The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1947
Page 2
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3icp)eWeapons .Seizid, in Tokyo : -vff*. J » ; Japo(tf» Wer Lprds Yieltf'Many Weapons Of Self Destruction TCKYO. F?3 J3 IUP> —Sesuritj officers ol fiugairio Prison ,x>steJ an "nil iyicidc viiil lodaj aitei :a search/ of. cells disclosed dozens i of prt'entlnr.&uiclde wcapjus hidden en niojaa vfp- crnies s>uspe-t in lauding ex premier Hicleld rojo The •.•!l-cut- "vigil, was touched I cff .\ te ittoinnted suicide eaih \est rt rda> v o^ \maki S^gae 01 tnnl oefoje the El°mh A 1115 Mill tar/ Triauual ^h^r^ed vut'i atlcci ties agairist'A-nerlea 1 ! prisoneib ol vai s- '&e slashed in irter> vui'i i P'n polut^bat prison plissiuiaiisi patched him -up. C>anidc—'he instantpneous po ••an w'.ii'h," HsrmRiin Cioerins used 1 lo ch?3l-'tlur gallows at Nuorroer^ I —was io;ind on at least two stis pests. C.^e Irad hidden the.poison in the voc of a" 'shoe while the ether concealed a vial In the seam f hU coat | Prison coiimii <Jer Col Pruncis W. Carey, of St., Louis, Mo., said Die potential'.means 0! self-destruction tc^eii n'oti his 1 f/J3 ehiuges 1> t'-e | ir*ji in-luoed needle'- to r o i 1511 3 (ton ipits of class sclssoi-, •p:ods of .slrona ' tlir;ad. vviie: icp nail? pen points and j-\8S,«! •Ic o of potters Top's H't'.iiipn Confiscated Ou d., foui J i Jiai innki —i 10119; jf ] vno-e undeiwam si h—on Tojos |or e oi riicj said tlie fonnei wa- ieadri could have hanged himself" with ths sash. S -unty officials found them selyes' in a toiise situation coin- in h^e to that of guards of .the 521 .\yar criminals in fluernbarjf ill They \jcre determined lo '-'event any \\ai Criminal' from •iP!n$ himself Cartj revealed that a pie-e ol stee. \ure aiound against the pn ion rrll to needle sliaipness had - en t k w f-oni Gen Seishlro Ita gaki /ormei Slngaivie commando! '' U mei er of the Jananese War Council ItaguKl is one of 26 major •vvar Criminal tusppets standing tual ihi'i' i"" 5 " 1(cr " atlo " nl nulllaij Articles cap&Di" of being used loi self inflicted \\oitnds ttere takui J'om Uo tx-pi-cmiers ind wai icadere- Kum-ki Koiio ai d Baron mi-nro Hiranunid One ,var criminal charged with "v.^ vies 1E3 spun -\ rope from i e tton -nattres, .j\ u< ,t h e r lwl " let , steels of toilet tissue into a thl,x ^cn*-dy ndose A pair of false-botlom slices was t" -, m the _ ce " of roshlo - - _BLYT1IEV1LLJB_(AKK.) COUttlBK NEWS Amateur in Political Science Paved Way for Talmadge Coup nv u:o SOKOKA di:>: (Uiillcd 1'rtss Stuff CoiTC'iiaintcnl) •ATLANTA. Ga.. Ff'1. 13—o.osoil GiTcr Ixjlt. tmali tw.'ii oyvnur ol ['. novelty store took Die hlcme icrtay for Gco.-(;ia's confused dual irovcrncr rofiine. Ez.'ll. u .stll-stylcrt amateur (joli- fl«il (innlyst was tlie gent who mi liis flnjier on five little word-; i « wordy State Constitution '"I'll ini'y kfcp H^nnaii Talmadto i_ Ine yovcrnor's ,sei\l. Tliosi- firs .'.lo.-iis "win shall t>-> n life' 1 were referred to .Jjy (iu- <"ior C'juit Walter Hci.