The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1947
Page 11
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_MUNDAXFEBHUARV 17, 1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION "rt'lo."" »" to « '<" WMSMOU,, W- must be accompanied ],, cash. Kites « y com l ultl "l from tie ibove d '."J lsln l orcll>r 'or Irregnlir tinor- tike, tiie on. ii me rat j ™ c ««POBs!Mlltr will fcs tiksn for !i« V **' lmcolrect Insertion of luy ained *.d, For Sale liul.l,,'., lirol I.H.C. ;, |,,,,i,, tll ,,.. lir.-ali,.r $;ino. .Vow li l-n.iuai] „,,], i-nlnvii!..r. •)•»•,. 1-1 . v j x J.-iroM,in,. n-ii.-lnr ' tires. >li t .|,,| } u .,.,| .,, ,.,•, ITIIO. I/,ni,. \V:ilk,-r. i;i,l,,:u M,, " ' ' Btfel ell barrol racti. ct.iie Bkop. Call 2SSB. '""•a knrer for year »omf. n. O. • (.•mpbtll Phone tit — Bonn. Offici> 120 Soutk Bnco.A tOlZ-ck-lf nM'Il enjoy fonm plonniii^ nj.linMrry "nil TUl:s with Ilio in-w Kinu ]-',,ajn. llesl's 1'nint anil Waltiiaprr SSnro " BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 1 l:«Ml Irucfe Kxctlli-,,1 .-oncllilo,,. 4, , '•'"•' -"i"". I'lmni! L)I'J7. l5.|ik-!2 I'l'i'i'mi),! . f -'''" a - "**"o'o °'ca".'l, d ''lol! i Ti, l ||t''' 1 ri'i'pt"n.. l .'?"'|° i"" -• : '- t ' 1 ' '"!• wc " '^'^Mr'Slin^'i/'^Lf"''}'"' 1 ' ''*'''"'" "li 5 I ini'fij' li 'j'' ijii '' l "" i "' l '''' ii < l '' i<1 *'i''-' ivilh IjiHIl ?:>.'.'00. Sl/'inj ,[„»•„, town. l,;il. -*L'o |,,.,. jiioiiJV" m-'"l(on""'",.,'i,""'' <1 - """" M '" r '' '" c "".' !''"'K''< : >' l .' < '°l<>.''' 1 | > rl.,. l ' 1 S ! VO(u'!'' 1 'A|«, l) '' l 5 'V'S'V'^r'"'"'"'''' '"'"^l" l.l'TIIKli liJIAy'j. UKuVltlWiS, j.iilni-r (ii;,j. ,0,. r, |;( yrass soil liotisos clu-rlp. Cull 2QOK. See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected (leeks. Hardy, fast- tjroweis. Low price. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. 'A Block So. of Depot I'honc 483 fi-room residence near business district. $3500. Own- ^?r occupied. Quick possession. H. C. Camphell, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 1-27-ek-tf Alfalfa bay. 2 milei- west on Hwy IS. Inquire at Muoro Urns. Stor« Leslid Moo™. H27.,,k-2!27 llnrdy Hlnkomora slriuvljerry ulnnts- Mfirio Hariilin. 171!) Uliickasa* l>n. HIion 3740. lini-rm-;l| 1 __ Pidru-cr IVoloxal (al.l« inals sraila A I; lily, inaao to fit your tnhlus mil preserve finish. Onlpr thorn from .liiiliniu h.Kvonls. 301 F, M"aln PL. Mioni! 2J87. ck-1127 ti '127 .-, font lol. 41:15 X. Iir,,.,,!^,- 7 „,„„, lioiisci with Initli antl i>nrlrnrWc servant III.IIM.-. 1'rir,; r,-,In<v> ( | , n K11 |l *>lt!i f»r v,i[hnnt ^u« pl.lnt I'IICKIUHDII '•in liujirs aflfr »'alo. i'lione :i:]!». (I. .S. Hiillisr,,,. :!l|. t -k.lS Ha by Chicks. Qua.lrniil,- A. Sa.OO ,,,., ]oo j|,, H raw n K Stnn-. 