Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 23, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1895
Page 2
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Hon L. P. Strickland Cured by the Wonder ful M^dfcint. Dr. Grr-ene's Nwrvura B10OC a > o Nerve Remeclv. It is ^.e Greatest Spring Medicine in the World. N, L. p. STUICK^AND. Now lit fit) tlmo 10 p:vpa'-o for ipring. Kver.- !1 o I.Y Knn«M whar, me i-prii-g doc* fur our .-jntfnv—uloti.-' tho .-ecre- tlonn romlrrf. tlio Or^.iub Iniiclive, (!c- pro«(i«s thii i.tirvouri su'onsfib. uud low, ors ttui vitiiHy of itio hlcud. If }uu *-inti 10 kuop well, therefore, during '.So irjioy s(jrlcg moctaa, Like tbo riir-du:!. 1 ;". whlsh, ubovo nil others, make* |>i-iM>!i irtrong ttud well—Dr. Greene'? Noi-vura blood uud nerve remeclv. It curuit ion. L P. Sir-Iekluod, if 58 Taylor suvin, Cleveland, Ohio, He •ays; "I have taken Dr. Greene'u Norvu'-u blood ami ni'i-ve rocoedy. acid [ feel llk») u DC« mun. .Unas cured mo of ohllla ho' U njbes, blotuing- afler eating,-cold /obi and shortness of breath. I have tt'Hn bud a fistula for o^er twenty jcnr*, and H bus ulmoit gone now. I junnot express how thui Ufiil I am ib»t I used thU wonderful remedy." Trio long list of cures by this remedy U unpreotdonted—UDtciualled, in fact, in inothuni history. It, cures more oases uf dl.-oiifcO ibao any and all other medicines*. The number of namoa of our most prominent finu >vlde!y-known citizens who have b> en cured by this fire tit remedy, itncl won write testimonials In I : toniahing; and the list is Increasing • HUD finl.idl-'ll' Ji "".V tlV ddj. i vVhi-n -u-'H s'-Hit, i.hysicUns ni lilitrii H. Mo e M. D., of Westfield •N •/ »u« D . Iv.'b'. VV. Lance, of tju W'oo- h,.;'v. VP, . !-i«nfi f'Ut of their widi expi-rlHi)';* i hut it will surely cure, you can uic It with ueiLcs confidence. VVhi D st ite-m?n of national reputation like H<m ex Speaker Charles J Noji-a of the Mus-achuselis Legis laturo, and Hon. Joha K Prtscott, o the Maine Lepis'ature. tell you to use It because It cured tor m, you can use U *iih absolute ceriiiinty of beoeScia' results. When eminent clergymen like the Rev. Henry Lung ford, of Wee ton, W Va , «nd Presiding Elder the Right ttev. J W Walker, of Fort Docge Iowa, were cured by It, and by reason of their sympathy for suffering hu manlty, urge \ ou to use it and get well, you CUD know that if you take it you will be made well and strong-; Urie It now In the spring, when li will do you most good. It is a great phytioian's prescription, the discovery of Dr. Greene, of 35 West 14th St., New York City, the most successful pbysicln In curing nervous and chronic di«eaec?. Us cr.n be consulted free, personally or by letter. BKAKKMAS IIAKKIS INJUHED. Harry Hards a. Vandalla brnk.-man of Conductor W, B. Hays' crow met wlth'un accident about four o'clock yesterday morning- that lost him a leg and may con him hla life Thursday evening ho went north on train 62 npd while (rolrjr down the grade at South Bend the irnln broke in two. Harris was lu the act of uncoupling the air bo»« between the tank aad first car when tho train was struck b? tha detached rear end throwing him to the ground, two pairs of wheels passing over bis left lejr. Ho was taken to a hospital where the mutilated limb was amputated but at last accounts was reported to bo in ft prt c.vrioutt condition. His wife and father lefv for South Bend, and will remain iit bl« bedtide until he recovers. Harris b/is been in the employ of tbo Vantlaila about six years, and is one of the be?! kuowo n.ilroad men la the city. Ue resides on the West Side with his wife and o»e child. Pan Handle fireman John Caldwell ig on the sick list. Harry Fennick, boilermaker at the Vandal m round house, aua his mother, left some time ago for England, where they expect to make an extensive visit. Gottfried Reitz, who about a year •go had both' feet cut off by a Wabssh .freight train, hns secured & pair ol artificial limbs, and