Shepherdstown Register from Shepherdstown, West Virginia on February 2, 1922 · 5
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Shepherdstown Register from Shepherdstown, West Virginia · 5

Shepherdstown, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 2, 1922
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aslirj)lu'rrfstoicn JSfgistrr ' ? Thursdiy. - - February 2d, 1822 Try Bos well's pure cocoa, only 15c a 1 pound. Tod-' Jhe sun r'3es at and seta r 5.14. Ffi- 'rc Qiwtcd at cents a . . Futter is 3? -*nts .i pound \Thcat is up to S1.17 a bushel in our j^-al markets today and corn is 47, H v . \ Pnc full-blooded Ply rooster. Apply . to Rev. ^B A Gro>e. ^B ( Shipley's scale of prices g shoes, published clseH where in this PaPer- Prices are W*V H jo*" * - -ale^bills printed at the ^B , ... where you can get the ttt ;nd the tnost carefully H printedH . Sah A one-ton Ford truck in \ tion. has just been overinpainted. Apply to National Garage. mac Light and Pouer Comp.irv. which operates in this section. vidend of 3 per cent ^Hvr. iG preferred stock. I a sample of Dandrldge's Jersey milk town this week and ^ pronounced by a'l who saw it the mill, that comes to town. An "unnamed friend" has made a -J5.000 to the endow H'>od College at Freder; It is a most timely gift. K^j dent Harding has sent to the mi nation of Frank O. -tmaster at Kearneys'-acjeeeJs Walter F. Wilt. The ' ttlp child of Mrs. Bertha Furr. ^^B of Shep B n to n hospital in week for a surgical opH&J . Saint Andrew's Mission of the '-coral C'uirch. colored, will hold a Saturday evening at the I ion:.- of Mrs Jinnic Johnson, or will ak"orders for suppers. V iter C 'on and family wish to ex :r- -hc:r grateful thanks to the r t v.ncre so kind and helpful |Ur ro the !!;' -s and upon the oc* a a ' the death of Mrs. Caton. Rev ' K. Guy, of Waynesboro, Pa. ted service in the Reformed fhurch of Shephcrdstown last Sunbv. and a'so assisted in the funeral fcrvicc of Mr-. Walter Caton on Mon| lifttie IV -Ts. of Baltimore, forher ighly regarded resident of fc.rl erdstown. renews her subscrip- , k" and v rites us: "The Register is n |f .r from home each week. We pill J not Jn v ithout it." [Grace Reformed Sunday school of; learneysviUc wi 1 hold a Valentine keial at Trump's hall. February 10th., key will serve soup, icecream, cake Id candv and will also sell valentines, kerybody is cordially invited. Iv.r. Robert Gibson, who has been j ktremely ill for several weeks, is! Iw very much improved and is gain- j p strength daily. There is hope that j | will fully recover and that he will j n cc anie to be out again. ^^B.-\ucnt!on is called to the advertise Hrnt of the Shomont Poultry and ^Ktchery of J. H. Daniels, near ^ ^^Benandoah Junction. There is an inH^Bcsting article on another page of the ^^Bgister this week concerning this esJ^ftlishmcnt and poultry raising in gen^^ Kev. S. M F.ngle, of Lake City, ^^ uida, in renewing his subscription ^^kites us as follows: "The weekly visof the Register to our home are ^Bght spots, and it does not long await ^Hr reading, especially the editorial ^Hge. Thanks for your weekly visits? B wish vou the most prosperous year ^ all in 1922." ^H"he Blue Ridge Rod and Gun Club, ^Bosc club house a mile east of ^Brer's Ferry was burned last No^Bnber, has approved plans for a new ^Biding, construction of which will be ^Bnmenced about the First of March. ^B new club house will be patterned ^Br the old, with improvements, and ^Bl be constructed of hollow tile. |^B*orman H. Pyles, of Anacosfia, D. ^ formerly of Shepherdstown, oflers ^H'ist the names of persons in the ^Bntry who wish to get into direct ^Bch with consumers in the city who butter and eggs. If you want to butter and eggs direct at city ^Bcs. write to N. H. Pyles, AnacosIBh C. and he will give you further ^B>rmation ucnevicve Pittman, daughter Hbr. and Mrs. J. J. Pittman, of ^^krlesTown, who entered Columbia ^Hpital. Washington, D. C., in Janu^H 1919, and also spent six months ^Bhc