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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 1

Chicago, Illinois
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Saturday, March 18, 1865
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turnip €nbtmte SATURDAY, MARCH 18. 1865. THR KEW& Tbe great storm at tbe East has laid an effectual embargo upon tbe transmission of news, and-rc arc consequently obliged to go to press without a Hue of intelligence'from the military si I nations. Telegraphic comxntmiealiou cast of Buffalo is cut off, and, excepting a few straggling reports which have Jbund their way round via Montreal, we are without any advices from the East From the brief report* which have come through Jt appears that the storm has been one of unusual severity. ■ Id the oil regions of Pennsylvania, railroads, telegraph lines, bouses, tahis, oil barrels, and other greasy paraphernalia of that greasy honeycomb, arc ■washed away, j As no calculations are ever 3nade in that locality except upon tbe fcasle of millions, the losses are estimated ■at several millions. At Utica, N. T., tbe dlood has cut off tbe supply of gas and swept away tbe Iron railroad bridge, and at Rochester many of the streets are overflowed, and ibe railroad bridges are in danger. We shall doubtless soon hear of great damage in various localities. The Missouri State Convention has vacated the offices of all tbe Circuit, Criminal and Probate Judges in the State, besides sheriffs and other court officers, in all some eight hundred, leaving their places to he Ailed by gubernatorial appointment. This will effectually sift out the disloyal office-holders. The Lcgiriature of Wisconsin Ibe name of a town from Abbott to Sherman —a vety popular name just now. Gold is reported, ria Montreal, all63j£. This is probably the afternoon quotation. t>neß oci:s:p,vtio\ OF CITARLOTjI'ESTIIiLE, Rebel Account*. [From the Richmond Euqmrcr, March 13.] AiKmt the Igtof the present month, ftheritlan, 'With between C,(KX) and 10.003 men, ctarted on a raid up the valley, visited Staunton unopposed, And cross‘*d the Blaußidgeat ll«ckllsh Gap, opposed by Eary and 6imc 1,500 men. Tho opposi:inn was fruitless, liowtver, onr forces being almost snmnnded l»y overwhelming namhe-s and over I,o33cap* lurcd. The enemy then entcreed Charlottesville unopposed. The following letter gives sc interesting sketch ofthe occupation of that place CnAULOTTC* VIU.E, March 9, 1553. Tbc Yankee army, fire thousand strong, entered this place on Friday, about two o'clock F. M., the 8d instant, umpi>osed> r jlie Mayor and civil authorities of the corporation met the enemy on & hill southwest of the University rotunda, where the town •was surrendered by tbc Mayor, and protection to private property guaranteed by the Yankees to the citizens and to the author!- - tics of the University. At flrstfive horsemen with drawn pistols rode up to the flag of rtruco, and then immediately galloped to town, then followed six others, and then General Costar, turroundedby a dozen or "twenty men, beanng Confederate dags captured from the defeated and routed troops of General Early; then followed the entire column through the mniu street to the front of the Baptist Female Institute. All the stores •were closed and tbc windows of the bouses •we e generally blindrd,and but for the rabbleof negrot-s and mean, low bred white women on the streets, everythin" indicated a dead nud buried city. S>»on after theatrical of the invaders guards were placed at every ©‘.reel, c« ossed along the line of march. Gen. 31errill*p headquarters were established at Ylrs. B. IT.‘Shackleford’s, and General Sheridau’e at Mrs. Elizabeth Cole’s; the signal corps at Mr. John Cochrane’s. An interview •was held between the Mayor andHiv. Dr. IBroaddus and General Custer, when thclatter assured these geutleraenriial every necessary protection should bo glveu to p ivate proper - IT. At the close of the day the Mayor and .Aldermen were sent for at the headquarters of Genual Merritt, who were requested to procure com and forage to supply the horses of the invaders, and delivered to them at Ihclr camps. Unless this was done an order lo search the premises of the citizens would 3mve to be made. The civil authorities prom- Seed to make inquiries among the citizens to ascertain how much of the ar’lcles required They had on hand, the General saying when lie needed them he would send his wagons for The articles. Four hund r ed Im-hels of com belonging to our Government were found at Cochraut’s mill, and a few hundred barbels of •wheat, belonging to private persons were found 'and taken possession of. At night the farms armod Charlottesville •were covered with cavalry, presenting a sad picture to the eyes o f our citizens. In town quiet prevailed during the night, except the 3dolse of passing troops as new d-tacbments arrived. Out of the town depredations and Thievirg were carried on at all places where the occu|iante had-failed to procure private guards, which had been given to all who requested it. On 8-turday morning, in the outskirts of the town, disorder began to p-e---wail, stores broken open and robbed, private bouses entered and searched. But these were ctopped by the orders and interference of offi~-C£rs; and during the. stey of the army the discipline was rigid and severe, and very llt- Tle damage was done, and private bouses were ■free from interruption by soldiiers; and, •where private guards were given, no soldier dare enter the bouse without a special written permission from general headquarters. The Hurmers, however, were not protected in their property and provisions; everything eatebl* for man and were consumed, and acts of atrocity and meannc>s were committed. Thtcats of vengeance were made to ladies, in order to pel th'-ir watches; the wretches held pistols to their heads to snlimidate them and compel them to give up Their property. These and similar acts wore done for ton miles east of. Charlottesville, as far down as the enemy wntured lo go. Scouting and robbing parties were sent out in all directions on Saturday and Sunday, plundering os they went. The slaves were not exempt from plunderings. Whenever one bad any gold or elver it was sure to be stolen by these pretended negro-worshippers. On Saturday ana Sunday all the able-bodied negro men were pressed into the Yankee serwlcc to destroy the iron railroad bridges, and on Sunday evening the wood trestlework of These bridges was burned, and They are now aheap of mins. The county free bridge was burnt on Monday morning. Montic dlo would have been burned had not the wife of the present occupant been sick. The vandals Threatened to on their next visit. A raiding party that went down to within Two miles of the Hun. W. C. Rives’ threatened to born his bouse also. _ Grain, foiape, provisions and horses were Taken iff the farms, In some jiot a particle to feed the cattle with; vet generally the hogg cows, oxen, sheep and fowls were not disturbed. In some few ineterccM hog or a beef or a sheep was killed, but none were wantonly destroyed. On Friday night the Jacto-V of Mr. Marchant was destroyed. On Monday that of Mr. Flaniiagan was also destroyed, and all Tbc factories within their reach shared a slm* olarfute. On Sunday evening some of the Yankee a*my determined to publish a paper, and *wi‘ul to the Chyould' office to effect their design ; but portions of the press had been removed with the tyj»e, und they were unable to do so. They then took possesion of the Jeffersonian office, andccmmcucod operations, and after progressing for a while, suddenly «iult, saying they might resume their object luxi.dav; but orders had been issued to move off by six o’clock next day, and no further operations for the issue of their paper were resumed. Inclosed I send a copv of euch articles as were left In type by the Yankees. No damage was done to the tvpe or fixtures of either of the printing offices in the place. On Mondcv morning, soon aPer light, the drums were heard, end the troops were seen marching down the main B‘rcet, evacuating the town. Large numbers of negroes mounted on stolen horses were seen going off with, the Yankees; women with little children in their arms seemed as eager to be off as the men. While the Yankee army was in Charlottes•vlllc they circulated reports that Lymffibu-g was captured, Richmond evacuated,&e,; but Mone but weuk-beaded and weak-kneed persons gave credence to such stories. They wild there were fifteen thousand cavalry with them; but five thomand will cover all tbev had. Gens. Sheridan, Oustar, Merritt and Porsyth were with the invaders. If there were other generals I have not heard their names. On leaving the. town they separated into four columns, taking ns many different directions. One of the columns went to Scotts- Mile, destroying the factory there and the canal. Yours, Moxxjcello. TIDE CRISIS I* TIMS SOUTH. [From the Richmond Whig, March 28.] In the elections which arc shortly to take place In this State, one controlling and exclusive pur- JiO?f phonld occupy the mind of the voter, names’, to secure for the public service only men of the most indomitable resolution and the most confident and sanguine spirits. Any and everything els'-—ability, experience, lea-rung, parity --may wun; but this is Indispcnsii»lc. Our* may not be, and is not a revolution; imi It require, men of the revolutionary mould. ordinary times, none would demand for legislators, more str«mon«ly which we now hold to bo mot only unneeded but pernicious. Moderation, caution, conservatism, an over scrupulous regard ■for private rights and a too n rid adnerence to the limitations of laws and constitutions do not make Jhe Btttesminsh.p wc have use f or . I D tbclr ttead we want boldness, tenacity, taiiU, wind faith even Audarc, encore auda-e* toxiours aadocd is Sa Ijeginnlng, middle and end of the politicil science fculied to our emergency. The man who has no tncbworaas “foil In his vocabulary, whatever jnav l>c his dcficiencles-oth» rwise, woudbe worth more to the Ciuse, in public fetation, than « eecond Jiacon, If he thought our success uncertain. We know, and may have to name, gentlemen In our Legislature and of oar delemotion in Congress, to whose elevation we have contributed, and who In ordinary times would grace their positions, but who, for lack of the one essential quality of absolute faith, are not only of no advantage to tbe cause, but are doing great barm. Were they angclstrom Heaven they should be, for the time being, laid aside. - Constancy and endn'ance will win this fight wl'hout the least possibility of failure. But men who permit themselves to contemplate the chance of allure are not the men to enanre or cause others to endure, needed for success. We Arc not Indulging in censure; our persouilJleellDgß arc.tind towards ♦he gentlemen we have in our nnd,T other circumstances we would give ftncai a hearty support: hut for the purposes viLi «r w ?» r ’ aa leaders of the people ana ptlc»n»c, they are, by their moral ln . Pa hable of pood, and arenneonml-cbler. Let ns hide Sss'p'nSilm 11 " ~ c" derneße end n-spscUo the SSSSSI SriSnnS! 