is able to walk around without cane or crutch. Geo. Mann a former Pan Handle oonduo>or who for some time has b^eti mourned »a dead turned up here «g*lp yesterday after an atoeuce of tereral months He is at present breaking on tha Michigan Central. Tho right of way for an electric line to run from Anderson to Elwood has been secured, and the projectors think will be completed In three months. The new line will be parallel with the Pan Handle. ' Engineers John Manes, L L. Trln- nan and Robert Green, and Shopmen C- D. Keslin and R B. Weaver, are duck hunting at English Lake, They will be joined today by Conductor Sample and eon, J.imes Burwlrk, the ex Pan Handle conductor has been assigned to evan golical work, his territory to be in KanSHS- Since bo left here last summer he was conductor in the E & T H, yards at Terre Haute. All Free. Those who have used Dr. King's New Discovery know its value, and those who have not, have now the opportunity 10 try it free. Call on the advertised.drujrtrist and get a trial bottle frre S«nd your came and address to H. E. Bucblen &Co., Chicago, Rod>et u sample box, of Dr. King's New Life Pill* free, as well a* i Guide to H-'alib and Household Instructor free. All of wbicL ii- guaranteed to do do you good and cost you nothing at B. F, Keesllng'a drug store. Vandal la Line £xrnrMlon*. On April 2 and SO, 1895, home seeker's excursion tickets will be on sale at very cheap rai-efr to -various points in the South and Southwest For ra'es, limit stopover privllges etc . apply to J. C EDGEWORTH. Ag*., Logansport. led: Don't forget to see "u§ for sprirg bats; all the spring shapes are cow here—FUher, Batter and .Furnisher. BOILED GASOLINE, Detroit Woman Mistakes the Fiery Liquid for Water. Th« Fatal Results—Girls in a Match Factory Injured During a Panic. DETROIT, Mich., March 22.—A fatal gasoline explosion occurred Friday morning- at No. 205 Third street. Mrs. Edwards and her son Robert, ,-i"-ed 3 years, lived with the former's mother, Mrs. Reading at that number. Friday mov:v.:ig Mrs. Reading left u two quart p.:il filled with gasoline on the kiteln:n table. While her back was turned _Mrs. pi- wards came into the ruom. S'.r>poM-ig that the pail contained water sue carried it to the stove raised the lid of the tt::i kettle and poured'the gasoline into the kettle. ISoilFtl th<> OASOlillC. An instant later it exploded, rending th« kettle and throwing the boiling liquid all over the room. Littic Robert was standing close to tile stove and was drenched from head to foot. Although lie was Waiting- from head to foot his mother succeeded in tearing- off his clothes and smothering; the flames, but not until the child was 1'a.tally burned. Mrs. Edwards was terribly burned •about tbe hands, arms and face. • <.;irl illnrrli-Mnkcrs In Tunic. CHICAGO, March 22.—While one of tbe girl'; employed, by the Square M-itc-h company, at Uuion and Erie streets, was pulling- out a crate of in:uc!ios l-'ridas- morning- one of the matches -ignited, sotting- fire to the box, and in. a moment the factory was, in flumes. The em- ployes, must'iy g-irls, became panic- stricken, and a number of them jumped from a second-story window. Vonr were injured in the crush or by jumping, the most si-riously being 1 Annie linns, whose back wiis spvainer 1 .. The fire, was ex- tii:"iiishod before much damage was done, the total loss being-under 82,500. l-'iiimin;; Mill J-a«l.ory Uiirncil. SAG is AW. Mich., March :1'2.—The fanning- mill factory of William Williamson, together with its contents, was destroyed by fire early Friday morning. Loss, Sli.OUO: fully insured. During the fire. Fireman Morris ,McHlally fcil throug-b au elevator shaft and received serious internal injuries, and Policeman Thomas Wilson was knocked senseless by a stream from a hose nozzle and is under a physician's care. Jil- Firo lit; St. Ctiiirlc.-*, Minn. ST. CHARLES, Minn., March 22.