The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER KETTS TUKKDAY, .TOW 8, 195J THE BLYTHKVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HA1NES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINES. Assistant Publisher A. A. FREI}HICKSON. Edtlor PAUL D. HUMAN. Advertising Malinger Soli National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmer Co., New York. Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered as second class matter at the post- office at BIytherille, .Arkansas, under act at Can- grew, October 9, 1917. Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city ot Rlytheville or any suburban town where carrier service U maintained, We per week. By mail, within ft radius o[ SO miles. 15.00 per year. 12.50 for six months. »1.2.S lor three months; by mail outside SC mile zone, $12,50 per year payable in advance. Meditations Anrl Ahram sai'l imlo lx»l, l,rl I here b* 1 no Ktrifr, 1 pray Ihec, hrU^rn mr and tlicr, and kylwrf n my licrflrnen a ml lliy tuTtlm? n; for we pf hrrllirpn. H not Hie whole lanri lu-fnre the*-? K 1 ?a rale Iliyself, 1 pray the<\ from mi*: if thou will tftkt the hfl hand. Him ] tvUI no'lo Ihr rlthl; or If Hum dp|>;irl l'i I lie right liand, (hen 1 will so to (he left, -t (ivno.sU 13:8, 9, Love your neighbor, yet pull doxn your hedge. —Herbert. Barbs Only two Americans tn 100 singing voices, according to statistics. The 98 art the on^s s.-ho sin? : In the biuhtub. When you ruri Inlo a frlloM wht> lias a |irupr»- sHJon that wort'i hold w,tt?r, he's a sfniJiprr, * * * It shouldn't be FO bad It earless drivers Just . hit telephone poles, Instead of insisting on moving tnrgets. When s man has no seerris from his wife he either KM b«tn found nut or rnnfessfri. A young couple, arre.sted for klw^in<i In public, were released *-hpn thp girl broke Into l^ars. She simply put over a fast foywl, the inflationary damage hasten done, it is too late to make amentj;. H docs no ffood to say: "\Ve didn't [nri^ee these developments. Everything imitated the danger had passed." \ You Have Company, Gov. Governor Slnvensnn of Illinois tt>M n press conference the other day thrf, he's STmvinj.' weary of lining asked whether or not he'll accept n draft as Demrx'-atic presidential nominee ,il the July 2 Icon- venfion. '. w From this fatigue he jo nnliM.y lo find escape, lint perhaps he can fntl some comfort in the knowlflrlfcp (hat)te Among others who undoiihtorJIy are pick nnd tired of ::Draft Rlevonsol" talk, we might mention the Messrs Ke'- niiver. llnrriman, Kerr, HjirkJp.v, Haj- bnrn, Russell, and assorterl lesser Views of Others Sensible Caution Congress' Extends Controls Authority The action of COUKVCS?. i: 1 . fi:!.°.Uy np- provinpr an 'extension of the nuUiovil.y to impose wage nnd price conlrols reflects sensible caution regarding I h e immediate future of (he U. S. economy. In practice the (rovenrmnnl actually has-been lifting some of tfie controls imposed at first. The. chances are ihnl. this trend will continue. Then why not kill the control powers ri/jht, now, ns Ihe House had voted to do? The argument against it is Ihe fact that defense spending still is mounting and has not yet reached its peak. The outlook therefore is that