The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1947
Page 5
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_WEDNESDAY, FEBKUAUY 12, 19-17 Chicks Show Fine Form; But Jonesboro Wins 69-51 Hy A. A. FRKDHK-KSON ^_ «'«ur!er News Sports Writer) \, A iO'-U'll'-'liiarlor scoring comeback proved too )iU<> us •the hiHrMlymjr jonc B boro Golden llumcan boosted an caih iPjUl in poiiiUmnking third pcriotl piny to jar tl .Uiick.s 69 to 51 last night on the-hijjli court.-. Heaping their second \vin »• ihc* h _season over old rivals. t:i-- Jjari-l nnes aKuin demonstrated lop-draw """onll-iiandUiiK ana basket marks (AKK.) COUlUEU NEWS manship but rourul themselves n)> f*'«; 1 " Chick quinte'. trickier aLa-Yhardcr lo boat thin al die "'•si meeting u days L1 ^ o Though not n|.pnre~n: in i '. •u quarier-by-ciuarter -.cores, '-'Old and Blai'k: perfonnnnee "cvvcd at several mints by Wilc-ks, who kept ilic invaders the was the on jneir toes by fighting right ,,p lo '"C final whistle as though the. f-si'ebcarci was no indication ol •'•'ho iniglit win. Sli:ff<ii,| i s 'fop Scorer Evident last ,,i K hv was art improved bnnit, of Chick imke'J.VI enrolul and moie orgnti!z_>d. However, many possibilities lor un m- ri'cascs niythcvjlle .score wont i>,nil' a.-j 111111101-911.'! shots t-ame close but ialled to register. forw-nrri Ji, n Stafford missed numerous tries from under tlie. basket ullhoiu-h he finished the same as maker for the locals. 'Hie tilt'opened fast and never sloi'.-ed in. Doth cjuints ,naoj early Lidii fo~ a lend with the Hurricanes wifiinfe- ahead In an opening scoi- »>B skirmish Dim netted - them three n-orc field shots for a 21 to lj lirst-periori in.irgm. Showing improved coordination m heir oflense. the Chicks kept the 20 muikers and paced the Joncs- 301-0 clfe.nsive. The invading lineup was suuuau-d with heavy si-or- ers as fo:ward Jake llolman jjai- nered 13 tallies and forward Charles Stephens and nnard n. Johnson' villc Chicks sank ,2 points ea,h. dolman's tal- hYi"ht for emoi. passing and fast delensive oaacment work made him a dual sland-oui Line-ups and box scores follow: Chicks 151) Chick Boys, Girls Play at Dell Tonight On lhe heels of I'lclr fasl-iwco. 1 ! woik-out with the Jone;bjio Golden lltu-i-i:«ii£ Incl nlghl, the Ulytiie- move on tuln-bi:i lo Doll !«- ivturne en- nevertheless tcp point- Playcr Slnlfo:d ... Hardy ..'.'.'.' Foster ... It. Klliott .. Muilen R Jernigan Hodge Totals .. Pos. . F . F . C . G O . F . F . C Plnycr Stephens ,.. Hoi,nan Mll.-rey Sloan .. B. Jolll'SLil ' dart E. Johnston Pen-in Totals . ftefercev Wilson. llurrli-aiies Pos. t-f a f 8 G 1 'i 4 5 0 1 1 -j 2 '1 I 0 B 0 3 202 .. is 13 n icy) (B ft F C O G P C G . O;> the basis of the first me?(- with the Deil Hoys' and Cilrls fqtiatls iiciu-ly H month HBO. Ihe Chirk eage/s slioultl come home with a p.ilr of victories. In the first tilts ol the season. (he. ChiL'ks romped over the Him- Devils -IS, to 2> in n last hall slre;ik and the Hlytheville Ciirls oveipDwered Dell 31 to 3. The Chick a Iris held the Del I six scoreless throughout U'c lir.