The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, February 13, 1947
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VOL. XI,111—NO. 270 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS _™ E ^MINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHS* 8T ARKANSAS A«r, »,,,,„.»«, ..,„„«„„. *" ^ •*"* * * K " / BlythevlUe Daily Newp Blytheville Courier Blylheville Herald Mississippi Valley Loader Fight to Finish Over Lilienthai Appears Certain White. House Rejects Proposal That Name Be Withdrawn WASHINGTON, Feb. . 13. (UP) — The White House si>id today President Truman will not. withdraw the nomination of David E. Lilien- thai lo be head of the Atomic Energy Commission. Press Secretary Charles G. Ross said flatly that Mr. Truman will not withdraw the nomination and that ho has not the "faintest intention" of asking Lilienthai to bow out. Opposition to confirmation of Lilienthai as chief of this country's atomic activities burgeoned among senators (his week after many days of committee hearings in which Sen. Kei.neth McKellar, D., Tenn., was the former TVA chairman's sole vocal critic. Republican senators Kenneth S Wherry. Neb., and E. H. Moore Ckla.. have publicly called on Mr rnannii to cancel the Lilienthai appointment. IROSS' announcement that the President would not do so confirmed reports heard last night that Mr. Truman was determined to stand put. Senate Democrats believed that if a vote were taken on Lilienthai now, lie would win Senate eoniir- nirtioii. They were frankly fcar- fiii. however, that extended delay would enable his opposition to build up its forces. Before Ross' announcement, Son Can M. Match. D., N, M, visited the President and discussed Lilien- thai. He said lie came away from the conference convinced the nomination would not be withdrawn. llalch for Confirmation Haf;h said he believed Lilien- thai ought to be confirmed. Concerning charges that Lilienthai was sympathetic to Communism which the nominee and his supporters have denied, Hatch said: "The ladles of opposing every nominee who comes up in the Senate, .even to the extent of reviling and condemning nominees, ultimately will result in government not being able to obtain men of character and of responsibility to carry on the functions (if government." Lilicnthars chance of being confirmed appeared to rest with a sizeable. group-of Republicans- reported now to be undecided As ol now, Democratic leaders counted six to eight Democrats against L-ilientlial nntt Republicans !:sted 15 to 13 GOP senators as opposed or inclined to oppose. That would be a mixlmum of 25 far from the majority needed to block t!)e appointment. Other sources estimated that 15 ar^sr woi " d iine "» iJ? 0t >. ","• Sou "«:rners, however. ViHr. 4 VI B '" e f ° rmer Tennessee Valley Authority head. Sen. John J. -sparfcman, D.. Ala , said he was 'l7rm al V ^ ; ' iCnthal '™ uw " ™" f rmed because the Republicans -re loo intelligent" to heed the f That testi- $1,000,000,000 Debt Payment to Be Made March 1 WASHINGTON. Feb. 13. (U.P.) —The Treasury will retire unollior $1,000,000.000 of .public debt Mareli This will brill}; to $21,423,000010 Iho ninoimL of debt, reduction in 12 months. The latest scaling down of the debt will result from the retirement or SI, 000,000,000 out of a $3.113,C03.COO issue of maturing seven-eighths percent, rerlificn'es. The cut will sciile the debt down to less than 5258,500,000.000. The money win come from the Treasury balance which now tops $»,- OOO.COO.OOO. f 'Potion testimony. mony, he said, is Navy Reserves Ask Full Probe Of Lilienthai WASHINGTON, Feb. 13. _ (UP! —A group of Naval reserve officers • today asked that the Senate Investigate more thoroughly than It is now doing charges that chairman-Designate David E. Lilienthai of the Atomic Energy Commission has Communist leanings. The request was made in a letter to Senate President Arthur Vandenberg, chairman Bourke B. Hickenlooper of the House-Senate Atomic Energy Committee, and Chairman Robert A. Taft of thc Senate Republican Policy Committee. The letter was signed by Eugene C. carusi, president of the Reserve Officers of the Naval