The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 12, 1947
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BLYTHEVTLLE COURIER NEWS »' '* « I V f ^ * -' ' >,l < ". ,;.i S' VOL. XHU—NO. 275 BlythevUle Dally Ne«r BlythevUle Coulter Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley TEE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUIII B5ATHKVILUO, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSOAY, FKBKUAUY 12, 151-17 •« r * •', »' I •". jt> % > • r < COPIES f'. ,rv '}£.* Mayor Jackson, Two Aldermen Seek Re-Election ^ Only Four Blytheville Offices lo Be Filled This Yeor by Electors Mayor E. R. Jackson and Ivco members of the City Ctnmcll disclosed today Hint they will seek rc-elecLiou In the general election April 1, ami it nlso wus announced by E. B, Woori.son Hint he would not seek ic-elcction in the Third Ward in order lo be able lo devote more lime to his business. Alderman KMeif;h Sylvester will seek re-election in the First Ward, iincl Alderman Jno. C. McHancy will sot'K ii now term in the Second Ward. Terms of the other elective city officials do not expire this year In announcing Hint he would be u candidate to succeed himself Mpyor .Jackson said that the city's rinuticml condition hns shown i marked improvement during th 1 three terms that he has served a? the city's chief executive and hai been on a cash basi.s for the pas 1 four and one-half years. The city clerk's finance report for JuiiLtury, which was presented tn Ihc City Council last night reflects that the city not only is operating - on a cash basis but Hint it has a financial reserve oi nearly $fiO,OQO at this lime. When Mayor Jackson took ofllc he found the city in debt for cu rent operating expenses and the fii -•av^Eepnrtmcnl, and other agencies jflLl\c city (government in need of ne L-(|Uipmcnt. Last year a new Ore -station completed on West Main nt nn ttmatcd cost of $25,000 and the proj- ' cct was financed without, a bond issue and paid for at the" time R was completed. During 1946 the city also inaugurated municipal garbage collections using the most modern equipment, and this month a new truck was added to the. department. O^hcv major improvements during Mayor Jackson's tenure in uificc include the paving of 54 blocks of city streets with concrete, and placing of graves on 100 additional blocks .so that* now firemen are able, with possibly two or three exceptions, reach lire plugs through the cll.> without bsing forced -to travel wet weather over muddy streets. Lions to Award Medal Based on Science Studies The Lions Club .will award, an- mmlly a medal lo the Junior High S-hool student attaining llic high-1 t grades in science studies, it! as decided 'ay mcmSeis of ln °! i:b at their weekly meeting S'cu- rday iiocr, in the Hotel Noble. The first mectnl awarded by le Lions C!ut> will be given at ie end ot hie current school year. This decision was reached after liirray Smart Jr. and Dick Rekl, ur.ior High School .student.';, ic- iiested that IJie Lions .sponsor this ward, pointing out that similar led'ils \tcre b^lnR presented lor cholastic, itllnlnnienL in oilier curses. B. O. West, Blytlieville cotton iyers, gave a report OH the Na- ional Cotlou Council meeting vliich lie attended in Csilvcston Tex., late last month. Fair Association Proposes Park Improvements Directors Meet With Council Members to Discuss 1947 Plans Abraham Lincoln's Philosophy Urged as Guide for U.S. Today City's Revenues Hit Monthly High January Receipts Total $27,607; Cash Balance Increases Mvmicipal revenues during January reached a new monthly high with a total of $27,607.17 it was announced today by Mayor E. R Jackson. Automobile and vehicle licenses provided $!'