The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1947 BLYTIIBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Polar Expedition In New Discovery Pea Green Lakes Found by Aviators With Admiral Byrd BY ALTON L. lil.AKKSI.I-K Hep. the (.'(unbilled American Press (Distributed by United Tress) ABOARD THE U. S. S. MOUNT OI,YMPUS. Fc-:>. 11.—The discovery on the !icv:n South Polar continent of a remarkable inland "oasis" ot muddy pea green lakes dotted with tall dark brown mounds of 'apparently bare earth was announced today. Tile discovery may be one o[ the most important made by the Navy expedition. A 40-mile-wide land fo lakes region with conical mounds rising 500 (eel above the surface in an urefl completely devoid of ice was located inland in the vicinity oi the Kncx Coast by fliers of the expeditions 'Western Tusk Group icconnoitenng in PK'M Mariner plane.; Monday. CapX Rcbjrt S. Quackenbiish, Jr.. chief of tlic ex- i:editionaiy staff, said. Discovery of the lakes and inounos which resembled chocolate drops from the air. raised the question as to whether the area might b: 1 warm enough to support year - round human settlements comfortably. Expeditionary leaders said they considered the discovery of greatest signilicance from the standpoints of geology and geography. Lakes l>!'senl)ed Dispatches to this headquarters ship from Capt. diaries A. 13ond. commanding the Western Wins, said the lakes were "of a pea green, muddy color, interspersed with dark blue and light green." and that conical shaped mounds rising 5^0 feet were dark brown J in color. j The reports said there was no' smoke seen in the region. The reference to smoke indicated that the mounds resembled volcanic peaks, but no further explanation was given. The exact location of the area and the of lakes and mounds sighted was not specified. Band's dispatches. ho\vcver, said some of the lakes were big enough for a PEM to land on. The lake region had a radius of acout 20 miles, Bond said with tl-.i- width or the area stretching about 40 miles. 'Photographers, planes took colored motion pictures and still shots of the area. At least one active volcano— M3UIU Erebus—is known to exist in Antarctica. Mount Erebus is located at the western side of the Ross Sea near McMurdo Sound. The same Might also discovered numerous mmataks or islands of rocks standing ivbove the surrounding ice sheet on the Shackleton shelf of ice ol the Queen Mary Coast. They also found a new glacier but tec specific positions of all these discoveries were not announced. May Find Hot Springs at Pole Mariners returning to the mother snip noticed much new ice forming on the sea, Qiiackenbush said. This might .be additional evidence that the new land-of-lakes region was comparatively warm enough to remain free of ice while freezing was going on elsev.-here in the same general area. The existence of warm water springs might be the explanation for the inland and lake area __The Western Task Group had early morning reports did not indicate whether further ili-hts were •planned. The Eastern Task Group Edison Sparked World War II Technical Warfare Mobile, Mother oi Mystics, Set For Grand, Gala 1947 Festival MOIHLK. Ah., Feb. 13. (HI 1 ) — Mobile. (in- mother of mystics, hurt's I her bosom to cotifvlll, parades, lloiiis mid camlviil cuurrs ui'lihuiljm I toiiKHTiAv tilRhl. I'Mr It's t;u)ii Alardl C'f«i." time— \vhctlier here on lit How Orleans. NINE- Edison anti-glare box, to assist lookouts aboard warship* la spot periscopes In glaring sunlight reflected from sr». Extension ladder, to increase area of observation could be run ur 87 feet abo\'« top of mast and remain vertical despite ship's roll. J'ioneer airplane sound detector. Invented by Kdlson, consisted of two pick-up horns, which when centered on area of most intense sound, located an approaching aircraft before It became visible to the naked eye. meanwhiie, was foe bound. At Little America early this morning the temperature sunk to four 'bslcw z?ro but the ::kies looked promising for further flights. The tin ,:"- ..'•• h.i:l .:.,.:j;-,i; degrees within 2>l hours. The flotilla headed by the Mount ptynipns waited through the morning for the fog and' snow to lift to permit enough visibility to con- ' tinue the journey through the ice pack. The winds had abated since Monday ' night's blizjard, but the overcast, remained. Bulgaria devoted 17,000 acres to the cultivation .of roses in 1034. Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH iy 1)1 po ans. l'':lil«y niiilil until Tiu'o- the colorful show lulll]|{h(, uik: I'uiuiiiu siiuu on. It will bi> (he cllnuix rniral spirit Unit hns )MM'- he con] ««'..' winds Mticc is, 11 The leneiul noes, and Mubiliitns tear by It, that when New Or- •iuis finally ciiutiht on In the lea, Hie Crescent City sent lo Mo- ilc for a particular ganK of lu.'ll- dsors to show them how It shouh! <! done. The long fniiylund wci'k-i-ml opus with 11 piniulo by Ihe Ciewt f Columbus rlilliiK iiiulu-iVmwi loats tomorrow nlRhl. A masked outlined ball follows. Moblllam lirady have their IfUh Cenlnr.s ostumcs out of moth bulls nnc nessed. On s.Uuidiiy. I ho school kid.i. cine nf I hem I r.- itu> limu, slier out ihi.< IK/-IIS lor liiu .'i' i:irm1<>. II will !,•! ra,?!<;a .n:>0 cMine- In llco hi'M>. Kar.iMliy i; i r :!il Hit' kliiu intd ( slip In lor cuiona- And nt hlnii noon Miinduy, Kins IMix. the Miirti'l ai'iis emperor mwii us Ihe Lord of Misrule, 1 rude.s siiirouiiili'd .by the queen and ' • miilds, Mobile (Icmitiintc-s, iind knlBhus, cllKlblc Mciblte buch- rs. To show hts complete, disre- liiird for ult laws ,lhe klmi will parade \]\u wriuiK wuy on one-way streets. And 'l-ucsday Is & cTay ot (jcneral masking. Prli? 8 lire awarded for tlic bfst Individual maskers nntl best groups. Many will march through the Directs in Improirp.u inradcs, others on trucks, all blow- Ing horns, throwing coniettl and nlsliisi hell In Kcncrnl. That, night UIB order of myths hold their liuriKie mid ball. There is also ft masked ball for the general public, because Ihoso of tho fystlc socle- .los ale liwltatlon affairs. And at midnight Mobile will go lo mass tor the first Lenten'serv- ice. Arkansas' lumber Industry to second only to Its agriculture oh the basis or products value produced In' the State. Oily faraln l your I UKAI, ESTATE WANTED i i: |.orty, .11 tri»l builniuei »n.l »tul iroillil Bl|rtll«Tlll«, B«ll nt roi'Otly. of buj«[l— Hit . — now I I lionn ^394, J, }, Field. 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