—The larg-c O'Neill elevator with about 12,000°bushels of grain, and the Northwestern railroad depot were totally destroyed by lire about 0 o'clock Friday morning-. . Now Railroad 3'rojrctotl. SrmsGFretl), 111.. March 22.— The DeKalb & Great Western Railway company Friday filed articles of incorporation" with the secretary of state. Its object is to construct a railroad from a point on the Chicago & Great Western railway near Sycamore to the city of DeKalb, all in DeKalb county. Capital stock, §100,000. First board of directors: Raymond Dupuy, Chicago; Robert L. Wight, St. Paul, Minn., and E. C. Lett, DeKalb. __ Oliircnco Koblnson Talceu to Prison. BUFFALO, K. Y., March 22.— Clarence Robinson was taken to Auburn prison by Jailer Fisher Friday morning on the S:30 o'clock Accommodation train over the New York Central. Clarence was quiet and showed no nervousness. lie had his tlnal interview with his wife Thursday afternoon. The matron in charge of the woman's department of Auburn is expected here Friday or Saturday for Sadie Robinson. Uesturr* Catholic Schools. OTTAWA, Ont., March 22.— The remedial order restoring- separate schools to the province of Manitoba was signed by Lord Aberdeen and his ministers and forwarded to Lieut. Gov. Schultz, of that province. These schools were abolished in 1390 by the province. The result will be a conflict between both In a Receiver'* Hands. COLUMBUS, 0., March 22.— Lockhart, Staley & Willard, one of the largest dry goods firms iu this city, went into the hands of a receiver-Thursday afternoon. Georg-e W. Brifflit is the receiver. A bond of 3100,000 was required. The assets are estimated at 860,000 and the liabilities at .354,000. Minnesota Lo^ Lot Compl"'tcd. Mrx.NK.vPOLlS. March 22. — The log cut in the pine regions of Minnesota is about concluded, and it is about one- fourtli larg-er than last year's cut. This increase is largely due to the forest fires, which made .it necessary to cu t the logs this year iu order to save them. __ ___ May Be Without Militia. Si. Louis, March 22.— Owing- to the refusal o£ the legislature of this state to make an appropriation for the militia organization, it is likely to be left without citizen soldiers within the next three months. The soldiers are ureparing: their resignations. Dial DOBS Nut \V;uit War. Cm- OF MEXICO. March 22.— The telegraph reports published in tbe United States that President Diaz has asked or is about to ask congress for authority to declare war against Guatemala are pronounced' absolutely untrue in official circles. Incendiary In Two Churches. WASHINGTON. March 22. — Attempts were made to -set fire to two of the largest Catholic churches in the city, i St. Patrick's and St. Dominic's. In both cases the fire, was discovered and extinguished before material damage had been done. .. . ' icme At this season, more emphatically than at any other, wo should build for the future. \Vhen Nature gives riiality to field ami wood, then: (should be the harmony of renewed lift: :i:;d energy in -our physical systems. • Lut, on the rantvary. TVC and ourselves weak. dull. So easy to tako and so readily assimilated, the fyinjr. vitalizing and enriching elements of Hood's ?:ir- saparilla—.'ombhiod from nature's own storehouse ol ve-re'.able remedies for human ills, puss into the stomach and arc then silently but certainly taken up by the blood and sent to evcrv organ and tissue of the body. tired. This is because in. tho -winter vrc have been, The effect is often magical. housod-up in noorly ventilated offices, homos aiid shops, j Tlie weakness is soon driven off. that tired feeling- our blood lia? become thin and impure, ui.il i.? ini.cqua! to , disappears, the nerves are built up. the stomach resumes the ilciiiand of t!su body for more life. :r:ore. rigor, more its tasks even greedily, the appetite becomes .as " sharp as a whetstone," and the whole man feel " as made anew."' The wo:idxrfu! cures of Scrofula, Salt Tthenni, and oilier dreadful diseases prove the great curative, blood 'purifying- powers of Hood's Sarsaparilla. energy, move strength. Xalsiro imperatively ei'ies for help! AVii-.'tv is !i to ue found? Lv)-ji.