The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1947
Page 3
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__ WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 12, 1947 Marshall to Tell If Defense Plans i Will Appear Before Secret Session of Committee By IA1.K C 1 . WILSON United 1'ress Staff Correspotitleut WASHINGTON. Fob. 12.—tUP) —Senators will get nil earful if Secretary of state George O. Marshall tolls a secret session of the ^orejsu delations Committee how '»r Alional defense set-up looks to a'soldlcr-diplomalNlle meets [the committee Friday. Our defense looks bad to Mai- ihall and to the top brass of the \rniy and Navy. MmKhall and the Wnr n , K i Navy Departments consider universal military • (ruining essential to American safety. Congress is balking am t may refuse even lo consider a training Program tliis year. President, Truman urges speedy action. Universal military training is advanced as die j., st expensive safe method or maintainini; an army backed by Iraincri civilians prepar- r d to fight within n reasonable time. There is no secret about Marshal "s views. His report as chief of staff of. the army covering the period July i. 1043. to June 30, '•Mo. ended with some hard-listed advice "for the common defense." -Marshall reported that, failure to maintain reasonabe preparedness Had cost great sacrifice of ife and created mountainous debts Marshall pleaded then f ol . universal military training Hc ls doubly anxious now because for " CC v ' las - " miiC him rcs l>° n slWe u-i!i c> ; ccutin e a foretgn policy *h!cb he aim others contend cannot be made effective if only our tongues arc strong and our" arms •'1C weak. Marshall would eo to "»c Moscow conference in a much wronger position if universal inliS'li! A M _ ri •• )J . rcn(I 3' »een uuder- Featured in Film Marlan Carr Marian C: singer, has Former Luxoran Married !n Pennsylvania LUXORA. Ark., Feb. 12.— Miss Nancy Ellen Moore, daughter ".' Mrs. Charlotte Moore of Nor- thumticrlnnd, 1'enn., and up!. Ernest \V. Martin, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Martin of Luxorn, wore united In marriage Feb. i, nt the I First Methodist Church in Nor- | thumbcrland before nn Improvised j altar of fern and floor baskets ot I white gladioli, In a double ring | ceremony by the Rev. Nelson H. Frank, iinslor of the church. The soloist, Gcrogo Llddcnjxlnn. accompanied at the on;an by Miss Gertrude Urouse. sam;. "1 I,;ive You Truly" and "O. I'romiso Mo" before Hie ceremony and "Hloss J'e the Tie That nind.s," at the close. The bride, wearing; a suit of «>rt green wool with brown aci-pssorir.s. and a corsage of giirdeiilus, was given in marriage by her untie. Jack winters. Miss Juno Snytler was maid of honor and itoie n suit of brown wool with matching accessories and a corsage of Talisman roses. Miss Evelyn Mar- J3IATHEV1LI,E (ARK.)' CQTJR1EK NEWS Warns on Ruhr ruiarmn carr ] -."i> .«.....,. m^a i^vriju i\i;u- :;arr. former night club "" cf . L " xolil > slslor or thc groom, singer, lias a featured feminine as "''Idesmuld nnd wore u taiil role m the RKO film, "San Qu.<n-1 of 1)iCBP sucri c with black arccs- tin." which will bo shown Here sol ' ics "nil a corsage of Temple again today and toniElrt in the aitz Theatei-. She plays opposite Lawrence Tlemey in the fasi- draitm of life in the "Me house. or" wc< *» Mcntcsl war n.aehine 'the I "ait ever seen. WARNING ORDER '» the Chancery Court. C!hick;<- sawba IJislricl, Mississippi County, [ EUWARIji"p. KOLDA, Plaintiff v s. No. <I93J SOPMIK ISUKRY KOLDA Defendant. 