Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas on April 22, 1969 · Page 21
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Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas · Page 21

Abilene, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 22, 1969
Page 21
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^CO GMC Pick-up, Icng wide, O O healer, rcor bumper, 15,000 one owner mites . . * O GALAXIE 500, 4 ;!ooi QO V-3, oulcmnllc, power Peering, power brakes, factory air, white v,atl lires, big cops. efc, . . - A to cheese from, your choice . . . oil carry fac- lory 52705 warranly ^ * * ** GMC PJck-up, standard, 6 cylinder, bumper hitch . . . fL O FAIRLANE 500, 4 rfoor, OO V-8, aulomalic, (aclory oir, pcwcr steering, \shlle wall lires, big caps, iinted glass, carries balance of faclory $) C Q C warranty ^·Jf*l BLHCK Spcciol Slalion Wagon, V-8 y aulcmalic, power stccrfng, air, power brakes, whife wall tires, big caps, luacjage rack, One Own$2095 CHEVROLET El Camino, V-8, automatic, tacloiy oir, power steering, tulcne, while wall tiros, big ccps, tinted glass, SHARP JCO CADILLAC, leaded OO a || ,hc Extras, SHARP. . MUSTANG 6 cylinder, radio and healer, slan- dard transmission, linlcd glass, whitcwoll lires, Dig caps, nice . FORD Golaxic 500, 4 .daar V/8, aulcmalic and air $1QQ *» power I 7 7 J FORD Galaxic 500 2 donr hardlop, V8, culo- matic, power steering, lac (cry "-, white MVes, big caps etc. §1995 /LA RAMBLER Station Wa- O*T ao0( Classic £60, V-B, aulomtoic, power steering, fac- lory cir, radio and healer. Nearly new rubber . . {Lf. RAMBLER Claisic, 2 "" door, haid lop, ai/, auromafic, radio, and hcoicr. 51095 RANCHFRO V/8, oula- malic transmission air nd $2195 povrer *, 1 w J FORD Cuslorh, M. dnor, Vfl, aulomGli-, faclcry air, power steering, locally CHEVROLET Impalo -I door power air, V8, vinyl roof, nfce, $ 1 Q Q C iy loo cheap. . . . I ' * J SEVERAl, 1»«8 FORD DEMOS Goloxie 500« -- Foiilanc! -- Mujlaneji ·-- LTDi -- Wagons -- S A V E MONEY f.O FAIRLANE Torino Fosl **»* Back, V-3, automatic, power itching, power brakes, air, while wall tires, big caps, tinted glass, 5 O Q Q E J focaf one owner. . *·· O Tr J DODGE Polom 2 cko. hardtop, VS, automatic, power steering, pcwer hrokcs, buckel seols, vinyl rcof, slereo tope rr.ag 5 O O Q C : wheels ^ffJ SUNSHINE SPECIAL £.£. MUSTANG ccnverlible **W VB, oulomolic transmission, rodia, healer, oood rubber . 68 |:ORD Ronchcro, V-8, **·* oulorr.olic, foclory air^ linted glass, while woll tires ct ........... 5 2395 DODGE 880 4 door V8, aulon-.atic IrnnLmission, Rectory air, power steering, power brokes, while lircs. big cops, linlcd glass, S Q Q 1 plenty nice ........ J V O f."J TOKO Rorcl. Wcgon, . * V8, oulomoli'c, IcclL'ry rubber, NICE. . . . V 1995 f.C T-BIRD Lancfcu 2 door ** ·* hordtop, oil Ford Mote/ Co. cxlros, plus 5 new tires, beautiful oquo wilh while $ 1695 FORD Pick-up, sh=r wWe, S D O C 6 cylinder *O73 Z Z RANCHCRO 6 cylinder, *·** aulomotk, 5-1 Q while hres I*r7 f-j PONTIAC Catolina t, ** * door hordlop, loaded all gcodrcs SOfiO en it ^f.\JJ Bank Rafe Financing Soutfc lit Pioneer 692-9500 GUARANTEED TOGO AROUND THE WORLD Transmission Troubles???! Let Texas Automatic Transmission install a rebuilt automatic transmission for a world of trouble FREE driving. Guaranteed to go around the world (24,000) miles or 12 months of trouble FREE driving. Guarantee backed by 18 yenrs of dependable service. INSTANT CREDIT We Honor 702 So. Treadaway Guarantee honored in 500 shops coast to coast! . AUTOMTIC iTMHSHISSIIHjS) Free; InipccMon 1 Day Service Ficc W / c c k c r Service Diitribulor For Lcmpco Parli Phone 673-5055 IGMCI $ IPONTIACJ IBUICKI OPELI IOLDSI 3325 u Yes It's True! We Have And Will Deliver To You A NEW 1969 OLDS DELTA 88 4-Door Sedan With Following F.quipment. V8 mclcr, automatic l/ansmhsion, pov,er or.d (celery air, linlcd glass, headrest, full v»hecl dis:s, beck up lights, elccliic v-ipcrs, s^indshicld washers, oulsidc rear view mirror, inside day and night mirror, sent bells shoulder harness, emergency Noshes, all vinyl trim, freic.ii! and federal excise lax included. COTHRUM MOTOR CO. I STAMFORD PX J - 3 6 6 1 "OPEN 8 TO 8 MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY" 8 lo 6 S A T U R D A Y S STAMFORD. T E X A S IBU1CKBB i O P E L I ABILENE 673-U11 ·IOLDSHI GENE STEWART FORD 69 LTD, 4 door, sedan, fully loaded wilh only a few miles, of a bargain. 67 GALAXIE 500, 2 door hard rop, loaded, priced to sell. 67 GALAXIE 500, 4 door sedan, real sharp car, come and drive. 67 MERCURY Cougar, 2 door hard top, 289 V-8, air, automatic, power steering, like new. SEVERAL PICK-UPS, all makes and models lo choose from. MERKEL, TEXAS 63 FORD Galaxie 2 door, hard top, V-8, automatic, a real nice car, ready to sell. 62 FORD, 4 door sedan, V-8, automatic, air, power steering, see lo like. COMPARE PRICES AND DRIVE OUT TO SEE US FOR A DOLLAR SAVING DEAL! WE WILL NOT KNOWINGLY BE UNDER SOLD S 7E2L5 GENE STEWART FORD ABILENE 673-4371 Bell Ringer tBt 1969 BRAND NEW coupe, E-Z uyo qluii, V-E enqine. Floor iriifl conrrol, 3nyl interior, frciqhl and ftJcia\ tax.fi in rfudcd al the la*' price ol NICE SEUCTION Of USED CARS OVER 50 NEV/ CARS AND TRUCKS IN STOCK ^2468 OP£K I TIL I . 207 NO. SWEMSON AVE. 8-B Till: AB1LKNE IlEl'ORTER-NEWS Abilene, TCNSS. Tuesday Morning, April 22, 196!) PONTIAC Calalina -1-tJocr iedan, power sleerirg and brakes, air-condilioned, 5 A O adfo, nice car O7 OO/ 61 CADILLAC, lols ai service or.d inilcarjc left in (hcse co/i. From FORD Future station v»cgcn, aulomalic transmission, ^afiil vhite OLDSMOBILE Dclrr.ont 88 ferdor sedan, lurqucise y,hitc ( power onrl air, 12,000 actual $ *3 1 O C I I miles, Irxal 1 owner, plenty of warranty l e f t W I Jr J I i PIPKIN OLDS-CADILLAC i · FASTLAND, T t X A S ' f ^^ ^^ Phone Abilene «7I-62?I ^ BEATY'S BETTER USED CAR BUYS! 66 LINCOLN Continental. Comfort or:d convenience I hat only Bealy can make passible lor you to own. Tilt wheel, cruise conlrol, FiVi, windows, seals, cuio- rnafic door locks, brand new tires, vinyl roof, and you can own it (or only $2777 6B POKTIAC 4-door. totid while \vilh block intcricr, full power end air, factory warron- 1y. Why pay Ihe price ol o new one when YOU can own ihis? 52777 67 TORNADO, "one o( ihosc kind", tilt, telescopic, FM, vinyl real, Firestone 500, lull power and oir. You know these type cms don't last long, sec Ihis im- mcculale ai KG mobile i D-day S ? ? ? ? 67 IMPALA 4-door hordlop. gloaming while with blue vinyl roof, bine in (crier, air and power, 3 stripe whilewalls, il's o liUli? sweetheart. 52088 67 CADILLAC Coupe DcVillc, sandoKvccd beige, chocolate brown roof, 20.000 honest rr lies, a ccmforl, prestige, nnd qualify automcbilc you would cxpccl from I fie large si seller in the luxury licld $ 4 1 8 8 68 DODGE Monaco, metallic blue, block vinyl icof, full power and cir, factory warranty, hard 1o tell frcm new and it's nnly. . $ 2 0 8 8 61 CADILLAC Sedan DeVilfe hcrdtop, oir arx} poster. All the extras by Ccdilloc. . . $11 BB 60 CHEVROLET 4-doar sedan, VS. automatic transmission, radio, hcatrr, gccd transportation ........ $488 65 CHEVROLET ^ ion pickup, 4 wheel drive, 4 snt-od Irons- mission, b c t l c r hurry on this blue full 64 T-BIRD, rkimo while, inlerior, cruise control, cov/rr, f a c t o r y cir, knee dec^ 'n rubber, nor a blemish on it . . . . . . . . . . S r f r ? 