The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1947
Page 7
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FKIDAV, FEBRUARY M, 1047 State Asks Bids On 13 Road Jobs Highway Commission Expects to Award Contracts February 27 LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. M.— <UI J > — The Arkansas Hlghrniy Commission will meet hd-c Feb. 28 and dccrpt |,| c l s on 13 projects' Including eight roart Jobs, four luidge jobs ami one combination rosm imcl bridge project. Tlie road jobs include: Crlttc-ndcn county— 2.5 miles oi eiMvel surface on the Crnwfords- villc-Soutli road. Crawford County — 4.9 miles of ilcxible base course on the Van Bm-en-N'orth Road. Iliklnvay 5D White County— 7.7 miles of grading nnd minor drainage on the Fearpy-Judsonla rioad. Highway • I'uraslfi County _ u.<; n>i | cs „, crushed stone bnsc course on •Ci'ossrnjuls-Littlc Rock Road, Iligh- . Pope counly— ».o mj | Cs of blllim . JHOiisi . surface on Dover-North Road. Highway 7. Yell County— 13 ,,,j!es of liltu- nnnpiis surface on Ola-Dardanelle load. Highway 7. Greene County— 9 mi i ps of bitu _ niinous surface on Walnut Ridge- Paragoulrt road, Highway v, Perry and PulasJd counties— 8.C miles of gravel base on Crossroads- Prrryvillc Road, Highway 13 ..Brldi-c projects include' Lee County — three reinforced steel and one untreated timber and steel detour bridges on Miirianna- bt. Francis river road. Highway 70. Nevada County-One steel bridge on Prescoll-Enst road, Highway 24 White County-One girder bridge nnd one reinforced Ktc el bridge on -carey— Jusonia road, Highway [>7 Poinsett County — Three steel bridges on the Marked Trcc-Le> Panto roart. Highway 40. ^Combination road and bridge Hcmpstead County— 11.7 miles of gravel base course nnd one reinforced concrete bridge on Wnsh- mgton-NnshviUc Roadj Hig i n vay 4. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Again—367 Days After I ~ " Workers Stage Sit clown Strike in Mine Shaft LANSFORD, Pa., Feb. H_(rjP> — Fourteen anthracite miner:;, sUi{;- ing a sitdown strike In a nun'" shaft 800 feet beloiv tlie stuface. caused the closing O f the Lansloi'l Colliery of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co. today. About 1,200 fellow miners, stayed away fro m the jjiis this morning after -sending a delegation to ihe shaft with blankets and "plemy or food" for the sitclowners, who ivre protesting deductions from their pay for quitting work early. Othman Recalls His First Contact With 'Son 1 Lilienthal FIJEDEItICK O. OTIiMAN (United 1'ress Slnrr CorrcsiMndcnll WASHINGTON. Fob. 14—TIIC city editor assigned me many years ago to hool over lo tlic lirsl press con- rerence or David E. Lilienthal, who'd ™, iilkcn ovor as chicf of "1C I'VA. I made an embarrassing discovery upon arrival. No pencil. A nice-looking youngster with a head of .wavy hair, a sharp nose and a bassy tweed suit wns han B mg around in the buck of the room talking lo some other youths who also looked like office boys -Son." : said, "I teem to have lorgotlcn my pencil. Cmi you lend me one?" "Sir." he replied, "let mo set you u new one. ill just .ue a minute." He it out the door, rushed back with a freshly sharpened l>?ncll and then, to. my tmg-cyed umnzcmcncl. lie walked to Hie front, lapped diffidently on the liible and suid his mimu Was litl- ieniliul. David E., and did tho B«»- lleiucn of tho press hiivo any questions? Noiocj tliought then lo ask him If he was u Coiiimuiiist. The years pusscd and the dams grew. Lllieiithiirs bullies wltli'tkn. Kciuiclh MclCvlliir of Tennessee bo- came history, f lost LillenUml's pon- cll and though 1 read about him once In n while. I never saw him Ufiiiin until yesterday. The wavy ludr was no more; hf was ijnld <is ix frosled Unlit, inilb and only slislilly pinker. The loose (.weeds were none; now ho was wearing a well-luiloied suit of t)!ue- grny flannel. Only Ills nose wai Hit- sniiic. 11 was slmij) us ever. • Dny long he sut in tho l'roi\t low. as he'll sal for nearly two weeks, while a Seniile committee pondered his citmlitk'ations us chairman of the Atoinlu Energy Commission. The commltieemeii, Incliicr- Chairman uourke 'Hlckcnloopei of Iowa, 'f'om Connnily of Tex,. Arthui Vandcnburg of Mich., Wid others 'wlio wandered in and out, didn't say much. ' ' '• They left the larking io McKelli"' who Insisted thui my pencil : boy was a CoinnnuUM and hence no fit fellow lo vje in vhtirgc of the mosl dangerous weapon in t world. LilleiUluil had denied this and, In fact, hud made the stale ineiit .1 few d»ys DUO on his Idea of Americanism, which would seem to uc a small classic of Its kind. This didn't bother McKcllar. -He kept pounding a'.vuy. For hours lie ciueslioncd a small citizen, name oi James L. Smith, •who claimed he was fired eliief file clerk of (lit; TVA because lie was against Communism, Communists, nnd their newspaper, the Daily Worker, which he said they sneaked into the office, hidden l'.