past summer in training at ^ evue Hospital, New York, has grad*ith high honors. She i? now, ^Hsing for Dr. Bovee, a noted specialHof Washington. Miss Pittman was ^Hicrly a student at Shepherd (Xrt^Bts Sid Hatfield, widow, of Mingo seems lively in spite o? ^ ugal tragedy. Her first husband H Cabell Testerman, of Matewan.' ^H u-><. killed on May 19, 1920, in a He between detectives and officers of i ^ mining towns. Two weeks after' death she married Sid Hatfield, \ n' police of the town, who some . <h?URht might have fired the | ^H'lhat killed her husband. Sid 1 ^ killed in a fight with detectives at 1 H'1 August, leaving his wife a 1 once more. Tuesday night of ^^J^eek the lady consoled herself 1 a third husband in the per^H^Scrgeant Sylvester H. Peltry,; of thc State constabulary, thus had three husbands withM r,ef rt riod of eighteen months. I LITTLE LOCALS. A civil service examination for candidates ft>r postmaster at Shepherdstown will be held in Charles To\k n on Saturday. February Uth. The Pack Hers; Ford Chapter, N. S. D. A. R.. will hold a business meeting at the home of Miss Rachel Snyder Monday evening, February 6th, at 7.30 U UVCK. Charles Town people have hopes that work will be commenced the coming spring on their proposed new government postoffice building, which has been hanging fire for years. Feed the birds these snowy times and they will reward you when spring domes again. They like suet and nuft and wheat and bread crumbs and other things that can easily be spared Rev. Frank Rines, of Baltimore, an artist with chalk, will give a lecture in the Methodist Church Friday evening at 7 o'clock. Everybody cordially invited. No admission will be cnarged, but a collection will be taken This is ground hog day. The naming began with rain, but by 10 o'clock the c'ouds had broken away and the g. h. has been able to see his shadow This means, alas! that we ate to have six weeks more of bad weather. W. Ralph Burns, engaged in the plumbing and heating business in Charles Town, was adjudged a bankrupt by Juuge W. R. Baker, v>f the U S District Court, last Wednesday. No schedule of liabilities is given. Robert Shipley is having his Jefferson lunch room improved. A pleasant cozy corner will be arranged in the show window, the interior of the building will be repainted, and it will be put in an attractive condition generally. William A. Daniel, formerly in th reat estate business in Charles Town has entered the service of Allan R Wa'ker & Co., incorporated, one of the) largest real estate operators in Wash ington. lie is a member of the saics department. The Hurwitz Creamery Company which operates in Charles Town, Berryville and other places, has formed a corporation with a capital stock of $100,000, $50,000 common and $50,000 preferred stock, and is offering its preferred stock for sale. The stork has been very generous to iYir. ana Airs. John Domer, who live in the tenant house on H. W. Potts's place just north of town. In February, 1921, he left with them a son. Last Friday he brought them two baby girls ?three babies in eleven months. Druggist Charles K. Owens became suddenly faint last Monday morning while at work in his drug store, and falling against a glass show case cut his head severely. He was unconscious for some fifteen minutes. He was taken to his home on Prospect avenue and given medical attention, and is now able to be about. Mrs. J. Albert Link was the victim of a painful accident at her home near Duffields Saturday night. In opening a door at the head of the stairway sho made a misstep and fell down a flight of fifteen steps to the lower hall. A few bruises and a severe shock sura up her injuries. She has been in bed afl this week as a result of the fall.?Advocate. David W Bowers a fine sale of farm property last Thurs.iav near Hedgesvilie. The sale amounted to $3,300?considerably mure than he had figured on?and he is more than pleased with the result* Cows sola up to $68 and $78, while horses sold up to $125, $157 and $168 eacn. The farming implements brought only moderate prices, which is rather surprising, considering htaw high new stuff is selling. Mr. Bowers had his sale well advertised in the Register and had large and small bills printed at this office, and the result once more shows that it pays to advertise in the piper that has the circulation. "The Opequon Golf Club" of Martinsburg was organized last Thursday nignt, when by-laws were adopted and the following persons elected as a board of governors: H. H. Emmert, chairman, H. C. Brooks, C. W. Kilburn, C. N. Campbell, C. E. Martin, H. A. Downs, C. A. Miller, A. R. Emmert, G. W. F. Mulliss, C. J. Faulkner, A. C. Mclntire, J. O. Henson, Ward McLanahan, Abram Horsfall, R. C. Ringgold, C. G. Smith, Clifford Sperow, J. W. Stewart, Frank Thomas, W. H. Thomas, L. H. Thompson, H. P. Thorn, A. B. Parks, J%, and W. R. Caskey. Members of the various- ladies' auxiliarycommittees were announced, among them being the following from Shepherdstown: Entertainment committee. Mrs. R. C. Ringgold and Miss Eleanor Potts; finance committee, Mrs. H. A. Downs; grounds committee, Mrs. E L? Goldsborough and Mr9. Edward L. Reinhart; house committee, Mrs. Hen# ry Shepherd and Mrs. W. D. Himes. Liken Good Horses. M. B. Hinton, the Charles Town liveryman, had a valuable horse stolen from him a few days ago. On January 18 he hired his fine irort-gray horse and saddle to a man who gave his name as Shafer, who rode him away and did not brine him back. Mr. Hinton was unable to learn his whereabouts until last Wednesday, when the received word from Bedford, Pa., that Shafer had been arrested there for stealing another horse, and that upon being questioned about the iron-gray horse, which he still had along, had given the information that it belonged to Mr. Hinton, of Char!c6 Town. Mr. Hinton expects to go to Bedford and ride the horse back this week.?Spirit. Shafer also drtove off with a horsq belonging to Charles E. Webber, of Morgan county, and it is said possibly stole another horse before he was finally caught. Woodrow Wilson. He sought not honor, fame or wealth, But to the world he gave himself, The greatest gift to any nation, The gift of self for its foundation. NANNIE DANDRDGE, Charles Town, W- Va. m V Dr. Knott to Lrclurr Here. R""~ * S I ! "J^fitf!^ hN& Hn '^-'"*v^^:' mk ShjIH^k ><:" BB^r m ' jfy /jk Dr. John O. Knott, distinguished lecturer and native of this vicinity, will lecture in Shepherdstown next Wednesday evening, February 8th, in the Shepherd Colleg auditorium. His subject has not been definitely announced, but his theme will probably be. "What the World is Talking About." He has just completed a month's speaking on tile Eastern Shore of Maryland, and this subject has deeply interested the n t? n n 1 o of tHo? We hope that Dr. Knott will have a crowdeJ house next Wednesday night. The message that he will bring i to us will be well worth hearing; he is a successful lecturer whom we should delight to honor; and he is ?i Shepherdstown man in whom we have long been interested for his many lovable qualities. The readers of the Register have I enjoyed his delightful articles about his earlier days here?we pub ish another story of his this week. It will be pleasant to hear him speak after we have appreciated the work of his pen so grcatlv. From Shephcrdstownhcgoes to Harper's Ferry for a lecture, then takes a train for a point near Parkersburg. and from there goes into Ohio and Indiana and ! hack hy way of Pennsylvania. Farm For Sale. A desirable farm, 150 acres of clean ! land, fine timber tracts and good buildings. Close to town. Limestone country and low-grade railroads. Possession April 1st. House has ten rooms, bath and lights, steam heat, newbarn, good fences and a good road. Inquire at the Register office, Shepherdstown. Buy BoswelFs loose dates at 20c a pound. if t DO \i kit kit kit ili kit kit I kit kit kit kit * Tho 11/ 1 1 it/ it/ it/ it/ it/ it/ ft A \t/ it/ it/ it/ it/ vW. A