Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 5, 1891 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 5, 1891
Page 6
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ONLY WAITING. I fc E/oke Strikers Will Keep Quiet aa ' Long as Troops Remain. ' After the Departure of the Militia Trouble Is Likely to Be Renewed —The Riot Victims Buried. m I A\YKT> ]:V TUK TKOOl'b. TklouXT 1'i.KASANT, Fa,. April 4.—The situation Jn the coke regions )-;is not .lly changed within the last 24 The troops have charge of the coke company's property, and 'the fouling 1 prevails that as long- as '"lie .militia remains there will be uo •fanorc lawlessness. The soldiers cannot rstay ahvays, however, and it is feared '_ ahat unless the strike is - settled before ilu\y are called home the .•depredations will be renewed •;3\ist as boon as their backs are ".turned. The feeling among the strikers ,-;Is intensely bitter, but they are caro- tfiil to commit no overt act and content themselves with scowling at the mili- ttla ^and mnrmnriny in unintelligible : congues. "ffihousj-nds of people viewed the ."bodies of the men who were shot at ' jVIorewood. They lay in the carriage house of Zimmerman's undertaking establishment. They were stretched out side by side on a long platform, around which the crowd surged in its .eagerness to get a glimpse of the . deiuJ:men. Sobs and groans were heard . «un 'every side, and crowds collected about the clothing which the victims had •Sast worn, and judging from their action they will prove vipers to the men • Mvh'o did the shooting. It is well-known ^among the citizens that the lives of •Capt. Loar and his deputies would be in jeopardy should 'the militia be with•drawn. The foreigners are excited to ^a. degree bordering on frenzy, and, ^although they are keeping- all demonstrations within the pale of the law, Khere is no doubt that they are deter- rrnitted to wreak vengeance eventually mpon the people who are responsible ' :?or the death of their countrymen. The ^>eene in the morgue was one that iis not often witnessed. -Of .the-thousands who viewed 'the remains scarcely -a man came in whose countenance was sot-drawn and scowling as he gazed on tthe -work -of the rifles, and hundreds of •women vented their anger and anguish in terms that could not be mistaken. They -were miners, cokers, and their wives. The latter are more revengeful, if -anything, than their liege lords, and are considered more dangerous antagonists. At 8 o'clock a. m. the remains of Valentine ijindlc were conveyed to the polish church, where services were /held. Every pew in the church was <crowded with friends and sympathizers •"with the dead, while hundreds '-Taibre stood in the street in ftroht JYVhen it became generally :known among the foreign population Tthat religious exercise's had been held •over the remains of Zindle the crowd :soon began to clamor for the bodies . oi -Ahe others. About 11:30 a delegation .'•of Hungarians called upon - Un- odertaker Jiimmerman and demanded •ith'at the remains of their friends bo turned over to them. The demand was •complied with and in an instant the -five tcdfflns containing the bodies were lifted Ho the shoulders of twenty Huns and 3>orne down the main street to the Catholic-church, followed by a long line of mourners. They were extremely qiiiet and not a sign of the turbulent element could-be detected among them. . The body of the Italian was the only one over which religious exercises were not held..: A special train on the Baltimore <fc Ohio railroad -carried the. bodies .to X Scottdale: at 2:30 p. m.,.. where they were buried in the Catholic cemetery.- liONDON, April 4.—A Vienna dispatch . -iaysthat very little, interest has.been aroused there by the reported slaughter in America oi a number oi -Hungarians and Galacian Poles. The emigration of that kind is arom the lowest dregs of the <empire, and the Austrian government 3s the most aristocratic in Europe, even. vthe electors being mostly of a substantial and superior class. Uo official ut- •ierance has been given on the subject, (but it was stated on usually well-in- :Ionned authoritj r that there would not "be an official inquiry into the matter. The coke company is not making any ^effort here at present to get men to fill -the places of the strikers. They are keeping the mines in good condition. Although the men have been out of work Jor a month they still seem to have considerable money, and from outward ' appearances are not suffering for anything. They all seem to be keeping sober. In fact not one of them has been seen on the street iu an intoxicated condition. From the bankers it is learned that the foreign element which constitutes 75 or 80 percent, of the workers of the region, now'striking, has more or less funds. There is no longer any doubt that the ijtrike will be continued indefinitely and with a bitterness never before experienced in a strike. It is not beyond -r/robabiliry that if the - strikers find ihey'are debarred from reaching non- -jnion men at the coke works, secret ^methods of securing them to stop will Sbe made. Several men at work have &een heard to express such fears. NEW YORK, April 4.