The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1951
Page 5
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER T, 1951 BLITHEVTLLE (AKK.) COURIER PACT Washington Tests Ability To Cope with Atom Attack By ELTON C. FAY WASHINGTON. Dec. 1. (AP) — The nation's capital, a high priority target lor any enemy's bomb- Ing list, today begins testing its 'Weak r Britain 'Worries Solon 'We Should Check Foreign Aid Plan,' Hickenlooper Says WASHINGTON. Dec. 7. (jP)—Sen- ator Hickenlooper CR-Iowa) said today Winston Churchill's admission that Britain can't keep up with her arms . building schedule may force a re-evaluation by Congress of foreign aid. The senator told a reporter he Is not greatly surprised by Church- Hi's statement to Commons that his government has given up hope of fulfilling its three-year S13,160,000,- 000 arms program on schedule. Churchill said Britain will fal short ol spending the $3,500,000,000 budgeted for this year. As a Senate Foreign Relations Committee member, Hickenlooper said he had been impressed on a recent trip to Europe by the financial difficulties faced by the Conservative government In Eng land. Re-Evaluation Needed • "Churchill's statement calls fo a're-evaluation by Congress as U where the prime interests of Unit ed States defense in Europe lie, " Hiekenlooper s-' \ "Perhaps it would be wise for u to reallocate more money to Brit aln In the effort there, "but I fo one do not believe that we can g on spending for foreign assistanc afi we have been without seriousl impairing our own economy." REVENUE bility to cope with atomic »ttack Unlike such other big cities a ew York, the Washlntgon etnpha- s so far has been heavy on piili- ry effort to keep enemy bombers vay, lighter on the civilian defense Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Stocks Open High Low 4393 4400 43S5 4370 4375 434.1 May (Continued from Page 1) ommended a, contempt citation, b It was not pressed^! Without giving details, ' a mlttee source hinted at ne.w deve opments In the sensational $500,{K tax shakedown attempt to whic Abraham Teitelbaum said he was subjected. The Chicago attorney testified he was threatened with "bad tax trouble" unless he paid off to two Tldrlrtans claiming influence with the Washington "clique". The committee decided not lo call Supreme Court Justice Tom i Clark'to tell why he appointed T. Lamar Caudle as an assistant attorney general In 1945 while Clark was attorney general. Caudle was fired by President Truman. King said he thought Clark probably would want to submit a .statement. Committee to Call MrGrath The committee, however, will call McOrath early next week for questioning about the "outside activities" for which Mr. Truman fired Caudle as head of the Justice Department tax division. The attorney general, voicing confidence, iri the integrity of government attorneys, said in a speech yesterday he is going to stay in his post "as long as It' is feasible and practical for me to stay." The committee heard three witnesses yesterday—all of whom contradicted much of the testimony given by Teitelbaum and Mrs. Shyrl Menkin, a friend of Teitelbsum. base. Today, defense organizations lanned to start a two-day test of te command and communication .achinery which would direct erial and ground protection of 'ashington. It was entirely a "pa- ?r" exercise, with no planes or •oops involved. An Exercise In Theory The Military District of Wash- nszton announced the exercise was ased on a "theoretical atomic and ieh explosive bombing of Wash- ngton." Involved In the command post xerclse is the Military District of iVashington, tile Air Force, Ihe Po- cmac River Command of the Nay. the National Guard, Const Guard. Civil Aeronautics Adminis- ration and Civil Defense orpaniza- IOH.S of Washington, Maryland and /irelnla. The primary defenses of the cap- tal include a wing of Air Force Ighter Interceptor planes and ij'stem of antiaircraft units. Recently three squadrons of the ntcrceptpr wing— the 113th with leadquarters at Newcastle, Del. — ivere equipped with Lockheed F-94 all-weather fighters. Their mission s to locate and knock down enemy bombers in any kind of weather, day or night. Squadrons at X Base* The three squadrons are deployed over as many bases-Mhe 121st at Andrews Base, Md., ten miles from Washington; the 142nd at Newcastle, the ,148th at Dover. Del. The wing Is an Air National Guard organization which has been inducted into federal service. The Army, without going into details on the number of batteries or their location says It believes the antiaircraft defenses of Washington are "adequate." Presumably these batteries, like the Interceptor forces, are deployed outside the District of Columbia. The reason Is the same In both Instances: modem bombers travel so high and so fast that interception or gunfire after B bomber formation had reached city limits would bee too late. July 4293 4S03 4345 4305 4325 42S4 1:15 4390 4353 4334 4292 N. O. Cotton Dec Mar May July Open High Low 4393 4400 4393 4360 4360 4350 4330 43'6 4326 . 