which ho concealed under his coat, and ho turned into the alloy again, ami vaa term to go behind tho bnm once more. A few minutes later, Dixon saw llamcs issuing from tho barn, and gave tho alarm. Tho fire, was extinguished, ami tho remains of two newspaper', partially burned, were found, together with newly-lighted matches. Charles Seohovgor, dry-goods dealer, 1250 Plato street, testified that on the night in question Williams enmo to hia store bogging for old pancr, ami ho gave him two old newspapers. it.

(7. Harlot to, lanmlryman, corner of State rml Twenty-seventh streets, testified that Williams him on tho night in question for a to wrap a shirt iu that ho was going to bring witness to wash. 110 got the paper, but hrought'tho shirt. B. Hlegcl, saloon-keeper, Stnto street, near Twrnl y-aovonth street, testified that on tho right iu question defendant look a quantity of malr.ho.i from his saloon.

T'hoao witncMius woro introduced to show connection with tho 11 flro, r.nd llso prosecution woro about to call witnesses as to Um other lire, when tho Court said ho was taUaficd an to connection with tho matters laid to his charge, unless tho defense hod evidence to overthrow tho points established and, tho defense acknowledging that they had uonc. tho Court remanded'tho prisoner to jail, remarking that ho was satisfied it was a that should bo investigated. It was staled, during tho hearing, that (hero ban been r.n alarming number of fires in barns in tbo ufighborhood In question. Tho prisoner no cause of enmity against Lang; and if ho j- of incendiarism il must bo from more lovo of mischief. THE CITY IN BRIEF.

The United SomTof Erin Benevolent Society will meet in their hall on West Twelfth street at 2 p. in. to-day. The Fourth annual picnic of Home Lodge, No. 410, I.

O. O. will take place at on tho 31sl instant. The Irish Society organized Tor tho study of tun Celtic language-will meet thin afternoon iu No. 101I5rcmev-st.

named 11. C. Marshall was arrested by finFc-v Ernie ycudcrdny. -lo in charged with a number of small thefts ul Hotel, on street. A hundtume bunting flag, 18 feet long, was recently presented to Engine Company No.

16, by tbo cUisomi in the vicinity of their house, as a of appreciation and good will. Tho Hope Total Abstinence Society will hold Ur weekly meeting at 2 to-day, at Hail, corner of Adams and Ilalsted -vcclH, CntdncoH of importance will bo trauuntted. Tho closing exoretsoa of tho Chicago Christian Union Gorman will bo hold Tuesday evening, nt No. 114 East Madison street. Prof.

will make a speech, and there will be ll.UtilC, During a drunken brawl in Mrs. saloon at the comer of Harrison and Franklin streets, yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Frey was biton tho head with a lunch plate, and bad her scalp laid open. An attending physician said that uho was not seriously hurt, Belwccn Plcsloy, a widow lady, swore out a warrant yesterday, boforo Justice Hines, for tho arrest of T.

A. Sclvy, of fJYo lamp firm of B. O. Cu 'o A whoso store is on Van Buren street, near Stale, charging him with an attempt tq outrage her person. iTho good people of Lawndale celebrated tho Fourth under a tent, whole they dolled tbo rain, played croquet and foot-ball, ami wound up with a display of fireworks iu the evening.

The eighteenth annual picnic oxcuruisn of the and Sunday-school of St. John's PiotoManl Eulsoopal Church will ho hold at Park, Thursday, July 10. The train loavoj Park Station, corner of Ashland a i ciir.o and street, at 8:45 a. in. There will ho a special moetingof the Academy oC Science imj Tuesday evening, at fi in tho j'acilie Hotel.

The proceedings will have special reference to tho momory of the lato lamented President, J. W. Foster, LL. 1), All momhors are requested to attend. A citizen of Jefferson, named King, was riding to his homo Thursday night, when his horse shied, throwing him into a ditch partially filled with water.

A young man who was with him I tncincd assistance and had him conveyed to whoroho soon after expired. He had )'. drinking during tho day. A little boy named Frank Howard, need about years, is ut Mrs. No.

8 Eiuriuge court, lie came to this oity with his parents lustAlouday, ami, wandering away from the hold 'frboro they stopped, lie became Ho aays his fattier is a nlonc-musun, and that ho has relatives in Lawton, 111. Hugh Qorrlly and "Bhang" McLaughlin, gamblers, gathered a crowd about thorn in front of Tom Foley's billiard hall yestorday evening, while they indulged In a freo fight. It was said that Garritv made an unprovoked assault upon McLaughlin, ami it was quite apparent that ho kicked him after ho was down. On tho afternoon of Friday, Frank Walsho's buggy and homo wore stolon fiom near tho Twelfth street bridge.

