The Morning Journal-Courier from New Haven, Connecticut on August 28, 1886 · 4
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The Morning Journal-Courier from New Haven, Connecticut · 4

New Haven, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 28, 1886
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jew $mi August 28, 1888 TrlOYAt. MtWSJ J Absolu Pure. This powder never varte. A marvel of pu rl ty, atrenfith and wnolesouieness. More economical thuu the ordinary kinds, and cannot be ttold in competition with the muititude of low test, short weight, alum or phosphate Boy At B a it iso Powder Co., 106 Wall St., N. Y. T BEST THING KNOWN WASHDTGBLEACHmG IN HARD OR SOFT, DOT OR GOLD WATER. SAVE3 LAHOK, TIMS and SOAP AMAZ-I77UI.T, and gives universal satisfaction. No family, rioli or poor should bo without it. Sold by all Grocers. BIWAKB of imitations veil designed to mislead. I'EABLINE is the OHLT SAFE labor-saving compound, and Vtrays bears the above symbol, and name of JAM1S PYI.K. NEW YORK. XsCLlcttX. EDICINAL 1 00D. iJBE-WORLD RENOWNED 5ALVAT0H FOR INVALIDS AND THE AGED, AN INCOMPARABLE ALIMENT FOR THE GROWTH AND PROTECTION OF INFANTS AND CHILDREN. A .SUPERIOR1 NUTRITIVE IN CONTINUED FEVERS AND A RELIABLE REMEDIAL AGENT IN ALL, DISEASES OF THE STOMACH AND INTESTINES BX: SHIPPING DEPOT JOHNURLE&M iDSJJOGISTi NewYork. ft ROOT'S GOLDEN HOOF OINTMENT. Evervbodv nraises Roofs Golden Hoof Ointment. This is not to be wondered at, as it not only does AU THAT IS CUIMED FOR IT, Out it is the ONLY INFALLIBLE remedy known to science which has stood ail tests, iteaa tne louowmg: Kb nt, Feb. 9, 1886. Mr. F. B. Root: Dear Sir Tour last lot of Ointment received. And a) read v T have disnoMNi of several hnxm 1 will let you know how I was able to recommend it. Last April my horse was attacked with pneumonia. We all thought he could not live. Being a pet horse, we did everything: possible to save it. The disease soon assumed a typhoid form and the doc tor oavisea us i o kiu nun. ine lever nuaiiy set- tied in ms teet ana ne coma not stand upon them. We tried several preparations to help the hoofs. Hearing: of your Ointment I purchased a box. and I assure you it worked wonders in tnis case. All of my neighbors are surprised at the result. It is in deed the best Ointment in the world. Yours respectfully, H. I. WILDM A.N, Hoot's Ointment I for sale by all Drus- gists. Wholesale manufactory and Depot 859 GRAND STKKKT. mmi TnESREATft PP ETIZER. duicK! safe: tFFEcruAi-: in ajic&sej of StomachKid-NEY, LiVer & Blood Disorders. ptorrietorS- FARTFOrb(oNN AEFENf Fer Heartache, miionwncpn, Uver Complain L Indigestion. Mild bnt effective IfcOLU BI DlttCiCilPiTS. DR. J. W. CURINGS, ic ihvsicIon of sixteen rears' experience, lias found electricity to embody all the element net'es-iarv for the treatment and cure of acute, nervous aim chronic diseases, also stomach and liver complaints, Bright' disease, spinal troubles, infla'niratoi-y and sciatic rheumatism, uterine disease, etc. fclectricity its far reaching in its power to hejU and to stimulate the blood into action. Giveel sctririty the trial to cure you that vou do medicine, and Match the result. it win also and judge cure any skin disease. Give it a trial xor yourseu. DR. J. W. CUMMINGS, No 4 Church Street.- WOOD'S BLOCK. Hf-Offlce hours from S a.m. to 5 p, m. 21 PENNYROYAL PILLS ."CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH." The Original and Only Genuine. Bfr mni always Reliable. Beware of worth len Imltattana. indmppaaatiie 10 LADItbi AK your urug-ffw lor " li Ich enter's 1 and take no other, or mcloM 4c (stamps) to urn lor pnriicuiarn in letter qj return mall (AME PAPE Stfllt Jf adlwn bquare, I'hlljMia , At Trnrc1t. E. States Trade supplied by (too, CL Cteodwlo di Co. B toss. Mam. iirisn sa niHmm ! New York. From Am. Jourualwf Hedlciiii.l i 'Dr. Ab. MeMrole. Wbo makes (aipedaltrof Epilepsy, has without doubt treated and emrsd morn nMlhan n v nttmr IItIHC DhTS- ui a in,i w iwiin utnolihiar: w( hava besrd of cases of over 20 years ataiidlns cured by him; be enaraotees a eure. Iatk Bottle and TrcaUae sent fra. OlvaF. O. and Expresp drl rrma. . AH. W&KBQUt, M louB SCs VW Ten. ED. PINAUDS FLEUE DE L.YS FACE POWDER, Imparting to the SKIN a no fit andd Plicate whlienesa, ABSO-I.JIXKIV FICKK from all 1-JI HIvI SSlllsTANtES. Sold everywhere. HENRY DREYFUS. Sole Agent. IV,r the V. S. lo Inl llTLAMB ST., N. T. a24 wedastf and Fl-trrti treated with 1 out the use of the knife or detention from business, also all other diseases of the Kectum. I Cure guaranteed. W, M. READ (M. D. Harvard l4i nnH Ttro. ERT M. READ m. D. Harvard 1876), Kvana Hoaae, ITS Tremont St., Boston. Ref. srences given. Consultation free. Send for pamphlet. Office hours, 11 a. m. to 4 p. m. Sundays and holidays excepted. At Haynes House, Springfield, every Tuesday, from 0 a. m. to 1 p. m N. B. Office closed from August 7th to 18tb. uBeod tely M A A ERf riLEJj sTf M-SkW W "S ra iff hi utm . 11 illL B3 PILES JfanvxnCL until oxvtev. Deliykrkd by Carriers in the City, 15 cents A Week, 50 cents a Month, f 6.00 a Year. The Same Terms By Mail. Saturday, August 28, 1886. CUiK'IKK OAK PARK. A Biff meeting Next Week Expected -Lively Work. The Tnrf, Field and Farm says of next week's races at Charter Oak Park, Hartford: The meeting "will be a great one. The track is fast, and the entry list is large. Some of the best horses, such as Arab, Kenil-worth, Bonny McGregor and Maud Messenger have been saved over Albany for this meeting;. A number of fresh horses will also enter the lists. Harry Wilkes will trot against time, and those twe evenly matched mares, Phyllis and Clemmie Q., will have a race by themselves. The great contest will be the $10,000 stake on Wednesday. The flyers named to start are Oliver K., Bonny McGregor, Kenil worth, SpofEord, J. Q., Belle F. and Brace Wilkes. We rate them in the order named, but should the heats be broken, look out for Kenilworth. Charter Oak Park is one of the best managed parks in the country, and the multitude which assembles there during circnit week is fall of faith and enthusiasm. The meeting will commence on Tuesday and close on Friday." New Haven Orphan Asylnm. Subscriptions and donations to the New Haven orphan asylum from July 29 to Au gust 26, 1886: Annual subscriptions Mrs. C. M. Math- Colfected by Mrs.S.E.Barrett,$20.25. Mrs. H. DuUois, Miss M. J. K. Unuois, SO eaon Mrs. Stephenson, Mrs. T. H. Fulton, Mrs. C. B. Chapman, Mrs. C. B. Hanson, Mrs. B, Booth, Mrs. Wm. Button, Mrs. E. S. Pickett, Miss C. Totten, Mrs. James Allen. $1 each Mrs. G. Baldwin, Miss Bessie Chase, 50 cents each: Mrs. Atzbach. 