- Dnv Dela Oruner, alleged I'nles- tine terrorist condi-nmed (o be , [unified, lias rclnsetl to appeal his ' sentence to Ihc Privy Council in j London. His ronvirlion anil sen- j tence prccipilnted eurrent crisis , In the Holy Land illness of two years. Dr. Van'Ness, former director of the old Fourth and I'irst National Bank nncl Trust Company here, littd been » Baptist minister since 1800. lie edited the Christian Index, Atlanta. On., from 1SOO to 1890, was editorial secretary of the Sunday school Hoard from 1900 to 191V, and held the board cxecu- | live post from that time until his '-' "•inenl ju IMS. NOTICE Notice Is hereby given tlmt the undesigned will wilhin iho ti mc f:x:d -iy |a\v apply to the Cammls- Jioner of Revenues of the Sta'e of Arkansas for a permit to sell ; oce:- at retail at 103 w. Main | Blyjhcvillc. Arkansas. Mlsslssiinjl dotnttj. Ihe undcrsifiied naics that h" rvoAl • * ? " °' AtSB " sas - cr sooci •bsen convicted of Tfelony''^' other I crime Involving moral turpitude; that no iiceiise to sell b:cv (bv Ihc i undersigned ha, been revoked Vltii- n five yearn last past; and that the undersigned has never ace n Si™ of violating the laws o 1,1',,.',,°'' nn> ' olilw sllltp . fc-1 li^ng to the sale of alcoholic II-'. ^ . 9.EORQK SALIBA JR i n,c"-this r mi' iay or^bruVry 11 !? 0 ^! (SEAL) "' *'" r NolarfpS' I -My Commission lxy if cs Mar ^, ,,_' Clinic Opens At University :E ' Ark - p eb. 13. higrh school stu- ?'?- fl ° Cketi l ° tho Unl Arkansas-campus here °P eni »S Of the annual Wm i, eh ° 01 bantl cllnic ' w hich will last chrougH Saturday More than SO' directors wcrD C x- ^cte^tp attend the clinic, to b[ , irected by, qarlelon Lce : . Stewart Bllpnol ..School-Band " Associniior • TURKISH ••'' -...PATHS Warm, invigorating and really a wourtcj- worker, thnfs what you'll say about t), CS c wonderful turk- Ish bnlhs at Artie's Beauty Shop You will feel better instantly mid" lose poundage so easily and 80 fust—you'll bo amazed as will your friends! It's a t.irkidi bath at Artie's for real results! ARTIE'S BEAUTY SHOP 313 \o. Second " riiono 3202 Registration ^a 3 scheduled from ' ° e -P; m -' to Say, and the first try- - ... ™ ^rl - 9 h^id,from 7 p.m. to 10 ! We Guarantee '-;••'•-- the see Uni °" ballroom '' V ? l ^ f lhc Alk ansns School ^J.and Orchestra Association is » W^fi ?9n '- of Pine B(uiT > anf l e Wallick ol. Monticello is score- tary. J. Raymond Brandon of Tex- :arkanp • is-chairman of, the cliulc ! "mnuttse, and university professor L^3?.^ ^ is-ctai^n of the committee on arrange- Baptist Leader Dies NASJHVILLE, Tcnn., Feb. 13 — f(UP) -T n r. Isaac J. Van Ness. 86, for many years executive secretary- nSU f " n ° f ,' he Bap ^ 1 Sunday ool Board, \ Madison Sanitarium early today after an RECAPPING with | Hawkinson Treads ! j Let Your Next Tires Be \ \ GENERALS j •Cost More — Worth More | ! MODINGER TIRE CO. \ 416 E. Main .... in upholding Talinadgc's right to the «overr,o)slill>, It all started shortly bafore the laic Gov. Elect Eugene Tnlmadge was elected In 'Npvcmcer. Talmad&e •Kid '.von Ihe. ip'rliiiaiy. \vliicii , j n . iiiy. vici , j n Uintumoinil to election. But TalinadBc hail been aiiim. Silting outside Ills 6, JD 'aiVd £ cent slo;e at ^onljcpllg, ax, tifliiUi- euU of licie, EzBli said that he "so 1 ' to wondering." * " ".Suppose -Halmartge should die" !ic siyd lo himself. "Then 'what? ' toll said i!mt he walked over to the ' copy of (lie State Constitution, lie slopped iCHdlni', when ho cJiine to the .'lec'tlon authorizing tlie leaisliiturc to elect n governor "ffom Ihe two persons hnvina the highest iiiunber of votes 'who shall bo in life.'" Er;il s«l:l that the same vvccl: i 0 -jsfore the •November election he .