Yestorday Jnmos Mc- Mullen was arrested charged with tho theft, and registered as such at tho Armory Police Station, by Officer Eboraold. The property was found in the possosaion of tho supposed thief. Yesterday afternoon two men named Henry Btlfft and Joseph Fiolan, being very drunk, attempted to overturn a newly-finished buggy, in front of Urbonus' carriage factory, on North avenue, near tiodgwiok street. When Mr. John Urbanus, a son of the the proprietor, romonetrated with them, and attempted also by physical force to compel them to desist, Fiolan drew an ordinary shoo-knifo and out young Urbanus severely on tho right THE CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE: SUND arm.

Ho probably would have inflicted more serious injuries if somo persons had not interfered to prevent him. Both men ran away. Doteblivo Tyrrell happening to bo In tho vicinity, hoard of tho affray, and sot find tho assailants. Ho arrested Eiolon under a house near by, and found tho knife on his poison. Ho took to tho Lnrrnhoo Street Station.

Htifftwas also arrested by a police officer. A little child of Richard aged 18 months, was found drowned in a ditch in front of its homo. No, 400 Noble street, yesterday. Tho child had boon missing slnco 8 on tho morning of tho 4lh, and was reported at tho various Stations as a lost oliild. Yesterday morning boy mndo tho sad discovery of its dead body in tho street ditch.

Tho Coroner hold an Inquest, ami a verdict of accidental drowning was rendered. Dr. Samuol J. Wood, for many years past tho traveling correspondent of tho Chicago Journal of Commerce, died suddenly, after an illness of a few hours, at Ilaunlba), last evening at 6 Tho deceased was well known to many through tho Western Statos, and was rnnch esteemed for his solid and gonial qualities. Tho Doctor was a member of Oriental Lodge, A.

of this city. Tho Ladles' Aid Society will welcome their friends ovory day this week to tho Board of Trade, lunches, to bo givon in the basement of ibo Union Bank Building, conior of Washington and LaSallo streets. Gentlemen and ladies aro cordially invited to partake of tho good choor that will bo provided, and by so doing alleviate tbolr hunger and incidentally benefit tho now Foundling's worthy charltablo institution. Don't forgot to go. Lunch will bo served from 12 to 3 by tho Board of Trado boll.

Tho entertainments given at Standard Hall Monday. Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings woro well attended, especially tho two last performances, and nottod a goodly sum for tho Illinois Woman's Hospital and tho Christian Union, fob whoso benefit tho services of the amatour class of tho Union woro tendered. Tho'plays, notably tbo comedies, woro well cast, and, aside from such imperfections and aro to bo looked for in persons not inured to tho i customs and usages of tho boards, gave satisfaction to tho audionoos. The Fergus Printing Company lias in its possession a curious rolio of tbo groat llro, in tho shape of a wood-out of President Grant. It was found a fow days ago in the ruins at No.

244 Illinois street, when cleaning out tho collar of tho now building. There wore about 1,000 wood-cuts with tbo rolio at tbo timo of the Ore, and it is tbo only survivor. It is in a flue state of preservation, and makes a good impression of tbo original, to whom it will bo sout as a memento of tbo flro. Tbo first number of tbo Irish' American Ex- position Jiccord will appear on Saturday, July 12. It will bo published throe times in advance of tbo Exposition as awookly.

and as a daily daring tbo tbroo weeks of tbo Exposition, which begins Aug. 4 aud closes Aug. 23, in tho West Tbo paper will bo a four-page shoot, 20by 21, and will bo managed in a manner that will render It highly entertaining. It will bo distributed free on tbo streets, in the cars, at tbo hotels, and to tbo publio generally. A correspondent contributes tbo following characteristic anecdote of tbo immortal Banyon: business man.

having occasion, not Jong since, to consult old Banyon, wont to bis Honor's ollico during business hoars, and not finding him in, proceeded to search for him. Knowing his habits, ho Inquired at tbo comor saloon if 1 Banyon was in. saloon keeper replied. bo patronize you tho man asked. 4 said tbo saloonist, bo is my host customer, but has just Proceeding to tbo next saloon, tbo Banyon-Bcokor asked if Banyon took bis bitters tboro.

Tbo saloonist replied Yes, Banyon is a regular customer of miuo. I sell him a good deal in tbo course of a year. Ho and I are good And so tbo Banyou-scokor wont on from saloon to saloon, asking for Banyon and finding him not, but invariably receiving tbo same reply, Drank and until, having arrived at a wholesale liquor storo, bo found, with up-Uflod glass, tbo illustrious representative of tbo judicial interests of Tho Board of Directors of tbo Publio Library mot in tbo tank yesterday afternoon, President Hoyno in tho chair. All tbo gentlemen woro present except Mr. Bastor, who is out of tbo city.

Tho nowly-appomtod Directors, Messrs. Hoyno, Queal, aud Siioroy, woro sworn in. Mr. Bhoabau offered a resolution fixing tho first regular meeting in July ns tbo auuuai mooting. Mr.