11 ' ““•« roa-htlmee are 2KL|S«S “ili I “ ,r with men orlee! Sjck !f ■who have not mind enough to* Hee*.? that U-flelahon cam do *[• - Ne *f f men and means of the conntrj ?! at the diapoaal of the sJo^dVi» b S?,Ef"? Confidence alone is needed-confidence' thS*^in never falter, come what may-tor uS snif <Jnce constancy, and constancy will yieldfit certainly as spring follows winter, ccc - f ' VOL. XVIII. MEWS BY TELEGRAPH. THE GREAT STORM Immense Destruction of Property in the "■ Oil Regions. Railroads, Telegraphs and Bridges Swept Away, THE FRESHET AT ROCHESTER AND BTiCA, N. T. Jfo Telegraphic Communication: East of Buffalo. From St* Louis—Wholesale Vacating of Judicial Offices, ~ Gold Eeportefl, Tla Montreal, a! - 165 1-2. TUB STORU. Immense Ztestrnetlon of Property Id lbs Oil Regions—Tlie Freshet at Utica and Rochester—The Railroads. - • Buffalo* Friday, March 17.—There is a great freshet in this'vicinity. The Lake Shore, Erie and Central Beads arc all more or less Injured. The mulls are delayed, and telegraphic communication with the East is interrupted. Duskier, March 17,1865. £. S. Spencer, Wcstcm-Agcot, Chicago: The report o! heavy damages to the Erie Railway is false. Small damages only on the Western Division. Trains willrnn regularly by Monday next. O. S. W„ FnAXKLD?, Pa., Friday, March 17.—We are Jiav.l inp the greatest flood ever known in this region. The bridge at Oil City and the French Creek bridge at Franklin were swept away. .Miles of railroad track are gone, and tne telegraph lines on Oil Creek are washed away. Houses, links, bar. r*U full and barrels empty cover the river. The loss is estimated by the million. The rire f It still rising. Utica, Is*. T., Friday, Mhrcb 17.—The water In this vicinity is throe feet higher than ever before known. The gas works are effectually stopped. Allthefircsarcout,andnogas con he furnished to our citizens for days to come.' The iron bridge across the river, built by the U. & R. R, Company was carried away about one o'clock. Little Falls is tbc farthest point that has been reached to-day. There are about two miles of telcgfttph poles and wires down this side of little Falls. The extent of tbc damage cast of that place is unknown. Rochestce, Friday, March 17—Midnight.— There w the greatest flood In Rochester and vicinity ever known. The water lathe river fills all the arches under the Aqueduct, and overflows the Railroad Bridge. It is several Act deep, running down Exchange, street, and 'flows across Buffalo street near the Arcade, Ailing all the cellars and covering the ground floors of many of the principal stores. No trains havelelt ttagity eastward on the Central or Genesee Valley'Rsilroads since yesterday at eight o'clock. The water is etDI rising, bat as it has subsided in the river at Mount Is hoped that no great damage will result more than has already been done. The railroad bridge has been, and Is now, in danger, hut unless the water rises more it will probably remain safe. The body of an unknown woman was found floating on Exchange street, having been washed down from above, FROW ST. LOUIS. A Wholesale Vacation of Conrts and Court OlDcera—lnflect ot Gen* Oraafls Order* , [Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribnne.i st. Doers, Friday, Matrix 17, The S'cte Convention passed an ordinance today, vacating all offices of Circuit Judges, Circuit Attorneys, Criminal Judges, Sheri us, Probate Judges and Clerks, and all Courts of Record, from and after May Ist, by a vote of forty-three to fl-c. The offices are all to be filled by the Governor. By this ordinance, eight hundred offices are made vacant at one blow. Governor Fletcher promises to reappoint all the loyal men elected by the people, the object being to get nd of the disloyal. The commander of (he postal Cape Girardeau, sends the following telegram, dated yesterday: “Llenl. Robert Davie, Co. F, 3d Mo. S. U., returned last night from a scout of seven days Sn Bollinger, Wayne and Stoddard counties. He reports kl'llng Meat. Reed, of Howard's guerilla company, and five men, and captaring two horses, with no casualties on bis side. Gen. Grant's order settirg aside Treasury permits to bring rebel cotton through the lines, has crested a big sensation among the cotton speculators here, some of whom have permits to receive as high as one thousand bales. WISCOZV£K!\' LLGISIATUBE, [Special Dispatch to the Chi'ago Tribune.) Hadisok. Thursday, March 26. ' In the Senate several bills were introduced, mostly local, but Including one to amend section 2, chapter £7O, laws of ’Ct, relative ti homesteads, so as to provide more clearly that ’he homestead should go to the widow In case of thedeath of the owner, unless otherwise definitely disposed of by will: and to require railroad companies to carry free of charge Slate officers. Judges and members of the Legislature. Several bills were iotrodaced and passed under suspension of the rules to reduce the capital clock of the State bant?, and a resolution was adopted requiring the committee on banks and bunking to ioqutrosfis to the propriety of pacing a general law authorizing banks to reduce their capital stock and to become national banking associations. Among the Senate bills passed was one to increas* the salary of the Governor’s private secretary from twelve hundred to sixteen nundred dollars. Quite a cumber of Assembly Mils were concurred In, including the following of a general nature; Relating to trial by jury and amending section 18, chapter 184, R. S., relating to writs erifr /aria* and itsrranUt and amending section L chapter 169, R. S.; to amend section ?0, chapter 125. R. S., relative to bendings in civil action?; to detach certain lands from Marquette county and attach them to Green Lskecoontv: to authorize William Taintor. Secretary of 'helftte Milwaukee & Mississippi Railroad Company, to discharge certain mortgages. The resolutions denouncing Vice President Johnson’s drunkenness at the Inauguration, and requesting him to resign elicited a lengthy debate, but were adopted—ss to 31. Bills were introduced relative to appeals and writs of error; requesting ttudents to be vaccinated before entering schools, academic?,'&c. Several local bill* also passed, and a long discussion occurred on the bill to ral«e the Adjutant General’s salary from f I,CX) to $2,590. in course of the it was apparent that alarge majority conceded the salary should be increased, hut through failure td agree upon details the bill will possibly be lost. After a good deal of filllbustering the Assembly adjourned while the final action wa« pending. The bill to compel railroads to carry cord wood was discussed at some length, but the Senate adjourned without action. The indications ore that the b*ll will pass by a close vote. Several blue were ordered to a third reading, including the Assembly bill, appropriatin'’ five thousand dollars to Wisconsin soldiers’ Home, a proviso being added alter some discussion, that so part of the money should be need for the erection of buildings. Madisos, Friday, March 17, In the Senate, bills were introduced to repeal Chapter 890, laws of 1861; amending Chapter 73, 8.5., known as the warehouse law; to amend Chapter 183, R. S,, so ns to Increase the price of certain notices; to amend Chapter 263, laws of 1860, so as to provide that persons alone the line of railroad nay build fences enclosing the track, and recover costs from the railroad company; to revise and amend Chapter 103, of laws of 3839; to provide for and define the'manner of assessing value of limdappropriated by a railroad company, and damages resulting from the construction and operation ot lines of railhead; relating to perfecting titles under sales of taxes and assessment; relating to investment of the trust funds of this State. A communication was received from tbe Attorney General maintaining that Stoat & Co. were liable to forfeiture for refusal to do the State printing under their i contract. The State Treasurer scot in a communication, giving a fall statement relative to the payment from the War Fund. The total amount : disbursed is *3,176,561, of-which $1,850,136 ie for - extra pay of volunteers' families. Too amount refunded by tbe General Government instituting the direct lax for 3SCI* is 51.015.205, and received from other sources, $13,933; leaving a balance besides the amount paid to volunteers'families, of $332,223. The Committee on Benevolent Institution? made a utghlv favorable report on the condition of the nwpittl for the insane, and reported a bill to appropriate $2,500 for the purchase of one hundred o , r7^ mo Js. l ? nd, . an<l $3,000 for thecommencement bell, no sum being current expenses. A message o 'St r oS"d^^ Ve S. D,!