65 COHVAIR 4-daci Ijo/dtcp, aulomalJc transmission, radio, heotei, aid it's priced to sell $998 63 FALCON station ntiia, li cater, 6 c y l i n d , dard transmission. A real ccno- my wcgon Cor cnly , . . , $599 66 CHEVROLET Impalo 4 doer sedan, V8, aulomalic transmission, power steering, air -cndilioncd. Gold with betqe lap. See this cnc before you buy ............. $1888 66 QUICK Wildcat 2 - door wcgon, [Trucks Pickups 2 J [MotoftS. B.ket 7| |Electrical S«rvlct 171 THIS W E E K S SPECIAL Iftff C. 0. 4KO Inierrairoral catc-cr ilcrpe,-, Nit J» Cummlm. 10 spe(d., R. H. AT tor ditto red. tlevr pa'r-l. Loci.! ar.d rvni pocd. W'*l 17,550, new V.9W 1!** INTERNATIONAL V-B A pasifrg- cr pltkup, IscV* ard rum v e r y «tf . . . J1793 JOHNSTON TRUCK C R O S J PLAIKS TEX, PHO. A B I L E K E i73 3)11 9 Chcwclet 4 pkkup, Jieavy dv1/ rpar end, e x t r a clean Call aMer 5 wecVdayi oil day Sal, 673-iJil. CHUVROLET 'i Ion pickup VS. £i maMc, ruilsm cab, p:v.er jreerlng. 1C02 So. Uli. 32 FT. llaf bed Wocl'l -- L!i? 1a Iralli?/ -- ~tP53 Walnul, pf ATTENTION, lieavy duly . ... operators, coa\l · 1o - coast cctnlradcrs J4 h'x.'n dlciel, triplex drag axle, air d-jal axfei. Impacted, new pa til lob 8.WQ I'rce lail malcr. Sf^ cr call I ChEVfelel, rat S. 1st. 492-SUM. ·«S" " I N T E R N A T I O N A L p I c k L ^ J sr-Cd, ij.000 actual mi I si, e*c cord.I lot. IMi. i??.j;j]. V-l GMC ou tor a Ik. "e"?o bc.il wilh ii h^rjepc-wer C?^2 alier 5. Mobile Homes 66 HARLEY DAVIDSON XLCH, op condition, $950 or moke offer. 2533 Minlcr Lane. 6733912. GAL BRA IT M Electric solklli and «p- preclfilei your small or large wiring JLod 9 e Notice* 8 John Say'ci Lodge =4C9 AF A^. cpen me el Ing Friday: IB'rt 7::o p.m. Sl-.cwinn '''^1 Irom Shrtre Burnt HQipllal In rexsj. Pofcllc In- Any lire hemo ctlermln*!- ed lor reaches, 17.50. CflH (Th* crlfi- IT^B I I__AAA Pest __Ccnlro1, 77-9»3. _ ROACHES I9.J5 any s [ t e hjuw. Guarai. tar Ocnd^d lefmlle service. AAA teed 1 yt £xicrinli ROACH cc-^lrol fcr ] V*nr, 41 per room, IS mL-.lmiHti. Free lermilc Inspeclteni. Jackicn Spraying . . 1. 7achry. II. P. Abl'rnc Chapter .= 115, R.A.M. L O O K ! HOTTEST SALE IN TOWN! OUR ANNUAL INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE! · 50x12--2 Bedroom Carpeted . . . 5 3 7 8 8 · 50x12--2 Uedroom Carpet, Front Kitchen . . . . $ 3 8 9 2 · 60x12--3 Bedroom Carpel, Raised Roof 54678 · 60x12--3 Bedroom Carpet, I Yi Both 54997 C O N T I N E N T A L MOBILE HOME SALES Air Base Road 692-5006 HODAH LODGE ^1391 AF AM rr-rrlirig [or Tuesdiy, April ISIh cdrctllcd. OlCrcrs wcrkihop dl Anscn Lodge = 575 en Saturday April /sin, 6 P.M. Sam Gooilrte, W.M. Ord«r cT Ihe Temple, /.'.w.. , day Ihe Jill si 5EVEII P.V. A. A. Watson, Corrji-amJer Abiler.e Cc-nnvirdcry ^27 COMPLErc 1urn])urt uolrelaterv. For Ires Mlirrjlci cj'l Hub's Trim Shop CLEAII lard mixed scfls, tlacfc dfrl, rivewar 1 grAvel, leveling, large cr small 1:51 AT7-!E1(. C. R. Scoll. /E oo all k=rdi of hauling, rr.ovj'nq, clean [Special Hotices 9\ BIDS will t* accepted by Ihe Star ISD ' ' and ov school 1959 Clrevru'el t54 Chevro'.ti nd 19i9 Fxtl Slalion "v/agon. Theie rid fiave l?i? ifkkprs a.^d may fce In- .p«clcd on ir.t Scrwral Campui unl.l May Slh. Bkis \tllL bs oper.ed al lhat lirr.c. The Schocl Bcaril leservrs the rfg^it Is accept or (elect anr SWAP Tfadiwj I TO cfgo/-elle o S. W. f'fc. Chriafia.T Cf-Lirch (f;ol in fJ. C. C. cr Oijclplcil I7CJ Wocdard. Dr. Alv^n Hwjwr, mlnhlpr, 691 3US. will net Le reipor.jibl* lor any dchli r -curred by anyone cV-.pr IhT.i myself. Jac'_ A. Di\f. [Lost Found 11 I $50 REWARD for Ihe return of long-haired gray cat, green eyes, name 'Lady Bird". Lasl si;cn 1500 block Elmwood, 672-8705, cfccr, in S scribe ard p.iy fcr I ~ FOUND tenni , h-Vd River Oaki Shopping Crr.ter. De- Ihii aO. 672-5D7/. cf ladies prescriplicn Personal Mot-Tees 12 MOBILE HOME MART · DEIROCER · SPORTSCRAFT · NLJWAY · CHICKA5HA · OVERLAND · SHASTA TRAVEL TRAILERS First cufll'iiv mob'/e h OT.M t Iravp n'or L-io.i oliercd l^^rf^',y r a y . t Lrxal Hank Fi.