Services, an organization which claims to represent 300.000 reserve of<tf cers of thc Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. "We do not consider the present perfunctory hearings on the confirmation of Mr. Lilienthai as adequate," the loiter said. "We therefore request a full, complete and Public hearing directly on the charges." Asserting that Ihe cominunist- leanings charge against Lilienthai is "of thc most serious magnitude" in view of thc importance of the post at stake, the letter added; "No man should receive this appointment so long as there remains even a taint of suspicion or disloyalty. A mistake in this matter might well prove the last mistake .Ihls country ever made." Wage Increases Granted KANNAPOLIS, N. C., Feb i3 (U.P,I—Officials of tile \mt Cannon Milts, inc., nnd of three other textile manufacturing companies tcdH.v announced 10 per cent wage increases, effective- Pel). 14 The increase will bring Ihe minimum hourly wage of textile workers to SO cents. None of the Cannon Mills has been unionized, despite Intensive rcinilHiicm by lh c Textile Wo.-k- tfs Union of America (CIO). Mrs. S. P. Crafton Civic Leader,Dies • Funeral Rites to Be Held Here With Burial In Conway Cemetery Mrs. s. P. Crafton. member of a prominent Dlytlievlllc family -.vlio had made her home here for Ihe past 11 years, died late last night •at her home. 1124 West Hearn, alter a long illness, she was 81. Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning, 9:30 o'clock, at the First Baptist Church, with the Rev. E. C. Brown, pastor, officiating. He will bc assisted by thc Rev. , I}- B, Bledsoe, associate pastor, i Brief services will be held tomorrow' afternoon, 4 o'clock, at the First Baptist Church in Conway with tlie Rev. Mr. Ill-own, assisted by thc Rev. H. n. Ti!lman. officiating. Burial will be held at Oak Grove Cemetery in Conway. Mrs. crafIon was the widow of Samuel Preston Crafton of Conway, and the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. H. o. .Salomons She moved here in loan from Faulkner County. Arkansas, where she had resided more than Go years. She was married at Enola in Faulkner County, July 2, ]884 ' „[•_ ter moving there from Brownsville. Tenn.. where she w a s born May 23, IBCfi, XV.-is Civic Leader She was a member of First Baptist Church and a leader in church nnd civic affairs until s he became Mrs. Crafton is survived by three daughters, Mrs. A . p. Heinicke, Mrs...T. W. Jeffries and Mrs. J F Tomlinson, all o f Blylheville- five sons. Rosco. Rupert a nd J E Crafton Of BJythpvliie aIK j ; eo . lllt , Lcshe p. crafton of Conway a brother. Robert E . Summons' of Little Rock; 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren Pallbearers will be Melvin tlnlse.ll Harvey Morris. Hnrve chapman! Murray smart, J QC Treischmann and Charles R. Newcomb Honorary pallbearers will be Dr. T *•' ^'T 011 ' Perry c «°'»rock, i. P. Martin. Bob Barkowitz Rav Hall p. E. Coo , _ • ™i Ho'urhinT Sk Rich- °' ReiCh01 " " ; Jo l hn C "'s^e,«. B o fmV Defl- °*0°^ r^S 5 ""' J*-!* WlfilworUi."^' u n •*• i v\ • * British Register Gains in A!!-Out Battle to Get Fuel Drastic Emergency Control Orders Permit Saving of Much Coal LONDON, Fcb. 13-tupi—Prime Minister clement Attlee told the Ilou^e of Commons today that Britain had made gains in the right to overcome Ihe ixwej- emergency but tlmt anxiety now was arising over possible fas shortages. Attlee revealed that the drastic emergency controls on power had saved 78,000 Ion., of com from Wednesday, general ix>- Moiulay thro u g | Ellihlly impi-ovlng the sllwn. The .saving yesterday was 25- rin i" S ; co " ) »" 1 '" 1 »''»' 2-1,25(1 the day before, and a government spokesman said that th e "critical «l"'op In coal stocks has" hecii nr rosted." However, he '"uldeT Ihat <he position "rcmnln s dangerous." Alllce said power savings were « per cent Mondav, 3Q per rent Tsday and 3 «.7 pe'r ' iiDstei Nabcrs, D r. Don Smith T^ 0 ^ 1 "."' Panl Pn ' m ' M "' Real. Jodie Nabors. Mayor F Jackson, E. B. Woodson or J -fw ^," 0 H is Nasl1 ' w. J pJ- ri n' ^ Johnson - E. F. Blomevcr Cobb Funeral Home is i,, charge. Senate Leader