The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1947
Page 2
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p*y fe,/ ,-. K '•' PA$B FOUR BLYTHEVItLE (ARK.). COURIER NEWS •TUESDAY, FE&RUARY 13, J,f),|7 Bmhfing Trades NeedApprentices , Architects Report Need of Skilled Work, ers Throughout U. S. ' Housing Chief Says Prices 'Leveling off'' ^ WASHINGTON. Feb. IB (UP) — Housing Expediter Prank R. erection sriiu today that prices on new homes are leveling off (ml that they don't stnrt down for soin.-! iiiiio lo come. Crce'doji told reporters that in n leiv ,'nrous veterans were railing to buy new homes durhn; Die li'J- dn.v GI priority period. To cover these cases, he said, :\ new "hardship" provision soon will be issuqci. It is expected to aiiil)-. oriz> builders in such arcns lo sell wilhmil wotting for a A shorlaRc of skilled trides workers/will delay several billion dollars of construction um .vear unless ' at least 100,010 young men start training as apprentice^ \uthln. the next few months, Jamus R. Edmunds, Jr., President of T/iq American, Institute of Architects , btaled yeslerday. i "Production or materials soon win . outstrip"''.-the '• number of sttillenl 10 '"ivone, woikers available to nsseir&ie them, vctiran. Mnlo buildings unless apprentice [ .training is expanded sharply," Ed.-, ~ ~ mnncis said. prc-wur efficiency on the p:u^ , 'The building industry and the Federal government seem to be do- .Ing everything possible- to prevent , the. shortage) but certain laljor organizations arc not. Until some of the building trades unions decide to admit more apprcnliccs into their ranks, and until Ihey shorten the' apprenticeship period so as to t make cmploymenl' niorc attractive ,lo .veterans .and Olivers, II will b» 'difficult to overcome Ihc Impcnd- • ing shorta'ge. ' 'The average output per building site^.worker" unclor.dtedly prove- as.-.the supply of materials itn- .-. becoiries greater, but tlic return to ot workers now engaged in conslrng- tinn will not be sufficleni, lo |>cr> inlt tho 521) billion ol tmildini; cs- limnled-> for tins year. Tile b:ick and tilt trade flloito needs 55.COD morn skilled workers thnn are available »t Hie present time, mid thousands more arc needed in other lines to meet 1'JIV construction goal? 'Wfter, IS months of reduced construction, due to inept operation] of federal controls, it. will bo. most •unfortunate it a further pcrtq'cl of restricted IjiiiUrini,' loiisl be endured because of an unnecessary c ol woikers." BIIIER HOMES THE HOME OF THE MONTH —i Comfortable Tenant Houses Help Stabilize Farm Labor The farmer who can supply a tumfortable house for the hired man and his family stands an c x- oHlciit chance (5 f securing compe- (ent year 'round help. This vie-. v is expressed by John Pllwummoiis, licid or iiirm labor at Town State Collcse, An lustration of Mr. Fil^Jmmpns' ^itKBcslfon is found on the Trnji- l>:ick Plnnlation near sikeslon M6^ where all of the tenant' houses now are equipped with tile baths eahln of this kind usually Is amply Jnrge for a man and wife, and ihu 1 occupants have more freedom tlinn n ihcy wore sheltered In (he own- °r s home. ; Plder homes often can be made more comfortable and aliracllve by repair^ mid simple remodeling Dl- npluatou, looking houses are not "Koly 1 0 attract liluli-griKlo workers, in irmny instances all that is needed to give lhe ; house lh c :•'>"" «nd serviceability of'a . ., the conveniences of thc new slrijfiVirrV i -• •••"••""'"' "' •.' inotlern home lo the tenants on• n»... ""-"''- ls the «W>"9atlon of that ]>lanlallon. time hired help l s masi FOR SALE 100 TONS ROSELAND, ARK. This clmvrttirjg house, designed by tho Technical Slafr of PIIAC- TiCAJ, Buii.uKH, Chicago, is the an- W." 'o, any G.I,'s iilini for an i;i- dividutil home, Small and practical! it still iii-esents n snucimis appearance. Its mnny wimlows |n-oyi<le for u sunny inferior, as \vcll ua many possibilities for ex- U'l'ior landscaping etc Built-in furniture, slonige walls and all closets cnuim.uil with sliding, doors—decided space savers, are some of the many features. Die kitcJicn-laiimliy will },<. n joy lo any housewife. Direct liassaffov/ay to kitchen anil bedroom from entry, without (juinif tliroujfl; living room, j s vov cim _ vcnicnt and will r.nve many dor • Nolu two hatlis with cr»rici.>':il"ri.''