The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1947
Page 6
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pen. Eisenhower Shuns Presidency High-Ronking Army Officer Eliminates ; Self as a Candidate BV MERKIMAN SMITH United Press'Whit* House Keportci WASHINGTON, Peb. 17—(UP) — Friends and Ijogstcis of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower said today the general does not think a lifelong professional .soldier would ninke Ule best presidential timber. Many admirers and would-be political associates of the Army chief of staff have-urged him repeatedly to make himself available for the 19.48 presidential contest but he hns rejected the suggestions. It was learned that a group of some of Ills oldest friends in the MtdWcst made nn especially urgent plea about six months ago but he '(old them it wns out of ihe ques- I tion. . - Eisenhower. It was said, offered these basic arguments against his • candidacy: • i 1. His entire training and back: ground are military. He feels Ihnt • military men, no matter how dis- ; tinguished in thr- arts of warfare,. . are not ideal presidential timber. I • He does not believe a professional .' soldier is in close enough touch j , with the mass of American thought. . ..; 2. Because he feels that President | Truman will be the 1948 Deino- k cratic nominee, he does not want . to be la the position of running . against his Commander-in-chief. ' ; 3. in his own case—the case of a professional soldier — Eisenhower Photographer Reels , fee's ho reached the pinnacle ill • accepting the German surrender as ; allied commander in Europe. Not . for a moment does this Imply nny . disregard for the presidency "But ' simply his feeling as a military , man who ho s reached the peak in . his chosen field. • ; The friends <Aio heard these ' arguments six months ago say the ] general's attitude remains un> changed today. Conseqiiently, (liey • are convinced he will never be v available for the presidency. Pdragould Lad Injured When Cycle Hits Truck ;.. PARAGOULD, Ark., Fob. 17 (UP) ; .—Richard Lofton. 13. was in a critical condition here today with a skull . fracture suffered when a motorbike ; he was riding collided with a truck ,: near Paragould Friday. Bil]j e L : Blerbaum of Pamgould, who was ' driving, the bike, was less seriously Injured. . Police Submit Report | i LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 17. t (UP)— Little Rock officers made i 34,949 arrests in 194G, which re- suited in 34,017 fines or convictions according to n report released bv' Siting. Pojice Chief J. I. steed The : total included II arrests on murder : charges. m&y. assessed lotnled - $204,689, of which $163,025 wns paid. - _ Read Courier .News Want Ads. Clothes Double ,1 COURIER NEWS South Carolina Mnh Mob Jailer Overpowered « And Victim's Body Riddled by Bullets C-.TErSVILLK. :3. C.. F>>b ]• (UP) AII armci! mo b of about o.< v;hlte men oveip-jwc-rod the jailer I at nra::)y Wckrn.s curly today anal ri-mnvcd a Negro whom they lynch. <d by sta.-bing and .shooting. The negro wilt,. identillrd us WifJie ivnr'c, y,, V ;ho had 'ace'" lu'ln as a suspect in Ihc assault [,"" . l ' < -' ;b2r > j: * Oreenville taxi Jallrr F:l Gilstsrp at Pit-kcns sai,! the mr.b came to Hie )>u a . bout ., «'>.. while ho «, !S a| 0 , le t, Kiih Jus young son. The n:iij !,..<,,,. he. said, di- .irii:i'd ;,u(( ovei'pr>\vi>]-(!d him an i removed Ea:-|e from his cell n,. with shotgun" 0 "'^" " X ' rC "•"""-'" Thr, mu, drove speedily awav „, :;!.^: 11 ';i irs ° ml « i ' s < 1 :«P save', h , Stratosphere Balloon Given Two-Hour Test .V1IX-\'.?AFCL13, Minn., Feb. n. (UP;—The first test-flight of new Kiuip.ncnt for another 'balloon at- i:»cj! «:> ll:c fii.rgta.tpherc was su:- rrs'itully concluded today :ind Uon I''d, son of ihe lumous Or. J.