The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, FEUKUAUV17, 1947 Strike Control Bill to Be Drafted House Committee Chairman Says Work To Start This Week BY CfcOllCE K. REEDV, JR. (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Foi. 17. IUP> — Chairman Fred A Hartley, Jr.. R ! N. J., said today his House Later Coinmltiee will prci>:,';>ly slavi I «"""" a !>lrll "-"<"«!'ol Mil this hope lo poll the committee we<k and find out what poims we are agreed upon," Hartley snul. •Ai soon as that is determined ve are going to work on our bill." Hartley revealed Iiis plans as a sp:kcsme:i for two West Virginia coa! operators urged tlie commitfe to ban iii'iii.slry-wide bargaining to break the "monopolistic" practicf; or unions. The witness was Holla O. Comrbsll of HniHington w V representing tlie Island Creek Coal' Co.. and the. Poiui Creek Foca- hontas Co. C;.:iipbe!l .said iu«t withcut •'cur- «tive tet'islaliou." u was not ••unreasonable" to believe there w .be iiiiotlier nationwide cos-l v When tlii> government rclinnu control of (he mis'es "He iei'i'i-m-i i the industry's mp.iest that Congress outlaw J 0 | m i, Ije;Wis , dem ° n(1 ;. or a tonnage royalty to finance i head, :lm ; welfare fund for Ins United Mine Workers (APL). Hartley said he had a "good idea" W his committee's views on new h«,i ; r™" tl i 0 ' !c -" islal '°n hut said he da not want to. outline them in advance of his roll "Hcy,-cver, I don't M nk lh er e ^ -ny doubt but that we will write. an amendment granlinp employers! Iree speech.' he said. ' I The "free speech" proposal is' based upan complaints that man-1 agemenl i s too severely restricted in discussing union matters with' Prtiylores. several witnesses claimed j At"'- they had been reviled by un-1 Wins but were loi bidden by the Wagner act to reply. j Hartley said he was giving "very serious consideration" to a proposal! to abolish the Nations,! Labor H--i latiom Board and substitute a nine- man commission to do ihe job The new commission, he said, would not be .bound by the arbitrary derisions" of the present NLRU. A new board could make a Iresii stari and thus eliminate manv ol the unfair practices that have already been instituted," he said. Hartley vigorously opposed a pro- posalby Rep. Glare E. Hoffman, «., Mich., thai ihe Wagner A-t be completely repealed. Hoffman said .that only by repeal "can we eliminate the unfair judicial interpretations o; the a:i." Another bigii ranking commutes member. Rep. Gerald ,\V Landis R, Hid.,- W as loss reticent in hi.*! views on what legal paints were 1 -in agreement. He listed nine spe-' f"ic amendments to the • Wagner Azl which, he said, the committee couu. prcoably vote on at once - They were: • mm, EQUal , rcs ' ) ° nsib > 1 "y between unions and management for observance of contracts. 2. 'Ban on jurisdictional disputes &f> -I. Ban on sesondary boycotts i T-'l Guarantca jf majority vo'o before a strike can fee ordcrea 5. Outlawing of picketing by "on-exploycs of a struck plant. D. tree spccc-h for employers in cnscussiny union affairs '.'. OOII.PJJ employes,"as well as employers, to bargain roliectivlv anu in good faith.. ' v4 : 'n^" le f ? rir ' of m "dialion and! 3- Some lorm of mediation and voluntary arbitration. Truman Receives Church Medal COURIER NEWS yuan »t the end of •'s work. Uut with rice sellliij; »l 150,UUU .Mian per plcnl and dealers ns'sl- lunt to sell even ill Unit price Cliainj has only, slim consolu- tiim. lie knows (hat in many re- •spects his let is better thun that of Li l/.m-Chl. the i;overiiineiil clerk. Li'.s oaininys itre pctiGCd lo Ihe iMlicia) cost-oMlvinx Inilex. Hi;: 76 yuan Unslj monthly sulnrv isi muUiplied jy the index (Inure™ 'liL'h on Jan. ;ii wns (iOM. Thut >'* Li « month's wiifjes or -l.'C,-' (03 yuan—worth ulnut SOi. I A 1 , today's rate of txohanfio, 1 iK.uuh. it's wo:lh only about $lti. \ O;i up of that. LI must meet; current expenses whi;li since Pi'b. I have scared as nuuh us 403 per cent. Li cannot cut at (he cheap slde- .alk stalls iiliB the rirkslui puller.-; without hrepaiuok' loss ol liicu. lie must coiilmuu senoing weditni'j aiic: birtltduy . gifts u;ut meet other social obligations. His childien must EOiitiiniu uoing lo s::liool, i).