The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1947
Page 4
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More Fertilizer To Be Imported • First Shipments Due To Reach Gulf port, Miss., This Week '. ' WASHINGTON, T=*b. 14 — ' nmgements have been made by the Maritime < Commission to Impart . 500,000 tons of Chilean nlti-ntc for • use by farmers ((ui'Ing this ye • it lias been disclosed here, | The llrst shipments should be In . American ports soon, sen. Willis Robertson, C., w. Vn.. IMS been ntUised by W. W. Smith, Maritime „ Commission chairman, who sold f the first ol 15 ships began loading *• In Chile Feb. 3. _" Nitrate shipments were delayed this year due to (he maritime '- strike here and a dock strike In ' Chile. Only about 90,000 ions, instead or the expected 200,000, have < .been received, Smith said, and "• shipments, arc about lOO.Ooo .tons * behind schedule. , The Agriculture Department told Robertson that the United 'States was scheduled to receive about 605,000 tons of nitrate -from Chile In the fiscal year ending July I . ' , The first of the 15 ships is cx- , peeled io dock at Guifport, Miss., this week and the second at Pensacola. pla., by Feb. 24. The others will be ships from the .'; fleet now tied up in the Mobile . River. Robertson was told. ronomist l Reports on Corn Vie Ids '; By G. A. Hale i^ Burdctte Plantation Agronomist U Results of the Bunlctto PJanta- ••| tion corn ;• variety tests made dur- 1 ing the 194fl growing season were. y announced this week and show -I that Dortch 400 was the top pro- jjducer with, n :j-ield : or 51 bushels ^ per acre.' ' : ;i Biirdette Hybrid 3, and Burdetlc T Hybrid 4 were next highest with 3 yields or 50 and 49 bushels respec- .$ lively. Funk G 710 nlso hud n yield * of 40 bushels. "I Six other varieties were tested „; with the following yields: ;f Dortch 500, 45 bushels; Delta . Jt Prolific (open pollinated), 43 bush- i els: Kentucky 102. 43 bushels: Garden Plans Encouraged By Anderson [Ion Aijent Mis:-, Corn l,ec- Colomu'n j lowll it' urijes pardon nnd hoj ticuUnral le.T.1- ! ^ ll ''-'i 1 ers to oreaiiiv:c for an cITcctive po't-i'' Avlli( ' ''jpii'l". ri-poricd '.'; Hoyc'f war-yarden nr<H!rinn in Mi-isls-iippi' l'ai>'!fy. -calf. ca])tain,. reported 7; County. " •'- W- Miiy. ciirn ccipinln. rciiortcd . The 1947 gal-elm program slrjuld \ ' : s!li: ' ll 'V < : 't')iy n. uaid'-nini' and ( l;e adjusted to the p^aecllinr' need--, - r aiininK raptnln. reporteivti; oenlcp ' of nuirilton and the bc-Hcnm':H of j Hoskins. ilnthlng (-a]i*ui!, repoifeu liojiie ffi-oinids anil communities. Th-.- M: U>vSa tifle.s. poiilir'cHpiiiln, r<- \46 Attend Paw/jeer) 4- 1 Club's February Meeting \ A mct-lln^ of the Pnwheen 4-11 j Club w;is held Wednesday wllh i Don Gulp presiding u nd -J4 .-Jul) |I n,embers and two leaders present ! at (his tnertlnj:. This week has bei'ii rteslunaledl rl " > V ! ' ou l> lSa|1 8 "t!od liless by Secretni-y of Agrk'tilture Clinton ; Amenra". wlilih w»ts led by Slilr- " Aiidci'Son 114 Niitlonnl Cfnrden ' k '- v - Cobinn. A o)i s captain. Phinnlng Week. Home Drmonsirn- : rlu ' club ciiptains yavf lh« f"l- ' ' ' rcporls: Donald Cnlp. eot- iln, n'poited 2; Arcine Bvrd, ^'"""''""''.""•.W-O.A,,. .Jl'v 1 ;"'. ™ !co '»<* ««. w of Box fWer 4-H Club Leaders Submit Reports A meeting of BOX Elder 4-H Club 1, lends. ;•" iw« Of her was nel (l Wednetday. Doyle Han' The ni>xt ,,,,,r.i.,i.. ,, ; ni'i's presided. *l'l' Mr" e Maud ^iX "° hd " ! , ««'!»»" "''' C 8lv ™ ">' the f °"™ J±l2l_ | l»s <'>>"> cuplalJM: Kemieth West- .FRIDAY, FEIinUAlW 1-j, 1047 JZZJ^ I>"» < l! ">> cuplaliw: Kraueth West- Heart Courier News Wn,,t « , i lllo|1| i in - swmc captain; Elbcrt Low- ____>™iH_Ad5. ' i IT, ^orn captain; Hetty Hmmci-s, O. mnnngrnienl. Ilazelbaker, nsslstnnt discussed s.