The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1947
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, FK15KUAKY'l2, 19-17 Lawmakers May Ask Change in Policy for Coffee-aiid-Chat Club WASHINGTON. Feb. 12. CUP) — What tlie senators wont lo knov: is what 23X03 cups of coffee ad-; up to in man-hcirrs of la : :or lost to the government. ^Senators Jiu-oaU-jr-.tir.;; , operation "'^government cafeterias and can- have found out that 23,0i)i> </s of coffee are drunk daily by woikers in the War Department's Pentagon Building. The question is, hew many of thorn are drunk on Bovmimont time. At just five ii'.irui'cs to the c"». that would r.cld up to almost Kl days—J4-hour days, that is. ant! not congressional work days. The investigators also want lo learn all about the coffcf-aml-clm customs, if any, in other government departments and agencies. They are considering asking tlie government to cluse eateries exce-:!, at meal liir.cs. Son. Raymond E. 'Baldwin. R.. Conn., chairman of a subcommittee, which is looking into su;h matters, •*ants to find out hew many man hours of work arc lost by the be- Iwcen-meiil eating and drinking habits of government workers, He raid ho would sue^cst that the full Senate Civil Seiviee com mittco explore UK- situation. "Not that I havo anything against R clip of coffee rest period lo or a soft drink." he said. "But am against aouscs of this privilege." Baldwin, himself, keeps a couple of chocolate bar.-; haiit.'i- to Dibble on instead of iteming out for coffee. SDH. Raloh E. Flanders, R., Vt., another subcommittee member, seconded Baldwin's views. He person- tflly. never eals b=twcen mcais, fr.anders said, although lie used lo go across the street for coffee when he wo!k?;[ for the Wa-- Production Board in 1013 A mid-mornin;.: coffee column in the _ Agriculture Department caused Agriculture Secretary Clinton I- Anoerson reciiutly to ;.=k tint -ill liiiiph iars there remain close;.' XI til I a.m. But two canteens stay open dune:; the "ft?mn->n The Commerce Department recently took similar cnntcen-ciosin- steps. •Pentagon worker WA'THEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Lincoln Poster Went to War j Publisher Sees R ore Collection T-"nriTHMinnrr-r|- mi' •-••••^••^•••iiii •!! i ii «.. ( -, v r~\ /-i \* P^ JT-I L~I. >i st IM ! L^ _ %^v \f Of Autographs Up at Auction PAGE NINE m^?.m .Great' Danger in .Newsmen's Guild t%-'(V : '-f •'••feij ' W&'SfKJ^sl I WASHINGTON, Feb. 1). (UP) — J Uiiviil Hlcrn, llrsl newspaper owner l» slau « cond'iiot with the American Newspaper Clulld (CIO) di'.'<'rib?(J the union today us a "can- o'rous growth' 1 which Jeopardises (he journalism profosslou. Slern loltl the House Labor Committee Hint the strike uiinlnst his Philadelphia and C'aniden, N. J., newspapers was "deliberately" In"U> destroy them." stern I'hurijecl the strike forced him to shut flmvii mid the newspapers. "I am making atonemeiil for the growth that jeopardises Inc great institution (journalism) as the llrst publisher who recogulml HID Newspaper Guild." Stern said In a prepared statement. "I hiive rellrecl from business at heavy personal no other way lo warn this nation against llu> cancerous urowl litlnit jeopardizes the great jii>stltn;li>n to which I hnvc devoted my lite." SU'rn announced on Jan. 31 the sale of tlie Philadelphia Record and tin- and rr the u<it door cotiri;v.;d lunch during ™ killB 1:onrs . Tho « h "or" ur^ ( ™ Some eovernmont offices such as treasury ami Ih? vctc'-.n-, -itl ministration, zuthorbc 10 •«!„'',n S&^? o^XKiL s 5 proves efficiencv s ' «™; !™^ r s impc!!oti rr to scncl out notices warnlnj; The oil portrait above, of Abraham Lincoln, posing us Ire "rail tplUlcr candidate," was painted in I860 as n poster for use In campaign rallies. It was once owned by James Monroe Justice, of Loyansport, IIKI,, WHO died in 1889. At one time ddurlug the Civil War it was carnr I into action by a company of Indiana troops, and many stories have Been told of its adventures. One is that it was captured by confederates, who amused themselves by using it as a target. There are various knife cuts in the canvas, and a hole in Lincoln's forehead is said to be a bullet hole. The picture, now possessed by tre Chicago Historical Society, is one of a. number of rare Lincoln pictures featured In 1'aui M. Angle's Lincoln Reader, Just published by the Rutgers UunTir.Uv Press. * Lawmaker's Criticism Bounces Back to Conk Him on S v IreTand Ireland, nought to have been and of Roman par- NOTJCE OF SCHOOL ELECVIO.V Notice is hereby given that the annual school election .will b e held March 15. 