The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1947
Page 6
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SIX BLYTHEVELLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS - GOP Views Differ On Cut in Budget . Leaders Show Signs Of Disagreement On Where to Slash •. WASH IN GTO N, Feb. 12—(UP) — Sharp disagreement broke out among congressional Republicans tod»y over plans of GOP fiscal leaders to slash $0,000,000.000 from President Truman's new budget. The recommended reduction left the Republicans ample room lor a 20 per cent income tax cut and a 53,500,000.000 payment on the national debt. But it ivns achieved nt Ihfe expense of national defense and other items which found many defenders among both Republicans and Democrats. A ceiling of $31.509,000,000 on government spending tor the 1948 fiscal year—i\s against Mr. Truman's $37,500,000,000 estimate— was agreed upon by the joint legislative budget subcommittee last night after a four-hour session In (lie traditional smoke-filled room. The subcommittee's recommendation, \vlll bo presented to the full 102-man budget committee on Friday, That committee. In turn, will 'He its recommendations for an expenditures ceiling with both houses by Saturday midnight. Congressional ta>: experts have estimated the Government's revenue for the 1948 fiscal year at $39- ODO.OOO. With expenditures reduced to »31,5 00,00 0.000 thai would give the Republicans S7,600,000,ono to apply:on tax reduction, debt reduction and to hold In reserve. Their tentative plans arc lo dis- tilbute the excess of roVcnuc this way: - r ,, 1. Cut personal income taxes by 20 per cent, thus using U p about *3,500,000,000. Most Republicans favor n tax cut of this magnitude, although there Is wide disagreement on how it should be done; 'Want Bt B Debt I'aymenl 2. Set aside another $3,500,000.000 to malic n start on retirement' of the $260.000,000.000 national dfbt. 3. Keep the remaining 58.000,000,000 ^as a cushion in case the revenue falls below expectations or in case additional appropriations arc required. Chief critics 01- the Republican economy plans were the OOP •!ha(rmen of the armcti services committees of the two houses. Chairman Chan Gurney of lh£ ' Senate Armed Services Committee said national security would be jeopardized bv the contemplated cut of Sl;750.o6D,000 In the nrmed forces. Sen. styles Bridges. R.. N. H., chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, maintained that the cut would not affect national security. He disputed Gnrney's statement that the nrmed forces would be cut by SI.ISO.OOO.OQO saying that no figure had been agreed upon. j •Both Ourney and Bridges are I members of the budget subcommittee. Chairman Walter Andrews, R.. N. Y.. of the House Armcti Forces .Committee agreed with Gurney that the nrmed forces should not be cut at this lime. '"We should maintain a strong hand until we' have the pence treaties on the dolled line.'' he i "Said. j • Gen. Dwlght D. Elsenhower, ar- | my chief of staff, visited the cap- i Itol yesterday and conferred with n few members of the budget subcommittee. The purpose of Ills visit j was not announced, but ft. obvious-. ly was in connection utlh the con- ! templatcd cut in Mr. Truman's ! recommendation for an $11.200.-' 000,000 apronriallon for the aimed ' forces. i Government's Shopping ($175 Million a Year) Is the Purest Expression of Federal Red Tape FLOW CHART — PURCHASE PROCEDURE STEPS •OPEN MARKET PURCHASE FOR DIRECT DELIVERV TO REQUISITIONING AGENCY IP"' °'-', C " U "' e a - W " ldi " B; If y ™ ">'">»• lh « «nmcclln g lines on this chart (and don't n fr °'" A '° °' y °"'" " IIVO Sc "' e Ulra of llw «"•>» u "* »"" takes vheu he BY DOUGLAS IAKSKX NEA .Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. (NEA) Government purchasinc is the pui'- cst expression of Federal red tape. according to firms which do business with Uncle Sam. But the Bureau of 'Federal Supply in the Treasury Department which does most of the Government's shopping ($115,000,003 worth n year) claims its 13 copies oi r-urelinsc orders., triplicate bills, qtmdj'iijilfcnte performance bonds end (jiiintupllcntc Inspection lonns actually save the taxpayers' money. It's Die public's bulwark against grnft and dishonesty, .say the BM- ican officials, Mtiny firms refuse to or caul aiford to do business with the Government because the red tape is too Involve;; and expensive, some; company officials claim. Companies which rcguliuly sell lo the Unlled States have to maintain crews oi experts who do nothing but hantlic tho burden of paper work Involved in such a transaction. The average firm Is at a disadvantage 'when it comes to getting Government busl- nes, they say. because; of this EXACTING DETAIL A Bureau of Supply publication. "Federal Procurement. A Manual for the Information or Federal Purchasiiii; Officers," describes these regulations which so many firms claim aren't all necessary. It is claimed that Federal s|)(?i- iriralions arc too cxn=tlnc and detailed. The handbook reveals that -interdepartmental technical committees" carefully dit\w up tlu: specification. One .su:h commlUcr is called "The. IiilcrcleimitmciUal Technical Committee- en Fedcrjil Specifications for Ifuir for Malti esses," Other specification committees exist lor kilohcn tables, excelsior and hyptiticrml- needles. Con-.mcntinK on Its own Job o[ spcificntion writing, tile manual snys: "Illumlnntivc of the riiscipline of Federal specifications- Is ivlmt may be referred to as a ,s|)cciil;.i- liou for a Federal sueclftcatlou. Officially titled 'Otulinc of Form, this specification :*civc5 ns a guldo lor stancl.itdizbig the phraseology and form of specifications, amendments, revision.-,, or proposals." Various (onus which have to l:c filled out in connection with Uov- crnmcnt purchases start with "For m •N*o. 1" titicd "Purchase Authority' It's Here, His Ear and Include "Form No. 1058" which Is the Guvcrnmcnl bill of ladim;. OJiDie b.-ick of tills .'atter /or.'ii arc approximately 1000 words oi instructions on exactly Imw to nil It out. And II thcie Instructions aren't compiled with in the niiiHllc'il detail, tin; uooils aren't accepted. Tho Bureau of .Supply lins induced ll.s purchasing to 16 prlmury operationti. Tin; llrst ste|) i:> described: ^ '"Jlio rurcliasc ftiitlioilly I Procurement Division Form No. 1), submitted by I lie orderini; ollicc ol the reciiilsif.iojilng agency, l-ccelved In the Control Section. Purc-'hsise Division. Here the requisitioning agency's appropriation is examined and control records aro set up. The requisition is then fonvardi'd to the Chief of the Purchase Oivision." At .Ttci) "M" tilt purchase order gets written: "Tht: purchase Or(U?r Section prepares inn combination purchase order and invoice lor supplies-(Pro- ciircinecnt Division Forms Nc-s. b2 and 4!)(. of which there arc I'J copic. 1 ; (7 pui'L-hase orders and I' Invoices); and, if icn.uire. a Government bill ot ladlni; (Standard Form No. 1058), of which there arc 0 ccpics. These documents arc distributed us follows: "Commodity Group — One copy each of the contract ami inirchase order, five copies of the bill ol lading. "Control Section -Three copies ot the purchase aider, and the purchase authority. "Finance Division —- Two copivs ouch of the contract, cnililic:iLc of award, anc,- order; three ccpics of the invoice. "Purchase Chissiiication Section —One copy of ptirrht'.se order. "Purchase Order Section—Retains one copy ot bill of lading. "Administrative Office. Requisitioning Agency—One copy of invoice." •At the final slc-;>, "P," lour copies of a voucher are marlo and inc seller gets paid for all his troubles. Somewhere between "N" and "O" the seller delivers his goods. Here a "receiving report is prepared in quintupllcate." Agencies getting copies Include the Receiving Section, Inventory Control Section of the Warehouse Division, Finance Division and the Inspection Section. This, it, is c'raimcd, saves money tor the taxpayers. Search for Thieves Who Looted, Set Fire to Bank liHLLVfLLE. Ark., Feb. 12. (UW —Slulc police and Yell County officers today continued their search for thieves that made of with an undetermined loot from the Bell- vlllc Bank Monday night after try- Ing to burn down the bank 'building. Bank employes discovered the rotberv when I liny found the bank vault too hot to be opened, investigation showed that the thieves had entered the 'building by forcing the rear door, and then had drilled u hole in the rear of the vault ' Bink President .1. c. Woodson o! Dnrdanelle said that all records and books In the vault were destroyed, but he estimated that the burglars got away with about ytW in cash .is well as several'thousand dollars worth of bond's belonBiii" to customers. . • „ Yell County Sheriff EarV'Ladd of Danville said that no arrests had ijeen made. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly — aoninlmr* nv'i:niS*lit — anit'n*ll,'j hl ?r^i!n ol.liUnj,!. I, ,(,„ ,,„,„, „„' , , , w i fc J,™-V?v" nml H >-m. .lo i,,,i ,„, h ,.,, rr ' „„,„,,' frniily mrktisr iml nu-li« «lll ™t .„„ m ,h- Ln* ita'L,".' " " ""'i "r ><"" ""'«& "ni?r cm nhs.ilnio money-hark rwrani wl . n,,-i.., X'miwilul '., lor • ,!„ .nrt icroniramdM Ij Newsmen Protest Soviet Decision Reds to Permit Only 20 Writers to Cover Conference By K II. SlIACKKOItl) Uiiltrd Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 12—(UP1— Secretary of stale George C. Mar- shrill today received from American newsmen a vigorous protest ngalnst Russia's decision lo allow 1 only 20 U. S. correspondents at the forthcoming Moscow conference. He was a.skcd to protest the limitation as "shockingly Inadequate" and to request that ns a "basic minimum" 52 Soviet visas be issued for the American press. Marshall already ha s requested American Ambassador Walter Bedell Smith in Moscow to aKk more foam tor American correspondents. He is expected to take further steps nfler studying the protests of llii- American press. 'Hie protest was signed by four representatives of Washington correspondents' associations. To- other with a represent:!live of the btatc Department, they sought to determine which of the 73 American correspondents w |, 0 applied for Moscow credentials should recipe (He 20 visas the Soviets have expressed willingness to iwiue "The committee finds," it reported to Marsh,,!!, "that It i s impossible to provide the press, radio aiul periodicals with adequate opportunity to Inform the American public within the limitation of 20 visas now propose^ by the soviet government." The committee proceeded, however, to classify the applicants In a sequence recommended to the Sine Department on the basis 'hat all of the first 20 would re- ccivc visas at once, other applicants wo,,],! ,. cccivc tncm tn " (h(j "ir!"""" 10 ' 1 *f further visa, arc WEDNESDAY, FEBKUAHY 12. 19.17- Bilbo Invites Senators to Dedication POPLAHVILLE, Miss., Fcb 12 <UP>— Sen. Theodore Bilbo, convalescing from an operation on his mouth, today extended an Invitation to tho 80th Congress to attend an all-day celebration Sunday March 2, at which lime the Mississippi senator will hand over the deed of a Baptist parsonage ad- Joining his "dream home." I Bilbo said that he holds "no |grudgc.s" against senators for refusing to seat him in January. The two-story brick parsonage, has seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, a living room, study, dining room and kitchen. The Rev. D. Wade Smith, pastor of the Juniper Grove Baptist, Church, said that Bilbo would present tlic deed to the church's board of deacons at conclusion of a dedicatory sermon preached by the Rev IX W. Nix of Bogalusa, La., former pastor. Smith said that sufficient food would be available to feed the "huge crowds" expected. KlrKy llrnlh, rvpry'.vlit'rr. nruR n.l .In, i-lorff- FOR THAT Its here, his car Hex Muegge. LougvlcuTrcxas. food Nurse Helen Robinson. Dallas, the lowdown on how Ins ear arrived its unusual position. Muegge's car. n<n v resting In his abdomen ™, sheared off in October of 1946 in 3 n automobile accident. When trc-toa ; for ,, scalp wound; doctors noted that his right ear was miss),,*; nlsl,- m B back to the scene of (he accident, tho car wis found, a silt ma«, ,n Muegge's .M)domcn and the ear planted to keep it alive In •*;>•'• two weeks Dallas doctors will take the ear from'M* re.img',, ncc a n" restore it to its rightful position. , N EA Tclephoto > " BEN WHITE & SDKS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 OF YOURS Poll-Parrot PRE-TESTED SHOES To protect llu- growing fed of your boy or girl, get Poll-Parroi Shoo. They're Prc-Tcjtcd by lively cliilJrcn . ..which if why ToU-Parrots feature extra TC* inforccmcrtts in vital partt, 10- V\',\y Uuilt-ln.rit. firing your boy or girl in for c\prrl fitliriR in cxperlly-madc Poll-1'arrots. 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