<!.7C5, which was lire largest tingle source of Income for the'city during the month, . am privilege licenses added $7,497.50 to this total. Municipal court fines amounted lo $2.5G1.85. and other of the larg sources of revenue included SI. i Irom Ihc operation of the mu nicipnl airport at the Army Ai Fir-Id: $1.286.25 in garbage fees and $1,025.G6 received from In state in the form of turnback froi state tnxes collected in Blytheville Total receipts for tlic fisca year, which cnrts next Anril, now amount to S12~.482.85, wliich ex- reeds by more Ihan S25.0CO (he revenues estimated tor the whole year. The estimate was m:ulR the beginning of the fiscal per lod in I84C. January expenses of the city go eminent were -S9.581.34'and brougl A new White Way .street lighting system ' has been provided for vhc business section on Main Street, and additional lights are to be installed toon in the business section, Plnns to Widen Three Streets Included in plans for city improvements during 1947 are proposals for the widening of the pavement on Ash and Walnut streets. It is proposed tg add five feet of j concrete on eixcli 'side of both Walnut and Ash to make thorough- fate. 1 ; 30 feel wide where traffic now is .slowed on the 20-foot pavements. The improvements on Walnut \\oulrt extend from Broadway West to Division, and on Ash from Fiilh lo Division. Smuinr wovl: is con- L*mi>lated on Chicka.sawba between fourth Street and Sixth to connect with the wider pavement on Highway Gl. of new traffic signals for 1G of the busiest street intersection." also is planned at a cost of appt'oxi- ' matcly r>H,ooi). New \y\ic signals to bt? placed one on each of the four corners of .street intersections arc contemplated. Mayor Jackson -"Md, The two signals now in use on Divi;;ion at Main and Chickasawb.i would be replaced, and 14 new intersections protected. Most oi these will bs on Main, it was indicated, ,. Alerman Sylvester in announcing his candidacy for a second term renewed earlier pledges that he will do "the most that I can in the interest of HIP city." lie has been a resident of Dlythcvlllc for If) years and is general manager for the Blytheville Canning Company. he total for the first 10 months the liscal year to $13,119.45. Principal items in- the cos.ts- of : city government during January were S3.763.17 . for the operation of the street deportment; SI, 332. 80 for the police department; 51,332.80 for the fire department; general and administrative expenses $2,807.32. During January 52,470.17 was paid on interest on the city's bonded debt and nearly 51,000 was spent for capital improvements. At the close of January, the city had a cash balance of 559,603.79. of which 533.236.65 Is in the general revenue fund. The tolnl in the sinking funds for the City Hall, the Blytheville Hospital, ami the park, on January 31 was $15,720.34. Plnns for lighting of the Mississippi County Fairgrounds and for the replacement of the Negro Exhibit Building, which was destroyed by (Ire three years ago, were discussed last night by members of the Fair Association and the City Council. Directors of the fuir, and the council members agreed that the Improvements should be mude id the earliest possible dale and t\ committee was appointed to Investigate the cost on the two recommended projects and report back tc K association at an early date. Selected to serve on this commitwcre: Raleigh Sylvester, Runci't •afton, Jhn. C. Mcllaney, ropie- iilinis the City Council, and W. P. ryor, C. F. TomptUns. Russell Phll- >s and J. Mell Brooks, represcntluR ic Fair Association. The Association reported that it id paid the annual rent of $1,000 the City under its lease with association and now hnd its cut paid until November of 19-18. , also was disclosed that u con- ncl for painting the livestock uilding would be let within a short me; that a power mower to be used maintain the park and fair- rounds had been purchased; that 400 had been subscribed to a fund o be raised by the County Council f Home Demonstration Clubs to build a Woman's Building in the lark; and that various other im- >rovements had been made or were ilauncd. Mr. Sylvester was elected a director of the Fair Association to fill | in existing vacancy on the Board | which is tnr.dc up of R. E. Blaylock, i president; J. Mell Brooks, secre-1 .ary: Jesse Taylor, attorney;. R. D. : Hughes; J. A. Leech. B. O. West. C. F. Tompklns, Russell Phillips. W. P. Pryor. C. M. Abbott. L. H. Autry. and Mayor E. R. Jackson. Other committees have been appointed to start planning the 1947 Mississippi County Fair which the association plans to make the most complete event yet held liy it In its history dating back to 1D23. Persons having shrubbery or flowers .suitable for