Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana on September 30, 1920 · 11
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Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana · 11

Richmond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1920
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if f TIIE RICHMOND PALLADIUM AND SUN-TELEGRAM, RICHMOND. IND THURSDAY, SEPT. 30, 1920. ONE YEAR lOOKLEAR'S LIMIT; DAREDEVIL IS KILLED IN STUNT I (Kansas City Star) Th life of the daredevil la not lr. the land. The type, of course. Is always -with us, but the Individual thrills a brief hour and then takes bis way to the undiscovered country. The human fly crawls among us, but eternity eventually rises up and swats him; leapers from Brooklyn bridges leap once too often; those that go down to Niagara in barrels have a way of not returning; the stunting aviator sooner or later Is numbered among those that no longer are with us. The most recent addition to our long screed ot misdirected bravery is that of Ldeut Ormer Locklear, daredevil extraordinary, who was killed when his plane crashed at Lob Angeles a few days ago from a height of 1,000 feet. With him when he went down to his death was his associate in thrills Lieut. Milton Elliott. Both were dead when attendants reached the wreck-age. Killed Doing A Simple Trick. Locklear. In the public eye, was like the Mayfly, he danced a brief hour and was gone; one ephemeral year and his career was closed. He first came to national notice last year at Atlantic City, when he performed the unprecedented thrill of changing from ono plane to another in midair. No one had ever done it before, hence notoriety, half sister to fame, claimed him for her own. It was his peculiar trick, his by right of discovery and conquest; he did it with variations, first leaping from the plane above to the one below and later climbing to the upper plane from the lower by means of a swinging rope ladder. From a thrill that It is only a step tl to the movies, that mecca of wealth pnd publicity, and in Lockl ear's case the termination of all things. For it was In the performance of a stunt for the camera that he met his death. The scenario called for a nose dive a simple flying trick which was to appear to end in disaster. Locklear and his companion bathed In the glare of a battery of searchlights on the ground below for it was night time, , went Into a nose dive, firing off rock-eto as they went. Something went 'wrong and the intended fake became irretrievable disaster. Beqan Career When Boy. Ormtr Locklear seems to have been a daredevil by nature. He began it when he was a mere boy in Fort Wnrth Teir where he was born and grew up. At first with a bicycle and j lr.ter with a motor cycle he did spectacular stunts for bets of prize money. He made a 62-foot leap from a platform with a motor cycle; then he bet he could drive his machine up the side of a 4-story building. He was ridiculed, but he backed up his assertion with real money and the crowd assembled to see him do the impossible. Locklear fixed a pulley rope from the cornice of the building, removed the tires from his motor cycle and arranged the rope so that it circled the rear wheel. Strapped into his machine he made the ascent. A com pression release allowed the machine to descend. The flying game attracted him In 1910. He built a glider and had him self hauled about the country by an automobile. He tried to construct an airplane but failed. After saving up his money, he tried asain and succeeded in building a machine that would fly, and without instruction, be-came an expert flyer. When the United States entered the war, Locklear enlisted in the air service and quickly passed through the schools of instruction in the Texas aviation fields and was made an Instructor in flying at Barron field, whore ho remained throughout the period of the war. Soon tales began to leak out of Locklear's stunts while he was teaching recruits to fly. They began as a result of his discovery of the eteadi ness of an airplane in flight. He Kills Pesky Bed Bixgs P. D. Q. J J st think, a SEc box of i D. Q. 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Norman photographed before leaving the "Celtic.1 Mrs. H. Norman df Washington, D. C, was voted the "prettiest" woman on boat" by the passengers of the ocean liner "Celtic, which reached New York a few days ago. There were many very striking women on the ship and the contest produced considerable rivalry. found he could climb about the plane and do things that fliers maintained could not be done, such as climbing out on the wings, and on top, and riding on the tail. Thought Nothing Was Impossible. With visions of thrills that could be done Locklear left the service at the end of the war and went in for spectacular stunts. He was booked for large fairs and expositions, and proved the most hair raising of thrillers. "I don't do these things because 1 want to run the risk of bing killed," ! Locklear once said. "I do it to dem onstrate