4290 4302 4285 1:15 4303 4352 4332 Newsmen's Case Goes to Judge District Attorney Ordered from Room; Threatened Witness Soybeans Jan Meh May July High 30T:( 307 30TJ 30514 Low 305 305 305 303 >,i LAKE CHARLES, La.. Dec, 7. i— The issue of whether public officials were defamed by newspaper criticism was In the hands o! a Louisiana judge today following Ihe trials of two newspaper editors chraged with criminal defamation. Judge J. Bernard Oocke had under advisement -the defamation 4295 cases o( Kenneth L. Dixon and James Norton, managing editor and city editor of the Lake Charles American Press. Judge Cocke said his decision which will be written, may not be forthcoming for at least a month. President Scans World Reports KEY WEST, Fla., D«c. T, (AP) — President Truman scanned diplomatic and military intelligence reports from throughout an uneasy vortd today on the tenth unnlvers- iry of the sneak attack on Pearl larbor. These reports come to him dally at the winter White House on this laval submarine base by telegraph, radio and couriers who 'ride planes between here and Washington. Mr. Truman yesterday concluded the second of a series of Key West conferences with Budget Director Frederick J. I-awton on the monej requests he will submit to Congress In January. Children's Glib Tongues Sovfe Daddy from 10-Day Jail Term Close 308U 306'S 306 "-i 304»i New York Cotton 1:15 quotations: A T and T Amer Tobacco . .. Annconda Copper . . Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . N Y Central Int Harvester Republic Steel 42 3-4 Radio 24 1-8 Socony Vacuum . ... Studebaker Standard of N J ... 158 1-4 60 3-4 50 1-2 52 1-8 10 5-8 101 1-2 57 1-8 51 3-8 69 1-4 18 3-4 35 3-8 He said he would set a date for argument of the cases later. Norton and Dixon were two ol five newspapermen indicted during a campaign to enforce- gambling laws. They are charged with defaming 16 public officials an< : and three gamblers. ' Dixon's trial was sparked with (he outburst of District Attornes Griffin T. Hawkins, one of the officials allegedly defamed, who stalked across the courtroom while Dixon was on the stand and excitedly shook his hand at the witness. Hawkins, who was a spectator in court since he is one of the allegedly injured officials and is nol prosecuting the case, muttered to the judge as he glared nt Dixon "When this man comes off th stand, I'tn going to whip his—,' Dixon quoted Hawkins. The diS' trict attorney's words could no be heard by others In the court rootn. Judge Cocke ordered Hawkin from the room. DETROIT. Dec. 7. (API—Because his three children have Innocent aces and glib tongues, 40-year-old Merrill Bolstar Is home with hts 'amily Instead of serving a 10-day ia!l term. But because they also have vivid imaginations, Recorder's Court officials know tt was a nicely executed hoax that got him out. Bolstar's children — Merrill, Jr., 15; Harold, 13, and Barbara, 11 — showed up at court Wednesday when he was due to pay n $5 fine or go to Jail on a charge of drunkenness. They took along a couple of neighbor children, aged 15 and 13, to make their case look more convincing, and the neighbors also identified themselves as lille Bo) stars.' The children explained they had been saving $5 for their mother's Christmas present, "but It was more important to got Daddy out of jail.' Judge George Murphy dismissc< the charges against Bolstar and told the children to keep their money. But later reporters noted the ages of the children and decidec they couldn't all be members of one family. Pressed lor an explanation Barbara said: "We lied to get Daddy out jail, Mama told us to borrow the $5 from the grocer and tell him we would pay him Saturday." Grocer Sam Clni confirmed story. her I Just wanted !o help the kids out," he explained. Thailand Coup Is Legalized BANKOK. Thailand. Dec. (AP) — King Phumiphon Adulttct today signed a royal proclamation which legalized last week's military coup. A new government, dominated military officers, began, emerging after radio Banjkok reported the netvs. Wilson Youth To Head FFA's Delta Federation Wayne Alexander of Wilson High School was elected president of th« Jclta Federation ol Ihe Putur* Farmers ol America at a meetlnj of the federation at BlytheviU* ligh School yesterday. Other officers elected were Junor Richardson of Dell, vice persl- dent; Joe Musick of Shawnee. sec- •etary; Bobby Jackson of Blyth*- vllle. reporter; A. Sulllns of Luxora, sentinel; L, C. Hogin of Monette, parlimentarlan and E. M. Halsey of Keiser, federation advisor. During Joiner Youth Named Junior Fjre Marshal JONESBOHO Dec. 7 — Clarence Hill oj Joiner, has been officially sworn in as Junior fire marshal u the Shawnee School District b, Walter McLavey. state fire marshal Young Hill was sworn in at the conclusion of a one-day training conference for junior fire marshals held here. Sworn in as deputy Junior mar- the business session. . th» presidents of the various clubs g*v» short talks on different phases of farming and FPA work. The group voted that the federation and district run-offs in parll- mcntnry procedure be held at Lunora High School April 4. The federation consists of club* from Monette, Manilaj Kelser, Luxora, Wilson, Dell, Shawnee and Blythcville. shals were Charlotte Jo ClsselJ, »nd Wilton Godcaux ol Joiner. Hugh L. Smith, Shawnee superintendent, also attended the fire conference. Texas Corp Sears 35 52 1-8 71 1-4 56 1-2 5« DEC. 7 Director Quits