placing in the park are recjU.estedMo communicate with jjny'member-^of-'-lIio' association and a truck will be sent to pick them up. WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, (U.P.) I tlwir —Hep. Evan Howell. n., III., called on Congress in a Lincoln D«y .siwecli today lo heed the "wisdom and philosophy" of Ihe great cmanclpnloi In dealing wilh the grout national problems of today. Howell represents Iho same Illinois District which sent Abraham Lincoln to ' Ihe House 10U years n«o. His speech of Iributc was pan of it nationwide observance of .the 13EIU unulversury o! Lincoln's bii'th. As Howrll spoke. President 1VU- man left the White; House for the Lincoln Memorial, Ihe colonnaded shrine dedicated in 1022 lo Iho IClh President of the United BUtcs and Ihc union which he saved. Thci'c near the bank ol the Potomac Ijlvor. Mr. Truman will lay a wreath before the Imgv marble and he said it would be llim-ly lo rc-cxnmlno them. Hi: clled these quotations from Lincoln: "It has so hnppeucit, In all I he n(Ks of the world. tlu>t soinu luivc labored and others have without labov enjoyed n large portion ol the fiults. 'tills is wrong mui should not continue. To secure each laborer (he whole product of his Inlwr, or as nearly as possible, Is lhi> wovtliy subject of nwy ROW; Rovr-i'nmew.' 1 "We see It. idid to us It appears like principle, and Hie best aori of principle ill Unit—tho prlni'lplo of allowing Ihe people to do un they please wllli Iholr own busl- nfss." Mr. Trimum's visit to tho Lincoln Memorial was arrnugcd lo culmlmilo n, program ot iiu'wrm by some M pa trio tit Talmadge Wins Court Decision That He is Georgia's Legally Elected Successor to Gov. Arnall statue of Lincoln which laces L'HSI. toward the Washington Monument services there iin<i the capitol. : : ( I o'Knurdtiliotis. CoiiKi'csRlotml ncllvlty slowed The progroni Included a vriidlnt, down as ninny Imporliinl lloinib- of Lincoln's ciettysbui'K Addivsr, b Jicons loft town lor Lincoln uriy MnJ. Ocn U. S. Cinipt 3d, ijrtind- specchcK Ilii'outihoul Ihc nation. son of the leader of Union iirmics In his eulogy oi Lincoln, Howell in ihc Civil War. said; I The story of Abraham Llncoln'ii "Abraham Lincoln Inspired the lift 1 Is nn American legend thai movement which created Ihc He- iH'ulns in a log cabin nnd ends In publican Parly ns the symbol, ol' the White House. Horn !n K.-n- forllnlshl government guarantee- 1 , lucky of humble parents, lie moved <x[tiai liberty nnd opportunity: to Illinois at Ihc age of all. There for all. Llncolnlsm and Repubii- he practiced law, became u mcni- canlsm becamcj synonymous then.' IXT i>f the Illinois State LegUla- They remain synonymous now." ' lure nnd In 1847 was elected to Howcll's spcccli also was devou'iv Congress, In 1801 ho was ulcctod to anecdotes of Lincoln's life and! President and in tliu ensuing lour tjuotnltons from his many public^ years guided 'he nation through pronouncements, particularly on labor and the funcUon oi tlic- federal government. Howell said thc'sc slnlemcnts hre ns pertinent today ns they were when Lincoln made WholesaleLiquor Tax Bill Approved Arkonsos Senate Vote* 25 Per Cent Levy on Distributors in State tbe most troublous times of I's history, On Ihe movnlnit oi Api'U 16, 18B5. ire died from nil ;:ssiis- sln's bullet, but he had lived to soo Ihe Union preserved. OHiciaiso Will Confer Here Builders, Material Dealers and Others To Discuss Housing Business Men To Hear U.S. C. of C. Leader Reckless Drivers Face New Penalty Jail Sentences, Plus Heavier Fines Possible Under New Ordinance Draft Registration Cards Burned by Objectors in Spite of Grim Warning WASHINGTON. Feb. —Despite warnings from Selective Service headquarters, a small groul "t men met in front of Ihe While House today and burned what thc> snid were their draft, cards in pro tost ncninst proposed peacetime conscription. Most of the anti-conscription pickets were men who served prison .sentences during Ihc war for failing to comply with the Selective Service Act. Most of them, ns con- Jcicnlious objectors, pickcleri the White House nnd the Justice Department some months back, seek*" , v ing release of conscientious objcc- \ tors still in government custody. Before