„ \vent. to Atlanta on business and ..- . by Ifonnan Talinndjje's of- fj:u v.ith n copy of the Cyjistiiu- THURSDAY, FKUUUAKV J:3, 1017 cal science. He Is married and tlie father of t'A'o little girts. Ezjll feels Dial the "ti;:-off" enabled a write-in campaign ror *} ! , l !" E ''"I'Hadgc, who inter was elected ;y nm General Assembly c<i l/e o«ls of C75 su=h votes •7,.'..; m . jusl '" Jtei ' C! > l « t l in politics," •'-!:;> .):ck op G:or;5ln's guoerm- torlal ,-at'K since 1932. Tliere now are four times as inny entireties in tlie United *...., :> t *.i -i.,t..jj f; 1 ' 1 ^^. «,iil.vvl — j Stales, in proportion to its pnpuh- Rrad Courier News Wane Ads. I "°" p as llltv i 1 " were 00 years ago. tion, tiir: live words uncturlinod. "All f know is that Kern:a;i sui I VVBS Hie first to cull it to in.. attention." fzi]\ i;aid, i ''And 1 :an'l say now that 1! ever realized I'.ow I'tir-rciiililng it.'i: effect would ;;e." j .E*;!l is u yradualc cf Emory University ho.e. He iiiujarnl in 1 i economics and ininored In m; rcu • chu set qijli-k fa ' " ralsla 01 l c with OaDudins. ,^ """UEO Ifa j:<iu:.l— ni -Jn-.-j « ™"'V 11 K '<"• ^ In»r«lienl3 to <Jlj. lOlvp. All Jruce/iU. U»e Ctyuuine oal-/ 03 directed. ICc, 30e, OPPORTUNITY FOR TRUCK BODY BUILDER Southern Truck Co. of Memphis, distributors of Lindsay Structure Truck liocili's^will llceii'o a builder in (his city. Builder must l>= of gcoU ohai-Rc'lcr ajitl Jlnancially reliable. WHITE OK 1'IIONK SOUTHERN TRUCK COMPANY !71 Ka«( Sd-oct, Memphis, Tcnn. I'hone 'M-~>\ II PILLSBURY-;S BEST 49c Mixing Bow? Free Wftlh 4 Lb. C*n. $M9; 8 Lb. On. $2.35; CANOVA - OLD - JUDGE MAXWELL HOUSP- ADMIRATION FOLGERS or CHASE & SANBORN Mode Fresh Daily in our store Plain doz 30c Sugared dos 35c Chocolate or Frcsted doz 4Gc Take Home a Sack Full Sailor Man, No. 2 Cqn HOMillY - • Derby, No. 2 Con lOc Large Size Box 33c Pride of Illinois Sun Sweet Heinz Snri Maid Snider': EANS-17ioLjar23c • - - - CATSUP - 14oz.boille FT - - - Large Size Pkg. 32c - - 4 oz. pkg. 45c - - - - pkg. lOc PINK SALMON - - No. 1 tall can 42c Large Box BSSGUiCK - BetJ-y Crocker SOUP MIX : LARGK Tlifv GOLDKN RICK I.AUGF; six^ kPEFI i.AHOF GIWJ HKAD YORK FANC:Y . bdi. 6k . lb,1Qh Olb.bag35c size each 13c . . Ib. lOc NK\V FLORIDA TEXAS GREEN •* CABBAGE YELLOW. SPANISH 3UNKIST ,1«0 SI/iE 3 Is. lOc doz. 29c HOWEM, LARGE KRKKH CRJSr WITH OUT TOPS TURNIPS FRESH YELLOW SQUASH TEMI'LH LARGE inn SIZE . lb.|5c . Ib. 5c • Ib. 25c • - - doz.59c MEATS Y STYLE Miracle Whip SAUSAGE.. Ib. 45i | 2-I'OUNl) HOX SALAD DRESSING . . P t.j 3r 39c 46 Oz. Can ORANGE JUICE 23c;No.2can2Sor19c 46 Oi. Can GRAPEFRUITJUICE20c;No.2,2for17c With Almonds H!LKCHOCOLATE .$1.25 McCormick's BLACK PEPPER - - - fiEST GRADE HULK PURE LARD Lb. IN 1'IECE BACON .... .... Ib. 49c COTTAGE CHEESE,. ea. 24c NECK BONES . . Lb.1 CHEESE . . FRESH DRESSED POULTRY GROUND BEEF... Ib. 30c CHUCK BEEF ROAST . . lb.38c LEG-o-LAMB Hams Picnics

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