Hoyno was ro-elocted President, aud nil tbo old officers and assistants woro given a now lease of power. Estimates woro submitted for binding tbo periodicals, and woro referred to a committee with instructions to lot tbo contract nt such price as they thought roper. Tbo Secretary submitted bis report for uno, from which tbo subjoined facts woro obtained Volumes received, 512, including 867 from Germany total volumes tbo library, 7,864. Pamphlets received, 296; total pamphlets, 8.518. Total of books and pamphlets, 10,882.

Tbo number of visitors was 7,027 average. 254; of tbo visitors 1,270 called on Sunday. NUISANCES. To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune Sir Scavongor-carta aro traveling nuisances at this season of tbo year, and should bo vided with hromo-cldoralum, or somo other disinfectant olso they taint the air at every stop. These accumulations of garbage, os they halt boforo some residence or store, create an odor that is almost overpowering.

Persons who leave piles of butchers, for instance, do their tainted bo required to use some disinfectant. Public comfort and decency demand this, and tbo should see that it is attended to. B. PERSONAL. J.

G. Ayers and G. A. Lyon, U. S.

are al the Sherman. Stephen A. Douglas, of North Carolina, is at tbo Grand Pacific. Tho Bov. H.

0. Shaw, of Silver Glenn, Nob. is at tho Sbormau House. Tho Hon. John J.

Safely, of lowa, was at the Sherman House yesterday. Tho Bight Bov. Bishop Pinckney, of Washington, D. 0., is at tho Sherman House. George Swift, of tho Mammoth Central Glass Company, of Wheeling, W.

is at tho Sherman. Capt. B. P. Wilson, of tho Tenth Bogimont United.

States Infantry, loft tho Sherman House for Detroit last evening. Mr. Osmond Stono, Professor of Astronomy at tho United States Naval Observatory, Washington, D. 0., is in tho city to spend a fow days. It cost W.

M. Hill $15.25 to rido in a bus from Lincoln Park to Madison street yesterday, that amount having boon abstracted from bis pocket by one of thelight-flngored gentry. F. Ayraund, K. Mayoda, B.

Foojmorn, three young men from Japan, who have boon attempting to uucivflizo themselves in American colleges, aro at the Sherman, en route home. Tho following wore among the prominent arrivals at tho Sherman House yesterday: J. 0. Birdseye, Boston: G. D.

Blakhill, New York: P. Wilson, Wheeling. W. 0. M.

Morao, Buffalo E. J. Blowlot, Now York, The following wore among the prominent arrivals at the Grand Paolilo Hotel yesterday: Blakewoll, Cincinnati: W. N. Haldeman, Louisvillo; Bufua Kellogg, Oakland, A.

Miller, Now Orleans J. W. Dwyer, Ohio. Miss Fulton, Miss Metz, and Mr. William Waito fool bad because their admirable Gorman exercises were not mentioned in oounectiou with the Hydo Park High School exorcises, and rather than to have them continue to fool bed they are hereby mentioned, Tho following ofllcors of Bt.

John the Baptist Society have boon elected for the ensuing year President, Dnmiso Hall: Vice-President, 0. 8. 0. Ohorbcmoftu Secretaries, M. Valignet, Anton Itaoiuo Treasurers, Edward Hallo, L.

Emoud Wardens, G. Baby, Joseph Franorour. The law Arms of Lyman A Perry Trumbull, of this oity, and Anthony A Church, of Valparaiso, have consolidated. Tho namo of tho now firm is Trumbull, Anthony, Church A Trumbull, and they have offices in Booms 48 and 40 llcapor Block, corner of Washington and Clark streets. Mr.

G. M. Hawks wishes it known that ho was tbo architect and superintendent of Hooloy's Theatre, and Wheolook A Thomas that ihoy made tho drawings for Theatre, and superintended its construction. Then it was not Mr. Graham who put up theso flue buildings tut inadvertently stated yesterday.

Honor to whom honor, etc. A wedding reception-party was given at No. 1142 Wabash avenue, on Friday, by Mrs. E. Warren and Mrs.

J. F. Koouoy, to Mr. and Mrs. H.

A. Warron, who hod just returned from tho East, whore tboy have been spending tho honeymoon. A largo number of guosts were present, and thero was music, douoiug, and a pleasant time generally. AN AFFAIR OF A Itopcd Into Accepting the Ollinr Ulan run. to Como to the Challenged Feels Iflappy, Perhaps tho last thing that would bo expected of a police-officer would bo an easy Improsslbllity to tho wlnaomo waya bf a young lady.