25 cents. Donations James M. Mason, $10; O. A, Dorman (receipted bill), $2.50; Henry S. Hig- by, medicines for the montb; Miss Emily B. Booth, 113 1-4 of print; S. 8. Thompson & Co., V dozen biscuit and roils; James Fyle, 1 dozen packages of Pearline; Henry Hill-man, 2 tubs of ice cream; a friend, a bushel of apples; Mrs. H. N. Lyman, the knitting oi 6 pairs of stockings. Visiting committee for September Mrs. Ueorge P. Marvin, 114 High street; Mrs. Charles B. Chapman, 146 Columbus avenne. a K. Twining, Recording Secretary. THKfOIIHI RECORD. City Court Criminal Side Judge Pickett. Aneust 27 John J. Hocran, violation of Sunday liquor law, to August 28; Simon J. Hugo, selling imitation butter without legal bird, to August ii: Mrs. jfatricK .Hayes, in- jury to building, to Augnst 28; Paul Nelson, drunk, nolled on payment of $4.50 costs, breach of the peace, judgment suspended; Louis Stein, selling imitation butter without legal sign, $100 fine, $4.35 costs, appealed; Morns Walsh, selling imitation butter with out legal Aueust 31: J. F. and D. H. Riley, selling imitation butter without legal sign, ?1U0 hne, $4.eo costs eaon; John V. Iwuttlesdorfer, selling imitation butter without legal sign, $100 fine, $4.36 costs, appealed. Court Notes. Judgment was given yesterday in favor of the plaintiffs in the case of J. & J. Eager of New York, wholesale liquor dealers, against Reiner & Hofacker, saloon proprietors for merly at 449 State street. The amount of the bill and the costs, including interest, will be about $110. An attachment has been placed on the confectionary and ice cream establishment of James McKeou at 793 Chapel street. The attachment grows out of a real estate transaction in Boston in which Mr. McKeon pur chased property from J. F. Costello and gave him a note for $1,000. The note went to protest. Some weeks ago another attach ment was placed on this same store by the plaintiff in this present suit for payment of a note or SI, MM). That attachment was re leased by the defendant furnishing security in 83.0UU. The papers in both suits are re turnable to the civil side of the Superior court in September. Bix grocers were before Judge Pickett in tne City court yesterday morning for noncompliance with the oleomargarine law, in that they did not display the signs as re quired by law. They were Simon J. lingo, 49 Union street; John V. Rattlesdorfer, 104 Wallace street: Louis Stein, 800 CJrand avenue; James F. and Daniel H. Eiley, 509 Grand avenue; and Morris Walsh, 139 Wal lace street. In the case or Walsh Attorney ngott argued on a demurrer at some length The court overruled the demurrer and the defendant preferring to have the case tried on its merits it was continued to next Tuesday. Demurrers were overruled in the other five cases and the fine was made $100 and costs. An appeal was taken to the October term of the Superior court. ARSENIC I IN HIS STOMACH. Report of the medical Examiner In the Walllngford Tragedy A Pathological and Chemical Examination by Yale Professors. Yesterday State Attorney Doolittle received from Medical Examiner White the results of the chemical examination of the stomach of the headless body found in the shoe box in Wallingford. That portion of the report, which will most interest the public is as follows : From the microscopic examination and chemical analysis I am satisfied that the man whose body-without head or limbs was found in Wallingford, August 8, was that ef a man who died with meat and potatoes half digest 3d remaining in his stomach. I believe that the body was not embalmed, as none of the other substances usually mixed with arsenic in embalming fluids could be found in this case. 1 am also of the opinion that the man whose stomach was given me for examination was poisoned by some preparation of arsenic. From the examination of the hair on the tarred paper and portions found Dear by I believe that the head and limbs were removed to nrevent recognition and to get the body itself into the box. im. w. o. white, jneaicai Examiner. For two weeks the stomach has been in the hands of the medical examiner, who with the assistance of Professor Smith discovered the above facts. Frem the first Coroner Mix had a faint suspicion that if the stomach was examined microscopically some important points might be gained. The fact that the food in the stomach had not been digested goes to show that the deed was committed shortly after the man had partaken of food. It was thought by a Walllngford doctor shortly after the finding of the body that the body had been embalmed, bat his theory is upset by the medical examiner's report. Just how much arsenic was found is not made known. The finding of the arsenic onlv adds to the complexity and mystery of the case ana upsets many ot the theories advanced as to the mode of death. The report printed above is by no means the full report of the examiner, but theremainder in which the method of examining was conducted is reserved by the attorney. EXCURSIONS. went to Coney Island Crowds at Pawson ParK The Closing Excur sions. The steamer Elm City took a large party of Holyoke Foresters to Bay Eidge and Coney Island last night. The excursionists will remain all day at Coney Island and will return this evening. The steamer Pastime carried a large crowd to Pawson Park and Pot Island yesterday. On Tuesday and Thursday of next week the John H. Starin will make her last trips to Glen Island. The steamer Elm City will make her last trip to Mystic Island on September 7. She will take a Meriden party, Mystio Island will be closed for the season after that date. A NARROW ESCAPE. A Little Clrl In Fair Haven Drinks Kerosene Oil. Wednesday afternoon the two year old child of Mrs. James Sullivan, of Fair Haven, climbed upon a chair and took down a kerosene oil can in which was a quantity of oil. She proceeded to drink the oil and had swallowed considerable when she was discovered by another child. Dr. Eoberts was called and administered antidotes and hopes to bring the child abont all right. Funeral of Mrs. Baeon. The funeral of the late Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bacon took place from her late residence in Birmingham yesterday. The interment was in the family lot in the Grove street ceme tery in this city. The president of the Cambridge, Mass., Fire Ins. Co. recommends Hood's Sarsapa- rilla as a building up .and strengthening rem edy. If Yon Prefer a Pare Soap Use Chas. s. Hiaoms' "German Laundry, , AT SARATOGA. lOCanr More New Haven Arrivals Saratoga's Big- Fire -'t he Delaware and Hudson Railroad Company's Loss-Saratoga's Fire Department and Water Supply. Saratoga Springs, August 27. New arrivals at Saratoga up to the 26th inst.: Miss Lucy Baldwin, Fannie E. Stevens, Thomas Ailing and wife, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Walter Malley, Prof. Thomas B. Shepard and wife, Prof. C. Bonney, F. H. Hooper, J. W. Power and wife, B. Roach, E. S. Dayton, J. Triend-man, J. M. Mann, M. B. Dewey, H. S. Dawson, president of the New Haven Water company; S. Dawson, E. Eenney and wife. There were some six hundred arrivals reported in Saratoga the 26th inst. After the garden party on Saturday afternoon and evening, the 28th inst., the cars will be crowded with homeward bound people. Thermometer this a. m. 60. A fire occurred here Wednesday at nine o'clock p. m. which destroyed the large freight derjot of the Delaware and Hudson railroad. The building stood in an isolated position and the fire was confined to the F . - . OT, -i . 1 , i building. xne aepot couwimeu a targe amount of f reieht. most of which was con- snmed. The fire department was obliged to lav their hose over moving treight cars, which much hindered their work and endangered their lives. Seve ral cars were badly damaged and their contents ruined. The total loss is estimated at about one hundred thousand dollars. The heat was intense and the fire shot along the front of the building faster than the immense throne of people present could run and several got scorched. The building was saturated with oil, which made an excellent fire. Great exertions by the firemen were made towards saving the freieht cars which were being rapidly con sumed. The cause of the fire was from some excelsior which lav on the platform. It had been used for packing furniture. A spark from a locomotive of the day boat train ignited the inflammable material. A gate- man was badly bnrned about the head and face in trying to remove books, etc, from the office. The books, except those in the safe, were all removed. A young boy was fatally injured by falling from a pile of lumber near bv where he with others had climb en" to Bee the fire. The whole pile fell and he was fearfully crushed. He died about four hours after. The fire department con sists of five regular attendants and twenty-seven call men. and has two hose carriages. one fine hook and ladder truck and several wagons, all drawn by horses, no engine beine required at a fare the force of the wter in Saratoga is so great as to throw large streams over the highest buildings. The water is forced into the mains by a very powerful engine which is in constant use and in case of a conflagration extra power is added. The headquarters of the fire department is in North Broadway in a fine building erected some three years ago and contains all modern improvements ex cepting steamers, and is a pattern or neat ness and convenience and comfort. The water which supplies the village is taken from Luffbury Lake, two miles north, and is a never failing supply. PERSONAL JOTlINGS Abont New Haven People And Other People Up In The Adirondack At Xhe White mountains. Mr. B. L. Lambert, the real estate agent. and wife have returned from a very pleasant sojourn at Asbury Park, Ocean Grove and Lonz Branch. The quiet and home-like character of the two former places, where no lot is sold except with a proviso that no liq nor can be sold on the premises, the elegant cottages at both places and the great an nual camp meeting were some of the feat ures noted during their stay. Mr. George T. Stone,of Monson & Carpen ter's, is back from a summering with his son at South Hadley Falls, Mass. Mr. Justus S. Hotchkiss and wife after a stay at tiye ceaen nave oeen for some time past and will re main for some time longer at Paul Smith's celebrated hotel at St. Eeeis Lake in the Adirondacks, the finest hotel in the Adiron-dacks, where Mr. Hotchkiss has spent a por tion of every summer for the last twenty vears. Mr. ttotchkiss saw iTesiaenc jieve land the other day in that vicinity. Eev. Burdett Hart and wire, ot x air Ha ven, returned Thursday evening from their summer vacation of three weeks, which was nearly equally divided between Saratoga and William stown. Mass. Mrs. Meigs, wile of Kichard X. Meigs ot the Demarest manufactory, has returned from a trinlto Geneva, N. Y. Mrs. Abby Uroot or Houston street, fair Haven, is summering at Southbridge, Mass. Chief Hendncfc of the fare department writes August 21 from Kootema, Idaho, that he arrived there the 18th and that he would soon leave for Helena and the Yellowstone Park. He will arrive in Chicago the 1st of September. At the Fabyan riouse, White Mountains, are J. tn. JNortnrop, miss iNortnrop ana Miss Stoddard and George H. Bishop of New Haven: at the Mt. .fleas ant House, J. B Morse, New Haven. Professor Bail has returned from his vaca tion. F. A. Gilbert is going out of business at his store in order to devote himself wholly to his electric light interest. J. Johnson will put in a stock of clothing in his store. Mrs. Ueorge rt. smith has returned irom a month's trip to northern New York, hav ing visited Keeseville, m the Adirondacks, Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands and Watertown, N. Y. Warren E. Hedden, ir., organist at Inn- ity church, was married, August 16, to Miss Janet Smedley, of Chicago. . The couple ar rived here Wednesday evening. New Haven and Naugatuck. New Haven people visiting in Naugatuck are the Misses Leary, daughters or jonn Leary, Miss Etta Lancraf t of. Fair Haven, who with Miss Essie Camp.of Newtown, is -a guest of Miss Nettie Seymour; Miss Myra Fullerton, who is a guest of Miss Hattie Sheldon and Miss Nettie Eiggs, a guest of Miss Jennie Twitchell; also'MiBS Franc Shel don, of this city has returned from a month's visit in Naugatuck and Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Fullerton of this city, spent two