2!ll-ck' S" ;!,.,,•< ,,[ 1,-vM Iruiil. C.l arn-s in on! livaliim. -I i,..,iu ]i,,ns<- i.rliv il-.mi I'.irl ,-hsli C..H.IM llin •|,.,. i ii..,l „„ „,„(„ Ujj.lmnv i, M:,lii!il. 1'ri,-,. JKIJOO .1. C I'lianin -M^ll.ilii. Ark, _!['±' L 1 ! 2 2 Ijips "l.rlni;". .Mi,l,n,:,un- si'frcliiry; -il. I'll. :1KIO. '>:!.•>.nk-2;i!> EXTRA IJAUY CHICKS 31'KCrAL Limited lime only. AAAA S9.75 a luindred. Feed of all kinds. Coa!, good quality. Lewis Poultry, .11!) Kast Main. Phone 9'l9. 2-M-ck-t;» I'HHI) your haljy clilcks l'A.\.\-Mt\ - r<'t'»larly in (l.rir in;>Kli !„ K ,, "f ; ,\,,.' r (-•rinvili holler fralliiTiiii: ami sl.inlifr fr.ii.las Kvsrft* nnnraiUrnl. w I's l>i'ii|! Sluro. -JIM W...SI .Vnirl. I'li.i.i.' "'"• f 11-rk-n 1 I ruin fforul. l.cavy work mnlfs. y. ,i,il t . •ninli l!l,ii;, ( |'s i-rossinii. ];. c: 1 c,i-. •1 CENTS A OIIH'K TI..H-S nil it ™.<|s (or 1'\ V. l.-,|| Y n-t- iilurly (™,i Bl;,rli,, 2 li,,,.. ",„ "l, v i,,.. liMji'. At llic 1).-. 1K.»S H,«r.;,roli Farm Wiiys |;ni\vn 'faster, f.'iilli. ri'if Inlicr oricl malni-,.,1, oarli.T. W,. l.avo I'AV- •A-JII.V. Wiwitl'n Drilfe .S«r,r,'. 22 J \\ <-sl >iain St. I'iump 'tO'. 14-ok-17 il llioiiFanil ]!. T. U. Koutl.prn.iir,' H»- larif licnlors. XnWc (-iipplurl. lltilliinrl. Hisrh grade hlootl tested baby cbicks. Special SI 2.90 per hundred. Complete line of feed. lilaylock Hatchery. _ N. 61. 1-31-ck-tf rr^h linmn )rrrnmcl rnpftl. Wo jnnfcc rlmps for any size chicken, 1:! fir, iipr 100 T>«iin<l>. Al=o ciiMnln K riiulin~ l.oilSl.'y'a Mill. 30U K. Sicciin.l S1 !i5.j,k-2!20 _ 5-room residence located on S. 201h Street, convenient to highway and bus line. H. C. Campbell, Realtor. 120 S. Second 1-27-tf Water healers, baflitiibs, sinks, closets, lavatories, soil pipe & fittings, <r a lv. & copper pipe & fittings. Orsburn's Plumbing & Heat ing, ph. 875. 2-(i-pk-2:) nytime you \vnnt er>o«l Mpxicnn lint l.-imaJe.i:, cnmo (o J.,c''= (irorrry r,ll l Ponll. Franklin. Jill. 0.-,.|. 2!J-'-,k-lS Cash regisler in Rood working condition. Now in daily use. Call'RU days or 2978 nighls. 2-12-ck-tr Services Off — to More motorists are learnini;- every day dial (lie .wv- ice to bo had at your Ford Dealer's . . .is unexcelled! From (lie moment you drive into our station tliere is a trained service man (o assist you and your car. See (o it (hut your tar .jets the best . . . see to it thai your tar j>'t't« genuine Ford Service! See •IMiillin'! For Ford! P LIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fil'tli—Blythevillo, Ark.—Tel. -153—3715 For Rent Comfortable bedroom. Call 2075 Hedrooin. 3M No. Olb. I'lione :>n:!8 __ ] K!S1 lili-2120 Dcdrrmm. 1100 Chickasnuba I'll ?S7f>. niii nnfliriLlslii'il a|i:Lrlinrnt j\,iln- iatil- hot walrr. FnruiyJKil l,o,| r m'jn. wijissr ise^as^ Fresh Rtoci Kirby Drug Scores lost 11:.