The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1947
Page 2
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TWO is Accused Of Aiding CIO Steel Firm Attorney Say* Federal Agency Helped Ftrrn Unions By RAYMOND LAHR United Pwss staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb !&— (ttP>— HMrl p. Reecl, attorney for tlie Weirton Stee] Co, today assailed the National Laboi Relations Board as "an organizing agency" for the CIO. He gave that description before the - Senate Labjr Committee in testimony asking congress to elect legal safcguaids foi independent unions, such as that leplesenting employes of Welrton plants R«d said the goveihment or the NLRB had Welrton In comt "nl a terrific cost" foi 137 months diir- "'B 'lie past 13 jears "The labor . board . has Irfc'i In every way to wipe out the'Inde- rfehdcn; union-existing at'Welrton, even to installing board'represent- afhes in the CIO union hcadqiiar- te'rs lo coach paid CIO organizers os to the methods they should use to'get on the company pis roll In •Iho company's shell/plant," he said. .Furthermore' board representatives attended secret conferences at which CIO lendcis paid bribes to'officers of lh« In'dp.-o-^- cnt union to induce them to betray it by going, over .jo. tlie CIO while n.. the. Bame time holding -their offices -in^the- Independent imlon.'' :,Reed.u : ;endoi : ECd '"a".Wnijncr y>cl nmercinientrspo'iisore.i by Sen. Joseph H;;Ball,:R ; ; Minn.. fo-Mr|di»i> i^ NI^RB. /r.oiii discriminating be- tweeii .liK&jienderH n tid : affiliated u.nions.-jie said working men were •cfrnpetent to decide whether they wanted to" JUri (heir own nlfsirs or ,o bPlong to a union with policies "dictated by naslcnal leaders'' "Thi» jonjt period of biased ind prejudiced action 4t this labor bor rd ha6 underminted the confidence nf msny •, •working- men in Amel lean justice;," Reed said "The iiorkera look upon the'labor board a, an oir<m\'lng agency of the CIO and rightfully so The labor board has eomwlled ifiany thousands of workers to go into national unions when their nre'erence was for In- dependent'unldhs " He Mso prowled that strikers BLYTHEV1LLE tARK.> COURIER NEWS MecJics Join Arctic Research .li"\v M sdriiei will stand un umlcr extreme Arctic wcalher condi- I.'MIS is lirnif; investigated, with the latest scientific devices, by Aimv mcdi«s with Tusk Korcc Willnvaw at Adak. Alcultan Islands. (Mi"ie. 1'iijn l( I! Mi-Cce. Altimnn. I'd., opcralcs n polcptinmctcr i''t,ir!ipil in HUM mni-inn>)p hsiiiicss woii'i l)y I'fc. Tltnmas Morjjan, li-« :ic.!;['. Vii Device if«islpis Icmiivi-nlures in various'parts of Uit soldier's body. New Orleans Bedecked for . Renewal of 'to Ihe mayor, was fully — ^ —..ay today, wllh mammoth parades and expensive carnlvnl balls Jammed .'Into (he calendar through Feb. IB. Procialinei) by Mayor D.iLes- «Ps s. Morrison as the "most i'o- mantlf as-well as the most progressive city in the United Stales" Wagrtei- ~Acf'dftf't-"fi : New Orlcnnli Promise,) for the next -has lasted 80 dais Tlie £even d " ys to P roVfi lho clt y' « nl1 NLRB now-regards them as em- eor ! :e *S ^ 1 < M>sl is far ns.rbmann? Ploves until th«! y have be^n "c- *»" «™*«™««. rH ir, ,»rtfc,. _-< ._..„... . The seven-day climax of a car- nlvnl • i « V , CI J ARI ' S D ;, M ETHAWAY New Oilcmiians nnd visitors crowd United Press Slaff Correspundenl tlie parade lanes to watch the • NKW ORLEANS. Feb. 12^ The Krewe of Babylon procession To- Mardi orns, an "uiwsccllcd lesti- .morrow night it will be the Krcwn val' of merriment and joy," nc- of Moinus", nnd so on nightly, excluding Sunday, until the Krcwes of Rex and com UK liring the M|rdi Orns to u Kpectncnlnr conclusloi) on Mardi Gra s Dny itself. Fcb: 18. be depilved of riehts as "emnlnves'- • g j esslvc cit > r '" the United Stales.' under the Watfrte!- Act Attri- n w Or!cnns promise,) for the nex clfll-ft" »,.._ .. : _ r * Seven rlnlnj tn nrn\< n tv,« ^u..•,._! rd lii_«Mt», not labor practices R«fd said the ]n w hid been dli- toncj bv-th e fclRB , mtn R itnkcr mv> almost certain to rccftver his ,J" n U T 010 '*" ls wro "S Whatever He does. '-(he w|tn p «, te,ti't«d JTie, committee also heard Rep Ca . 5e ' R ' s D ' outlln " ^e 'or his measure lo write bh,n TC s into mbnr Ta«s One of h i s proposals ln effect would SftnTi eompulsor y "rbltralion of cmnutss in vitnl induslrles ' n * tur «'- or onv tl exist, anj- sad Benson that. nctually began Jan. o started last night when the Krewe—that's how "crew" i s spelled; here this week—of Cyr.thlus, God-or song, staged nil elahornte 21-float parade in the ]2(,lh 10.'' e ?VS!,'. 