The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1947
Page 11
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TIIUKSDAY, KKDKUA11Y j;',, 19.17 Rumors of Drastic Government- Action toscK r'car of Pnnlc Hy \y.\i,TKK Kl'Nl>Ui I'nilrc! !',-,.SS Siafr (.•un-uspomlcnl f-'llANCiHAI, !••(•!>. 13.—(UJ'i _ i'lmrrcd by rumors (hat ilu; gov- "•riiinpiu jiluns (irastir action to < iifl) a riin.iwuy intlalion, sprrii- liitoi's <iump«t ll'.rir holdings today iu sjiivtattilar r>ro|H-tnk!ns Hint *«"Pple<i (.«],( ami u. S. dollar <ruo- uuions Jrom yi'.stenl.iv'.s' peaks. Ciolii fell to'700,000 Chinese yuan <c'iillurs> thi' ouneo to<l ; ,y from its luiili of 020,000«lay. The U. S. dollar w ns down to 14,500 yuan from its previous hl«h of 17 500. 'llic (.llicil rate is 3,350 to one (;<>;»i)K;diu- prices, lioivcvcr. which .Oint up as fast or faster Ijiiin cuinx'nry, showed little In- (:!>natiun to recede as Chinese J-TP- i'lly lust conlidoncd in their cur- lency and strove to convert their money into goods, some prices rose "•'•' liiRh Jin 200 pur eent in two (lavs. At. an cmprv.enc.v conference by avor K . C. Wii. ||, e jjas- sibility of a i-it'ld ratirjhint; system was advanced. Tl! R proposed Plan would ration rice, flour, eonk- ">!,' oil, ...ak. . sl , S ar, coal, ten, cin- "I'l'lti-s ntul piece Kcxxls to c n,b li*mli>i K . rcarlii-r, Generalissimo ^"•'••>;;ii Kai-shek ordered Premier I- V. soon,.; in take drastic mca s- 'I'es to halt the inflation and observers credited his intervention as caiiyiiij; in somr- measure today's ii'ecsKipn. These observers doubted iliac the recession would continue wing to the general lack of con- Iic.cnre in the yuan. Minister of information Peng Jisiie.i-Pc'i fokl a jitcm, conference »t Nanking that the ('cverninent, «n s "confident" lt wonl'd ,vea"ner ui,>_ crisis, other g 0 v e r n in p n t, w .il.iKesiiien quoted the (jeneralis- wou! •"* :1ssnri "''. tha! "ie panic Tale of Picket Line Ghosts Holds Interest of Senators ('. OTIIS1AN llili'ci I'rcss Staff C'orrr.siiumlriit WASHINGTON, Ffl>. 13. — Hrallty :i('oi!t a shew I maix'liiuit in a pit-k- line rim ins; a .strike :>, Hint lie ill ,„ .o <loc"n'l take lime out iu ,.,1( He never yets luiiijjry. He itu-t tr.-iinp.s back and forth in hi s invWb'.'.' fhrouds.'chevvint; his nhantoin aim anil snarling .spoctral insults. "Ghosts?" asked a flesli-and- bloo<l senator, name of Robert A. Taft. Ho comes from Ohio, head-; the Senate J, ;l lmr Cominiticc. and would be the first u> admit the difficulty O r controlling by jaw wraitlis walkiiii; two-by-Hvo in Irnni /if the employet's entrance. "Yes sir. ghosts,' ruplicil Mmon E. Hoth of Kan Francisco, Prcsi- «ent of (he National Federation of American shipping, inc. "or at least that's what we call 'eai on the waterfront." There ar e (w o kinds of ghosts nn strike. The tall .ray-haired Hoth has encountered boil, varieties »!' union spook, lie was deli«litcd to describe for the senators their phantasmal opera;ions. Wot long as;o, he said, three large frejKliter.s ol (he Luekenbnch Lines ftcumed into the San Francisco harbor |o unload eniyoes