^ l,lllr«M J[«,,a:lV ,„ Blylhovlll t'HHiU'<5 illstrlcl. CofUaol (Ir-or- »™.'l, III. •-•. .Scnalli • .M,,. LOOK WE HAVE CARS AM Makes & Models '•12 Dodjje 4-d«or '12 rlj-nioutlt '42 C,MC iy- (on '12 Do Solo Truck '30 Iluiclc '38 Chevrolet OTHERS TO Sr.I.ECT FKO^I BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATION J'hone !)28 119 E. Main Agents Wanted • IIKI.1AIII.1-: WOMAN' (a „. i ' '""'I 1'uulncls In her limn,' ';:..',',"•',."'')'• •".!.•« n .»i U1 ,i,'. „,.,. .1.1..,,i,,,).. ii, e , K , X (l , f.,,^,,,1,,, !,,-;• i", 1 ^,! 1 !"'' 1 '"' 1 '."' 1 ''' 1 ' "I""', '''-i' 1 Wanted to Rent ly. l^Jiil«rl I'I-M..,.!. «*y «iiii..Malu. I'liu «t Kir' to Buy boNT TAKV/rT^ssrcTeT Hie (op price for yonr far or truck from 1'HIMjll'H MOTOR CO. Today. . _6-8-ck-tf Cash for wrecked or jmTk iUiloinohiU's. We'll come "'"I Bt't it. Watlo Anlo SalviiKC. North Hiwv C>l, lihmio 378S. 12-2(>-])ic-2-2U '•'T " f ^! iy '•'"' l «-»»'^i. .ii'iivJ^Tiii '"> . .""I" «l .hlyllim-lll... »,. (I. H. JL.UKU,,. j.,, _:i:um._^_ -ju-j.rt.m I''i>rly (liolisiiiul \vwil sct-tU hiivv jni count cl | i], n R q lmn , r (n ,( o ; I.EGUMK D1VIUHM) "Tliu iiirup Hcronge ot winter leg nines iilunlcil last full will pny u iv illvi.icmi if (i, oy nl . c r ,,u owc( , _ oolton."— Ixniisiunn Kxtenslon Ben Local & {.one Distance Moving OoupeUtit n»lu ,nd .Qiim S i Iti In ' ur<!l1 Oouiurt «uil 11 1; e 8orTlc«i. Home Service it StoTftlt i'bonu 2801 ol. Ade- Hauling Your feet will I'cel belter —stay heller if ymi h;ivt' those .shoes resoled properly at our Qtmllly Sho* Shop. Longer wear for less iMoney! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. WHERE DO YOU GO.'.. * FOR HOUSEHOLD NEEDS * FOR AUTO ACCESSORIES * FOR GfFT ARTICLES will 1 '."i^vr "Ti 1 "•" l ! i , ck "''I 1 to 1)11>n Honlh Aul ° fe "'"»" B»D ™"rt B "t BlvenX'"^ 11 10 " [1S * ' WKIS " f niX1 " »««•"«»"'«' SS>ECiALS TH!S V/EEK I Ills week limiieumtcs onv weekly spL-dnls . . ,,n K(llm . to KI'A'UE 1IKATKHS . . $535 1.11 ''""OACll! ...... ... 515.05 'up TAIII.K LAMPS ...... S^.fiO up atAKK-lll 1 KITS ..... $;|.fis llp I'l.OOU LAAII'b- ..... 517.50 up HKRVI.VCI TKAVS ..... 51. [iO up Any mid iill loys will l)e .sold »t nteoliKc costl Tricycles WOP-OIM Z"oni' <i0l ' S '- "' blL ' * c " n "' * cla """ lmnly ° 1 "™ ^w xor S BLAN HEATH AUTO & HOME SUPP! Y '121 W. Main St. ,>, I(lno 82S xBhlec Use blue ••mce— >Vo repair all tjuei w»ihln« m resardlosa of kloi] of conditio bur and tell, plnVnp and DlF'ho^illa Mackine Hhop. For scwini; nnt\ nlternlitins so nnlo Cnslf. illQ N. Second. I>r. W. T. Rrewrr. OcnttFt. tJu-ncrr,] prnclicc hut spccinl Rttcnlion fTiven exlr.-ictions :tn-l v\.il?. work, llotir.s 0 n.rn. 1 p.m. 1'liom: 211?. Office ovrr's. Jllytlicville, Ark. aili-ck-SIO Trarlor slalk c.illor?. nl! ,lcol FlriKtio.). Illylti^vilV Marhin« 211 Sniilh Kccon.l Slrirl "'r -V"W Irnrlor wilh rnllitMnr li^rrnn- I'bnlor. i.lfm-. S fl ,|i, r ; nr ,, ,; ir v. Tnn'-iT n'r 1 ."' 