But, whoro two officers oro equally impronood, perhaps tho first thing which would be expected of thorn would bo that thoy eliould moot in somo aalqon ou Sunday, and do to tholr bolter feelings, after a few atlmulollng drinks, by a freo of tholr clubs. But to tho first observation thoro has occurred an exception. Tho narao of Officer James O'Oouuors has appeared in thoso oolumna ao that of a dangorona peraon for a rowdy to encounter. Tho aamo narao muat now bo used as that of a young man, who, by hla numberless charms of face, figure, speech, and manner, has won a flcldo girl, and caused bor to forgot another follow, who for twonty-eovon years, moro or loss, has boon her only devotoo. Tills individual, who la a respectable gentleman, of honest and very poor parentage, having road that daols wore honorable, and, which was quite a point with him, seldom fatal, resolved to havo tho matter settled by tbo hot coffoo and pistol method.

So ho wroto a challenge to tho'man with ono star. To bo buto ho spoiled challenge with ono and two a's, bat tho ofllcor being an accomplished gontloman understood tho moaning of tbo word, and, it la said, tromblod. A largo rod seal, upon which tho word blood was written Jn largo letters, mado tbo document look llko a deed for a valuable residence in tho state called Eternity, and suggested to tho officer's mind, that, perhaps, if; ho accepted tho challenge, ho might shortly be sent to toko possession or it. But, a man who loved him, and wautod a sensation for a newspaper, told him that death was hotter than dishonor any day, and that dishonor or doath would become intimately associated with Ids in any event. Ono of these horns of tho dllamna ho bad to chooso, and at onco wroto I accept.

Death or dishonor. Give me both or neither. Meet roo at tho West Bide Police Station at 0 o'clock, Saturday The sanguinary contract was sent back to bis rival, ana in groat agony of O'Connors arranged to dio. It was not necessary for him to make a will. At 9 o'clock last evening, at.

the West Side Station, tho Cisco appointed for tho encounter, thoro was ttle going on. armed to tho teeth, woe soon to entor. The only person who mot him was a reporter. Tbo reporter, unaware of tho object of tho call, took his cold, clammy handin his, as a token of bis koon dosiro for some sensation. scorned at onco to understand what ho wanted, and, with his tooth chattering, related tho wholo matter.

It was lato whoa bo had reached tho end of his tale, and, hla enemy being still unheard from, giving a whoop of victory, loft tho nnstalnod battlo-fiold for homo. If ho. was killed on bis way, tbo reader will be told of it to-morrow. An Old Jewelry House. J.

B. Chambers Jcwolcro, who havo been located on West Madison street since tho liro, have returned to their old location at the comer of Clark and Madison streets, whoro they have fitted up ouo of tho finest jewelry establishments in tho city. This popular bonne will look familiar at tho old stand. It has been established seventeen years In Chicago, and in that timo has won an enviable reputation. Tho stock includes largo consignments of all kinds of Jewelry and watches from importers and manufacturers.

Tho evenings will bo devoted to auction sales, and tho goods will bo disposed of without reserve. Tho first sale will taka placo to-morrow evening, beginning at 8 o'clock. Tho National Normal Musical Institute. Dr. George F.

Root, Principal, Carl Zorrahn, Conduotor, bolds 1U annual session at the Chicago Unlvcralty from July oto Aug. 14. This session offers an to all who can read plain muslo to obtain condensed and BClentiQo instruction in notation, voice-culture, burmouy, and classic cboms- Bluglng. Full course, S2O. Chorus course, comprising twouty-hva clonelo chorus drlllo under Carl Zerrahn, SO.

Full particulars at Qcorge F. Root Sous, Wabash avenue. Lako forest. That pleasant suburb, Lako Forest, within one ride of the city, la fast becoming a favorite place of residence. There are two excellent hotels now full of visitors, many elegant private houses, a preparatory collegiate school for boys, under the care of Prof.

Alien, and Ferry Hall, a college for young ladles, It will bo soon, therefore, that Lake Forest offers peculiar advantages to residents. A large number of the best lots are offered for sale, some of them on the lako shore, eighty feet abovo tbo lake. For particulars, apply to Sylvester, Lind No. 150 La- Salle street. Chicago Alton Railroad, and Chicago, Kansas City Denver Short Line, have established a freight and ticket office at No.

122 Ilaudolph street, nearly opposite the Sherman House, where through bills of lading will be issued, and tickets can be purchased to Bt. Louis and nil points South, Kansas City, and all Western and Southwestern points. John Beaty, Contracting Agent, E. P. Broughton, Ticket Agent.

Personal. Wo are Informed that Mr. B. D. Mallory, the former landlord of the West Side Clifton House, corner of West Washington and Halsted streets, will open the Bishop Court Hotel, No.

Oil West Madison street, on the 10th as a UrsUoloss hotel and family boarding-house, where be would be pleased to see bis old patrons and many new ones. A Good Move. Wo notice that Cone Strong, Jewelers, have leased the large and elegant store, No. 170 State street, opposite the Palmer Hotel, which they will occupy about July 8. With a much larger stock of Jewels and silver plate, together with greatly Increased facilities at their commands, this Arm will, no doubt, more than sustain the enviable reputation earned in yean past.