^ l 'g2 and requesting him to resign*alto felonwts indefinitely hostpScdto iTt^n* 1 wST ml local assembly blUa were passed* also. hill, to amend the charter of the road Company: to confer on the St. Croix and Into Superior Railroad Company certain rich . and pllviWres. underactsi of Confirm, or 1856, and May, ISM. All appropriation* for benevolent institutions were postponed till Wednesday next. The Senate, by a rote of 9 ion. refused to order the third reading of the bill compelling railroads to transport cord wood. In the Assembly, petitions were introduced for tbe passage of the Insurance Bill, signed by a large somber of citizens ot Walworth connty.ano for the passage of the bill relative to transportation and delivery of freight. Tbe resolution directing ■ the Committee on . Education to inquire and report on* the expediency of compelling parents to eend their children to public orprivateachools for a stated period in each year, V u adopted* Bills were introduced to change the boundaries ol the coantics of Barnett end .Polk; authorizing the State Superintendent to subscribe for copies of the Wisconsin Journal of Education ; to amend tbe act to provide fore lien on logs, &c; in reference to omnibuses; to amend sections S3 and SI of Chapter 134, Revised Statutes, relative to-csecullonß, and amending Chapter 20i, lsw< of 1363* so ns to le.' v® tbe salary of the Adjutant General at the discretion of tbe Governor; also, giving to purchasers of State lands certain rights .against trespassers. Bills were passed changing the name the town of Abbott to Sherman, and relatmi. to marriage certificates; also several local uuw-j. Tlic Canadian Parliament. Quebec, Friday, March.l7.-UH “P cct “ d ‘ h "‘ Parliament will adjourn to-morrow, when the Delegation from the Canadian Government wm proceed immediately to Borland to confer with the Imperial Government in relation to the question of defense, commercial relations with the United States and other Important matters. ]\>ws from San Francisco. Sas Fuanczsco. March 16. The steamship Sierra Kevada. from Portland and Victoria, brings nearly $70,000 in gold. -A large immigration of Chinese Is flowing into British Columbia. An expedition for the cod-fisheries off tbe coast of Seikahad sailed trom Victoria. Other vessels are preparing to follow. The coasting trade of Victoria is thrown open to foreign vessels on eqnal terms. Severe weather still checks mining operations in the north. Tlic St. Alban* Case* Moktheal, Friday, March 17.—1t is expected that the Court will resume its Bitting In the - SL Albans raiders ease on Monday. FROM CIKCISJiATI.- THE CHICAGO CONSPIRACY Testimony of John Phelps, John Tea* vbou and Patrick Pooler, The consent of the Commission in open court was given to a leave of absence already granted by Gi&. Hooker to. Col. Spooner.- It wa* understood that he was going to Washington City for a few days. f- .jxsmiosT or sous rnrtrs. . I reside in Ogle county, Illinois. I have lived in Austin, Texas; was thure in the full of 1357. 1 parUalyknew Ur. Shanks there. I was absent during tbc time Mr. Shanks was arrested. Know bis reputatiouonly by hearsay, which was that it l was bed. I did not 'know of any other person there by the name of Shanks. cno=E KXAanxAnos. I first saw him in my dry goods establishment, when he cime in for some little matter ol business ; the time might have been either In 1357-8-9, but lam nut certain whop. lam getting old and cannot keep the lime Inmy head. 1 oon’t know lb ,i 1 would know him if-1 should see him now. I got Usci lo Texas In 1559 or 1860. I heard nothing against him before his arrest. I can’t tell one tingle man who said any thing against him, bat I Uuiik they a 1! took him to be guilty of tho forgery. I don'trtcolloct ever-hearing anything said uyainsi hie truth and veracity. „ Do you know of any appropriation having IK.-1-n made by the Government to pay the expenses of the attest of Shanks? - - i>, I have never examiadtTthc records to know, hut 1 have always understood there was. TTsnirONT oy jouk teahoxvt’ Agent, Dunkirk. ! live In Chicago, and am brother-in-law to Chef. Walsh. I never belonged to any secret or politics! society, and never took an active part in politic*. Iw&s at home the Monday before the election. Mrs.- Walsh stayed at our house on .Sunday Afternoon and night, end until after 10 o'clock on Mocdcy night, when my younger brother, William, went home with her. Mr, Walsh was io the Mexican war, and was gone theic about two years. He went there from Canada and returned to his fatally in Utica, New York, I met Dr. Aycrattho Central Dipot at abon* 9 o'clock in the evening, a short time after Mr.Walsh'sarrcst. 1 bad never seen him before, and did not know who be was. He said he wanted to speik to me, acd asked if I was- a brothcr-In-hw to Walsh. 1 asked hlmhle name, but he said that was not material to me. He asked what wc were going to dolor Charley Welsh. 1 said wo should settle It according to law. He said that would do no good. He then told me of bis plan to release him by force, and said he had two hundred men to tp!y> pert in it. I opposed his plan and told him I would bear nothing more of It He wanted me to go and see some leading Democrats on tbc matter, and raid be wanted Mr. Me- Comas and others to come to some room and sec him privately. Wo made an arrangement that 1 should Inform him hy leaving a stick ou the pl-itlonu, whether McComus would have an interview wt'hhlpj. I went to sec Mr. McCama3,batne said he was bothered with detectives too much, and would not have anything to do with me. Q.—Did you know Dr. Ayer was trying to find out were in the scheme and one of tho party that: were going to carry oat tho plot ? A.—l mistrusted him; bat 1 did not know what he was tiring to do. I had conversations with Scrsons at that time about what 1 thought of dole, but no discussions about my plan except with Dr. Ayer. • Q.—Von say Mr. Walsh was in the Mexican war; was not Jeff. Davis, and Bragg, and others there also? A.—l have heard so. I saw letters/from Mr. Walsh written while he woßteev®.- ' . Mr. Davis was ‘ recalled' by the Oef« n >o and a likeness of Mr. Shanks was exhibited to aim, which he Identified. The witness said he had slept with Mm, acd he ought to know him. lo Judge Advocate—l was convicted in December, 1559; in January. ISCO. Itvent to States prison. 1 met Shanks in the Jail In Austin, Texes, in November or December, 1659, «nd was with him sit gether about four weeks. I don’t recollect ever having seen him' since. TrsnxoKT op.rATnicx cootrr. My residence is la Chicago.; lam a hater: I belonged to the UUni or Sons of Liberty; was Secretary: became a member in September or October, 1868. I have met Judge Morris there *nd heard aim address the Order. • 1 was elected Secretary on the B*d of August, IyJL There we.e about 250 members only fn Chicago. I was a regular attendant at the meetings utter my elccfon until about six weeks before the election, daring which tone I was only present twice or three times. I also served a term of six mouths as Secretary before my election in Angnst. I have hevid Judge Morris address the Order lialf a dozen times. I nevcr*heard him speak in reference to the prisoners at Carop Douglas, or thwir forcible release. There never was any project in the Order to release them. I heard Judge Morris apeak In reference to the objects ol the Order. Dr. A>«t spoke immediately before him, ana tald he had heard certain representations about the Orrer, and if they were correct, he would give notice that he would sever his connection with it, and so be wonted to hear l;s object stated. The Judge said the Order was to enable ns to protcc: purseltea against attack from the Loyal Leagues, and to aid in the election of the Democratic candidate for President, Oca. Mc- Clellan. I asked him if he Indorsed McClellan. He said that although he had opnosed bi™, be should now support him, because he bad been nominated by the Convention. He said not a word in reference to the rebels at Camp Douglas. Dr. Ayer then said he Indorsed all the Jndgu bad said, and that all true lovers of their country should abide by iL Doolittle was boisterous, and his speeches were received with displeasure. Dr. Ayer made speeches against the Administration. Mr. Alexander was also severe on thc«£ts of the Government. Mr. Strawn made the moat violent speeches of any in the Order. 1 have heard Judge Morris say that the President usurped undefegated powers, such as suspending the writ of ha- Lias coi put, but he always considered the members to he law-ahidng. i I was advised to leave the city by Dr. Ayer, while in his office on the isth day oCNovcmber. Dc told me I would be arrested, and Iliad better get awar that night. I told him I had nothing to fear, and if I ran away it would point suspicion toward me. Uesald he know that, but my arrest would give me much trouble, and I might have to defend myself. I was arrested about half an hour afterward. as soon as I had got home. 1 was conlined until the testimony of ihe prosecution was closed, and then released on parole. 1 never saw Grenfell in the meetings of the Order. C. C.-Strawn was the Brigadier of the Order; Mr. Walsh was not. There was money raised for the protection of the polls. 