what can be done. Somebody has got to show the way. Glen Curtis said that no man could sit on the tail of a ship with nothing to hang on to in a stream cf wind at 90 miles an hour. I showed him that such a thing could be done. I want to do things that people feel can't be done. I don't believe anything is impossible but perpetual motion." Premonition of the End. That Locklear was not wholly callous to the dangers he ran and that the constant risking of his life began to wear upon him toward the last, li Locklear end Lieutenant E'.liott was ' associated in the stunt of transferring from ore plane to another. "For more than a year we were to gether doing Btunts," said Short, after the news of Locklear's death reached him. "During that time Locklear laughed at the Idea of danger, until about a month ago. It was shortly before I left him that he became depressed and told me several times that he would get knocked off this summer. It worried me because It was so unlike Locklear." The true cause of Locklear's death probably will never be known; whether something went wrong with tho plane, or whether the nerve of the daredevil collapsed in a critical moment, is something past finding out. GENUINE TASTELESS CASTOR OIL ALWAYS LABELLED KELLOGG'S Every Bottle of Kellogg's Tasteless Castor Oil Is Laboratory Bottled and Labelled Kellogg's of Goldfield, la., who together with llsemeni When you ask for Kellogg's Tasteless Castor Oil, see to it that the bottle is labelled with Kellogg's name. Kellogg's Tasteless Castor Oil is sold only in bottles filled at the laboratories of Spencer Kellogg & Sons, Inc. Take no other if you want a 100 pure castor oil with all nauseating taste removed. It is the same good old-fashioned castor oil that your doctor prescribes, with the disagreeable taste eliminated. 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CARNES DENTIST Phono 2665 Rooms 15-16 Comstock Building 1016 Main Street Open Sundays and Evenings by appointment We can save you dealer's profit on a Used Piano or can trade your Silent Piano for a Vlctrola. WALTER B. FULGHlM 1000 Main St. Phone 2275 TRUNKS VIGRAN 617 MAIN STREET 6,000 MILE TIRES 80x3 $12.00 30x3J2 S15.00 (New Goods Not Rebuilt) WM. F. LEE No. 8 South 7th St "Richmond's Reliable Tire Man" ervoixs Breakdown "I am so nervous it seems as though I should fly" "My nerves are all on edge" " I wish I were dead." How often have we heard these expressions or others quite as extravagant from some loved one who has been brought to this state by some female trouble which has slowly developed until the nerves can no longer stand up under it. No woman should allow herself to drift into this condition without giving that good old-fashioned root and herb remedy Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound a trial. Read the Letters of These Two Women. I Ml 1 Vl-M a I a i a i North East, Sid. I was in ill health four or five years and doctored with one doctor after another but none helped me. I was irregular and had 6uch terrible- pain in my back, lower part of my body and down each side that I had to go to bed three or four days every month. I was very nervous, tired, could not sleep and could not eat without getting sick. A friend asked me fb take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and I am sorry I did not take it sooner for it has helped me wonderfully. I don't have to go to bed with the pain, can eat without being sick and have more strength. I recommend your medicine and you are at liberty to publish my testimoniaL" Elizabeth XT eaver, R. K. 2, North Minneapolis,Minn. " I was run down and nervous, could not rest at night and was more tired in the morning than when I went to bed. I have two children, the youngest three months old and it was drudgery to care for them as I felt so irritable and generally worn out. From lack of rest and appetite my baby did not get enough nourishment from my milk so I started to give him two bottle feedmgs a day. After taking three bottles of Lydia E. Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound I felt like a new woman, full of -life and energy. It is a pleasure to care for my chiMren, and I am very happy with them and feel fine. I nurse my baby exclusively again, and can't say too much for your medicine." Mrs. A. L. Miller, 2633 E. 24th St., Minneapolis, Minn.. " F04 Hi East, Md. Nervous, Ailing Women Should Rely Upon LYDIA E.PINKMAM MED1C8NC CO.. LYNN. MASS. pi edge I To Date 490,000 470,000- 450,000- 430,000 410,000- 390,000- 370,000- 350,000- 330,000 310,000 290,000- 270,000- 250,000- 230,000- 210,000-190,000-170,000- 150,000- 130,000 110,000-90,000- 70,000-50,000- 30,000-10,000- To Date 500.000 480,000 460,000 440,000 420,000 400,000 380,000 360,000 340,000 320,000 300,000 280,000 -260,000 -240,000 -220,000 -200,000 180,000 160,000 140,000 120,000 100,000 -80,000 60,000 ' I I I i i 1 i i 1 1, U ;iv 40,000 -20,000 Let's Get Together for Earlham and Wayne County TkGE ELEVEN' j

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