The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1947
Page 5
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^TUESDAY, F1SBKUARY_1B. 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION irtloni^** **" "*' K * ewwcuttr. u- tlnts o»r iin. - .?r '—-— 12c , Ub!e. * «<!« for JrregnUi lc,«t- tlie ODD tima rat* nZf '"toislbllity will I, U*«B lor S»iJin«d 0 mi* lBCOr " cl ""Bertioa of »ny For Sale llnUior lir.-.l Ml.;'. 3 l«(,.,m M" l.n:,k,.r !f:ion. NVw ]] |..,, r „ ,',.;„, rulnviiTfir. Two _ IJ ,v as ).•;„,»„„„, t.r'r.." r i.,n,?r'\V^ l k';'r! l> (;i!u.',',' 1 ',; jj,',. '-'>>»"" '•«». O Shop. Call 2828. kerllln M»- " "" Of 7»'iT tom.. l 0 U.rophel). Fbone 418 _ 2930. Office 120 Bourt Bf.nti 10.. Vnii'H enjoy foam cleaning %j>li<jlst.'i ftn.1 TUKS ivilli \\IP IK-VV Fu 1;l |. ;OJI , For Sale S ", i !:.,. l '!!>< 11 '"! "WII^K sir., can ;»»•,-, \;f,',:,.V'i/.! 11" >'. l-l, Plir>n<. :i<ir,o. llnui.l H.MV fiYi."r,'™r~ht 'ill .'lit Good grass anil •FIK-.le/ii l.ny. pjiono l([25 chnnp. Call 290S. See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll lilte out quality chicks, hatched right from selected llcclcs. Haidy. |ast- qioweis. Lov; price. L. K. ASHCRAFT CD. V- Block So. of Depot Phone 4?3 Al(alf» i«y. 2 nil,, We8t on nwy~liT at Moore Bros. Slorn l.Rslio l|27-pk-2[27 •y plants. •'" « IniL". 1111,-,'lh,.,. n'i.'l, ", ivm!::!^,:- 1 ''^ 1 ' "•'*••»." - - ''srZi--"''"'"" ll *'^' h '•»«""»« "•'f. n '™r,,." 0 E,,*: h1 ',,.!;" I1 ;,'Aur il K !>>;- ;»i- linn .•«*!. ,1,,,,-n ,;,i,i „!,,;! W .•.,lnp!,,|,. fltnoc-ry Sl.jr.' (or v.l.- llifhly wilh Wn iin,| ,n,,,[ iiHi.lom fiMur.s . lovni V<m i :< r J'liy Mni-k. jvm I In,., ;,,„! I'll.Mills. TIM* i* jus, win,, y ,,,, |, ( , v . ll'-l'll lllllkillK f.,,. jf v.,l, , V ;ll,| ., .,,.„. Tlrdy Dlakemore Etrawocrr Marie Harmsii. 1710 Phono 3740 S-ply. mudi) In (it your (ables and iiresorve (inish. Order thrill from .liiiiinii! Kclwarcls. 301 B. Main St.. _IJhono 2487. Baby Chicks. per 100. High grade blond lesfedbaby chicks. Special §12.90 per hundred. Complete line of feed. Ulaylock Hatchery. N. 61. 1-31-ck-tf Biiil- W, 0. Ir.iclor. liirninr hiv^ifor. fl t»i!ps- srtuOi 2112-iik-lO 1 Ali;s-Cli.llrni>rs l.lniv <ljsr. fi: TSanuy'^ ^torp. Wafer heaters, bathtubs sinks, closets, lavatories soil pipe & fillings, galv & copper pipe & fittings Orsburn's Plumbing A; Heating, ph. 875. 2-6-jik-2:J DAVID ' HK.U, 'KST.VTK'T'ISV''"^'!, . A!M>. ,li.-y B.-l a killint- .1'iM- foil' M.-,i|iiiiB in il null lirkltif lli< i. f.-.t. -\ nf\\- Or. Ilr^s .S'ftf.. fc farm nti.. liny tlir farm siio ,.a. k ai-'c. i-,f:in 11,1 thy place. >\'.IO.]'M Drill: hlorc-. L'21 \S' fs t Mnin St., plinii.. SH7. IS-ck-'J, AXTITRAT is wlmt you ii t . e il lei rlj~wmr farm of mis. A new Dr. Hri» nrndiirl t>iat rt'ally kills r;its f^af.. fr.r farm use. C'lrmi up «-Llh ih c . frini) «ire l«icl-o!fr. .Snflsfnclion i!iii>n,,ii r ..<l «..nil's Drill; Slor... 221 Won Main IJl'Diii. -.07. IS-rk-^l I'li.-^ nimk roat. US;.M|. Tn ^onil <-<.n>li I, 1 ,"-',';. «•",„ r'S""ii,^'^, fi ;r, ';r u ;: 1317 rnniinr Kvo .l.ior so.lah Jla.lio nn.l liiMli-r. I'liimn O^K. Allen's s.