-ii half. To date lhe Hlylaeville records stand at 11 wins nnd six losses lor lhe boys and >j wins and (i losseJ for the girls. •Frc4:iWc .slarllnp line-ups follow: Boys' (innic 59 11 Hi is E. p. Jones nnd C, and by midperiou both teams nao ;i<ld«t /ivc to their tallies The last half of t | lc |)erio( | beg(m wjth "Kht defensive play until the lll- v'j&rs started clicking, annexin,;. ^Vp'iei' nine markers .to the ST - PETERSBURG, Pla T.'eb additional two. iialfiime IC-UW-The St. Louis Cardinals i slugging . Outfielder, Musial, Plan To Take Vacationl Cliiiks Stafford . Cali.A-ell . Hardy ... U. Elliott rosier ... Rlylhcvlllc Widner Wilson » Hall Tlltvls E. Overman To .... P. P. ... .... C . . . G G Girls 1 Game I'd:. Rliic Devils ... Howard' . Yelverton Lewis Harris J. Lewis; . P. . P. a G. G. Doll . .June Hlnir Uyer Duncan Norton . .'Joyce Shelton ;ouiit stood at - 3 3 to 22. . "nl"i'»c ! off Gold anc, .niat-lc squad got to a roaring teeonrl-halr start. both offensively Merging their . ana deefnsively. talents into machine, rolled _„ .. outfielder, stall Mi,sun saiti here todny that he would rest' Play (jolt and fish until Cards' president sain Brendon comes down in Mt,, ch to talk tcnlis Musial snid that no definite salary conference had been slated Virginia Faces Test In Navy Game Tonight NEW YORK.. Feb. 12. (UP)-West Virginia, one of the two undefeated baikefjiiil teams in tin- nation, faces what may be its toughest test of the M-.ISOII tonl"iu I when it mcc(.s Navy at Annapolis.' Baseball Stars Wan) Higher Pay Vornon, Musial and Ofhor 'Greats' Demand Increases IIV MIl.TON UK'IIMAN Uiilli-fl ivcss Sports Writer NF.W YO:-!K. Rb 12. iUP> — Although npvnoximalcly 85 per cclll "I Ihc Ijlf; leaguers lire und'or con-, lr<u-l for 1947. many ot baseliall's t"l>-nclehc>-s. including (he bulling and pltt'htiiH leads of both circuits, still reaialn unsigned, a united Press nirvpy revealed today. The stuujorn holdout ol Hi'! i.ach Is lank Jim Vernou, Washington first b.iscmnn who led Ihrf American I.MRUC in hilline, lust si-ason with a mark ol .353. Vernur. n-j-elved a .salary of $9.030 ill I'-l-'O plus ,, |,o mi s ,,| 15.000 up-, askliu; $19,00 oror 1U47 and Senator owner Olark Or/Vfjth cit i|,,. (he nyifsi "rirlic-n!ous nnd uiu-casou- :ij)l ( '." ' S:;in Mmljil o! (In- St. Loins CMrtlmals. ihe N.uioiKU LcftRue's :nost vnlnnbli; pl.iyer raid biUlliiB ii'iulc:- wllli an .-ivcniHe ol .2C7 |J\M year, MHJ hasn't come to terms witli Sain Hrea<i,),,. Rrdljird owner. MHSIII! ic|)oi[edly is asking $30000 l-eadon's other prt^lc-ins aiv Sauihpaw Howie IMllet, who won fl iriiines (iv.d was the '.ease's top Inr.ler. :i:itl Shortstop M ftf> . M,,,-. Hal Nc\vli<iiise>r of the Detroit iiBiji-s. who [jm-eci American wiitjue pitchers with sa triumphs and nine osses in 1916. ha.s balked at the B?iiR«l.s initial offers, wliilu Sinii'- geon i&jiuii chandler jind Plo«r Ucvpiis, (.,.