--:.ii I'k-rai'd, wild Unit it "worked very .'.(•,')."'!.".(• 21-year-old .University of MiiiMrfOta slut..nt said he was dis- uiipoliitcd -because low - hanging clouds limited his altituo'e to be- iwion 12SO nnd 1,400 feet. He had planned to test a new valve de- ..iSM'U u/.liis JiuiiiT and an alum- i)i:::n Ijaskcl which he designed himself, at. altitude up to lu.WJ Picrard Innc.'ecl near While Bear, Minn.. 25 miles northenst of his si: rtinR paint oiu the outskirts ot the Minneapolis business district. 'Hit flight lasted iwc hours nii-i 10 minuti's. MONDAY, FKRRUARY 17, 1017 This spectacular photo made by Acme-K EA photographer Mau/icc Laingan shows Floyd P. Wilson, confcssrri slave,- of Milton lo-ve Ing an attempted hijack of i-ei-ci|>ls of „ Wa>.'iliigton D C si.pei market, lunging forward after battering Washington star ,,holO|iraphe, August Chinn. chinn'Is reeling ajiiitnst the wall at rlgin his- hanging in mid-air. The attack occurred following Wilson'-- ^ mem in a Washington court. (Copyright ACME Tclephoto by staff photographer Maurice bnnigan from T\'EA Telrphoto.) 6,000 Miners Still Idle in Pennsylvania L'ANSFOHD, Pa., Fob. .17. <UI J > — Six thousand nnlhvacltv miners i:i,n v -- ACMI- ngr.iu remained n\vay from their JC05 in tlie Panther Valley region today, despite the end of an under- t'lotmd sitdown strike by 13 fellow workers. The sitdoM'ners ended a (H-hour strike ,^0 feet below tho surface on Saturday, had' been ex- , - pected the other miners would return tod.iy lo end their sympathy walkout. District officials of the United Mine Workers <AFL> said the men prciabh- would remain on itrlkc until their grievances are taken up by the Panther Valley General Mine Committee. The committee. however, hns not scheduled any meeting. ; The 13 staged n sitdown on tlie fifth level of the Lanslord Colliery of the Lelilgli Navigation Coal Co in protest against being "clocked" ior not putting in o. full seven hour shltt. They came to the surface after being assured by Mart Brennan. president of U.VIWs District Seven that the compauy wculd refund the dockage. Spokesmen foi the O.CCO miners ointed out. however, that the il^mce aiso affected the company's other collerics at Tnmnqun Coaldalo Eii.l Lansford and thu (he miners would remain away from Iheir jnbs there nntli iir- i.uigcmcnts ior settling the di'iHU" were made. The siti.cwners beijan their stride Wednesday night and on Friday their fellow workers began tlieir sympithy walkout. LEGISLATURE Continued from P:igc I, million dollar highway program, He told reporter* Saturday -that he plans to talk with leading legislators before presenting tho bills suggested by his advisory committee Unit would raise about $3.COJ,C03 a year for 10 years by increasing UK- state sales and gasoline tnxcs. L-.incy said he would not take the position of crainm'inj; highway taxc.» down anyone's throat But in- hastily added that if no one else came up with a good idea, he would work out his plan with adminr=- triilion leaders. ' Other items in the mill this Alaskans are served by mo :e air- Planes per capita tlmn' a n v 0 (iicr People. ' | There nre some 40,000 miles of i i-adio-trackcd civil airways in the j U. S. , • i ' : . I Liter the Negro's body, ,-iouic- «'"• shotgun ,u,l st .v, wound-: wns iniiiKi fcf.