inflationary pressure may be greater this fall and winter than at, any time since the Korean war began. In spile of the professed fears of many congressmen, it does no particular harm to have, at hand the power to control prices and wages, so long as that authority is not abused. Obviously the, wiser heads in Congress, who held Ibis view, prevailed in Ihe end. They extended control powers until next May 1. In (he ensuing days we shall see exactly what pressures are put upon the economy by the rising spiral of arms outlays. \Ve shall have ample time to observe soberly ami carefully the operation of U. S. business in the weird confusion of half war-half peace. Shou^l our worst fears bp realized, the power is (here to clamp on controls. If I hey slinuid not be. wp must, all hope that government officials will sensibly allnw that |iower to rest unused on the shelf. In January we shall have a new Congress and a new President, possibly of another parly. \Villi (he added experience of another six months to guide ' them, they will bp in better position than are our lawmakers today to measure Ihe inflationary danger. If. in the light of t.hat background and with their fresh perspective, they determine that controls are no longer needed, even on a "standby" basis, they will have four months lo prepare the nation for Hie laying aside of that authority. It should he understood by all of us that where inflation is concerned \vr are playing with fire. Because you have had no big fires for .several months, you don't casually sell off the new fire-fight- injr equipment you bought. Kspecially when the emergency you got it for may be aheati'of you. not behind. 1 Caution is the proper keynote. \Vhon Nc\v of IVi South's Development Benefits Nation T',vo men ol .stature and knn-ji leMs^, one a /cpr<\v*nUtH r e of fh^ Federal Government and ihp other a business Iratlor. have sf-rvr»1 ntnlrp, on thfl country 'during the lasl row days That thft Industrial development of ihn South IF, going fo ronf in IIP for ypfirs to come. More important, they have warnprl NPV England unit thR country M large that-, fnr from trying lo blork Southern proKrrss, they slum lei be doinx all tht*y (ran to promote it. The fir. si oT those .spokesmen M-a* Roger L. Pnfnnrn. 1hp rcononitc Rt.iblli/cr In thr derpri5e mnhiil/atlon procvam. He tnnde a spppch WR wish , rvery politirintx nnd every Injsine.ssinnn could have hcarl. SpfakliiK at rommencemi-nt PXprcLsp. 1 ! at a r.tjllppe In Manchester. Nf, H-. Mr. Putnam said iRlanrt should stop mnaning aboiit UK to.ejs textile Industry to the South. The loss Is yofid for New EnRlntid diipj to the far! (hnl the miRral^jn henerittcrl the conn try a.s a whole. "And what, is n^ori for the r<\<a of the country is eventually boneflclal to Ne-A- E^islanri;" he said. The othpr K[>oke.