Ihc pickcl line formed on Pennsylvania nvenue today, Selective Service headquarters warned ihnt wilfull destruction of draft cards is a ciimc punishable by five years in prison and fines up to 510.000. Legionnaires Get Report on Vets' ^ension Policies A discussion of disabled vctcv- ns' pension reductions higtiliBlH- -d the weekly meeting of American egton Dtui cason Post 24 last iic?ht a I the Legion Hut. ' W. H. Pope, of the Veterans Art- ministraliou Contact Office "ficrc, explained the pension reductions, nlins out that disabled veterans who are getting reduced pensions or feel they arc ijpt_Te.cciving jus- lice in the handling of llicir claims should contact h'm for help in adjustment of their status with Ihc; rating board in Little Rock. The Legionnaires were shown movies of the Arkansas-Oklahoma A. and M. football game following the discussion. Membership of Dud Won Post now stands at 1107. it was announced lust night by H. L. Halsrll Jr.. chairman of the membership committee. Taxpayers Offered Aid n Preparing Returns Zone deputy collectors of :ho! Arkansas District Internal Rcv-[ line Service of the Treasury Detriment will ucsin Feb. n their assignments in Mississippi County o advise and assist taxpayers m he preparation of their iacooio ax returns. The deputy collectors will l>e O'l land at Ihc following limes ana ilaccs: Feb. 17—Aklcs Store. Join- Fcb. 18—Idaho Store. Bassctl; Feb. 19—Central Office, Dyess; Feb. 20—Nyal Drup, Store, LcAJiivillc: Feb. 21—Alston Dnig store. Manila; Feb. 17-28—Planters, Osceola; Feb. 24 through March IB—Lynch Building, Blylhcville. To promote better understanding of educational problems by Blytheville business men. H. J. Dollinger, assistant manager OT Iho Southwcslcrn Division of the U. S. Chamber of commerce will spcaV; on ''Education—Ail Invesl- mcnl in People 1 ' nt n joint meeting of Ihc Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce' Uoarrt of Directors tomorrow noon at the Hotel Noble. Mr. Dollinger will present the results of a special study recently completed by Ihc National Chamber stressing the close correspondence between educational levels and prevailing standards of living In different sections of the United States an:l various countries of the world. Tliis study was made by the National chamber because of Its belief that business has an interest In schools as a training ground for future workers and consumers. Mr. Doliinger has been connected with Chamber of Commerce work lor 20 years and is past president of state secretaries 1 associations hi Michigan and Nebraska. A graduate of the National Institute for Commercial Organization Executives at Northwestern University, he served as a faculty member of Western Institute at the University of Oregon. He is also a veteran of overseas service in bolii World Wars. C. S Lemons wilt serve as pro- Information to aid private Industry in providing rental housing foi World War II veterans, and their families v.'tll br outlined at a Rental Housing Conference tomorrow night in City Hall at 1:30. Attending (ho meeting will be builders, realtors, materials dealers architects nnd representatives o financial institution!!,- labor orguu izations and veterans' groups. Also on hand will be State Ui Itclor W. S. Daniel of the Federal Housing (Administration and a representative from the regional ol- fice fit tiie Nalional Housing Agcn- cy. Main purpose ol this conference is outlining of recent changes.In F'HA procedures anil policies which have b:cn marie lo encourage larg 1 - er production of rental dwellings for veterans as a part, of President Truman's housing prognim for 1!H7. Similar local mendings' will be held in the near future in other cities in the state. Djscuss ions ill the conference will concentrate on new opportunities lor producing rental mills crought, about, by these changes cnrier the new policies announced ay FHA Commissioner Raymond M. Fotey, also 'Administrator of liie i\HA. W. I,. Horncr to I'rrsiilc Tho meeting will be opcn«l by W. L. Jlorner, manager o! ;lie Mississippi County Lumber Co.. who will rrati a letter on the. Rental Housing Program from Commissioner Foley iul introduce Assistant state FHA Director syd WillbanRS. To be