\ine or emergency all-out fcoci garden campaign does not exist this year, so home -::ir- deners can increase tin- nt-nd for lighor iiutrllioniil lev'-'!s. They can l)roduc(! feu- pleasure anil aim more for quality thim ijiianli-./. In imnnuncini: plan 1 ; fur (lie vrcl- Secretary Anderson Mild, "the homo garden's contribution In lir.ilfhful 'gods nnd happy home living was well demonstrated during the wiv. It will be B"0d for America in linn.' of prace." Goals for ^no national gauiim irogiuni arc lo Hi Insure 1 lull si 1 nutrition in many millions o[ American families; ,21 provide fan,- The Armorcl' Home pcmonstra- lles. particularly I Most in the luiv- ] tlon Club hold a luncheon merlin!- 01- income era ii]«, with a net nddl-'nt , ho homi . nf M r.s. c A. V ns u ion to the quantity of vegetables ftt u ;3 0 a.m.. Monday and a cov- '•""'' •'" erecl dish luncheon was served eiif- etcrlii style, it .was supplemented with Ijot rolls and coffee .served by ported- 8; Mfiry Johnson, room hn- pnjvcuicnt caj>Uiin, reported 10; Voixlelhi wnrd, cookery captain,! ii'ported 4: and Jiuncs Uyrd. rab- I l>!l captain, reported 2. . I Miss Cora Leo Coleman, home demonstration aKent, gave a' rtem- > nnstralion on milking refrigerator Armorel Cluh Women Meet With Mrs. Vinson fruits- consumed by Ihem; nssist in ineelhif the cost of lli-jni: iml (4) fosipr luilritiou educaiion ind'ttld In the development of on!- the hostess ural valuos that'come with home I M JS ;ardcning and home grounds and j the bii Mcto-.i,- presided at mrctii," w en he rol ardening In its broadest sense in- lu(liv> iin])rovemcnt " In homo grounds.' ftellcvcd of the pressure of emergencies, fnnn families ran >ul more effort on lawns, onia.iira- als and trees. he result wi oofcing sleeve. Another trick Hint will (•ontnijuiel ?~ H Club members with their cloth- mere an motive farm'"t is 'slip hiid that she would like to exchange with other club members. Mrs. uyer Garner cave the devotional nn c | community .singing; was led by Mrs. C. N. Patterson. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration ascnt. urged, that 'he clothing chairmen assist the TIRES You'll cover more acres o( ground in less lime with loss gas when your Ircrclor is on faster working Sure-Grip Goodyear Service Store 410 W. Main '* Phone 2492 v >i ju^v ,,itj.n.-nn.- ^niiiu in. isj'nu problems and .shou-ffl the 4-if nr.ktns .a straight pleat so if win I Club >n>];oim. Then, she demon- ian^ si:;>.i|hf,—rather than sprcni 1 .| M''aied the making of refrigerator] iut. The way the pleat hangs de-| rolls. >nnds on the direction in which|- Miss Peggy Vinson gave n dcm- t is slltclied. I onstratlon in the proper method of After the pleat is basted nnd putting in a zipper, tressed, start at the pleat breaK! Mi's. Hazel c. Jordan, district ml stitch up lo ! the top lU the! home demonstration agent, nttend- kirt, Instead of starting ui thcjetl the meeting, she told how the i'alstlinc aurl- stitching <!o-,vn to eliib might increase it s member- he plent oreaK Make both linc.i the botlom toe hojnc ileinon- tration asjent explains t):at cloth eases" as it is stitched. This casing causes the pleat to spread f stltchinu from vaiti Iho top.'Tli :tKentucky 2CH, 42 bushels; rimk O , apart if it is stitched from tha •r,46, 39 bushels, and Pioneer 3C£, 33 ' top down. rr bushels. }} All of the varieties tesled