days this week with friends on Hillside avenue, Nau gatuck, and returned much pleased with the town and surroundings. THE FORTY-NINERS. Six of the Old Veterans Present at the Cempounce Reunion. The company of forty-niners that held a reunion at Compounce lake on Tuesday was organized in '48 and consisted of ten mem bers. The organization was formed of Bris tol and Plainville men for gold digging in California, and having the implements for the work and such supplies as were needed for the journey, the party sailed from New Haven by steamer to New York, where they took passage in the brig Abrosia for Panama. At this dreadful place, the isth mus, they were obliged to wait nearly a month for the steamer to carry them to the Pacific slope. Fortunately a twenty-gallon cask of the best brandy was among the supplies, bat in charge of Dr. Halsey, each being bound not to taste the liquor without the order of the doctor. This was a valuable remedy in that malarial district and none of the party were stricken with the fatal disease, which prevailed to the extent that the only thing to busy them was attending funerals, which occurred daily There are six of the party now living and five were present at the sheep bake as follows: George W. Bartholomew, the eldest, aged eighty, Captain Dick Norton, Uncle Jed Goodrich, Isaac Pierce and Dr. Halsey, the youngest, aged sixty-eight. Alphens A, Dodge, of Ohio, was not present. The list of the dead is as follows: George W. Dresser, Elbridge Atkins, Willington Winston and Frank Lardner. There were abont a dozen, including invited guests, who shared the fes tivities of - the occasion, among whom was Colonel Sol Pierce of Montgomery, Ala., who is spending the season with his brother Isaac at this charming little resort. The reunion next year is subject to the call of Dr. Halsey, and it is designed to keep np these social gatherings to the last man. Adviee to mothers. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for chil dren teething is the prescription of one of the best female nurses and physicians in the United States, and has been nsed for forty years with never failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During the process of teething its value is incalculable, It relieves the child from pain, cures dysen tery and diarrhoea, griping in the bowels and wind colic. By giving health to the child it rests khe mother, frice zoc a bottle. a9mws&wly Pimples, Blackheads, Etc., Permanently cured by the use of Pearl's White Glycerine. It is the only article known to chemistry that wiil remedy the various faults of the com plexion without injury. It is also pleasant to use. au24 eodSt RALE'S HONEY is the best Cough Cure, 35, 50c, tL GLENN'S SULPHUR SOAP heals and beautifies, 25c GERMAN CORN REMOVER kills Corns & Bunions, 25c. BILL'S HAIR A WHISKER DYE Black & Brown, 50c PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minute, 25c DEAN'S RHEUMATIC PIUS are a rare cure, 50c itmticxaX. Business Light Bnt Prices Good Values Go Hp Throughout and close at an Advance Over Opening Rates. New York, Aug. 27. The market this morning was firm, but the volume of business was light. Mew York & New England was again the feature and twenty-five per cent, of the morning's business was in that stock. The stock advanced 1 per cent, and the movement was influenced by various rumors of a favorable nature respecting probable closer relations with other lines coming into New York and of increased earnings. The other stocks notable for their activity were Erie, Lake Shore and St. Paul. The San Francisco stocks were more than usually active and advanced on buying for foreign ac count. Erie preferred recorded an advance of 13 percent. The best prices of the morning were made about 11 :30. In the next half hour there was some reaction on realizing sales, causing a rise of s to The sales for the two hours from 10 to 12 o'clock aggregated 82,000 shares. The market was dull but firm throughout the afternoon. Dealings were featureless. Transactions were in small lots for the most part and the market closed strong within a fraction of the best of the day. The ad vance ranged from & to 14 per cent. The sales were 146,000 shares. Money closed at 4a5 percent. Governments closed firm. Closing prices reported over the private wires of BUNNELL Jt BCltANTON. Bankers and Brokers. Bid Asked American Bell Tel 190 Alton and Terre Haute. 25 Alton and Terre Haute pfd Boston & N. Y. Air Line pfd 101 Burlington and Quiffcy 135 Canada Southern 4;ij Canadian Pacific WJ Central Pacific 42 J4 C. C. C. A,1 57 Chicagoand Alton H1H Chesapeake and Ohio 8 Chesapeake and Ohio, 1st pfd 15& 32 85 102 135J4 44 60?6 42H 67s 143 9 16H 11 am 128Js 100 30 74 100W 112 unesapeaae ana umo, sza pia iu Consolidated Gas. . Del. Lack and Western .12 Del. and Hudson Canal 10u Erie 2SH Erie pfd , 74 Erie seconds 1O096 Erie and Western 9 East Tenn., Va. & Ga 6 East Tenn., Va. & Ua. pfd 14 J4 Express Adams 137 Express American 108 Express United States 63 Express Wells, Fargo. 124 Hocking Valley 29 Houston & Texas 35 Ind.. Bloom. & West 18 Illinois Central 134 Kansas & Texas ;iVy$ Lake Shore 86 Louisviiie & Nashville 44 Manhattan Elevated Memphis & Charleston 36 Michigan Central 78 !4 M. and St. Louis 19j5 M. and St. Louis pfd 424 Missouri Pac - 109 Nashville & Chattanooga 65 New Central Coal 10 New jersey Central 53? N. Y. Chicago & St. Louis 9fg N. Y.. Chicaso 4 St. Louis nfd 20 N. Y.. Susa. & West 6 N.Y.. Susa. & West pfd 20 New York Central 109J6 New York & hew Eug 46? Northern Paciiic 274 Northern Pacific pfd 58 Northwest 114 Northwest pfd 141 8 145s 142 111 64 128 29J4 39 17 135 81 86& 45 140 37 79H 20M 43j 109JS 66J4 11 54 99s 20i4 7 21 109)4 46j 27J4 59 114M 143 16J4 44 61 24 46M 110 20 105 31 56? 298 138 Norfolk & West 15W Norfolk & West pfd. 43 on certificates Ohio Mississippi Oinana Omaha pfd Ontario & Western Oregon Navigation Oregon Transcontinental Pacific Mail 6;?S 23-ti 46J4 1H 104H ... 31W ... 56 Peoria. D. and Evansville 29 Pullman Car Co 134 Reading 256 Richmond & Danville 135 Richmond & West Point 29 Rock Island 124HS Rochester & Pitts San Francisco 27 " " Preferred 59M " First Preferred.'. ...113 St. Paul 91 St. Paul pfd 120k St. Paul, M. and M 113 Texas Pacific 74 Union Pacific 554 Wabash 19 Wabash pfd 33!4 Western Union Tel 6055 West Shore Bonds 101 J 145 2954 12SJS 4 28 59 113J4 91 am 114 15 55 19 33H 66! 