The Weekly Republican from Plymouth, Indiana on February 1, 1872 · 4
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The Weekly Republican from Plymouth, Indiana · 4

Plymouth, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1872
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I ' "' ' .V. . , ' - "-"" .WWW mrni.1rriJ ' i LtTtBIlllffirT1ITaWir - ; ......... " Y Aiffini'iiiiii JOHN MILUKAN. EDITOR. THURSDAY, FEBKUARyT1872 We acknowledge the receipt of .New Orleans and Washington papers, from Hon. Jasper Packard. Fire is Rochester. A dwelling house owned by Mr. Farrington and or copied by Mr. Thompson, was damaged to the amount of $150, by fire, on Monday last Defective flew was the cause. The Elkhart Reticle says that $25,000 arc paid out by the Rruilroad Company in that place every mon.h and it also says that money is mors plenty there than ever Detore, at this time in the year. Last Sunday we had the pleasure of "J'us wjacu a ciass 01 little girls who have been regular attendants, for live years lit.if n 1. .. 1 1 1 J uic rresoyienan Sunday school in Plymouth. We have not lately passed - vr. ,.itoMui iiour man tnat. Modi ester Sentinel. Three cases of varioloid, or mild form ot small pox, are reported in Elkhart, by Elkhart physicians. The Review advises the authorities of that place to take the necessary stepr to prevent the spread of me disease. The Marion, Indiana, Monitor is in favor of Colfax for President. It favors the doctrine of one term for President, except in case where the President isjeminentlv qualified for re-election, as was the case with Lincoln. This is the opinion of the people generally the exceptions being those who oppose a re-election, in any case. The School house is only A.i miles south-west of Plymouth where "a" youn-lady attempted to gouge out the eve? of a nice young man; he would certainly have been too much for her, had her hair been longer, but as it. was, she came off conquerer. Rochester Sentinel. This will be news to the people in that neighborhood. We learn from the Michigan City Enterprise that Messrs. Clark & Co. of Chicago, have leased ground for wharfage on Trail Creek, in Michigan City, and procured the privilege of converting the far famed Hoosier Slides and hill in that city, in, o artificial stone. The company propose to manufacture a shipload everyday, for the Chicago market. The cost of manufacturing will be very small, and transportation a mere trifle. It. will tnto a long time to use up that huge pile of sana, even at that rate. The Remiblican papers in the northern part of the State, almost, if not quite, unanimously, express tln;ir preference for Hon. G. S. Orth, for Governor. With such a showing there can be but little doubt of his nomination. There seemes to be no opposition to him outside of his own county. A little jealousy exists there; but not of a character to detract from his good standing, either as a Republican or a gentleman. We hope to see his nomination made unanimous at the State convention, on the 22nd of February. Chicago is Growing in Morals. It is said to be an absolute fact, and we have no doubt of the truth of the assertion, for it is published in the Chicago papery that a city Alderman has been found' ' guilty of receiving a bribe for his services in procuring legislation, that would put money in his employers pocket. Potter Palmer was once considered very mean by a.Chicago Alderman, for offering him the pitiful sum of one hundred dollars, for his services in procuring tne passage of an ordinance to condemn property on state srreet, for the purpose of widening that street. It was not wrong to offer a compensation for services rendered; but the sum was so small that Mr. P. appeared contemptible in the sight of the virtuous alderman, when he knew that Mr. Palmer was made richer by thousands of dollars. The question now is, what shall be done with the men who bribe the Aldermen. Public opinion has always favored that class of speculators, but the time is coming, if it has not already come, when such transactions will be looked upon as conspiracies to rob the people. Daniel Shehan, while holding a subordinate office under Thos. Murphy, collector, and Alonzo B. Cornell, surveyor of the port of New York, paid two "per cent, of his salary, in obedience