Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 23, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1895
Page 3
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pplplliig^ Fine Sample Shoes At Less Than Manufactures Cost. Men, Boys, Ladies, Misses and Children Samples are Always the Best Don't buy till you see them. Notice these prices, AOn MonV !«<•<> or ConprreMS, uOU "•* " roc ' i , wort ' 1 double. solid !Q n TUU f70n ladies' Dongola sli I UlJ er-s Ubk * L ''' 0 f or Viu ' slippers, oth- Childreus' kid button $1 an Boys' v I UU wt ' tir ^k veal calf shot-, rim iron, worr.li !j>l.SO. j A- lUu I nf tint's button shoes, worth tour tirut-s as much. OQ /ll '" 1 ' lies' fine kid stvlisli toes, cuu't b« equaled for less tlmil $350. WANTED! REAL ESTATE Wanted, Cheap CottHKuH i'or Sule. Wanted Lots iin'I Acres "or Snie. Wanted Small Kiirnm yor Siile. Wimted Bu-Hlnnm Blocko For 3nl«- ' Wanted 10 Exchange KiinM tor City Property. Wiintwl Unrchandliia to Tr..do.foc Ynrms. DDKKdS .11. M. <«OHI>OiN. B[>rl Blouk Logausport, Indiana. DR F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS Over State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. H. E. TRUAX, M. D- Special attention Klvan to Nose, Lung, Liver and Chronic Diseases. Oniw and Residence over Stute National Bunk. Hoars 10 to 1'J a iu,, 2 to •! p. m., and 7 to 8 p. m. ill calls promptly attended. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY WORMING. MARCH 23 Girls' caps todiiy at Otto's. Overworked women need Z Veiling and corsets at the Trade Palace. Opening sale ot boys' and girls' capo today at Otto's. Now .clem) Plonk of'Msiy garden seeds at T. N. Crawford's. What '/, i.a Pho^a won't do for aillof; women, no medicine will. Stock wl:h n rn'igaotlstn o? frosh- u, virlety, ft:id littlu is Djweatcr, tho Htticr and Furnisher. Insuri-.DCei find Loans—A. fow hun. clrod dollars of local funds; also Ivistern I monoy in jny amount, to lo:in on tnortirairo security—S. M. Cloisoo, No. 319'Pearl street. Wno. but tttoeo who have had the unhappy experience, can tell the hor rors Or appreciate the unhapi-y experience of persons troubled wivn sleep- ie^sDESs? Tne damnable hatred of all the demons In boll lor mankind must surely ba appeased by the conscious, ness of such human suffering. The lonK, dreary, unhappy hours, who can deocrlne them and why Is lttiecessar>? ff you have ever been troubled you know what tley are, and If you have been spared you have to intereat In ihe knowledge of such suffering. Mrs. A. Batomao, Romulus, Mirth., after aescrlblnp her suffering from sleeplessness extending over »i period of eight years, receiving at times only about twelve hours' sleep in a week, writes Of Dr. Wheeler'.* Nerve Vital. Izer us follows: "I boean taking it In common doses and the first night I slept eight hours acd a nap the next day. Every night since I have slept eight or ten hours. Ob, how thankful I am for having had Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzar brought to my nolicu and for tho benefit received from it. Slop nnd think, tight years of sleep-' let'snesa and cured io a day, does it oot siootn like a intrude?" This medicine is equally as tffoitlve io 01 ring nervoua prosivation, spasms, fits, sleep lossnrsa, mental depressions exhausted vitality, despondency und geaoral dfl- biiity. For sale by Boo Fldher, Drug- Dr. K \ U. Gr.iCu. a. coa of \Vm. Grnco of this city cirricd oil the hon- r.