1019s Pacific railroad bonds closed as follows: Firsts 115Ua Grants 105 a Funds 120 al21 Centrals 114Mall4-ti Government bonds closed as follows: U. S. New 3's lOOWa .. 4!h5s, '91 reg 109allOJ 46s, '91 coup 110J6alll8 4s, 1907, reg 126Jal26 4s, 1907, coup 126al26j uurrency us, ua 1.?4 Currency 6s, '96 128U Currency 6s, '97 30iS Currency 6s, '93 133 Currencr 6s. '99. 135 Chicago drain and Provision market. Closing quotations Reported over Private Wires to Edwin Rowe tc Co., Commission Mer chants, 403 New York Produce Exchange, New York. The following shows the quotations at 1 P. M. (Chicago time) for the past three days: Aug. 25. Aug. 26. Aug. 27. r Aug.. Sept.. I Oct... 76! 7K Wheat 78 80K 41 Si 80J 41 428 458 9.52H 9 52H 9.624 7.25 7.25 6.67 Aug. 40 41 Corn -1. Sen.. 43 W (.Oct 44g 4234 J Aug 9.60 Sept 9.60 Oct 9.67 9.40 9.40 9.50 7.10 7.10 6.40 I Aug 7.80 Lard epc. I Oct. 6.77 , C. WARREN & CO., 87 ORANGE STREET. INVESTMENTS -AND- INSURANCE. $10,000 WANTED. For the following loans just received, with semi annual interest at 7 per cent. They are largely se cured by first mortgage on improved property, Amounting to $30,000 with Insurance $2,500 and guaranteed principle and interest in full. One Loan $SOO One -L.oan....$2,000 One Loan,. $1,000 One -Loan ... $3,500 and others of different amounts. As these loans meet the demands of prudent buyers they should have speedy sale. ALFRED WALKER, Second floor. 5 Oranse Street. au23dawlm INVESTMENT SECURITIES. 25 shares New York. New Haven & Hartford RB. SO shares Merchants' National Bank. New York and New England Bonds. BUNNELL & SCRANTON, BANKERS AND BROKERS. 732 and 731 Cliapel Street. Mk aiifl stock's for Sale. 16 shares Merchants' National Bank. 60 shares Wheeler & Wilson Mfg Co. $2,000 Morris & Essex RR. 7s of 1914. $5,000 Chicago & Northwust 5s of IH33. 30 shares N. Y., N. H. & Hartford RB. Co. $5,000 Columbus, Hocking Valley and Toledo R. 6s. 1.0K) Harlem and PortcheaterRR. first moi-to-airA 7s, guaranteed by N. Y.. N, H. & H. Rlt. S.S.UUU unicago, a. ana wumey Kit. 5s, 1913. $20,000 Detroit. Bay City and Alpena RR. first mortgage 6s. 4,uuu western union 7 percent, of 1900, Western Farm Loans. nrinciDai and interest guaranteed. W. T. HATCH & SONS, BANKERS. VERMILYE & CO., BANKERS AND BROKERS. Dealers In Investment Securities. lVos. 16 and 18 Nassau St., EW YORK CITY. Wiscclluntans. WONDERFUL TONE, PERFECT ACTION, . UNEQUALLED DURABILITY. OVER l5,OOOIN USE. ! Not one has failed to jjiye satisfaction. BEST MATERIAL, FINEST WORKMANSHIP, FULLY WARRANTED. Send for Catalog ae an! Prices to C. M. LOOMIS, TEMPLE OF MUSIC, New Haren, MerMen BrldaTeparC JDsmbnry and Wsterbury. SOLE AGENT FOR HEW HA TEN AND FAIRFIELD COUHTTES. t5yFall stock of Sheet Haste, Music Books J and Musical Merchandise, always on hand. i IMTHUSHEtt sPIiLHTOS,. j l0tTtitxg. A Ten Strife ani 1 Mitt ! Ten Dollars is the lowest price at which popular goods have been put on the market. $15, $18, $20, $22, $23 and $25 have heretofore been popular prices for the better grades of Men's and Young Men's Suits doubt respecting our ability to Goods Made lower than this part of the country. WE 1,000 Men's and Yom WOH.THL These are all new snits all sizes from 33 to 44, and months in the year. A thousand suits and something like sixty styles for Ten Dollars that are worth $15 to $2o. Don't take our word Tor it but examine them ; try them on ; notice the superior manner in which You Will be Surprised to See The most stylish and popular goods made this sea son, as well asthe fluest, are Counters: Corkscrew Checks, Plaids, Stripes, Silk Mixturee, Indigo Blue Flannels, Cheviots, cloth-faced Cassimeres in light and dark shades, cheviot-faced Cas- simcres, Diagonals and Worsteds. ALL FOR TEN DOLLARS. IiCok in our show windows and see the magnificent line of suits we are closing for Ten Dollars. We have eclipsed all former efforts, hold word that C. C Long-ley & Co. offer more tor the money in a sale of this kind than any firm in New Eng land. Don't pass this by thinking it is only one of the many advertisements yon see in the papers. Investigate and you will find flic above statements not over drawn. C. E. LOIGLEY & CO. 101, 103, 105 CHURCH STREET, New Haven, Conn POLITICAL. Second. Ward. The Republicans of the Second ward are request ed io meet at Keynoias carnage pnop, arK street, Monday evening, Aug. 30th, at S o'clock. D. W. Blakeslee, Chairman. Third Ward. Republicans of the Third ward are requested to meet at No. 6 Insurance building", Wednesday, Sep tember 1st, at 7:30 p. m., for purpose ef electing aeiegates to tne town conrenuon. C. B. Mathewman. Chairman. Ninth Ward. The ReDublican voters of the Ninth ward are re quested to meet at Day's hall, corner Broadway and York street, Monday evening, Aug. 30th, at eight o'clock, for the purpose of electing delegates to the town convention. ss. Uj. jldwardk, Cu airman. Eleventh Ward. The Republican electors of the Eleventh ward are hereby notified to meet at 100 Ferry street. Monday evening, Aug autn, at v:4& p. m. snarp, lorine purpose of elf cting delegates to the town convention. null attendance is aesirea. . . Hamilton, Chairman. Twelfth Ward. The Republican voters of the Twelfth ward are herebv notified to meet at the store of F. W. Foote. No. 3 East Grand street, on the evening of September 1, 1886, at 7:30 o'clock sharp, for the purpose of electing delegates to tne town convention. Jason P. Thomson, Chairman of Ward Committee. Thirteenth Ward. The Republican voters of the Thirteenth ward are requested to meet on Monday, Aug. 30th, at 8 o clock p. m., at tne store or j. vv. (joiiins to elect delegates to the town convention. Per Order of Ward Committee, D. C. Monson, Chairman, Ham den. The Republicans of Hamden are requested to meet at Warner's hall, Tuesday evening, Aug. 31st, 188ti, at 8 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing delegates to the State, county, senatorial, congressional and probate conventions. Also to appoint a town committee. rer oraer. Town Committee. East Haven. The Republicans of East Haven are requested to meet at the Town Hall, Saturday evening, August 28th, 1886,at 7:30 o'clock,to appoint delegates to the several conventions and to transact any other business proper to be done at said meeting. Per Order, Town Committee. . North Haven. The