The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, raWUAHY -i,% 1917 insss Fires Take Heavy Toll Six Cities and Towns In State Suffer in Conflagration Series (liy Unite'.! IVi'is) lire la-rsi'.i in Aiknnnas in the ]l >M fivi> <U;y;, neural the $5(JO.O'JU mail: today after six majar U:>z?.-> ii 1 ! 1 - H buildings in em'ojrs. The exact cstiiualcd lo^s is £343,CU'. but it (ioe.s not Include a wari-liousc- |i ;( . in LUtle Hock Suu- VT.'U;;it hniklin^r, \vcrc (iV'stroyec! ut Mountain View witli lo.s-, csf- »i: '.od :u S150.0CO. The blaze starl- •''! with Hie implosion of a stovi; I" « bai'jer slic.]> and spread through six tranii: and r.vo stone tiiiliilr.K.-. in the Southeast .section Dl tin; iusinrs:; district. Broken water mains handicapped the; regular fiie-tijjhtinR equipment, aiKl I.V citJxtiis ivsoried to :\ bu?kct brigade. ' IX 'iiaw estimated ai Sloa.OJf) re- suite;, from a fire Hint destroyed the Eastman Oarafje in Hot Springs ami several em's. The* (jre broke out in tiio ;;aim and i:ody simp ami spread rapidly through Hie building. endangering for a time I ho nnivby DeSoto Hole] and 31:111- oron 'AnnrtmeiHs. Fire originating from dcrccli'vc wL-iiijj tlwitro.vcd Hie ne'.v six-room Holly Grove Negro school i>j Mur- irm County with damage estiaipted ••'.l S33.CCO. The !o>- s was <iivi<lcrt equally iK-Uvcen tin: jrick Imilditi!! and the rqHip.-ncul and supplies. The Builders Supply Company iva.x-housc at -pine [Bluff was destroyed uitli damage estimated at S-'f CM. Scarce building; materials made up most of ihi- i, JSS v; ),ich operator George Dar:> ysaid was covered l;y insurance. Two buildings iv cre leveled at H"y. in Craighcuo 1 County.' with •AiinaKe estimated at $20030 One <«: ! .s the Bay Theater, the other the Hc-.viml Hundley General Stole 'An overheated line in [he .theater was telicve-1 to iiave caused the lire whic-h was discovered a few minutes after the last show. Fire o! undetermined oripin de- .struved the Mursliall I,,, mdn . .,„"„ »"•}• Gleaning Co. in Marshall ul an estimated loss of S20CC1 The muirting was cwneil by Mrs Anna J-'-v Adams of nig Fiat and valued at SKI,0:3. Tae fixture;; and equipment were owned ; as A rlc» and v.: P e'-,- Ri:lKlrrtscn ''' nct va " lctl ril No 'Official estimate has b-er "i«i.J on the ioss of the warehouse tliul v.iis destroyed at the North end of the Broadway street B -iii»» Cdnnaily Receives Award BLYTI1EVILLE (ARK.) COUU1BR NEWS Tom Connally. senior senator from Texas, center, attended ceremonies in the Pentagon building in Washington to see his sun, Urn c. Conj nnlly, n lo incr I.t. Col. with Hie Air J..dge A<Uo.n<U's Department rixlit receive ihe Lreion Of Merit from Ooneral Carl gpmit, Commnndiiui Ooneral ol the Army Air Forces (Army Air Forces Photo from Telei:hotc.) NEA Labor Unions Plan Test of Arkansas Bill lace Says LITTLE ROCK, Ark., 13. IUPJ- Tlic :r.bor imorcsts of. Arkansas stood pledged' today lo cany the controversial freedoin-lo-vvork law lo tlic U. S. supreme ccuri. if MI enabling a:l is passed fcv the legislature. At. :i pu:li- hearing last, night Walter H. Hairis, director of organization for the CIO, denounced an ; mended version of SE21 as playing into the hands ol "outside interests who control the major Industries in Arkansas." The bill .