The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1947
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 15, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION fejiUlDlUi DfeAIft . f-ftf. 1' tll£« p.r Un« ~ J.j S tta«i p*r Itue p« diy ..> c 3 Um«i per Una p«r.dtrBo e lliu«» per Due ytr d»» """"! 7o li tlme» per tine net day ._ "" c c Momb par line ' "' BOO Ad"^"™ •™ a «' "Ordl to lti« line. "W"* J e '»™ eiplntlon" vtill bg cliarg- •d. for the lumber of times tbs id »C. I«««il »nd adjustment of bill mad. All classified Advertising copy rob- m tied by persons residing outElde of tl,« city must bo accompanied by cash Kates may be easily computed from tho ibove |fc AdTorttstng order for irresul«r Inset- Won» ukea tbe oua time rato Ko responsibility will te taktn fsr »or« than one IICOPPBCC Insertion of any classified id. For Sale Bltcl til barrr.l r.e««. Blrlke»ll]» V., e»lne S»on. Call 2828; **»• fcnjftp for yorip lotnn n C O.mpSHI I'nooB 4U — 5880. Olfic 120 Xontk K,,rn»,l lOU-ck-l i'ou'H enjoy foam cURnllix u|ih«]vtPr> anil rtm« uilli tlic r,r-M- Pin:, Puaiii l)oft]"fi l l .-iiut hiij \Viill[>:ii)fr Slore Ooo,l Rrnsa ami ]csiici]C7a tiav Plion- BC3. ll2.Viili.212f honsea choap. (^ull 2908. 11^3 pk-2|2> BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURH5R NEWS for Sale Alfalfa bay. 2 inllci west on Jl»-y IS, lii'liiire 41 Moore l!ro». Storw (.ndic ; _ ilooro. _^i27 | llarjy MlnVeinoro ulrawljrrry nlntitv j Mario Hnrnls.i. 1710 Clilrkitiiwliii. I 1'lioin 37JO. __ l|31-|)K-:lll j I' 1'roloval tnl,l« i,,ai,. Kr.,,1,. A. nn>l« lo Jit your LMfj niiil ' preserve finish. Orili'r Ilictil Ironi .Ijmiim- Kdwanl*. 3UI K Mutn Si _ plmne_i467. ___ ck-ilJT li 2 1 !? 7.1 font M. .(Of, X. ilriUKK-T^TT.iii,".! '- ~ 'JIM Ok l.S ,-l(in ;n-r.'< .IFI fh,< .\!i,vi-.>ii,i,r IlKrv i..™ »<•,,« m ,ni,iv in'/.iTJjV,.,': -'0 11.1111:1,11 li,,,,«,. v |, :lr ,,,. :1 NL ,,,,j J'lll ™,l,|,!,.|,.ly ,..,u,.,l. ;| J ,,.„„ [, i:r.;» ins ,i,,,Wr. V,,,i .t,,,,,M ,.,., „ I |,ul|, w,i,,,l ,-ro], rvciy li ,, r | „ ,.,,.,,... F,.,ir i,i,!,s ,,r lev,.,. ,.:,»,,, r .. „, v,>r I'"" 1 ' 1 '"", '^O '"'; f ,•«,]„„„ ,l,i, |.il.-.- J,TI,| il,,.y si,,,,,,,, ,,. iy ,, . j, , I" yravs. ]•!„.,. .?;.,) ,„.,. ,;,,,. ,.,,.,,.,. ,-:,'!, l.iii Mim,, ,,.,,„.. ,.„, | . u . rlll ., 0 .| K. .1. f.-muv :lf>fl «rl.,,,,l,, s,. firrrnvill,.. Mi^ r jiuy earn. »n,t roM l,y irnrk l,,i,.N. ^ nrwleyJUU). I :»l.,,k.:i:2 iiby Chicks. .................. ";;' 1 - ...... • A. $5, or, ,,,, r lfl f, .i in , ' See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quat- ily chicks, hatched righ! [rent selected flecks. Hardy, fast- tjrowcrs. Low price. . ASHCRAFT CO. Ko. of Depot Phone 433 >4 t)-r<H)m residence near business district. §3500. Owner occupied. Quick possession. H. C. Oamiilielt, Realtor, 120 S. Second. 