Republicans of North Haven will meet at Unsley's hall. Wednesday evening. September 1, 1886, at 8 o'clock, to appoint delegatesto the State convention and choose a town committee. Woodbrldse. The Republicans of Woodbridge are requested to meet at the basement of the Congregational church on Monday evening, Aug. 30th, at 8 o'clock, to appoint delegates to the State convention. Per Order, Town Committee. Republican State Convention. A State convention of theRepubl: uis of Connec ticut will be held in Allvn Hall, Hartford,on Thursday, September 9th, 1880, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of making a declaration of the principles of the party, nominating candidates for State officers and appointing a State central committee. A caucus of the delegates to the convention will be held in Allyn Hall on Wednesday, September 8th, at 8 p. m., for the purpose of appointing a committee on credentials. All primaries for the appointment of delegates must be held on or before September 4th.. The chairmen of town committees will mail a copy of the credentials of the delegates from the several towns before September 6th, addressed to A. W. Paige, secretary, Allyn House, Hartford. Lyndk Harrison, Chairman, New Haven. Dis. Committee. 1. Charles J. Cole, Hartford. 2. Maro S. Chapman, Manchester. 3. Lucius G. Goodrich, Simsbary. 4. Charles S. Landers, New Britain. 5. Ueorge tl. Cowell, Waterbury. 6. Levi K. Coe, Meriden. 7. James S. Thompson, East Haven. 8. John 8. Fowler. New Haven. 9. Earle Warner, jr.. New London. 10. Increase W. Carpenter, Norwich. 11. Charles P. Sturtevant, East Lyme. 12. Robert J. Walsh, Greenwich. 13. E. J. Hill, Norwalk. 14. Henry R. Parrott, Bridgeport. 15. Allan W. Paige, Danbury. 16. Oscar Tourtelotte. North Grosvenordale. 17. E. S. Boss, Willimantic. 18. Charles F. Brooker, Torrington. 19. William B. Kudd, LakeviUe. 30. Joseph K. Judson. Thomaston. 21. John G. Edmonds, peep River. 22. Frederick. E. Camp. Middletown. ss. summer rayne, soutn uoventry. 24. F. H. Underwood, Tolland. Notice To C bali-men or Republican Ward Committees. The chairmen of Republican committees in the several waras m tne town or ise-v Haven are hereby notified to call meetings of the Republican electors in each ward on or before the 1st day of September. 1886. for the purpose of electing delegates to a town convention which will appoint delegates to a Republican State convention to be held in the city of Hartford on the 8th day of September. J886. Each ward is entitled to the following number of delegates: First ward Second ward Third ward Fourth ward Fifth ward Sixth ward Seventh ward ... Eighth ward .6 .5 .3 .6 .4 Ninth ward Tenth ward Eleventh ward Twelfth ward Thirteenth ward. . . Fourteenth ward.. Fifteenth ward.. . .4 j Fourteenth ward 3 .8 Fifteenth ward 2 .5 Tha secretaries of the different ward meetings triii olease furnish credentials to the deleeat n. n.1 so send copy to undersigned. HUGH UAILEY, Chairman Republican Town Committee. Kew Haven, Aug. 19, im. Clothing. To clear, away all sell the Best t 1 any other house in Men's Suits for $10 eaco, $15 TO $25. this season, the best of goods, heavy enough to wear eight they are made and trimmed. What Ten Dollars Will Buy. now on our Ten Dollar and it is already a house Havana Oigars. Just received ex. ss. Niagara, a fine line of Havana brands. Will be ready for delivery Satur day, the 21st inst. J.D.DEWELL&CO IMPORTERS, 233 to 28W State Street. New No. 1 liloater Mackerel. Choice New Sweet Potatoes. Washburn an;l Pillsbury Flours, Colgate's Ijai-n-dry Soap, Seasoned Soaps for T.anndrv Use a speciality. Try our Java Coffee at 2c lb. A fresh stock of Peaches received daily. Try CEKEALINE. COOPER & NICHOLS, 378 State Street. Quart Preserving Jars, 90c Doz. The Best Flour for making bread for $5.75. The Best Flour for pastry use for $5.25. We challenge anybody to sell any better goodB at any price. 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LIST OF BARGAINS, Finest Early Rose Potatoes 60c bushel. 5 pounds Carolina Rice 25c. 4 packages Corn Starch 25c 6 lbs Barley 25c. 4 pounds English Currants 25c. Cerealine 13c, 2 packages i5o. 8 long bars Family Soap 25c. Condensed Milk 10c per can. Choice Lard in 5 and 10 pound pails 9c pound. Cider Vinegar, warranted pure, tftM got I on. Choice Creamery Buiter 27c lb. 4 lbs for SI. 16 lbs Standard Granulated Sugar 1. 17 lbs Extra C Sugar SI. Best New Process Flour $5.75 per barrel. Extra good Oolong and Japan Teas 50 and 60c lb. ; meat Market Connected. J. II. KKAUE, ELM CITY CASH GROCERY, 74 and 7G Congress Avenue, Corner Hill Street. LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT OF MEAT. Finest and Cheapest Meat Flavoring otocn ior soups, maae uisnes ana sauces. Annual sale 8,000,000 jars. LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT MEAT. An invaluable tonic. "Is a and a boon for which nations should feel grateiui." isee"MeaicaiTess,,,"Lancet,"&c. Genuine only with the fac-simile of Baron Lie Dig s signature in blue in k across the label. The title "Baron Liebig"and photograph hav ing been largely used by dealers with no connection with Baron Liebig, the public are in- luiuicu bunt uw Ajiwuig cuuipauy atone can offer the article with Baron tiebig1s guaran tee ui genuineness. LIEBIG COMPANY'S EXTRACT OF I MEAT. To be had of all storekeepers. Grocers j buu uaemisis. ooie Agents ior tne united States, (wholesale only) C. David & Co., 9 Fen church avenue. London. ... iert.fnnur l3.1.3 1 1 1 i m 1 . t? - 84 Hanrle; &U, Boston, Mass. UPHOLSTERY GOODS, Turcoman and Sllfc: Curtains, Window Shades, Curtain Fixtures, AND UPHOLSTERY HARDWARE. Tl KAEK THE ONtT GENUINE oNA, M " CMop Boiler Is Standard. W Ajk your Dealer for them, take no other, rWrTOTiM.TJI j fCUSHHAN BROS. & D New York, Sew Haven A. Hart ford R. R., June 28, 1SS6. TRAINS LEAVE NEW HAVEN AS FOLLOW8 : FOB NEW YORK 3:58,4:S8, 4:40,5:15,te:25,-r8:80. 7:30-8:10, e:30, -:su,io:40,tll:50 a.m.,U:o p. m. way train to Stamford), 1:80, 2:40,3:103:50, 4:00,5:00, 5:40, 6:15 milktrain with pais.' accommodation way to New York. 7.00, 7:10, (7:30 way to Bridgeport) 8:S8, 3.00 p m., Sundays, 3:58, 4:40, 8:00 a. m., 2:40. 5:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:80. 