Reds ' HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 7. (£=>-Movie Director Edward Dmytryk says he has renounced the Communist Party because he now realizes Its true motives. ALLEY OOP SEZ: SHOPPING DAYS TO CHRISTMAS (Continued from Page 1) night staff moved off and J was left with only a telephone operator. The phone rang. The radar tower reported plane* on the screen. "We were expecting some B-17's in but not from that direction; was surprised and told radar to keep watching." The bombs began falling »t 7:55 a.m. Tyler Is 36 now. He's getting everything ready for his wife, Marian, of Palo Alto. Calif., and their two children to Join him by Christmas. Says he likes England and expects the kids will, too. Lockard Phoned Mrssage Lcckard, 30. who phoned the first message to Tyler on Pearl Harbor day, is an assistant track supervisor for the Pennsylvania Railroad in Philadelphia. Like Tyler, he's married and has a son and a daughter. He doesn't care much for talking about the old days—especially Pearl Harbor day. . "My memories of Pearl Harbor are not happy," he says. Lockard's recollection differs somewhat from Tyler's. He has said previously that the lieutenant, when informed of the approaching »ir- raft, told him to "forget it." Elliott Is Married Elliott. 33, is married and has one Livestock— NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Dec. 1. (AP)—(USDA)—Hogs 12,500; uneven; weights 180-220 Ibs fully steady with Thursday's average; over 220 Ibs 10 to 20 lower; 170 Ibs down steady to 15 lower; sows 25 to 50 lower; bulk choice 180-220 Ibs to shippers and butchers 18.60-75; latter paid mostly for choice nos. 1 and 2 210 Ibs down; few sales down to 18.50; most 230240 Ibs 18.35-40; few 230 Ibs to 18.50; btg packer top 18.40; 230-270 Ibs 17.35-18.25; 270-300 Ibs 17.35-90' 150170 Ibs 17.75-18.50; 120-140 Ibs 15.2517.25; sows 400 lot down 15,00-76; over 400 Ibs 13.00-14.75; boars 11.5013.50. Cattle 700, calves 500; prices generally about steady but cowa finding slow sale with utility and commercial kinds under pressure; odd lots commercial and good steers and heifers 27.50-33.00; utility and commercial cows 22.00-26.50; canners and cutters 17.00-21.50. 'I'll Beat Ike.'—Taft ST. LOUIS, Dec. 7. WV-Hobert A. Taft feels he can beat Dwight D. Eisenhower If the general makes bid for the Presidential nomination. Rodin's "The Thinker™ and HimMn's Alley Oop have more than their posft In common. Neither have Christmas shopped. Be a doer, not a thinker. MOX Chnne l$21 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat.-Sun. I :DO Always a Double Feature Last Times Today High Tide' Also Cartoon RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. son. He doe* clerical work for the New Jersey Bell Telephone Company at Asbury, Park, N.J., and lives in nearby Long Branch. Thinking back to Dec. 7, 1941, and the "large flight of planes" that showed tip on the radar screen, Elliott says he was Just plain bewildered—"It didn't seem possible." "I think the United States would be more alert now. I hope we're not falling down on the Job," he added. Does he look for anything like another Pearl Harbor In the future? "Looks like things are repeating themselves, so to speak," said ex- Pvt, George Elliott. 10 years after. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 Friday ''Mutiny on the Blackhawk" with Andy Devine Saturday 'Whistling Hills" with .Johnny Mack Brown Also Cartoon & Serial Friday Saturday Owl Show "Masterminds" with Leo Gorcey and the Bowery Boys Sun.-Mon.-Tucs. 'Last Outpost' with Ronald Reagan & Rhonda Fleming Also Warner News & Shorts 'SOUTH OF CALIENTE" Roy Rogers Saturday 'Conquest of Cheyenne" Wild Bill Elliott Saturday Owl Show "Beast With Five Fingers" Peler I.orre Sunday & Monday "Adventures of Captain Fabian' Starring Krrol Flynn CALL US FOR GENUINE PARTS EXPERT SERVICE One thing youTI like about the Ford Tractor ... it's simple in design and built right. Doesn't take much servicing. Yet when it needs something done here or there, it'i e«sy to d«. For example, we can reline brakes in almost no time . .. don't have to pull the axle. Transmission, steering . . . everything U designed for efficient service. With this new Ford Tractor, you won't need us often but when you do, you'll like our work. We service all Ford Tractors, and Dear- horn Farm Equipment, with genuine parts. '» 4- •ft ;' W r Is !£» *' y OUR APPOINTMENT AS AUTHORIZED DEALER FOR THE and lit FARM EQUIPMENT We are proud to be selected as a Ford Tractor and Dearborn Farm Equipment dealer. If you arc interested in better, faster, more profitable farming, w« believe it will pay you lo come in and get better acquainted. Here, for example, is the only place in this locality where you can get the Ford Tractor with all its advantages...Hydraulic Touch Control, Implement Position Control, Duo-servo Brakes and all the rest. In addition, we offer the great line of Dearborn Farm Equipment engineered to work with the Ford Tractor...all adding up to Ford Farming which means "less work, more income per acre!" JVon't you drop in soon? We'll be expecting you! S O C« Tl JL ^1 & o Tractor Co. Phone 8951 112 No, Franklin Blytheville

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