>s in the form of cm onnjjlinp net to Uio aiiti-doscd sliop nniendmenL votet. by tiie people of Arkansas in Harris said (,)iat it the n:t ; s passed, his organization will join forces with the A. P. of L and' [smaller unions and take a. test •••^•1 i to the U. a. Supreme Court "just I | as q.ii^kly as we can." j I The House La cor Committee v:v-i ] Cil "do as amended" on'Ihe! One amendment would make ihe! frecdo.r.-to-v.-ork law a;;p: y only to b.isiness and labor not" eiit;a"e-[ 1 :n interstate commerce. The "olheV v.oult. give :iianeery .-mirt- the I pcv.-cr to dccid-i.v.-iieilicr the firms •ve'.e m Intor.-itai" coiiimci-t fop's Wtne- Soaked Cigar Knocks Sonny Boy Out ' % ^ YORK. Feb. 13— (Qpi rhn atomic bomb no longer can be called a "Kecrct" because at least four nations arc in the pieces., of devc.op.iig atomic energy. Henry Wallace sni,; today.' "We are tightly clutching a large empty bag containing a secret. Hint is no secret." Wallace w.-ole i n ih-> current issue or the New Republic of which he is editor "W e alone have succeeded in deluding ourselves ini 0 belierin,. that we have a secret. Even our best friends '.von t tell us how unpopular and how delucd we are. Wallace said Canada has B on? "illy 80 per cent" of the way toa-artl making bombs. Britain is t-.uildmg ;,„ atomic-power plant capable of turning out. bombs franco is building; „ stockpile and at leas! one pile ls being b,,itt in Scandinavia, he said. M Wallace's only mention of Rits•Aa was in connection with disclosure thai Canada is maliin,, pl u - toninni. ^ "Tne Canadian method of mak- 1112 piutoniiim by the- use of heavy water is of little u.s e for power rtcvrlnpmeiu," he said. ••. 'j c an imagine the panic in America if «'ord had come that Russia was making piutoniiim." if Stomach fhs or Sour Food Taste Hobs You of ibep Here's How You May Help, Whether You Eat 500 Pounds or 2000 Pounds of Food In n Year You crm't feet cheerful, bB happy and slrep welt. If yov.r stomach Is always \ip- £?t. As npc itttvflnccs the "old stomnch" nei-tl.s more help. The rc.ipon 1s mis: Everytlnie food ontrr.s the stomach a .\Uil pa^trlc ]otrt> must flo\v normnlly to '*-l^--i'p certain foot! pnrttcles; else the Ti.o<; mriy ferment. Sour food. «cl«l Indli: '^tlon nnil gas frerjupntly cause a mor- !>:'(. touchy, fretful, peevish, nervous ronclltton, loss of ap|;,?tlt[-, utKlerwelght, r,ri;t5n sleep, weakness. I'o r^t real relief you must fit- now (if thl-i rtistrlc lulcc. M«tl- cnl ruilhorllles. In ln<;opentlenl Inbora- l-iry tests on Inunnn stomftchs, liave by ro-.itive iiroof shown thnt SSS Tonic Is r'inn::h:^:y elTeelivc* In Increasing this llo-.v \\hri\ It Is too tittle or sep.iity tine ui a stomach disturbance. >nl* Is <luo. to llio SSS Tonic formula \vrnr,i contains very special nnrl potent acllratlns HiBrcdler.ts Also, sss Tonic jicips hultd-tip non- orsuHlc. weak, watery blood In nutritional nncmlfl—so with a good flow of Ills g.i-strlc (llRe.-tlvc Juice, plus rlchrcd- I'loml you should cat better, sleep better, li-ct better, work better, ptay better. Avoid punishing yoilrsolt with overdoses of soda nnd other ntlcnnzcrs to counteract gas nrui bloating when what you FO rtearly need Is SSS Tonic to help yon rilgest food for body strength and rrpnlr. Don't wait! .loin the host oj nappy people SSS Tonic hus helped Millions pi bottles sold, oet a bottle or lln ." : i r ? m your <5r"B store today mlo helps Buna Sturdy Health/ CHICAGO <UP» _ AI (h age or 14, Robert Fleming thot^ht it time lo prove to the world that Arkansas Acts To Put Railrocid in Operation LITILE ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 