ci.'Umnu by Mr. WlHbanta aur! discussed in detail by Chicl Underwrite, j. L. Lucas and oilier slHfl mcir.bcrs arc these of approach to obtain rental mills— . The City Council lust nlfjhl passet a new ordinance covering reckbii driving wllhln the city and vldcd more severe punishment Ii the case of both tlrst and sceotu olU'ndcrs. Under 'nn old ordinance, wnlcl doled back lo 1903, a fine of $2 wns.provided. This ordinance wo -rejwnlcd and the new ordlnnhcfi-wl become cdecllve Immediately aftc legal publication of the new ineas urc. A minimum fine of $15 was provided for lii'.st offenders under the new ordinance and the maximum penally for second violations war. fixed nl a $100 fine nnd a Jail sentence of 120 days. The penally provision ( for first offenders ranges from a line of not less hum $15 up to a maximum ol $50, willi provision also made for Jail sentences of not less Ihan five days or more limn 90 days. In IVic case, of second ollc-ndcrs. he minimum fine is $20, and not 1101 r; Ihan $100, and llic minimum ail term 15 days. First, or subsequent offenders may be subjected o both a fine and a Jail sentence. The new brcllmincc slates Hint rccklc/ss driving shall bo construed as "Ihc operation of any molor pro- >clled vehicle over, upon and nlonit .he public streets or nlleyK in a cure- .ess, reckless, heedless, liiciiutimis nconsulcratc and Improvident manner, and without exercise- of ordi' nary care for the safety of per- avciures addiliona ivy BOH miOWN Uiiitc.l Press Staff ('orrcupoinli'nl > LITTLE HOCK, Ark.. Feb. 12. (UI')—Thr- Sennlc loday upprovrrt '27 lo 1 a privilege tax of JS pel tcnl on Iho net profits o( all wbolcMile llci.uor dcnlciH niiorutlnu Sen. R H. Dillon of North Lltllo Hock cusl, ihci lona negatl\'e vole. The bill wii» Inlroduci'tl by Bon. Ernest Mnncr of not Hprlnijs who estimated |l would bring In $1f>0,- 000 a year Unit would be divided ctiunlly [imoiii; tho public school md. tho county f roatl fund nnd he public liiblitulloiis ruud. The Betinlo received .1 rcKOhitlon y Ben. W. VV. Hancy of McCoi'V, ailing for nn invesllnallon of llu' ' Conlcderate Homo "purltcuiixi'ly vllh lefprcncc lo ndmlsslons." Far some reason unknown lo he aennte. widows of Confederate T'tornns nro being denied nrtnils- lon to (he homi'." tliu .senator said. Moimwhllr, the House rccalycd ft bill from Hep. Dick Wright ol clurk County Him would .set up n tension system for circuit nn<l clmncory Judges. The measure would provide pay C(|ual lo onc-thlnV ot the salary iccclvocl by the Judges rUtalnlUB Ihi- i^e of P5 with Ifi years oi Judicial «ervlce, Of by those who reach Ihc aye of 7fl years wilh at lonra 10 ycnv. 1 ) of service, In other action, the House made n .spccilnl order of business for :his i'ftiriinon on n bill ^vhlch .voiild chnniie Ihn rtistr'.lniUon ot jounly roatl money. An effort to jlnce the bill back oji second reading fur niucndincnt 'was halted by fiiullumcntary UipJ)nlrnllttc.s. .,,, HcpVCiieiilStiTe's' from - the lar'soi jouniies r])|:os'jcl the bill on Ihe 'nomids that it t'.'lscrUnliuted In nvor of smaller counties, The bill would remove gasoline •cvemies from the formula cusis fnr rilstrlbutlon and replace with n tlirci>-wiiy division; 50 cent divided ccjunlly nmoni til cuunUcs; 25 per cent ot\ the jasls of population; nnd 25 per jcnl for the nren. The Stnte Highway Ucp.irtjiicn ycslordny [jiiinecl Its long-sough ".OCO.O.'jij emergency Eiiiproprlatloti hen Oov. .Ben Lincy slgiicd Ih See I.IiGlSl.iVTlIKi; nn r;ii6 :! ~r~ I O Lt. Gov. Thompson Plans Quick Appeal to State Supreme Court Mc'DONOUGH, Ga., Feb. 12. (U.R)—Superior Court .ludsri! Walter Hcmlrlx ruled today tliat Hcnnnn Talmadge's clucllon us governor by tlic stuto legislature was legal'ami that he wns constltuUonnlly holclhijr the Georgia'oxecUtiVls offices wliich ho Jiei/cd last month. .'• '-•.' , " "—- + The decision wns expected ;'to. lie nppiintcd wilhln a few days', to "tlic Stiito'Supreme Court. .,.:';.; ' • . The decision came four, week™ from llic day the General Assembly, elected Talmadge In nn ail-night session, hwoi'c. Mm In nt 1:55 a.m. arid cent a committee' Vi escort him lo tho governor's office. Thcjt In n diamatlc face to fnce exchange, foimtr GO; Ellis Arrmll refused lo yield the .executive .