Lace Goods and Suits. Wo have now on hand an elegant assortment of lace points and Jackets, late importation, which wo are prepared to offer at Wo have also a good line of braided and embroidered rodingotea and suits st very low prices, Uotchkiu, Palmer Nos. 137 and 130 State street. Pino. Carriages, broughams, four and slx-eoat rockaways, In every stylo and variety, may bo found at Coan Ton Brooke's, corner Randolph and Ann streets.

Those carriages are of latest styles and of superior make, and at very low prices. Call and examino them before purchasing elsewhere. Penmanship. W. A.

Drew will give a course of Instruction at the College Hall, Noe. 378 and 280 West Madison street. The class will bo taught, from 8:30 till 0:30 m. at reduced rates during vacation of tbo public schools. Bookkeeping and arithmetic from 0:30 till 13; telegraphing in the evening.

Boots and Shoes for All, Ona of the most complste and woll-oasorted stocks of ladloa' and boots and shoos in tho dty can be found at tbe new store just opened by Messrs, Webb At Burke, No, 70 Randolph afreet, near State. Tba most fastidious buyers can be suited, both os to quality and price of goodsi Ton Off on all goods ordered from Orabam, tba young men's tailor, during July aud August. Orabam always gives a perfect lit, keeps tbe best of clotbs, and guarantees satisfaction. Ho. 110 Clark street.

The Genuine Geyser Spring Water is drawn by Duck At llaynor at both their stores. AUCTION SALES. By mi. A. BUTTERS CO.

Xj-AYHO-E SALE REAL ESTATE At 15 17 East Randolph-fit. IVM. A. BUTTERS 0. Auctioneers.

By BRUSH, SON 41 South Oanal-it. JULY 0, AT 0:30, Furniture and General Merchandise, AT AUCTION. Parlor fiulli, and Plain Chamber Bets, Spring bods, lluroaoi, llouatoads, Hair a uonaral auortiuent of Furniture, now and Uariiata. Matting. Bhow Cason, eto.

BON 00., Auotlmiuera, 41 Hmitli Oaiial-it. REAL ESTATE. CENTRAL PARK. I am authorised to offer for salo llvo of tho choicest lots fronting Central Park, and ton lots on same vicinity at a price sully $lO per foot below their present actual value. Also 4B foot on noar $135 nor foot.

HBNllx B. MARBLE, Boom 0, No. 70 Doarborn-st. JULY fi, 18711 HOTELS. ANDERSON'S EUROPEAN HOTEL, 143 145 EAST Between Clark and LaSalle.

ROOMS, $1 TO $2 PER DAY. Restaurant Bill of Fare. breakfast aetb tea. 18TBAKS, CHOPS, Small Steak IB Mutton Chop IB Veal Outlet IB Sork Chop rolled Ham IB BauMst Corned Hoof Hash IB Uvoraml liaeon JB Uroakfaat Uaoon 40., Kidney Mutton Stow IK Fried Fiih IB Codfish Hall Slewed Codfish IB Pork and Doans 15 Fried Mnsh 10 Fried Onions 10 -From 6 to 15 minutes. DISHES TO ORDER- Porterhouse Steak BOj for two 90 44 tomato BO with mushrooms.

90 fortwo.l.M with trulllos 1.10 Anchovy wtthnlives 1.10 ala Tenderloin 40 tomato sauoo CO with onions BO wlthcnushrooms. 60 wilhtrutllos 70 Sirloin Steak 00 wlthoulonsi 40 11 with tomato sauce 40 with mushrooms. CO Mutton Chop a la 30 (English SO VoalCuticle, 26 tomato sauoo 90 ala CO Ham and Egg 5........... 40 Frlod Tripo 25 Broiled Pigs Foot, broiled or. Mod JS i ha 11...

40 Swnotbroads 30 with Qroen Peas. 40 i Golden Buck 40 Terrapin .76 I 44 In I Hamburg Steak 30 Welch Rarebit SO -From 5 to 10 minutes. EGQ3-TO ORDBR- Twe Fried or Three 20 Scrambled, ...15 with Ham SB Tomatoes.Sß 11 Mushrooms.lo Poaohod 20 on Toast SB Sherrod S5 Broiled 80 Omelette, 05 with Ham 80 .30 Paraloj 80 41 Rauiage 41 Mushrooms-to 44 BuComtlture 40 Roufalca 75 BRE Tea Biscuit 6. Hot Roll lOj Corn Broad Dry Toast .10 Dipped 10 Milk Toast 151 Toast 35 ID Wheat Cakes 10 Mtuh and Milk 15 Graham Mush and and Milk 16 -From 5 to 10 minutes. Halibut Steak 40 Codlisb Steak 30 Haddock Steak 35 Fried Hold ...30 White Firh 20 Salmon Trout Porch i -0 Frogs £0 FISH TO ORDER-1 Bait Mackerel 20 1 Fresh Mackerel 40 California Salmon 40 1 Striped Bass 40 1 Brook Trout 00 Flounders BO Shad £0 Smelts 40 1 miss.