-'i liliniihing. WnlJ in botv/eon. cn-ii.l fie nines, Mode or figHm'." «'K:;'i panels to obscure vision from',-..(.• section to the other, and ,i<x<l •.'! be full IcnjrUi fy r vcntilutiu* iviv- POSPH. Tlia_!ivinff room has an aui-ic- tivc dijihiif area, large cnongii |r, uccomn.'oilalo guests witlio-.i crowding If the third bcdi-ocra Ji net dcsirctl, it could serve -. i :i coinbliiiition den mid i;nc>t !•'.;:•: House itself is i\p|n-.-:;m-.'ii' MOO st|. ft. Pbr;; we i-.oL r.v.,.,1- alllli, but coill:! I::: di-p.w.l u i by any KC«I,| r<>nlr:i..(ov or ;ircl>ilcr't from this ni;..n. Chain Store Markets Prefabricated Home A national retail cliain is featuring a prcfabrlunted five-room house. The smartly styled home is wade will: nsSestos sluing lor economy of wear and maintenance. Sales arc said to be excellent. I ; On City Property —For Purchasing, Refinancing or Making Improvements 41% Interest , 20 Years to Pay. FULL Pre-payment privileges MONTHLY payment include taxes and insurance • Terry Abstract & Realty Co. 213, W. Walnut i of Title • Telephone 2381 -Farm Loans Weak, W^lery Blood Blamed for Making Men and Women Look and Fee! Older THEIR YEJIRS Every day—every hour millions of liny r«!-ljlood-cells must pour torlh rroin tho mn.rrow. cr bellies lo re> nco those tbnt nrc worn-ov.t. A low uloo.I count mny nllcct you In sevr-rnl ways: no appetite.niirlcrwcicbt"10 ™Jr of'r" iH 0 """ 1 ru "-<lown co.ulltlon. inck voT"i^ ct ? c °' rplll>f you "'"^ kcep^.n >o<irblpoil strciiRtli.Mctllcnl nutliorltlra liy analysis of the Wood, !,nvo by uosi- tlve proof shown unt SSS Tonic amazingly wrectlvc In Imluilng in> low Wotxl strength In non-organic tloiml ano.iiln. This Is .Hie to tlio SSS ionic fornntlH winch contnlns sneclal ami potent, nctlvntlnu ln B re,llcnt 5 Also. 8b3 Tonic hcl]i?> vou pnlov the H^^'° U f" 1 by "ncrmsliirs u.o elptV c digestive Juice when It Is non-oryBiil- ''" 'm V Ule " V'n'V—>l»is tlic Elom-.i will hove llltlo canso lo ect bnlkv with g»s, bloat »nd give ofr thai sour ioou lAsce. ..5?" 1 'jTI'" Enfr elze your body with . Ich. red-blood. Start on S3S Tonic now *s vlBorora bloofl surges throMEhont four whole holly, greater freshness nnd strength shonlrt malce yon eat better Jtcci. better-, fecj better, work better.' Play better, have a'heiiUhy color Blow iri your .sXIn—nrm nesh nil out hollow pUces. Millions or bottles sol.l. Get a ~ ', n r ?, n ? yp"r ( 'rUK store. SSS Tonic Appeals Allowed By Tenants in Eviction Cases WASHINGTON, Feu. IB. (TJ.P ) —Tenants now may appeal l o the ; OPA or- Emergency Appeal Coins 1 eviction corljricnlcs obtained >,y . llicir landlords. Ihe office of Temporary controls said today. Thu appcn! rirrlii docs not a])p!v to evictions for failure to pay , wnl, fly crealing a iniisane" or for using. FI house for inimonu t purposes, in .such cases, landlo-';ls t need only notify Ihe OPA of eviction. In other cases, however, the 'landlord must yet n ccrUMcnlo from his rcRional rent office. Tho i ccrtificnti: does not order evil-lion, j will simply indicates that rvietfou' 1 would not violate rent controls. i Under today's action the tenant may appeal the certificate lo tlic I OPA regional or national oflice j and the linioiRoncy Court of Appeals. This will irive him one month's slny nfter a decision on his appeal, OTC said. But the stay m.iy h c canceled if Ihe appeal is "frivolous, dilatory, or not made in «-,on fnitli." In demand, according to the Fi(-/sim- mons amilysls of the farm labor situation. Mnny fnnneiv> worked )iours for several years who i would normally have ret'irrd lie , pr.lnts out. They need to ease tip but must have help [ o do so. banners are becoming more selective In their choice of workers, bi'causo they arc looking for help Dial will stay with them for a Ion'' time. Although this makes for a more secure position for the worker it also make.s it more difficult for the farm operator to get the kind of help ho Is looking for The sober industrious workman Is npt to Jiai'p family responsibilities and Microfore disinclined to take a .job that does not provide good quarters for his dependents. "Where housing cnn be provided, lal-or probably cnn be found," FiU- simmons declares. Easier to Build, Now The removal or most restrictions on building has made- It simpler for (.lie farmer to construct n view borne for tenant or worker. Materials: win be in greater supply a s Ihc nciv progresses, .