0 f. Mardi Gras pageantry:..,." This year there was lio trouble among the flambeaux carriers. Lnst season- they struck tor S5 for n night's work, but everything H rived this time was a guarantee among the Kewes to pay cnirlors $.1.50 each, or- a, dolinr above the Pre-Wnr rate. (A flambcnux Is an oil-biiriiing torch.) Tonight will sec thousand, ol of ihe REAL ESTATE r ,' ith .lemal.s totaling is,,, rian males. . Head Co, lrt =r New a Want Ads. f.rn, i,, and «a mid Binho,n! C s«n ,,t y onr urorcny, plenty oi tayocs— lltt «»wl I'hono 2301, J. J. ricld Bondeil ""' Estlt1 Br ° 1 '"' Worry had largely . today, except among members of ihe police dep.irlmcnt, Venose Job it will'be to sort nut lost children, 'untangle trnfllc, keep visitors from being rim over by truckloads of carnival ehthUBinsls, and direcf strayed, weary tourists to their ho- tcls. One meat-packer reportedly had Mountain View Buildings Burn Flames Rage Through 1T Buiinet* UrUrt; Loss Near $150,000 MOUNTAIN VIEW. Ark,. Feb ' 12 (UP) —- Debris was being cleared from Mountain View's business dlS-' trlct todny, after « raging fire y e8 _ tcrdity destroyed six -frame buildings and .two stone structures hous- Inu eleven establishhiertts, with an Mllniated dRinngc of $150,000. ' ' Tlie IHLlc Northc-rn Arkansas town's 1,000 residents formed biicktt brlgudns after ft stove In Henry Sut-' ton's barber shop exploded, touching olf the holocaust. Although Mountain View has fire*ftghting inlprncnt, it w'as liandleapfied be- uise water lines had hurst after hard Ireexe, • • The blaze broke out auovtl^ i-'sj) p.m.. when Button-tried to light an oil Inirner In lii.i shop. The explosion resulted, tind names Ikkeo' tlieir way down one full block in the Southeast sedtibn of-the business district. : , . , •.•.-';; Completely destroyed were • the Idea! narbin Shop, tti'e Webb Rndlir Shop, Hawkins Service Station' 'Jenkins' Cafe, the Dixie Theater, Jeh.'- kins' Grocery and Market, Sihlth Hardware, Billion's Barber Shop' the P.-X cafe, the New Hbyal Drui Store and Smith'ii Shoe 31iop. , Thfiv were no injuries. 'offered n *soo re*ar<l for information leading to nn accurate estimate or (he number' of frank* .linlers that would'-be consumed here during Marcl'i Gras Week 'One packer said more frankfurters arid picnic hams would be sold here dining the next seven days than durhiB liny 20.weeks In the year. 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Memphis Suffers Heavy Damage from Fires MEMPHIS,.Tcnn., Feb. 12—<UP> —Two fires less limit a block apart caused JIOG.Cou dnmngc and kepi firemen in action ijere most of last Reporter Checking Fires Finds One — His House AKRON, O. (UP) — E. L. Bat- doiff, Cleveland plain Dealer reporter in its Akron bureau, called the fire department for the nth tllrie. . ' "Any fires?" "Not much," said the fire svtfteh- | board operator, "Just n fire oii I Dayton street." | "Not al 117U, I trust," said Bat! dorff. "You guessed it," said the opera- night. Pile of undetermined origin razed the McCalluin and Roblifton cotton dryer plant and pickery, destroying or damaging an estimated 500 bales of cotton nnd valuable machinery. A warehouse containing 1.000 bales of cotton was saved. While firemen were buttling the first blaze, a second (ire broke out at Chrom-O-Lltc Co., destrr,viii!! paint shops and a warehouse. I^ast night's fires followed a blaze which caused $100,000 damage and destroyed a major portion of HIP one-block business district of Frnysor, a Memphis suburb, yesterday morning. tor. Damage to Batdoiff's house was estimated at $1,000. His ll-ycaA- old dog, ireidelberg was killed by fjiioke suffocation. ' Read Courier News Wont Ads. Complete Beauty Service from head to foot! The Itcvlon Line including the new "CERTA1NI/V KEI>" —AUDREA UCVAI,— COUNTOURE'— DEKMETICS Suave for men and women THE BEAUTY BAR GLENCOK HOTEL Phone 3202 John Deere, village blacksmith of Orand Deiour, III,, made tlia first steel plow in 183T Your feet will feel better —stay hotter if you have those shoes resoled jirop- crly at our Quality Shoe Shop. Longer wear (o'f less Money! HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOf» 121 W. Main St. j IN BOTTLES AND AT FOUNTAINS _ .Dainty COOKING FAT Wonderful! ''™W>f Company, Lany Island City, N. Y. Franchisee! 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