The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1947
Page 9
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JMONDAY. FKBHITAKY 17, 1947 Arkansan Asks Industrial Aid Rep. Brooks Hays Seeks U. S. Funds for Undeveloped Areas WASHINGTON, Pel). 17— (UP) — * el !' P rook s Kays, 13.. A ik., work- id loclay 011 the final draft of leg- Nation to provide for federal co°'7» 'on wit], to! a?C ncie s in the arc-nT ' ° f untlc «l<:vclo|><!d m liays f airl thorc ls not ° nl y n» "'WwedeiHcd demand for more "a?™ , bl " " 1C , rC ' S " r « Cllt >'<*'! to airest the Alarming migration of "12, jP°P"laHons to urban areas." Jnls can bo done by establishment of small, intcgrnlcd industries in rural areas," Hays said Another purpose of 'his 'bill, lie .sa.d would be lo help guide workers U> areas whore (hey are needed. He .said that "some sections of the country have unemployment Hay s said the measure would n w "«>«HS to "H Hud a Iar K e number ' BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Court Martial Sees^display of Hesse Crown Jewels Ammunition Dump Blast Kills Thirteen Filipinos •MANILA, rcb. 17, _ (Ul'l — '''lilrtcon Filipino civilian employes <>' 'he u. s. Army Wl . r e dead to| «>' »»<! six others were missing u; ••X)ilosTuii ° f "" "' t " m "" tl0 ' 1 '"imp thr?'"f, ", (}| ' so " s wr « Allied when 'IP blast occiirreil vwilwcliiv «t >»i'»n. BulmigMs Province, ,,ccord- '"« '« Ilia Four olh- [1 , d(e < 1 lucll 'y tram lnjur|,.« suf- luocl In (he explosion. Qltlclnls «>l<l sis laborers were unaccounted STAR1S RELIEVING AU. . , ,_. COID MISERIES-IN JUST « SECONDSI lilt ritiiuu» |ir«cr(|illo u .|^,,e 6«0'. for COID PREPARATIONS fABlETS OR LIQUID Tru. K.ik II.i CO,. Ed ssr^n^^^ Ri i,ey; cm. ^ °B. s mi c o, , , ? c I^uT'"? 1 , W ' lSh " liil ""' » " *» " «** ir- 11 -^ . ••" «« '"iKL *Hininer ~~"^~^— ' • ii unemployed rural workers even ~* ~ — 1*"°*™ Thoughts of Little Man PermeaieDenseCloud of Smoke xpcctecl. an( | u, c Department of Agriculture estimates indicate Jobs w'T • 000 ' 001 ? lo ?.000.000 new 10 years to provide for displaced Iain, workers an <l to absorb other unemployment." Hays said similar legislation Introduced in t!, e last Congress was vigorously supported by Secretary of Agriculture Clinton p Ander- f°" a ' ld the Virginia state Planning Board. Rise in Cost of Living > Halted in Mid-January WASHINGTON, Feb. 17.—(UP) —The Labor Department reported today ,ha t a lo-month rise in thc cost or living was halted in mid- January. Nevertheless, it said, tlic consumer price index O n Jan. 15 was still 18 Pjr cent above the level or Jan. 15. 194C. and z* per cent above that of June, 1920, the cost-World War I peak. _ The department said thc price index dropped slightly, between Dec. 15 an<] Jan. 15. chiclly because of oii£ per cent drop in food prices. mis was. more than enough to offset slight increases for other retail goods and services. Three Big Powers Reject Slavs ^Territorial Claim "" LONDON, "Peb can. British and today rejected Yugoslavia's territorial claims against Austria, linin" ui> against Russia In a split o f the Big Four ministerial council The "break in the ranks or the council of deputies was set in sharp focus by.a decision to submit sena- , rate opinions on the Yugoslav-Austrian .frontier dispute to the foreign ministers meeting next month in Moscow. The'western Allies agreed that Austria should retain her frontiers of Jnn. j. 1938, before the Nazis moved in and effected the Ansch- Feorlor Guscv, the Russian deputy •supported Yugoslavia's demand for a slice of Austria in the province of Caunthia. -French deputies BY FREDERICK C. OTIIMAN United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 17.— Sell. William Longer of N. D., got so mad finally that he couldn't even Mils the table. He didn't have enough hands. H e gripped an iinllpliled cigar in his right fist and a smouldering cigarette in his left. He took alternate puffs on both and eventually ruined the cigar (ho bnng- cd involuntarily) in his exasperation with Wendell Berge, f! 1D government's official trust-buster. The plump little pink-faced erge. solemnest assistant attorney general of them all. appeared before Chairman Langer and his Civil Service Committee to nsk- for more money to hire more lawyers :o prosecute more firms under tlic Sherman Anti-Trust Act. oh, oh The proceedings started peacefully enough, wilh Berge listing the number of anti-trust cases lie's filed the last few years. Lan°er wondered how many of the guilty JfK-wigs of business he'd put in "None," said Berge. "None in the ast generation, I guess." f He added that people arc ! pecul- »>'. They don't regard anti-trust •violators like they c! 0 sneak':thieves or embezzlers. "Now wait a minute, Mr. Bergc," roared_Langer,_exhaling smoke like an irritated dragon.' "lf~a man steals a loaf of bread in Minneapolis you put him in jail. But if a group of men conspire to raise Ihe price of bread, you just slap them people, who lost out socially when indicted under tlic anil-trust laws Nobody likes to be indicted," Langer shouted. "Why should the the big'"™ " C SC1U l ° Jilil nllt! " ot Relations between tlic senators and the trust-buster, as WB say in t he government, deteriorated from N £ on ; ? cn - Dcmiis Cll(iv(iz nf N. M. said he didn't sec why Bergc wanted more lawyers when the ones he has can't get convictions. Sen. [.anger said It was obvious Bergc wns not living i,p to Fils onlh to enforce (he Sherman Act. But it hasn't been the policy pf the department to seek jail sentences," Berge finally cr!cd . H c mentioned aga i n 1Ilc soc , n , st j» mn Of nn anti-trust indictment. "I'm wondering if there is any justification for having «,„,. department at all lmdc] . <|1CJ prcscnt management," interjected Sen Edward J. Thye of N. D. "And i want to tell you what the common people think n f your department of justice," s aW Ken Langer. " A fann0l . „„ m ^^ made a miserable little Ion,, with one or your npencics. Then he butchered u couple of his calves because his children were hungry. And what di d you do? You sent him to the penitentiary because 2ic destroyed mortgage,! propcrtv. Yet you, yourself^ said you never send to jml these fellows wlTo 'fleeced thc people out of billions." Some more healed conversation Flares Proposed for Use By Couples Courting in Cars.Parked on Roadside _1MLKIOII, N. C., Feb. 17 (UP) — Conning couples who like to park «n the roadside at night will huvc J°. s ' il ! V( ' rtisB IJl ° fact—with (jrlgli W. W. White passes tlic North Carolina General AssenvJly White's bill would require ul motorists, to carry two reel flares t" burn m case of highway emcr- Ecncies, but would make it Illet':il to park „„ tiie roadside at '"glit without lighting them. Sentenced for Theft upw U.I J— Wesley ,'« CB ;' » o '" 11( ' ef< ? 1 '" 1 guiitv to a > tcnn - Felj Johnson, 17 fro fiom a tod-r, «"twc Pleading chnrirn lJ, ?n " lr5 •">«>« »nd «parted car here. sch001 "ft" ui larccn theft of nbout lh c advisability of putlhiK movie monopolists into cells cauv ed Son. Thye to observe that antitrust enforcement was lhc next nng to a farce. "The law has been on the books ' .wars come next July HIK , tnoj ,' Sen T ,f" f< "' < ' C(i ll ycl '" "I'lotol hen. Langer, puffing his cigarette md smashing hts ctgnr simultan »usly Berge sn ld he could do bet- Wwf^ "H ';-;. «» ^nte tins mostly for-lawyer hire """ 1 - 1 "-' • ' rj vc Get a f *j*~ •**-•"— on the Job .PACK SBVJ5N BRING us YOUR""POULTRY"," «*> P«.» HU»,«,i Mr*. r.r .1) lien,, lu^ten,. Owl.; „ *•••• Th»l Mlddlrnun'. rwrtl <>»r 1'ricn (iovrrncd by Market Vator - Almost every I.our In tlic cla rft " ' ( - ' il i >JcCp " °" thc io1 '' P"« ^ -, SBSJ r™ s, ,± your muclunory ri 8 Jn on .lie job. Come and Joe" v for ~ a « ly VCrS: " HC < -P»*°« i ! 'J-P' ! «'« do ftff DIXIELAND SERVICE fLL/S POOLf, 0^/jcr and Manager Highway 61 North at Holland, Missouri Special Price for Limited time Only Sani-WaxA- Tho World', luxury Clcontr • WOODWORK . PORCELAIN HJRN1TURE .ENAMELS nish, Don't miss the chance to try it at a good discount, during ,hc Annual Quart Special. Sani-Wax is the btaulifyiag Cleaner for doors ami window sills, furni Hire, Venetian blinds, tile wulls, porcelain ranges, etc. Wipes off in a flaih. CLEANS with i SHEEN Safe Ends March 1st PLANTERS HARDWARE CO , Inc. 126 W. Main St. f|, one 5,5 they , on the wrist. The j aw says should s° to jail." Berge said there was some discretion allowed there. He said business men usually were promiT.ent Prompt, Long-lasting Relief for — ——-- • -^>^- -^uf ^^mfm nAwm wm ACHES-FAIHi "-•is r ...