1'J. tVFI— The State ol Arkansas today wus on the verge of taking legal action to halt the proposed r.fci :idonrnenl of Ihe Missouri and Arkansas Railroad, tied up by a it: ike since last Fall. It 1 lal:? action yes'.art'.ay, the House of Representatives passed and sent to Gov. Lancy for signature two Senptc bills that would allc\v the stale lo intervene. The proposals, introdn:ctf by Sen. Ernest Xivholson of Hanison, would Ui require cwners of an abandoned railroad to sell their stock, within a certain ijeticd of time, nnd (21 would allow the Pulaski Chrinceiy Court lo name a receiver for any railroad (hat lias already, or which may In the future, acnn- .dcn the operation of its properties. Earlier, the IcRislature save Ally. G;n. any E. Williams authority to Hike slc;:s to put the M. and A. b:Tk into <;;:_'iation. Yesterday, Wll- liains cica'.incc. '.o say wliat his next move WGUhi be. The i:r."i]io.=ed abandonment of the lino comes up for hearing in Little aock F.j. U, when Washington officials of the Interstate .Commerce Commission will air the ore 'j!eni. lie was a man. He was found unconscious on a ;:tieet corner. It tcok physicians two hours lo revive him. lie told police a marijuana cigarette had knocked him out. A clay's stay at the juvenile home changed ' his story, however. "All I did was to try to smoke YOUR Blouse... Pretty o« a picture, this blouic of toft crepe with push-op tlecvei and a bow neckline. White, yellow, pink, grey, brown, lime, tangerine. Size» 12 to i o $6.99 is. A Complete Line of Blouses From $2,99 up 4-H Club fleets Captains At Shady Grove Meeting The Shady Grave -I-H club met in Miss McComitck's mom nt Ilia Slmrty a rove School. Tuesday. The president, Ln\'iulii Hciisan. IH'CsUlod over Hie nicetlnii. Tlip S"<;- relnry, Fny Diiveit)iort. CTllocl tht> loll mid 30 inriiibers aiiswi>r;-il by IcIUliK whii^ project hi> ov shit wins; (RkliiB. I The followiiii; cltib cnptttliis w?rc i clfctcd: Billln Jewel Slewntt, ! (ieniiiK; Bobby Flefintin, swlno; H;u- j bnri\ Doiiner, foods and cookery; i Junior Williiiuis. culf; i'dtil Dnvcn- j port, cotton; Jewel Dean 1'uikf-r ponllrv; mul Hilly ISolllimor, corn,! W. O. Huxclbnker, nsslslntil coun!y : ngenl, mid Miss Com Ue Cole- I mini, liome dctnuiislration tijifiit j were both prescnl »( (his niet'liiig!! Miss Colemiin dlsctisscti llic 4-H • Club girls' unirorni. Mr. H;iwl- bnker discussed the Council Meet- Inn wlilch will bo lie-Id Snturdny. Kelirunry 15. iLATURE PAGE CobJb Appointed VMI Cadet Corporal J.itne.5 B. Ccb'j. stiulent n( Vli'- Binin Military Institute, Lexington, has been rppointed cadet ;oi>|iarnl In the Corps of the Cadet.-. Ciulet Cctb, a on of Ml. nnd Mrs. C U Cchb. 103 Chickiisawbu. is a third cnissman, or sophomore. Shoplifters in flic United States, 85 per cent of whom me women, steal about $80,000,000 worth of goods annually. one of my pa's wlna-rnnk"-' ••'• gars," he confessed. "iJon'l tell pii because he doesn't like clsar swlp- crs." CnMliiuril frinn I'mjc 1, tn-nay, v,|!h Hi? lions? battle ovci' <iJi»<"itn.-i ,,r ..Kisiti,,, f,,nds hiktim h" li.iv.linht. A M to w V(l[< . <1( . Hiilc.1 ll.,,:tvr County U.-|>. H. M. J0lt,.\";i\ mraMin- (!,.,( winild li,r,'c I'hati'Ml ih,. iti.ti'iltullDii fonntitn. I IlllU'l'll ;,,ht^l (|,;,( lie W.MlW Call '•'i; '.i'i i,j> I.T i'ec,,!v;l,t:M'atlon. ^ •"'.:! t.i (ij, v [j^n ),.,,,., v fR , m l||( , Ol'tl ,1. y..., |,|.,y w< , r , (wo ^n,,. ,, n _ MWed ui cur Ai'tcintaii counties iiiot'f nion,.y (a t ,,„;,) |,ij ( |,wjiys. iili'V winiUI iipprh|)rl:Xo $1.0U';tlOO to,- county road use, and also a|j|)nipi!nle S^.OOO.UOO each jviir aft-r hlfliway irvpiuics reach 4IW.. 11,0(10. '-li' lion l.