-incir.q Ihr tf.\ drdl in Teus, twrorr. GL'Aran v.n payn-.er.l pr.l. Ojjlily Service, Prrce Injures yci 1733 S. lit Ni-H ID HoMty Inn Dahlliouse CONFIDENTIAL fl-t Rtpcrter-fietn vinl hclrf In srrit Ccnlidence ("·« ra-nf cl nny cfaiiiiird verllitr uilng a Do* Ku.T.ber. Hosve aniwFrln? Box Number adi ar Exfermlnaters lir.g ServFce 472-715?. TUHNITURE Lpholsfcry, afwd ma -trial [n itoc^. Seal Covw Ctrv Uih and B^llcrrnjl, 677-l3i». DeOa UPHOLSTERY! Fre"? Lp UPHOLSTERY! , rd ikliverv. Work guaranlrcd. jHautlng, Delivery 20 cr haul appliancei, rel- raitiers, rurnllur^ TVs. . lunk.^rasri. g7]-AO?r GOOD yard sand, leed lot lerllllrrr, driveiv^y yrjve), Irucfc (fador Work, WILL rhGcfal Clcdn |Point, Papering 21 PAiriTING - A fcusines*, nol fl , en fill wwk. References. __ ___ LEMOHD Broi. palnling 1+ repalri. 7* yis. *xp. tn AtHere. Frte «l. Re'erercct Wejry la pre-ise. «a-29H, i/-3-/D3i. FOR Inlcrlor · rxlerlor, palnlj carpcrv Iry, repdjra, dlum : r.uni scrcor-i ar.d doors. Free eitlmBies, 67J-27iO. CUSTOM painlkr.q, Inlcrkir, exterior. Tape, bed, Itxlenr, p'dpcr lianglnq, aCo-jstlcj. Free rilimdlM. AK-E'iB*. KEY CUV Painting Co., lllh S, J«ar-.me. Hoosei ard cc-rvnertldl bjlldlng^ Inlor ler'nr. Call 671-101) for (fee ei- rirnB:i!. Jobi large or smolf, v.c painr I he in all. __ FQW house p.nlnlir.fl ur co^rnercral bullff- In pries -- call RFS1DEKTIAL A M D C O f A W E H C I A L P A I N T I N G . 15 year', experience. (J?-SAI1. Professional Serv. 22| CLOCK REPAIR and ci-rlivcry. Call d77-» Pitt-'jn i:3D P.' WILL do lypirg C'l^l 4 9 3 1 4 7 3 , [Radio, TV Servlct 23 Calls $ 2.50 SMVInq to crol, £ l Ihclr e.v.n Identity can I DAYS, NIGHTS, ANYTIME lollm Ibli procedure: Addr« vcvr «=ly A l l Mnl-5C PnlnfC lo Ihp ROM NurrLer; Iren cnclcs: it wilh A 1 /~\l I IVI U J\^O" V^U I U Ij VANTREESE TV role liillng Iht riri«j ol oerwni cr Nrrn^ I yau C"3 r=t svanl yci;r reply lo reanri, li lellcr ackireiLed lo "Cortidenllal Scrvt Chiiilietf Dsparlmpni, The Retwr Hpv/s, Abl!e-e, 1 j nny w-e ycu' itray_ yccr repy. eiai. If lc ve rnenHorrd, adverliier Vrc'll da- II c'cared hampocer ' _ right- ihey'll IIP . Renl t^J^ge. Pk 6 7 2 - 9 9 7 4 942 Lillius Rest Homes 24 EXPERIENCED rursing car* Icr ekrier- , MASON HUBBARD 4D C*dillje Scrt. DcVfife, Kwdorf IJJ13 if C r e v r c i e l 0*1 Air, i dot-, l a c J c r y iir. slarwJrUd .. . SL49i 45 O'dim^blle Delia, A doar hard ton, 40 Fcrtj, j t;cx r ^ V.irlFa ard cflu-r, laciory Ji : -, o v e r d r i v e i?7i S3 IHC Pick-up, rtd'o ard hpjler, n-n.v Flrrs . . . . . 537^ H3I PIFJE 17M911 | Autos For Sale 43 C H E V R O L E T Super ^;w hdrcilcp, slardard, Vi, air «-dil 2 p ^ y f s . 143 aid a« ur r.e pa.-f^ French, 3810 Mo. Ill, £77-4;3L MUSI sell 31 cars -- J3 1hru t All run. cash or krmv IW.M *l?7 /Jo. HI, a 7 J 6 S » . '( t, 2-d;ar cnfdj pay See Bob hru l^; CHEVROLET SS convert- I ib-c, oir and pswer « i';r, *i995l 167 PI - YMOUT|H Fi "v "I IMPORTANT: Chut your qJ Ih (Jay il appaari; in ev«nl of uror pltate tall imm«rlinfa[y la hflva ft (orretKcI. NO CLAIMS Will BE AL- , ... (OWED FOR MOJE THAN ONE IN- lLint CORRECT INSERTION. |H J 1 O^ds Clean, ni £4 IWPAt.A t deer, air nid Sef Rockrln^an Max WJrlor Old!. 1800 So. HI. T ?do;r, -nisihcn C iU and ra nice Pay cre ORD coupe, ne-v inlerior, ch-'a-i ^-dccr, · hort/lcp, Icade'J I 65 CHEVROL1:T · wide 5 1 Q Q C J O 7 J In-.pala Autos For Sale 1 1 ~U9 BUICK Elecira ju. Limiled, . I.