1047 from 2:CO to 6:SU o'clock p.m. r iiie purpose of this election is to elect directors for each school district, levy the- school tax. and elect a County Bsard Member for Zone I. Signed: "PHILLIP J. DEER County Supervisor of Mississippi Mr FllEDEHICK C. OTIIMAN United 1'rtss Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 12.—(UP) —Brickbats tossed in the air have bet:l known sometimes to conk the throwers on the head. Now go on with my painful story: Rep. William J. Miller of Conn., as talking nbnut too many federal press agents writing too many press releases on too much scarce paper at too great a cost to the taxpayers In cash and to the Washington ciirrcsuondcuts in anguish. I was listening carefully and savin-;, amen. Rep. Miller added that 00 per cent of these pronun- claniKitos never lift print because nobody ^iiuch was interested in them except the authors. "True." I said to myself. And then I had one of my infrequent ideas: I'd investigate the contents of my own wastcbtiskcl and thus bolster Rcji. Miller's charges with the evidence. H-m-m-m-m. It pains me lo say so. but truth is Irnth and about half of the crumpled documents I found in my trash can came from the talented pens Of Congressmen. On the top o! the pile was an essay of high literary quality by Rep. Richard E. Harlcss of Arizona on the heroism o[ John Paul Jones. It was published by the government printing grcssman. Sen. Elbcrt D. Thomas oi Uiah contributed two pages of his mimc- ographct] remarks aneiu the lOOih anniversary of the settlement of .Utah and mentioned the premiere of a motion picture c-illpd "Katn- rod," having to do with fame. This cinema was produce:! by Harry Sherman, who used to Ijt; known as fcing of, the horse oprys; I have no eloubt it is an excellent entertainment as the senator claims. I received from Re.j. clarc Hoffman of Mich., n copy of hi'; regular newsletter to his constHlii'nUs, in which he urged that not. to BO Eel impatient ye>—with the Republicans in congress. They're go- Ing to keep their campaign promises all rliLlu. but It will dike n lilllj. nine, ho said. / Hi')). Francis C.isc of S. D.. sent mo a gloomy report on Husso- American relations, which he said iro K oUlni: worse. Sen. Mlllnrd E. I'ydltiK.s of Md. ; delivered to me. by Ihe same mall a copy of a speech by him in which he said Russo- Amcrican relations gradually are ?U!nK better. Half way down in my wastcbas- kot, along with some handouts from the British embassy, the Royal Egyptian government, the War Department and the Flax and Fiber Publishing Co., I came across a COO-word statement by Ben James E. Murray of Mont. He doubted whether small businessmen will survive much longer, unless they get a brcnk. Sen. Murray scnl also n progress report on the work of his Small Business C'om- mitlee. a book which ran 310 Sen. George Malone of Ncv. denied in typescript that his bill al lowini; landlords lo increase rent aK lf> per eent would force 'em to do so, if lliey already though thoir renls were hiiih enough. I round n speech of Rep. Fred Hartley of Mich. About his Invcs tigatinns into Icnd-loasc of Liberty ships In Great Hritnin and Russli. Hen. Alexander Wiley of WIs., sent me his address, and good readlni it was, too, about atomic bomb ton Irol. The Kc-nalc Agriculture Coin nil l- Icv delivered !)!C n coin- of Us re- pnrt on Ihe 10<!7 fertilizer situation. Reps. Emnnuel Cellcr o[ New York and Ed Oossctt of Tex. announced they would talk about im- ii'.iliration lu the next couple of days. Rep. Loo E. Allen of Ill.-.Ex-^ Plained in print Ids sliding scale lax reduction plan. A fe ntlicr lamakers sent along a few other press releases. If this has embarrassed ncp. Miller I can only refer him, sorrowfully, to my opeiihn; statement about brickbats. liAHUINGTON, R. I, tUP) — One oj the nation's most complete colUvilot\s of historical autographs will I),- sow ni auction In I'lilln- lelphl;, Fe u . n. Tlie collection Is thai of the late Frederick Blimhope Peck and In- les ii set of slgnalures or »H iu-rs of Ihe Declarallon or Inde- >eiuk'iicc'. Ihe slgiuUure of every illie!)