Maps Plan for Labor Curbs . COLUMBUS, Ohio. Fcb 13 (UP) -Sen. Robert A. Taft. R., Ohio, today outlined a five-point program before the Senate for completion trol A b- r11 l ' illcllldin!! " "" ion co "- Tnft, Senate steering committee eader, said a labor bill would b- brought to the floor by March 15 and would include the provisions of the Case Act vetoed by Prc=i- dcnt Truman. The head of the labor committee predicted that about two weeks of debate would be held on the labor measure by the Senate. Taft said other measures before Include"" 10 " ri ° r l ° Alllil l W0l " (i 1. Completion-of the budget hy Feb_ l, with from four and one- half to six billion dollars bair-r cut from the S37.500000.COO recommended by President Truman 2. Consideration of the House approved constitutional amendment 'to PISCO a two-term limitation on the presidency. Taft favored the bill and said he believed the Senate would approve it but thnt Democrats held Ihc balance of the two- thirds needed vote. S. The Second War Powers Act would be allowed to expire on Mr.rch 31 but the Senate would probably enact conlrol bills covering su"ar rubber and several other scarce commodities effective until the 1948 fall crops. •). Senate debate on Ihc portnl- to-portal bill scheduled in about, two weeks. Coal stocks at the ninjo,- power stations now are about sufficient ior nine days consumption un(ler normal weather and without restriction. However. at slx mnill London power stations llie're i s stiJl only enough coal for a week's use. -X O^o'af'sils' 11 ^/ 100 , 1 "[ innnnn i snips \vitu about Sou" 5 ° f C9 "' W " S lnnkln £ lts -m r r. -Sor Oiith of England areas. Attlee said that 12 ships catvv- Z ldo "T,, t01teor «»' "SToiii London | M u,e past 24 hours All England, Scotland and "".I" were i,i c l,,,led i n the r" . r,rte,l power Iirca todny for tbc fist time. Jail terms were authored under defense laws for pr °. " "" n '° lU * blackout almost equal Tonight Miv , city streets. The R A p ,«„.... Halifa x bombers, buiRto 1 rn 1dBe,'- l,™.?, 11 r °, Q[1 - <iro I J l>'»S missions- to snowbound villages. A temporary lull | n the North Sea gales yesterday enabled (he fillers to put to sea. Ten of them Have reached London; B ,,d 26 more were due |,i the Thames today I he crisis battle was being di- ccted by n government "general St'n, t 'T, " B nt No - 10 Downing 6-ticct. They issued orders for In•^'y, drastic fuel restr^tio s d directions for getting approM- tely 1,000.000 tons of weZei- uound coal, to the power plants Afore than 600,000 workers ai- Tiei' n'' e ''T'" 8 """"Ploymenl il P aymc "'s- Thousands more " go on the dole today wh-i hei'r week,™ AtSmheM no *™* '» ineir weekly pa y envetones Inspectors prowled the cities hunting electric light violators he Housewives could cleaners, elec =tmm Ffcctr dim , h ,n f ?' "° r , " a to be temperayturc below the freezing W r '" " 1C was forecast. not use ,-i- ric stoves '!• l "^ff hour" ma " '» atnm ~ slvi 'chcd off. was hovering |)Oinl a,,""^ U- S. Considers Sending Coal To England WASHINGTON. Feb. 13 (Tjp, 7^tud" C "r T ™' nan ^y'ordcrV, a study of emergency actions this co intry might be able to take to Mr Truman announced that he had directed Cant. Granvillc Conway, coordinator of emergency export programs, lo determine hr. w quickly and in what quantity -oat could be landed at British pom This government stands ready to do everything within j ts , )ov , t 4 to relieve the plight of the British people in their present HIM emergency." Die President said in slatemcnt. Mr. Truman said the U. B. said. Following the letting of the contract, \york O n Iho additions will begin as soon as materials arc available, he suld. Thc new lloor will add from 40 lo 50 rooms to Ihe hotel. Still another story will be added by lhc construction of n penthouse which Mr. Noble will use as a residence; While plans arc not definite,.'one or two more penthouses may be built. Tn [to 'city's Tallest »ulldlii( This construction will raise (lie Hotel Noble lo a six-story heigjit, making it the tallest building In Ulyllipvlllc-. ' ' While (he proposed cnlnrgerivcqt will Involve raising thc