1 made some collections among the Order. I was Inslrocted to give up our meeting ball to the janitor Immediately after the election. , When I was paroled I was siraplv charged not to talk with any person in reference to this trial, wli ich 1 have obeyed. I beard Dr. Ajer ask us all to sng?c*t some plan to release these prisoners. He proposed a plan to release them by taking them oat of camp and assisting them 10 escape. I rebuked the idea, and so did The others wb o were there at the meeting, which was held in his office. 1 heard Doolittle say that he had been to Washington. Retold me he was a detective, hut did not say what for. Doolittle’s speeches were generally boisterous and extravagant. Atone time he was depleting the sufferings of .the people, and became so affected thathccned. He was speaking against the war. After his speech. Mr. Strawn came to me and said: “Don’t you know that Doolittle is Insane on this snbjectf” I have no recollection of Doolittle speaking in favor of the release of the rebel prisoners m Carop Donqlas. He spoke of men who wcie In prison.* 1 can only recollect of one, named P. C. Wright, bnt ~he said nothing about them coming to our astistanee; I never heart Judpc Morris eiy anything about the rebel prisoners in Camp Douglas; sometimes the Judge was mild, and sometimes harsh in his soeeches; Jo speaking against the opposite party he sometimes called them AbolltiooUts, and said they could present a bold front, bur could not be depended on,.and that be was good for two of them at any time, if he was an old man. cross-examination, the Commission Cixcewati* March 16.—Patrick Dooley, on cross-examination this morning, admitted that as Secretary of the Society of the lllini, he was instructed by some members to destroy the records of the Society, and did so. Ho had collected some hundred* of dollars for the purchase of arms, in answer to Mr. Bervey tbe witness said, “ I was told by tbe Judge Advocate that If 1 did anything .to a?nj»t the defense in procuring witnesses,! would be imprisoned again.” The Judge Advocate asked IT he had not said yesterday that all thatwas required of him was not to talk on the subject. The witness replied no ; whereupon an exciting scene ensued between the Judge Advocate and counsel for the .secured*- as to which should have the attention of tbo witness, during which the Judge Advocate said: “I will attend to youexase." The defense protested against such Intimidation of a witness. After order was restored, toe witness re-affirmed the statement that be bad been threatened with rc-imprlsonment. Jacob Hall was next called. Be had been in the Confederate seraice, but had taken the oath of allegiance. His brother. Geo. W.Holl* who had testified against Grenfell, was in bad health and mind impaired. He had told witness he hod revenge against Grenfell. • Uoadmb Jackson has just been callec. From tbe South. Tbe following is from tho Jackson jMltsitslppl* an of the 23d ult: TROOPS 6ZKT TO MOBC.X. A correspondence to tbo Appeal* from Selma, under date of the 3Cib Inst, states that all the Tnuig-Miasissppl troops ,on this aide of the river will be immediately sent to Mobile. •QUICK TRIP. Ur. Wan-en’Adsma, government courier, made the trip, a few days since, between Bonston,Texaa, and Brandon, Miss., In eleven days, the quickcst trip, tho Mobile Register believes, yet made since the blockade of tho Mississippi. our. nooo. Confederacy says: “We hear It la ■ i* to be assigned to some speech to a large crowd of citizens who called on CixcDrxATT. March 15. CnoSS-CXAVXXATZOH. CBOES-EXAmtATIOS. CHICAGO, SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 1865. him. In the course of his remarks he said he brought oat of Tennessee 20,000 of his men. cutting cows the barbers. The barbers in Mobile Issued a placard, stating their intention to increase the price of sharing to '*2. and hair cutting *3. The Mayor then Issued fluroclamati an reducing the first toTSO cents and the last to sl. The barbers closed their shops. The Mayor’s order being revoked, the barbers, under protest, opened their shops at the oldratej. TRANS-MISSISSIPPI. Wo have Just seen a gentleman from the Trans' Mississippi, who la a reliable and worthy gentle* mao, belonging to the Virginia army. He reports the country west of Red River in a good and easy condition, and that the of the cities and towns west of that river were generally well filled with dry goods of almost every variety, which had been obtained through Texas from Mexico. He states that there le a general Hue of trade existing through the country west of Bed River and Mexico. He also states that there is bat very little advance upon the prices of goods previous to the war. ALL. QUIET OK THE 810 BLACK. A gentleman who left the Immediate vicinity of Vicksburg at 10 o'clock p. m. day before yesterday, reports that the Yankee pickets ore at Mrs. Fishers only five miles from, Vicksburg, that all the infantry and much of the artillery .have left and are leaving.that post, it is positively stated, for the mouth of Bed River, and that there la now only a smaU body of cavalry at and In the vicinity of Vicksburg, supposed to be under the command of Grierson. Our informant distinctly heard the whistle of a large number of steamboats at the Vicksburg landing, which were there to transport troops below. > All quiet on the Big Black. NAPOLEON ON C3BSAR. Julios Cccsar as Described by Bonaparte— Cicsar as a Politic)*! Leaderrasar as a “rtlau or UcstlDy»-The Use and BenclU of a Strong GoTernniczif. JULIUS CXSAR AS DESCRIBES BT BONAPARTE. The Emperor's description of Cm«ar, bis habits and tastes. Is very graphic. He says • • • To these natural gilts, developed by a brilliant education, were Joined physical advantages. Bis lofty filature, and bis finely moulded and'well proportioned limbs, imparted to his persona grace which distinguished him from all others. Brecye? were dark, his glance penetrating, his complexion colorless, and hla nose straight and somewhat thick. Hi* month was small and the lips rather full, gave to the lower part of his face an expression of kindliness, while bis breadth of torehcad indicated the development of the intellectual faculties. Bis face wta fall,at least, in his youth; hat in the hosts which were made towards the dose of his life, bis features are thinner, and bear the traces of fatigue. Bis voice was sonorous and vibrating; hla gesture noble, and an air Of dignity pervaded Lis whole person. Bis constitution, which at first was delicate, grew robust by sober living, and by his s habit of exposing himself to the inclemency of the .seasons. Accustomed from his yonth to manly exercise, he was a bold horseman; and he supported with ease privations and fatigues. Uabilualy abstemious, his health was not weakened by excess of labor. Lor by excels of pleasure, nevertheless, on two occasions, once at Cordova, and then at Thapsos. he had a nervous attack, which was erroneous'y thought to he epilepsy. He paid particular attention to hla person, thaved wuh care, or htdrhe hairs plucked out; bo brought forward arllahcalT bis hair to the front of bis head, and this, In hla more advanced nge,served to conceal his baldness. Be was reproached with the affectation of scratching his head with only one linger, for fear of deranging his hair. Ilia dress was arranged with exquisite taste. Bis gown was generally Bordered with the Isticlavc,ornamented with fringes to the hands, and was bound round the loins by a sash loo*ely knotted—a fashion which distinguished thcelcgtnt and effeminate you’h of tho’pcrlod. Em Soils was not deceived by this show of frivolity, and he was wont to recommend .that people should have an eye on that young (man with the Cowingtash. Be bod a taste fur pictures, etatu-isandgems, and he always wore on hla finger, in memory of hla origin, u ring on which was engraved the figure of an armed Venus. To sum up, there were found in Umsaf, physically and morally, two natures which ere rarely combined In the same person. Be joined aristocratic fastidiousnets of person to the vigorous tempermentoi’ the soldier; the graces of mind to the profundity of thought; the lovo of luxury and or the arts to a paseion for military life in all its simplicity and ‘rudeness. In a word, lie joined tho elegance of maunfr which eednees, tojthc energy of character which commands. Such was Cicaar at the ago of IS, when Scylla possessed himself of the Dictatorship. Be hod already attracted the attention of the Romans by hii name, bis wit, hia engaging manner?