Cblokon Salad Oelorr 10 Lobster Salad lop 10 Potato Salad Mixed Plclrina 10 liOttuco Salad. iOuocn Olives 10 liOttuco. plain 10 Ohow Chow 10 Salmon Salad IW Oold 10 Kardlncs. por box COJiOail: Ponln aWor. Sauce.

10 Radishes lOlObocso 6 RELH COLD Pork ami V. 1 Urn 15 lOjTonauu 15 Corned Konst Roast Roast Mutton. Roast VEO 5 to 10 minutes. French Fried French Peas Stowed Potatoes 11l Green .10 Uroeu Onions. 'Lyonalso Rounalso 11 Parisian Btowcd Tomatoes.

FRUITS, SAUCES, ETC. Strawberries and Oroam Cranborry'Stuoo. Short Raspberries and Apple Quince Poaohos and Cream Orange Apple Sauce 101 IOC CREAM. Vanilla and Lemon. OAKES.

fil Pound, TEA, COFFEE, AND Tea, per lO'Ohocolato, per cup 10 Tea, par pot 15 Chocolate, per pot 15 Calico, por cup 10 loci! Tea or Coffee 10 Coffee, per pot IBlMllk, por gins 6 All kinds of Otvmo and Fruits In season. Meals soul Unoms will tio chanted Extra. Dining-Room on Parlor I'loor. nl6a. m.

Dinner Bendy, promptly, ntllMn. m. Bnppor Ready, promptly. at o. Meals at from 6 a.

m. to 9 p. m. AUCTION SALES. By Will.

A. BUTTERS CO. Buggies, Express Wagons, Phaetons, at auction, on WEDNESDAY MORNING, July 0, at 10 at 55 and 57 South Onnnl-nt. WM. A.

BUTTERS A Auctioneers. PEBBMPTOR'y AUCTION SALE 41 CHOICE iliCElfS Between and Eorty-third-Bt. Wo will offer for sale at PUBLIC AUCTION, ON THE GROUNDS, fetetoy, July 9, at 21-2 41 CHOICE RESIDENCE LOTS! Situated on and Porty-third-st. Those aro flno Building; Lots. Large brick sower on and within four blocks of tho horse oars, two blocks from tho Hydo Bark Lummy, and only llvo blocks from tho Depot of tho 1.0.

B. 8., and in a neighborhood that is rapidly improving with xino residences. Situated between the two Boulevards, and rapidly advancing in value. Tho salo toboporemptory and bona lido in every respect, and groat bargains oan be expected. TEBMS OF cash; onesixth in 30 days balance 1,2,3 and 4 years, 8 per cent interest per annum.

Title perfect. Printed abstracts furnished each purchaser. A free special train will leave tho 1. 0. B.

B. Depot, foot of at 2 p. sharp, on day of sale, returning at close or solo. For furthorpartioulars and plats, call at tho offloo of OLABKB. LAYTON 00..

120 or W. A. BUTTERS 00., 16 and 17 Randolph-st. GLARKE, LAYTON 00. WM, A.

BUTTEBB 00., Auot'rs. Dry Goods, Fancy Dross Goods, STRAW GOODS, At auction, on THURSDAY, July 10, at 9M o'clock, Is Boneu Block, 1C and 17 Hast Hnndolim-at. OPEN AND TOP EWES At BuotloD, on FRIDAY HORNING, July 11, at o'clock, at 16 aud 17 Hast WM. A. RUTTKRH A Auotlnasors.

Great Sale of Lots AT ELMHURST, ON WEDNESDAY, JULY WM. A. AucUoimori. Two Elegant Lots oisr IN A FEW DAYS. WM.


Depot at I o'clock on tho day of sale, stopping atHalatod-ot. and Park Station, ana return at 4 o'clock. Free for all who wish to attend tho salo. TERMS OF cash, balance in 1, 3, and percent interest. A deposit of S6O required on each Lot.

Plats and particulars furnished by ELISON FOSTER. Auctioneers, 67 Markot-st. Friday Morning, July 11, NEW AND SECOND-HAND HouseMdFuiniture -A-TJOXIOIiSr, Friday Morning, July 11, at 0 1-2 o'clock, AT OUR SALESROOM, 67 MARKKT-ST. ELISON A FOSTER, Auctlonecra, Turn Out, Turn Out FOR THE GREAT Beal Hstaie Bale. It will be the last and only chance In tills locality.

H. E. PICKET, owner, has ordered a ilium mi Of the remainder of his choice property, consisting' of 71 SPLENDID LOTS Saturday, July 19, at 3 P. ON THE GROUND. Bettor lots are not to he had In Chicago.