<inmn was Francis W. While, president o( th» American Wnolen company, who said In R ?pcccK )n NPW York that the micvntlon of the woolen In^istry southward "will continue lor some years lo tome." Thi.s mlfirntUm sn-n Miinc, a* the mills .so tions, The chnnge pm South'* ec.onomlr rf.sijr Uon. Morpovi*r. H hnx mer^t the d^vrlopntrnf nf a vast new market. As Scui^enmr.'i. displaced by the phnngrs In ngrlcuUure, \ nvc found joiw tn Industry, IhPLr ability to., huy V goods of commerce ba.s improved, •TM^iins^jencfiUcd. bttsl- np?. 1 ; all over the country; - : - , K\ f prj so, IhP Soulh tw>, r,nn le.Vji from (he wnrdfi of these t\vo meti. Mr. Pulri^ n pointed out. that even s-s the, /nigiafion of textio& \onk olace, nuuiy little "nne-mdnstiy" cities - n ^^ Enplnnd bcfcme two-induslry citie.s, tfiroti^ the rtiversificahrm of manvifnr.tunng arrivltics anf«the (ft'owth of rcspardi. We must do exactly <?.-hat New England dirt — WP must furthrr develop our facilities,: we mnsl discover new products ond new pror^ses and inn them on the market. We inusl, in short. tiivcr.sify." — Greenville <.S. C.I Piedmont. (o have hfpn n naturfll hl more favorable condi- jprt HIP harkbone of UIP p. r ^ ant ] \^ A industriali/a- er^t the d^vrlop No Comment SO THEY SAY Saturation Point Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLuywoon — (NEAI — Behind Ihe. Screen: The monster's nbriut to grab the goose-pimpled heroine attain and c.arry her out on the lonely mnons wftti^ the studio •mnonlicht" shines thrniigh her liElitle and movie audiences' choke on their popcorn. That's the prediction of I.on Ofinnev. jr.. who hit stardom as a horror man in the Dracula, Frankenstein and Wolfman series. I.on, currently menacing Gary Coper in ' S^rinsfidd Rifle," says that screarner-jeamers wilt brinjj lay-at-homes rushing back to the box office and adds: "Iliirrnr is as ripe ;\s (lades in Uollyutmd rii:lit now. AM the .s(u- flios. r».THirjil;irly I?-l. arc lie»in- nlns lo rc.iliie it. [Inllvwnod killed the luirrnr picture eyrie lliat m< ilail slnrlnl. lip ivas a syrn|i:ithelir horror man ami there was always a reason for II." inwh horror into movies. 'Che ed and producers stopped making nova and Rppubllc Is (hp first In Hollyu-nnd hisfon- lo pii-p a ^( ar (j^ e rteht to devote ol her time to free. It's In the fine print of her contract and may cut rtn'A n hr-r movie rnaklng to orjp a >rar a/rer 5hfi completes — Hie Hot lleirnrs" in London this .siininier. fn Ihls nnd hi>r rurrrnl Him "War From Walla • Walla " hidj Is itolne lichl nn the roti^lrl theme, rfttirenfratiiii; Instead nn harkeround riim^cly thai \n, nothing ( o do wllh'her hlll-liillr pasl. She'll avoid boinq a Sacebrush Sue On her hmC lelcftlms, too. "Too many westerns on TV " Jnriv con- IMed. "The story Is whal.'; coinc to coijnt ^n my series. We're coine to pick all kinds of lof-ations so that we won'l be hemmert in bv any set cast or format." r. . If I coulrl, f wouldn't vrant finish -npaiitifiil, Bui Dnnuproiis'-i proril ' clion of who's bnek in town (o plav a Mpx-i. Peter fchon'j Washington Column — International News May Toss \ Conventions into Background CH1CAG* — (NEAI .... No nne will faik fcmit u officially, but, ihPi'p are rfj kinds of possibilities f Ini big new, on the intematlnnal t temper n:i-nhi2 them clown with a "No. \ It. $(vni5 Mm!, the boys who cre.-Perl thnf Alan was out to prove me and ensier to act, that's where front- while fie U, S. political con- itlons are fa in Chicago. Usually, takes a back .seat in the back pafj':v> of (he newspaper.