1-27-ck-tf grnde blood tested baliy chicks. Special S12/JO per hundred. Complete line o! feed. Ulaylock Hatchery. N. 01. 1-31-ck-tf I Ailis-CI, aimers \V C. tr,i,-inr tu l,t,nv. -lite, , nllivftlnr. li iijit-'^ Knnu-y's stor,.. ^j l^. r 5-room residence located on S. 20th Street, convenient to highway and bus line. H. C. Campbell, Realtor. 120 S. Second 1-2Y-U r\v Jnlm Deere !r:iclnr .^inl <.q,,:|,ii]ni '2 pt-tft-t-tly ILP-.V A .T-,1,,1 n.-or," lr;, ti:r~ v.iih ri|«l|in«,|it; 2 n, „• 11. V inull tractors will, rnltirators Imuoin t>rnikcr> for OACli: r, tuo.l fnrmitll trnclnri nil,, ritllivatiirs. Ijoltoin l.riMkfrs ivitli filch. Thp fiv,- are troru i:ij J to 19.]ft nm,Ie 1 nrw It Moline Iractor: 1 H .!O lli'orn tractor n-Uli rnllix-at,jr I'J m^,lfl: I K Karrnnll tnich'r ivith nt r,iM,,'r, in con,I rt,n,liti(,n Als,j liii nlimit SO hrid or miller for *n IVrlns can l,c QrranKol on nil Ilif Iraolnrs. 1 will take Irndn in on Most nnylliinK or, tliesc Irnctors. F Croo'i-. 1 mile s.intli of llrnL-t:ii,lor Mo. 2!:i-|,k •''.Water heaters, bathtubs, sinks, closets, lavatories, soil pipe & fittings, galv. & copper pipe & fittings. Orsburn's Plumbing iSt Heating, ph. 875. 2-G-pk-2;) South Franklin, pli. 9.", I. '•"'••> > '••' ...... "li— ,,ti hi-ir,. ],,, »•,.]! I., nil :,',.! ],,.»•. |> r i,.,. s-i r .,,,, T, •>••„• •<'"- ..... mil I,,J ...... • ...... I,, '.M,, in si' In '.-o-l r,-|,,.ii-. ,,:. l, :1 ,h „ ij), ,,| ( , 1VV ,.,. <J,ilv i... 1.1, .rk fr,,,n Jlni,, !•„.„ f" . '!ii,l. il.Sxn ,[,,«„. I,., | .*•_,,, ,„.,. l-,-',,,,,i. \viih 1,1,0, s:| .jnn ,t, .,,.„•, ,|, lu ^. I al. i,i,,i,<l,K-. U',,nl, ',!,',. „, ...... ,.'. lll'.rk !i,,n, .Main SI '•'•'" ..... ' ..... •-•'• >n f ....... •,-li:,ir "• M,,,'!; l^',l,l itavcnirnt. I'ri,,- *1 2li"l J',1,'1 •:,,»n. l,;,l. S'.'O r,,.,. , ....... I, ''••i ....... -l,ir,-i, h, ,„..,.. . ,,, r ,|| V |',, ro irl ,.„,, ni.|-i,.ii. ,1,.,-,,.^ s ir,.,., (r,,,,, ,.„„ ..... . .1:11.,! -,-l,.;,,l „„ .J |;,r,... ,.,,r,,,.r ],, H i« ):-•,•« M', I'ri.-,. *:, r,u,i. Al.,, :, 10 a,',.- :l mil,.. M.nll, ,,f liu'ih.'.jil,.. '; mi!,. ,,ff llwv HI ,,ii ornv,., i;,,,,,l . ,..,. 1.1.1,1. I'ri..,. .f? win. « li,,,is<. Mill, l,alli J-rimm I ..... ..• 3', I'l'il,- <", .. ...... • I,JI. \V.-1I I,,, •. ,!.,!. iVr,, >r, nfto T.-ri,^ V.-,. li:,v,. ,,„,,,. l,,!s f,lr s:,l,. If inh.r. ,.MI-,I ill ,1 lol . ..... ,« 1,,-la,,. v,n, l.,,y. MM ynur i,r,i|>r.rli- wilt, n-, We ! ..... n 1 ...... ••, ,.,!, ,,.,.1 (inn,,,-,. ,,.