-iiveen Pickens and road"" °" tlU ' °' d Ei>sl ' 5y B """ 1 ' Eai'ic had b;en arrested Sunday alleitwnu in connection with tlie siiU:in|; and ro^.b-ry of » oreei,- vi Ic taxi driver. T. W. Brown »•) who was lound uncoucious in Ine~l> en a :»nc'Iy Pi:kens Countv load late Saturdav night Drown is in a Oreenvi]] e ' hospital, will), two wounds in .liis chest „,„: Uj his mouth, lie was roWje'd" u> week include possible action on the. enabling nil to the. stale's hospital. ' " slatc Jinn 3 "', |J °' LS °" tho co '»"ifltee's X"^r^ ma< *^-"™* l'inp"'nh',Vf L: T' C " Ce Bl! > t kwell ol 'me Bluff charged Sen. Ernest mTsubmiuin ^"'h"" 5 *' Ul W '' Ui '^ dc^.lbcd kl | 1 r' ICdec ° r <£'«o»t U He "is^.iacd them us "rannprt •• Tnn -ojantifuliy-wordcd.- ' Hospital I'robers $pl!( • Mane,- ,. c p]i c d thnt ,, c ha(i f ^ "'the W ' Ul s - CVCfnl olhcr inombci-s The second report mcirbv'MaTier ecoinmendcd gridaul ab-in [ °'^ e , Lfltle Hock "unit of"t,'" Juapitai by confiniii!; alt fnn^r binldlng to the HcntSn ,rilt up th.i-re," he said, "out. tlie valve ivojkH! (juitc \vell." H-. .said the valve was designed lo i-Iiminato s;:a.rhs of static eloc- iricity which sometimes backfire into b.i.'Ioons and cause explosions The s;:arks, which are generated ttlitn the balloonist operates del lat- in™ vi'U'es to control the rise and • i'll of his liiillcon. are-blocked in 1 i:rn:d's- valve by 11 metal screen t \oini;; pit-card said a shift in tK' mud shortly after he soared a.'ort sent his Japanese paper balloon northeast instead of southeast as he had expected. I'itx-nrd's father dieted all p'-c- IX'.™(ions' for his son's flight He •said he was not over-enthusiastic jiaout the.-balloon his son used but had permitted the use ol it young Piccai'd was so _T!ic talloon was one the Japanese 'pi-i• l °, scncl b °mus across ' the taincd it from the Navy. i in Bcnton. Long sold :ie wou;a in- ilrortuce n resolution asking- the ' pii'iiic hcai;h service to make a tinvey and recommend how the hospital situation should be handled Meanwhile, Bliickwell postponed n continuous hearing of the committee from Saturday morning until lor.ight because of a lack of a | rmorum. It Will Pay You to See port in a ' Read Courier News Want Ads. TOO FAT? |[ ^ Get SUMMER this s, vitamin candy way ^ Kcv-o a nmrc xlcnder. ' cisine.. No'fa'»i'li'v?j"No lay supply of AYDR onlt t"-~ if 7T h rrtulu.MONKY HACK r*n\'^y n^^U,'' '^^'^ r 'O"c -ITC Kirby Drug Store about that trim -.,, little ^ Figure? WHY NOT HAVE IT BACK AGAIN? ^o hl n B r",' 0 ,'' 1 ' ccom l )lishetl anything! Why not decide now to u it the cnldwcll Beauty Shop for a series of form sivinij health reuunum reducing .reatments. You'll Hnd that inches ca,.S il'"i" V ' < i y °" r '" C!ls i >rcln ''"'- s '" J«st n few days . . . Try GYRODUCE FOR HEALTH! CALDWELL BEAUTY SHOP 311 No. Second Sh Phone 2592 Barbara Drake, above, of. Borger ? X u wi " be screen actr «s ? ar ^? ra Stanwyck's wardrobe double in "The Other Love " r;l rnba , lai , ? "o»ywood high school student, won out over thousands of contestants during , search for a girl with measure- ients nearest those of the star. ; YOU UP NIGHTS? > I ,• If you jet up rngMs— have frequent dc- i lire to p»M your water— but have only i icanty passages— yea, and havd backache i due to_ex«»j acidity in the urine, be zlad • JTOu'rc reading this: ' Three gmerationa ago Dr. Kilmer, • rimoui dc«tor, found hundred! of hii ; : -Mtiezitl.with tW. trouble. Painstakingly _. ; he made . medicine of 16 herbs, roots, t'ZSl*?"?,"- b»lM"w— Nature's ow-n way to I>*T!''- He called it "Swamp-Root" and , millions of grateful men and women have •t fe" lt ~ often »">"< amazing resultj. . u* mp " R ! >ot 80CS "8"* to work to 0" f >idney>...incvea5e3 the flow of ?, E21 t i X licve cxccss acidity. . . tlted bladd « «eu a good flushing * ?