* while these big- political J shows rm earth I •are playing. ! Thus time If.V; (Uferent These Whit* House. | deal 11 or a "Mop Eisenhower This is particularly r.rue If the i at. Chicago are considered s li m. [ ITPW 83rd Coneress is of ine s^me j There was a time in l<Mfl when Taftl the expiring 82nd. Though [and Stawen or Taft and Warren" nominally 1..JL111LII.H1 in control of the. Demo- {^niipbi hnvp combined forces to slop crftts. the 82nd Congress has voted 1 Dewey. But nothing happened, of truer to follow (he T« ft Ipnrinr- 'FVnc uni r if^ r*. AIPH,-..^- n to follow the Taft leadership thiiti President Trutnati's . . This year. If both Governor War ren of California and ex-Governor e h ll Sin^cn co»]ld and would ihrow their gerrinq inn delegate,-; to Eisenhower, it a, e some of the! race A President Kisenhowe have a little difficulty ... „. „ along with that kind of a Congress j wouldn't bn enough to put him over on foreign policy. A President Tati, The chance," of Warren or stassen throwing to Taft are remote. Victory in the Republican con- iv Hen vrntion rcsr * wifh fhe approxlmate- ««i;.™i U\ 2flf l tinplpdend dPlpEifitos. They are .should get aloiiR with it swetJ. ENTIM.YCE of P. Scliricknr into the political j ly ?*) ™. „,—•*"• ^.e stinjc 01 Lnft 5 mce ap. Democratic candidatR lor Feter fcrtson ^ Mor [ e . s that | the U. S. Senate has mad? the !n- inLRht break while imprican aiten- numbf?nt Republican Sen. William .»>»i A yi,._ ^.i.,__--. £ Jermcr's chance,? of re-election a lot sicker- .Mistrrss" set, "Us Irm late for Ihnt. anyhnu-. I left Paramnuiit hcrati'ic f n-Antp(] Important slnrics. 7 just wanf tn ^nlfiriafn people." He aoes to London for "Red Heret" when he completes "Desert Lesion" for U-T. then return* lo Hollvwoofl for |.wo morn films at Paramount, five for Warners and one additional U-t flicker. Thr contract between Judy Ca- 75 Years Ago In B/ythevrJ/i Jon I.s concentrfltedon Chicago: Resumption ol ful\ st -alc fiRhtiug n Korea. \ GhitiRAe Ccimmunisl >ttack on In- do-Chlna. \ NViv Kii5sinn hlocksry of Rerlin, New Russian attacks'™ Scandinavian traffic iti Raltic. > More clashes on F^ast-Vo.'.t, Until a year or so ago. Senator .Tenner was declaring that, he did- i much independent a* they are st-ate machine politicians who will vote with their stale political leaders. \VHI1.F SF.XATOR Ta f t tin n't like Washington, what rci tn riil th-en was go home and run ; for the Hoosier governorship. Jf he j . had stuck to that Intent inn, l - : -' future, might be a . . soundly repudiated the Kisenhower smoar campaign ronrinrted by Joseph Karnp, other ant.i-Eisenhnwpi- is still flooding the mail. ^j p t i.niest entry is another elaborate, lm f two-color printing job from Hoff- j man Nickersnn of Oyster Bay. N. Y.. man demonstrations agaiy,>t West I brighter today. O or inn n r*? ft rm in c - I • • * German parliamentary rrosnl tot TTI . T np^mrmrp n t P rntifv pnace contracts. - I ^ !!'!,, P ,, P »» Br'iti'h and or French ^vcrn- c f" dlda ^ w : Awre » Har -- --, ----, ' j wife silting in the driver's sent- of i ernor Dr".vey of Morse o esiden who seems to havp plenty of mon- " r (nr his campaisn. His newest is a pamphlrt. "Who's mrnt cvisw . . s and . Racking Eisenhower?" Hft hsi,. Gov- New York. Sena- A tirrpnine phrasr lie.irti loo nftpn of late is no comment." It IF the rehipr of officials in puhlir lifr or iMiMne.v vi'hen fl^keri t'nibari'aMHie tjur.'T 10115. Rnciiusf; it ha? ncquirrd this use. it should br (ii'comaprd at all ro.sts. What pers?.