*"? "··''"· l^e r-tv/. Ccrrp!tlt;y , . Ccrrplelely equ'p- ' 51295 · oc Iprcll -blue 167 I 396 Su Sp^rl, l!cor s f i r f f . I i« CPIEVELLE MaVbu 7 bjir~ l?l'» fl C(T/'ri 3 " ' fr ' V ' ny ' rOC '' f k e r ' c 'cry air ccrjilkjrrd. Cr.e O-AHOI v,' milrjQf. 7'!S_So^ JMI. Mj.QH. ; IMJ C A D I L L A C Srdj'l b»v':r e ,"Tw'i^ -UIQ _fjo. Is(, 10 FALCON £ c ll right; (» ri g h |. U4I CHEVROIET n t l Air J rlcor, .lu'o- iralic. V!. air lordilisner, g»cd cor»;i. icn, anume D.IVIJ 12/ ironlh II E A'cCoy, :aiO__l;arlh Hnt. 677-J2AI. ' ,,il54 YERCLIRY Marauder ?~door hard~n llaB, i\r I, pc^.er, real r.Fce, pay 2 pay. n-eill 153 aisum* payls. H. E. f/cCcy -iUlO No'in Firil. Ol-m\. 51 /in r- I »." W"1 " * ^ir. \1lt r. 0 -in c S |ar Chirl.l"' 9 MUSTAHG, air, 3-prcd. sirred lapc. ItV J l ; "' - PCAtr slrcnr.g J. tr.ik,,, T , Vt t p :Uark b: u c wilh bllck vinyl lop. Aparii . / ** |P?.'"l cn_orc cr bslj.^sTM ar II? f^.ji-i! "·W.rn.l^i^llKi. Call belorc 5. «»i-ijii. ~Trg, 41J- FCRO LTD vinyl 4-rloor hard lop. »lli_Er._lil,f"*ni J77--3II HM DATSUN"lcdariiw"i Belmont--Stovall MOTORS 194) IV.PALA, Jdoor, po/,rr sl«rrr( l«lory .iir. R«a^onjb'y priced call «73_a I IK i P.M. IMS IHUNDFRiTRD real IDW mill ,r=p cc-.tj;iicn, fompielfly laatfrd, pay idcwn. caih cr Irarte H assurr.e iH ,SH.I7._ II. E. McCoy IJiJ 3UICK ScfCifll, IMntfffrd, V-d, pc brakn. po-cr ilnrlng. *ir ccrjl. rf*l 1S!3 CADILLAC FlttlAOOd. Ml/'cnuVcZ p«l, fl^^d condition, lips. |j o trade. 6JJ- slan^f.-d Irflnlrrh^ian. 3 In Ifoo*-, J937' See at Fifil Flalkniil_ Parking Garace, mllei. Vinyl _ _ _ ii PONTIAC '~Crs''li~p7\i~renr hs-4- (I GT HANCHEBO pickup, i VI, irr condilPcned, cnly W rwl P«y 3 peyli. 1H ,rd S'« H- E. McCo Joy, ^alo r.'o. lil, 6 H IHPALA 5 - fioor hafoTcpT 11195, Will irwle 07.41.') n«£u, 1^78_ev*ningi and Sunday, , l . PONTTAC GTO Convtrliblf. Hati, i(c«ll one ycuVe ever seen. Pay I p U] and assimii payjs. See }| E ^AcC Ho. Ill, toiil. 1966 G T O Excellent cardiltcn, 4 ipecd, laclory t'j. 03 ^ e . r '. .OC 1 ?'..TM;?' »!'».i_*n ! «1 !; OLOS n»in iHBinr»-r ard'pnwr, n-.-» lir«, ro*[ rj«. Pav 1 p,iyrr^ n l til *nd aiuma paymcnll. See Bob French, 3110 No. Ill, Ul-i',31. FOR jak; 1I» (Hijimobllr. ocod cordl- ion, r.ew llrn, AT a'r ccndlilcrcd, eJtll K|- ---T-BIRD FOR $230 J7 SUNDEAM Alpir*. H.vd'.ril' '"; complflel/ Uaird. Pa f/id disuma M . Frtrch, ]B1» Ho. Ill, y 1 paymcnl ol yts. See Ocb OLDS 7 rew (Jres. nrw (.priolslery, exlra clean, 1J3S. Cflih. 677-135] aller 5 cVtfayt. OtOS JelUdr ?-d^v hfl~r5r"ep".T[( pc^. , laclcry ,ilr, 11W3. S;e RBchetrr.ar Wj]l_lie!d. R:cltl Otat, Hop So. lit. CU7L/VSS J-doTM-, pc*er~ir5rr^r7i; , healer, au'o-Fairc. S7M. s?e Rccxei- U CKEVROLEr, itper Jpwt, festfed, ex- Ira clean, i»5. 47/-6IS7, allfr 5 or viKk- , 4»-7M5^ "cHEVRc)LET~a'el A(r VioTTiian" , i cylinder, real clean, rent good cCJ-dlllofl. Anurr.e payM. JM n-jwlh. II E. McCoy ]BtQ Np. Ml, o77-J»l. H""PLY/*OUTH na"rr«cuxjT~3~di!cr r Trr^ let. l|ke_ntw. Only^tio^jxlujl mllfl,. lo- »JCXl iuqi , OfVr.e/, AylmBIJc, V8, co.ve' Hcerlna, el leali. Pay I payl. 171, and »i- i nsyiv S«i II. E. McCoy, 1110 No, . . fiockrl Olds, leifl So. T AUTOMOBILES WANTED Aiy n-ake cr rnodel. Ciyiirffer any ktr.d BILL McCLOTHUIH. ?H Pint. th.