to the following circular, dated October, 1871. To all whom it may concern : All persons in the employ of the Custom House, will be required to pay at the office of he' Surveyor, two per cent, upon their salaries for the year. Signed By order of Thomas Murphy, Collector of the Port of N. Y. This notice was posted where it could be seen in the office, when his salary was paid him. He was afterward removed from bis office, and has now commenced suit against Murphy and Cornell to recover the money. What use was made of the money is not stated. The question will soon be tested whether it is right and proper for such things to beor whether it may not be classed with the crime of highway robbery. There is very little difference ecu me uemanj' oi -your money or your life,' and "your money or your po-:':-:on " to 12.' ?.b-':e r'fli l- renrrrr-'-d. From the Indiana State Journul, 10th. Colonel Eddy's Funeral. THE MEETING YESTERDAY. Governor Baker's rooms in the State House were crowded yesterday afternoon by the i?tate officials and other friends of the late Secretary of State, who met to make arrangements for the funeral. Hon. John Pettit presided, and opened the meeting with some timely allusions to the good man in whose memory those present had assembled. J udge Pettit said : Words cf honor and respect could not, be more filly spoken of any man than of our friend, and whatever you see fit to do in respect to his remains or his meuury 1 shall approve with melancholy pleasure. Governor Baker announced the probable arrangement, for the funeral according to his information from the family, llou. James B. Ryan subsequently announced, bv auihoritv. tin t-ui.n,. sired to have the funeral at South Bend on Wednesday, to effect which the re mains must leave here Tuesday evening VVhile the family did not desire any services or demonstration in this city, they yielded to the desire of friends, and there would be services at the residence preliminary to removing the corpse. In au intervail of business Mr. W. II. Drapier, formerly of South Bend, said th it for twenty-live years he had known Col. Eddy well and intimately, and there never lived a nobler man or a truer friend. Words of praise were only too w eak to be used in this connection. "lie was an honest man in an upright and incorruptible sense, which is not common iu these latter days. If h, had a tault which the speaker did not assert it was only his apparent carelessness about religion ; but that question was not for usto decide. He was a good man, and his example should be cherished. Hons. J. B. Ryan and A. L. Roache were appointed a comtuit'.ee to make arrangements with the Peru road for tiaua-portation. The following escort, equally composed of soldiers and civilians, was appointed to take charge of the remains, and appoint pall bearers fr u their number: Gov. Baker. chairman linn .T n K !,,, maker, Hon. J. L. Worden, Capt. T. W. -uccov, oames Ue Sanuo, Gen. .Nathan Kimball. Col. Thos 15 M,f,nt,- J. W. Dodd, Hon. T. A Hendricks, Gen.' Ben. Harrison. Gen Hen John E. Simpson, Col. W. II. Ilollowav, Gen. G. F. McGinnis, Col. J. V. Bemus-dailer, Gen. Fred. Kuefler, W. II. Drapier, Hon. James R. liva kins, Col. James "li. Black, Adi. Gen. J. tx. Greenwalt, Hon. John I. Morrison, Maior John I). l',r:in n.- nrni,,,,,.. v.- arts, Gen. Tom. M. Browne, Gen. Daniel jjacauiey, vol. Jell. K. Scott; Hon. J. J. Binahain. Jerome, r, Uiirnett M.,i,,i-n M. Wilson, Col. B. C. Shaw, C.A. Elliott, v. u. ttiiKey. A committee on rfisnlnfinvw nf mcv.,.1 consisting of Judge S. II. Buskirk, Chair man, uov. naKer, tieu. .Nathan Kimball, Hon. J. E. McDonald .1 J ,!,.,.., Hon. A. G. Porter and Hon. A. L. Roache was appointed and instructed 10 report with the other ed meeting at the State House this "morn ing at 10 o'clock. The other committee is composed of the Hon .1 and Mr. J. J. Bingham, whose misshi is to confer with the family as to the further arrangements for the funeral. The escort will meet with the other committees this morning to complete arrangement.-. Erum the South litud tnk u uf Monday ivenins. Mr. John Brownfield received a tele gram from Mrs. Eddy, request inn him to make proper arrangements for the burial of t he deceased. - The body of the deceased will leave Indianapolis at 7 o'clock Tuesday evening and arrive at this place on U'cdne.