<;(- ritt rulifiile can cio i= shown by 'he disapprar- wiice <if ttie ancoyutp rfply ortcc In vcigdc armuiK rt-repMoniNts nnd irl^phone operators when some on* 1 <»finf<*d (o M-P Hsr be!>.«;: He's in cotifiMviu i-." This mi phi in ran t hat he was a si pop. or nrra np- itic a we* 1 k-end coif inau-h or rtMiiiiuscint; al^iut cr.JK'Kf Ma vs. It tnicht niran that he wns too nu>y dLct.unit: to laik, bin ton oftrn it rtidn'I. N'fiw fltnirvs 1 f\ erynnp knows hrttrr than to h.tno ou( as an exni,;e for non-visimlify. "HP'S in cnnffMenrp." Peihaps thr >;*mp limbo ot oblivion may yet Jir attained b>- * \o Comment." —Circrmvood > Mi.-s. > Commonwealth Wp'vp cot a prftt.v inch rlfL\- ot ;>enple down hfiT 'CJnrscn ? skid nnv > mu e choy'ir soiifr anrt cleaTirri up — salvflUon Aiuiy (."apt 1'otn Crocker, • * * Thp is^ip i= hei-Arrn OI^^P whn itrhrve in C.nrl nnd the iruth. and thive who rto noi — Gen. Ma'- Ir may b^ a hit pvirtiiMvp. nut it s rf warding — ,Anirru\in-boin African chip ft an MA!J?U ' Wit* !nm U Shirer'. * * « Jt v e itrUrr lo rinbair^.^ n Impien pnwfr, if Fnib-UTiix-mrnt u= nrcr^.-rvrv. r.ithrr than omn'i - rf^ fhr A?n<*i'tran penplr. — LI- O<?n. Albert C Wpoemeyrr i rrt irrri i, » * * Nalioiiah/.iMon i^ nhlis:aiory lor a stalP ulurh is rnriancrieri hy sh** bPh^vjor ot a foreign cotn- p^ny. — Iianian Premier Mohammed Massadeph. ,RS In Tunisia, Greece. Iran. Ir;j ; bchl ' lalaya, Japan. ^Vhal fffect,, if any, these de 1 'V^jents would havp shnrr, nt Il - ( \l war — on Chicago t-o»v 101155 is uTirprtaln. An' America t a possible snrsiV: Rus- id will be ma in (a inert, »• mid-July. •"I've always wanted to drive one 'TV of Hie pier- of those thines." he sniri. eivinc in ar.d .to a lnnc-siinoro.=?rd desire. Sn up icrnlic wife bp- Prnnk Mancuso. Jack Kelfey and Herschel nobo were Blythpville Giants named tn the Northeast- Arkansas An-Star team. dpsperario attempted to holdup at the Dr. Pepper Fi^hbein t<ild n\c.. "and you put- up! he '.iLi^f-n from dummy. East cov- ; ?rs with the king, and you \vin in' ' JVI11 ** " uluv ip at ur. pepper your own hand with the ace. How Bottling: Co- here and was prompt.. "f leari thp queen and (hen the jacV: of diamonds." 'Bof,h defenders ....... lilt. Den>oc7aT,r '"if, R< " la sent,ves this Nov'rnt "' ' for any GOP mm jsylyania. Paul G. Hoffman. Henry Harinman had 15011 p to a Washing- I Ford II and Gporce F;. Allen, form- ton fire house during his tour of i pr Truman buddy and RFC chair- District of Columbia primary vol.- ; man. ing booths. When the photographer) Nicker^ou cln.ssifie,'; them as. "Mr- asked the cold nnd distinguished , tooers. international spenders. Tni- ^anrlid.itr to pose,, he never thought' mnnites and \ hier bank-I inutc he'd net, the picture, j ers." He asks. "What, good are re-I ;nrprise, Karrirnan accepted i rrniU like these to thp Republican I 1 Party? Eisenhower Inkinp them in- \ takine t he | Mr. Nickrrsnn ir: president of (he' K.'A. Hoffman rM.ii*>. A Harvard I evaduatp and ex-Army of/icer. hf 1 j i lists: himself in Who's Who as sit 1 1 author. His Ia5i wnik. 