fro'n the far corners of the earth. The radio operalor aboard one of vessels rightly or wrongly. w ns s ove « the captain. !i c painled a sten nnd as soon as his ship docked he iii'cliircii a one-man strike ami began to picket the pipr. "This effectively stopped unloading or the three .ships." lioih trstiMi'd. "No Hitler u'liat an iiv <lividual longshoreman or ' . s -illor inay think, the industry i s so 'highly unionised that, any man w)io crosses any picket lino is marked for life. Odds are auainsl him ever Belting a job aualn. so the radio cpenitor maintained his ov.-n picket hue until he sot, hungry " ftien he painted another .si"n iiiit! placed it in front of lhe plei" it siml: "Picket out. to lunch-wili •>« back at l::to p.m." Nobody crossed the imaginary, „,- ghastlv PJcuet line, eitlier, Rotli said Tiie second type of yhost even more cxasperatin;; to I ho shipping men, ,, PV er .sho«- s hi s face ;•• all Nobody ever knows what his griev- Au example of that, rtalh said was when nine cars of Oregon each frelahl ear (he words: "Hot cargo," "So nobody would touch, those pears," liotli snirt. "Qlioslly pickets .stopped their movement » s effee- ' tivcly as live ones." ! Nobody in San Francisco ever ] learned the cause of the strife In the Oregon orchards, nor even who scribbled (he phantasmal vviirnlnss | on the cars. The pears rotted, no : liooil exempt, ol course, lor ghosts. j A third situation, not qime so i .'jiooky, found lhe engineers aboaixl | lhe ships of the United Prutt Co., i viiimn six ID one iu u unllonnl la; bf'i j'ejuJions boaril election nK'tttist ! the Marine Engineers Dciieflclal I Association as their representative^ j All hands ; ihoug!H that jmrtleular Khost hud been buried. • "Hiu no." Rotli testified. "Thc beneficial association threw picket lines itruiinil the piers in New York. Seamen and longshoremen alike davcd not cross them and 38 ves- . M'ls of the fruit comjianv were tied up." What with ghosts, slow-downs ami feuiher - bedding, Hoth continued. the American shippin;; industry ciin't begin to compete with foreign linos. Not in 20 years, for Instance, has n longshoreman, or even hLs ghost, gone on sirlku in any Uritish porS he said. He tnnii'il (lie yhosts over to the Senate. He v«:l there ought to be h-tiil- • •! .,....- Li;,ni, LQ au i -tr-.. t *>. tl , ijic^cis, UlinnntJ\' "^ .o a ±rd, l ilT r rS" t ™i^«ci,TtrSMT k "Th > '-' ™" twj-bliiie was being sold. ' '" I •'•'-'- - - °" - le ...!'.'" L ' ll1 •ni.« h'u," S S"" """ Cam ° n< t"'™^ 1 -" '« ^«k up. Comm,> ! »^- z us ir«rjss. m * ^ **" 'Porgi/ise' in pacific Offered tor Sate diso" in lhe Soulh Pacific, with ci-L'un f:iid river fronliigc. « fO-loOl waterhill iiiui' inoriern plumbliiK in n "com fort able two-slory home." has tr/cn listed for sale by the- I^o.s Anucles office oi ihc Strout Realty Agency. The property, in Tnhlll. is de- iu-rib'tl as belli); In n "small, secluded valley... with bus to town. all household InrnishhiKs and tools .....tind variety tropical beurliiK fniu irecs." n (s priced at $9,500. n law and he only hopes Hie linv- 1"B little fall I, in elairvoyaney) dial it works • jattention j welders . PAGE ELEVEN fiieit ll'« Krofer lor the ..,„. Corn-Fed • Tendered • Smoked l^ - w^ j i* L< i> •ig ( .... ("in now purdinsK :i i complefc acofyleiii. wcldtui; J out fit for $«2. This is (li« I lillt'St (ypc nu'ditnit RI7.C i Kcniiinc Harris Calorific, ; the oldest manufacturer tit' « \vclitinjir cfiuipmcnt. j BLYTHEVILLE Machine Shop 211 So. 2ml 1'h. 2S28 GOOD COOKS KH OWN BY THE COFFEE THiY S^RVE- W'vaffi -?