„ of the New York ^aikees front-line flingers, have " l " s "' rtl0 " H ' ulllorm ' Owner "" .""' lie hishe om Yawkey of tlie llos • one of T nf< f~*nlflrt 11 • ' • •"« oniii tiiivi, ii(j HIM IllHG vll- — «.-j«- j\ .1 IVMI iuni;;iiL i •,, ,;" "I"™" 0 Dolled up a ary conference had been sHte I Kl ' C " " mce( - s N '»'>' « Annapolis.! mn-u. i „ „ '!! l " C " rsl )1VC bllt thi)l >>e and Breaclon woni.Uak i I]1 '"« ln «t importum of several i •rii'ev itiro i , I "'' ltm iic "°"- whc " U)e tcn m begins sprinp inin-' i? 1 '"'," 1 " 11 ''" 1 ' cll «hes last i!i K m.| rhcy bncsled uit-ir count iron, 'a inn here. He iimpectcd th- n»l N °'' t!l c ' lrolina "liscl Duke, 40 to I °, W ^!! le l " c C1 "« s »«"i «•>«=- f^ld, a $3CO,00 la -o £*S% »• a " rt ".">«'?«! »»*? hito'senond 4U .vlnie the Chicks went score• less. This- five minutes sel th" ••iiso-Sln that stymied the chirks" I:«:t-staii7,i counterattack. 'Chicks Bounce Hack The locals bounced back, how- point-, or-paint battle with Iho visitors. An additional eight mark- ,crs wc,e rr.-.ked up by Soth squads «s tho period ended 57 to 30 ". a .Maid-fpiijht fourth ijdar- ^tcr;- the-Chicks' kcnf T>rifgging"niiid I ™™ 11;:lltlC(l "i? P'ay. coming very -•cabmen two to one. They uounter- ,cd h,.-ay,:y by sinking 21 points ^, l ^ 1( , H ™«'» sarnerld a nc Chicks boosted their 41 as the visitors went * stanza "^ '° m mln " tcs °' Contiiiutiijr their attack, thn '"Mre t»lcd up 10 p f , ln ts in the • .nil fuur minutes of (] lc rame •loubhng the five pk . k( . d ufc bj : Jamsboro, but the laM ,,)iistl e l ,?, i .L, lllc C : otl ' c » Hurri«ne sll.1 Heavy portion of (heir lf*d. 52 paints to fold a $300,000 layout in which lhe Cards will train, nnd snl(l it was one.s of the best he has ever .seen. Musial has reportedly been offer- star ayers are s increases. in K and Hew Orleans Delays Tourney for Golf Stars c count . Hurricane guard Jaiiiea Sloan \vas itinntr-tip in print-making with _. Feb. 11.—(UP) — I here will be no stroking for gold here this month, though sponsors of the annual New Orleans $10 000 open said today there wa s a chance the golf tourney would still be held inter this year, possibly in December. With the exception of 1943 when no tournament was held, the na- ncn's leading professionals a nd amateurs nn ve headquartered here m Mid-February since 1938. Last year's open winner was By- ion Nelson, who was trailed by Ben Hogan. In explaining the "indefinite postponement" of what would have been the ninth open here, the sports committee of the Association of Commerce. su id the early date of the Mai-di Gras this year had been largely responsible lor rtrop- Pmg the February date. Jonesboro Juniors Revenge Earlier Defeat by Papooses •v Th he Jonesboro Junior Hli>h Whirlwinds revenged an earlier 31 to 28 defeat by the Paps as they overrode the local Juniors 43 to 30 in