-i of his class in tho Indiana. Denial oo Ik' ire at I. uiani'.polb. Xbn coin. mi:nueraect will be hu':d next Wednesday. Don't fail to uuen3 the anr.tion of Gno o'oMiing- totlny m 426 Broadway. ,ho.l.G Grace stock at 2 and 7:30 o'clock p. ra. K ttl Eitutc anil LUHII Oflic.e. I have opeo«- < i a real estate and loan nffluB iu N''. -100 Bro-tdway, up stairs, Loganspori, Ind., and would respect fully siiliclt all pnrsons desirous of purcbur ing or selling real estate, or borrowing or loaning money, to give me a call. Will 'lisa attend to any business entrusted with me before city council, county commissioners, city or county officers. Will alsoattend to the adjustment of accounts, settlements, etc. D. W. TOMLINSON Wicker e;ot» One Year. Peru Chronicle: Joseph Wicker, the Lopansport baker, who was convicted in the circuit court of this county for stealing a promissory nota from Gotl- leib Horkomer, a fe» weeks ago, was sentenced this mo"nlng to a term of one year in the State prison. licivuro ofOIniiitrniM for CalnrrliT;iat Ciiinnio Morc.ury. As mercury will stirnly destroy the sense Of smell aiiilcnniiilcti'lyileriingetlie whole nj'stem when- entering Ktliri>iii;h the .mucnus surfaces, jucb ;irtli'l(.>st.h"ird n-v-r hpiis d Mcopt on yrnscrlp tlons from-ri'piitabltt physlcmns. :is the damage ttwywlll d.i Is ti'ii fold Eotlm good you can pi)M<l blyderlv-ifroni thnin. Hall's OnKirrli nnr« inan- uriicturccl hy K .1. Chcnflv & Co.. Toi do, 0., con- talns'no nicronry. anil Is t!ik"ii liii«riiiilly. acting dlri'i-tly upon Hi-Mi»U nntl itm-ous anrfani's nt tliosFsti-iii. Iirbuyip.i; Hull's I'niarrn Cure IIP siiri-yoiu'Pt l!if unnulnc. it Is lakiMi lnte.n:il!y anil iniiili' In Toledo, olilo. by I 1 '. J. Clieni-y &• Co Ti'.-linuMi', 1 i.'s fn>i>. na»-ajlil by d.'iiiwlsts. nnc > 7.ij, psr bottle,. »i-nw. oil ui ^lur>OCt3. OLio, A Lelt'gram was received by Mrs. K. J Wolf today stating that her nephew Gerry korp hue! besa drowned at Marlis'.in.. Onto. Tno body hud not been found. Gerry Ket-p v.'ae a son of Bur- toa Keep, a forai-fr reslr ent, of ihis pl-ioe Tno p^rtlciilnrs of the death tiavo not been as A CENTRAL UNION COT. April l«t L,i)it»n»port Will Get Lower Tnlrphoue ItatrH. There willbeanesr schedule to go into tfftict April l?t, governing the rent- for tbe telephones of tbe Central Union Telephone Company at this place. Ihe announcement, that sucna reduction would occur was made yesterday, but it has been known for some time that the rates would bo cut For business rooms within me mile of tbe exchange. $42 a year will be charged, as against a §4S rate for rooms three fourlbi of a mile away. The new rate for a residence one mile distant will be $24 The o'd rate wiihln three-fourths of e. mile, was $36 for a residence. For, patrons more than a mile distant tho reduction Is on tbe ecale o 1 $18 to $32, or about a $16 cut. Too metallic circuit service with long-distance outfit has been reduced to $50 a year from the $75 rats, Tbe reductions are made by ihe company without, beio£ forced into it tfy local competition Ancient and AcccplC'l SoiitiiKli Kile of Free Mnsunryuf Inilliinn, ImlUniipuli.*, .March 20-£S, 1S85. For'tbe ttbove ocutisioa tbo Vanfia- lia line will sell ou March 26th and •27th. 1895, excursion tickets from points in Indiana to Indianapolis, led., with return limit of March 29, 1K95. For fall particulars call oa nearest YaDdaHa line ticket agent, or address W. F. Brunner, Ass't G-sn'l Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo Funeral Notice. Tbe funeral services of John Schriefer will-bo held at 9:80 Sunday morn- Ing, from the residence of Mrs. HJ Kraus. 