\'- sidfe copies of the Knoxvlllc Ncws- KEA1, ESTATE FOlt SALE To prospoct/vo buyers we have a select list of houses—hocics—rqils. — Imsl- HCSSOK—ncinagc nnrt farms in and around ElylhcviUe." We help tinancc sales, rhone -301. J. J. field. Bouclcti Real Estato EroV:cr. ATTENTION VETERANS! If you served overseas, you should join flic V.F.W. nnw! Mcctiiijts every Wednesday nisM, 7:30 al Uic Wclcnkamp Cotton Oflicc. liring a veteran with you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS ••'arris McC'slla, Commander attention welders ... can now purchase :A [ complete acetylene wdlding { outfit for 502. This is (he « ialcst type medium Rixe ! genuine Harris Calorific, ,' the oldest manufacturer of • welding equipment. i BLYTHEVILLEJ Machine Shop j 211 So. 2nd Ph. 282SJ i WEEKEND DRESS SALE JUST 15 15198 Dresses - Reduced to JUST ?3 12.98 Dresses - Reduced to JUST 17 9.98 Dresses - Reduced to JUST 32 7.98 Dresses - Reduced to JUST 27 4.98 Dresses - Reduced to Over 100 Dresses to be Sold V Sentinel. Tlie shaggy-hull ed McKvllar ask<•'« him If he'd over heard of Lll- lenlliiii objecting to Comiimiilstn. binitii suid he had not. Lllientluil "is on (he verge- o( .smnliiu. but ll bctU-r o( It. next witness was a Alu., cop, who hud some mysterious and missing lottom he had captured In « raid on Coniinunlst headqunrlers "n Alcbaiiiii. He recounted Lli e circumstances In detail. MrKellar nsk.- <•<! ijlm.lf he believed It .wlso to ' I'lWInl lo the ntoisiic clwlnnunstnn '• , ,vii" N .°.' il1 '' ' <io "° 1 '" solemnly re'• ° UcC Ucllt ' ol)1 ° F - Osbornc. L !'° Lmp " tllnl '««' smile. He osl laughed out lornf. Sen. Mc- ini was not amused. Mental Allmtnl, |{| ( h adun ~ 0{ cv «v adults in Massachusetts one connnod to a ,n Cnllll n.UX,, surrey revealed. Principles of Freedom Bring Battle of Words LONDON. Feb. 14. (Up) _.' cic-n sm'i ,^'"' k lml "y "Kiiln 011,111™'"'! Soviet p^pnty 1'codor Clnscv on 11," I>rlneipl,. s of , rmkmi of „ '," <~ juul <lemon'acy as th,- f OR ! ", ™£ ? Be "i' 7«''«« ™»«n« !1 l discusslo f tho AUMrjHii ponce (reiily. vl,J"A I " S ! (1 ' (( ' <I <llnt SOI "» " views Austria ml,,m oxpress i o Z n";! 11 , lmt "° '" »l,|, , • "' Sl " U ' Ii 1)ll oujrodoiiablc elsowhc're "My renmrks of 'rucsiluy abnut fivedmn of expression and de ' m still nppllrabu,." )„' .' ,'i ''" 15 CU ' SOV ' il h ""»"-'"«"»" he ,,n'! S(> =, T " l ' sltll >'. «»>k said Ilio United Stales cherished t m 'loin or the pre.,., „,„] '„ £ .„"' 7 A' otlllecillIel » R '" ny, Guricv reported Him (,.,... win, ° ' (wot '" "" ll ""'""''« ' > *' I,, W " 5 " 11(k ' r "'"•"s.^ti m« Jlinl they wm , talkl]1| , , ( ^ ™ iHij mid noi w i ml Wlls tlltll( ; u i nA "., Unllcd Slates or Russia .n of expression has u lot lo do with It," Clarfc replied. The Issvic wus (et«rred to the Council of Fort'lgn MlnUtwrs to iltcldo whether Austria should be forbidden K»nd« In any for*. Uci»*l*t At.^ [ V* 1*1 We BRING US YOUR POULTRVT Hl,b«i PH«*. j.f Ul li«^ R^Mcn. o.,*. (M B*«« TH*t MtddkBua'k rralt ' < Our Frfee. Ovrerncd b> Mutal Vita. - KEROSENE & FUEL~oiT CALL 2089 'The Old G. O. POETZ fTir** Bovm *t PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Offlce RB >t Cherry WHERE DO YOU GO . FOR HOUSEHOLD NEEDS FOR AUTO ACCESSORIES FOR GIFT ARTICLES SPECIALS THIS WEEK WCOk itlltllBlirntno mi*> «> t i ^^ v>VLR iuuu#ui mcs our wccKly soccltUs aii < SI'ACT IIKATKKH ....»5.S5 «p ''""^OK tUM . TAlll.i; LAMPS KM *p MAKE-DP KITS t»M » n.OOIt LAMPS »n,B« ,p SERVING TBAY8 U* ^ BLAN HEATH :, ^yp* & HOME supp LY Such a grubby liltlo val«nlino-no lace, no salin, no prclly poem! Bulcli il himself, scrav/lsci tlio message, pnsled it crookedly together. It didn't cosl much, bul what a lili it gives a Mother's heart! No, il isn't cost alone thai counts. It's whcil a thing does for you. Like eleciricity, for instance. Dependable electric service is Mother's 365- 'days-a-year valentine-readyall the time lo lilt the burden ol homemaking, ready to make life easier and happier (or her. And when Motherslruggles with her budget, she can't help noticing that electricity is just about the smallest item on her list. While tha cost of nearly everything else went up, tha price ol electricity came down-AMD STAYED DOWN. Maybe you don't know it, but if yours is an average family you're now getting TWICE AS MUCH ELECTRICITY for your dollar as you did 20 year* ago. Yes, alectricity-like Butch's valentine-does a lot for a little! Llil.n Iho H.w Elcclrlc llour-lh. HOUR OF CHARM. Evi,, o U «k, y «,tt. ri) o«o, 4 r30. EST. CSS Ne h »ort. 'ARK-MOPOWERCO. ft'a OttrBuairuM toS*r

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