a second half scoring bill?, lust night on the Jonesboro court. The Paps appeared victory bound in fust halt play as (hey outscored the Whirlwinds to annex a 24 to 19 lead by the intermission whistle. Organising their forces into a heavy-scoring outfit, the whirlwinds staged a potent second half counter attack that netted them an even two dozen markers in the last two periods. Pnp forward Wyntt's three field shots were lhe only Blytheville markers added during the second half as the Whirlwinds threw in » jamming defense. Wyatt toped the night's scorinf! as he hit the wicker for 1C points. Runner-up honors were .shared by 1'ap forward Honey-cult and Whirlwind center Merrill w j t h lo tallies each. This loss put Ihe Paps record at eight wins an^ three losses. Starting line-ups and box scores f olloiv: Paps (30) Pos. Whirl'ds M3) Wyatt (16) .. F PrJ . OI . (8) Ho'cutt (10) . F Scolt (4) Berry (2) .... C.... Merrill (10) Percifull (2) . G Morris (5) Donncr G Keller (8) £ubstiUilions: Blsftbcville—Gen- Iry, Deer. Jonesboro—Slonn Abernathy. Mathis. >P1 place in the Southern Conference, a half-game behind North Carolina' State. State has won eight and iost one; Duke has a 7-1 mark. Southern Golden Glove Finalists Meet Tonight NASHVILLE. Tenn.. Fcb 12 lUP], —Finalists will go to rtic ring i,ci-e i tonight in eight "ooiits ti decide lhe southern gloves winners who will enter the Chicago Golden I Glover, tournament ol champions \ I he 10 semi-final survivors are I paired tonight as fo;lo;vs- I Memo House. Birmingham vs ! Rishard Allen, Chattanooga.. ir> pounds; Hay Stevens, Nashville v= James Hall, Chattanooga. - nil pounds; Grover Maslcrson, Chattanooga vs Earl Russell. Nashville-i 120 pTOiuls; Billy Rankin, Nashville! vs. Bii.y Smith, Johnson City u-a l-Cliiids; John Roach. Knoxville vs Gerald Beavers, Chattonooya '147 pounds; Jimmy Page. Birmingham, .s Rcocrt Ed Murdook. Nuslivltl;. 17j. pounds; Floyd Harrawotx! KiKKvillc, vs Bill Hrather nooga, heavyweight. n . lsf ,. I.' history, ha.s yet to satisfy the rtrmnmfs of pitc-her Ceeil (Tex) HiiBhsun, a ao-gninc winner the ""•swan, first Iceman Rudy Y".l, anrl Catclier Roy P,,rte(. ,.. 1 , : . 11 . < - ] '. lleiu| -' i »w-s who still arc Hm,M n 10lt ' 1 " Cl "" C «"<>ft-slO)J H.iiok (Pee Wce , R "n 1 „'}' llD °" Bcrs ' C! >l=Her Pin: iie'dv- n 1!aSl °" Uraw!i - »'"I i. der, Unrney McCosky and Elmer Vao of the Plnl.delphia Athletics. -I Pitcher Usnixv GaJcJiomc of -he Si, i/jui-i Browns. Otillinldcr Joe DiMnyeio of the N w Yo,k Y, 1; ,kee. s . oxc ,,t 1>K P-»U; signers niDnnj. the hlgli-s:il- ; i. c;l star.,, advised ch;b oflieiais . . l a rerent operation foi . „ iollo -mn on his let i ilc el would not pre; cm,, ln r , 0:n r|J . m wh)i ieam-.