215 Market street. Services will be oonflucted by the I. 0. O. F., wno will meet at the ball at 9 B. m. sharp. The members of Logan Lodge, No. 40. and Eel River, No. 47, are invited to attend. HERMAN MEYER, secretary. Have Yon Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? • • TRY "SAR-JAK," Sold by UHS^triHIlER. , . Boy. Monday algnt hrioj.' tost popular place or iiilarUy t > ibu ouera bouse. TQa play Is oow thni. oevcr IOK-S iis capability of tmuiid^ to« public, ll bus a renmrkably uoo.i theme for ks foti-'diiUoo, ooti tb it admit.- of co eod o; ;i'JSoioiUties, and ne.f and oriirintil I* oss & branc new ci i>f idtMs in the way of music nod. duucicj.', anc »il the chc-racttiis arc well drawn. Every reader of tUe newspapers will welcome the Bud Boy, h'S pa. his girl, toe i'00r grocer, hit i-bum tied accomplice, and all the rest of the characters tliai have m*ae merry (or the b«i elit of the hua- dredo o thousands "f people. He I*m»v* a iJciotl Horse. S. S Crujj.-iD, the well koo*n U'ash- Injrwn t'.wrir-bip horfit man, evideoilj does not believe that the bo'-wm has entirely drouped out of the horse market. He recently pl&ced a. team of almost perfect Peroheron mares in his stable. ORK of th t m a World's Fair prize. wluDor. »fd the ln*t addition was a tine Percfieron stsllion, black aa a cost, weighiny 1 900 pounds, and the winoL-r of fir-st prize at the Illinois State Fair aud second promiutn'al the fndia_.A S'.ace l<\ir la-i fall. Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Is unequalled for Eczemn, Tetter, iSi.li Rheum, Scald Head, Sore JJipples, Clmpper Hands, Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Ui'lss Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Ey* Lids '''or sale by druggists at :'!G cents per bos. TO HOKSE'CWNES.S. For putting a horse in n 3no healthy con dition try JUr. Cady's Condition Powders They tone up the system, aid digestion, L-UIX- loss of appetite, relieve constipation, torrc-cl tidney disorders and destroy worms, giving •lew life to an old or ovvr-v.-orked horso. 2S Kilts per package. Foi- sale by druggists. Why is It some; • • • -• - liv.ti shabby? Some il).uiH r :Hloni> n r - '*>• shadows of °'ie;H truths; just, so with people who tirti hi'v^y^ i rpr oof collars and cuffs that you rar. clean yonrsclf by simply wiping oiT with, a wet sponge. Th<- genuine lock exactly like linen and every piece s -.narked this way : cbe&p ' semblan e. n< mi 1 more cost I ,• in -h goods HI n -fair Dewenle 11 , th« •'•» sells to lill thu r,. <iti* i. • 'v f H- buy n find it. y arc made by covering r. iiucc .ir or caff with " celluloid," aad arc oif.'v \vatcrproof goods made with .iti.-lirfing, a:id the only goods iliac ,<t;i!id the wear n:id Rive perfect .-. r _'ction. JJ?vcr wilt and not cffect- • ;;:ois!nrc. Try tboni «;:d you :•••. ::r r^^rct it. A>k for those . ' >v:: :;.:iV. 1 ; !~;'.rk ;>::d re:"'.i: : c ::::>' • :>. !:' '• i 1 ;^ i.V::!;-r tKics not 1 :,• .1 v, P V. ''1 './.::il yi;:i :'. f::::iple • • v^;-:-i-H ( f ITVC-. Collars oC. •^.i.V-.oc. ', :•-- S;:itc v.