building's roof, no added work on thc foundation will bc necessary as it vvns originally constructed to hold another Iwo stories, Mr. Stltt explained, The roof raising during construction will no: Interfere With occupancy of the fourth floor, now the top story, because of the Insulation space between the roof and celling, he said. Mr. Noble explained the planned expansion. Mr. stilt said as necessary lo keep up with Blythevillc's growing |,olci nccds wh ,| c nt tho representative on Coal Commission the European London also so had been instructed to suppoit the diversion of coal now at sea bouuu for other European countries. He said a number of colliers were at sea in the vicinity o .f the British isles carrying coal to other countries. "It may be possible to diver!, sonic of these colliers to English ports," he said. Mr. Tinman said it would take RentCompromise Sought by GOP Clamor for Increase On Percentage Basis Loses Some Momentum WASHINGTON. Fcb. 13. (up, Proposals for a general across board Incrcnsc In rent cell) pcared losing favor today! some influential Sennts ' cans. Some GOP leaders wcre""k'ho£rt lo feel that President Truman's [mil Maud against a flat boost had put them on a political hct, spot with the public. They were understood to Ire receptive lo some plan that could bypass n general increase but still guarantee landlords "fair" treatment from OPA Meanwhile. Sen. Albert Haw'tes R.. N. j.. prepared what some -observers believed might form the basis for such n compromise He planned lo submit his proposal today to the Senate Banking committee now studying rent control extension. Ilawkcs' plan made pal recommendations: 1. That Congress direct the OI- ficc cf Temporary Controls, -.vhlcli includes OPA, lo set "hardship 1 case rent ceilings that would pro- Ano her story mid at c«sl <»i,> penthouse will bc ae o Iho Hold Noble, Je*nce Si ill, InHnilKcr> 1(I1 notn,cod you tei-day nUcriwoii us he discluso.l cnliu-jsemcnl plinis miulo by owner Crnwloi-il Noble, in«ildj,, K n, 0 a.sking of bids and estimates from contrnctors for Hio work. Mr. Slltl said he was authorized to accept bids and would hold them for opening by Mr. Noble, who left Tuesday lor New Orleans and is expected lo return In two or three weks. Mr. Noble will award the con Ira el. No deadline was set by Mr. Noble for submission of Mr. Stitt ;_ NEWSIES OF NORTHS*8T AR^MSA6_ANPJ9OUTHEA8T MISSOURI m.YTHKVlLLK, ARKANSAS, TII.UlvSDAY, KKBRUAItY l;!, l'.)47 50 Rooms and Be Added SINGLE COPIES mime lime providing him with a 'ortie licrc, While full details as to the do- i'en of ihc added rooms lire ;. s vet indefinite, there will be more suites l mm single rooms on Iho now filth floor, according to present plans, lhc suites will probably-be HvliiB onm-dlnlng room combinations of Modernized style. Mr. stltt said. Prior lo his departure, Mr. Noble had not made definite plans re- Bardlug the sl'/.e or design of Ills proposed penthouse. 'I'll Inerease Personnel When the new construction Is «>:iiplcled, every room jn the hotel —there «lll be nt least 150 llien— will be "with balh," Al present, 70 per cent of the rooms Include bathrooms. With the added slw> will crane 10 need for more personnel. Mr. b llU said lliat at least two and Perhaps Ihrcc persons would IK added lo the front office stuff. Extra maid* mid bellboys an<t an assistant housekeeper would .ilso be needed, he added. General improvements Including room-by-rooi,i painting mid rcdeu- oratlon arc now in progress under lessee and operator A p. Lund- slreet. slated Mr. still. During the coming summer, tlio present llnce- ijollcr coal heating v \ nn i w m he converted lo an oil heating system, eliminating smoke and soot. Mr. Landstrcel Is also owner of Hie Ilolel King Colton In Memphis and operator or the I'lnchursl and Stafford Springs hotels In Mississippi. Hospital Probers Favor Junking of Little Rock Units Eventual Location of State Institution at Benton is Advocated 11Y HOll 1IHOWN U'm.u ROCK; Ark., Fob. 1!!. — (UP)—A Jolnl House and Bvnule Committee today recommended Ihe "eventual abandonment" of tho l-ltlle Kock unit ,,f the Slate Hus- pllal for Nervous