last 5 year are . hybrids except Delta g Prolific, which is an open-pollinat- 'f.ed or "old style" corn. • The Burdette hybrids are not yet ready for release to com growers as these corns are still in the ex£ perimonlal. stage of development. ,.i All of the. varieties'are yellow corns ;; except; qejta. prolific and Kentucky * 203 which nre K-hite varieties. The £ Kentucky, Punk G 46 and Pioneer ,"j300 hybrids nl'e early maturing and i|. very popular for growing with soy-,; fc beans. Farm, Women's Column ;'-: Hominy served \vith sausage, pork £ chops -or ham Is an old-time fav- £orite. .'Now is the time to make i'and can the year's supply .of .hom- i,iny, says Miss Cora tee Coleman. V home demonstration agent. Later £in the year corn 'becomes drier, and ?j lakes more Cooiling to remove trie it hulls. ^ Most people prefer white corn bs- £ cause "it is more attractive; how^ever, 'yellow-.corn mill make just, v as good hominy. One pound ol . t shelled corn makes about, two ^quarts. J Her directions are as follows: f Weigh amount of corn needed and *:iet it soak overnight, in \vnnn watt. er. or add it directly to a lye solu- £. lion. To ariake lye solution, allow ^two quarts of water and one table- s'spoon ol lye !or each pound ol ^ corn. Measure the water and 1 let i; it reach a boil -before adding the *• lye. As soon as the lye is dissolved, jjput in the corn. Boll for 20 to :!O jVminutes, or until the hulls slip Ifroin the corn easily. Then drain £the lye soluticn from the corn, i.Cover the corn with fresh water f^and drain. Continue to rinse the v corn until lye is removed. '*£ The next jc-b is removing the .-: hulls and black tips. This can be ^ done by rubbing the com vigorous/,]>' between the hands or churning vigorously in a churn or enamel- i.lined washing machine. ;- : Alter hulls and tips are loosened, t ] plump the hominy up by soaking r it in water for two of three hours .changing the water occasionally. • To can the hominy, heat and ; pack it in jsrs. Process pints 50 J. minutes and quirts 55 minutes t. ;'15 pounds pressure. .*.- As time approaches for sewins ;.spring woolens, Miss Coleman makes j.somc suggestions to Mississippi -'County homcmakers that will lm ••prove the appearar.ce of their ^finished products. ;-- For 3. smooth sleeve in wool gar- "ments. shrinking out *.he fullness -.'Js; desirable. It Is harder to shrink V-the fullness or/gathers out of tops ^of sleeves in hard twis: materials ^Tsuoh as gabardine serge or men': ^suiting. One thing that helps i • to make two rows of maehln ^stitches along the seam to t» ^gathered. Draw up these thread ,.to take out half of-the fullness to -be ;-emoved, and shrink this lull- rness out. Then,: draw up the .^thrftads some more and repeat the .^process. / rr It may be necessary to repeat •_Mhe process three or four times be^.Inre «]l : fullness Is 1 removed, but ship. She also toHl how they could cooperate with the county ' health unit niui cncouragp belter Kcalth i liablts through sanitation, legislation, and cooperating with other heiiitli agencies in Hie county. The business session was closed by the. home demonstration club HERE'S THE ANSWER TO EXTRA This oxclusivc Goodyenr method o( 100% liquid iillintj any Iracloc lite adds up to 25% more drawbar pull . . . saves lire, Iractor qnd equipment wear . . . gels moro work dono pur hour. Have Us'pump Solution 100 inla all your lubes — regardless ol tiro brand for amazingly increased traclor cilkiehcy. Goodyear Service Store / 410 W. Main Phone 2492 Us for Purina -Sanitation Products Courier News Want Afls. L