/which were so pleasing to men, and still moros%o, perhaps to women. (Llv. 11., cap. i.) CA£AS AS A POLITICAL LEADER—HIS DITFICDLTT uf ronxxno a party. In periods of transitions- and ibis is their greatest danger—when it is necessary to choose between a glorious poet aud on unknown fuiure, bold and unscrnpaloos men are those only who ibinst tbcmEClve? forward. Others, more dnud, and enslaved by prejudices, remain in the shade, and are an obstacle to the movement by which society is borne on to new way?. It Is a'ways a great evil for a country which has been o prey to agitation that honest men, or good man, as Clce< ro called them, do not accept the modern ideas which by moderating they might direct. Bence profound divisions, unthe one hand, disreputable people profit by the good'or evil passions of the croud: on the other, honorable, but passive or intractable men oppose all progress, and provoke, by their obstinate resistance, legitimate impatience and deplorable violence. The opposition of these last mentioned has the double disadvantage of leaving the field clear to loose who are less « orthy, and of keeping up donbt In the minds of the fioailng mass who judge of parties more by thojrobltv of individuals than l«v the value of ideas. What passed la those timel at Borne is a striking example of the fact. Was It not. Indeed, Just, that people should hesitate to prefer to the taction which hod at its head illastnon? persons like Uortensias, Catulus, Marcellos, LucnUosand Cato, the party which coasted In' Its ranks men like Catinlus, Mauling, Catiline, Vantinins and Clcdlns ? What more legitimate in the eyes of the descendants of the ancient families thnp that resistance to all change, and the disposition to consider all reform as utopian, and almost sacrilegious? What more logical than to admire the firmness of sool of Cato,-who, still young, braved the threat of death rather than admit the pos«l---hllity of becoming one day the defender of the canee of the allies demandmgthe rights of Romm citlteus J And how ehould they not enter into the feelings of Catulus and Bortenslos defending with obstinacy the privileges of the aristocracy*, and manifesting their fears at the onward impulse to concentrate all authorliy in a single person? And yet tho cause supported by such men was doomed to perish, like everything else that has completed Its lime. In spile of their virtues, th**y were only an obstacle the more in the regular inarch of civilisation, becacEO they were deficient in the quality which is most essential in time? of revolutionthe faculty of understanding the requirements of the moment and the problems of the future. Instead of seeking out what could bo saved from Ibe wreck of the old regime which wa? going to pieces on that most formidable of rocks—corruption of public morals—they refused to admit that the institution to which the republic had been indebted for its greatness would prove the cause of 1 s decline. Terrified at every innovation, they confounded In the same proscription the sedition ot a few Tribunes and tbc Jiut demands of tbc people. Bat their Influence was so considerable and the ideas mat were hallowed by thorn held such an empire .over their znlads, that they would still have obstrnttad 7ho triumph of the popular cause, had not Cxsar, by putting himself at its head, given It new lustre and irresistible force. Aparty, like an army cannot conquer but under a leader working to command it. and all who, since the time of the Oraccbl, hsd raised the flag of reform hod su'llod. It wtih blood and deeraded it with revolt Cscjsr raised It np again and pcr.ficd It In order to constitute hisparly he had, ills true, sometime* recourse to agents Car irom estimable. Tho best architect can only build with the materials ho Ins at hand ; but bis constant thoughtyvis to associate in hia designs the most respectable men. He S Jared no effort to gain over Pompcy, Crassos, iccro. Scrvillus, Cmplo, Q. Fusloa Ca’enaa, S. Stipules, and many others of tbesame stimp. In moments of transition, when the old system is in extremity and the new one not yet in place, the greatest difficulty docs not consist in overcoming obstacles wh»ch are opposed to the installation of u government called lor by the wishes of the country, butln solidly establishing It; in found-, mg it on the co-operation of honorable men penetrated with the new ideas, and firm in tbeir principles. (Liv. It., chap, n.) C.ESAJI “A .MAN OT DESTINT”— MISREPRESENTATIONS or ms motives retcteo. We have shown Cmsar acting only In accordance with his political convictions, whether as the ardent promoter of all popular measures or as the avowed partisan of Fompey. We have shown him aspiring, through noble ambition, to power and honors, butwe know that historians mcencral suggest other motives for his conduct He is represented as having since CSt all hts plans arranged, his snares laid, his instruments ready. They attribute to him absolute knowledge of the fathre, the faculty of directing men andtoings at his pleasure, and of making each man an ancon* scions accomplice in his deep designs. All his acts are moved by a hidden agency, which the historians boast ofdiscovcrlng after all is done. If Cmsar catchup the standard of Marias, and be-' 'comes the deiender of the oppressed, and' the persecutor of the hired assassins of the past tyranny, it 'ls• in order to seenre assistance necessary 10 his ambilion. - If he straggle against Cicero for _ tbo legality of tbe proceedings against the accomplices of Catalfnc, or support an agrarian law of which he approves the political object: if, in order to repair a great injustice committed by Scylls, he supports the re-fnatatement in their rights of the children of the proscribed, it Is with a view to abase tho great orator In the eyes of the popular party. If, on the contrary, he places his influence at tbe service of Fompey; if, on the occasion oi the war against tho pirates, he contributes to invest him with powers deemed exorbitant ; if ho second tho pleoiseitum which confers noon him the command of tbo army against Mlinrfdates: if subsequently he moved that extraordinary honors should be conferred upon him in hu ab: once—all this is with the Macchlavclian object of turning the greatness of Fompey to his own advantage. So that, if be defend liberty, it is to rain his adversaries; and if he defend the government it is to habituate the Romans to tyranny. Finally, if Cssar pretend, like all members of the Roman nobility, to the honor of the Co ? H ? ,ate » It is because he sees through the fasces and tho dust of tbe battlefield tbe dictatorshipnay, even tbe throne. Snch interpretations proceed from tho too common fault of not cstlmailng facts by themselves, “? m Jbe coloring whlcn subsequent evils impart to them. It Is, Indeed, a strange Inconsistency to attribute to men of superior mark at *° oß t paltry motives and sa icrbaman foresight. No; it was not the thought of keening Cfccro In check which guided Ciesar. He bad not recoups to tactics more or leas skillful; ho acted on his arm conviction, and what places this beyond doubt is, that once raised to power, hla act? were to carry out, a' consul or dictator, what be had advocated as a simple citizen; for instance the agrarian law and the reinstatement of the proscribed. No; If he supported Fompey it was not because he contemplated polling him down aft-r setting him up. but because the Illustrious cantainted embraced tho same cause os himself* for It was given to no one to read tbe fntnrc so well as to divine the use which the conqueror of IHthridatcs would make of his triumphs and his popularity. In fact, when he landed in Italy, Rome was in a state of much anxiety. Would he disband his army? was the cry of alarm heard on all sides. If he come as a master, no one could resist him. Contrary to the general expectation, Fompey disbanded his troops. How, then, conld Qesar foresee a moderation so unusual in those dsys I Is it more correct to sa; that Cffisar on becoming Procon?pl aspired to supreme power? No; on setting out for Gaul ho could have no thought of reigning at Boas, no more than General Bonaparte In sotting pat lor Italy In ITO6 dreamed of the Empire. Was it possible for Cffisar to foresee that during his ton years’ stay In Ganl be should be always succes? at, and that at the end of that period the minds of the Roman people would lie favorable to hi* schemes? Conldbe guess that the dMth of his daughter would snap the links that had bound b'm to Pom* pey; Out Crsisus, instead of returning trlamphant from the Ea't, would be conquered and slain by the Parthisns; that the murder of 'Clof'ins would throw oil Italy m*o ■ confusion: and, finally, that the anarchy which be had striven Id pat down by means of tbc Triumvirate won d lead to his elevation r Ctcsar bad before his eyes great examples. He marched gloriously In the footsteps of men like Sciploano Panin*Emilma- The hatred of his cuemu‘B forced him to seize the dictatorship like Scylla, bnl for a nobler cause, and by conduct exempt from vengeance and cruelty. Let us not be tbes anxious to seek out petty passions in great souls. Vhe success of superior men—and this Is a consoling reflection—is owing more to the loftiness of their sentiments than to the calculations of selfishness and astuteness. Their success depends mnefa more on their abilltyin taking advantage of circumstances than on the blind presumption of believing themselves capable of producing events which are only In the bands of God. Certainly, Ctesat had faith In his destiny and confidence in his genius; but faith is an instinct, and not a calculation, and genius forejudges the future withofff divining Us mysterious course.—(Llv. Ii; chap, t.) THE USB AND BENEFIT OF A BTBOKO OOVERNBEST .—WHAT TUB AUTHOR THINKS .OF THE DICTATORSHIP OF BCTLLA. * * * The history of the last fifty years, and especially the Dictatorship of Scytla, evidently showed that Italy required a master. On all sides the institutions gave way before the power of one' who was sustained not only by hla own partisans, but blbo by the warring crowd who, tired out by the action and the reaction of opposite partes, longed for order and repose, uad the conduct of Scylla been modera'e, that which is called the empire would probably have began with him; but his authority was exercised with such cruelty and ono-aldedoesa that on his death people forgot the abuses of liberty, to think only of the abuses of tyranny. The more the democratic spirit spread, the more did the old institutions lose tbc prestige that ouce attached to them. In truth, confldlogand impassioned, always believes its interests to be more suitably represented by a single person than by a political body, it was ever Inclined to Intrust its future to him who should raise himself by merit above his contemporaries. The Gracchi, Marias nni ScyJk had each In turn disposed at their pleasure of the destinies of thcrepnblic; had with Impunity trampled under foot old institutions and old usages; but their reign was transient,for they represented only factions. Instead of comprehensive regard for the wishes and interests of the whole Italian peninsula, they favored this or thit .class of society exclusively. Some wanted, above all other things, to improve the condition of the pauper population of Rome, to procure emancipation lor the raltolesT’or preponderance for the equestrian order; while others sought to maintain the privileges of the* aristocracy. Both* fatted. -In order* to found a durable order of things a man was wanting who, raising himself above vulgar passions, should combine in himself the essential qualities and the just ideas of each one of those who bad preceded him, and who should avoid their defects as well as their errors. To the greatness of soul aud.thu love for -the people wbirh distinguished certain of the Tribunes, he should Join the military genius of the great Generals, and the profound altichmcnt of the dictator to order and hierarchy. JTAs man qualified for to high a mission already existed ; bur, notwithstanding his name, he would perhaps have remained long unknown had not the penetrating eye of Scylla detected him amid the crowd, and by persecution drew the attention of (he people upon bun. That man was Caesar, (Liv. 1., chop, vl.) Important to Stock Dealers. The N. Y. Tribune gays: “We camion farmers in Illinois against a villain, suspected to ho or the name of Flagler, wfio la perambulating that State, offering tu bay cattle la the name of ‘D. P. Alterton.’ lie ifapparcntlypersoahtlngtbe one known here ns ‘ Dave Alterton. 1 who has not been la Illinois lately, cor ha? bis brother, A. M. Atlcrton. If either of these offer to bay calilo, the offer Is good, but wo cannot answer for the bogus ones, who are trying to cheat farmers. Look out for them.” ■ "Ncto &frbmisemcufs. . /- TH2ED tVAMD. Crsnd Bslly to nlzhlnt Unl:n Veil. 611 State strict. Lti ever} cuto'.ed man la the Ward Btt-ca this inCct- is to os decided wnethcr the Ward thru te oraitcd cr not. J«y order cf many citizens. mblSnSul-lt lItIiWAED. Corns to ttetl’-h Ward Draft M-*e : lns THIS EVE HlNG,at7k o’clock, at Aurora, An=weßje»- nl rff2s fir s been levied. mbIStSTS It IYM H. PATTEKSON. Sec’y. 1 OTH WARD DRAFT ASSOXJbJ riAlinN.— I vho .member* of the above Allocution will Ui» D'-tl:e Ihrt them will bi % iree mz THIS EVE>l<G‘otßaeb «’» flail, SVi MUwaokeeavenue, ‘theC jsmt.lre will btlog ic tidr rpo.tano other Important bu'tn-smi-l com j bifora ttreincsMnx.-B/ order o( the ComuittAe. phlfilScMt UOflN BUEtILSR.Sec’y. 15th Ward Draft Association ATTENTION. At a meeting belt by tbs above Association Tua-i---dey eveaibfr. March 16, it w« resolved to commeoce lecrmtioE ion the Atß)et«tl<m at oace. Any p-usoa firing to Secure itnnselvei fr-.m tbedri't hid oer tercalicn tbe FrcretariiNo.SDNjribi.earbOßxst. and jay id IbetiflO. There wl 1 te a mediae at Turner Hall tkls (SAr- ÜBDa Y) evening, av 7K o’clock. By of the Committee. nhlEaffW it T, T.MORFORP, Secretary. 16th Ward Draft Association, Ata’areemeeting ot thecltuecsor tbi 16tb Worl. bed Wednesdey ev.nlag, March 13. the followlfli: ic*o utloa s»o» adopted. n»cOLv»D, Thai the Co'l3ctlng Committe of the wanlbeamtneyarc bere-v ordered to collect all mozcy *ubscrlbel conditionally lortlwlth and piy the fame over to tee Treasurer, enough money having been to fill the ouotaol the Wum. Subscribers are urgently reques'ed to os? ab without to the Treason* at 11. Klczle sire-t. or to any ot tbe Collecting Committee. Prumpt action u ot vita) importance, acd natees the money is Immet lately paid lo circumstances may intervene torsade* theniltns cl the quota ImpcsOb o Meeting THIS SAIAbDAX EVENING at Ullcb’i Ball. Let all attend Ccme one, com* all, and pay np. mblTnffM ?tqat ENVY, HATRED AND JL Malice nni all nncharliabiehes, where Evjc it i«,Ocod Lord deliver ns. The daLy levees of** that Prince of Phntographors” anduliGrano Vizier are so rmncrousiy attended «.t hfs"pa:ace if ary* 62 Kcrlh Clara atrce:. that tMi qcitc lm.iM«li»le for ntm tn accent the eitravaoailr liberal levitation extended Is him ttronrti yeuerray sTrlbin*, to drive hlrchariot la'oa corner on Laze etieet, andsahmtt to the excruciation oThavlns •HU plctnio taken for nomine." J. BATTER3B7. mhlSegS It Photographer. C 2 North Carirgt. WEST DIVISION LOTS. Oysr 100 1-1", ftoatlw! Wot Indian.. Hnn DBrc,2»oble. Ida and Xiozte, between Elizabeth and MbJcmetis, areoaered low lor caab.ora pbttcl th#pcrctasemorey,ifae»:red,canremaln on bold see m' afsirrataotlriiereit Will besom • inr y crlooarcetß to ratt enreha ers, JOHN A h ALK. A cent, Room 23, Portland Block. mold nsic-u Pork Packer’s Association, i An sdjonrned meeting cf th's Association will be held- Sainrday Even log, march IS.ISGS, At"K cVcck. at the Board of Trade Booms, to heir ue re pot: cf the Com mlfea cn Random* .ad Inspection n rruvl'los* and Coop^rsco. Atihels'tmcetlng it was voted that all Packers ned others interested In the trade Is this city be Invited to be prevent andjolo the Association. I'er tr/tr oi the Ar relation mLIBtS2HI V. A.TTJPPIN.Ses’f. f\muY ONE WEEK MORE TO V/ piocuxe ttckit: lor Prof. 11. A. DcSunn’s Lecture, Fcr tto BENEFIT of fhe OAWITAHT COMMISSION, c nonyoofbtalced »: tls new oUce, No 7 Mom’s Bloc*, corner of W&rtlnjtton and Dearborn etre tj, Cblc.ijo, LI. Tickets 23 cents. IT. 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Ac., y anted with bill. and abundant susn v of roots DeJgns lurnithed; Orcoads IMd out and Improved; FinmcandSoaoingdiwn.&c. Ut worir done with owe and warranted. 6WAIN NELSON, Landscspe Gardener mklfuWS, “ d Brab ' tl V ' re; “' "brsto afcbertlamenta. SHOEjVFEID BROS. We are Selling COTTON GOODS AT ONE-HJSILF WHAT THEY HATE EEEII 60 DAYS AGO. Flannels 50 per cent. Lower. If HESS GOODS. HSDSEKEEPIHO GOODS. AT PANIC PRICES, SHOEHFELD BROS., (UHLICII BLOCK.) 35 and BT North Clark Street, Corner of Kinzle* mhlSnSiC-21 sab not N \ QNLY LINE TO Hew Orleans and Intermedlite Ports. One of tb* splendid and powerful Steam-bins ol the ATLANTIC ANt» MI3SI-.SUVI STEAMSHIP COM- PaNT leaves CMro dally jor Mempbl*. V ckourj, dstcbtz.NbV Orleans. &c. The lUlao s Central Railroad trains cuntitct at ratio vmn above Hoe. BAUGAOV CHECKED THROUGH. Berths secured by teirtcrapb. Ptr Height ecu pa»saie aoalv to JAMES WARRACK. Acent. fTT marborn street. Chicago. DAN AFL 13 ! &CO .Cairo, mhitnlilMt t-t&s net CHICAGO CITY MILLS xxxx Winter Wheat Flour, SiOS*EH BABBG&. WM. GARNETT, mtlSoSwS-lt Klnzlc-sr, co.-aer cf JefTrr*oa. Qffice commissary of SUBSISTENCE,Room 11. Garrett U'cck. Cf ICASo. »I»rch 17. Posted Proposal!. In dap Icate.wlth acopr of thh artvcrtJsem'nt »t**ched, wUi bs rec ived at this ottlci unti 12 M. on WEDNESDAY, the 22a of March.l3is. for fa* rUhlmr the folio wing Suhfl-tcnce Storesfor the n*eoftlie Untie* fctate* •rmv.vlx: 110.C4/0 ponn. 9 of voed BROWN SUGAR In Will d cpeied » arrtl* head lined Hi jdrrfi will stale what time the Bngar will bo ready for delivery. v Skinn’cs will accempmy proposals. T*.ecc#■ cf p*ck -g* to b» Isc adid In the price and each package to bo marked w th contents, n*n*.9 ot ccntructcr. std date of pnrchwe. Anycr all b.da maybe reje-.ted, . I J .'>cwti?e to hemadc In currency a* soon assupplUd bv the United! tatw. Prcpcrate wlllbi addressed to the unde: timed and eodCiied M rioptßal6ior but slstence Stores ” UED. W. CAMPBELL, mhlSn?2S St Captain and u. a. _ SUPERIOR FLOUR! • XXXX. From selected Winter Wheal. Ten ■»ol!ar« per BSarrcl. Other Grades in proportion, lIIICiIIGAN HULLS, Sl3 STATK-ST. mh18n373 It K. HAWKINS, Proprietor. ■DUSXNES3 MEN LOOK TO U YOUH UiTEIiEST. THE NOUTnWESTKIIV POST OFFICE DIRECTORY ind CUlcago Bislness Gallic, Wri have a circulation of fi.MOciolea MORE thin both City 01>ec<ortP3 conhlred. 10,0.0 ronlea to be gratnucnsly rttt:n>uw<i. 6,oCocopl»'9tob3d's;ribatel nmcnc lie Hut*’!?, Otficfi, Bu«lness iloases. Ac., in ibe t'iwuj a’oag Tbc Ballruads le -fUng to Chin *eo. Formth-rpiirticabrsaadreas B. COX. P.0.80x 1:27, CDIC4CO, 111. C2f” CUy refcrczecs given. mhi3n3l3 It 500 TOMS PITTSBURGH COAL WILL BE SOLD IMMEDIATELY. A rare opportunity lor manulecturers or dealers. APPLY .. mhlinSTJ-Stnct 53 CL Alt K. STREET, IN CONSEQUENCE OF THE decline In gold, we h&vo reduced the price of onr bett BXtSSS SILK HATS To SS.OO. CLOTH AM) FELT HATS In all the new itylea, at T. W. TAVLOB’S, 104 Handolph-st. mhlSnSSilt I\TEW LIST OF CHEAP RfiSli.l IENCE3 FOB SALE IN Thos. B. Bryan’s Real Estate Office S3*2ofc will bay a mug dwelling, facing east on Union Park. NORTE DEARBORN ST—Two frame dwcl’logs, cheap NORTELASALLE-Ccr. ot Elm at., beantllal lots. ISDIANA-ST.—First-Bus location at *93. CARPENTER’S AIDITIO4-Lots at SJS. .. Hi n residents bsv* sent «;me ot the cheapest prop* City In Uic ett »•. if cpvled for at once Sec other advertisements. and o£ca bulletin. trh’PaFOSlt-' . Puringtcn & Scranton, 208 South Water street, MAMILLA & TABBED CORDAGE, COTTON AND HKMP DUCK 4 Chain?, Tackle Clocks, Tar and Pitch, Burlaps, Twine s &, Banting, Flags, Tents and 'Wagon Covers. nblgnam-20t-sA,HAwnet ~ A CARD.—The Ladies of the Hyde Park floctct r, anxlllaty to tho Northwestern Sanitary Falr.vUstie thankfully to i*cknow!ed*o tbe from Ur. 11- M. lllg. Ins. of Chicago, in aid ofibecbiecis of their assccia' Fifty uo jars, bitiu the profits cf one day's salts la his extensive Mqmc Bruso. each liber illty. In limes like these, when the cat's lor cbaiiiftble icttttntions are so numerals ano imperative. 1* especta »y commendable. Better thin Is *qU hvtbe S'clety to hi thrice hletsrd; übieties not only him who gives and him who talis, hut the bauble servants of our orave soldiers who «ie prlvVeged to dispense to them l‘.s fruits. By order cl tbe Society. MrjiU. D. JMtiI»OS.) Mrs. i. K. MORGAN. J Committee. Hyde Park. Mar»h 13. is&l. mV.SnSCO it Hyde Park, Starch 13.15C1. mV.SnSCO It MINE’S Photographic gallery, 83 CLARK STREET, (Kpcs'.tc Court House. Diamond Oamoosj JDonblo Cartes 2>o Viaito, And all tho latest styles oi PHOTOGRAPHS token. nhlSnSTl-lt ILhISDb.I-It • TO OIL COMPANIES. 