-dav morning at 1 !., o'clock. It will be carried to the r. t iuenee of Mr. II. Barth where the friends of the deceased mav view the remains until 2 o'clock, p. The funeral services will be held at the First M. E. Church, at 2 o'clock, p. r., after which the body will be conveyed to the Cemetery. The members of the Bar of the city met at t le Sheriff's office at o'clock, p. m., to make arrangements forlhe funeral. T.' S. Stanlleld was appointed Chairman, and J. D. Osborn, Secretary. On motion of Judirn T tee cf six was appointed, eousisun"- of -Messrs. 1. S. Stan'ieM, Joseph Ilender .sou, juucius iiimnaru. William George, -a. Anderson and Judge Alward, to proceed 10 Lanorte and. in fmiinnriinn other committees that may be appointed. 'wem- cui remains an l convey them to this place. On motion, it was resoloH tlwt tT, members of the Bar of the county attend uie tuneral, and that the members of the Bar of the counties of Elkhart, Laporte and Marshall also be invited to attend. Messrs. T. G. Turner, A. Anderson and illiam George, were appointed a committee to draft resolutions, and report the same at the meeting of the Bar to be held in the Sheriff's "office at one o'clock on Wednesday. The followin g named gentlemen will act as pall bearers : John IS'iles, Major B. Bjrket, Geo. Milburn, of Mishawaka, T. S. Stantield, L. J. Ham, Lewis Humphreys, David Stover, F. R. Tutt, of this city. The following named persons will act as a committee, in conjunction with others apiointed by the Bar, to proceed to Laporte and take charge of the remains of the deceased : J. M. Studebaker, D. A. easev. Wm. Mack. II. H.irtli Wm r;i ler, J.'D. C shorn. ' Bourbon Items. BY TATTLER. Bourbon Ikd., Jan. 29tb '72. Tbe tberaoineter is 14 degrees below zsro everybody here is on tbe hop tbis morning. Saw loirs are still comminc in in numbers. i : Sleighing fine, but the weather is too cold to ride for pleasure. Mr. Mattingly, the senior editor of the Mirror has been quite sick lbr the ast few days with erysipelas but is doiiv-finely now, and Dr's. Matchett & 1'iauel luiiib. lie n in oa um ia a Ikw days : x ii.iiiv.owiu a ii& xuauiUUee VO., til ) Chicago, have promptly paid Mr GeorPP I Keller tl.P nniAnnt nVl.'ia lnc , I; H c euor tne amount ot iiis loss, by -fare in the burning Ol his building and goods This is the kind of company to insure in When the comoanv will vm ri.rl . ueu me MituMU) will come right up I and meet the risk by paying the amount j i ha a niuinun H 1 ra ir..i. A of the' noliey There are a great many persons in this place who wish to insure their property we would say consult Captain Hewett A uu rejieseiiis me a.uiBiie;in. Mr. Wm. N. Olney, a young man hail-; ing from Pierceton, has been in tow n for i a day or two. . We understand that he io tends embark- ing in some mercantile enterprise, the particular character of which we have not learned. Several excursion parties have made flyiug visits to Argos and Plymouth during the past week. On one of those visits, one of the sleighs containing one of the happiest couples, was turned over but the parties quickly righted up and resolved to keep the thing a secret, which they did, only the lady invited a few of her friends to help her. Contractors, can by examining the Chicago Daily Tribune, see something to their interest, viz: the advertisement of the letting of tin- ini nf hi,n,i;n.. .1 college, in Bourbon, on the 2?th day of r euruary, is i j. One of our nonnlnr snlrrnU ,. up this morning, and neither of the pro- piums,uciuuu seen at uieir place of business. The hoop poles are still roling in, and filling up north main street in hue style. -rrom appearances, the Marshal and town Board have evacuated the town. Death of Nokmax Eonv Smiw I of State. Yesterday the Dainihrnlu went forth that Col. Eddv had died suddenly of heart disease, at his residence corner of West and New York streets in this city, and though it seemed hard to realize the fact, it was only too true. His death was sudden indeed, but not entirely unexpected by his family and intimate friends, who have known for several .years that the dread angel might claim him at almost any monunt in" the way and manner of his death ycstcrd.iv. Colonel Eddy had been complaining some days of his