-'^lsUiiinii :.:.«! caiui' up in (.:;• Hinise. with tho lowoi' chinn- «•'• 'l''l.'utln« one in.'iisme niul n- celvlni. imoiher for anisldenilloii. ,A OI-J3 nfjjmive vole was handed, ii olll timt wo u!d niivc' vlliiiluiitril the ii'.Mi'ssment <:[ poll taxes us 'i for voting |,, Arkansas ll»- mrasiire was iiuthored by tim\ I..V"n Wilson of YH1 founly. ThJ! ollur <!.'c'(lon bill was Inlr.iducnl >V "'!>. Sam SulUvmi of Whit!' Countv. and would provide for the ccmmlnx of ,,n halhiLs Ihe duy uftci' eUu-ti-.m, S U']< ].t.Kl.vl:illn> HIII-FUU A 31-inmi Uvliilnlivi! council to wovern a bui'i'.-iu of li-Khliitlvv ro- RU8 ON ' MENTHOLATUM/- NEW TELEPHONE M-iirch operating between legislative' .sessions wnij Hit.. K \s[ (1 f „ b ||| ,,,,, LSt .d • I" the Ilotife find soul lo the a.-n- ' tile. Composing (he council would ! be 10 represeulnflves, six eci'iit-in ' 1-1> clllMns and Hi.! gmr-l nor, Menu-limit K ovemor anil speaker of the House tin ex-olflelo meni- bcrs, Qiirliind Cuiiiily Hep. Jnmes, Cnnvpbell suld (he bureau was nee-' I'HMl-y lo Insure coherent and well Sen. Hinesl Mrutor's hill laxliiK wholesale lli|uor ilenlers 25 per ccii'l of I heir net pnnus got, n 2V lo I vole ')f npprovul In (he Senate. Ills Men is to illvlde nn eslliimli'd revetiite of $760,000 annually omiully between the puiilie school fund, thu Mitmly road fund null • the puWU' Institutions fund. < The Semite ulso received n meas-' lire dcsltjned by stale Police Director Jack U, Porler that would set H|) i\ fun uyslvtii for nil tvafllc vl'i- hUlons, nnd miolher nieniiurc in the /pi-ni ol tv $2,1100,000 construe- don umteel for tiie Stnte Hospllul for Nervous Olscust-s. Introduced by Sen. Kniest Mixuer, the bill c-illj for nlnti bullillngti nl t|]e ll-nlon bruiK'h of the lios[)ltnl mul two at the jJltlc li»ek mill.' . I PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin ii 1 )"Sv'*f^. 1 i n .! 1 f*F <lll ' m (o K 1 ' 1 "'. U "1 •fo'f'i^feW™^]'^- "iiilStiva r.^i'v'"] 1 '' ?«niri»i«K (linutc rinds. iX .$< S' !">l n l " cl> . "-niMloii. • </rl«,V *i» "r. . 'W ""«'">«• "!•« Afarm p/dfe The lork EFFICIENT MAIL OUOnUB l-'IUflj) °~»-..-.-™.,-—-.,..,. J - >- DIRECTORY CLOSES SOON If Vou Want yoOr prftsont listing changed or wish an additional listing;:; please call the business office !*:• FLOWERS Arc (he Very Heart of VALENTINE Lucky Vnlenlinr.! Whethrr she's sister, mother, wife or Ijest s;lrl. llowerhig Hyachi'.hs will give her pleasure. 1 Is she a glamorous sophisli- cate? Give her Orchids, queen of all llowers, to jvear on her vnlenlinc date v;l(h you. Spicy, fragrnnl Carnation.;. Rrranged with artistry In a shell-like bowl. A gift, for tlii- moment and—for nflcr. Is she a girl who always savs "maybe"? A daintj- corsage of frngranl Hoses may help her be more definite. If she's sweet nnd demure. like Ihe "girl who married clear old Dari," make her your valentine with nn old fasii- loned Nosegay. The FSo Gfencoe Hotel Bldg. Phone 491 >UIT5 and SUIT SHOES WOOL SUITS bo«tt clipped cutaway jack«t< with p*rkf p*j>- lurng dipping *tid Hiring 'round back! Gabardine:, other Wobli. 9.15,10-20. $3195 CYNTHIA* SUIT SHOES take in a new closed look. Smooth cill in turftari. ±3

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