-nates to P(lerto Ri , 0 p ,., , Mn,,a,.er Bncky Harris of t !lc ' S! " "° h ° 1? . thort Ev«r PACK, Mrs. Babe Ditlrlltsoii Xaliarias nalioiinl elininpion, yets oil lon« one as heavy fnvoi'ilu in- Miami's Helen Lee Dobeity touinanicnl in which famous fill-mmim! nllilete was mcd-jl- iat will) thrcc-iindcr-niciVs- par 68. To Ploy Benefit Game at Gosncll Gym Tonight Flltt|in(rlck Jewelry Indeiieiulent Boys and curls' tcnntVi will meet, Slkeslon. Mo.. VFW pro teams lo- nlKhl in Ihe Ciosnell rmn beuin- nliig nl 7:30. Proceeds of Ihese names will e,o lo lhe aosncll school gym :IIHI playRround fund. Admission puces linve been set at 20 cents for school children ,md as cents lor adults. The Kllnpatrick Hoys' nuiiu shnres a ilouble-heiulcr (omorrow JilRht ut tho Gosnell H ym, playing iho Pinanould Dr. I'epper live wlifle the American Legion squiii iiifcls I.uxoia Iiulopcndents. Clamo lime is 7:30. Court rulinu makes dayliaht saving time illciiiil In Kentucky. . ^t Vemhv.ela and Havana ^m,At 1S; ua,Ga.i. pitcher Jim his 7,\ I r ' IC WilS l llKISL ' (i "V ^ U.Kle from (he H c d S , )x , 0 ,„;, Pn,e« arid ,n e that ••, J:ls , Wllll ctl I" Aork rei-iilai-ly In.simd or sil'i.i- around on the bench." Title At Stake Tonight In Eich-Jeweler Game s s afternoon over ttullo station KLCN as « fentme of their Negro nislory Week celebration. -The proi;ri,ni was In co-,irdlnn- tlOn ivith the. tsiythcvlllc Schools ' Too Late to Classify For Sale "•bill- |iriiin-r l,Ml mil.,I si,,,K. VIM 'M Km-].,„, S|l , . ,•., — > i> it i vi-: .v Chatla- clnsh in two contests. Thc",Mi,-tih! S 'TV. " —'--."'-.- ' M: "" raiser will find the Americ", i, I ' S! ,-?'i"" ;S! ' mit:s ' -'""' "-"i"' 1 Kion oppasinr Hay, stojj -.( - f« ,\ -H, /' ', '"','"'" , x '-"' lt: '" * '•''• w'j«c |( U- aS c^M, omi; ;rf !vSsr^^HK J 'iV"' nr-li-.»l :.>"i , "* _." . .__' -'' I J-i'k-1 f fx- War Prisoner Likes U. S., Where You Eat LAUREL, Del. (UP)-Hcre-s nn- o.her German prisoner of war who h>.ed his stay in the United States William Gchring wrote the Mar- vl 1'aekanc Co., his former employer, that he often thinks "of the nice time T had with you people" A basket-maker while here. Och- ring said in the letter that there! was not much lo ent in Germany. Read Courier News Want Ads. 8c ™l.v to lake this game "or f ^ league champonshlp. ] f pii,, l)l( ' t : rick wins, another g ani c W i'ii he rermired between lhe first an" second half champs to decide the n- -JII7 \V. •Jh2-rk..f Negro Pupils Present History Week Feature Students of Richnrcl B Ifan-j-on Negro School presented „ i>'n«»ani enlitled -Thirtren A !r aln't Vn c Wonted To Buy .•is« •if'aiij- kin.l u-ni l. ili.||i-i.n-.l ,., '"»' '"ill nl lllvllif-viHp. S',. ( , (>. H For Rent i"1M n:ir«ifnisli^.l ;i|,:ir,iii,-Tif. An1" ^^^^^•^^•^•••••i A Rare Privilege for Yon ^ H You Can Measure Up [f you have ihe necessary qualiffcaffons, here's your oppoMunlty fo wrtte your own ticket" in the U. S. Army. If you enlist for 3 years and are eligible, you may: " I. Elect fo join up with the famous 24th Infantry Division which won Historic laurels m tha liberation of Corregidor Fortress in the Philio- pmes. . " rv 2 .'