The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1947
Page 7
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TI1LIUSDAV, FKHUlJAtfY 13, 10.17 GOP Orations [Disclose Discord Lincoln Day Talks Over Nation Given Closes!' Scrutiny HV :-:KM:ST HAUCKI.LA WASHINGTON. Feb., |!o-co:ist burst of Lincoln's blith- Id-jy oiatory jy lop Repubiiriu'.a I |c:.'hocd the GOP discord in Con-! over two ir.ajar issues lax« |and lui'ilfs. ' agreed tliat the federal bud- .J|-/>t b: ;alanced. the public lucot s7;di!i'ed and in:umo taxes cut. lain they differed on the method land amount ot lax cut, And • there was sharp cleavage on the I turtle question. I The neia.Jlican Party trolled out •sc:uc- of its toil-ranking talent and • presidential candidates loi speeeh- |making fiom Boston to Los Ange- 'a.— with no stops, however, in the 3>'i!io:niti: Deep South. i In the lineup were Harold E. ISstasscn, Hit- only avowed candidate • lor Ihe 1048 Republican presidential |n;minaiion; Sen. Robert A. Tall loi Ohio anJ Clnv. Thomas E. Dew-?y lot New Yjik. who haven't yel ad-i Imitted they nro gunning lor the I • Prtsldemial prize; Republican Na-' I Chairman Carroll Keccc, an-:l Ljvcrc-tt Saltonstull, \Uss, • Homer Ferguson, Mich.. Henry Cab- lot Lod|;e. Jr.. Mass.. Keimeth • \\heny, N C ij., Kdward Manin, Pa., IGioijj;; Mr.lonc, .N'ev.. and O.ven lli:cv:.ste:. •Me. Taft, adc,.-essin,; West Virginia |Rcpuf)li;.-.ii3 :u Charleston, spelled |o:ii in n:o:e detail ihan the rest I nis views on taxes, larlffc. labor ..isliviion, war - powers and other Ipiculems. ' I On taxes, he said Republicans • piopsoe to cut fe>jral expenditures ' - S4,COO.OM.CCO o,' J5.COB,t;'..0,080 this -ii' "and more next year." He i<i lii's -will make it "possible to jnten tiie tax burden by a sum to 2C per cent of the person il yiL- tax yield. o r sa.Scy.OlO IMJU ('Ml devote two or S3 jillion I to Uie reduction of the national BT.YTHEVILLH (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Something Makes Mr. Liijenthal Awfully Tirecl Hours ot s|>cech-inal;ing by hir. foe, Sen. Kenneth McKellar, of Tcniu'sscc, backed ti|> by tcslimony of witnesses, such as Mrs. Agnes Waters, of Washington. D. C.. shown in |)assio::::ia om- burst at left, evitlonlly hail Uioir circct^oti David E. l.ilientlial. llc-'s pictured ul ris'il, in altitude r>C tilloi ivenriness during Senate henriiiK on his conlirnialion as member of. Atomic Energy Commissii'ii. Veteran s Status Sought f or Dog \ Which Served Faithfully in i'al't Silent on Tax Cut A congressional budget si.jcom- Imiitci- |ias recommended a £(>CU)|n:o,CK budget cut. 'jui some' He- iiolu-aiis think thai is too much. 'liift snied away from any talk |of a 23 per cent across-the-board lias cut as pqrpased by Chairman IHarcld Kr.utson of ihc tax-writing I House Ways ai:d -Means Conimiltee. I And he reiterated that any lax leiils should not become effective I'iietore 1. Siiltonsiitli. specking at Los -An- eles. said "we. all .