The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1931
Page 7
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MIGHT iAJ!K.i couitiicn BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer Local Lightweight Wins; Blancharcl Kayoes Sandy; Good Card, Small Crowd. The small flock of fans who turned oul for the first uoxins show of the year at HIP Armory l.isl nl^hl found plenty of union and :\ variety of fighting skill on Hie rav.J. Don Burton local lifjhlwi-ixht. Mir-1 prised the home town toys b: knocking out Billy IlyrJ. itliii'ianl ] leather iiushcr of Trtuvjia. Ka.. inj x the second round of H s^h-'ilulnij Mx-round bout. i Dig Hoy Blanthaid, ll;;ht-li.-a\> | won via a knockout, over S.uuiy Ridge, the "toiii;:! hoy" i:j the scml-v.'inrlup. the kuo-kon. coming in the las', round whrn IfL'f- eree Chos'.er Danshowei 1 y.opiv.l Ihe boul with Sandy on the can- • vass. Kno:kouls seemed to he thv | order of Ihe evening an<i Kid Pilchard of btccle slarlocl it otf with a technical kayo over S.nn Coin 1 land in the second round of another tout staled for six round*. . Murray Harris and To::i Fra/:?:-. Hghl\vel(jhls, fought a draw in llic opener of four rounds and N;il.i:i Lambert ami Arnold Clayton, «•]• ters. also finished even after four The knockout of Byrd came su:l- ilenly nnd wa.s entirely uncxprcte;! by the fens who had apparently settled down 'u watch nn evenly contested bout. The boys had occupied themselves in the first round with Ihe business of Ihi'lhu; what Ihe other fellow could or coulil mil do. Tiie Initial lound was fairly even. Both bi-jjiiii to open up In the second round atiti Uurlnn's leli. had jolted Byrd comity; in ri couple of times. Tile pair were sw.ipphn blows in clcse. iti the center of Ihe rlns when Hurton frmnrl die rnnse with n perfectly timed rli-lit lo Jlyrd's midsccliou and followed with Q left to the Jaw. From all nppenr- nnces it ivas the first blow that did the damage. The Tampa boy crashed to tr.e floor with a thud. Referee Danehower went through the formality of a count bill il was evident bsfore he started thaj the fight was over. Incidentally it iva; a llllc surprising to find liiirtou packing dynamite in his right when the local boy was considered a southpaw. Sanjy Proves Ciimr. The semt-wtndup wns Ihe besl bout of the evening—not that the contestants were so evenly matched . but due mostly to the gamencss of one Sandy Ridge. The big rounln boy, who iin.i been gp'tiln; h\* nnJ! at L'.ixora of late—and acting as a sparring partner Tor Stanley McRae, still has plenty to learn iiboul • the fislic game but for ring courage he Is still unsurpassed here. Sandy ncled ns receiver for ths uppercuts, jabs and roundhouse haymakers of the long, lanky Blnn chard for almost six round*; brfon finally going down for the last time as the referee raised Bltmirinrd's hand. The more experienced Blau- cherd found Ihe lough one an easj mark for his bw,l b!o-,vs 11:11 \va? probably surprised to t'nul Sand* coming back In for more through five rounds. Our score card show: Blanchard cut in front In even round with his margin increasing In the filth, when he floored £ tvvice. The bell probably saved him in this round. Undaunted Sandy returned to the combat in the sl>:'J and when he was haltered to tlr floor tire second lime, the conn