Let tho occasion ho a GRAND and MEMORABLE ONE. A now and magnificent canvas pavilion, not to ho surpassed on the Continent, and used only byElison Foster, will ho erected on tho ground for the accommodation of those attending the sale. Thooo choico lota oro fronting on Division, Hoyno, Ohrystal, and handsomely situated on olovatod ground, between Wicker andHumboldt Parks, and among tho choicest residence property in tho city, only 4 mile from tho terminus of tho Milwaukooav. oars and omnibus lino. Torms of cash, balance 1,2 and 3 years, with 8 por cent interest.

Title perfect. Abstract of title furnishod oaoh purchaser. A deposit of SSO will bo required onoaoh lot. This will bo a bona fide solo, and ovory lot will positively bo oold. For plats or information apply t0n.33, PICKET, 82 or to ELISON fie POSTEB, Auctioneers, BY GEO.

GORE 08 fie 70 Wabash-av. SALE On TUESDAY, July 8, at 9 1-2 a. Consisting of Custom-made Clothing, Dress Goods. Tints and Caps, Notions, and a tori' attractive lino of lino Castor aud Union Boavors, Plain and Fancy CassL mures, Doeskins. Meltons.

Satinets, Venetian, grain, and Rag By GEO. p. GOuE ib and 7U Wabash-av. Onr Relar AicM Sals Of "Wednesday, July 9, at 9 1-2 a. Will bo tho most attractive wo have yet offered this season, as in addition to a largo line of boat gradoa of BOOTS AND SHOES, From manufacturers, wo bavo 100 LOTS A 1 GOODS to oloao out for a Retailor.

GEO. P. GORE OO. 08 70 Eegular SOUTH SIDE SATURDAY SALE OP Household Furniture A.XJOTIO3NT- Parlor Marblo-top Chamber Seta, Wardrobes, Extension Tables, Sofas, Lounges, Marble-top Tablus, Chairs, Hookers. Ico Bedsteads, Bureaus, Mirrors, Carpets, Stoves, Crockery, Glassware, Buggies, Double and Single Harness; on SATURDAY.


Mr. WILLIAM BOWMAN, a well-known oitizon of Chicago, and who has boon in business horo for ninotoon years, and formerly ale brewer at No. 415 North has begun the Auction and Commission business on the corner of Twelfth and Halstod-sts. During his residence horo his character as a business man has stood so high that ho will, doubtless, moot with a warm reception and much custom in his now occupation. Those wishing to purohaso or exchange either horses or wagons will find that they will be fairly dealt with by him.

Ho has employed John Morton as his salesman, a woll-known Auctioneer, and formerly on the corner of Market and Washington-sts. There will be a large solo of horses, wagons, and harness on Tuesday, the Bth and will bo continued twice a week till further notice. By TAYLOR lIAKKISON. UKOUOAK WEDNESDAY'S SALK OP DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, WEDNESDAY, Jolyft at 0)4 Brown and Bleached Cottons, Dvusb D. and 1.

tM Cloth and Cant. and Ootlnuade Calico and Whlto Hhlrli, Linen Sulti, Mraw Uiiodi, I.hoo Curtain Nuts, l-ancy Hals, Black and Colored Silks, lllbhens. Silk Ties, Miisos' amt Hosiery, Towels, and our full lino of By TAYLOU A UAUKIaON, Auctiimeurs, Cl aimCJHoutli Uauabst. By TAYLOK HAKUiSOX. Regular sale of Furniture, Carpoti, do.

SATURDAY, July 12, at 1-args assorting of Now^.hoia Auptlomiorr, Id and South Cauabat. PERFECTION! BITTERS lluware of CtnuUcrfeitM. OTJR BEsTTIiEUa STOCK OP AUCTION SALES. Great Auction Sale WASMfiTON HEIGHTS Mss Union Prajsrly. We shall oflbr for sale, on ths ground, at Morgan Park, Washington Heights, on Thursday, July 10,1873, At 2 p.

200 of tho choicest Residence Lots on tho bluff and prairie near tho Military S6hool and Church, being in subdivisions mado from acre property purchased of tho Blue Island Land Building Company, and tho most desirably located of any property in that delightful Tho sale will bo peremptory and bona, and groat bargains may be expected. Title perfect in every respect. Printed abstracts to each purchaser. Free transportation to and from tho sale, via E. I.

P. R. by Special Train, leaving tho Depot foot of at 1:30 p. sharp, TERMS OP per cent cash, 25 per cent in 30 days, balance in 1, 2, and 3 years, with interest at 7 per cent per annum. Plats will bo furnished on tho ground.

Por further particulars caU upon B. CLARKE CLARKE, LAYTON 120 LaSaUo-st. B. F. CLARKE So 00., No.

1 CLARKE, -LAYTON 120 Anctioneera. BY HODGES CO. AT THE PRIVATE BESEDENOK. No. 849 West corner At AUCTION, the entire contents, onTDEBDAY MORNING, JULT 8.

at 10 a. consisting of beautiful Parlor Furniture, Oil Paintings, Lace Ourtaino, English Carpets, 3 Marblo-Top Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wash- Stands, French Walnut Dining-Room Furniture, one 12-foot Extension Table, B. A. Chairs, Carpets, Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware, also nice Kitchen Furniture, aNo, 1 Stewart Cook Stove, together with all iho utensils. Sale positive and without reserve.