8:S8 p. m. WASHINGTON NIGHT EXPRESS VIA HARLEM RIVER Leaves at 11:50 p. m. daily, stops at Milford, Bridgeport. South Norwalk and Stamford. FOR BOSTON VIA SPRINGFIELD 1 :02 night, 6:52,8:00, "lOS a. m., 1:16, 3:12, 6:26p. m. 8undays, 1:02 nisht, 6:26 p. m. FOR BOSTON VIA NEW LONDON AND PROVIDENCES 1 : 30 a. m 10:30a. m.. fast extreR 4:00 p. m. Fast Express, Sundays 12:25 noon. Newport Express trains 10:80 a. m., 4:20 p. m. FOR BOSTON VIA HARTFORD AND N. Y & N E. R. R. 2:30 a. m. daily. FOR BOSTON Via Air Line and N. Y. & N. E. R. R 8.05 a. m., 1.25 p. m., 5.05 p. m. fast express. Sundays 5:05 p. m. WHITE MOUNTAIN EXPRESS 11:20 a. m. with through cars to Fabyan's House, daily except Sundays. Saturday nights the 1 :02 night train will run through car. to Fabyan's. Tuesdays and Thursdays the 6:26 p. m. train will connect through to Fabyan's. FOR H AliTFOKD, SPRINGFIELD AND MERIDEN, ETC. 13:15 night, 1:02 night, (2:S0 a. m .to Hartford,)6:52, 8:00, 10:28, 11:05, 11:20,12:10, noon, 1:16, 3:12, 5:07 (5:55 to liartford), 6:20, 8:lip. m. Sundays 1:02 s ight, 4:35 a. m.,6:26 p. m. FOR NEW LONDON. ETC 1:30 night, 7:00, (7:50 Block Island Express) 10:30, 10:35 a. m., (1:40 way to Guilford, goes no farther) 4:00, 4:20, 5:07, 6:18, (9:35 p. m. way to Guilford, goes no farther.) Sundays 12:25 noon, 1:30 night. VIA B. & N. Y. AIR LINE DIVISION for Middle-town, Willimantic Etc. Leave New Haven for all stations at 6:05 a.m.,l:25,5:05, 6:15 p.m. Sundays, 5:05 p. m. Connect at Middletown with Conn. Valley R. R., and at Willimantic with N. Y. & N. E. and N. L. & N. R. R., at Turnervllle with Colchester Branch, Trains arrive in New Haven at 8:02 a.m., " :22, 6:55, 8:55 p. m. O. M. SHEPARD, General Superintendent. Express trains. Local Express. New Haven Northampton R, R. commencing Monday, June 28. 1W-G. Through Saratoga Train will commence running; on July 5 111. IjEAVK New York New Haven plainville Arrivk New Hartford Westfield Holyoke Northampton Williamsburg South Deerfleld Turners Falls Shelburne Falls North Adams Williamstown Saratoga Troy Leavb Saratoga a. in. a.m. p. m. p.m. 9:00 8:00 4:30 7:15 11:04 4;00 6:25 8:15 11:55 4:50 7:18 p. m. 9:00 1:28 5:38 8:03 9:19 12:54 5:48 8:25 9:48 1:80 6:32 9:55 1:31 6:17 9:00 10:18 1:55 6:40 9:22 10:15 1:52 6:36 11:05 2:15 6:53 10:41 2:14 7:C0 11:30 2:58 7;45 11:500 3:24 8:09 3:a5 5:15 10:50 2:20p.m6:45 9:30 - 9:45a.m, wamstown 1 North Adams Troy 11:00 l:20o.m 12:36p.m 2:55 9:20 rJ:fu 1:32 1:25 1:52 4:05 I Shelburne Falls 10:11 9:45 10:35 8:201 4:5 Turners Falls 4:3 South Deerfleld Williamsourg Northampton Holyoke Westfield New Hartford 5:20 e.-lfa.m 10:30 f 10:55 11:00 11:30 10:45 5:12 6:34 6:45 7:09 7:30 8:15 2:16 2:20 2:48 3:05 5:49 540 6:27 6:35 p. m. 12:33 3:53 Plainville 7:35 Arrive New Haven 9:17 1:23 4:50 8:28 11-45 3:30 7:00 10:80 New York .Parlor cars on trains leaving New Haven at 11:04 a. m., and irom Saratoga at 3:45 p. m. EDWARD A. KAY, G. T. A, S. B. OPDYKE, Jr., Supt. Sew Haven and Derby Railroad. Train Arrangement commencing; June 14. ISto. LEAVE NEW HAVEN ! At 7:00 and 9:52 a. m., 1:20. 3:20, 5:45, 7:03 p. m. Baturaays at ii:uu p. m. LEAVE ANSONIA . At 6:35. 9:05 and 11:40 a. .n.. 1 :00. 3:20 and 6:45 d. m. Connections are made at Ansonia with passeneer trains of the Naugatuck railroad, and at New Haven with the principal trains of other roads centering there. E. S. QUINTARD, Sup't New Haven, June 14. 1S86. Nangatuck Rallroaa. COMMENCING JUNE 14th, 1886, trains lt-avc New Haven via N ii. & u. It. K., connecting ' lib cms roaa ac 7:00 a. m. Connectine at Anscnta with Tassene sted. 9:52 a. m. Through car for Waterbury, Watertown Litchfield. Winsted. 3:15 p. m. Connecting at Ansonia with passenger train for Waterbury and Watertown. 5:45 p.m. Through car for Waterbury, Watertowa. riiLcnneiu, vvinsia. 7:05 p. m. Connecting at Ansonia for Waterbury. FOR NEW HAVEN Trains leave Winsted: 7:10 a. m., 1:20 p.m., with through car, and at 4:35 p. m iitdinoi,Djiv, ,v i i r. r. r i : i a o:au a. m. &:2b a. m., through car, iu:50 a. m. 2:42 p. m. enrougu car, a:oo p. m. UEUKUE W. KJSACH BUpt. Bridgeport. Jiinf 14, 1884. IPiscellaix&ojits. F0K SUMMER COOKING. Gas Stoves a specialty. Oil Stoves, a large variety. Gasolene Stove, the best made. Wholesale and Retail a7 360 State Street Linen Markers, Daters, Seal Presses, Self- Inkers, Lodge and Society Stamps. Prices the lowest. Quality Best. $1 per Dozen for Quarts. $1.25 for oiic-liiilf Gallons'. At MINOR'S, 51 CHURCH STREET. Jelly Tnrtlers, 3Gc per Dozen. The hest quality of Class. At MINOR'S, il CHURCH STREET. LIQUID GLUE MENDS EVERYTHING Wood, Leather, Paper. Ivory,Gla9, China, Furniture, Brc-a-Brac:, Ac. Strong as Iron, Solid as a Bock. The total quantity sold during the past nvc years amounted to over 32 MILLION bottlos. EVEKYKubX WANTS IT. ah dealers can sen it. Awaraeu lEOJOLWDU London. lronotinod Strfme-est fjliiA knnn-n Send dealer's card and lite, postage Contains bo Acid. Russia CementCo. Gloucester, Mass.) W. H. Hale, E. C. Bennett. BICYCLE SUPPLY CO., AGENTS FOR Royal Mail, American Star and .Kangaroo Uicycles. Ricvcle Kenairiiur a. Sninltv. r"artsat:d sundries. Kubber Tires. Clement. t wnnjauiiuttiiu. jyasbm 32 Front St., New Haven, Ct B. & J, M. J 57, 59 & 61 ORAMEST, FURNITUllE DEALERS AND UNDERTAKERS, Have the finest Painted Bedroom Snita in rh t-At New Parlor SuiLs, Waiaut Bedroom Suits. ine oesr. spring iseu tor tne monev. Splint. Rattan. Cane and Runh Seat Olir great variety, as low as can be bought. UNDERTAKING promptly attended to. niRht or day, with care Bodies preserved without ice in the hest. mnu Also Sole Aeents for Washburn's Deodorinir and I Disinfecting Fluid. . A new lot of Folding Chairs and Stools to rent for PASSAGE TICKETS AND DRAFTS To and from Ireland, 1S and $20 DRAFTS AT LOWEST RATES. GEO. M. DOWNES & SON. a2 869 CHAPEL STREET. FRUIT JABS. mm lilaif NEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT CO. DallfforNaw York-Fare $1, lnclnd. InK berth Excursion Tickets $1.60. Steamer C. H. NORTHAM.Capt. F.J. Peck, leav s NewHaven 12 o'clock p.m., Sunday excepted. Stale rooms sold at Peck & Bishop's, and at Klock's Drug Store. Steamer CONTINENTAL, Captain Stevens, leaves New Haven at 10:15 a. m. Sundays excepted. From New York The C. H. NORTHAM leaves Peck Slip at 3 p.jn., and the CONTINENTAL at 11 p. m., Sundays excepte--. Saturday 12 o'clock midnight. Sunday nights, Elm City at 11 p. m. Sunday Boat for N . V ork Steamer ELM CITY at 10 a. m., Steamer NEW HAVF.N at 10:30 