old Iuka wound, and also of tne trouble about his heart, and had not visited his office since last Tiiurs lay but had been going about the house much as usual until yesterdav luoniiii"- about half past 8 o'clock, w hen he fclMo the floor in the act of helping himself to some medicine in his own i,w.n, m..., i- hastened to his side but found hb insen sible and speechless. The household was 'IWI"J caneu in, uie slncUen man was lilted to his couch, and physicians were summoned in exeeeilin.r i,.,it(, n,,, .,n S 'v-, .in were ot no nvnil Win,;,, ti... hour that he was stricken the good man's spirit passed peacefully awav amid the most touching demonstrations of ali'ec- " "j "'s i;iiuii. anu mentis, who are plunged into the deepe t affliction bv his death. Indiana State Journal 'i'Mh ' When t icy want a little sport in Laporte, tney set fire to a dry goods store give the alarm screw a section of hose on a water plug and turn the w ater on- the holly machinery does the rest. The house and goods get a thorough wetting and the insurance companies pay tiie damages. The goods arc dried and sold at very fair rates. Tiiat's ths r-ia, ki s. ur.ieii faded calico is worn over there. The Republi-uin is giving very general satisfaction. Those who are subscribers for it freely recommend it to their friends. "How to go "West' Forty years West as most ago, Illinois was peopie wished to s far go and journeys were made in the legenda "Prairie Schooner," but in these "days ol 1 rogrcssand improvement, the w ord West hjis come to mean Iowa, Nebraska. Kansas, Colorado. California and the Territories, and the Traveler reneln.- .;,nr. .my !H)ini therein by a splendid Line of Railroad. This Line of Railroad is the Burl in "ton Route, which starts from Chicago t.v.'r tiie Chicago, Burlington vt Quincv R U from Indianapolis over the liidhmapoli Bloomington & Western Short Line, and from l.ogunsport, over the Toledo.' Peoria t Warsaw R. R.. and running throu'di Binti.ixoxox, reaches Omaha. Lincoln Nebraska City, St. Joseph, Atchison Leavenworth and Kansas Citv connecting with the UnioiT Pacific, Kansas Pa-cir.c and other Railroads running from those cities. Always go "By way of Burlington," and you will be sure to be right. The Burlington Route has udmirablv answered the question, "How to go West by the publication of a truthful and interesting document, tilled with facts in regard to Time, Connections, Accommodations, rates ot Fare, and other iuterestiu" items, and illustrated bv a lai-e m-ti? truthfully show ing the whole West, which they distribute free of charge. Copies, and additional information, can be obtained by addressing, General Passen-er Agent, B. A; M. R. It., Burlington, Iowa' MARRIED. rUY :-STI.RIGnTIn North town Walter Murphy nd Mis8 IS ;iiua Sulthui.t Mr. DIED. NORTON'. Thursday morning. Jan nary 25th of 01 T,'iwi,ii Knrtnn 1.'.... 1 . . . v- , ' !-r, Mrs sarah .Norton th M v Vi - '"" services Wert! hp d at tie M. .. Church, t.y the pastor, Uev J. L. Bovd HE PLUS ULTRA! A New Glee Book, Wiih Piano Accompaniment PRICE, $.150 EACH; $15 PEE D0Z. Wherever the "XE PLCS ULTRA" Glee Book hag lieeu introduce, t i . . ... ti .L 1'ioiiiMiiirrH super ior to all other works of it kind. It i, ih, Quartets, iJVarly ail of which have rtauo Accwini, Uiiueutki. ad Ub 1 Sawrde Conks Mailed. ?w nnid 51 r,n - . - j. j J. L. PETERS, jan25-t3. Sd'.t Broadway, Xew York. A LECTURE TO YOUNG MEX. Just fxUinlicd. in a Sealed i'arefop. Price tir ctnts. A Lecture on the .ature, Treatment nd Kniliral Cuie ol S,ermat"rrWa. or Seminal Veaki..-Bs'. Involtlitfary Krai.iSmii-,, Sexual l(,'tili-ty,and ! mi'dinteniH to .Marriage geoetallv; N'erv ousue. oriMioi, tioo. Kpilep and Kuk; Menial End I'bvnitvl In ai.acitv. leu Hit g from elf- Almse. tfc. By U'IBKIir J. t Ut.VE ilWKLL. M. Abuse. icBv liOBEl: r J uie mll otMtK, .;. r lhe "uuw""' author, i.i ihis admirable Lecture, clearly proves lroui Ins own experience tht ih awful consequences . f m.