was useless. Sam Copeland made ills ring debut with n smile and still wore : wnn nicker of a smile when he let! . the ring. Copeland wns In too fas company for his start, however, anr decided to leave the ring in the sec ond round. Apparently a couple o: sharp blows to the tody by Prllch ard winded the local boy complete^ or eiss he decided that more exper: ence was necessary before tackiin Prltchard. The first round was fair ly even. Nolan Lambert and Arnold Claylou. local welters, were given a draw verdict by Referee Jack Craig after four rounds of mnlttiij. Lambert appeared out in front until the filial round when he was knocked dov.n for a moment au-i Lambert eked ou! a draw, ft looked like Lambert won by a slight edjo but the margin was not conclusive. Murray Harris and Tom Fraz:c:r. a pair of young lightweights, tons':! lour fairly fast rounds In Ihe opr-ii- er and Ihe draw dccls-losi was popular. Of.wan rc-rntly c-hasrd Catrher Spencer of l!i?. Senators in I lie 'Inlh Iniilrij; with tuo oul. SIKIKT. hi boy. had Ijc-en Ihrowini; loo imny thin! strikes down lo' third ,<ise, niakiiu: il appear thai Um- )irc Will surely must have called hem. Imagine Catcher 3|>:nccr's cha- rin nnd amturinent. upon lenming hat many of the third strikes hoi Can you 'siimst a possible cure cgei'd lo Orsii- ]J!ti?!<c were nut } l«f « slln! lo :i man who has trieil ilrllu!* al all. oh iic-h| Out 1 /. 1 during : prai'tirally evrrv sucgrMiluii but lo he irmr.i 1 , so help me-. Wilmington I "0 avail 1 .' iVlll. exasperated by S]x*ne,n''s f played a round recently with a fcllcv.v who showed me » beautiful practice swine, afier which he vmil out nnd sliced every on; of !iis tec shots. We played six linlcs picktd a nice shiny Kill -ill cf his porsoL and pc^grd it 'fiwn lo Ihtnl Umpire Ow:ns, u mockery of Hereiver Kprnrji 1 . Ifolil. Allifnnso' well. :/, cr; oj lie Ihe """' '™ '" - v " llr llll<lrl I0 keep ' the the b.iil nine the ball. u;ut Hcu'iver S]>;;i- •r calmly jiocki'U'd It :'nd Marled ->\v:trd the tench. "Oh no, -Mo: it more ncy I" spake .Vllmlngton Will, "ccui!' buck if you :ha.SL' : : ir, and lel'.s b;- gcliinc; tin •1th thi cunivst." Pioin Ricclvcr Spencer cmiii"' a;|iing reverberations. j "Wow listen, bpencc. old W-! jw," cajoled Wilmington Will., ''ou'vn nrnpire.l a. grand liuiei Same for 1113 ihls nfl^rnoon. Wny,' -.:si yuu. I wciildn't have had to : *;uie out t'i '.he imrk al all. Dnt ! .fast-. Jiibt once. Mi. Spencer, \ will you let me umpire- jus; a i ccny we-ny mile? C:.m? now I •tr. Sps.iccr. will you?" | ^'I'o v.liicli ihi-rc was naiishl for I .r. Six^ncer but to icierh.i-aic i.tre rnr;jlni;ly Ihan vvc r. uy. • Moro • and more vasjiiiviy llil) YOU KNO\y ViTAT— The hint that ball players on other clubs In the Texas League may lio out lo "get" Dizzy Dean, fliinnel-mouthcd young pitcher sent lo Houston by the Cardinals, is publicised by "Andy' 1 In Ihe Houston Press . . . (he other day Al Todd. catcher for Dallas, swung n haymaker on Dizzy's juiv after Dizzy had buwwl n fast one close lo his tonsils . . . since going to Houston, Dizzy has been getting all kinds of praise for his splendid pilching, and Andy thinks the other boy.s may be gelting a bit. jealous . . . Dizzy didn't have a chance to mix It, whh the Dallas catcher, according to Andy . . . Todd's