•::•!>• e;:oug!i. iit a good Pjiring Medicine, like Hood's S.;:-.-,!:': 1 .;-!;!!!, she great blood puriiier. 'i'iri.i ji'.-'.';::.:-ii!ioM h:'.,-: proven i:i many years of test l'.'.:\:, it siriplics the dem:ind;:s iiothlng eUe can. You uiuloubieaiy need a grooil Spring .Medicine. Take liooil's S:ir«>pnri!l:i, the great blood jmriiicr. Ihe BtatemriUs in IAO testimonial below land was follov.-cd by others, till six had r.ro f:!im'Iift~ fae'.s to theinnv.rdiale friends of J-Tr. Goo. A. Ki/lilo, school teacher, o!! ilfc. .KJI-C'O, Tcn-,1., very well known iiti-ou.'jhoiit the county, where be was I.Oi-i and ]K'.s al-.reys lived. It- HhistmU'ii the wondc-vtul po-.ver of Hood's Sarsapn- r'iiiii OVKV ull ilis'-'itses Ot the blocd. Read it : "I !>:-Uf.-em Hooa'aSar.-iMiJi-.iiila. 1 will to!), you v.'by, f have suTfored from in- JicriUcl ?croful;i From eJiiJUIiood. Wlien 37 years o.' (;",•,-. my eyes became S^ransc!y Affected. I could !iot rond after sunset, aad -when I woold close my eyes I could not open them ; but on whichever side I lay on tint side I could open my eye. This condition continued about two years, and was succeeded by an intolerable itchin™ all over my body and limbs. I hod to linvo my little boys take shoo brushes and scratch m?. It was dreadful. It continued a mo'.i'.h and was followed immediately by a tumor in the right sidcof my neckus large 0.3 a small I took physicinns 1 pro- criptions till I lost hope. In the meantime the 1;umoi' changed its place to tbe immediate front of my 'neck, suppurated formed nnd broken.' "Finally, three yours ago, another lnrj;e tumor seated itself ou the point of my collar bone and in six months another ianlf \vny buck on the bone. Both of them soon began to discharge and continued to do so Ullaboutseven mouths «go. I tried everything, including proscriptions. I was often ss weak that I could scarcely walk and my miud wns BO eon fused thatl could scarcely attend to my business (school teaching). I was utterly discouraged. And now my story druws to a close. I began tbe use of Hood's Sarsaparilla a little loss than n year agu, and took five bottles. When I began I had no faith in it. In logs than 3 mouths Both the Sores on my shoulder were hcalwlj I was cured of a troublesome catarrh; and scrofulous Jitibit has steadily grown loss apparent. I weigh more than I ever did in my li.'e and am in the best of health considering my •• We have used Hood's Sarsnparilla fol our little boy, who had a running sore on one of his limbs. He hnd suffered Jrom it for one and a half years. He took seven bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla end the sore is all healed and he in now well. Hood'e Sarsaparilla cleasiseil his) blood r.nd curod him." E. B. Joiixsox, Bridgewater, lovrft- Scrofula Eradicated. "I am a grout sufferer with blood trouble. I have taJ:cn several bottles oJ Hood's SarSHparilla nnd lind it the best medicine I over saw for scrofula humors nnd blood, poison. It strengthens the system and drives nwuy that tired fooling. Ko one ,knows the good Hood Karsaparilla will do r\ until it has been faithfully tried."LAURA \y St. LAWTOX, Spriiguevillc, Kov.' York, Sores On Neck and Arms. "Last spring I hnd gores como Oil »y neck and arms, owing to bad blood and a run down system. My physician told mo to get Hood's Sursaparilla and tako it to constitution. Do you wonder that I bo-j purify my blood. After taking three bot- lieve in Hood's Sarsapnrilla 1 I can do no less than recommend it everywhere." GEO. A. ZIRKLE, I.It, Horeb, Tenn. tics I was cured. It is an excellent sprinfj medicine." MES. ANNA. DITZLEB, New Danville, Pennsylvania. Remember, 'it is Not What We Say, but What Hood's Sarsaparilla Does, tfia'c 'Tells the Story. HOOD'S Sarsaparilla CURES. SHORT SPECIALS. Forest fires in the vicinity of Atlantic City, N. J., are doing- great damage. The