10 Horse Portable Engine, ON WHSZIZ.3, And new atthsOllrezlonsat Franklin, Forjss'e low. Aiso.cne 12 to 13 HOBiE PoBTAOLS, la store at RICHARDS' COEN SHELLEB WORKS, mhlgn*7o 2tnet 100 and 192 WasMagton street. OPENING, AT Ely’s Tailoring & Fiirnis-ing Uonse An ELZOAWTSTOCkof SPRING GOODS for Q“nts’ use. oi the nbweip anu most elegant styles and Isbtlcs cn the continent. . . . . ... P s—'They are genuine Imported eoodi, which ar tlclels exceeding y dtificalt to obtain thu teasm. ■jhose who buy e*ily will ba among the wne. FiiT. Draper, * allot and Gents Furnisher, Ccr. ifashlagtonanlDcaryornatreet?. ahlßr.Blß-€t net THE TABS FARM PETEOLEUM COMPANY, Ol the city of NiwTork. Csp'tal 83 OOOJW). Pat Va'.aa fIW. 35,CC0 Shares. James WAD3WSRTH.Pres»e2t. A limited amoant of th*i atockwlU be offered at ISO a hkh a ta-nlhl? dividend <y oneoer cretin ca: value Is paid, the Dooksj>' Un Comp my canbefjmd,BUb9Ctip'aors letteia »n sw*ted andmioimatun glvin at the TKANS/ER ““I.ITvSSSS 7Mefi“pSu«. Block. mblFntsijrcttf ; PACKING BOXES. All kittdf.a'zet and qaallUft of Packing Boz<* mtde at kol 98 Notib FrtaHlln street, oa abort a: D4.TIDOOOOTOXIS.' Neto SUibertisemcuts. LILLIE’S PATENT chilled ahd wbought ibon SAFES. REZjIABZiT Burglar and Fire-Proof ■With c:taM" a‘.lea KejlessLocki. ALSO, LILLIE’S FIHE-FHOOFS, Costing One-Fourtli less than any Fire-Proof in Market, and warranted equal to the Best. A. Zc. WINNS, mhISnST7-lt 114 Dearborn Street. **© mhl4D<2l-12tpet-TQTbaSat. jyK, TEBBETTS’ PHYSIOLOGICAL HAIB RSGSNSBATOB. No oilier preparation for the Halt lias obtained, In bo abort a period, tb« rapid and extraordinary gale that bar Dr. Tibbetts’ Physiological Hair Be* generator. It Ls not a Dye- It will certainly RESTORE from a Gray to Its original color. It will prevent the Hair from falling off. It will pro* mote a Luxuriant Growth of NEW HAIR. Jlaschest-us. Dec 27, ifta. Messrs. Txubxtts ttßuruara: I'nJess lam verj ranch mistaken, your w air Iteg-m-rator I?drained fcrelcoif.iowi.rktitomr:lete rtviuiloa with all oiher iiarationa «y hair, wuhont any arp*real caeae. be&an to torn cray when aboir totrteen yean of ace, and had n-fn gra-lntily increasing toe mart than ten stars, when azoot t«o months ago 1 beast to use vrur Ream ratzr. and It has completely asten lfh«d ai mv frl-tds to see myhslr iroazacback to lit natural color, which Ls almost & complete black It 14 tbc only thru;, nn.css IS w a a ragnltr Hair Dye. that I ever knew ?on>d produce auch effect. It au c kc*ps the be-.d so c un and free from scarf, that It makii a very idee dresoiig. JACKSON J. ABBOTT. Jane 12,1364. Db. Tzbdbtts—T-lr: I fe«l very mach pleoaed will th« effect jonr flair Keceners tor taa had on my head. When 1 began to are it about two months a;o,my heed was entirely b.ilo exsrpt Al’ttle on the baes part ot my teaf.pnd now my bead Is all covered writ a growth cl fine glossy h.-lr more than two Inches lenz It has be*n twen'i-dva years since my hair f U off. and 1 have trleddonat of ibe different J ’reparations the hair that httveoanbrousbt b» ore the pnbUc without receiving any benefit.' 1 t-el truly thaknkfol for the benefit thrive received, and * can recommend It to ell tsbalng ihttbest rresorati'-c ever brought before the nubile, ' ‘ HiNNiK KOS3. Cafe*, trlzh H. Eo!3 ) EVERT BOTTLE WASBANTao. SMITH & DWYER, 92 anl W Lake street, mhSmTOT-nettf Wholesale and Bctill A;>nt«. 7-30 U. S. NOTES O F ALL DENOMINATIONS ON HAND FCR Immediate !Delivei“y, rah2-m229-i3met PACIFIC COAST PETRO- T.EUM COMPANY. Capital Stock.. 35,000,000. Shares, fk 0 each, woritine Carl»ai »S00 t (KO In St3ct and SIOO,COC Id cash. The property ot twa Co pan, conal'tsofo perretnnl lease of i.‘,OU seres of Oil Ter-ltory tn San Liu.», Obispo Conrty, California, with a fran'Aceof 10 mites on thcrdelQc(’oa,t,and fromihe report of Profe sar Silllman. ‘ 01-wii;i»msga, «ndo»heis. It conUlns th« nchtß'OJlSprlncs, tVeiis»nd Territory .yet d'a:oypred. A nrCFDcclus. reports acd a llml'ea amount ot stock at fiJ r«r share can be h'd » y -spoiling penocaiy.or by toGBO. W. WOOD A CD . Hrok-r, la mVolearn stocks and Oil Lands.No 7Souta Clark etieet. second floor, Chicago. mhllnSTT 3iTT7TU*«Anet Diarkhcea thhy. AND 'DYSEN THEY. nZAGTCHETS Compound Extract of Bezme Plant I« cow tmlvcrraliy acknowledged to be tbe most sne- anrtrcliahie reme ly ever prepared sjr the core ot the above complaints, oranv related condition of the bowel*, In eltiiT ada:ta or children, la car “Qlr col»r”wlUbe found the testimonials of Cot. Loo?, Gen Pleasanton, Gm.Fitz Henry Warren,Uai.Crane, CapU S. Doji <naw Slayer or New Orleans) of the U. 8. A; Western Sanitary Commission. W»r Belief Fond Crmtmjaion. opinions or the ‘•press” end steam boat oncers. Prepared only by J. & C. MAGUIRE, Chtmlits.tit-Lonla Beware of conntenelts. B. BCOVIIj Dealer to Family Medicines, - »l Randolph-st, Chicago, Agent. mhlmlTJ-fflt bat maw net QPLENDID* DRY GOODS k? BUSINESS FOR SALE. S. HASOSff & CO., OP . ■ ' BLOOMINGTON, ILL.) Bfs’r'us oftfr-ta* oat of bns'nei?, offer for Bale th?lr er.me6ioct ofMaichmi-’Ue.C'nilsUo.rofOQe of the stocks of Uiy tloidi la the Wen, with lease or one oltneflneit Storerooms and best "tacos for tr.,d- jDiLiscity. The wLo t will he soictoclose at a bargain. Address K L.NASO* 7 , B’oomlngton, 35.NASOS &CO.,St. Johns,llf, A.F. TUTILE, SitcartlQQdbt.,SewrorS, mhl’cSlODtaei ISI Clark st., corner Monroe, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. The Tiade supplied nt Publisher's Net Price. Cat v- Iranes sent on application. mhl2c!3o-3tsaw*ja Kotics to BJanuiactnrsrs of Has Tow. FOR "sAIiB. A No. 1 Flax the clt> of atnncie.ontheßern iontame Rauroad, X'elaware i.canty, Indiana. The bull* log Is aver- substantial two-stary frame. The machinery con»t»ti o' an (iu;lo n , 8 inch cylinder, -J---inch stroke, r-cller 10 Inch dl .meter. 22 feet lons, with dcuhieflurs lf-U ch dlamr ter, a brake 21, Mach roller.-, closer pr»63, etc-, etc ,ml ut a btch U of tna verr osst make and In complete mooing on er For terms ad dtet* GnO.-tHK E-HEINSOatf, nhi7tCOJ2tnct Looiavl le. Kentucky. Dbl7niZi3-2tnct i-omavi ie, tveatau./. removed. Theofflcf..orib3 New York Life Insurance Co, To 122 CLARK ST., Front room, np-stslrs, where I shall be hapc>v to meet all nien-s of icsarasce, and snow them the advantages ct this pepoiar Ccmpany. O. F. CUBBAN, Agent. mhl<nT24-3t net TAKE NOTICE, To any person, firm cr corporation wanting an Agent. Maoas-r or Business Man. A ptonpt and thorouch Br-aioe-a Man. age 29, w tau some hoaorab o enterprise which leqaite* rnergvand ability to put U tlircngh and will pat mn to devote blmseif to U. An Ordinary Salary No Object. Correspondence fo'lclted, with tuxl pabticuxasb of bmloess. Ac. Most be to the ooint. ur »l'i not be noticed Address •• C F,” Box 220, Chicago, Ij. mh17n631-2tnec mh17n631-2ujet WRAPPING PAPER With an Advertising C«rd Printed on each sheet, can be obtained by ac*dressing "" Rock River Paper Co., BELOIT, WIS. On application a Price List, with samples ot Paper, will be tciwatced. mi16n579-3t x-BA»at net 2,000 BBLS - PURE OHIO APFU CZDBB, In store and for sale ty N. EI3ENDRATH. mhl7n7Sa-(lnet 117 South Water ilreet. NUMBER 23S. V ICetD aabcrtistmmts. OHAKLES B. BROWX & CO., IRON MERCHANTS, 86 LAKE SXHEET, OPPOSITE TUEMOST IIOU3S, CHICAGO, ■ ■ ■ nxnois. . ALSO, MANTTACTCBEItS OP lEOSAUD’s PATENT Seamless Thimble Skeins, ASD OLMSTED & DC73UO2E’3 TIRE SHRINKER AND GOLD PUNCH, £3“ We keep constantly on hand a fall assortment of Goods in oar line, which wo arc selling at the Z.OWSST IWABSDT FBXCS3. mchiu naiMSt-rawisanet lUWIUJ LUi.-I^WUWIKSIUJCb LEATHER! TURNER & SIDWAY, No. 49 Lake-street, Chicago, TASKEBS aim HPOKTERS, And Dealers in Domestic Zssather ■ and Shoe Findings, Have now. In 3*orc and fa herd, a Jarre assortment of ficnch Co.'l Skins, of tbtrrown laoori-'Utrm; als>, a coa.p;et(* stock ctal* kinos o* Soecad Upper Leathe.s required lor the Western Tradfl. We wish to call particular attention to our etock ot OakTotneo L« otter, all fr'in oar own Tanneiy. wtlch Is Mutated intbasclcto Valley, In the midst ol chestnut dale ftre«t. Having mad* the manntactnre of fine Oak stoce a specliiltv tor levcnl •, we aru no » prcrriftd to offer to the Trid ; an article of Cilr Skins all Upper Leather pupcilor to hot dome- tic *loclt on the m ukou The Calf SUna ate as soft and tough. ks lha best and each sain so'd as number one win b-w,rranted toelve9attbfic»lontoth*weaief. Oar ssso.ttneni cf Threads Moroccos, Ilnum, LlaiDps, ard Too*, is always lane, as we intend to hare evety article In More that is In cenernl use by the Trade, and onr prices «l I oe found low and nalf*rm, and ail order* lor Leather will t> *rutnpl»ya practical maMifacTirer. ahlfiatSl-tt rjsiSA oet Duquoin Coal Property FOR S£l£L tee rr.orsr.xr known as the Illinois Central Coal Mines, At St. John’s,Perry County, HI., rcrsistirgof 60e of the flne«c Coal land In the ag cn ihs LUncls Central KaLrcad,7S miles North uf C.lro. VISES’ SIX FEES THICK. _ Mined fury opened, wt;h machinery of most ample ci parity, mr raj leg:« oto 4W ton* ot Coal daily. Horn*-* for th» r ccomruixlaticn of over too working men. Offices, Warehouses, sto-e, Stab’es, &0., Ac., ana all conveniences for most economical work. The lam) •orl'.-nrifocpuro bps, i quarto tun best in SoatD* crnlillncla, Over 2100 Peach tree’, three years old, crowlzgcntl’crlsco. Address A. AV. NASOS.St. John’s, 111. A. P. TUtq-LK.M Courllaod si, New York. E NASON a C0.,8.000.1ng10n. 1!. BhlSnSOStDet coAid i coals: I am selling the be*-t quality of SOFT GOAL, Screened end delivered, at the following prices: Briar Hill 913.00 tYHIow Bank 13.00 Tuxmcll 11.00 A.B. MKR*£B, . Cfflre ccrnerNorthTTatEr and Noith market streets. mhl'/nlSSltmt Hew skirt For 186 S. A new and great Invention In Rccp Skirts. THE DUPLEX ELLIPTIC <OE DOUBLE) nVTtXk . 