/«i F m *? pa ^i^rf fel i £ ks THURSDAY THEREAFTER mi on Highway 67 Across From Service Station Over i/ 2 million dollars worth of ccirs, trucks, farm machinery, tractors and hundreds of other hard to get items for sale on opersing dare. t You Hove to Sell and w,e will sell it Don't miss the opening date of one of the biggest auctions in the South. If you ore lookina for any Hung fc buy you will find it at HOLLAND AUCTION SALES. Coking Food will bo served on the grounds. Come early and buy what you need. Plenty of room and fee $2 9 0<T aCC ° mmodatc ovcr 100 ° ™<*' We have plenty of inside room. * Relation OR SHINE!— At HoJIand Aucfion Barn On Highway 61 Across from Dixie Land Service Station J. B. HOLLY ELLIS POOLE T p //DOC , DEAN T. F. "DOC" DEAN, Auctioneer 5. /''(''^i'"'- • • • • J--T • •• II ^-'^ "N-V^ ) * " _/YOUP. DOIURS V^ ' ^ (HAVE MORE CENTS; • tf ^. fl . ,^.,~ ^AT KROGE/p. PlUpj • ,i Wl$ W\i Cyt from lh« t«nd»r«»l, young po;k- *r» (hot tytr f/tnt fo morl«l .1. . oiid (hen to b» doubly sur* you get the v«ry b«it, it'» jugor wired, >we»t- imok.d ond ip«c(ally Itndtred. SHANK 55* 58c , V/ c .ck I trc £ Illb ;unl 3 to 4 ),(,. J',,.,. .Pork Loin Roosfr ' iu Ac f •vv «)«Ai)t. : *°* **3C S KROGER VyHplESOME FOOD'VALUES A n "\^V.C "A" ' (ilMl)K M- \ *. . . ^ T$C .^TSsK'n ""•" ' fy <5? c ^'.^.cte^ •••••• '*>. 39c NV) ..69Cv,^^ Picnlc - s '••• ! M^ P8ofre Beef .. '. IL « ' c n .. ; • • • ' D - &JG spare Ribs Ib 39r f>0 1'OIINI) TIN • 7f * iJ '' C Pure Hog tard . ... ,<j§ 29 . Pig Lives' IL VQ.. S^ i/'i'iv *••*••««•>•. • , I U * ft f%* KB'/ LEAN 20% 1'AT *P« WC Grpurjd Beef ^ « c Pork Eroins ' Ib* 1 .. J-iyer Cheese • '..''.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Ib \ ,.\-9. c VtLr ~~~ ' pO^* Kroger Hot-Dated f(\r f tiftK G Ba ? ' V la D^ VJ\«* S A or t\\c,o<* ^ co tu ^5c SSS \fo.SM i 1 !"^ SI'AlM^CTAnlP NO. 5« r. 1,1). Illl" WHITF f' 2 Ib. ItoK 13 C Finer, Whiter, Made From the Heart of the Wheat YOU CAN BANK ON KROGER FOR SAVINGS I A^ C Popular Brands r > ">• Jllc sixc ... V ",,,Ji:if. PEANUT 15 BtfTTER ',;? 33 C ro'UNTPY r.Lirt': SODA Box 10 Package Carton .MESSIKG 25 C PEACHES 37 Country Cfub roil^njY CLUB QUICK ri,M'T>'.S OR oniRT, RR . S Oll . OATS «£ 2T BABY FOODS ft j ,& fib- ffl yr t if Iff Texas Juicv _ _ Rich In M PI 1 Vitamin C! S \W I'riccrJ !,mv! State Certified SEED POTATOES 100 Lbs. $3.39 FANCY PKKS» SNO-WHITB CAr.IFORNIA FANCY GOLDEN GMUFLOWEI ,,,19 C CARROTS ^ 15' RICI) TRIUMl'II U. S. NO. I FANCY FRESH POTATOES To h r c «r RADSSHES nirnch 5 C ^..^-ir 1 WASHR » FRESH'GREEN SPRING-' SWEET IfAMS ,i 29 «MW»S B.L. 15 1

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