-rant our taxes I reducer:... but most of us are will- lm;: to continue to pay high tax»s I until we a:e confident that our I federal budget is balanced and ou- |Bovci'i:mental expenses are -nt as as they can be cut. Then we |can see how much present revenue we snould allocate u> p.-rymcul of our deal and how much tax reduction we can provide, r jelieve [we should have first things first" Ladgc voiced similar views at /misvilie, Ky. He said an effort • should be niaan to reduce laxes 'il |thc baJar.;i,..j O f the budget pr-r- |- Any tax relief, he said, »ld go lirsi. to tiiose with fixed IIIHIWK-S whose living standards I nave 'jeen "so grievously cut by be inflation of prices for ali the ic:ossitic-s of life." Erewsto:, ReccB. Ferguson and I Wherry urged government economy I bill mentioned no figures. Martin' Isaid president Truman's baugct Ishwilo te ;ut by ai least $3.0:0,- IC130.KO. whirh he said would allow Ifor :mc|. las-icduilioii. Mai-tin Isaid only two categories in Hie Ibiulgei are "sacred" lo him—the I veterans and public debt items I Elsewhere, he said, "we must cut I an;, cut deeply." U'uidd Avoid Biinkriiplcy Dawcy, addressing a.'gathering in I Albany, devoted himself largely to Istate rather than nptlonal politics. iHc said the Democrats lost the I last election bscausc they espoused '—jay scheme that would either •jS'iipt Ihe state or enslave Us |r-eoplc." Stassen did not discuss taxes in Ihi.s top-spot 'Nc;v Yuik s|)eech. Bui Ihc clashed head-on with Taft on I the t::iff issue. The former Minne- Isola governor calletr on the COP |to ^discard its traditional high tariff "-'isies, and give continued support. |to tiie reciprocal trade program II.V I.KO TUKNKK VnileJ l're-ss Staff Correspondent NEW YORK. Feb. 13.—Mr. and Mis. ' Angus: Marrone appealed 10 Ihe President today to save the life of a war veteran—a dog. Scout, a shaggy, black and white dog that served as a sentry in the K.-S corps, was a fugitive from justice. The MaiTone'K were in trouble with ihc law because they kid- naped him from a Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter Monda'y night, a few hours before he was to be executed. A court ruled that scout was unfit to associate with mankind because he had bitten three persons, including two children, on a crowded street in the Bronxt A letter was on its way to president Truman today saying: "Mr. President: "I am appealing to your generosity and kindness to please intervene to save my dog, Seoul, who lias been condemned to death. "Scout has faithfully served our country in World War If in the service or the K-ii corps of the U. S. Ooasl Guard for 21 months and r feel he should be entitled to the same consideration as any veteran. "He has been with us lor a period of two years and during that time we have come to love him. He has been a very wonderful pet and also very kind and gentle. i "Thanking you for whatever con- 'sideration you could show ""toward ! Scout. , i "(Signedi Mr. and Mrs. August i Marrone." j The Mnrronc's, who have refused to produce the dog for authorities, are scheduled to appear in Bronx magistrate's court tomorrow on charges of disorderly conduct an<( violation of the sanitary code. Scout apparently was hidden somewhere in the country nearby, and was whisked into town in a I nick when police weren't looking. \ He appeared yesterday with Iwo] ex-service men who trained him. Ned Oulnick, as. said he trained Scout as a K-9 sentry at Fort Robinson. "He was the besl iloy at Port Robinson," he said. 