*m. tt DODCE, VS. 1 door hardtop, auto- "· Ktn fMPALA, ? rfwr hardtop, power ing, power braVH, i\r, tlean, one _....T, varif^ mllr*«e, IS95. KM Camo- h^ll, 613.11'tt. 1 MERCUR~li\ Colcny "parV,~~slj . i. rlfJn ai new, ntw lirei, ,-uni ..,. rew, lew rrJkage, auto., V'l. ptiwer ileerlrg, po«er brflkei, pay ? payli ol 199 1 nitumc paymenli. Ford'i Uled Can. MID N. Ill t7If.ll. L .._ .X1E »o. VI. lofd»r, air, OK* iporlaliai. Call J97.UTO. liower, cir, oulomctic, ils loct] 66 GMC 14 Icn pickup, 6 cylinder, 4 speed lornsmissfon, cnc- owner. A real good buy at cnly 51199 59 IMPALA 4- door icdon, V3, pawcrglide, radio, heater, green wilh v.hile lop . . 5498 BE ATT CHEVROLET IN ABILENE ^ 2 1 7 Butternut - 4001 S. lit JAut-os For Sale 1 E X I R A rTce ]«5 FORD Galfl*lf SCO. 1 d»- hardlop, standard shlfi, g 3K i I r e s drcl nev/ paint |cb. excolk-.it con- cnicn. alia c:nla"rs 9 iraclt ile.-Q laps iv; rh (S spcaken and stereophonic radio, ff.ii mileage, 4? rnilej per gallon, Hand- ard abi/l, sJBr^jrrj v/3le^ cooled ef^ir*, ·n c^ce're.it condiron. H.ind mAde un- r-olilery, ;icrilicp for 4^50, Ctmlacl Ce. c l E. Kir.tard. Jr. w Sr. at :3S'5J03 or '43 C H L V R O L C T Impa'a, f or dor. air g. power, goo* ccr.ditroi, pay ore pYm?ni of 5X4 ,ind ii^^urnD payments. Lfnco n- .V.ercury, e?? 76C. fi CHfcVV 7 doer hflrolop Del Air, 33] 0 jp«cd, ji;c* sh'.fl. Call 94-^S?l B'--lfa o Cap. '55 LINCOLN Capri, ? dw, r*al g»od o!d car, ilarfs runs perfccl. Pay or y Sk^S^^lS., 1 '^. 1 TM 1 '' '41 DODGE Darl Conyerl-ble, BulomaMc P«y o-e fvayirirnt of 133 rtrrf ass'-rrp payrrr-nls. Lir.co'^ Wtrcury, t73-7EOI. ?i5 ;/G MIDGET, gpjd ccndilisn irs^c* cul. Call jf2.4S;7. '45 FORD Fairlar.f, i. dsar wd.n, va engi-i*, if^nd^rd Irjosinisslo/i, a'n-cvdi- llinrr, pay ? paYm^nli of 1(9 and as- Mjine pAyn-enlj. Lir coin-Mercury, tWJ. 7ECJ. 194J PO.'ITIAC ncvevil'e rjoo- hardtop, air ft power, cl-d-.eil cne ycu've cvrr sfEn, In re*l gccd to-.efilkxi, new 1 r^s. nay 1 p*yrr.f/ils 113 i rtsv-rrio p^yri. Cord's u%cd C a n 3310 Ho. ls». 'dj OLD^MOBILE Convcrllble, real sharp, ftly equipped, pay ore piymfnl 118 ai«J assume pAyrner.M. Li^coln-Wrr- cfv. «^i-7a:J. l!i( CHEVROLET Irripa'a, " ' 4 ' ri«r,~~Bufo", V-E, pcwer s'cerlr*i. p^v-er brnV^i. die 'cry ·i r, real clean, real good cordirart, pny 2 payrr.pnls $SB i assyirt paynrcr.iv. Fcrd'i Ulfd Car), 3310 fJ. UN A77-J7S1. 'ii MERCURY Parklanc, lud^ hardlop, 'oatlrd, air ft pov/er. bucVel wals f vinyl reef. cj.\ra celan. Pa/ 1 payments e 117 and assu-ne paymenfi. LiV.coln Mercury, l)2-lMt. 'i3 DCnE Darl, tudor, cylinder, s'.i-dard IrJ-.smiis'-cn, real cffan. Pay cne payrrent cf 13] a^-.d asiump pay- monls. Llrcoh · W f r c u r y , 671 lt£t. C L E A N I9i3 Fo'd Fairfart, gocd ihape. npv/ lirfs, cylinder, standird ihlfl, radio, hcaier, HJS. a?)-! 1 !*!, i*» S. 3rd. AlA-mjrv'i ApsrJrrrrl a/lrr 5 p.m { A u t o Supplies 1-B 329 PONTIAC rn^;-.r?, ccm^lrlr. Frcnh ovf/hjj). 11 ?5 etcharflc, PJJ Wa. Mockingbird, 477-7491. USED VW PARTS 677-Ji« - 9J7 ifcrlh Mockingbird. Trucks Pickups 2 GOOD U S E A B L E T R U C K S 15W Chr^ro'cl ' j TOT Pickup 4? IJQV a cylir^r, Dargaln tirVi 1?iS CWC LWB,ii I 0n PickupV V-4 rn- 5lrve, ^ irantfard iranimiiilcn tMl ^"^C^vr^ra 'ton ·(racVor/wilTi 11 ^ Convcrlpd Buj "." " " * You can go c».T!p1ng c; IraveMnol' "He* Cnglne, tic. SAVE HOW ON OUR Hew 08 USCD PICKUPS i TRUCKS MfcG GMC TRUCKS, INC. 1111 Slum Firil »7MIM axK. (;).»];, «ni i p.m. 477.71'}. "* r ·t? Models In SrecK-CuMcin BLilT (ravel Trall^r^. C^b Cver Carr-pcrs, S:d. ft Srll MFC. IN ABILENE BV T/ic Dahlgren Co. 111! So. Hlh 17M!5I IT WIDES AS LOWAS $ 3750 T r f r dc-lvery and sclup. BELL'S MOBILE HOMES Air Ban Raid 6»M77I TRAVEL TRAILERS SALES - SERVICE Wo.'lh a special Irrp lo see oor l a r g e tilchts -- Air Ccr.diiToni r g -- Large inventory Cl PArii. . . . EL-TYE-O TRAILER SALES Tyo. lejiai (.9J-047B y-op cvenlrgi on Ikjhted lol Wf 5ell ScoitiE-5. Ccncofds. t 7/Ulijnn- crafl. Haaelcil Travel Trailer iales, Wesl ITghv.fl/ 6D. 471-.2C-J. cd, 13 mcF'.Uii u!d JJ? Weslview, 672- 33E?. fv;o Qedroarn Di-iie Ouren, nrw hea'- [r.a lyilrn and hoi wjter hea'er, idsnl aSe r^b'n. lf?J. Tea Milej, ?6S No. NATtOtl-WIDE Inuraree fcr mab - homci and, Travel Trallefs. Ca'.l *9J-57f6, Fl Tye O Trai'er Sd'cs, for rales. SFP a var'rely cl Presage hcn-ei and 1^ v,':de» AI Et-Tye-O Trailer Sa:ei, Tye, 8 v J3 2 RODROO.'A m=bile hams wilh waihrr. Priced lo self, lermj avallaWe. 