Diseases by confining all futuru building ( 0 Iho Hcnlon unit. The report was approved lost niKlit 5 to 'i by tho Investigating committee, and was lo be prcsi'iil- od in the House and Senate this afternoon, Voting against the rcc- oiniuetidation were Sen. ci. Lawrenc« lilackwoll () f I'luu Ulu'ff and Rep. j. lAirrrat E. Lung of Woodruff CouulV. "We do not recommend liiiiue- dlale abandonment of the Lltllo Hock unit, because Ihls would en- Inll prohlblllvi) cost of coiislntc- Uon." (he report declared. "Mow- over, we do. very definitely, recommend Mint ,,11 neiv construction be confined t u Hie Benlon hospl- 'I'he report reviewed work O f investigating surveys 111 II1M-M and hi 1040-4), rawiimioiKlliig removal «f lhc hospilal to Uenton. It also 'erred to testimony in inibllo s rclathU! u> advantages of the hospital near Iho Unl- Mediciil School In Little U. S. Vulnerable To Bomb Attack UN Delegate Sees American Need for Leading Peace Role WASHINGTON, Fcb. 13.—(Ul'l has Dm greatest peacn efforts be- tlii counlry in world It, is more Vulnerable Hum her lialion to niomln-attiirl:. R. Austin said today. Aus- Is Hie u. s. delcgalc to Ihe . United Nations. this fact, and the fact that vide turn landlords a "reasonable re- Landlords could appeal to we do not know o f any defense" against tlie ntomfc bomb, "should not make us hysterical because in such a mood," lie sn id. ••«-,, nrc likely to do the wrong thing and ,make mailers worse." Austin staled these views in a letter o j. H. rjcb. Washington researchist and writer. Lleb hail asked Austin what he thought thc prospects were for another war. "If I thought war was Inevitable .or even very likely," A usVn replied, two iirinci-; I would not bc devoting myself 'completely lo U ie work of thc United Nations." "I believe I,, Ihe Uniled Nations as the best hope Ihe world lias for making peaceful progress It any un- land- the courts to set aside satisfactory ceiling. 2. That Congress permit lords to evict undesirable taniuus under slate laws. Rent Administrator Ivan Carson protested earlier tins week that any such step might doom federal rent control. Hnwkcs ndv-nnccd his proposals in the form of a suggested amendment ID a hill lie co-authored with four other GOI" senators. Thru measure would raise rent ceilings up lo 15 per cent and decontrol new housing at once, and end all rent control April 30, 1048. Hawkcs was understood standing firm on his belief that a flat .-ens increase was necessary lo assure ha id- pressed landlords "swift and fair" relief. His proposed revisions were Intended to meet . criticisms that landlords now cannot .ippeat OPA edicts. It was believed possible, however, that the Hawkcs plan 'night. polnl Ihc way to a formula whereby an across-the-board boost In ceilings might be avoided. irom at least 15 days to ship coal this country to England. "Such shipments mighl very well arrive too late to help England in Ihe present,emergency," he said. Osceoia Plans Extension of Sewer System CSCEOLA. Art., Feb. 13.—Thr extension of a sewer system nito the newly constructed .srclion o! Csceola 'was discussed last niRhC at a City Coundl inceting hero when Watson Hall of Little Ro:k, representative o( thc Dickinson and While Consulting Engineers, nict with Council members. D I--'*«-»-iii| |,U lllil U.V* 1 t cannot guaranlee peace, bill II does otfer us political, social and economic institutions through whHi peonies and governments can create lhc conditions <,! ,,eac-e nfirt the charter™ °" forccin( ' llt °f "IB (UNI Austin said he did ,,nl think Dial any olhcr nation has fai making atomic bombs. for Kiwanis Club Inducts Three New Members Mlms of the Army-Navy football game were show,, member., of (be Klwnnls Club „(, th c i r . wwkly Sf C NS teytSlB "" ly n00 " " l lhC '- I0 A review of last year's club achievements was presented by past president Freeman Robinson. Inducted ns new members by Ros- ni C '? f , ton wcro p «"l advcrllslng mnnngcr , O f CI: K ' C" 1 "*' 1 " . Human. Die Com- - u ..... u , ll.yjl OCJIOOI, and William D. Tommey member of lhc Senior High school Sty Quest.? at thc meeting were A O Brlckey of the Osccoln Kiwanls uub and G . 