-.-- tec RUB ON T Helps Break Up Painful Surface Congestion, Too! The G. O. <-!' ^ f—O tf£^-.">- _L Besides a telephone instrument, we need cables and switchboards to furnish telephone service. But the need is nation-wide. In the Southwest alone, equipment is needed in 700 cities to serve 235,000 people. /V There are still shortages and de- ^ lays, but we are getting our share / Factories are turning out this com plex equipment faster and faster. KEROSENE & FUEL OIL ^ocr Source of Dependable Service PETROLEUM PRODUCTS of what the factories produce and we're putting it in as quickly as we can, in as many places as we can. One thing we'do know...if ingenuity and hard work can bring it about, we'll have this job licked one of these days. SOUTHWfSTEXft 3SIL rflfftfOHE COMPANY THE ARMY GROUND FORCES- WORLD'S GREATEST SCHOOL FOR LEADERSHIP .vte-^,.. <. * t*s4^V-£^- ' ^~ l 'Fou.ow Mr.!" Tl,o rii...i,, B l,,.,i,| ( .. cry of Ilio Jnraiilryinaii is llin slirring coiiinitiiid of (he loader. Ami mwlioro else in (lie wnrlil-in wjir am! in peace -arc so many grcal Ica.lcrs developed 'is in tlic. Army Gmmii! Korcca. The ^HiRrican gro f snl.lier i s known for Iiis ability to carry onl any assi K n- inciil «-iih rcsotircofulness mid inilia- tJvc-rhc qimlilics (lint niakn leaders in civilian Jife as well It8 the Army. 'Jlie Ground I'urccs <-an not only teacii yon loa.lcrehip-llicy .'iin equip yon wilh fine, job training u, go wilh i|. Ju pcuL-rliinc, llio Army ; s a gig;,,,. tic school-going organisation - wilh lr:iiniii K nvnilahlc in many valuable skills and trades. Kcmcniber, loo, that increased Army pay sca ] ns arc „„„. j|( O(TC( , |( and lhat you receive 20% additional |>ay for overseas eervicc. Thousands of oulslanding young men, aide lo meet the new higher slamlarn's required, are enlisting in the Uegnlar Army. And liccnuec of (lie special advantages oll'cred, the • thf.n (o: "Scvr,.! Off," "Worrlor, of p«, t ..» "yo/c majority of them arc enlisting for 3 yo.irs. If y OI , arc ] oo king for the road lo a profitable future, your nearest U, S. Army Itcmiitiug Station can furnish all details. Highlights of Regular Army Enlistment 1- Cliotcc of any branch ol service wMrh .iin h ^^'?, *i' r >»°*- "".of«.uTi"»:, li , i « c , h , Vh L, h c" »>iicli still lia.c openings, or: 3-ye lr cnlijimtnlJ. 2. EnlUlmcnt a^ Iron, 18 to U y,,,, inclusive (17 w,,h f», M ,- eonient) c.ccpt lor men now in Army. ,vh o n^y ree ,,u,i „ d ,°"'" "tvtco men dep.ndine on length of "rvlce 3. A rccnl.stmtnt botiu, ol »SO for yc, r O r >cl,ve strv,cc since , uc h bon.L, wa, ],,t p,ld or .,„« last en.ry ,„,„ « ryicei id( . d f '"; " "' l " for, wh«n disehaigtd to enlist or reenUst. 4. Educancnal benefits und«r GI Bill of R'*h» for men who enlist before official tetmlnaiio! of war and icmain m service 90 day* or more. li'siitfr 11 ^ a r, 01l *r n ," 5 for t) *P e "^ c nti of men en- .II^'omci.r'^liT.l.n'o'i'w;?. Unlil * """•"" ^rmoN^^^i";^^^"'^*™"^ e of lft« ylrmy." and "froudly W. Hi/I" on your r. HEW, HIGHER PAY FOR ARMY MEN l« AM*», It fowl, loJjiifc CMIni iM IMM Cm MaKcr Sergeant or Firjt Sergeant Technical Staff Sergeant . . Sergeant .... Corponl ..... Private First Qaw Privalc .... In AJrfitfon lo Colu ncrease for Servi« lo »SO M,«,mum Per % ?.''"„?'?"*• J5 (Not in Flyins-pay P.rachu,, Duty. 5 i Years ol Sccviet. MONTHIT Sfortlno KiTlltmwT . •o.//o' "NCOMf ATTH: • f" ZOr.on' It Tm «• ««•* SeryJe. Jtrvlc* flSS.OO $107.25 fllK.6} 135.00 87.75 ljl.08' 1I5.0O 74,75 129.J8 100.00 65.OO 112.JO 90,00 • 58,50 1O1OJ 80.OO 52,00 90MS 75.00 18.75 «4.J8 mn One of ihc Above: 20% Oversea,. 50% Incre.M. op Month. If Member oi Flyin. ° P " Month '»f Paricbutl.t* Statn.) while En«ag«d upoa !„„„„- in p,* f or ^ * GOOD 1OB FOR YOU U. S. Army CHOOSE THIS iNLIST NOW AT YOUR NEAREST U. S. ARMY UGULA* AKMY SfHVES THE NATION AND MANKIND IN H^R AND rfACf RECRUITING STATION 115 N. 2nd Street, Jr. Chamber of Commerce

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