6-1 1 Sculh Treadavjay. 14' TRAVEL Ira^er, wilh rleclric fcraVes. mirror. C-lll 472-5SJO. firvj' 18' self cunlained travel Iral'er t. a\bo a 16' travel trailer. 6/3-613D, 4?] -1518. I9S7 TRAILER fcr sale, nice fravelina silf, Se? at S^9 Easl Amblpr In) 31. nflpr i. cflko dirir.q day. 6 x ij, tPJS SPARCRAFT Irdiler, 2 Led- room, rocm for v/aslwr, ;ood cor.dil'on. lAviation 5 1?47 "Chfrckcp 1WC ImrracurareE/ :'f,-n ir'^rfcr and afrfram*. Afv/ayi hongjrsd. Never dan-agod. Ko hang- ir rai*i. Ore cv.ner, Never a IraUi- pr. Full panel /rani/ord preiivre A\jrk 1?A« V O A - ^ T w hraVfi.Gold ard v.-hi'e v/ilh bracX Irfm. A real crram- PUU. /Ant ice lo appreciaie. -470 lolal litre. Contact Re« Gclf, Big Spring Aircr.ifl. ROU'E J, Box 111, BFg Spring, TFMS. 91H43J5K. 'Ji CESSNA I?J recenl painl, A up- Olllf ry; Mar'_ 111 vr/^ e'can, new an- Machinery Tools 6 | 000 MAVIIEW rig v/i|h 21i drL| pipe mounlrd O.T International Irutk. iCO CFM air cwnoreisw and mud pump. 1000 Falling r'rtj wilh 3!i drill pip*, mour.Ied on Inlrrr^iional IrttV, £00 CFM fllr ccm- ?fes«,r, ;x« Gardner - Denver rrud purrp A. L. V«rrtr, 2Ji/ Camp'js Cl. DRILL preiie* ar.d v:s«. laTtici, rr.nS. large, rfasinai'e. R ( y Tooll, 13/J FOR Sals: Uifd 8 cubic yard Harc«k, plevaUng Scraper, Excel[*nl CondiMon. Hsrron Eq^rprrenl Ccmpany, Wurd*y, F0« loas» 3JOO Ford hacXho* wilh loader. Good shape. Call 773-3334 Sla-nfsrd, celled 1 . j Lawn Lqwn Mowers 6-A | pair work. All wwk. g-jaranf«d. E E Lav,n Mowfr Repair. 4W-JJ74. RIDIfJC La-*n Vcwer fcr ia. AI1er d call 677-7IH. Oil Field Equip. 6-C | FOR sale; rwo sra^* gai compressor ] '*\9jU9-\6, 1CCO |b, cllithargf, pQv.erfd y LD5J5 D^dn er^'re. Cat) Dree ken 1 Mofors Bikes 7 J "°H o i«7 c ^.,^,: "·"" ? D *° G "*- ·Bn^W^ 0 ^ 1W 'r e ' ec t r ' c llir ?- 111S - Wjl |BusEnesi Oppor. 14[ Service Stafions For Lease Mctfrrr, ranch Alylt, 3 hay, Brc^Vhcllc/; Shopping C e n t r e -- UcrhwxJ. Iccated' ai South 27IM 1 Willis. H'rjrwo'urre. Tr. lining available 1cr l.ilereiled ip^licdnli. Conlacl: Ge«rgr V/. ErvJri Ku--nbl« Oil A Refi'nlrrg C», *JJ-J)!1, Abller.e, Texai INDIVIDUAL see'*) Silrnl parl- ner. Inveslmtn jccured. Re- turri 73 "V in ii mar Ins. VVrilr- P. O. Box 1599 Abilene BUSINESS FOR SALE Scooler Crfme Ccnrpany f j r sjle eon-! s's "rg of 7 Ct-ihrran ccmmeFclal Iruci;- slerj wifh all r*lr^gera!cd popsicte t r-; cream bo«i. All ccmplcipJy ove/r-a.- cd J. fep*iriJed. Comp'els ivif.T ipari? -A^rfli, c^ par^. //.ay b- seen al THE DAhL- GREN CO.'APANY J«S So-jlh l4lh. B E A U T Y School in S'flv/irg Wtsl Tp*at city Icr iare. GxxJ cnrollrr,«n! Pr ccd reasanflbly. Trrrm ran fee arrautd II reeded. II InlereilEd, p:caie %erd Re ply fo Dox 77/,, Abitene Rcpcrter-Ne*(. TCXACO hai a profll oppcriu-nlly Ic/ y c j ai a service sl«i1i=n rclailrr. Several ta- dvditdb'e Invrstigafe ro.v Call J B J o - e t cr Matt Hays, 67} - fiiis dayi or 47? - ?74i allcr 5 P.M. FOR ial- · abslracl a (if.'e buiirjiii - cl'J- eil abslidcT plA^l in m* setlicn cJ \l~t i«a e. Located In nearby ccunly and. do- fng a scod, stead? votwe oi h_-s;-yii. Oil, MlEi, k:?ni, rirrl till? insurance. Modern and fully equipped Icr ha-d ing Mrgr vclurifr ol busineis. V^rMe Dos /6'Aj GOirJG second ^ond t «:vo«j c ;r,--L for nip. Sec E a r l CoV, Tov/rr RciUjr- nnl. 1103 N. id, «!