<IC: piirlincn. in hiicccullni; cjavs however, 'Inlmadije squeezed Annll out of the capital Aniall Jaje'r resigned willing the battle ngalruit Talmni'Kfl to LI Oov M E Thompson, whose suit tor a declaratory Judgment Has the bads of 1 Hoiuirlx 1 ruling loday. j The jiu 1st lenchid (Us decision j by sustaining Talmnclgc 1 !, |notlon for n demurrer to., throw'oiit-tho entire suit Ui gel him out of office. The IcKnl ac&oii had first been filed by Arnall who turned H over lo' Thompson when .Arnall resigned. The whllc-hairc'rt jurist explained— so Ihorc would be no doubt — that his' actions served to 'uphold the ICM'l ilpht of the stale legislature lo elect n governor 'Tnl- madRi- .was elected on th'e : strength Mrs. olenn Uulcl, named "W'jni- ini of Hit! Year" In a' conical S|H)ii- s-rrd by Alplm Alpha ami Alpha, Delta clinplers ol Beta aigma Pin, will l)« honored Friday Might with 11 formnl litnuiHet nnd dance In he, Mirror HoonV nt Hot«l Noblcl Tile guest of honor will bo'pre- «!iitccl iv plaque for licr oiitslnnri- iil! achievement.'; , In civic ' antt luircli acVlvltlcs, Mi-s. Lndd . Is tlio , first nlythc- \Voinftn of liic Year." EiHrlca fur he honor were sent hi by. the public and seleQllcn 'made bo^li ' ' Mine Owners to Reject Lewis 1 Health Plan II)' CIMKI.KS HKItltOI.l) Unllril rrrse Klyll oi 675 wrile-ln'vote's that ho'had obtained from last Noiembero general election. Thom|won said that ul s counsel, handed bj Stnto Atlornev General Eugene Cook, pould file aji appeal as svon.ns a hilt of exctptlbus can bo prepared and tytjecl. , Cook said [t would take at least two davs to got the appeal to tho court clerk, whq, already hm 1 re VFVV to Meet Tonight Hunt Llovci Post of the Veterans of»n Wnrs will iioltl ils wceK- l.v mccliiv- lonighl ?.l 7:30 in Uv Wclerknmp Cctton Co. office. Weather ARKANSAS -Mostly cloudy an warmer, occasional rain In ens portion lonigiil. Thursday pavll cloudy, slightly warmer and occu sionai rain n Northeast portion. r Wholesale Liquor Bill Rejected by Committee, LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Pjl>. 12. IUPI — The Senate Temperance Committee last night voted against a blil that would put the slate Inlo Iho wholesale liquor business. Dr. F. C. Crow of Hope, chairman of Ihc committee, cast ihc deciding vote alter three other mcnr- bbrrf of the committee hnd split their billots. The bill v>as written by Sen. J. Butler of Forrest City. gtjim chairman for Ihc meeting. Judsonia Man Waives Hearing on Two Charges Ernest Billiard ol Judsonia waived preliminary hearing this m6rn- inr- in Municipal Court on charges of false pretense atuf disposing of property subject of a lien, and was crdered held for Circuit Court aclion. Bond was set nt $I5!)0 covering 'both charges. Bwllard was arrested Jan. 28 in Fort Wayne, Ind. following the Issuance of a warrant charging him with the sale' of n mortgaged car. He Is alleged lo have sold a car here on which a mortgage was held by the Phillips Motor Co. H) Conversion of. existing stni:- lurcs which will produce the quick est .rclion at lowest cost anil prob fbly lowest rentals under Title of the National Housing Art. 2) Ccnslruclian of morn two Ihroc and lour family units micir Section CC3. Tillc VI. 3) Production of more Urrgc- f-cnlc leirlal slruclurcs under Hrc- tion C.3, Title VI. A representative of the NHA »'iil clis'.us.; the outlook for materials in 19-17 arul the housing needs o[ veterans will be discussed by E A. Rice, manager of Hie Veterans Housing Area at the Air Bn.xc. sons and the properly of others." Aldermen Sylvester, Mcllaney ar.r Nabers • were selected on n special committee to re-dcilne Ihe fire limits within llic city. The members of the street committee were risked to miike nn inspection of improvements recently made by Ihc Blylhcville Propann Gas Company on North Seventh Street find report on feasibilily nf closing a portion of .Seventh Street. Adjournment was taken irnlii Wednesday night. I-'cl). 