. Af ,, er ! nl t ial tra!r " n 9 in <lle u - s -, i°'n the hard-fighting "Victory Division" on dufy in Japan. ' 3 Tab advantage of tho 20% extra pay for overseas service. Sorting base pay for Privates is $90 a month in addition to food, clotning, good quarters, medical and dental care. • Ti, i! 0y J he e * es p t; ° nal recreation facilities provided for the Army m rue hor fcast—jwirnming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, clubs. Sightseeing is encouraged. Get all the facts at ihs U. S. Army Recruiting Station— 115 N. 2nd Strwt, Jr. Chamber of Commerce THE HEA MCCY! 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Nesler nf Kel^< 1 l• narneied eight markers nplecc. lie Kelser (n,] s held n narrow H lo 11 hulfllmc ic,,,!, sd-elolilng Iheir lead in lhe InM hall, llaitli-y of Kelser wns hlali-seorer with la wUli l '''ni f ne l< ""'" ^ ! ' imL ' o! Kclse1 ' fund beiiellt ur,inc> enppcd "bv'llic eiow,,,, B , of tll( , MBU(| -„ ( Ei-lio,,l Valentin,- cj m , Pn „,„ ^ s.nned tonlj-hi |,, n u , Mnl)llll Byni ih!'', 1 :'',?,','"'",'- 1 ' M " K Mwnsnrctl by l tie Manllf, Uoiis club. llirre Kitinps are scheduled — tors "b->vs' S '|ii| lUll0r " !l ' Is "' ul Jl1 "' win 1 ;' '"',V' . S 5 l ." t . fi ° «»<« "s "cents County Tourney Opener Tonight van,,' Manila prucerdji i; to me 1K ' S - ™BB o -leree II, ..... nnesT HoW Hearing i oc/oy /n Death o/ Pine Bluff Man OKWI'lT. Ark., res. n (UP) A roroiifr-.t j mv wll: . fx!tn , lflt (n vopoi'l In Arkunsiis Countv She.,111 i.'O'd l/ifun-e todny conccrnlm- ,he '' MaixlHj- nisi-.: of TulDot ii3'>toii, n It'J-yeur-oid I'lne I!iu,i businessman. HPIHOI,'., ijnti'j- WHK found crtrlv X-Mcrilny mornlnf hrhls ,.,„• paik- e< ironl of „ n ,, wi|l , l '"« hnti beet, h.-nien aljoi.L the 1,,-x'l mil. oifirers expre.wd the Idea tluit :< ,')eiy WHS tin i,,B| ]V c. 'n, L . „(,,. {•'"I "'.diet w,,s withheld pen, , ,. e result ot an In-iuesl , 1P |<1 yes- U-rday afternoon. Asem-dliiK to Sheriff l,-ifn,-|je tin- o,"', "'"".'"'"' "•^U'rcd 1 at Ine hotel Montiay ullernnon. jut di-l "«H sprml the nl,.|, t In h | s roo ,,i. nenlmi was a veteran of World War II. mm s ,, rvc( , owr!icai . tm> jcnrs In the ISuroiipun thculro 1-iinci'Hl arrangements were. IjelnK competed ]„ ,,, 1; , ( , „,„„. a^'o « hialotlc his wile, Iwo sons and one biotlier, Rend courier News Wnnt Ads. l.lixora J,m!or s In i'>pcjiJn K rirst- nuiiid piny nl u o'clock. fn hvo following ijnmes lonlglit. the Cio.snell Junior jicxlet opens Klvls louriiey play against IhC himwncc jiinio!' S | S . uoyv lotimcy l)lny is resumed in a nluhlcnp between ciosnell and sliawnru Jnn- Inr Hoys. Thn touniaiiient will continue Utroulili Bnturdny nlxlit. when oliatnplonshlp plny-offs \\-ill be hum nl KM p.m. Ten hoys tennis have been vnlrrrd In the niecl. 