1".H.1I- . The defendant Sophie Bum- Kol• within * r Sy. _warncd to appear J)'" 1 " 1 . . th '.rty .--days in the court named ,„ _f hc cap , ic ,, hereof and nrf V £j thc, of the plaintiff Edward P. Koldn. Har\'e;/ Morris, clerk Mary ^?e Jarratt, D. 'c. r»ge. Partlow, Atty.'ad Lite.u. l;22-29-25-la Osceola | Society— Persofial Henry Damon of Honolulu and J. Martin and T. Saunders of Memphis arc visit- Ing Henry James Swift. Mr. Damon and Mr. Saunders were roommates of Mr. Swift at Yale University, New Haven, Conn. They expect to be here the remainder of the week. Mr. Damon will fly to Long Beach, Calif., for a month's vacation before returning to New York to make his homo. I - , i Mr and Mrs. Myron T. Nailllng >—IVGSTOCk left today for Atlanta, Ga.. to visit ST LI Mrs. Niulliiijj's daughter. Miss Bet- YARDS .sve Cnvington. who Is a student, in j _'LI V ' Knapps School for Girls. They will return Sunday. Miss Carolyn Owaltttey. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jitmnie Gwaltney, who has been serving ns hostess un Eastern Airlines from Memphis t Cpl. Johnny Saychack of Haiti- more, Md., Bcrvcd the groom as best man. Ushers were liiclinrcl Moore, brother'of th c bride, and Richard Hogendoblcr. Alti-r tho ceremony, a reception WHS given at the home of the bride's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Kdgnr Winters. The lace covered table was centered ultJi a threc-tlcrcd weiicllnit cake topped with a miniature bride and groom and > flanked by while candles in crystul candle holders. After a brief honeymoon. Corporal Kvo Curie, daughter ol the discoverers uf radium, is pictured as she recently arrived In New York lo start a lecture tour of the U. S. Sho warned ll>at U peace Ireoly gives the coal-rich Ruhr area lo a stionjj German governmcnl it might lead lo future German attempts to con- CUKT France. iXHitni: lor one more your Ihii nlol- Ishtiicnt of (lie stnte pioiieity tax Oi> Monday, eight other of Limey's proposals hud wnttzcil thrcni;)) the °inate with only minor opjiosllioii, The state Revenue Department also won nn ii,,n rpc i victory, niter ft proposed Ic-tlslutlvc Itivestlgnllon oj that ili-partmi-nt w«s tcntitllvcli' blocked. Miller County Hep. O, H. •?ecd prejonted (he resolution c all,n|5 tor tiu' invesllRntion. nnd t«- i'wletr tl:«t various IrrcKUlurllles existed within the department III-, neasme was sent to tlic Houso Commttu-e on resolutions. Funrtlniu of the Armuisas suite I'olU-e (Mine up In u lilll by Hep. S»m Sullivan 01' White Comity that Mould intiki; II "Ihc innmlii- lory duly «r stuto |)ollccmcn (u strictly I'lifone nil stato laws cqulpnu'iil, UK- 'possession fur s;d« nf intoxfcutlnK llc|Uor->, unrt th<- iiulnlninuc'u ot u place whrrc gambling j s |,,.|| 1( r n) ,i,|ii<-i- crt." : 6p;cilicii)iy pointing to slnle p«- Icc hosllimcy to hivcsHj(iite Bumbling eliuvges without a n-quesl from lix-iil null.orities, Sulllviin obviously referred to an incident at We Ilhickflsli Luke club near 1'or- rcst City lust, when when thc sltilo lOllcc tailed to liivesliiitilc u reported iol)l>pi-y. lielore liKht wcishts 20 to ii; jjood hcit- i'1-s and mixed yoarltijRs around 'JO to 22; medium to low Rood hel(- «'is anil mixed yearlings 15 to 19; common and medium beer cows n so to 14.50; rew good cows avail- a "' p ' ' ^ Mrs. Miiritn will bu where Martin Is stationed. Mrs. Martin is a Kr,iilimt c of Northumberland 1 Hiph School Corporal Martin is a graduate of tho Luxor a High School anil R employed by Ralph Auto supply nt Osccoln before his enlistment In the Army. ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- Feb I3._iui>( —(USI3AI Ho B s 9,800, salable 5,001); imevc-n; weights 170 Ibs and up owned ?5 to 50 c lower than 'me.sda.Vs -v- crage. Under 100 ]b s about sleaily sows sleacty to 50c lower; e:ni>' bulk good nnd choice 17C, io 270 Ibs for LEGISLATURE ConlinuiMl from l'at;c 1. measure into | aw . Ot that amount. JI.OCO.OOO will KO to maintain county loads, while the remaining J6.- CCO.CCO is for the construction and maintenance of stale highways. The ai.ministration itself continued to roll aloii}; at top speed in the Senate, as the upper chamber approved two more of Lanev's legislative proposals uddlne n "sc-cent Miami, has had her bid accepted lo , "I","" c ",' make the Miami to New York mm-'I ° , . ; cx lremc"lop 25.75 for a sum niyht. This is in form or a pro- ' *"' ots: I3 ° t(> I5 ° "» 22.50 lo 21: motion, as these bids B o lo the ones i , , 120 ll)s 19 lo ^1.50. llridi llm >».«.-* -,,,.:»_:(.. battle "l.Ula ^sllilKIo 'I r;no. ...,i _ with the most seniority, j Mrs. George Edrington and her sister. Mrs. Ruth Heslcy of Chi- I cage, left Tuesday morning for Hot ! Springs. Mrs. Edrington plans lo : take a three weeks' course of baths left Cattle 1,100, salable 3500- ril-'i'-- 1.200. all salable; market 'fu'liv steady on all classes. Hccelpt s include approximately y a i 0 ,, cl ,'. of steers with cows making up about per cent of supplies. Two loads ^Read Courier News Want Ads . -.-u. v» btt^. . ' u"tnjiii-.i. i \\u lUilltS Dr. w. J. Sheddcn left .Tuesday '" w to average good choice medium morning to attend the Mid-South. wc 'S hi steers 2.0; average good post graduate assembly in Mem-! stccl 's 23.50; some medium fleshed phis. He will stay through tho en-' tire session. He will return to Osccola Friday. Dr. L, D. Mas:;sy will attend the meeting Tuesday and Wednesday nnd Dr. u M Harcwell expects to attend Wednesday and Thursday. Dr. and Mrs. L. Howton arrived homo Monday from Miami. Fin., was there for 10 clays. Mrs.~HoV- tons lieallli is greatly improvod. We Feature - - - MILKMAID Cosmetics -Also- Princc Matchabelli Colognes, Perfumes And Dusting Powder m (We Gift Wrap Free) The GIFT SHOP I where Mrs-. I most of the Kowton has spsm. winter. Dr. Howton Arc tht Very Heart of VALENTINE Lucky Valentine! Whether she's sister, mother, wife or l:csl girl, rlowcriug Hyacinths will give her pleasure. Is .she :\ phininrniis sophi-sli- cute? Givt- lid- Orcliids. qurcii of all Ilower.s to w.»ar on her valentine cUHo with you. ^picy. (ra^iMnt Carnation.!, irranprd with artistry in a shell -like howl. A gift for the moment wiul—for aflcr. Is .--tie ji uirl u-lio always snv.s "maybe"? A cl;nnty cori>a»c of fragrant Hoses may help her bo more clelinitc. If she's MYOK and domuic. likr t.'if -girl w ho iminii'd dear old Urul." make her yoin- valentine with an old fasii- ioned Nosegay. Yes . . . they're now in stock ... our way of storing {he new year rijjhf. Famous make walchosyou'vc always wanted beautifully styled . . . O | nolionally advertised prices. BULOVA WATCHES America's mojf wanted ( watch ... handsoma .. .accurate. * from $29.75 WALTHAM WATCHES Daintily styled to please a lady. Precision-timed. $45.00 Handsomely designed .. .timed to Ihc stars. . House pussed li-n .Senate bills, In- clmllna one n\tsinn Hie usscjuor's fulnry In CillU'mli'U County, imrt nnollirr ninkliic u mmidntury that men eni|)loyeil as highway cnm- Jii-ors be licensed us such. The .Seiiute session ended In tin arinniU'iil over a community prop- oriy low «rtv«vnn;it by Hen. Kills l!'"