PlwMnl Letter From (ieorfia. Atlanta, Georgia, January 22, 1922. Editor of The Shephcrdstown Reg ter?Observer's reminiscences of t village choirs in Shepherdstow n s very charming. May it be many lo j years before that last hymn he mc tions is chanted over him . Years ago, when 1 Hrst heard t great Emil Fischer in New York, I w carried back instantly to a wonder) bass voice in the Lutheran choir home. 1 thought then, and still bclic\ that had Mr. Spohn chosen to leave t little village and his fascinating shi at the head ol tow n he too could ha became a famous singer. Yet perha he chose the better part?certainly happier one. Perhaps some day Observer w ill t< us who else besides Miss Lucrel Hickman taught little Shephcrdstov gtru to tinkle tunes on the piano, ai the history of Criswell's Silver Com Band Who first played beautiful class music in our village? Schubert's serenade w?s in one the big music books that my mother ca ricd out of the burning house durii the Civil War, but the other contcr were nearly all songs of the period ai transcripts of all the Italian opcr notably, Hrnani, Lucia di Lamnu moor and l a Fille du Regiment, late made popular again by Caruso. It was a far cry from Miss Lucrel Hickman to Miss Mary Hubbard, \vl was the first, 1 think, to play classic music in Shepherdstown, though Mi Jenny Anspach may have antedat tier. The other day 1 heard Nelson Illing wVirth, the Australian baritone, say tli McDowell's "Sea" is the greatest s song next to Schubert's "Am Meet I ever composed. "Yet," he added, "I ha ( only heard a McDowell song thr : times since coming to America. Y Americans have one of the greatc sting composers in the world. W 1 don't you sing him?" I wonder if life is not too easy for in our country so that we are contc i with what we have by nature wit out striving for more and more pcrfi ' tion in the greatest of all arts? Helen B. I'cndhMon. NO [ICE The undersigned offers the folio i ing prices on shoe repairing, guars teeing No. 1 leather and mechaaii workmanship: Men's half soles and rubber heels, Si I Men's ha'f soles i Men's rubber heels Ladies' half soles and rubber heels, . Ladies half soles, ; Ladies' rubber heels Children's in pttiportion. D. C. Shipley's experience of fot j teen years in leather guarantees t '< public perfect satisfaction. . Very truly yours, i D.C.SHIPLEY. 'T DGE E ANN< A Substanl In the Prices Effective Jai Union S (INCOR 119, 121, 123 I \artinsbc Bell Telepl J 36 r own'8 Smart Sbop I ira i 1 36 W. WASHINGTON ST. HAGERSTOWN, MD. ft n* ^ The Best Place to Shop After All! ft ul i ia llfrvMrvrnrt n nnnrtni'i <? "??? at jtfj nunuc.i\rUL urrURIUlNlI Y ! ? ENTIRE STOCK REDUCED ! | Pa P Women's CO0TS Misses' (J_ m! tyf If k!J j$5 Beautifully made of the season's most favored ^ ** j? materials, in a wie^e variety of enchanting styles jf ,.g! J and trimmed in a seemingly endless variety of novp{ el ways. Now offered at a mere fraction of their r iS former worth. is gSj id: Coats formerly to $30 now $15 i ;r* * ^ ^ ,a ;; \ Coats formerly to $45 now $19 i ho [1J3 al 0 11 5j| Coats formerly to $55 now $ 3 5 -1 ' 8 ci 0 Coats formerly to $85 now $45 v'e I 1 Coats formerly to $125 now $65 llS .-.i.- 'iu, 'juanJaru.LnJyjii. ;\E_uU. >rJ?aikui]? jiTLuifi nt rc- Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo^ _ p Ravishihg New Spring Hats | w O We liavc just received a shipment of fascinating mid- ? in- ^ season hats?charming, vouthfnl and Sr. 0 Ml S g many styles to choose from. Beautiful combinations ? 20 O of novelty fabrics and straw braid, and lovely, bewil- C 40 o derinp color combinations. q If BURHANS'MILLINERY, ? ,r. j5 43 W. Washington Street, x hc d HAUERSTOWN, - - MD. ? OOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOQ ooooooooooooooooooo 5 IROTMERS 1 w DUNCE > * :ial Reduction (t\ of Their Cars ? IP )uary 1st, 1922 -JJ it> ? = w m ales Company * PORATED) ? T m ~.j r E. Race Street J irg, W. Va. | )one 434 ^

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