auditor of public accounts has ordered a report of the condition of all the Illinois banks March 20. Ponciano Diaz, the most famous bull fighter'in Mexico, was fatally gored in the arena at Culiacan, state of Siualoa. Robbers blew open the safes of Riv- erol's agency, Ensenaca,, Lower California, and stole gold bars valued at $18,000. Thomas Blanck, the desperado, was shot and killed by John Sbopick, a deputy sheriff, near Kent, Wash., Thursday. Five miners injured recently in the explosion have sued the Odin Coal & Mining- company at Carlyle, 111., for 8110.000 damages. The capitoi grounds at Broadway and Col fax avenue, Denver, have been chosen as the site for the mining and industrial exposition. Mary A. Draper, of Fredonia, X. Y., has just learned she is heiress to SGO,- COO left by her brother-in-law, who died in Minneapolis, Minn., three years ago. W. H. Hunter, ex-federal commissioner, and ex-Deputy Marshal White- were convicted at Birmingham, Ala., for certifying fraudulent accounts to the government. Gov. Morrill has offered a reward of J200 for the arrest and conviction of the murderers of Charles Strcyil, who was found near his home at Fort Scott, Kan., with his throat cut. Pa trick Kavanaugh, a disabled-workman o£ Smith & Jackson's gang on the drainage canal, was burned to death in his shanty Thursday. A coal from his pipe fired his bed clothes. The governor of Montana has issued a proclamation forbidding- the importation without inspection of sheep from Oregon. Nevada. Californa, Washington. Idaho. Colorado. Utah. Oklahoma and Xew Mexico because of danger of leases. BOTH ARE DEAD. Fatal Duel Between a White -llao and KoscruSTCO, Miss.. March 22.—Xews has reached here of a fatal, duel with Winchester rifles between Dan Sum- aers. a respectable young white man, ,.nd Ike Allen (colored) near Carthajre, Miss., an interior town L'J miles south of here. Summers and Allen had a 3stic encounter ou Saturday in which :he negro was worsted. He left the spot threatening vengeance upon Summers. Both men armed themselves and awaited another meeting which occurred Thursday. It was on tbe road. • Thev fired simultaneously, each shot went" through true to the mark and both fell dead on the spot P ECULIAR ta combination, proportion and preparation of ingredi- tnts, Hood's Sarsaparilla possesses great '.YOU; ..."......".",..:... -' ^sbi 1 ?-™*^ij#j ''''''* '* ^.''^ Aiiotlior mltcii'oT imiictincntn. NEW YOJIK, March 22.—The extraordinary grand jury of tho over and ter- miner court came intocourtatl:35p. m. Friday and handed to Judge Ing-raham a bunch of indictments numbering, it is said, eleven. Kothing as to the nature of the indictments can be learned at this juncture. The court has adjourned nutil Monday. j RellRlou* Freedom Hill Advanced. i BUDAPEST, March 22.—The house of meg-nates Friday voted upon the qucs- | tiou of the second reading of the religious freedom bill, the result being a tic. President Sxlavy 1'Okany gave the casting vote in favor of the bill uud its second reading was passed. iv 111 IJOnur uismiircK. HKRuy, March 20.—A decree has been issued ordering that all the German warships be dressed with flags on Bismarck's birthday, April 1. LOOKING BACKWARD, Cold In Wi»con«ln. KrcE LAKE, Wis., March 22.— In the town of Cedar Lake, 1.1 miles northeast of this city, prospectors at a depth of SO feet have struck a 12-foot vein of mineral that assays 00 per cent, iron and 20 per cent, free gold. SOUTH EEND, Ind., March 22.—The Niles and South Bend branch of tho Michigan Central road is connected with the Three I roads, and the new line is ready for business. Dxatli of Jo«eph lleanblcn. PEKU, Ind., March 22.—Joseph Beaubien. aged S3, one of the first white men in this partof the state and one of the first Indian traders, died Thursday of paratysis. Injured In ii Kuiiawny. HUXTISGTOX, Ind., March 22.