'The New! 1 Slavnry." was puhh'-hpd In lfi-1 lo camp or are thev i general into ramnr ' rl ™ hori ' his •' i<1e him ' ..,— follow to thp T. round nf diamonds." Fishbein dtclared, "but East throws a heart on the ^erond trump." Takp it- from he.rp. dear reader. how wnulrl you assure the contract asriinsl ?ny distribution? The rich! play is ( O Jead a third Lrump tn the king, discard the Ins-I ins Fpadc on the ot hearts, and lend a low rhib from dummy. If East, plays low. you take a safe-' ty Iincs?e of the seven or eight of clubs. You don't mind losing this finesse, because the top clubs Mill thru surely clear (he suit. Thp- fi-i _ nes=e would actually hold, and the slam would then be on ice, ff puts up the nine o[ clubs. you win with the kinp, return the low club fo dummy's o.ueen. and 'hen load another club throuch East. It Is tmnor'ant To note that you are worried only about s 5-0 break j in clubs." II WpM ha.<; all the clubs!) vnu ran dn noihins nhnul it. If I Kast, has nil thp chins, however. tfr| ?flfrly play uill bring in four club i tricks. .. . l.v subdued by K. A. Nelson, Otto Scrape and "Babe" Cade. A son has been born to Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Atflick. The ancient Egyptians were said to knead bread dough wi t.h t h c ir feet although they worked clay with their hands. All the Democrats io town are just a.s much interested as the Republicans in the convention now on in Chicago. The only difference is the Democrats hope none of the Republican differences and disputes are trivial. I be Doctor Says «J EDWIN r. .IORI>AN. M Vltttn lor NF.A Scr»k« H ii person Tonk \v;Urr into thp h.itlv in thr form nf clrinUmn wnlcr. milk or mod. an avcrsr nl only two >rs a hr or ,, \Vi rr Tht nr( i. nrv mnl ro Mlt|f , 5 ' uld h.ive i with vv:, cr JACOBY ON BRIDGE Here's a Good Tip; I --n , cr>11 tjndor |)nr . | You Figure tfie ' t nfl . • trouble \ by thr ape nf 70, Tli i.- is a lut of w,i i c r. .\ n ri \vc fake it \ei y murh [nr tvantcd, i.hni i c h i h P pe r.-on 1 ns t ii 'he ship'.vtcrkeo 1 sailor, o ;itnr rtov neri als e.i h;\s a beiief idra ol Mic iinrortanre of this vital fle- mrnt lo llTc Without it h'liuan be- iiscs can stay ali\c for onl\ Ry 11S Wrillcn ins more. However, i In?? of watp ^V, inn , nr rxc c ''cvclop as for \K.V I plav Hint ever*/ first f short 1h<- b«xK bv ... :he and from the persistent vomiting. pV rhea. abnormal Mveati (ion of liirce o,uaiifitio; fluids h ; ' "This is n class playrr Harry Fishhem tnld me the other nicht. "h;it nobody would make it at (he tnhleV j Harry Fishb^in. thp fainnus im- Silver Screen Star HORIZONTAL 3 Pause 1.7 Star ot "The 4 Lsnd P arccl Men" and 5 Oxidizing "Streetcar enzyme Named 6 Duds' homes Desire" 7 f '™'<s USrr-ai: space ^r ccci ^ 14 Eagles' r.r-<? » Air raid 15 Social sv f terns P""">io"S Answer to Previous Puzzle M E H A T O I-* C? 1 c E= A U e i< E^ l_ Y O K A^ M T U A fA A P K G A. L_ S S u T F 3 e 1= S .