2 ' lv! " : ""'' "" "';>'"' nil All roal heaters at cost. fJood selection. Planters _ Hardware. 2-1-ck-tf Fresh Eggs. 527~N7 MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan lo repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. FHA approved rate 5%. Ask for delaila. Mai Logan, Realtor, phone 203-4. Lynch Bldg., BlylheTiHe. 9-23-cU-tf Weather stripping. Save fuel hy having doors and windows weatherslvippcd. C. E. Wiggins, 5J2 N.' 10th. Phone 2203. 32-31-pk-3-l Modern home, five room? and bath. In good condition. Equipped wJtli nf- tic fan, automatic hoi water heater. Located in neighborhood of h o in e owners. Approved for FFIA Loan. See or call Max T,o- San. Realtor, Lynch Hnihl- iiiif, phone 20.'M. 2-l:j-ck-2(l I'.UNT -~C)nT k Ti7Vii^"'- l-rim7r "anl ll ',C v '''.'': : ? A ' s '" ('IIAI.V .Tmn'K.v riilKT;S — .lu.i riTfivnl—s^f III^^.' l^tl^y--f,rv| <-r,iiip fiy-t ^rrvr.l. Kir'-- TIlllIS' TTFIK.M! TIRKSI .1,1^1 rrrrlvril n.-r« r.nri x , r> . ion , in. n.'.n ^ i.-.. f'i>,"nn«''?(,'' ""'' " |lly '''""• 'V'" "'^ •'' r " J frmimf. Firrstniie Hloro "on W .Iain. = !_. ek ., f :ViiT n J?,,, T ;.!^-- Tlir •"•»• lir - i! - ai '-flnr ilrr mj',i;-."\\v"in"mr"i>,l'.l- i>«;r lo r.irn. 1'irrMn,^ sinr* 2(17 «'. n"fllo,i' 1 Ki'rTiilo N "^ ""° r '" ) ' 1 " > ' > '' e"',!-."! '-«c(v ft »»mr« -Intian. flnn.l InrMinn. E-t-GT wnnts job innving lioiises. Kx- pcnenccd. plcnly of c'luipinent W. II. (MrreEt, ph. 2^06. I!2!*.pk-3(l See us for an estimate before you have your tractor overhauled. We specialize in steam cleaning anil painting. Electric and acetylene welding. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Hiwuy 61 South. Phone 2171. 2-1-ck-tf "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200fi W. J5ain St. Phone 3647 ATTENTION VETERANS! If-.voii served overseas, you should join tin; V.F.W. tlow! AlCTliiiKS every Wednesday nlRhl, 7:.10 at the \Votenltainp rnllim Ofllcc. ISriiiR a veteran with yon. VETERANS OF : FOREIGN WARS Farris I'VIeCalla. t'oiiiumuier Vnr spivinp Rn'l nllnrntinTis t,rv Mrs, Jluil.y rvt Kiinhroiipl, .ijit. Ill \\". AR!I SI. Ph. ^n07. ' 215-pl<-20 Rent a Floor Sander AT WARDS. Save money by refinishiiiff - your own floors. Adds years of life and gives them new heanlv. It's easy to do, too! MONTGOMERY WARD & CO., J02 Main. Phone 501. 2-13-ck-ir Kxpi-rt stnvc rtinir .. orV. Call for Ml-. Mfyors .11 Hulitard Ilnrrlvv.trO. We specialize in fruit tren spray materials. Ask us what and when to- usrj. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., 120 W. Main, phone 515. l-ai-ck-tf Oil Stoves cleaned & repaired. Work guaranteed. Ph. 2-ll-pk-3-U For Rent nManl hnf 2!l.|.