— Ex- State Representative Hi nun Gill, of this county, was severely injured by a runaway. He cannot recover. —"Did yon ever see your own eye?" asked an unscientific person. "It is a very simple mailer. The most satisfactory view is obtained by shutting, say. the left eye and pressing gently upon the right side of the right eye. You will then see. apparently at the right .side of the nose, a round, dark object about the size of ibe apple ol t tbe eye. That is what I lake it to be, ! and I supple Uie retina is made in i .some way lo rcCect the outer portion j of the eye. though the phenomenon may be only an optical illusion." Cures Rising Breast •• MOTHERS' _^_ FRIEND" Or tlio MIIIIoiiniru'H Swoet Itocrotft Over the Old Farm lit Let. Go for a Song. H wassum.'iier-time. The office windows were open. The old millionaire had come, to confer with his lawyer, and had now been told he could now foreclose his mortgage on a. fine and coveted corner which be Ituew he could bid in for a song, lie therefore felt at peace with all the-world, and he wished that everybody might banish uncharitable and sordid thoughts and be of rr ood cheer, lie took oir his hat and wiped his brow. "I am thinking of going out into the country,'' he said, speaking in^n kind tone 'of that humble region. "I like the country, ^'e don't really know what life is here. J often wish I were back. J had a farm before I came to lov.-n—aboutfivebundrcd acres —as preU.y land as ever laid outdoors—hip)), rolling, sandy loam; oh!, fine pasture, plenty of woods and run-^ ning spring right on the place—nevcv went dry the dryest season, and mag- nificent'orchard. I set out about ten acres all to grafted fruit before I sold, and looked to seein' 'em bear—I could have sold ev'ry bar'l of apples for two^ dollars right on the ground. "But I sold—I sold. Yes. sir; I sold that five hundred acres—eighty dollars an acre, and came here and put every dollar into corners. Of course, hitting it just the time J did, the money has turned itself a good many tiroes; but 1 don't know; I. often wish 1 hadn't sold the old farm. I sold it to my brother-in-law for eighty dollars an acre. That was twenty years ago. and I don't suppose he could get forty dollars an acre now" Here the sad repiner engaged in silent thought of his brother-in-law pounding clods on the depreciated farm, and became suffused witli such joy that as lie rose and put On his hat, he seemed like a statin: or Ecstacy. ">To. sir: I don't suppose he could get forty dollars. Fine farm, too."—Puck, —"Furnace" is a geographical name not unusual in the Atlantic coast region just helo-.v Miuson and Dixon's line. In many instances the actual fnrnance is a mere tradition, but sixty' or seventy years ago many such furnaces were built to smelt the bog- iron ore usual in all that region. It. was onee profitable to smelt this ore, but Uie mavelous abundance and cheapness of iron deposits elsewhere have made it impossible to carry on the old furnaces. J where "MOTHERS' FRIEND" wasusedg Jit accomplished wonders and relieved•>? jimuchsuITerlnir. It is ihe best remedy for > rising of the Breast known, and wort!) tbe > price for that alone. Hits. M. M. BBEWSTTR, Montgomery, Ala, S*D* br Eiprew or ro*n, on rcx^lpt cf price; n rwr botue. S"ld '*T «ll Dn>gBf«t«. Boot - To Uotfacn " in*il«l frfe. \Vh»n th<- Ch-tl Mi»tn : Hang like a pa" OV/T the surfac* oftft" earth.) ! will <#• well for jou Iwlure venturinfi Into UU-MI 1 vap trou* a'r, cb*rg<Hl, perfca-.'S, with ine w»-c!s of n'alarta or provocatKe ot rheumatic twin»«.w | takeawinpcliuwftil of Ho-uwrt Stomach El^ j ter«. anp tbussbleld yocirsclf from atmospheric . j iDflneuces ttire-tenin* to Mealtli If you happen; ', to tjet Mioted, >ieeredor ralnwi uj.on, u?e Ui# • sanw preventlT?. s-.nd avoid tbe jheumatl'm or».'; ! danjfero.-s cold. TD*J aicixAbl* wamjth InTtuodf. ; Iniothec-reulstlenbr 'bis genial nomaciilc; !U • Inv goratlnif and Kgu\nOot utoffiOff commend ; t tnai *ppredatlv»ortne'act tetvr ihaii cant. UM the Bitter*, tor -t

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