-s A (.3 ^= 5 T A IE c> A -^ A ¥ ^ A SJ » C=- E C NJ Y S-J i K x ^ c l E K A A K P: U R E ^i M A* T 6 CJIE e/~* rJl T r-i 0 T" W 1 c? R" c J A e<; T O W N 1 0 o e sfc T O fe fJ LA y V X Niels ^jRLlY (f A. U 0 C. E. last [rom 1hr bodv bv ""'"^ tn * 1ck Pfir-^ns ^ from the skin in the, or b >" olh(vr rf>111 ",«( M t™r »«H f,-«r« f n/. Tho<p or ti* whci ! Jucky indeed too 'iffpre 1 . hirh ha^ caused innrh \yater are \v,iter is last f vaprtl ill ion fl uiu \ tn - >MU in i ni" • " ' . imm o; perspiration Mid from the Th< >^ "' "* wlln h » 1 '' " rv< V; lunss wilh rarh oilluairt hrra.h It '" ^ mv aboul eot " ns ' nmli:l ! j. lost al.«o in Ihr urine, in ill" ln-1'" '" drmk nr hnvp " ol Iwtninl waste, and in Ihe saliva j trnm '"""P disease An avnace si7Prt nl^n rnnyinc on li? Tn lfx " r licht orrupntion in fl trmpcirtto rlmialr in^f)? alxiut tun mid one- oijarls- per day of This ',n.=. e thoiit one nnd one-linll r^'iarls i^ in hr urine. one-hftU r|'i,-\rt from M-.>iioi ation from the skin, and 'he :c-t in other ways Tlie ainosnit nf •.vater to.t b\" \V,TV tlip skin and lusi^s drpeilri! NORTH Sien in small northwrst AManta ; anil in crs.yon: • Connlry Marvcrine Served Here "—Atlanta Jo'irnal. the ; 'Pie fust name inifinl Dinniie Fi\ p - IS years of a?e re- the tompevatnre of the atmosphere, j r ent!y-- spell M \F.OV This iwsi- i (hi- amount of mnsruhr effort anrt;,,,,,| v rnl ,,, n , hr s;vi(t nf Bny otherj Ihe moisture in the air \Vith vie.- '„,,,,,,. ._ j,-, 5hvi]lc , T enn.>l lent excrete, tile «aler lo-s in per- 1 ni , mirr I ^pir.itinn is rnonnon^ly mi'reasrd ' ' ar.rt in hot clinla'r 1 n^a\ oe around ; ti-rPe f)i'art!: a day t N'earlv thrf e-foilTth? of Mie hnrtv's •icitht i* water. Fait\ ti^iic and lar. dropped it on bone are lowest in \v,itcr rnntcni WEST A .1 9 7 3 » K.J97 v « 972 .Vone Soulh J » ^ * 3 A V A3 » K 54 + Q32 EAST + K 10 O V Q 10 6 5 2 » S A .Ml] 965 SOUTH (D) * AS V None * A QJ 1063 * A K 8 7 1 Easl-Wwl vul. "esl North 2 A .1 * 4 * f> Opening Fail Pass Pass Pass Pass dol- The liquid part 'later and rhe onr-half 01 rilnnd is 9? parts cells enmain \\-.'ll i ater. Thp mnse' Fmalh she held uv a sil dropped it on her desk so ttie children could hear its clank. ' ; prersarto of N T e-A-^——} Club, never gives n>0 r * • c- . J lOAfrican river 23 Masculine (Fr -> U Forest crealurc 12 Larissan mountain 19 Crowded habitation 21 Compound ,, _., . . •-- ethers Jl Electrical Unil 22 Candies and 18 Perfume 20 Age 21 Hebrew ascetics 23 Katcn away of w-hal appellation 2-1 Hurry 25 Capita] o( Norway and Clno never gnes n>v I always listen lo hif 1 '- 1 " >""''• rn ly I snceest lhat yoi'^'V "reful- E».'l-Wpst rards 'and 1 '" "" ', hr vonr.'elf linw von \vo'if. rldr (or - . . are marie up of more than three- i moppet. \OH15elf >10'A- \'01I \V<V1.. rtnv'ixinv icnn'.' XVM.TT ti is. T Norlh anrl .South hands "T \ll.s:" screamed Ihf Winslow tract ot six diamonds. mppet. I • "You get a spade ope illav th con- ! 32 Ireland 33 Small island 3$ Forenoon (.10.) 35 Indian 36 Pertaining lo a chorus 38 Meal cut 39 Seals 41 Reply (ab.) 44 Oriental guitar 15 Priority (prefix) 18 New Orleans is the - of his latest picture iO .Mend )2 Eluder )3 Multitude 54 Fondle 55 ac-jins VERTICAL 1 Symbol ot pastries 28 Operatic solo JOCtiltivatcd planl S4 Barbary slate 51 Golfers' 37 Bridal paths Cab.) M Thoroughfare 40 N T ohJemen 41 Fish jai;ct 42 New star 43Ciealrix 4.S Couple 4fi TnmiiH 4~J^ea eagles « Fruit drink

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