-o)ier!y tlresscri. ,Chi;nB luassngci; his bare let'. with his hiinds and tells yju ha is "scny for LI." At least Cliunij cnn argue with his pjjssenxers In an cl- fcrt to increase hi'i earnings as pri- Bul Li must wait l;v the end o: the month and Ihc new cost-ol- living index and then go through Hie same torment all over nguin. WEiLching his mnnev depreciate while prk'cs zaum. "Ay yah. hov. can i do it?" Li cries. It's b:-en like this for month".. 'July it's tar \vursu today, with no prospect lor improvement. Economists call it "inflation" and disc-uss it in ihe Ir.arncd terms ill "cause and effect." cluing and Li | and otheis like them live it in pcr- Six Extension Schools to Be Held ThisWeek Ark,, i>b. n-Wltli \VOIK aliciuly iiiulorwiu- ]n ( W o (•"•mnmiUI,*, Kxlensloi. S'jh.iols «». be condiictoil In eigiu more by I'll 1 Mississippi count y Ncuro Ex- tciisii-n i>un ; ,ain. 'I'hcs,. schools were held at Sliou- >• I.IM Monday ai Numlwr Nine inii.i1:i v . oihcr osH'iibli>n schools wii i n . |,dd iiiiluj. at iioun.i Lake; J'^ 1 ' IK nt nirdsonit. Feb. 20 at toil ni; U , i.'nrin. |.. eb 2 , nt v j cto| . lni J;"'- 21 at llunUMtr, Feb. '>i nt 01,1: on. i-vb. 07 nt chllford ;nul *•<•*>• ai ut oii-iir i,ako. "Wrlct ni;cnls from Little Hock w u, win assist In the ,,rOi!ram and will work with HI unist one uf these ieiin.1.:, are Faimlc May )| llono nn ,| !• If. llcllutl. W»ik ,j[ i| 1( , Nc ,,.,.•„ Extension piOBiiuii lui s | H .cii outlined for the >'«'"'' and project cnroljment of •»-« <-'uli im-tnbc o[ !im | udulls coin- club'; rc-(ii-(jiiiilzed. ' the Negro of Osof the County pronram are Mury t ; «>r«ia Orceni! and w. l>, C Serves on USS Yosemite Williaut M. atewarl, Bon of Mr. nml Mrs. w. M, Stcwiirt of Oscco- lu. Is now serving aljoanl Ihe UBS Ywpmlle ns a linker,' second class, uiTorillnu to Information received litre today (r om the Ninth Naval ninlrlet. lie entered tlie Navy Oct. ' NOTK.K ()!• ni,INO OK ArTI.I- tr.VriON I-'OH I.HM'Olt I'UKSUT Nolta' Is IK..JV Kivcu tni.t the iintlersiRncd has filed win, llic CMinn.issloiH'r oi licvcnuo ol llic ir.tntc of Aik-.iusus lor penult to sell untl di.'pjnsi. vlmm;; »r spirituous !((inoi'ii fcr b!-rt:a;.c m retail un Ihc premise.'; described' us 41U Wisl A*h SI.. lllyihi'Vl!li.. Arkansas A;nillcatioi, |, f,,, |,i>rniit t o r,. iSMiod for c|i;-i.ali<iii 1>eginnln|| on lu> l.i li day of Marsh. IMf. und o cx;;lrc on i|u> nijti, llllv „, ,j l]ll( . '••I', "s p:uscrll>eil lj v l!ulleti;i tinted January 7, HUB aim sniiijii- Ui-iiulatliui No, 111, cfkv'llvo July lo. iE,;ir, H. T. l.EWta. AppUcant • We Guarantee i I RECAPPING liovertv mid ' Archbishop.H. G. Athcnngoras of New York-City, head, ol'.Hie Greek orthodox Church In America, bestows a kiss on President Truman alter presenting him with the Grand Cross of the Holy Scptilctire a." the White House. INEA Telcpnoto.) Wooers in China Go Hungry As Run-A-Way Inflation Strikes BY WALTER RUNULE lUnited Tress Staff CJorrespoudpntl j SHANGHAI, Feb. 17.—Ch»ng All-I MHO dropped the shafts of public! ii.-ksha No. 2130 into the mud at the curb on Nanking road, argued briefly^ with his fare, and resignedly accepted a crumpled 1,030 Chinese dollar batik note. Two days ago, 1.COO Yuan (Chinese dollars) would have bought him a sattelying lunch at a curo- tide food stall-- three rice cakes uncl a bawl of hot meat soup. Today it, brings him only two cakes ami a cup oi weak tea—scant fare lor a man who must dogtrot pull- ni;; a ricksha and ' its occupant through the cold, rain-drenched streets. Biit it's 'not his lunch that wor- I-IK: Chans the most. J'.'s his wife, end three children, who must have! a roof ever their heads and theH mouths filled' too. ' Up to a \\-cek ago things were I noi too bail, prices had heen fairly j stable lor :i month. There w.-u money for boiled ri:c- for break:as' and rice, a fe.v vegetablos end an occasional bit of meat or ash i or (.inner. Now there n money enough only for bailed ri v suij:—;vhich means less ri~e i>n"d more water. With jirices climbini; daily and rnc.'icy worth less and less, Chang has (|ilit buying tlie four pairs of straw saruUib a month which kept, nis feet off the cold pavement at l.CCS yuan' n ;.