-ai.ii. m, be fffecinallj remov.d without mediciues. and uithonr da"Per"ua iuicai operations, bougies, iustm- menrs, rings, or cvdials. pointing ,.ur a mode f cure at once certain and effectu u by which eve, v utfer r, n.. uiur iat hiscondinou may be, my ll a .. , K. ..... .1 i, i. . cuiw lumpen cueapi.v. pnvaieiy, raaicaljy. THIS LEOTUliE WILL I'liOVIs A UOtiJJ To TltOL'S-ANUS AND TlioL'SANOS. V Sent under seal, 10 any address, in a plain seated envelope, ou the receipt ol six cent, or two poui;e tamps. b AIki, Dr. CuJverwell's Marriaey Guide," nrice 25 ce: ts. ' Address the Publishers, CHASrJ O. KLINE 4 CO., , Bowery Vork, Pwt office Box 4,586. Oct2U-ly. ' ALL HAIL CHICAGO ! Chicago is rising from her ashes, and w ill be one of the greatest cities in the West, but the greatest excitement just now is about the new finn of TO ILLIAMSON & CO., on account of the JLTUL 132 KTS 323 STOC OF GOODS They are Receiving, it being one of the BEST AND CHEAPEST STOCKS OF GOODS Ever brought to Ply mouth -vnu uif i',v cieiernimca to sell very cheap. To convince you of this they only ask you to call ami examine theirgoods itnd prices. They have amongst the rest Choicest of Dress Goods, 4 .1 .1. .... , . . , such as Genuine I'rcnvh roi.linx, Seeded Poplins, I'uplin Alpancax, Japanese. Silks, Watered Heps and Plain Silkx, li hiic & Colon d Alpacxa Double Faced and Silk Warp Pluck Alpaca, L'mprt.'is Cloths, Velours, ALL SHADES OF French & English Merino French and Scotch Plaid, Palermo Cloth, Plain & Figured Dclaincg, Pla;l; & Colored Satins, Velveteens for Dross and Cloak tr. minings, Jl' pp Good of the newext and latest styles. and otu. of the btggtst stocks of PRINTS & GINGHAMS Ever Piled in one House, And an to the TRIMMINGS AND NOTIONS there is no use to try to tell the half they have got. They have all the latest novelties in Collars, Cuffs. Embroidered, Lace and Linen Ilandkerch iefs, Xewest patterns of Jets and Fancy Jewelry. A fine assortment of Ribbons, all widths and colors. All the New Styles of Dress and Cloak-Buttons, Cloak Loops, Hosiery, Gloves, Luces, Heavy Trimmings, Em- uroiueiies, veilings, v eivet ruooons, bilk t rinses, Ulack bilk Laces, Zephyrs, Gennantown Y arns, and everything else that could be thought of. Also Ladies' wool wraps Drawers, Felt Shirts, and a lot of the most splendid Shawls. Any quantity of Bleached and Unbleached, all "Wool, Plain and Plaid f lannels, U'Ihio anil Or,lr,er,fl llainn.t M'oKV Cloths and Napkins, Towelling, Linen iB Qotton Table Clothing, Striped and Checked blurting, Uenims, Cotton Batting, Cotton Yarn, Carpet Chain, Woolen Yarns, Water Proofs, Kepellant Cloths, Tweeds, Jeans, Cas-simeres, and hue French Cloths. Also a heavy stock of I'LOTilkVG, HITS. CAPS, BOOTS ASD SHOES, V KKY OIIK AIJ. WILLIAMSON &CO. j "WAR TO THE K:3SrXFE. GREAT MARK DOWN SALE! Something Must be Done. to enable us to obtain- sufficient room for our Spring Goods. We ihve therefor d-itided to place on sale mcreiore Our Entire Stock of Winter Goods at Less Than WHOLESALE COST. OUR EXTIRE STOCK of' Cocheco, Sprague, Merrimac and Pacific Prints MARKED DOWN TO 9 CENTS A YARD. Our ent ire Stock of Fast Color Prints, formerly 9c, marked down to 8c Our entire Stock of Prints, formerly 8c, marked dov n to 7c Ourentire Stock of Prints, formerly (5c, marked down to 5c Ourentire Stock of Mink Furs marked down from $5 to $15 a set' Our entire Stock of Cheap Furs marked down to cost Jviee, Plain Alpacas marked down from 20 to lic. Handsome Plaid Poplins marked down from 30 to 25c AJJ 01,1 En,Press Cloths, formerly 50c, marked down to 40c All Vv ool Plaid Flannels, formerly 50c, marked down to 4.5c ard W ide Plaid Flannels, formerly G5c, markeddown to 55c ' iiiiitne Stock of Shawis marked down from $1 to S3 each A big lot of Jeans markeddown from 60 to 50c. ' Fine, All Wool Cassimeres marked dow n frorfi 85 to 75c. . In filCt We are now tflirinr mir on tiro fitnoU fn rt..- V ' " ' . , , , . XLZ FOSTER BROTHERS fiTIPAT 'l'U VlllJt- rrn-i (.,,.,... ' -i COLU M I J J SsTRJCEt' FORT WAYNE, INDIANA. novlG-yl. Id Lino Drug1 Store o 12. B. PSRSHIHG, DEVLER IN DRTJOS, 3VE BrJICIISTES, 5yc xmiiV, rainls, lil, stationery, INiluino oap, Toilt-t A i lii It s, en. o Prescriptions Carefully Compounded. Open Sundays from S 1-2 t o HARDWARE! BUCK Sl GH&iYfcRAL IN Io. llichigan St. PLYMOUTH, WE ARB NOW PREPARED TO SHOW YOU A FULL STOCK OF GOODS IN OUR LINE, WHICH WILL BE SOLD LOW FOR CASH. CALL AND EXAM IS E FOR YOURSELVES, "i ii v woous ana t. aroets at Ipi5 than ' tS IO 1-2 a. r-.. and from 2 to 5 p. rrv TOAN, DEALERS INDIANA.

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