^.f°°; M * ny rc P° rt B««ng o good ••,»>eW>. *«P Xter.lhe first tew doscj. ,C«ution: take M directed. '' « »"«l r «upply, «n<l to Dtpt. S, C «-:7 1 'f-.Bo* '255, Stamford r— get full-sized bottle of Swampi at your <!n>istor«. ^ Jack W. Powell Insurance Counsellor Mississippi County Docs your will conflict with vour insurance? Office—21 Lynch KIdff. I'hone 3702 Residence Phone 2413 Post Office Hox GO-1 BlytheviHe, Ark. NATIONAL LIFE INSURAHCE COMPANY SSSMES. VERMONT Philharmonic Society Names Officers for 1947 ,M Lt ! TTL ' 3 ROCK; . Ark.. Feb. 17 >rm'~ 0fneei ' s f01 ' tl)c Arkansas I'hllhnriiionic Society were elected at a meeting here yesterday t'hey include: Willlnm W. Lclah of Little Roik Pi-esldent; William n. Williams of Little Rock, vice-president central region; Rnble Rhodes of Harrison vice-president. • Northwest region-' Dr. R. n. Robbins of Ciimden, viccl president, Southwest region; E, L. Westbrook of Jonosbbro, vice-president, Northeast refsion; Mrs. C. J Giroir of Pine Bluff, vice-president, boutheast region; Mrs. T. O. Sparks or Little. Rock, recording secretary, re-elected; Mrs. Jesse Core of Little Rock, corresponding secretary; and c- B. Cook of Little Rock, trcns- Dr. J. D. Jordan pi Little Rock, retiring president, was elected us lifetime honorary president rnd a member of the executive board. Auto License Sales Higher For Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Peb. 17. iUl-1 — The State of Arkansas today hud collected $1,294,97-1 on motor vchicle licenses so far this year, Revenue Commissioner Otho A. G'jck announced. 'Die commissioner said the figure is 15 i:er cent ahead -of collec-tloiH at t!vj .sa:i;p time lasi year and W per cent of the totnl amount crj.'lvctet: in 1E«. "Gin- collections this year will be a b Manually higher 'than the S-).- !59,OCo we took in bst. vc>;r '• Coox - OSes in Farm Home fire Read Courier Now* Want Ads. S, Ark., r.-j. 17. .UP) ---Funeral services were planned to- i -Vi f n'' 33 -y cal '-oW Mrs. Marjorie Littrel . who died here yesterday from burns suffered Saturday A stove exploded as she started to bmlcl :> lire. Her home in the Mar- ulc community was destroyed. AN APOLOGY We regret that we were enable to seat many of those who came to witness the "Womanless Wedding", performed last Friday night at Sud- 'bury School. To those of you who were turned away, please accept our apologia-:. Sudbury Parent-Teacher Association NOTICK OF SCHOOL EI.ECITIOX Notice Is hereby given that the annual school election will be held March 15. 1947 from 2:00 to fi-.'M o'clock p.m. The purpose of ihis election is to elect directors fin- each school district, levy the school lux, and elect a County Bu:i-d Member for Zone I. Signed: PHILLIP J. DEER County Supervisor of Mississippi County .School'.. andoils! •«^*^j DEALERSHIP OPEN! Dealership .open in (liis area for Aoroncft Aircraft parts and accessories Also Continental Engines and pm't.s CO NTACT K N A P P SAL£ s & rv n M r r SERVICE CLARKSVILLE, TENN. PHONE 1387R THE FAltMERS ami BANKERS !,IF K INSUHANCE CO W. 0. GEURIN. Gen, Agent- Jol.n F. Holmcs—w. O. Geurln Jr. Office Douelas B!d = Zir, W. Walnut Phone 23S1 A. \ -$ Harris tractor, starter. 16—101 Jr. IMasscy li^Iils .i)i(J poivci 1 l;f(. Massey-Hiirris combine with motor completely ovecbauled and guaranteed. «i»m«.ieii IVIassey-Han-is 2 row planter (Never been used) Massey-Harris 2 row, 3 plow .Middle Hiisler International Disc Harrow L Massey-Harris 2 row Cultivator ALT, EQUII'MKNT BOITGHT NEW IN 194B DENT BROWNE Can 810 ASH STREET t>c seen at Blyllicvillc Soybean Corporation 1ROO West Main S(., Illyllicvillc, Ark. ; \ 217 So. Second Street Phone 422 LET OUR EXPERTS TAKE CARE OF: * MOTOR TUNE-UP * BODY REWORKING * BRAKE CONTROL * NEW PAINT JOB * STEERING ADJUSTMENT * NEW TIRES SKK THE NEW DODGE, PLYMOUTH and DODGE JOB-RATED •—— TRUCKS BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO.

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