-rvi.-,. _ "'"""". lS.,,k-lf New -l-rooni house in Pride Addition. Price S2750 H. C. Campliell, Realtor, 12 S. Second. I I jc(or Plnlk cnders, all yioo] .. on /ilrnclion. niylhnvil.'c Machine Shop I'll S.itith Hcoonfl Slrppt. 211-cii-li ipphcrrv nn<\ pverlieArin^ slr.Vwborry nrul B1^komf>ro plants; ] unnlrol.c trunk. I20S Holly. Ph. 2030 frlnntcr. ^vilh cnllisntir. liftrrn l'i IT. line itisc. ? Simons on rnM>cr .ill bn.iL'lit nrw ^Tnc^ last .Mny. I'.irt nov- ^r Prirfd !„ sell. Trillin for llc.v IrncV. I.con Ti[']ir!t. i\ilv»nri. Mo. AH coal heaters at, cost, ttood selection. Planters Hardware; 2-1-ck-f! Modern home, five room? and bnfli. In good condition. Equipped .u-ilh a(tic fan, anlomalic hoi wafer heater. Located in neighhorhood of home owners. Approved for PICA PFjOan. See or call i\Iax i.o- ffan, Realtor, T.ynch Huild- ing, phone 203-1. 2-13-ck-2(l I'.U.VT — OutsinV while i,rii,i<r~iii»! IIO.IM- nniul. l.imilod S |,, r v. Kirs , ;™"\.. flr *' .'"voill Fircslnnr Klorf, -01 w. M^m. 2l,2ck-tf •iv IItlM-,P _ .lusi received— KCC thi-si- lo.liiy — fir^t roi/ie first srrx-cd Fire- 'lone Klore. 207 \V. Mnin. 2!l'2.rk-lf ~ TiRKS!THlKS! T 1 R Ksi~T^"~r<. cei^d ntf* firm .t IB 700 x in n.-,o \- i.-, ,ofl x in. .i „„,! r , pl< - ,;,„ Al „; tiimons <l,,d.le,l irrniini! ?riin ir «i,rs fin X'17 nnd r,(lf) x Ifi We dniivr 'ml mount. Kirritonc Store 2nn W. Have mill for sale. Now doing trood business. See me. H. C. Campbell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 2-13ck-U : Services inei— Wo ill tTt>e» w.ihtni Micktuei reBardl«»i of kind of condition. Alii buy and loll, pinknp ftud deliT^r Blythnvilla Hacilna Bnop. OiT-nk-ti (ARK.)' COUBJ.ER Hats Off ~ 1<> Friendly More molorisls are IcarniiiH; every day that the service to lie had a( your Ford Dealer's .'. .is unexcelled! From (he moment you drive iulo < )ur station there is a trained service man lo assisl you and your car. !->ce to it dial your car <;p(s (he licsl . . . .see '| (> it that yotir car £C(H KMiiiine Ford Scrvicu! See IMiillin^ For Ford! ' PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythovillc, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 For Rent OnlH'cdi'U Wish . ..,,"'' of "iKlillm's wishes vvns Hint > I iiiys of l,l,,, |, c llm ,| 0 lirtD1 . J"x <U'MU. This wisli hns ton (Us- Ctimlortabla Itcdroom, Culi 207^, Hcdrooin. 3L4 No. 9th. Plume 2fin8 lt'20'pk-S|20 Hedrootii. 1109 UUicVnfitiwlift I'll "' ]•! -|.U -l'i: luifiirriislicil nifirlu:i'at Sn liot wntfr. FurnislK-a hrdnu- rinMij^ fnriiislie.l Aimrliiimi. ('] f ,-;n in. iWCRIPfloW Fresh Stock (Jmiranteed B»at Prices Kirby Drug Stores Wonted to Buy OOiNT TAKK A LOSS. Get the top price for your c«r or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. 6^3-ck-t); Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come ami get il. Wade Aulo Salvage. North Uiwy 61, l )h one .1785. 