'Tic knew his work thoroughly. He never-.:slept, j on the job." j Jules Kulncr. 31. snld he had re- ' trained'Scout-to'return to civilian life. "We put him through'-nu agi- ialion course. In this he was deliberately teased mid annoyed, and(j taught not to snap buck. He cam? j out n gentle dog." - I Kulner said thai last week he lei Scout play with his lu-nioiuhs-old son. Allen. "H lie was vicious, on you think I'd risk thai?" he asked. Bu ' Ie1 ~ s Damage ™f* a ^ 0U00S ' • ' Legislators Appropriate $18 f ]93,QQQ LITT1.K HOCK. Art... l-Yb. IS. (Ur)-A]<|)ii,|in,u!ou lilUs U'lalhu. $l«.H».co,i Iwvv nimomiv. ately i< bolh lin IHissnsi- JIo Boy of 76 is Charged With Brother's Murder f-'FIE'lDYVII.LE. Tenn.. Feb. IS. | — (UPi— nobert Earl Gin-ret:. l(i, I is in Bedford County jail today, 1 charged with murdering bis bro- I thcr. Charles Hurton, is, dining a i family quarrel last night. I J. n. Giirrctt, father of the bovs. told the sheriff the shooting with n .22 calibre rifle was the result of a" disagreement over ride car. tridges. j The mother, a younger sister Mind a brother, witnessed the shoot- j ini; in the living room of their home. MEMPHIS. Tenn., Feb. 13 —(UP> —Delivery by Hie. H a vcrninciH of a SGp.pQl) check lo 0. II. Cniln, Wll- son. Ark., trustee for Lee Wilson it Co.. will nH.esI tile keen-eyed gunnery of the nation's airmen who I rained sit the uyer.sburt?. Tenn.. Army Air liase. Federal Judise Iloycl yesterduy ordered Ibis sum paid attorneys _of the firm for dnmn^e inllictcd on .llniberlnnd owncii by uec Wilson .fe Co on two tracts'in Landerdale Co.ujiiy. Tenn. The tracts, totaling about TQan acres, were used as all :iir-lo- B n)uiid B'mncry i-.-uv;c by Ihe airmen for Iwo years. U'e Wilson ,^ Co, which regained possession of Ihc leased land lusl June, claimed bullets in trees on the property destroyed their value. They contended any attempt to saw the Irees into Jumber ,\ould endanger saw blndes striking the metal t.iugs. The StiO.UOO Judgment included rent or sinOfl on Ihe two tracts. If the money is unpaid by April l-l. interest „! (i per cent per year beginning yesterday must be paid, Ihe liP.iil decree staled. >v Ix-on iiiven Ih Uriu'i'al Ass-.Miiblv, yon ii|muiiiitv.| yt-^t^i'day. The :•( inn \vii-: mndi' at lh,> u-< - isliilui'i-', iuii-wny murk by Hinion. acting us i-hnii-inuu ol n llirt'e-miui comniliii-i- niimi'd u> Invi-stlniiU' up"ii nifiiiiiircH KlKiiccI by the Miniullaneously, Itiigou •d that (IVoctlve liiimedl- iluvi -foui'lhs majority ol Hit's will bi> ixvi'iViiiry lor • 'I iu:ini-tary bills. il.iini'd thai under the slala ruustllution. appiupiiatiollM In excess ol f','.!,(Ki.(H)o must have Ihe Ifi percent VHP of both housi'K, anil added Mini ih-.' total sluni-d by Oov, Laney :-,iiusi>j,tcd $lu,;m.lXW for lln>' lu-xi l)L-muiiiii and S1.ll75.CtlU In suppii-mcma! and snbstilule bud gels for the cnrrenl > - iHir. Ollv.