—Mary'Murphy, 38 years old, of '450 West Forty-sixth street, jumped from the fifth - story -window of her residence to the yard and -was killed. Her husband was arrested «on suspicion of having something to do •with her death. un 0-rnmeU Buried. GKINSKLI-, la., April 4.—The funera. <al the late J. B. Grinnell occurred Friday afternoon. The city was thronged -with visitors from all over the state sand business was entirely suspended "03»e funeral was the largest ever held test*. A SHARP NAVAL BATTLE. How the Cliilliin Ironclads B«h:iveil Under lleiivy Kire—Many Llvi<s Lost. SAX IMJAXCISCO, April 4. — Private advices from Valparaiso state that the ironclad Blanco Encelacla, belonging to the insurgents, recently attempted to blow up the armed government tug Florence with a fish torpedo. The torpedo missed the tug, but struck a. big floating dry-dock- in the harbor, blowing it to pieces. The lilaneo Encclada was therefore treated to a hot fire of shot and shell from every gun in the forts and she steamed out of the harbor. The same night a torpedo boat and the tug Florence stole out to attack the Blanco. The ironclad was not alone, being in company with the sloop- of-war O'Lliggins. Both ships compelled the government vessels to return to the harbor and followed iu hot pursuit. A heavy shell from the Blanco struck the Florence, blowing her entirely out of the water and every one of her erew of seventeen men was either killed or wounded. A broadside from the O'iliggins knocked the torpedo boat to pieces. The two insurgent vessels then t.nrned their attention to the forts and a livety battle ensued. A shell from the forts struck the O'Higgins and went clear through her. Another shell caused a gun- on her quarter deck to explode. When the smoke cleared away the deck was found to have been literally torn out of the vessel and nine men out of the gun's crew of twelve were blown to atoms. The sloop was at once taken out of the range of the gnns in the forts. News received under date of February 2C ^ays the government was hurrying troops toward Tacua. The revolutionists have adopted aboldplan. They have determined to make a move on Santiago and Valparaiso. Gen. Urrutia, with 0,000 men, has instructions to this effect. The national guard, numbering about 40,000, is divided between the government and the rebels, and the rebels count on desertions from the ranks of '• Balmaceda's army to swell their own. Meat is now selling at $1.50 per pound, potatoes at $15 per bushel and flour at S40 pur barrel. Clothing is very high. A suit of ordinary cloth, costs between S50 and S65. The. provinces in the hands of the rebels are Iquique, Pisagua, Taital. Autogagasta and Chanoval. Admiral Latorre, who has publicly announced his allegiance to the executive committee of the revolutionists/has had -his property confiscated and a decree has been issued publicly exiling him from the country. PARIS, April 4. —It is announced here that the Chilian government ironclad Pilcomayo, with its officers and erew, has deserted the cause of President Balmaecda and that it has joined the rebel fleet, which now numbers forty war vessels of various sizes. SHERMAN'S REMAINS.' preparations Beinfr Made to Follow His Oft-Expressed \VIsh KcBTHrdin^ Their Final Bestlnp Tlace. ST. Loins,' April 4.—The remains of Gen. W. T. Sherman are to be removed and the detachment of United States troops that have been detailed to guard duty at the grave will watch over the remains in their new and temporary resting place. Before his death Gen. Sherman gave directions as to his last resting place, and it is in order that the wishes may be complied with that the , remains will be temporarily transferred from the Sherman lot in Calvary to the receiving vault of the cemetery. It was the wish of the genera.1 that his remains should not be interred in as ordinary grave in the earth, 1 but that they be placed in an apartment under ground which should be built of stone and concrete and covered over ^with a heavy marble slab. The sepulcher will be built large enough to receive the remains of t-he general, his wife and tivo children that now rest beside him in Calvary. Did >*ot Starve Prisoners. IsDiAX.vroLts. Ind., April 4.—A good deal of feeling is exhibited here among the ex-federal, soldiers over an article in the "Century Magazine" for April charging that confederate • prisoners of war, who almost starved, ate rats and dogs, were furnished with insufficient clothing, cruelly treated, etc., while confined in.Camp Morton at this place during the war. •W. K. Holloway, who was private secretary of Governor Morton during the war, and who made daily visits to the camp, pronounces every material statement.in the article untrue, .which he .proposes to prove from official sources in an early number of the "Century," ' ' ' Davitt a I.