! niid nulojjraiXis Jroin norous olhor historical iwrson- igcs. The so-culled Sinners' Idlers in- iWe twu by Ucnjninln Rush and Willlnin whipple, which arc cou- ccrni',1 directly with Die Declaration of Indcpendenc'e. The rare aullon Owlunrll slunnture is wn- ncd In a ijook oC records of a boys' dinrlly school. I'list editions of Shakespenie »nd the FiU.gcrald translalion of tlie Hulmlynt of Omar Khayyam will be Included In (he .vale, us well as Peek's collection or autograph letters. These Include a two-pane longhand letter (rom Franklin O, Roosevelt mul n short note from Herlicrt Hoover. v:hlch said: "Dear Mr. peck: I haven't wrll- tcn h;ilf n dozen longhiind letters In tlie lust quarter of » century, so Oils Is evidence ol my respect and esteem ror you yourself." Introducing Tom ralnc Another letter from John Adams to Maj.-Gen. Lcc In mo introduces n "countryman of yours and a Clllzcn of trie World to Whom a certain heretical p n mph!ct called Common Sense | s Imputed. ]ils name is Pnlnc." Another letter written by ,lohn Adams ranks Samuel Adams, John Hnncock and Jnmcs Oils above Geor K e Washington In accomplishing the separation ol America from Ctrait Britain. There Is one written by Doncdlct Arnold and another by ik'iijumln Franklin to William Stratum, inenibfi' of piullnmont. This one ii: •Mr. strnhnn— 'Vou ai'r a member of Parliament mid one of Itml Majority which lias doomed my country lo de.strucllon. 'V'ou have begun lo burn our towns look U[x)ii your hands! They a« slnlned with ttio Blood of your Hclntlonsl You and I were long Friends:—You arc now my Enemy, —and "I am '"Yours. D, Franklin,'- natural gas. Approximately OOOO miles of new pipe lines were scheduled to \x drilled ju ]Dltf, /or use In carrying RtfcvM Cwgto rim ACHING CHEST COIBS ftUKON crude oil, petroleum products and ,fc ^C'VSIISS CJUiBV COM7AMV Profc.u ol Kn. foorf,. CttlCtOO 13 Hi. jyejjj!_g fr o re Now/' Refresh yourself • J " mMw« Wm&^*/%/M AUTHORITY Or THE COCA-COIA COMFAHY IT COCA-COU BOTTLING CJO. ol BLYlfiEVlLLE the Ciumleii, N. J., Courier-Post, and Radio Slatlon WCAU. to tile Philadelphia Bulletin. The newspapers had been struck ulneo Nov. 7. NOTICE JUG FISHERMEN and BOATMEN . You have wanted a place on the river to keep your boats and fishing equipment — SAFELY! You can have access to this very place in the coming months at Barfield Landing. Gas/Oil or anything you need for boating will be kepi at the dock. Don't put off your planning another minute ... CALL or WRITE J. C. ELLIS JR. BARFIELD FARM Phone 614 Blythcvillc, Ark. X9&PQ A ./hie cnrimide finer A i'roillicl ol General Motors Here's our picture for '47! We are protul lo present for ly.fy, tlie finest car Pontiac has ever produced. In ihc new l<>(7 t'oniiac, now in production, all of Pontiat's irndinonal <|tiality, dependability, stamina, trouble-free opcraiion, case ofliandling and downright goodness liavc been retained. These <|ii;iti(ics have made more than a million friends of more llinn a million Poniiac owners. Added for l'>(7 arc appearance changes to enhance Poniiac's hcauty; mechanical improvements to uphold Poniiac's known rcputaiion for dependable and trouble-free performance. Pontiac again offers two outstanding scries in ten body types. Tlie Streamliner is on IMC 122- inch whcelbasc; the Torpedo on a H9-inch wheel base. Each is available as a Six or an Eight. Millions of people have learned to expect an out- sianding value from Pontiac . . . and the t<M7 Pomiac fulfills their cxpcctaiions in every way. The 1947 Pontiac is a fine car ma<tc finer, • • • THE SOONER YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER for a ntiv Ponliac, Ihe earlier you u'ilt get it. So place your order now for future delivery. i HINRY J. TAYLOR on Ihc ni, l»icc Features that Make PONTIAC a GREAT Cor! APPtARANCt-niMinclivc Silver Stjling . . . New an,| h.irmonii.iis from cml ilcsif-n. coMroRT-lliR, roiiiiiy Hody by I ishcr, Triplc- (.usliionctt Unit, Luxurious Interiors. Shock-Proof Knee-Action. 1'i.slu-r ^n-llnifi N'riuil.mnii, All- Wc.lllicr I:nj;inc Teinpcr.Kiirc Ciinirnl. DIPIhDAtlLIIT-SiiHJOtll, (nracrful !..|lca,l siv or ciglit c)lin<tcr crfgincs, Full-Pressure Mctercd Mow Lulirication, Permanent Oil Clc.lncr. KONOMt-Scotch-Mist Quick Warm-up Manifold, Cjasclcctor, Vacuuni.itic Sp.irk Control. SAHTT-Xfulii-seat Hydraulic Drakes, Unlsiccl Hody, I'm-Arc Safety Steering. Clear Vision. LEROY OWENS PONTIAC CO. 1.1-J N. .Walnut Osceola, Arkunsus

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