-Hir. Now he (.'OPS barefoot In near frcczim- weather. Oilier retrenchments have bee'i necessary too. Sadly, he has taken his children from the five school and sent them roaminc Um streets lor rags and bits of wood to make a fire icr cooking. And there's no hoac of new garments for any of the family. True, Chang makes more money than he ever hae; before. Witii good hick he c an make 25,0(10 yaun daily and more on rainy days. But—"Ay yah, the ricksha rental. ' he moans. ' The official rate fn- hirhi" the vehicles is 5.CCC yuan for an ei"l't- hoiir shilt. But in these days what nwn»r is K oinR tc, lot them out •it ridvmUnu prices? So Chang imls i pay !L black market icntal lee of 1 ),OCO yalin His,. t:\velfing posts 'no 3 nan it nay. His own noon meal :s 20.D ym-M. with careful ,,,an- JKemeiu he may take home li.OOU j attention j j welders ... j i You can now purchase a ! J complete acetylene welding " [ outfit for §G2. This is the I i latest type medium MKO ! I genuine Harris Calorific, [ Jthe oldest nianufficturc-i- of j \veiding Three Face Charges in Clay County Circuit Court CORNING, 'Ark., Feb. 17. (UP) — Three persons \fe: s charged by information today in the death Fcb vS ol Sam Peoples near here. P Named by Prosecuting Attorney James D. «ale of the Second judi- CIL! District and his deputy, E. O. Ward, were Dan Richmond] 28 nis mother, Mrs. Laura Ri:hmond 5'' ' and Estelle Bland, 24. ' '| The tiio is held in jail, ana bound over to the June term ol Circuit Court. They formerly hvecl in Corning. Read Courier News Want Ads. IF YOU HEED Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Rcfrfgeralor fur Immediate. Delivery CALL Sfcefe 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE KI.I.IS TOO!.!:, Owner ,fc Jigr. Highway Cl North al HOM.AND, AIO. BLYTHEV1LLEI Machine Shop i 211 So:'2nd What Td Do For That Sluggish, Down-and-Out Feeling .K^'Su^^y^HMrS!: f. lmii|>y n.s n Inrlt? Wns u nol liccnm. Vim iiki'ii n>'1 know wlmt in- illKi'-lU),, «„». ion. ti, ong „., an cx y A s "l.f rnuuuccs llic "ohl stomuoh nml the ivc-r-clmiimni! lilowl" iieuil hiiln. Now iou iiu;y uyaln icltnac vibrant cilcriry I.) C>VIM>- niusrlc, Illjro. cell. LviTy iiuy-cvery hour— millions of Iny ri'i1-l,|onil-ccllH nuiat pour forth nonj ttiy tnartu\,' o[ yiuir baiic.s to rc- (luiso tluit nrc worn-out. A low MOOll seV l'rnl .vs: nu niijietili., uri. my. u niii- clown coiitllllon, lack ol «'. ,, s 1" nil H-nl relief yuil must tluniil inuinln. Tliln 1 3 uiiu to the SSS Ionic formiiln which conlnlns Kucclnl unit nolciil nrtlvntlnii Ui S ri-Jlcnts , Alw, SSS Tonic Iiclps you cilloy Hie rood vnu n.t liy Incrcnslna lh u K ! Mr ,c illsrsllvi.- Juk-i- whou It l» non-ori!uiil- callj' toi>llltl<.ur«cnnty_tli,i3 tlifst"m- ncli will luivo Mule cnvisc lo net hnlky !<i I l! 'l !l Ut "'"' Blvi -' °" th " 1 sm "' Don't u-nlt] Phiornl/o your botlv with rich. rcU-liloorl. Stnrt oil SSS Tonic now As vlsorour, blooil turao-, tllrDUghaiit yam wliolc linily. umilpr (rtMslini.-Ki niul alrint'lh Klioilla nmke you cnl hotter nk'tp Ijtllcr, !«. I ijptior. ivork better. piny licUcr, Imt'e n In'nllliy color uloiv In youi skin— nun n t »i, im out i.oliow HII.-OS. MlUlmin.or bc.llle, coitl. tlft, a. lioltlc from your drill- slorc. SS3 Tonic Uellib IlnlKI sturdy llcollh. j With j • Hawkinson Treads, ! j Let Your Next Tires Be j 1 GENERALS j •Cost More — Worth Mori-• PAGE PIV1S GOT HER CHE5T IN A VISE? «• «' J V ARE M/ • ''MEAT! t J1<>or WHo clieflt nmscle« BO tight fro ! MOD1NGER TIRE CO. ! • »1C K. atiiln |.| lone 2 ,; 0 , i nidmtial FARM LOANS / Low Interact / Long Twin J Fair Apprvlul J Prompt Swlo* RAY WORTHINGTON Serring This Section for 24 Ytars 115 So. 3rd Bljthevlile, Ark. Tone In Prudential Profrnio Sunday al 4 p.m. over WKKC FOR SALE 100 TONS ALFALFA HAY /.'-',•','• Roseland Gin Co, ROSELAND, ARK. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL. CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NQRTH TENTH Phone 3151 . The Best In Town Don't let dinffy traffic film man- the appearance of yom- c.-u- lot Shclton Motor Company give it back lh c old lustre that it' had 'when new. A new paint job i s not an odd job with Shclton, rather il,.,s i specialty! ' SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 121 W. 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