>il>or Commissioner, Loxnox, April 4.—Michael Davitt has received an official invitation to become a member of the royal labor commission which he has. accepted. This action upon the part of the crown is most extraordinary, in view of the fact that Mr.. Davitt is in the eyes of the law an ex-felon, having served a term of imprisonment for complicity in Fenian outrages, and public surprise at his invitation to take part in the deliberations of a body owing its existence to royal sanction is very great. Driven Five Wiles by a Corpse. FREEHOLD, .N. J., April 4.— David Pancoast died on"\Vednesday while he was driving from East Vineland to Millville. After death'he sat perfectly, upright, being supported by' the arms-. of the' seat, and .grasping the reins in his lap. At Millville it was discovered that the horses had been driven for 5 miles by a corpse. CALCUTTA, April 4.—Advices from Manipur say that the British have attacked and carried by assault Fort Thabat, situated 12 miles from Manipof and garrisoned-by 1,000 Manipuris. A G. A. B. Jubilee. DECATUR, III., .April*.—The twenty- fifth anniversary'of the rounding of the Grand Array of the Republic will ba celebrated here next Wednesday. 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Will soothe a burn, if several applications of the whites be put in to exclude the air. Will not permit a plaster to blister, if the mustard be mixed with egg instead of water. Will remove a fishbone from the throat, if the white be beaten and given at once. —Minced Sandwich.—Chop very fine half a pound of lean ham, add a tablespoonful of made mustard and a minced pickle. Melt two talespoonf uls butter In a frying pan; stir it'until creamy; then place it in the ham with the beaten yolk of an egg, and a little salt and pepper. When well mixed remove the pan from the fire, place the contents in a dish and set away to cool. When firm it is ready to cut in slices and lay between the pieces of buttered bread. —Croquettes of Shad Roes.—Parboil a pair of roes and rub into a loose, "granulated mass; add one-fourth the quantity of mashed potatoes, or boiled rice, agill of drawn butter, or bechamel sauce, one raw egg, well • beaten, and a seasoning of minced parsley, pepper and salt with half a teaspoonful of anchovy paste and a few drops : of lemon juice. Put these ingredients into a saucepan and stir until very hot. When almost cold make into short sausage-shaped croquettes, roll in crumbs, dip in beaten egg, again in the crumbs, and fry. in a wire-basket in boilinff hot dri-onine. Garnish with cresses of parsley. Omitting the potato or rice and with the addition of the mashed yolks of three hard-boiled eggs and a larger quantity of the sauce, the above mixture, is delicious if baked hi buttered scallop shells.—American Agriculturist. Used up. 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The black cloth evening gown is usually brightened with jet and decorated with feathers; its grace is undeniable, for it falls into the fig- •nre exactly as a soft crepe or eashmere would. With much of a train ifc is deco- rated with prince of Wales' feathers, the bunches being set at one side and apparently, held in place with broad black ribbons. If these are not put on the tram, then they take their place on one side of the gown, and are so carefully disposed that they do not add an inch or two to the breadth, a something usually to be dreaded when a skirt decoration stands out from the material. The V, or square opening at the throat, is finished with a wide collar, either a Medici or a round Marie Stuart, and this, though it may be outlined with jet, must be lined with feathers. The bodice portion, though it does not fasten, is literally draped, as the proud possessor of a cloth evening gown knows to her sorrow, for she stood for two hours having it done. 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R- Leave Logansport, 4:13 p.m..1130 a,m... 8:19 a_m Arrive Peru .A*;p.m..11:44a.m... Sh55a.m L. E. & W. R. R. Leave Pern. North Bound 4:45p.m 10HOa.ir South Bound 11A) a. m WABASH a. R. Leave Logansport, 8:46p.m.. 750 a. m Arrive LaJayette. 4:55 p.m.. 9:20 a,in L. K. & "W. R. R. Leave LaFaiette, EastBoond. 1^0 p.m WestBound .•-.S^Op.m H. C. PARKER, Traffic Manager, C. V. DALY, Ren. Pass. * Ticket. Agt. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. A Chicago druggist retailed 2000000 of B. F.' KeesliDgand Cullen & Co.,so)« in Lopratisport. JUDICIOUS AND PERSISTEHT Advovtising lius always,proven siicccssfuj. Before plaelnr any JCewspiipcTAdyertlsiTig: consult LORD & THOWJAS, AUVH1ITIS1XO AGENTS, ir, ,.. 4!) lUnilolpU Slrwl, CHICAGO A .VEW UBMUDT POSITIVE CtKE FO» BRIGHTINE DIABETES, •'• - K •*••»••£»WTO.' ' - •* Correspondence -toileted, valuable .nformation free." DBUfcl dfscount'tc *r*de. . • - • • , "disease WM. T.:X.t IS £.» Still* Street, Andrea - ailment* CO M Chic***. HI* W. L. 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