12-2G-pk-2-2G .t'U-s itf niiy land ivantr.l, dfli\'l-rc-.l to I'ly mill a( Itlylliuvillo. H.'C i>. S. Wanted to Rtint FARM LOANS / Low Interact / Long T«rm / Fair Appndul 3 Protnpl S«rrio* RAY WORTHJNGTON Srrvln(t This Section for 21 Ifcnrs 115 Ho. 3rd Mlj-llievWe, Ark. Time tn 1'ruilcnlliii I'roernm n( t j,. nl- ovcr I'OKiiriloil ,o«|)cclnl]y by (Ho Hum cse, wlio imvo ci'ecicd „ rccllnl, ° (M ,, leet ll " 1B nlltl "' '« nt I'ciiii. --5°"'! Cullrlel ' News Want Ads, j!,,,, - S'i?....'"." 1 ,'.?,.!"""'"' H ' ttlto ' Homo Benlto k Stor« f « oo. 1'liune 2X01 Your feo( will f cc l belter —stay I>o(ler if you have (hoso shoes resoled efly ill our Qualily Sliot>. Lonji-er wear for !ess Aloney! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. WHERE DO YOU GO ... FOR HOUSEHOLD NEEDS FOR AUTO ACCESSORIES FOR GIFT ARTICLES need nt fiivcnwny prices"" 0 '" " * 10IUlS " f B " ml n "'.'' c "''"«tsc yon SPECIALS THIS WEEK Tills week InoiiBiirnlcs our weekly sncclftls 7n i . us advertised at ntaolulo cost I.oik iit'llir.^' ., ?? B J ' otl oin wliolcsnlc pclccl c e '""' (llt ' n buy nt Klocirlc :;i: IIKATKRS, up '-"GOAOE 515.05 , lp , "' ' - - U,, MAKIM)!- KITS $3.BS ,„, . , . . J;AW,K LAMPS ...... 1 • 1.0011 up ..... SKHVINC3 THAYS BLAN HEATH AUTO & HOME SUPPLY •121 W. Miiin SI. 1'lione 828 iinll n(<t. l>y iiuiel couple. 1'h. -till, oxi. J17. Ijr-tM't'tiii 9 nud 5. 2ii:Viik-^0 For scwint; Rn«l nHorflt'ons see Mrs Dale Cngte. 319 K. Second, '2| Dr. W. T. Drcwcr. Rcnlist. Gcner.-vl practice lint Apcciil attentJan given oxlr.ictiott.s nnil [I|.T(O w«r). Ifours 9 a.m.—4 p.m. Plionc 2172. Office nvcr Gnanl's. lilythevillf. Ark.|0 MONET~TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no rrd tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 203*. Lynch Bldg., Btytherille. 9-23-ck-t1 Weather stripping. Save fuel by having doors and windows wcatherstripped. C. E. Wiggins, Si 2 N. 10th. Phone 2293. 12-31-pk-3-l Knnla job moving houses Ki- Ptriencod. of cc|nirmenl \V. . o K. Cinrretl. ph. 2SOC. . l<29-pk-3|l . "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. phone 3fi47 ATTENTION VETERANS! If you scrvot! overseas, jot, shnulil Join tltc V.F.W. now! MceliiiKs every Wi'ilncstlny nlshl, 7:.JO ;il tlic Wclenliainii C'olloii Oldce. I| r ii, B ., vctcriui willi you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS I'urrls AlcCitllu, Cumnir.:iflcr Sec us for an estimate he- fore you have your traclor overhauled. We specialize in steam cleaning and painting. Electric ajid accl- ylone welding. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Hiway Gl South. Phone 2171. 2-1-ck-tf f>.,.! < ""' nR . T-'! ,»"«'«Hi)ns stc Mrs. THArTOl! TTHES — Thr nulls out rlp.iii^ oi't iv ':•"""• <<*<• """<<•• «> I Mnin.'" '"""• '""'"- lir^ Hjn Rlnrf 207 W HAD|!}fl ^^^ LMulifnl srloriioT, on nn.l MM" nio.lcl rniiio': Jtni-V. X" norinl r>- rr «,, r . Wt»A IJABY CHICKS SPECIAT, l,imiled lime only. 'A A.A A S.0.7:> a hundred. Feed of all kinds. Coal, pood nnalily. T.ewis PotiHry. .110 East Main. Phone fit!). 2-M-ck-19 K. '••' f--. 1 l-nl-21 ZIS-plt-8120 p<i.i rciyi=(pr in itr ;llt l wnrl<- "lir Cfrtirlifrnn. iVow ill (lai'v use. Call Sll days or ?,!>7S nights. 2 .i 2-ck-tf gs, rr.-gh-dry ot ffninhc.l. Willie firctn. 