-i iiiiiiib;'rs of Ihe appropriation iommiu:v an- lii-ps. 1,. II. Aulvy ul Mississippi County ai:d W. 1-. Ward of Lec. OIlDIXANdC NO. i.l AN Oi:i)I.S'AN(,'i: UICI'I'AI.ING OH'.Min:ii :n Oh' Till'; •> or THK <:ITY OK III.VTlll'.VU.J.K, A |< t> A N S A S, AND DH'IN'INC: JtliilKLUSS Dlin'lXd WITHIN THK COII- 1'OUA'I i: LIMITS T U E U E O I-' AMI nxi\<; ri NAI/I v •|'in<:i(i-:- Ffllt. HI: n (iiti;Ai.N'i-:i) nv THK t;rrv lil.VllllA'11,1,1-:, AlliiAN'SAS: e-HCMICN CN'R: That OKlhian';e Nim.fc?:<jd rhirty-Onc uf the OV- din.ino.-, of (he City ol lilylhovlilo bo and UK- same l.-t henoy ie])iuiled: tSPO'HON 'IWO: 'PhHl' irem mill afh-r tl-.e p:i:s.i»i' of ihU Oi'dlniuic 1 .' HECKLEV"i I3H1VINO wllhhl till' coipotiile limit;, o! ihc Oily of Ulyl-hcvi'.li! shall be delimit,' as '1 lie r:i:-iallen ol any iiiolur pr( p:llcd vehi.'le over, upon llnd nloni: the publi: slrceli and or alleys of liie C'liy ol ISIytluivllle. A: k-iii::::, in i. :-artile. i :s. rci-klnis. iicixllt- r j .^, Inrii'.itituis, InconslfU'-'ule .-.nil i(v;;:'-!vidcr.t manner aiul \vUh- ^oiit the exeicbo of orciliuti'y cave Wilbur p. Denning, both 17. lliey were held on three, car theft charges. They were caplured by police here after attempting to rob O. G. pledge. Negro appliance sioi'c owner .ulh.whom tliey hitchhiked a lide at Tcxrnkalla. Ark. t->vi-t- tho \'nara«o many lliau»niuli u[ liolll-is [if Mixiuu-ti Knu-i-alil (III b:ivi> hiicil solrl to li<-l|i auflVri'i-a llml i|»l<jl{ casi> am) niinifurl lbi> itching anil lorlin'o of l'3i:v.oiiui. JlNslK-.^, 1'lnipli-s anil ninny olbor i-xlei-iiiilly t-aiiHpil sl<ln crlllitloiiH tluit Wi- nribr..sltiii|[ t /ilv n iy tn you -j-Tr.v.Jlu.iHi.'B h] m ,. r:l |,| oil f<ir li-n If ol c'ullll.U'll ly .HSIllHlll-ll, Two Soldiers Accused \ MEMPHTo. Tcmi.. Feb. ]a. (UP) --Two youth soldiers, bath AWOL Irom the army stockade at San Antonio, Tex., wei'e in ledcral custody today niter attempting to rob a Negro business man. E. Rjcigers and motlLty back—s _ CITY DRUG' co. WOOD DRUG CO. C y tnc late President ticvelcijcf'. Roosevelt. S'r.sscn said the altc:native !S "cither to ;;o forward now with Ihc rcci;:ro:r,l t.'acJe agreements, or to slide backward in economic isolation." - Taft macl'e it clear that he was cpposed to any further tariff cuts and that he didn't like? the idea of the reciprocal trade agreements F3l giving the President "complete discretion" to make tr.riff cuts. Instead, he favored delegating to ihe tariff commission power to fix laiiffs "within .wi:te statutory limits, with i-. definite rule that no tariffs should fcj rclucEi, to su:b an extent as would do serious harm lo American industry supplying a El.c:ti'ntial part of the American demand lor its product." Tafi, also called for eliminating icmaining controls as rapidly i;s pcssule. He said it may be neces- -saiy to continue controls on su?ar.; ^--^m rvb'jcr and rents. If rent controls SSSj^ are continued, he said, they mustT5§§§< be adjusted !o give landlords a adequate return. 