10. Weather Moderates For Ihc first lime in a week, the lemperaluro stayed above Iho frec/hiR point, ns the mercury slopped its daily descent nl n low ot 33 dcKrccs during last niRlit accordinc to Hobcrt E. Hlnylock official wcnlhcr observer. ipd for British Extend Fuel Restrictions Army and Navy Join Workmen in iffort* to Obtaip Coal Quickly WWOON, Feb. 12—(UP> —.Tl\n dbnout of homes by limitation of ihc domestic UMI of electricity In Britain's gravest fuel crisis loday encompassed all of en&lnud, Scot- Irnid nnd Wales. Tiio luel ministry announced that the rcslrlcUons on electricity crjusumptlon In the |»on'c were be- lilt! extended from. the orlgjiinlly nffeclrd industrial belt across Eug- Inud lo the entire main Island ol the United Kingdom. > Tnc new emergency measure 70.000 of coal |efl Northcnsl jwrt. i for London. The Army and Nuv> hnti Joined in the bnitlo to clea ! the way fm- fuel and avert a break down of the British power .system llic new shutdown order spccl- ficcl that homes be blacked out blillidny today with the toughest flpht ot his life Just ahead. Ho faced the tnsk of obtaining new coal wage contract for his United Mine Workers (AFL.) wILh- i>ut bringing congressional wrath ilown on the w'holc organi/.cd l.ibor niovrmcnt. , Tlic. Supreme Court will inlet f torn 1:30 l>.m. lo ,1:30 p.m. In tin; shoi'My on tlin Ingnlity of SS.SIO.OMl newly affected nrens. In fiiK-p Imposed upon him PIKI The hours remained Hie name — his union for last November's n „ „,. , 0 noon and' 3 to 4 p.m.— strike In defiance of government,; ln i llc 0 |-| g | nil i lirci i comprlslnn n nnd court, orders. The decision broad slrlp across Knglniid from could weaken labor's protections southeast lo Northwest, from u.i.mctUm., under the Mot-1 s|r OUy Nolt . Dowel , dclMlly scc '. rctary of the fuel ministry, announced tho new provisions. He snid further delail.i might be forthcoming from No. 10 Downing Street later In the day. Board Launches Drive to Stop Unlicensed Sale of Real Estate Infant Dies at Wilson OECECUV Avs., Fc.). 12. -Funeral services were held Sunday at Basset MethocUst Church fo'r Rodney Lsruc Bowie, elght-mnnlh-ald sou of Mr. and Mrs. Amon n. Bowie of Wilson, who died Friday. The Rev, E. K. Scwoll, retired Mcthodisl mi'.iislcr, ofiiciatert. Buriol was in Bassclt Cemetciy. Swift Funeral ffome was in charge. A drive ogainst the selliiiR «> real estate by iinlisccr.setl'.ir. was launched last night a' a dhMioi-meeting of the Real K f .t;uc Board at the Delta Cafe. Infomation brought before the Board that scvernl persons other than prcp:rty^ owners have brf.n selling real estate In Blytheville and collecting commissions resulted in the appointment of a thrco- ma.ii commlltec-whi:h w : as inslvuct- ed lo report names of suoh pcr.soi/s lo llic proscculing attorney. The committee, composed ol Luther Gray, R. M. Br;ck nnd Robert M. Graves, was also instructed to tvivn the names cf persons found selling real estate without license over to the prosecuting attorney. Discussion "of the National Housing Agency was brought up at ?'nf meeting and the Board voted unanimously lo co-operate In connection with the program. H was indicated thai several meir.b.irs would alien:! the Rentr.l Housinc Conference tomonow night in City Hall. No new -'oills have been introduced at Ihc. cttrrenl session of Ihc Arkansas General Assembly which would brltiK material changes in laws directly affecting real estate and construction, It was reported by A. F. Dietrich. •H. C. Campbell, president of Ihc Real Estate Board, arlmonislic. members concerning Iho maintenance of fair dealings wilh the public and fellow brokers. Two new members were acccplcc by the group last night. They wen i J. J. Fields and Bert Ross. Seven teen members of tho board attend rrt Hie meeting. The next meet irg Is scheduled lor March 11 a Ihc HoCcl Nobie. ih-I.nGunriila Act. Or It could lend Congress inlo amending Ihni law so the fedcrnl Kovcnimdiit. would bo exccptcd Irom its provisions. Eilher would he n sctiJ.ick to Inbor unions. After (he court itcciMon, Lewis will seek a new wage contract wilh (be soft coal industry to replace his present agreement wilh Secretary of Inlcrior .?. A. Krnc. He, sppcnreil ID he ]in:ily closely "hoxcd in" i In Ihc eyes of tlic. mi.slir observer:*. The conl industry hns asked j'ongrets to outlaw Lewis' dc- nnmls for a health nnd welfare und financed by n royalty—cur- cntly ficc ccnl.