K. Ashcraft Co. U Blk. 0. of I'rtaco Ifepvt Fhone *9J O. Ha,,b 3 ker, Publiahtd Ky The Delta Implement Co., Blytheviile vol. r< Fridiy, I'cb. II. 1317 No. 2:; Lot us overhaul your lntei-n»lioiinl Trucks, Traclor.s and Parni hiiiilcmcnts ami |>;is' for the ropair job in small monthly pay- in vnts. Don't go into tho Field with equipment that's in MMd of fixiiiK., Breakdowns on Um j<>}> arc jiol only iin'oiivimient, Ijut n;iglit causQ downright costly delays. I'lny sure! Schedule your machine .repair work ahead of .season. Any farm machine, any make—if it needs fixing we'll recondition and repair il like new. Call us or drop in today and make a date I'oi your fhop \vorh. Delivered No. SA Tractor Slalk Colters to 10. O. Law-lev, Cooler, Mo., and Taut Windham of Rl. 3, Ulythcvillc, Ark. Delivered No. <1A Tractor Stalk C tit tors to K. ('. 1 .ans?ston of'Ltixora, Ark., and U. K. Craiu'ofd ut Cotitev, Mo. Delivercil an Evcrsman Land Levelt-r (o Rex Warren of Rt. 3, Ulythcville. Delivered an UM-9G Two Row Trnctor IMaiHer to -Jim and Irving Alexander of Rt 3, Blylheville. . ; 11. .). Arnold ot-vIHythcville had an F-20 tractor in for steam clcaniii", and paint job. Kloyd Dalton of;'ilanila, Ark., had an Fi Tractor ill lo be steam cleaned and painted. C. H. Halley of Dell, Ark.. h;td an H. Tiacior in to be steam cleaned and painted. WASTE ANOTHER MINUTE! Timi> means money—anil lost 'Ume means lout nunioy. Don't stii't'ov une.xeusaljlo losses <!uo to failing farm inni-liincvy. Gut overy- '!>!»« in yourl. shape- now and keep it .Uiiil way by lettinjj; Kiissc'll I'hillips Tractor (,'oiii|)!iiiy repair and service your fan a niuehiiiery. © Expct^ Repairs ® 'Steam Cleaning @ Painting w 11 e E L- i if s s i PA y i £ M i: FI v DELINT YOUR COITON SEED Our new plant is now equipped to delint your cotton seed for planting and treat them with CERESAN. Our screens and fans take out all burs, trash and light immature' seed, insuring better and more even stands. All State Experiment Station records indicate that CERESAN will kill all seed borne diseases and protect small seedlings from adverse bacteria in the soil. Co// Us f&r Details —or Come Sec Us nd cot (on seed will, hi/rli Rcrmiitalion for .sale DELTAP1N.E 14 & STONEVILLE 2-B Blytheviile Delinting Corp. •ion So. 2nd SI. DOYLE HEXDKUSON, Sccvctary-Trcasurcr Phones 28BO—297(5—3.118—3153 VISITORS ALWAYS VVElCOMf So. Highway 61 Phone 2171 Here's hois —be sure to make periodic inspections . . . lubricate regularly . . . keep tires properly inflated ant), above all, let our factory-trained service 'man give your John Deere tractor and equipment a thorough check-over. It will come back to you just about like new with plenty of power and pep for many additional hours of hard work. Remember, these are days of equipment shortage. New goods are hard to get. What you have kiust be made to last. Come in the next time you're in town. Talk with our service man about this complete overhaul service. You'll be pleased with the completeness ... the good work . . . the results you get. Don't delay —ask us about this service today. implement 1 Co. Oscuola - - Blyth'evillc -'--.--'-«- JUG FISHERMEN and BOATMEN You have v/anted a place on the river to keep your boats and fishing equipment — SAFELY! You can have access to this very place in the coming months at Barfield Landing. Gas, Oil or anything you need for boating will be kept at the dock. Don't put off your planning another minute ... CALL or WRITE . C. ELLIS JR. FIELD FARM Phone 614 Blytheviile, Ark.

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