|>fc-l 7 IT'S BEEN A LONG HARD WINTER..."' It's been a liniff. li;in) winlcr for your car . . . ami it's not over yel! Keep your car at the peak of el- ficiency I)\- having it serviced and checked hy l.ang- sfon-Wroten. Our mechanics .speoiali/c in motor lunc-iips, grinding valves or any repair work tiinf your car may need to get a flying start into the new spring season! SEE US TODAY! HEN CO. Sales—BdlCK—Service U - S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & nroadway Telephone 553 Dr. W. F. Brewer DENTIST General Practice —ISul— Special Attention Given Extraction and Plate Work OFFICE OVER GlTAllirS Across St.reot From Kress Orficn Hours 9 p.m. I'linnc 2172 PAGE NINE It's to Baby Your Car! Maintain Its Tracie-In-Value ''' 0 ' ; ™ l ° a/Jfle And it's "Smart" to Never? take chances cm the Mechanical Condition of Your Car. Bring it to us for Service and enjoy Trouble - Free motoring, . - • » LO Y ETCH CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 W. Walnut Phon. 578 Texaco Gas & Old Save Money Today, Any T) ;l y STOP AND SWAP* EI.llHKT HUFFMAN'S •101 K. Mnln none Bfifl Ion Must ISo Happy or No Deal QUICK Our Radio Repnirs arc quick and our workmanship t'iacr HHIn anywhere wn •ANV AIAKK—ANV MOIHX Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN rUrLc\rr£ 106 South First RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Ksccpt Cancer) DRS. NIES&MIES Clinic 511 Main, niylhi-ville, Arl;., Ph?ne 2911 DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man" nOYAT,, SJHTir, COIiO.VA nnd REMINGTON POUTAIII.P 110 N. SECOND ST. P H ONE 3383 ansaction MUST BE SATISFACTORY) TODAY -. - IMPORTANT! Suvo yniir iircKi-nt rar Kxpnrl McflKMilral Knrvlcc Alcmllc Oil and Imlirlrauts • ' Yi's, wt! w:isli mill gicusr! ciii-s (on! * Mutors? \VA h;ivo ncrt mdtnrs Overhaul or iijliiiild them Tires 11 ml TuliCB ' '' i Oil, Ves, VVi! li.iinC Cars Tool Kepulr niiil It.-linlsli all huillcs Clinrffc HiiKcrics T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS... F. H. A. TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down Conl-Alrc Attic Fans .Sun-Ilean Automatic Oil Water Healers Nircu Electric Hut Wn(cr Heaters Shcrwin Williams Paints Sheffield Field Fencing fioulifs IVntcr Tumps Moilcrn Wilier Softeners Giilberson Kitchen Sinks ASK US AHOUT I-'AUMBU'S TERMS WITH ANNUAI^,PAYMISN'rs PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 West Main St. BOOTS AND HER Sp;ir<j a Dime? '. lv)t • ^OU'ME GOT O • WHfvr rt IRK VMITM THE T Ct-flftft ! IM Cft^E DUO DOESH'T FOR. 1 KMOVJ IT, ft\.\- TVit J 6T1L\- ft FRECKLES .AND HIS RtM-LY ADORE A OM YOU WELL, HE'S . , THE FIRST HURDLE I LIKE To REVIVE THE OLD D Irs supfs OF you J&G6 MAN^Sf^ THESE GAY QOS ITHEY LOOK COCKIN'OKI / COSTUMESI' i »> l .< r^JsnA

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