^ n Ion: unimi.ici- lon of supc:-vl.sors and a < shop. Union lawyers contend such legislation would weaken many rxtstlns hibor contracts. I'\>rney Johnston, social counsel for thn National Conl Association, tills (ask, most apll- Orgy of Tfox Measures Protested by Memphian NASH.vrt.LE, Tcnn.. Feb. 12. (U.P.I—Tlic Shelby .County delegation, filtering a legislative floor fight for Ihc t .drsl limo In tt.o current sewion/'cliHrgcd loday. tha all Ihe Assembly has done is "tax tax. tax." Ken. ulnnchard Tunl. Mcinp'nif [IghtliiK a Jtousc-approfed bill ti ..... i raise clerk's tees [or issuclng uuto licenses IS cents. m«de the ac- f.nsallon anrt drew Irom administration floor leader, willsrd Hai gan, a low-voiced admission, '".vc- C nnu Rei^^m.11 iimue. uu^it ------ ,. v .,,, n»v^ n.*v«Mjr «»»o »ion qunlU(ciit|oii)t of .service lo, tha . c « lvctl »» Rppenrfrom i ejection by community during the pust. year Superior Judge oUnde forter o* ....... n n «. folding that Tbnmyvw U . _ iteridrlx o"verruied a Tal- nndge motion to <liw]ti»llfy Oook ns Thompson a counsel This hid nS ftect on the mnln decision Cook ad been permitted to argue the nse In the hearings last l*rld»y nd Monday Tlie case turned, the 1 jurist salti, n whether the death of Eugene Talmndgc between election and lii? auguratlon gave Ellis Amalt anther rour-yenr term. He ruled'It Id not. Al the close of his 2,000-word feclslon, he said: •'Construing tlie constitution as wo <jo. It Is clear that thp Oep?ral Assembly had the right, to' decide' where there wfl& no election by <hf people. It did decide that on ao- cpinit of 11)6 death of tho go%er- ior-otcc,t theip had been po elrt- ;lan bj the people in pur opinion tho constitution thonpiit the duty and responsibility on It to elec). and install a governor,' "The court action hero was one pf ccvcrnl steps being taken to un- rnvcl the complex Georgia political crisis that hart tied up state finances and Interrupted othor, of'l- clnl functions during the past several weeks. : .'• President Asked To Withdraw - : 'TVA Nomination WASHfNGTON, Feb.' 13. <U.P.) —Sen. E H. Moore. It., OWa., ds>- mindcd todny thnt Presldpnt .Trunan withdraw the nomination ol f):ivtd E. Lilienlbnl as chairman of the Federal Atomic 'Energy Commission. Moore said that Llllenthal is an advocalc of public ownership of |X>wcr and "represents the philosophy of centralized government epitomb.ed In Ihc New Deal ix'gimc.' 1 , ' Senate Republican V/lilp ksii- nelli Wherry also has urged withdrawal of Iho nomination. Sen. Kcnnclh, McKcllar, D., Tcnn., who hns been leading (he fight agnm60 LUIcnthal, claimed enough votes to defeat, him. •••.•> lold the House Labor ComtmlUoi yeslcrrtay that the Industry will refuse to pay the "economic black- ! mnll" of a tonnage royally oven It i it means a hcvi' strike when tho government returns the mines t.o private owners. If Lewis strikes lo win his demands, almost all of organised labor fears that (he Rcpublican- conlrollccl Congress will move swiflly to , pass laws imposing sweeping restrictions upon uiosl union activities, including tho light lo strike. vc Uixcd everything." Crash Victim's Condition Shows Some Improvement Former Columbian Used As Star State Witness . ATLANTA. Ga.. FA. 12. (UP):— A former Columbian mcmter turu- eti state's evidence today, testifying that Homer U Loomis, secretary' ot ;hc hale group who Is on iris! for Riol. gave him n blackjack wilh which he clubbed a Negro in. In alley In the S3Ull>wcst- Allanta slums, . . :•• Clarence Kite testified that ho was one of the young slrect-ilght- ers enlisted by Loomls to idrorize Negroes ns part of the Columbians' campaign lo "drive Ihe Negroes back to Africa.'': . .,. '. .' ; , continued slight improvement in inTureT in "aVtruck^accuient 1 sat-1 Serves Aboard Cruiser urdav night near Oseeola, was reported * today. Mr. Walklna is In B'jtheviile Hospital with fractures oi the skull received"When tlw (ruck in which he-was riding overturned twice on Highway' *0.- Chief Boatswam's Male .Qcmld. L. Edwards of BlyUwvllte is nowj scrx'ing aboard the light -rutser" XJSS Dnjton, according lo Snfoi- matlon received h*r<> today, srom Ihe Ninth NftVal ~' ' '

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