> of Little Kack. Main omio- sltlon cume Iron) Ben. Kirn Cinrnor 01 M.iiiiioliu, who told ihc Senate PAGE ThBEB v TURKISH BATHS Warm. liivlK<>rii|[ii|; nmi really a woiiiloi- worker, tiwfs what you'll sny ubout UK-SB wonderful lurk- ish baths nl Artie's Ueiuity Bliop, You will feel better Instantly und lose |)oumliii;i> so easily nncl iai full—you'll b;. unfixed ns will your friends! it's it im-klsh bntli at Artie's for real rcjmlls! ARTIE'S BEAUTY SHOP 31 tf \u. Kcctnid IMuini) 3202 Valentine's Day is Her Rower Day" Sec Us for Her I'livorilcs ALLEN'S FLOWERS 4)2 Chicknsawlm IllSK thc bill was unrcvokuble aim uii- constitvilloniil. Pi\gan insisted that the measure's purpose wns to allow a husband niul wife to separate their incomes for. Incpme lax piir- poses ^UTjo^gh <llio ta^sartt got Seimte approsal, the emtriencj clause v:ss defeated. - " . 5L~^? ,,, ^Sf7^^a T UT : |pM i c AB OUTrHE MUUST §$it>X < AVe Ar Z£LLN€R'S I f,ftu IP *&& <M ,^ ffy 202 .W. MAIN Blytheuille, Rrkansas KIRBY DRUG STORES WHAT VITAMINS BO! r,' v TTie ANSWER T» The VITAXI* PROBUK »f 3-12 YEAR OLDS 9nivxt-nc4fi<f JUNIOR AYTINAL (8-IN-ALL) 100 BAY SUPPLY . 89 Eight vitiinms in c.ich capsule spccijily midc SMALLER and TASTI-LI-SS so ilui children will take than lust like grown-ups. I-.icli capsule cont.iins llic correct potency for children.. .snfc, economical and priced low. help* builJ resistance (o infecticri by building hcnUhy titiuei. Very essential (o growth, especially in children. (or Bi) liai id chief effect on the nerve tiimei. Deficiency of vitamin B, m»y re»ult in general weakn«» «nd nervquincn, poor appetite,' or lend to disturb your digotion. help* build »tron(f bond and teeth. Aids in keeping blood ve»eel> healthier. the "Sunshine Vitamin"—helps main- lain tho proper level of calcium in thc blood. belp» proper digestion. Serious lack caiues pellagra but lesser deficiency tend* to upsel your digestion, your nerve* and your ikin. Oltfitn Lofoten PUHC NOXWCGIMI ow«n OLEUM PERGOMORPHUM DROPS .easily Riven io infants ,iml child rcn.l'o- for adults. Also for premature in* f.tnts nnd treatment of nckcts. 1MPORTHD direct from Norway. Rtch in irn|ioH3nt minerals. l*rocf sscd Irani selected livers freshly caught cod. PLAIN OK FLAVORED. VALEROL «»LTR HALIBUT LIVER OIL WITH V[OSTE«flL Six tirop^ from dropper d.iily supplies 3 limes ihc d.iily minimum rc- of vitamin D for all ages, prevents rickets. A v.iluahlc iHilrtn* tivc; rich source of Specially made fnr children, 8-tz. Bottle . Olttsta THIAHlii CHLORIDE VITflHIH Dl TABLCTS Stimulates appetite aius digestion and the normal functioning of thc nervous system— . 5 Kl. BOTTLE 100.. . UPJOHN UNICAPS BAYTOL ELIXIR (or work and Hach capsule contains X vicaminscsscnibltoecncMl hcilih. BOTTLE 100 I Ii jtTi n.itu n\ B complex potencies, Palntahle — nids nutriiion — is 3 ideal ionic and body- * co butltler-PIHT ..... 1 — VITAMINS PLUS (VITAMINS PLUS (ROD) Tor vigorous that will give you resistance to co!J and infection prevalent during \sm[cr months. 80X72 1^ PARKS DAUIS BREWER'S YEAST An aid in stimulating the appetite. Take when lack ol vitamin B causes toss ol xvcight and fatigue. 71i gr., &vtd V.'f 1 Ilis is thc season \vjien yoxi need thc vitality vitamins can Eivc you. . , .705 BO'iTLE25 AYTINAL CAPSULES TABLETS- BAYTOL VITAMIN B COMPLEX CAPSULES ft Vitamins—3 Minerals. A pleasant—easy to; ukc supplement to tiic diily dicl for both aduTis and children— •! 53 30TTLE103 BsUIs 1 all Vitamin !i Corn plot deficiencies—po tency KUaranlccd. O39 DOTTLE 100 Dolllc 30 '. . 75c Might vitamins in one capsule furnish daily minimum requirement of essential vitamins for IMS than 2',4 cents a day •ovrtf I00..2-

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