„„„, t,r'i'i| r ;K tiitAV & itcin' itrtss MI :u-r<" i.f l-vi-l limit. Iir, HI-IT* in nil- I'utl i-ii'.li. I-,iiKin iin I'.inl,.,! nn ninin liiiiluvi.v in .Miiuiln. I'ri,-,. .tHIiild. .1 C. Cl in 1 Maiiilii Ark. ;,),!,. IK', In,,, in suil. iurhi.lin* ninttr,-s<, ,!,i,i,.,,i, i'tiyfi. sofa ,,n,l OLliL 1:tl>!,.'.. I'lioii,-. iijii'i. 2:i:.-i,k 2121 EXTRA 15AHY CHICKS SPECIAL Limited time only. AAAA S!).7n a hundred. Feed of all kinds. Coal, good quality. Lewis Poultry, ;|1!) Kast Alain. Phone o'in. 2-M-ck-l<» 1 11-15 Disc (International) set of laie bottom John Deere Buster. One 3 bot- (om 12" Case lireakin si- Plow. Mullins Store, Ph. (itiy Yarbro. 2-13-pk-l(i Trartor stalk cutter, all stcol .-on- Mniflion. niytlicvillr .Machine S'io|,. :il Konlli Krcoiul Sir,',!. ^ll-ck-lf Kas|.l,crrv nil, I cvrrlirarinj: Btrawl.erry -•in,l Illakunoro l,]:int<;: i wanlrobr Irnnt. 1'20S Holly I'h 2B59 __ ' 10-tfl mnronn fnnr door Dodco seilan. /Ill.-n's Ki-rvirn Suiion. Mil East Main. HiiMir 92S. 2io rk-tf X,'w Irarlnr >Ji|li cntlivalor hnrrf,,,-. I, Inner. i,l,n>. 9 fl. ,lisc. rorr pick- '•r, lioc .lisc, 2 wnvnns nn rnl.hrr all linnclit neu' slnre list May I'nri 'n.-v- rr >.«e,V l'rir»,l )n soil. Tra.l,- for nuiv .. Irnrk. I.eon l'ipi>.>l(. Ailvanr,' M,,. ' All roal boaters at cost. riood selection. Planter." Hardware. 2-1-ck-tf flievnilrl roarl,. Iladin an.l hi'.u.'r Kx- f,'lli-nt eon,lili,,ii. ilr. Ki'nnfv, pli. -'T7-* or il.«:i. :nb.|,k-l" ISal,y hli^-py. 2 Atrollers. hadiinftle car M-at. Mrs. Kreil Mctllice |,]i L''J70 "1 K. T.nlli, ' 2!lS-i>k-lli Kuliher lir.d I. K. C. n linlti.m 14" breaker ?300. X,:n- "ii" Fannnil nitFi cultivator, T,vo M" x 23" Firmon.* tti-tor tires ^li^•llt]y me,! al hair price. aila.|>l:-2|!.. ']-:Ktl your lialiy chicks FAN-A-MIN rf-i;iilarly in th, ir masl, to i;ot fabler provvtfi. 1,,-ltfr fealhr'rinv: and .sturdier fraiiux. Hv.siilts j:iinrant,.|.d. \V,,ti,rs PriiK Slor... 021 West .Main I'lione. .'•07. It-t:k.l7 I Irani |.o»,l. hravv work ninlr«. u. mile th ltl,.,:,,rs .-ro-sinit. K. Of Cot- fil •Main Off — lo M Mure inolorisls are '.cariiintv every (lay Hint (In- service lo In- had a I jour Ford Dealer's . , .is unexcelled: From (lie moment you clrive inlo one sliiUon there is a trained' ser\ ice man (o assist you and yimr car. See (o it that your car jjuts the lies! . . . see to it that yum- car j^ets genuine i'tu'd Service! Si'e Phillips— For Ford! I P MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at KiTth — niytlicville, Ark. — Tel. <153— ;,71ij Scry/cos — »» r,,|>«lr til I,,,,., ..ihlni n.rkl,,., f'k-tr.ll,,,, ol X|,,J u( coii'lllltin. Al«i' '•"! «,,'! irll. |<irku t , •!,,! J. ,!!.», ''^••^.in,, MArkLiirt Hr,ui>. 11,1 rt-l, , , ,.r»o,,» I'.'.l,' I i, B l,.. HID X. S, •,'„„, I. Mr W. T. ]lr,'»<,t. 11,'nllkl. I! ...... vnl ta.'Uo,, I.