wallop floored him unexpectedly, Dizzy expecting Ihe young man to argue vigorously but not, to let one v,a. . . . Andy predicts that before the season ends, Dizzy will make Mr. Todd "like it," even If lie didn't get a chance to retaliate alter the knockdown. ' HOME THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday find Thursday Publicity • Baseball writers in Clovclanc do not cpcnd the evenings com posing songs in praise v of Umpir Red Ormsby. Rod had a bad MXC! over In Cleveland rrccntly. climaxei by a third strike on Babe Rut! that brought the scrlbns screamin to their Ucl. Ruth, thinkin? th ball a strike hhrtselfj starl-.d for th dugcul wli-n Ormsby's vote sounded "Ball threcl" according t the outraged essayists. An umpire, III e Is not' a. happy one * • • The .W1!minj((nn Wlz Wlwu-d of Wihninslnn Will Mc- Fnr.lly r, his wise: "Sr.rnar. scrnin!" Anil H"i-eivcr S]:raccr scrair.- «"d, nnother catcher rnme in. the 'llcl'.cr heaved a .strikr btr.iitht :rcss Ihe middle rf M>p d:s!i .i-.ul he bal]^ w.,s (.v,.,- Eev;ial bi:-; Ira^iu 1 i..i:.-!irr.< a:.- Ilit Wily. So-nv Of il- KMpiu-., ell ns that. Hick .rnr.'l of [| !L . irowns is wasting his lit,- w-car- ,'i? n glove. He's one r-f the snip- lest little nmpir;s in i!v Amcn- .111 I.-ractir. han ] , nkcn lllc Mnncc for lllc intentional 'slice, which is drnwlng the left too'. i Ihe outside in, cultlni; across the ' j ball. Try a square stance, the stance , In which an imaginary line draw n ! ' llirouijli the Iocs will h/ p.irnllL'l lo i .the proposed line of' fli;;it. Try', 'placing Hie ball to the ri/hi on me j ! fairway. This will cause vim to hit • from the inside out. sriuhn? the ( ; b.ill .straight down the fair,,.iy v.-i'.h : i a [xjssible flight hook. I i TOMORROW: • How can one ; I avoid tension? One Year A*;o Today—The •ailing of i*.!- inajo- :ui, ; u ball «ason was c.\iipli'[,-(! i,y tin few Yo:k Oiants an.1 Ihe Ciucin .all Reds. Tn« Ci:anls gave Pitch". ,arry fienton. liifn-kier 1'a! Craw- o:d and casii lo ihe Itnls in .>x- rhanje for Sccrud B.iirii'.a Crit/. Oiilfieldir Kth.ia Alien niiii Pitches I'eie Dor.ohue. \\ TONES .cfty Gomex. Beats A's at Last: Cards Cling to Lead In National Loop. The Athletics were finally forced >ack lo eaith yesterday after Hying h for seventeen straight wins, 'crnrm Gomez, young Yankee Ifft- innder. brought the A's non-slop light lo a close, fn Ihe National eayue the Cardinals defeated the 'hales while the thrtVilcnii'.g Gl- lilts won a double-header from heir arch enemies, the Brave.s. Gomez limited the Athlcllc.s Ui :lx hiUs while his mates hopped on lommell and drove him to cover n the second Inning. The score was ; lo 2. The A's had scored but one un until Simmons hit a homer In he ninth. Babe Ruth hit his sev- Milh hoinei 1 of the season In the ilxth. Dickey's triple did Ihe dirty vork, liowevcr. Tlic Washington Senalors were in the losing end of a game wllli he Boston Red Sox. The score. 