-hcthcr •i i>r i.:::ii;J-Jowu collar is . • Cttliuioid Company, New York. Many new effrtcis in spring- capet received for todav'H trade at the Bea Hive. Mrs. M. F. Arnold, of Indiaflapolis, took five bottles of Lemon Laxative and is perm? nently cured of Headache, Backache and Constipation. She advises ladies to try a fifty cent bottle. OVER A MILLION We have what you want in caps for children tu 2oo and 50c, all styles and colors— Fisher, the Hitter. CHICAGO, Mu.rcli 7,IBM. DK BuNT\M/iN, CHICAGO. MY I>MU -in—My intention was n>st called to SAN-JAIC last year In the raise of Qiiitiiln J. 11 Broslns «i Terr* UHIHP, Ind., wlu w:is attacked In til s City witli iiciit" nepliritls and «)'stiU» (In iliimm'itlon ol tne biruidfr and kl'inpjs) After, pri'scrlblut: tbBUniial ivui^dlfis wltliout av.il! oiin- ! J.aK was sii^K--sti!d, and i ll" Iniprovi-iiieiii was so niiirucii alter the 11 rs. nose, ami a cinnpMl- c.'ire I'uMowi'il MJ f pwdlly. lliiit 1 at once comnn'iicfci] nn i ItiviiSii'Milo oV us merits and have since pni- ! pcvlbeiTll In almost »vur.v known form <4 kidney ; bliwldcr, utvtlir-1, vanlnal iinJ c.i'arrhal tronlili-s, rolh.wmi ln>»eti insL-iPCJ lij'Tlis li:ip:ni>si ri'Miit*. i \ raise of "nurvsi(i(iiivulu!ii!i.ri How ol nrliuO In i myomVfniiilly was vi-ry much linp'nv-d by » IVw ilo«'s. and radloilly cnri'd In less thri' ;i WK. !< | Kroni pruuili'^l exsn-rinif In n iium'^r of Hart c:i-esot li'ucoi-rhiu'ii l.'un fifie t.isay that _! liavw fotiiul m 1 ivinedj ttint Is- i'i;n i! io SAN' JAK". viul whil" i Have m'vt'rbrfiirc clvcn a pro."s- sloiml l:iiiiT.si'nn)iit io n pmp'le'iiry reim'iij, I say ' 'Infth and «ltli"Ut fi-sctvc iliat con[-•L\K n viTlt.iblo bo*.in tu humanity MUCJ afierapi'lvln^ It t.n tht'.siiri'.-t pro i'.-.-Io:ial tes'S, ivl li nitiilileiicrt, It Is l);!ti«i' than it Is rs- !(!(.'<! to bo. ciiiiliniii'l'j prescribe It In :i!l e'lffs of ui-nlto-urlnary "rcatairhai troubles, in prete- 10 al nlher kn'-wn ri'inc<l!e». ra a. SBKVK TUNIC, SAN ,) A K tan bf> relied np'in Inlly.-iiid r-nilivi>. Tl«> d-hclouft t^sU; of the niMllclti" Is H|>O In It- I'avur. In pD'nTibliiK it. fur i-tiiltlreii 'i .iniiit i.r^"in u.-l-srSA.N'-.l >K «s an iiu»r:itlv'e In skin ill.-«is»«. nni) In -evf-r .1 cases ol r iM.r inuwzi-mi n.-ivri yoid'-il so iviidiiy 11 Iti in- llufiii.vth:ii i snail umitlnnclo HSH It In similar casi-s, iVflln;.'conllik-ntthaUt wi.I meet all tlia Indlratlon.-- in such CIIM-I 1'ur.rs sincerely, . fcMI'Mt. . . ^ NOW IN USE £ Si d BEN EISHER DRUGGIST Are not desirable but in view of the facts as they exist, we will not stand idly by while others, through false promises. *; ce ™j?* *° ada our-old-time customers. But we will make the greatest effort of our life for trade-yourtrade, your friends at home or abroad. The Greatest allure NO COUPONS NO SUITS ON APPROVAL NO MAIL ORDERS NO RXCHANGES No Alterations Unless Paid For onaflde Offer Ever Published in this Paper! THE PRICE! ~~ ~" $398 FOR SUITS UP TO $10 $950 FOR SUITS UP TO $25 $9.50 Any sui i or overcoat All except Happy Home Clothing. OTTO KRAUS. The Sample Shoe Sale Second Floor. No alterations unless paid for at actual cost price. We have no doubt our compelitors- will rush into print offering to make exchanges, etc,, etc,, but ^ Please Consider Our Stock in Comparison to Them. Sample Shoe Sale Continues on Second Floor. > We reserve the right to discontinue this sale without notice, also limit the sale to one suit per man. OTTOKRfVUS. This is no 35 cents on the dollar for damaged goods, but choice of any suit, including new spring suits and silk lined spring overcoats. MEN'S SUITS ANDJYERCOATS.. $3.98 Men's Suits worth $6 to $10. Jnelcdiufr Black and Blue Cheviots upstairs. Choice of any suit it jo the store Kiine reserved. Choice of all .Also new Sprint: sui's included Full Dre.-s Cloth Swallow Tails All Extra Size Suits and Prince Alberts Choice of all, worth up to §35.03 Silk Lined Spring Overcoats Choi -.e of all

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