Tako street cars to Woutorn-nv. Solo corner of Washington-ot. HODGES Auctioneers, No. 613 WostLakq-st. By OSGOOD Ss WILLIAMS.

AT AUCTION, On WISDNKSDAY, tho 9th sharp, we will tell a largo lot of Household Furniture, Parlor nuu Chnnihor Hols, Lounges, Luokhig-Olauot, Manrcms, Show Cusps, unci another Fine Collodion of Chrumos; also, 10 good Bowing Machines. Ac. OSUOOD4 WILLIAMS, HI South O.hial-sM AMUSEMENTS. AIKEN'S THEATEE. DIMM HIGH! OF THE BRILLIANT SUMER SEASCH.

Monday Evening, July 7, COMPLIMENTARY TESTIMONIAL TO MU. FRANK E. AIKEN, Tendered him by loading citizens, am! every arMst anil alt connected with A Thea'rc, Air. UFOIKt It. LOKSOH, Conductor, and his entire Orchestra havo kindly Tolunloored.

Tho porfonuauco will commence with the clugant Comedy, entitled TWO CAM PLAT AT THAT GAME. Mrs. Charles Arundlo Octaria Allen (By kind permission of 11. Esn.) Charles Arundle Mr. Fred.

Woodhull Howard Leslie Fiauk K. Alkoa Tho perfonuanco will conclude, for tho last Llmo, with tho Ortnd Spectacular Drama, SSOLOB 2 With MOULACOIII, Henry Peakes, Adaliua Motto, L. F. Northrup, and the full and powerful Dramatic Cutupany. Chorus, and Ballot.

THEATER. TUB nUILLIANT YOUNG ACTRESS, KATIE PUTNAM. Monday and Tuesday avenhes, July 7 and ologant uomoitlo Uratnu, entitled iifllii Mac Cavatina, To conclude with tho laughable Farce, the LITTLE, REBEL. Laura (tho Little Robot, with Sougs) Katie Pulpam Matinee, Saturday at 2p. m.

In ontlruly now emotional play, entitled AND STAGE. THEATRE, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday aftornoon and night, last performances of Society comedy, CASTE! With all its gorgeous sesnery, and an unoijualcd cast. MONDAY, JULY 7, OTOX3STT BEISTBFIT Of OEOROIt MILLER, Advertising Agent, and BLISS 1 WHITAKER, Ticket Agent. In reboaraal, sparkling Society comedy, SOH OOL! THE PICNIC OF TIIR Union Catholic Library Association, Postponed from July 4, will take plaoo at TRACY GUOVIB Ou Wednesday, July O. Programme same adTOrtbed.

leave Groat Eastern Railroad, Hoisted and Kin- Eia atW o'clock a. stopping at Reubeu-sU and Woeteru-av. and Island Vlcput, at 10 tfcltickn. itopnlui Thu-, ty-llrst and Forty-tlilru sU. good on either GRAM) IRISH-AMERICAH EXPOSITION The Bonn! of Management of tho Kinosltlmiher to announce Hint them aro atlll a small number of PALLS NUT UKNTICD.

Plant of tho Building can ho soon ami foaMsohtalnmlonapplication to anil 6M Woat Laku-at. N. advertising privileges granted to partit a looting Btallt. Loatea run from Aug. 4to Aug.

2d, luolutlvo. THEATBE, MONDAY, JULY 7, GranO. Joint Complimentary Benefit To ORO. MILLKB, Advertising Agent, ami BLISS' WiUTAKF.H, Tlokot Agent. In consideration of ita great ftucooia, produced beautiful society oomody, CASTE I With tho entire strength of tho star company In tho cast.

IJT Box shoot uowopun. OHIOAGO DRAMATIC Tho above Asioelatlon la now being formed for tho pur. peso of giving performances onoo a mouth (or Uharitabla institutions. Young ladies and goatlomon of respectability and talout, of joining tho ahnvo Astrcla. thin, can do so by addressing A.

it. DACOSTItE, Mat), gur; F. MUNSON, Soorutary, Shoiman llouto. HONIO. Tha Fifth Annual Picnic of tha American Protestant Association will bo hold at Park, ou Wednesday, July 30.

Cara leave Klnzlo amt at stooping at Park Station. Tickote, 41 each. Con ho had of ilia Committee. B. tilmous, Spoor, and M.

llagorty. THIRD ANNUAL PIONIO Of the INDEPENDENT CLUB aUSUAUPUUOOTER'g PARK, Wednesday, July 1(3, laid. Cart luavo U. 0. A I.

0. Depot, corner Canal and at 9 sharp. Putnam.

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