1{. Jones and J P Abadec, Texaco Co. rcprcscnlatlvcs of New Orleans who showed the rootball films, made by Ihclr com- N. Y. Stocks Two Fire Alarms Answering two alarms today aim yesterday, firemen extinguished a grass fire behind the Delta Cafe on South Division and a small roof blaze believed to be caused, by chimney sparks at the home of Ernest cnston, South Lilly, uillo i done- lo th e roof. Negro, tlnmngc 100 Arrangements were made (or a pre-survey to see what the require- r,.,,, incuts would f oc and to estimate "?'" —• the cost. Thc Council voted to ^ nrv slcr make an Application 1 to the gov- eminent Ior an advance of funds to cover the cost ol thc survey. 2 p.m. quotations- A T & T '. Amcr Tobacco . Anaconda Copper steel . ' Coca Coin . | Gen Electric Gen Motors . ,',.'. Montgomery Ward N Y Central . ... In I Harvester laugh- Nortn .Am Aviation - Mrs".' ciifVo'rd'crai- J? c ^ ll>lic stc el . .. rett of Half Mopn. died this morn- tr"' 0 ing at thc Garrett home. Mr. and oocony Vacuum . Mrs. Gsirctl moved' to Half Moori Studebnker from Mountain View. >Ark. Funeral Standard of N J service plans had not been com- Texas Corp. . plctcd this mointng. U S siocl Garrett Infant Dies Patsy Jean Garrctt, infant dans tcr of Mr. and " ' " 172 1-4 80 41 1-2 !)G 3-4 104 1-4 160 30 1-2 05 3-8 (53 21 1-1 81 10 1-2 30 1-8 10 1-4 15 . 24 3-4 . 08 1-4 . .19 3-4 . 18 1-2 Cotton Growers WASHINGTON, (Feb. 13. (UP) — «<!>. E. 0. dathlntji, D., Ark., sale? loday that he opposed proposals to •nlse the import quotas on long- .aple colton. He promised to fight lor safeguards for American producers or that commodity. lie Intends lo attend hearings on lhc proposals before the U. S, 1'HiJff Commission on Feb. it, Clathliins has received numerous leltcrs from constituents who (ire concerned about thc competition c>m low-priced foreign Ions-staple University of Arkansas School H Medicine." It wenl on. Committee Action Kxiilahml Commenting on medical Lreat,- nciit made possible by thc Little Hock locution, (lie lepo'r't said: "Thi; committee also Is familiar .'ith suggestions made by somo that establishment of Ihc lull hospital at BeiUon could result In Inconvenience- lo mndlcal experts ,'liosc offices are situated In Little Ro;k. "It should be pointed out. however, lliul if such reasoning were lollowed, the Arkansas Tuberculosis Saiiatoihun at Qooncvlllc would of necessity-have to be moved to LIllUJ Rock, £6'" would the McCrac' Tuberculosis Sanatorium ut Alexander. "Actually, thi! problem o[ providing spcclal'K?d Irealment for :|)jciiil!x-;cl cases at the Benton hospital Is not, In our Judgment, i serious one. It can he met and wo recommend that it b3 met through ii]jpro]>rlal!ons to provide sufficient funds for part-time spo-. elnliz^d services of physicians Unit are needed." Tbc report recommended tlmt all the facilities in the future 'a6 con (hied 1 to tlic Dcnlon hos|ilt:tl with the exception of those for child defectives. A constructive program should bo carried on by each General As- laving 'crslty lock. •We conelude that ll u . -~ — • ««nnf vi IK ntlklc liospltal's part in this program should relate In the matter o( sitp- schoul tl pHtleiits for required Hie mcillcnl Liu; donn of sembly until our bL-en attained. Dissension among goal have members or the coinmiltee burst Into tho C'lien today when Si'ti. o. Lawrence Blackwell of Pine Bluf cluirged that Ihc committee's first report was "canned." he report was to bo submitted to both houses j»tcr in the day. A senate member of thc com- nittce, Blackwcll asserted that lhc rcpcrt wn.s writlen by Sen. Ernest Maner of Hot Spring.-,. clialrman of Din group—without Ulackwell's knowledge or approval. The argument started when ularkwcil attempted to delay lhc late commlttcc-of-the-wliolc approval of ,-i $^,000,000 construc.tlon uilKc: for thc state Hospital. I he Imdiicl would place most ol the new structures. Including one new unit and u .building Ior tll- b=rciilnr pitients, at Bciilon. It would have the effect, .s;,irf Sen W M. Jackson of McGehcc, of leading to the eventual abandonment of the Little Rock unit. On a standing vote, the Senate approved a "do pass" recommenda- <rai r,n the appropriation Blackwcll's delaying effort came -..