-0«4. V/ill renl Tj-jiid- irg Icr ISO p«i" mortih. PHAflfCM "Fun-To^n", Ire. haT lacil F- fei ard cppcrFt-nlty for coi-p wilh mo- bire ryjrrr. Any 35? CDr.skJercd. r. _.,,,. i«rc? *irh mrai% ar.d barbecuing v/;u'd be helpful by( ral eneri(ial. Cofifacl LI through Drar^r 2177 AbiFenc, 794CJ. Gotd living qur\cri, en Fcrt Vj'trlh H'gh- way fail, Brtr,vnv,ocd, T e x a s Phore 414-1 S!^, RL ?, Box ICi. ' BOB'S BURGER -- Soulh Hlh and OaV- lar ia!e. Larqe ccrner lo:, building and a-J tease prcperly to rigM _ pa/ ·/. Abi'ere Ugh. Calf Jc* Tf^amson, offfct d7?-;a?J, cr ri^.l fi9?-392. Duck Really. W n J O R Oil Comcanv Strvke jlalicn fai ki-f, linfUKLaf aiviMncc ard lr.ii'r.'-vq A vrl liable frir nu^FLf'rd rx'''S*r. Call S73- LET yo-,r mor«v ».crk fcr yow. WrlK ciiabliitwd bj? n*^« wilh J50.COO inventory. Call Slecd. ti'i-oYj.'*. · U Business Opportunity !!· 4 Unil apF, complor, 15,CCO arjiua a- can-p. Jj,00o rrcfnl complcled repairj- J70JJOO Firm, 6 per cenl fcan. 49J-1B5J. FOR Sale: Drug Store In a Cily cl ever 100,000 pcpulalic". Localfd In f.'Wca\ Cen er v.irn i;x WD's. R*a»^ For IF Crq h«allh. Wri:e. no* 7* A, Ahl-r£ Refwiler- JBfdg, Specialist 1^] C~E,V.E»T wnrk. wanTetf. Ta-jr.datter,s, sTdr^alkL, and cellari. |]t"? Chciinui, 672-P107, Buck Fraiej-. lla! cw.ilfucilon p.rcds/ call Halsco Ctn- jFrw^kwi Cs., Inc. at 471-7112 or Bex 5U7, AbTene, Te»s, tng, or [ml repairs. Call 6JM4C3 fcr 'ree eiUmal*. FORMICA fcpi, CfMmk His, li-clcivn A kwr | i« wort wanted. Expert craftsman Guaranteed. Call 473-l«i. COMMERCIAL 01- r#iWpnU«rl buKd.'.-g or rrpalr. We do a'1 o rany part. » yean n The B'g Country, Sell A, Si IF, Girera C v.lra clor i, 477-7d1I. DIAL 672-7841 TO LIST CLASSIFIED 5. //.oor,, EJ? Syc.iirare, d77 - 7JJ9. THE ABILENE REPORTER-NEWS WANT AD CLASSIFIED INDEX AID CONDITIONING 5 ANTIQUES, ARI APIS. FOX DENT AUCTIONS AUIO BODY REPAI* AU10S FOS SAIE AUTO SUPPLIES AUTOS V/AUTtO AVIATION 3ARBE8 SHOPS BEAUir SHOPS BKXIH3 TAX SERVICE IUI1D1NG MATERIAL BIDS. 5FECIA!l5rS BUSINESS BLDCS. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY BUSINESS PROPERS CARD OF THANXS CABPET CARE CABS FOB SALE CHILD CARE CLEANERS COINS, STAMPS BOSS, CATS, PETS - EltCTRICAl SERVICE EMPLOYMENT FARM EQUIPMENT FARM SERVICES FARMS X RANCHES FIX.I1 SERVICES FURN. APIS. rot SALE o» ; FRUITS, VEGETABLES FURN. HOUSES FUiNITURE UPHOLSTERY GRAIN, HAY, FEED HAULING, HELP W A N T E D HELP WANTED, FEMALS HE1P WANTED, HALE HOME IMPROVEMENTS MOUSEHO10 GOODS HOUSES FOS RENT HOUSES FOR SALE INDUSTRIAL MAINI. IO35 WANTED, FEMA1E JOBS WANTED, HAIE LAWN £ LAWN MOWERS LAUNDRY SERVICES ·.I'.-ESTCCK. POUIFSY IOAHS 33 ODGE NOTICES B LOST 1 FOUND 1| ts (MACHINERY t TOOLS 4 "" " * TOOL SHAeCENINO «-B MILITARY 3 j. A MISCELLANEOUS J4-A MOBILE HOMES 3 W.O1O3 I BIKES 7 MUSICAL IWSTR. 49 OFFICE EQUIPMENT JO OFFICES OR RENT J? Oil fILED EQUIP. i_ c OIL FIELD SERVICES (. D OUT OF 1UVIH PROPERTY 64-A PAINT, PAPESINO 51 PLUMBING SERVICE J4.A PROPERTY TO HOVE 73 PSOFESSIONAl SERVICE JJ PERSONAL NOTICES ] 2 13 3? 57 14-A 1-A 1 1-B 1 38-A IB IS ·46 41 H 10 It-A \ 40-A 37-A 17 J9-30-30.A 18 51-A 47 45 47 IS 37-A 71 53 I3-A 19 3 20 30-A 3D 4 S - A ·IS 53 (4 36 33 31 49 ADIO, TV SERVICE SEAL ESTATE IEAL ESTATE LOANS ESIATf WANTED SENT PROPERTY J E S O J T PROPERTY JEST HOM^S BOOM FOR RENT (COM X GOARO RUO CLEANINO SALESMEN WANTED SEWINO SPECIAL NOTICES SPORTING GOODS HOIAOE, MOVINO PROPERfY TIACHINO, TRAINING llc.MLtR HOUSES IRANSPOIIAFION TRUCKS 1 PICKUfJ ENETIAN BLINDS WANTED TO BUY WANTED TO RENT 70 69 57-58 73 14 SI it 9 2- A 31 13 U It 3 13 1 11 14 «« 37

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