- 1 1 M v,'UI «|| r Mlt>n Blvi'ii Mrj,li,i M s nti.l Male noi'k, ll,mr< '.I — 1 I" HI. I'li.n,,, 'Jl,';. OKIi'i' I'Vi-r i'ia,,l's III; Hi, ,\ ill,,. .\tk. '.'10 tli,;l!l. HY 'i'O LOAN you iit'i'i! a loan to repair or rvniodul? No down ,wy- meiU, m> inorlf!tii»e, no red tape. I'MIA appruvcd rate , : >*. Ask for Oclail.s. Max l.ojjnn, Kfiillor, phono 203 J 5, Lynch HUItf., Jilylhevill*,. 9-28-ck-tf Wt'ddu'r stripping. Save fuel liy ImviiiK <!oorn and win- dovvN woudtt'i'stvipiictl. C. K. Wi«r«ins, Til2 N. 10th. xil KlMiH Jul, movlin; K.n^MgT T.'v J'-'fU'iici.,!, ],, ..... y „( ,,<,ii|, ........ |. \v. « <lnri,.(1. |,l,. ;»!!,!. l!^!l.,ih-»ll cf us for an esUmittu lie- fore yon have your tnielor ovtrhniiU'd. We special i/.e in steam rivalling and Piiinthiii;. lOleclric and acetylene welding. Kussell IMiillips '1'racltir Co. Uiwuy fil Kotith. I'lume 2171. VYcnted to Kent \ fnfimiisli,'! nimr »!. l'n-1,- Small npt. liy , 1.17. l,rl«,, •2 »,r :< riioiii fisr in Oou|.l,. with I N. I., rrnill. Ituiin t,.| Lost M ,,y incident into the Him. so Bciui played hLs real life rale in the picture. •Fresh Sfocl Gnnranteed Best I'rlcw. Kirby Drug Stores \ LOOK WE HAVE CARS AH Makes & Models lse -1-lloor 'K Plymouth M'i lit Holo 'M lilllcl; '4'i C'.MC 1 !i (on Truck '3X Chevrolet OTIIEKS TO SELECT FUOM BURNETT & ALLEN _ ALLEN SER. STATION "••.".Phone !)28 119 E. Main Kent a Floor Kandor AT WAllDR. Siive miiiiey I>y rel'inisliin}; your own floors. Adds years of life and jiivej-- (Item new beauty. It's easy lo do, too! MONTHOMKUY \VA1M) >S; CO., '!()!> main. Phone H1H. SM.'l-ck-ir _ __ We specialize in fruit lre« spray materials. Ask us what and when to use. Planters Hardware Co., Inc., 12(1 W. Main, phone • r '15. ^ ^ 1-,'H-ck-ir Oil Stoves cleaned K. repaid t'd. Work f>;naranleed. I'h. For Rent ''"">'"PI«1 H'.lrT^mTV-iill": PAGE FIVW Your Money lore Money for Your Car That's the Kind of Deal You'll Get at :I CO. 1942 Chevrolet Special Deluxe 4 door Sedan. Largo radio, maroon finish. 1941 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Town Sedan, large hot water heater. A real clean car. 1941 Oldsmobilc 4 door sedan, 5 good tires. Real clean, runs like new. 1938 Ford Deluxe Tudor Sedan. A real bargain. 1942 Studcbakcr Commando Skyway 5 passenger Coupe. Large radio and heater. Runs like new. 1942 Ford Special Deluxe Tudor Sedan. Radio and heater. 1941 Chrysler 4 door Sedan. Custom built radio, heater and defroster. 1939 Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan. New grey finish. We Never Close . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE'578 iill No. Oth.T'l,,, Save Alnnry Toilny, Any l).ij STOP AND SWAP KI.HI-ltT riUFFMAN'S iTT7 401 T. Btaln I'hanc 85S You Must n« Happy or Nn I)rnl "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDWICH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phone 3M7 QUICK Our Radio Repairs arc quick and oiii- workman.shi]) finer than anywhere Rooms •I CKM'S A CHICK Tliar. n,| it , 0 s|s f., r l'AN-A-MIX Tfn- liTt,e.'.\t tl,e Dr. lliss ll^.-nre!, Vnrm rl.irts celtinn 1'AN-A-MIX have :,,- v,-ti-.-.s LT,IV\II [.-istrr. f,"-llierrd 1,-u-'- an.l •"i.lore.l .arlirr \V,. l.nv.. P>v. ..'..MIX. Wc,o,F« I);iu '-'21 1 West Main St. J'hono .','17. llek-IT 2) ll.oiisninl II. T. I, Siiiiilliernni'e lliv | t^ne. lienler.^ Xobte Capel'.nrt llollnnd Mo. " :inrk.|[ lOlf. Ford pickup, vi-ry W iiiil-ait.-. 1'". 'j:lill. L' 1C Fresh Eggs. 527 N. 10th. Ph. J2L_ 2-11-pU-lS iMndcrn liome, five rooms-: and bath. In good condition. Equipped with ;i(- lic fan, automatic hot water heater. Located in neighborhood of home owners. Approved for FHA Loan. Sec or call Mi\x Logan. Realtor, Lynch Building, phone 203.1. 2-13-ck-2ll ft liflmo PAiTH, l.ilililr,! tl^rV. Flr^! ' r.imc. fir^^ ^' 1'ii. .•6|'<- M'.r,-, 1'07 \V. Main. * 2 1= fl.-;r 11I_I'\'(T.KS AMI f'tlAlN DUIVKX l,,c!.iy-'-firsl 'fir.l scpvr.'l Fire- M-jtif Slnrr-. ^07 \V. Mnin, l v r^-rV-lf TIHKS! TIIiKS! TtKXSI .1.1,1 ror^ivrl >i/rs iH.o .v K> von \- in r,:,n \ i:,, 700 y ir,. J r. t>!v lir^«. Al<o ,|ir- , r 'OO \ |7 nu.l fioa >• Pv A\V ,(.<li'*, ^",1 nioiinl. Firr^lonc Slorr ''^'^ ^' Msin. 2 12 rk If eliejis Tor .iny f'n.c ctiieken. S:t.r,.s, |,or ino pinm,!-. A|.i> ' en«loni L 'rin,linK. I.anpley'5 Mill, 300 R HecoTi.l ,«t. n^ii rcff"'-'l''r in cnorl ivorlc- imr c(in'li(if»i. Now in il.i'lv use. Call S11 rlay.e nr 2fl7S nights. 2-12-ck-d Wnnferf to BUY TAKK A T.OSS. Oft fhp inn tirirp fnr vnnr rar or «rnr-V frnm PTUI.I.IP? MOTOR CO. TnnW Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. We'll come and RCl it. Wrufc Auto Salvage. North TTiwv fil, phone ,3785. 12-26-pk-2-2(i TrtAf-TOi: TIHKS -- fl\f n-« ; lir<- Hint l.ullc nut ,-I,I,T,IS nv i vv^rs nnr "fl.^- '^irlor lirr >:in.!p. \\'/> iroiillt H"' 1 '^'•••" I" t^rni. PipFFlnnc Fl-'rc '-"17 SV M»in. if.nin^ _ .v hr,,,iif,7i . t,n- i-, .loek. Xo neri"' o- e--""d needed. Fireslono Rlore 207 ^' Mil". I!I2 fk-lf . ihi.e f,,. eoe-d i"»rhnnie n-,i|,tint »n eniil|,m""l rn. n. A. Fnnlkner. K "'.ill. Ark. IS-iik-l Pianos in any condition. Adams Appliance, phone 2071—night 2059. l-17-ck-2-T7 I.ncs r.f nny kiml nanted. dolivereil l.i my mill al BMIieville. See () S. Wccrs Way Into Movies HOLLYWOOD (UPJ—FOur-ycav- old Beau Brlclgas wept his wny into the movies, The youngster was watching his father. Lloyd Bridges, take a beating from Joel McCrea In the United