-...„ ^.^j.ij j, -K Vl iuri ciiii ',!!.., l ": r . or "\ol a motion that 11 b2 held up until all rc " 10 lnvcsl| 8 all "U commli budget ports tec .1 Sec No Cause for Drlay He was opposed from the Iloo y Senators E. j. .Butler of Porrcs n *,', T; R:mcy of McCrory am Orvillc Cheney ol Calico Rock A member of lhc invesllgatim Broup himself. Cheney said hl< committee approved the apporpria" tlon last night nil(t tha , llc no reason lo hold it up this ' bin 0 , Sen ? te ns n *' holc sion pllal that we're cbjccting t o hos- improiemcnts." he said Surprise Move in House In .1 surprise move late ve-ie 'lay. thc Committee on Rev, "" "-' Taxation announced a ri . 1 decision on the administr cv . "•• *nt: miiniiiisLri tlon measures, leaving the door f, House action wide open. The Lan ax bils have already been approved in the senate, with only minor opposition. 5 Highway measures played a bii» Part in action in both houses yes? See I,i:OISl..\TllltE on rage 3 Weather portion loday. lempeiatur.M loni^l.l. Set by GOP for Curbing Unions Republican Leaders Want Legislation jfo Prevent Coal Strike Rotary Speaker The today for tr tho Joh ends bo te, Sena Hied bus, Iho po n. J. Rotarians Hear , of C. Execulive Value of Education Stressed in Talk Here By H. J. Dollinger Education Is Iho most effective Investment that a community can make lo provide high productivity nnd a high standard of living, H. J. Dolllueer, assistant manager 'of the Southwestern Division of the U. 8. Chamber ol Commerce told Blytheville .business rnmi..jt|\rl loiju- 'cators at R--joint, liifectlVrf *6°f;thc Rotary Club Ohain*nr of Commerce Hoard of Directors held today i-ooii ul the Hotel Noble. Mr. Dollinger si»kc oh "Educa tlon—An Investment : ln People, disclosing results of a special study made by thc National Chamber emphasizing Ihe closs relationship between educational levels and standards of living In different sections of thc United States. He jnlntcd out tlmt (he economic level becomes far higher nnd thc returns are much greater for each Investment made In school litogrnms. Thc nationa) chamber's study showed that 58 por cent of thc nation's citizens receive sub-standard educations and that in Arkansas 49 per cent ol the people have only eighth grade educations, Ihc speaker said. The education of as per cent O f the nation's populace falls even lower, he slated. Tlic figures used In this address ,i rc 1043 statistics. Mr. Dolllngcr explained. Thllt yeiir wns used to elve a truer picture of the situation by avoiding lh c fluctuations caused by Ihe position In Ion of returning veterans, he 'Winy Factors Considered This study was based on the analysis of three factors, Mr Dol- llngcr iwiiiled out. These were (1) Ihe potentialities of school children, (2) lhc demands of an age of science, nm | 13, the educational work necessary lo convert these potentialities into the demands of lhc cllfnenry. "Education i s an investment, in people and a greater invcxtmeut can well be afforded when it Is linked to thc lifting O f thc cco- iicmlc level of the community, n stated Mr. Dollinger. National figures turned up Iho Chamber's survey showed Hi, while 21 per ccnl of lhc popul; tlon IIH.S n higji school criucailo 24.4 per cent have less than f|(M grade schooling. Mr. Dollini; pointed out. Only 6.2. per cc possess college educations, he SA In Arkansas, he pointed out. !:er cent of children from 14 19 years of age are enrolled schools compared to national ures ol 47.9 per cent enrolling for Ihls age group. bv th er nt id . 30 a to in II"- nt Temperature Fakes New Dip Under Freezing Mark Temperatures In Blytheville again dropped to sub-freeing levels during last night at the minimum reading recorded was 26 degrees, according to Hcbert E. Blaylock official weather observer. Vet- Three Join VFW Post Hunt Lloyd post of the crans of Foreign Wars held weekly business meeting lust nl.ahi in the Wetenkftmp Cotton Co. .»