'S lottoiisfiid Hulls 100 Lb. Sacks Cottonseed Hulls 41% Cottonseed Meal 43% Soybean Meal V/n Welcome Your Business One Snrfc or Truck Load So Highway 61- Blythcvillc, Ark. C.IVK US THIS DAY . . . OUR DAILY URK4D For . breed the merchant labors long and late; For bread the beggar goes from gate to gale. For bread the sailor loses hearth and home, A thousand, thousand miles bread-seekers roam. For bread are weddings made and sermons said; Of all good things, the first and best Is bread. —By Arthur Gulterman BUY. «» f On City Property —For Purchasing, Refinancing or Making im/jfovcments 41% interest * 20 Years to Pay FULL Pre-payment privileges MONTHLY payment include taxes and insurance Terry Abstract & Realty Co. 213 W. Walnut Telephone 23S1 Abstracts ot Title —Farm Loans PAGE Frosting, Inside and Out second 01 subKijijent o{f(.nse. and coJiVU'lloi) bum b-s i uijlsfieu s/Jit" 1 nf not K'ss than < Ai'pfy" jlyij.'jjdi^" lars nor more thnh One Huiidrt'J'" Dcllars rmloj impri i i.j>ijjient» ior not less than filtctii'^ot' Srfore% thap one hunurcd and '»tf£nty> da>s icnn^untj. 1 ' 1 < T r /»J» SEOTION } 3UH Till' Ordinance :lnr( n'c.-e.isnry for tiie Immediate ;ar^i hia'th and mfety of th<! it\"')Uniit!j of tiie City ot Blytheville, Ark in \ in emeigcncy is hi'iccy ilei'li'.rcd- lo exist and tills Ordinance sh.ill Oc in full- for:e t-nd effc;t Item nnrt after Its pas•it!;e and publktiUpn. A-!'PROVED: Is L ^ JUCKCCV Major ATI C.ST ; FRANK WHITWCHTH. City 'Clerk AU MY CUSTOMER.? ASK, FOR. THIS FLOUfcl v;?'-v;<ffi X-X'iJVj '1'iiu fi'tjslitin tui I'ulit's in n Cliini^d bakery Is much more nlliactive ,to 12-your-old Albci'l Vcrcsl thnti wliulow-TrosdUK lliroygh vvLiii'U he sn'iniccl u iiccplioia durinii rcL'enl ncnv-zeru cold 'sunpl loi' tlic safely in UK' [K-rMins nii'l < l>ir|i:'ity ol ollii'r:; | S|:CriON' 'I'lnriK: Kmv pcrsnn , ol HV.CKlrKSS IJIU VIN'J . (Inn of not less than FdtriM i$r>0:) Ooll:n'.i nor . murn, Ilinn Kilty IJollnrs, or |>v linprlsonnK'nl lor ' not luss limn flvp:ihiy.j nor Cay Print Sacltt For Home Uie»! Thrifty hounwlvcl have found rh«l Th» Mlgic Millor'i 0;i| lll)vr'|ick'l|' «Kcelicnr tor mt^tnt poi hold«ri; kilclun iprarti, §nd many o%r hind/ Ittrm. Cut « lack rtxliyl 7** . . ii;; licrcin lU'Hiicd Hhull 01-. ir.inlsli- ' more tjinn iilncly cluys or <Jy both 11. r>nn n llrsl rnnvktlo.ii '«' a'lliK- ami liiifH'l'soiu'i-iil, mid on- BACON Pound 49c BACON Pound 43c Whole or Half, Ib. VEAL CHOPS lb.48c Bones Ib.ISc W BRISKET lb.29c W ib. 29c taldsr Ib. 49c|LAMB CHOPS lb.65c Blue Label 5 Ib. Tin DelMontc Sugar Glass 19<I6RST§ Quaker Hominy Hunt's Heavy .Syrup tl -., No 2!/ 2 Halv<!S Can Jack Sprat IP GREENS" 0 tk Armour's No. 2 Can Ozark Valley Fresh Blackcyc j White Shredded •PEAS_^_1JtelCOCOANUT ^ 39^ Pride of Illinois Cream Style White No. 2 Can 17c Baker's Premium- I Baker's CHOCOLATE a. 24^1COCOA Premium I Sunshine CRACKERS -L 2klHfflO Pound Sox 7 Pound 27< '4 Oz. I Post's 40 Per Cent CREAMOFWHEAT17*IBRAN FLAKES **-l\t Red Delicious APPLES Pound BELL PEPPERS - 25< Green CABBAGE Lb. I No. J 5*1 SWEET POTATOES"

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