1,12 S. Lake. 2:5.pli-S!5 Rent a Floor Sander AT WARDS. Save money by refinishin? your own floors. AcUte years of life and jrivcs them new beauty. It's'easy to do, too! MONTGOMERY WARD & CO., 402 Main. Phone 591. 2-13-ck-ir We specialize in fruit tree spray materials. Ask us what and when to use Planters Hardware Co,, Inc., 12G W. Main, phone SlO- 1..11 ./.t .if Oil Sieves cleaned & repaired. Work guaranteed. Ph. Help Wanted ; 1 A t 1 ^^^^^BPk ffA. &r, -< \* j--^^ . IptS IT'S BEEN A LONG HARD WINTER.. .^ It's been a long, hard winter for your car . '. . and it's not over yet! Keep your car at the peak' of 'efficiency by having il serviced and checked by I,Mi,r- ston-Wroten. Onr nicclinnics sperialixc in" niofoV (unc-ups, grinding valves or any repair work Ilial your car may need to gel a flying slarl inlo (he new Kprmj," srason! SEE US TODAY! LANGSION-WROTEN CO. Sales—BJICK—Service U< $1 Tir " Mobifgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Broadway Telephone 553 Dr. W. F. Brewer Genera/ Practice — But— Special Attention Given Extraction and Plate Work OFFICE OVER GUARD'S Across Street From Kress Offjcp Hours .0 ft.ij7.-l p.m. I'llimc 2172 *AQC NIMK /f's Smorf f o BtrJby Voc/r Maintain Its Trade-in-Value tor trie time you can trade for a And it's "Smart" to Never take chances on the Mechanical Condition of Your Car. Bring it to us for Service and enjoy Trouble - Free motoring. LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Texaco GUI ft O!li I Save Money Tortjiy. Any l) ny SFOP AHD SWAP ELBKUT QUICK Our Itndio Hcpnii-s are fpiSc'k fttul oin- woi-kmiinship finer (ban anywlierc Wl! 11KFAIR ANY i\MKG_ANV Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" UOYAI,, SMITH, CORONA and REMINGTON rOKTAKI F 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3382 JEveryTrnnsactlon MUST BE BATISPAOTORY) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES TODAY - * IMPORTANT! Save your present car Uxjierl iMechunleal Service Alemllc Oil niiil linlirlraiils Ves, we wash unit xn'iisi: furs foil! Mutors? \\K have new motors Overhaul or rcbtillil Dicin Tires anil Tubes OJi, Ves, We pafnt Oars Tod! Kenuir itnd Riilinlsli nil hhillcs Charge HuUcrtcs T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 , PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS ... F. H. A. TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down CoDl-Airc AlUc Fans Oil Wilier Healers Ncrgo Electric Hot Wntcr licntcrs Slicrwln Willlnms Faints •Sheffield Field Fcnclne GoultVs Water Pumps Slotlcra Water Softeners Gnibcrsim Kitchen 'Sinks 36 MONTHS TO PAY (VSK "l. A "9.V.T. 1 ? AHMBR'S TERMS WITH ANNUAL PAYMENTS PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 West Main St. BY EDGAR MARTTO SWUHOISX Wow,, — . • i.. v > vuw il -pvvt*.\. . \3\j\ M"JVO k> WVinn 1AO\5'LD HEV . DUDLtV NSOT TURT Bt\0, ! Nt'VJt WIU. SOT \_ftMO I OIDM'T BU\V_D ON I ftNO TmS KOUSt! FRECKLES AND HIS U'HY DCM'r YOU AMD i kEEp a 90S DAY ALIVE, NUTTY? IT"WOULD BE - -'STRICTLY SCN- .IWG TriESt TEBftlFKl LOM6 SMRHJ ' I MEAN t REALLY DO / '

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