6 lo I. Russell allowed 13 hits but kepi hcin scattered to beat Sam Jones >f the Nals. A two run rally In the .'Ighth put the Red Sox ahead at he close. The Cleveland Indians returned o form yeslcrdoy and won a pair of games from the lowly St. Louis IJtowns. The scores were 12 to 0 nid 4 to 2. Waller Miller shut the irowns out with seven hits in the Irst game and Harder bested Colins in a hurling duel In the second. Myatt hit a homer in the first *ame. Detroit's Tigers trimmed the Chicago White Sox in the Wlndv City by n 4 to 2 count, George Uhle, Tiger hnrler. gave in> eleven hits but kept them scattered and hit n hom- •t himself. The Tigers' big inning was the fourth when three runs crossed the plate. Paber was the losing hurler. The Cards cliing to (.heir lend over the Giants with a 11 lo 9 triumph over the BUC.S. Hnfey's home run gave (he Cards a start and they held H Into (he eighlh when the Pirales forged ahead only to see the Birds come from behind. The Pirates threatened .again in the iihitli with three rims but could not tic tlte score. Derrinser was the winning hurler. He relieved Hallahan. Giants .Oft Fine Pilrhinjc Two splendid pitching performances by Carl Hubbcll and Bill Walker gave the Nc«- York Giants a pair of shutout, victories. The Boston Braves were the victims underneath 3 to 0 and C to 0 scores. Zachary nnd C.intwell pitched good R1TZ MATER Tuesday- Wednesday Thursday ball but could not mtitch Ihe OS-1 nnt hurl*rs. Travis Joekson hit. n I home run in th? game Hub- i l.'ell limited the Brave.s lo two hits I in the opener ' Chicago's Cubs won two games; from the Cincinnati lieds. The | scores were 1 to 2 and 3 to G. Trou- j We. which started belv.-ecn ihe UTOJ learns two years auo. wns evident- • ly renewed again yesterday when Eddie riotwh, Charlie Grimm and Hack Wilson indulged In everything HOW THEY WHiSTANE Southern I/Tine W. Birmingham 29 New Orleans 20 Memphis 21 I Atltinla Nashville bui blows. Wilson came out from I'.e dugoul to join the fray. Charle Root was Ihe winning pitcher of he second game and Bob Smith the Challanooga flrsl. Slephenson hit a pair of uu!o Ruck triples. ."owe The Phillies dov.ned Ihe Robins. 1 Amrrwan 8 lo 4. The win gave the Phils an I even break in the six gome .seiles. I ™!Mclph::i The Phils pounded Hie four Dodger! New Yark mrlers for \'l hits with Buzz Ar-1 wnslilnston ctt showing the way. Whitney hit, netroit .^ i homer for the Phillies, scoring;''"'"'"'"' 'our runs. Jim Flllolt was the win-' ' W. 24 20 13 W H 13 21 1U 20 pitcher former; .lucaj-o . : St. Louis 14 Boston GAMES TODAY Southern f.cajjue Mobile at Memphis. Birmingham at Atlanta. New Orleans at Little Hock. Nashville at Cliattanoojja. American I.O;I»IIP Detroit at Chicago. St. Ij>uls at- Cleveland. New York at Philadelphia. Natfonnl l.ragnc Boston at New York. Pittsburgh at St. I.ouis. Chicago at Cincinnati. Only games scheduled. i 1 W. I St. Louis 19 [ New York 21 ! Boston n : Chicago i<; ; Pittsburgh 15 ; Philadelphia 1C • Brooklyn 15 I Cincinnati i I Pet .csr SX .5??. .487 .414 .402 .450 Pet. .750 .600 .508 .402 .444 .412 .412 .375 Pet. .548 .533 .441 .411 KUSS Ollil, WINS HONORS | BLUE MOUNTAIN. Miss. lUP)— Lulia MflsgOKv. Harbin, Manchuria, i i-i the first Russian girl lo gradu- ; ate from Blue Mountain University, j She completed her course in three j J/gtilar sessions and despite her I heavy schedule was able to par- TJncle Sam's first pe.irl farm is. ticipate in numerous c>:tra-curricu- locatcd In Kaneolie Hay. Island of la activities. She received the B. A. j niiVTo"Wc7gc hi U front."pearce°was Barons Get Bumped OK Under Spollight; Chicks Win Number Six. The Atlanta Crackers h»at the Southern league leaders, ihe nar- ons. in a night game at Allania last 'light while the Travel** won nirlr first night name at f.ittle Rrx-k. Th.' Chicks continued to make merrv hv mnrking up U'.elr sixlh straight win al the expense of (he lowly M-jriu?s The Crackeis scored all thrse of their urns In the fifth inning IT beat. Bob Hnsly and (he Barons. 