Artists' western Him. ••Ramrod," and started to cry. Director Andre dc Toth wrote the IT'S BEEN A LONG HARD WINTER... tl's liccii ;i Ions, hard wialer for your car . . . ;imt it's not over yet! Keep your ear al the peak of efficiency liy liiiviii.n; i( serviced and checked by Lan;c- ston-\Vrotcn. Our mechanics speciali/c in niolor lunc-ups, "rinding valves or any repair work liuvt your car may r.ced to s r s;l a flyin;; slnvl into the new spring season! SEE US TQBA%! LANGSTON-WRGTEN CO. Sales—BJ1CK—Service ' U. S. Tires Mobilgas and Oil WRECKER SERVICE Walnut & Uroadway Telephone 553 For Rent Most of Um streets lit I,linn, i'eru, hitvc dillcrt'iit iKiini'.s for every block. Wi: iti:i'Aii ANY MAKH— ANV Phone 2642 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First TODAY - - IMPORTANT! Save your prcsfnt Hxpcrl AlKiiliunlrul Service Alrmttir Oil ;iinl l.ubrlonilts ' Vc.s, \\K wash mid xi'i'usr rurs tri^! Motors? We have new motors . OviThaul iir rolnilld tlit'in 'J'irus iitul Tubi'v Oil, Ves, We iKihit C'urs 7'no! Uepulr anil Kclliilsli nil hiiilica T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Phone 2122 PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS ... F. H. A. TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down Cool-Alie Adlc Finis i Sun-IIvaii Autoiiiatlc Oil Writer Healers | Nnrgo lileclric Hot I Wnlcr Heaters Slicrnln \Vllllams Paints .Sheffield Klclrt Fencing Ootild's Water Pumps Modern Water Softeners Guibcrson Kitchen Sinks RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Kvrppt Cnncfrl DRS. NIES & NIES CMnlo 514 i\faln. Illv tin vlllr. rtrli I'h-nf JSil DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man™ IIOYAI,, 'KAIITK, COROXA and RKMINOTON POHTAHLR 110 N. SECOND ST. ^ PHONE 3382 (Every Transaction MUST BK SATISFACTORY) - ^'v-" "- " --^'. ^^.-» - 36 MONTHS TO PAY " ^ ASK US AHOUT FAHMER'S TERMS WIT!! ANNUM, I'AYMENTS L R'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 12fi West Main St. BOOTS ANT) HKR RUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN OOM'T WORRV, MONtV 1 1'U- LOOK . '. VOU ROD. VOU (\MO • CLP.Qfl, VOU BOOTS flt?& 1 WOULD THINK TO B OF UP ; TWBT'S WkN or- -voo vorfo PO\O CX3VJM OK> < Vlt'fct "l';--L: '"•] SWIKDV.ED; BVA. CLf\t(A<5 i f ti .1Nl» HIS KJIIIONU: Casanova Conk BY MERRU.T, BLOSSEr WHEN! VH_ErJ ARE VOL) COMWA j I'M \VORKI\JS UP To IT/OBVIOUSLY Sitr l 3 ;!Vc r'ER. e-tC^KlK. j A WOMAN OF piSTIS'CVIOM, So J. VVANJF HAMKV f. ar,f..,K/^ HV APPROACH TO 6E DIGNIFIED.' _^ WH Gr FlRC-T \,\APRESSIOM9 ARE LAST INS, VOO liNOW.' 1 WANT HER- TD THINK OF Mt? AS A OF POLISH ' PARDOM MB---DID YOU HOP THIS DRAWKE££HIEF?

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