p. m. Staterooms for latter sold at the Elliott House. Free stage from Ins. Building a 9 p. m. Tickets sold and baggage checked thro to Philadelphia (via both routes), Baltimore ano Washington. JAMES H. WARD, Agent. Starln's Sew Haven Transport a. tion Line. Every Day Except Saturday. Leave New Haven, from Starin's Dock, at 10:15 o'clock o. The JOHN H. STARIN, Captain McAlister. everv Run. day. Tuesday and Thursday. The ERASTUS CORNING. Captain Spoor, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Returning, leave New York from Pier 18, foot of Courtland street, at 9pm the Starin every Konday, Wednesday and Fridav the Corning every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. The only Sunday night boat from New York Fare, with berth in cabin, 81 ; stateroom i. Excursion ticket $1.50. Free Stage leaves the depot on arrival of Hartford train, and from corner Church and Chapel streets every half hour, commencing at 8:30 o'clock p. m. Tickets and Staterooms can be purchased of the Downes News Co.,'869 Chapel street, Peck & Bishop 702 Chapel street, and at the Tontine Hotel C. M. CONKLIN, Agent, 3ylS New Haven, Conn. PASSAGE RATES REDUCED. ANCHOR LINE. Steamers every Saturday from New York to GIAS60W AND LONDONDERRY Rates of Passage to or from New York, Glasgow, Liverpool. Lon. . donderrv or Belfast: ' CABINS, 945 and $55. SECOND-CLASS Atlantic Kxnrpn , $30. LIVEKPOOL Via Q( KKSSrOWK S- t'CI? V lP KOMK" from Kew y ork Wednesday Sept. If,, Oct. 13, Nov. 10 Saloon passage $.?0 upwards. Second class 30. Steerage outward or prepaid, either service ao. For Books of Tours, Tickets or other informatics apP3'rT-tSENP15SON BROTHERS, New York 5? SkS SRAT.'2H Chapel street,, o r Haven. .w .. ...j ly, own. 3di unarjei nmwr naw my20 6m National Line of Steamships, BETWEEN NEW YORK, LIVERPOOL, QUEENB TOWN AND LONDON DIRE CET. Sailing weekly from 1 ier 39, North River. .ew JhAtf-amev.-the """eg84 steamships crossing the Atlantic. Cabui rates, J50 to 8100; Excursion Siil??011 nfd "itard steerage $17, and prepaid steerage tickets 819. "Being 83 lower thai mS er v-ne8c". ?ew nP America's B?J trip to New York, daslS hours and 41 minute" mABSSjK H.aTe?' 'BDNNELL SCRANTON " riiMiimun, A. MCALISTKR. on-muni! M. DOWNES t SON. F.. DOWNES. all DR. JOHN L. LYON, The well known and reliable Botanic and Eclectic Physician Who has practiced medicine in this city since 1854 can be consulted at his office. NO. 49 CHURCH STREET, Room 11, Hoadley Building Side Entrance 123 Crown Street. (Opposite the Fostoffice.) Office so arranged that patients see no one h.. the doctor. Dr. Lyon's success in the treatment of all dis eases has been marvelous and bis fame has spread throughout the length and breadth of the United States. Being opposed to all mineral and poisonous drugs, he has selected choice and potent remedials from the vegetable kingdom only, and with val uable roots, barks and herbs is prepared to CUBE the most stubborn and intractive disease. Consumption, that bane of our eastern climate, which causes so many to succumb to its ruthless power, i CURED by Dr. Lyon, as many testimonials from unimpeachable witnesses attest. Dyspepsia, the national scourge, which dooms thousands to tor ture and misery, is routed and annihilated by a remedy discovered by the doctor. In no case yet has this inestimable specific failed of banishing that painful disease. All diseases of the Lungs, Liver and Kidneys, ss well as Skin Diseases, and all Ira- purities of the Blood of whatever name and nature, are radically and permanently cured in a surprisingly short time by the doctor's improved method of treatment. TO FEMALES: The special diseases to which females are siihieot are treated with perfect success by Dr. Lyon. The doctor has made those diseases a special study for over a third of a century, and his success has been as gratifying as it has been complete. Therefore all ladies suffering from any diseases incidental to their sex will find in Dr. Lyon a true friend and skilled physician and one who is competent to treat all those diseases and effect permanent cures la the shortest possible time. TO MALES Who are suffering from the errors of youth, lost manhood, etc., and find themselves irnbni h debilitated, and also those suffering from venereal diseases: Dr. Lyon will prove to vou that he CAN and WILL CURE YOU. Hundreds of advertisements appear in papers with statements of marvelous cures which TEMPT SCANT TO SEND FOB SOMB WORTHLESS MEDICINES Which not only FAIL OF AFFORDING THE RELIEF DESIRED, but also RUTV THE PATIENT'S CONSTITUTION. Do not trust voi.r self to those leeches who prey upon the unfortunate, but call at once on the doctor and you will never re t gretit. He has successfully treated more cases of Snerma- torhcea. Seminal Weakness and all Diseases of the Generative Organs than any other physician living, and his experience and skill avail in every instance in restoring the sufferer to sound health and spirits. Hundreds of letters from grateful patients can be seen at the doctor's office. Dr. Lyon has discovered a remedy which is a cer tain cure for Dumb Ague, Chills and Fever and all Malaria Complaints. All letters sent to the Doctor will be confidential ly attended to, and in NO CASE shall confidence be abused. Write, if you do not call in person describing your symptoms and duration of the disease, and medicines appropriate to your case will be sent to your address, or any address you desire, by express in packages secure from observation. consultation, advice and mediciue eiven for on. dollar or more, according to the severity and nature of the case. Office hours, 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. Open Sunday evenings. DR-J- L LY0N NEW HAVEN, CONN JHE "MOTHER HUBBARD" T i r " i ior an Sewing Machines, ine latest and best out. Easy to learn. Easily sold. Male and Female Canvassers W ANTED. Send 2.00 for outfit to LUDLOW & LACEY, R RIDGE PORT. COXX. H. W. STOW, DEALER IN VIRGINIA, NORTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA and FLORIDA PINE, TIMBER, PLANK FLOORING AND CEILING of Every Description, root of Cliapel Street, Xo. 371. Pltrlor Soils. Bedroom Snits. Carpets, Oilcloths, Bedding-, Window Shades, Ac. Everything Complete for House-. keeping and on the most ia- vorable terms one price, onlr.

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