«• i vein r, ,1 r , flce ' Tnou B n attendance was sr ARKANSAS - Partly cloudy, pos t officers plan to malnta slightly warmer Friday and in West their drive for Increased membe 1V.VI,™ lnHr.v. I..l.l n ,.,o,,.,-> i,> ..,,,„_ ^^ ^ m< , mbcr£ . hlp! . w , I ifceivert last nlijhl. . ol- WASHINGTON, Feb. '13.' (UP)-^ '•" Sunata Republican leadership / set April 1 as the target date •ol 111" 1 '" pnssa!>i<! °' a strike-coti- Sen. Robert A. Taft, H., O., Ixcd "> date without mcntioninK that tm u Lewis' coal strike truce also :ls on that day, . • : . • Tad, chairman of the Senate Lair and Republican Policy Commlt- "v,J' 5 , tOC ! , 1 ';1 X>1 ' '" a "vo-poim. iiue legislative prosrarn he out-'d in an iippeaninco nt Cotuhv us, O. iiy April l, i he alga hopes' Senate will have ,actcd on a . ifliil pay lian, a two-term limitation on tho presidency, war powers and the budget, -.t r. : , .. ThM-o also were these-cotigrcssloij: il developments: - ..<? ' Universal military '.raining—'i'ii e o CoiT.° r F01C ' 8 " Wnrs P^P05-'d provide the cquiviilcnt of onb*year Wcetlme training for American n, I hero would be six months aslc training and six months jider any one of several optional Z A° SC , !cc:tc[l by thc trahiec. A i ., Claim '< Disputed ' Aviation—congress was told tlmt id-weather landing aids at n num-- sr of alrnclds are operating ur-'' illsfactorily and hnvo not boon 'ie nl riHi ' l " iUnc ' 5 despite what ,\L „, \ Aeronautics AdinlniEtra- llon clalius. U also heard thafsoiffe ail "'ishes have been caused indl- . icclly by crying babies. or family quarrels n t p n ots . , lomcs """W; Uoxcur shortage—Thc president "f the Association of Amerli-a-i Hiulronds said the answer to the liieseut freight cur shortage' Isn't' irloie laws but more cais r#o fcnslcrn senators accused the Wu»t of hogging freight cars for crop "loveinent while Eastern Indus' ks Taft's tiiogrnm foi getting ml' •rixo legislation through the &tn d-ffi^T^^^ ino House Labor Committee Tho House committee was to'd l°lM ny VS. 1 Con «™™ n.u»t go%hc»! W" u strike-curbing le K U^ ,, rt e Current Inbo-- ,, ' r*° snl «l Iul »r unions * '"' <° tMra\a tricks (f rou Meanwhile, there were more fire fnr M • n ge cut m th e budget for the armed forces, with some .ticking tho GOP plan •"'""",'!-"'. Rep. Edwin Arthur Hall, R w Y told the House "we should Vook and ace what we need before we undercut t, '""^'".'i ftwoss-the-board ciit in our Army and Navy •• And ^LP"!!°"»«° Whip John W to '•'ti;, m r" i , t!11 ' y b " dBet » ou1 rt.:iedd jo the false economy" that followed thc First World War Secretary of War Robert' P Pat won issued a ; formal" "stafblncht m nC n!*? e r V ;° " larl " ovcr tt *i.800;- 000,000 slash h, war Departmenti funcla recommended by the Joint Congress,™..,! Budget SubSmnnt- tee. The subcommittee would trim I' 0 . 0 , 0 ' 00 ?'™?. f ™»> President" Violence Flares On Strike Front Nine Under Arrest In Macon Troubles; Negro is Wounded MACON. Ga., . Ffb . 13. (\rP>^- Volencc broke out in connection with strikes at two Macon plants lodny and police arrested a total of nine persons for n shooting growing out of one ' strike and a ^-for-all fight in the other •'•ank Raines, non-strltclni; Negro employe of the Souther, Crate ro',?m ycn ° cr Co " was ''"serious condition with a bullet through ine jaw after being shot near his home last night, Willie Gofer Ne- g'o, a striking member of the ,^m S lnt «nation&l union of Mine, mill and Smelter Workers, was held m county jail for the shooting ' u-hl-i- ° ? ar1i "t r Til c Co., plant riifprt v" s ' millta neous strike was f, "t. by "'P. Silllle «niou several Ihe gates this morning' as tried to prevent other from going inside, o ™ white'women a«d five Nc?S?A ± '" Ii0 " Incml>c ". «'crc arrested. Two women. Alma Lockerman and Mrs. w. o. Crump, were «nv •, °i' Cr to cily court «"«« fjuu bond on assault and bati«>rv *"PJ- Virginia Woodward! wS fined $25 in Recortfer's Court for dlsorderlj conduct and the Negroes were booked under $100 bond on open charges of loitering S N. Y. Cotton Mar. lain * Is i'- !r- ,-erc 0:t. Dec. open high low .1!.. 3345 3350 3310 3310 32« 3256 3212 3>1'2 3070 3076 3G33 33J1 a$15 2325 2779 2170 2726 rite 27CO 3700

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