-iL-coi-diiJE to building authorities. One o ftho newer materials now widely used on th c . farm— asbestos cement board— cn-i l )e utilized in the construction o f small caoji-- l.vpc stiuclures. A simiile framework is quickly enclosed by nniiinr on the large 4-by-8-foot s liect,s. A caton o new siding. Covering the sldewalls with the asbestos cement sldiu^ is a recomniended piqcedurc in sljch cases. The siding w ill Inet for the 'fe of the building, n M wil | ncvcr " is Insects, Storms Cause Heavy Forestry Losses Insects, disease, .storm damage mill similar happenings have caused liir greatur loss lo American forests 'than icmovnl ol trees Dy lumbering. Studies indicate Uiat in the 3WJ- odd years sjncc. 1030, disease, in- setts. and .storm damaijc look a total of S.42G billion ooard leeL ol t'rciviiiB trees. In addilion, 1 CS8 Million feet were lost in forest lires. in UK .•iime SOJ.-ycar period, thc luir.oej- cut is estimated at 3isu aillion fee'.. Nature's own rayases wore almost twi:e as great rts man's lise of the trqes for conslruetion ma- Rcad Courier News V, 1 KEAI, ESTATE WANTED Cl'.y rrojicrty, oil ty pes busl,,'«sse s and farms in anil around Blythcvillo. Sel) us your liroiierly, plenty of buyers—list now I Pliono ^394, j. j Flel(1 Eo ,; aed Rral Est^t-j Broker. terinl. Even clearini: woodland:; lor Hums and cities or for fuel did not make as heavy inroads as nut-' ural causes. '.attention j welders . I, You can now pu 1 complete acetylene "welding ; outfit for §02. This is (ho j latest type medium w.v i.genuine Harris Calorific, J the oldest manufacturer of • welding equipment. ! BLYTHEVILLE • Machine Shop i 211 So. 2nd 4. ... Ph. 2R2K Complcte Stock of Bathroom FIXTURES // PETE 100 N'. First " THE PLUMBER Phone 2731 Dependable Installation and Quick Repair Service ax Cle . * Smooth a n s FAST Women Tie Up Party Line While Fire Blazes ST. OLAIRSVILLS. O. 'UP) '-4-i Prank Rcbir.son lost his home bs- causc t\vo unconvinced \vomeu re- fnscrt to surrender a paily telephone line when lie \vantccl to call tlic fire department. When Robinson told (ho women lie wanted to rcnoi't, a fire, they reinsert to give up the lino. "We arc paying for our telephones and we intend to use them ns long as \vc want to." they said. By the lime firemen a'nived, only one piece of furniture was saved irorn the blazj I IT'S AN OPEN AND SHUT CASE OF MORE BEAUTIFUL LIVING! It's unanimous! Venetian blinds are one of the most inexpensive ways of adding charm and privacy to your home. • BLINDS THAT FIT • BLINDS CLEANED • BLINDS RE-TAPED Call 469 DEAL'S 11: . P ^ INT A ND WALLPAPER STORi - - ^ Your Wallpaper Style Center" Phone 4G!) Wanted A DOOR! We Have That Key! Wo have the key lo easier, low cost fiiuuicitifi-, available for vofinanchnj of your home or for improvements this spring. Inquire for clolail.s ;U our office tomorrow morning . . . p nv i Oau back like rent! DAVID REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENT CO. 112N. 2nd Phone 3633 Help'yourself to the specd- and-sparkte of ihis rich cleaner, to keep your house shining! Cleans with light work, and leaves a good- looking sheen. Buy a bottle and see! Once-A-Yenr Quart Special, limited lime only. for Woodwork, Furniture PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 W. Main Phone 515 MOOIKft! CCONOMICAL! Enjoy Higher Income, Less Work! IMAGINE! Increased production in less time with lowered coats. Th m the use of modern electric farm equipment your work will be made easier. Call us for an estimate on all electrical work you want done. All of Our Work and Kqufpnient Guaranteed CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP North Firsl- Street Phone 2993 'All Your Needs Here \Vc ran furnish yon with liard\viivo. iwu'nl.s and wallpnpcr, cvcrytliing- (o start you on the way lo a home. GET READY FOR SPRING NOW It's time to spruce-up, clean up, paint up and do all the things that promise to make your home bright and cheery for another season' of liveability. Consult our stylist on your home decoration needs -see our new wallpaper' department on the balcony floor. * Hardware-Electrical Suppfies 213 MAIN STREET n.~ son 8LYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS IHRD^RECOMWY Harness • farm Supplic s EAGLE STAMPS

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