3 to 2. Messenger gave up ten'hits but kepi them scattered^ Carlylc hit a triple. Leo Moon pitched well beneath (he moon and floodlights last nlsht for a 5 to 4 triumph over Gla/ner and the New Orleans Pelican*;. Moon relieved Ncwsom who had relieved Barnabe in the Ijiilh and retired the Pelicans with the bases loaded. The Chicks won n close game from Ihe Mobile Marines 4 (o 3. Ti- winning run was counted in th's' ninth Inning with the veteran Tex Jeanes driving in Ihe winning tallv. Walter Beck was the wlnnin*; hurl er. Jeanes starred for the Chicks. The Vols and f.ookouts mixed IP in a 14 inning battle at ChaUnnoi f*a. The Vols finally won 14 (o II. Five hits and a base on balls the ninth inning gave the Vols six Oahu, in the Hawaiian group. j degree. | the winning hurler. K€£P AT PAP,oaBETTER, TO WIN WHEELER l/'/IWOOIS Five Years Aso Tod.iy—Willie Ames of Akron go: off the iloor nf- :.'r a count of nine j n the fit[.:; round and b?jt Chain- u- m ,i nos- i enfccrg. world's b.w.amwjijiil' champicn, In a 10-rour.d boa:. " Ten Years Aco Toriav—n\- a 5-3„! ' 2 /" a - Ul W .' '• I!il »lcr'of Wai-| P shir over AJI.nn Graha::i. cjiv-u nrnf Hnbhy .innw in ll» nrui r.ii the I'arntlc - '.Shim-Hung Circus of sense Dorothy Half Hiuolde .Inhyna Howlund Nalttliic Moorhen] AVorlrt's (ircatrst Arr.iv Nil-Wits and ]>.imf, il, ' Directed tiy C1.1XK - tl. |O I, O C Also Comedy and Shut Arlm.—Matinee nrul N 10 and 2. r n*. — Annis & An C A KM) Drii • JCHKCK". M- "™™ ^^ A>T YANCRYCRAVAT A Giant T o w (• r i n g Among; Men Who Were Rrin on an Empire Destiny Marked with Madness ;md Willed to the Devil! Richard DIM Irene Dunne Kstelle Taylor Heading Cast of 40,000 Superlative A r lists WKS Rt'GGI.KS Mighty Stars of 'Ctickoii.s' ;iml 'Half Shot 1 Adm.—Matinee—10 and Me, N'ight—15 nnd 40c. in; in i.K in "SHIPMATES". Coniiti),' — Maw Pickford in "KIKP. i Coming— "CRACKKD NUTS" locked on. lop be leaking at the bottom You can buy a cheap oil and think you are saving a few pennies per quart—undoubtedly you are. But did you stop to think those same pennies may be leaking out the bottom of your pocketbook with many dollars beside, when this same cheap oil costs you expensive repair bills? BE SQUARE Stabilized Motor Oil is not a cheap oil, neither is it expensive — priced fairly and backed by the unequalled Barnsdall refining experience of over 71 years, here is a lubricant that will protect and safeguard your motor under all conditions. Drive in wherever you see the Blue BE SQUARE displayed and start to save on oil by draining and refilling with this really good motor oil. BE SQUARE! MOTOR QILr Try Super-Gas ETHYL, the anti-knock motor fuel that will give you luxurious motoring power, smoothing out the hills, and providing instant "get-av/ay"in traffic.Also Barnsdall BESQUARE Gasoline^ high performance extra standard product. extra standard product. ~1H*H arnsdall THE REFINER Be SQUCMZ ~7o-

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