3PKINQ. WESTS’, ItC.IDLEV Ac CAST, (L«o J. I. A J. O. "WESTJ W New York, Are the OtO?m ol the patent, and exclusive mint. Cactnrrra ol this. J. W. EUJPII. together, cage to edge. mating tha non £ f^r h fe lt:e **-»«>«« aprtog ew cs». «S rtt lc . con ' - t It* vre'.e elasnei ty ULQ n( xin)«>aai#| tv pi**o nuu pro L 33 (sirt wedt In me as cealiy end with (he same convenience as t silk cr tnnslln dr cis. It entirely obvittea and silence the only objections to Uocp Shirts, vln; the annoy ance to tbu wearer as well or the public, espeelUy ii crowded ai.-ciabuca, cnrrUgcs, railroad car*, chore) In any crowded place, £r jm the dliQuoliy e contracting thtm to occupying a smad space. Tht tctlrfely removes the difficulty, while giving the stir, tha usual 101 l and symmetrica: form, and la the light est, and most atydsh and mceinl "ppeuxanee lor thr street, opera, promenade cr house A lacy bavins enjoyed the pleasure, comfort and sreot con vpnlcncecl wearing the Duple* KUptlc Spring Stir: for a single day. will never afterward wlillntny dl» pause with the use of them. They are the be-t quail lyineseryp&rt, and oy tsr tha, moot dura, ble, ccmtortable and economical skirt made. Mar cl ants will besepp ied as above, and hr Chicago Job and ladles m most flr*t c-a.«s retail stores In till ettv and throughout the different States. t. ■ BMM WIS! latrr for the DUPLEX ELLIPTIC SPUING SSIRT9. Bradley’s Daplcx Elliptic Skirt. Combining deface, lUhtn&s, comfort and econc my. imd unanestlonahly tile most desirable arttcL made. For esle bv FIELD. PALMER & LOITER, 110,112. 114 and 116 Lake street. Chicago. Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt. Very flexible, folded easily, when In use, to ocenm a small »p*ce, making the moat acre*nbie skirt worn. I or sale by A. G. DOWNS A CO-150 Labe-gt., Chicago, Bradley’s Duplex Elliptic Skirt. AT WHOLESALE, BY TORRENCE, MANNING & CO., T I;S3-2&tQS9t s-x Aw net 48 Lake street. J. P. D.LASttß.Prest* C. V.CUI.VEH, Vlce-Prcst, Of TTlnslow, lanler &,Co. of Culver,Penn & Co C- N, joaoax, Cksbier. Third - National Bank, OP THE CITY OF HEW YOSK. Paid in Capital, - - $1,000,000. Designated Depoiltsry cf the Uc’tcd Statesandan tkorlzcd Agent cf the Ti calory. No. 5 Nassau S ntxrr, Feb 17,1565. Ibis rank was organized under the National Ban?- lag Act, in June Ust,byMr. C V. Culver and atso dates.with a psld-up capital of and haibeen Insucccfsfni operation since that period. Ha paltl-cp capital fats now hero Increased to fV OCO.KO.asd.hy a recent arrangement. Messrs. Winslow, Lanier A Cc.,oi this city, together with a portion of their correspondents being persons ol we 1 kuo m stenclng end large pecuniary meins. have become owners ot most'of its capital stock,unlnssume 1U control end management, Mr. Culver retailing all 1m Inti rest and accepting the Vico-Presidency, The managers of this Bank are, end for many yean have beer-. La close aad extensive badness relations with Banks and Bankets in all parts cl the country, and their eajerlence and fidelity to the tnterastsen* trusted to llulr core need no recommendation. The Bank is now prepared to open accounts with depositors, and will allow fonr percent. Interest to Bunks andßonkais on their credit balances, render* leg eccGunts crurentmonthlyl: • Collections m*dc threugha 1 part* of tic country on the most favorable terms. Tills Bark Is an accredited Azent of the Government acd will give particular attention tatneporchase ©tail Government Securitieswill receivesabscrlptlocs for United Siatca-73 JO Treasury Notes, at* lowing the usual brokerage' to Banks and Bankers, and will discharge all business entrusted to its care promptly, and wllhoot cost to Us correspondents. J. F.D.LANIKB, President. C. N. JORDAN, Cashier. chlSntTS-Htntt TTTFTH NATIONAL BANK, oi X Chicago. U. S. Decor.tcry end fiscal Agent Capital paid In, f500,000. No. 50 LasaUn-st., Metropolitan Block. Dtbtctobs —Joslab Lombard. Marshall Ayr*s. Sparrow M ?-ifc2erzcn.Tbomasbias*OD.DiT!ilMoWlmann Iwac Taylor, Kei*onLnHi*Btoo, Thomas H.Sevmcmr C.B.Sawycr, Charles J.Etlaert.lsaac G.Lomsard. 13A.1C G. LcimAgp, Caililer. Josiah Lokhasd, ?icr U. S. 7-30 Loan. Subscriptions received by the rZTTB ZffATZOKAZ. B&2JE. liberal Commissions allowed Sealers* ISAAO C. LOMBARD) Cashier. leis &E6 COt net 2,000 VOLUHTEESS . ,'WAM'TXII} FOB 05E YEARS' SERVICE, FOB COOK COKSTT. $450 Cash in Band And IJMGovernmcntßoanty paid at 62 C'ariat. 1)7 mh!7n7292tnet J. A. COLBY A CO. i Ann feet ° F BOX BOARDS for solo low. AU-', a general arooitmcot cf upper outline*, to close out oar present stock beiore Adm 1.x*63. £ JF.MKIN3, Lumber s'rttt.ioatn end ot Canal street. mllfinnlSJ-it net Household Furniture. Parties haying Hox*eho'd Goods to sell will find a casn cmchaser by nddretflns JV'F.C. Box 1507. mhl/mVlSUtaet • - TTOBSES and mares FOR SALE. We bare now itabling for 130 hones, nod there li at an times fine lota of Ohio Ms rests our sublet for ta>a. mhlmlss4ir»et J. MapO&BSON * CO. Krto abbertlsments. W E W SPBI\C GOODS! ARRimS BULI From Auction, * -ATPANIC prices: BOSS, POSIES & CO. mM4n4l7*tt net TAR SPRING Petroleum Company, OP cinchtoati, oazo, CAPITAL STOCK,!: $600,000 DIVIDED INTO THIRTY THOUSAND SHARES $-30,00 EACH. Incorporated under the laws of Ohio. OECSSSJEB 30, 1864. Gen. S. F. Cary, President A. D. Breed, Vice President. 0. E. Moore, Sec*; and Treasurer. E. Kinney, & Co., Bankers, 1. S. Holden, General Agent ADVISORY BOARD. MeJ. WIT. CUITFACK, Indianapolis. ADAM POE, D. D., Methodist Book Concern. ' LSN. HABKIS, Mayor ot Cincinnati. J OHX D, CALDWBLX, Esq, Sec *J Sanitary Fair* C. W. r, IXOS. E?q., Treasurer Hamilton Co. s JOHN W. PHILLIPS, MILES OHEENTVOOD, E«q. PETEK GIBSON, Esq. HAMILTON LYON. Principal Office, Southwest Comer of Third and Walnut streets, np-sUlrs. The Boohs of this Company wllliie.kopC open for m limited Umoty the General Ag(nt,L. S. HOLDEN, at his office. Ko. 3184; South Clark sfc. (DP STAIHS.) CHICAGO, - - - On 9londay» March 13. For the'dlsbcrs tribntlon at Chlcngo. • mhllnfel-St net A CARD. Spool Cotton for Machine Sewliy. Frcm the fi.ct that a soon article ol SPOOL COTI TON Is Indispensable to the successful operation eg any Seeing Machine, and there being many ol Spool Sewing Cottons, who do not hesitate tom. commend their goo<N as being erpealali v aaapted tor Machine Sowing, when a trial is certain to prove tt» utter worthlessness fer the purpose set forth, to tha preatannoyance ol the operator, and injurious to tha high re pete enjoyed byonr Machine* *—* - -- - HV «rte vnOTqocnt upon thonie ot Inferior Sewing Cotton, the undersigned wetud most respect* nTy call the attention ot those using their anu of machine operators generally, to tha very-m* ptrlor quality of CLARK’S » (“ ora iraw TUKSAD”) SIX C O R I> Soft Finish etl SPOOL COTTON. GEO. A CLARE, Sole Agent, EvzzTrmnrx nanto Six Cobd to No. SO, purely oft flnlehed, oi greet e! a.licit;, strong end 01 aqlfoinr * strength. Having nsec and sold the above for several years, we do nos hesitate to pronotmee U os being uA excelled. ''For the convenience or their Mends using Ms chines, we would jurat respectfully suggest to Coos try Merchants their beeping a ihll line of this thread* To guard aealnst deception, see the name oi GEO. A* n.ARK, sole Agent, Is on every spool. ItfTa put up In neat white boxes, containing IS spools each, and thus can be well ana conveniently kept. H. %v uiiilXEßf Agent Dr Grover Ss Baker s. M. Co., 115 Lake street Chicago, Id. fe3 mIOMOt-Tn va-asa net U. S. 7-30’S FOB SltE IT PAB, And as favorable arrangeveats madv with Banks) Hankers and Dealers ass can be made So-st, We keep on hand) for sale and bny at best rates U. S. 7-LO'a, 5-20’s, ISSPs* 10—10’s, &c. We also buy and sell -ffrfttary and Agricultural Land Warrants. PRESTOS, WiiIASD & KEAM, Bankets tnd Agcn’s for tne 730 Loan. 41 Suuth Clark struct, Chicago. mhllnlS3-2te w saaw c.e t tr w CQRN EXCHANGE BAG HA3TJFACTOR Y. ♦ SATCHEL BOTTOM' Paper Flour Sacks, And Grocers’ Bags. < Also. COTTON FLOUR SICKS end GRAIN BASS of every description. At liOTVcsl market Prices* HART. AST2N * CO., 153 Sbulh Water-st., Chicago. malSniCS-St wAsanet JJTJRIBUT BROS. & CO., Manufacturers andDealcrs In Flonr Barrel Staves and Heading. For a snrerlor article, look for Staves that bear onr brand on ihobtmd l »s. SEASONED STOCK CONSTANTLY OS HAITD. Comer of Henry »ml Maxwell street', cn FlttsbarY* Ft. W. ft c. a. b. Lombsr Traci, t*o block* sooth of Twelfth. mliStoHJSl-Uoet COMMISSION BUSINESS. The undersigned have this da? formed a tnpirt* oersbtp und»r ttefl.-nrfEtflD, wmrK &cO.,ior the tnmaaciioa cf a General Produce Commlsnoa Business. OtUce unill ii>y 3t So. Water Street. BOfIESTH^ID. N T. TEMPL.t-TO.HV JAS. J. WHITE. CUcaso, ITarch 0,1565. nszo, WHITE & CO., PBODCCE COHKISSIOS MESCHASTS, Ko.‘i3iScmh Wat*r street, Chicago. Civh advances oa comlgQmeflt in Uil* tpvketor forahlpmfpi East. mtiUc4i3->tnet WE HAVE THIS DAY ASSO-' CIATRD with at 3Jr. Gcoree fUl%(lata at Peoilft ) for the pnroo;e afcurrrmc op. as hereto faro, a General CommUrlon Boßtoeas. and have openoda branch house la St .Louis, under the name sal style ot GILBEBT, TOMSK & ITELD. The style of Ann heie wtH remain nnc3*n*»d. 101 Gilbert, Up tttefc CITAS. J. GILBERT, j ChlCiCO, I’Hnot*, GEO. W. UPDIKE, | And late of Suomi. Gilberts J Co , St. tools. Mo. GILBERT, UPDIKE & CO., GILBERT, UPDIKE ± FlfcLD, St. Look, Mo^ General Commission Merchants. Chicago. March 11,15*6. mhlln3»etneC W. BUTLER & CO.; J. PAPER DEALERS, 48 State Street. rm FAFEBI nuxTnra tathm, boos raw marmoriiiß,' aaocrar bass, n*otraaao».

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