1 •'iecond plncc will bo awarded to Die laser of the chnmploiishlp gnnio nnd third place will go lo the win- »fi' or a I'onsolalloii uuine played In- Ihe losers- of (ho scml-flnnl.i. This Rjimo H-IJI b<- plnyed Saturday "Ivilit before the finals. All-County lenin honors will he iiu'iii'dcd 12 nli-ls and in boys se- k'lilcd in a meeting of conches and Umrnamcnt comnilucemen al 1 o'eliuik KaUn-day afternoon, ISbli and Ai-rhiKlon I'lckens, >olh fit .Kine.sboro. will officiate al bMh the buys and Klrls lonmnmenl, AdniissliiH prleos-for the Rniiie B will be 35 c-enls for school children nml au eenlx [or nilull.s wllh nil lennis RharliiK equally In lhe net pro- tuirds. . 'i'hn nlylhevlllo-Uixorn n nd Clos- iie]l-Hha-.inec tills are the only (jauie.s scheduled. Winners of lliese gnuics will ineel al. 0:01) a.m. Friday. Kelser, Osccoln Wilson, , WlitUiiti. u-achvllle and Manila Junior Boys squads nil drew byes In first round play. Kclsm- nnd Osceola will ineel al HI itny. Wilson uin tangle » U n wnmon nt 3 o'clock rriday nflcrnqon »lth he v((;loi meeting u, e winner, of Ihu Lenchvlllc-Mnnlla game, scheduled for 7 oil pin. Friday, ih 5 «hl- flnnls nl Baturday mor'nlAg filfiitlng lineups for Blythe*f)!« low- Clos " (!l1 "' t< «> I 8 1 >t'« «nme« fol- — Honcycutt nnd Wy»tt, s: JSeny, ccntci; Perclfull nntl nontiei, gtialdi Gosnell junior Hoys-West and fcellor.i, forwards; Icribetter ceh- tci'i Lucius iiiui llnnlln, Buards. aosiiell junior OIrls-Canamor>, prlngrr nnd 8wnln, rorw»rds' i-oxskno, Price nnd Unless "ffth 1 j " vltltlon unsomTe ! <icvcl6ps iiwudo bends" u, c saine-'ns Hyeis: air forced'Into ihc fuclbv «a level pressure remains until « hlgli nllUude Is reached, thus' fonnln,; Read ^Ooutler News Want Ads.i " "s ~~ COLD? ,__ Imtiie fc'tnedy fur relieving mi«eries of children's cOMs. No dosing 'to upset stomach. \fff*&& Just rUb it on. VISIJ38; OPPORTUNITY FOR TRUCK BODY BWLDER Southern Tnie.k Co. «t Me'tnphls. dlstvlhnloi- s of' Lindsay BtriicUirc '• •lV«ok nodi™, will llccnsn a ImlUlor in this Builder must: bo" of I'tind chnraeter and llnanelally relialile. ','••• witiTi: on SOUTHERN TRUCK (COMPANY 171 ICasl Sli'teU i\l«m|>hls, Term. I'liiHiC :i(i-rjMl ^ re oru a ry Cadies (Days wu DO you* WOKK Iff If A if THC TIM WITH CFftCffjfl HO USf W ARCS FROM STORE NAME HERE ^ Yci, madom, we (eel sure you'll agree that or inefficient houseware*. Here are some of - v ' ' T , it's an eidded burden »o try to uie worn out our newait arrivals al prices you can fcfford. '• '• -•••; THIS views DISH DRAIN DiiliM ijriln rhensclrcs when itickul jnd Kildcd In this will-mid* wlrt rick. ( ... U9 ! Shirley All Steel Cabinet Sink $109.50 See Our Complete Selection Of Automatic Water Heaters GAS— —OIL— —fLECTRIC Be Sure to Visit Our New Wallpaper Dept We have a large selection to choose {rom, Now Is The Time lo I!uv PAINT - FANS - SCREEN WIRE - LAWNMOWERS While Our Slock [s Complete WASTE BASKET 85c BiEghtly enameled round metal wjitebj iket, dtca^tcd, U- Inthti topdfim- «ter, 16 . Fnches PARING KNIFE 59c H.llow - ,,nnt • . • Jfx ttitrf ind It 11 i y l shiip. 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