The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 26, 1956 · Page 5
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 5

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 26, 1956
Page 5
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Brynner, Magnani Cop Filmland's Poll Stevens' Direction of 'Giant' Votes Year's Best In National Poll Of Critics; Perkins Is '56 Discovery; 3 Honors To Strasberg By CHESTER B. BAHN Editor, THE FILM DAILY * + * NEW YORK. Dec. 26 — Yule Brynner in 20th Century-Fox's "The King and I" and Italy's Anna Mag~nani in the Hal B. Wallis production of "The Rose Tattoo" for Paramount contributed the top performances in starring: roles this year, according: to the nation's press critics and reviewers and the filrr commentators of television and radio voting- in 1956 Filmdom's Famous Five poll. Brynner repeated in the picture tbe brilliant characterization of the King of Siam which he first portrayed in the Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway mus leal hit. Mitr Magnani, making her Hollywood bow in the Wallis screen adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play, also a Broadway success, was seen in the role of Serafina Delle Rose, created on the stage by Maureen Stapleton "The King: and I" also won for two others concerned with its making: the coveted critical accolades in the FFF poll. Deborah Kerr, the picture's Anna, placed fifth in the best performance by a female star category, while the camera work of Leon Shamroy was runner up in the best photographed picture bracket. The critics singled out no less than 29 male stars and 26 female stars.for voting attention. Brynner finished with a bustantial margin of victory over his closest rival, Frank Sinatra who played Frankie in the Otto Preminger production for United Artists, "The Man With the Golden Arm.' Three' Stars In Close Range The other three male stars, while running well behind Sinat ra, had an extremely close race among themselves, a^single vote separating in each instance. In order of finish they are Kirk Douglas, who strikingly delineated Vincent Van Gogh in Metro's hiopic of the great painter, "Lust for Life;" Charlton Heston, Cecil B. DeMille's choice to creat Moses in Paramount'.? "The Ten Commandments" and Paul Newman, who played Rocky Graziano in another Metro biopic, "Somebody Up There Likes Me." Miss Magnani had the slimmest possible margin of victory—one vote—over Susan Hayward, whose characterization of Lillian Roth in Metro's "I'll Cry Tomorrow" registered solidly with the voters. The other female stars winning FFF niches in order of finish are Deborah Kerr, who thus becomes a double victor, and Audrey Hep burn. Miss Kerr scored the sec ond time with her performance of Laura Reynolds in Metro's "Tea and Sympathy," adapted from the Broadway success. Miss Hepburn was chosen for her Natasha in the Dino De Lauren tiis Italian production of Tolstoy's "War and Peace," distributed here by Paramount. 39 Screenplays Thirty-nine screenplays figured in the voting for the year's best. First place went to "Giant," written by Fred Guiol and Ivan Moi' fat. The runner-up proved to be War and Peace," a collaboration by Bridget Boland, Robert Westerby, director King Vidor, Mario Camerini, Ennio De Concini and Ivo'Perilli. "Friendly Persuasion," for which screenplay credit is in dis-j pute, received one vote less than "War and Peace," and led "Moby Dick" by two votes. The latter was written by Ray Bradbury and director John Huston. The two remaining places go to screenplays which received the same number of votes—"The Ten Commandments," written b y Aeneas MacKenzie, Jack Gariss, Jesse L. Lasky, Jr., and Fredric M. Frank, and "Tea and Sympathy," written by Robert'Ander­ son from his own play. Camera Honors to Cardiff Votes were cast for no less than 27 in the best photographed picture category, but an easy win ner was "War and Peace." Its magnificent camera work was contributed by Jack Cardiff. The second unit's camerampan was Aldo Tonti. "The King and I," photographed by Leon Shamroy, and "Moby Dick," on which Oswald Morris was the camera chief, finished second and third in rela- New Heads Of Congressional Committees There will only be three changes m Democratic committee chairmanships when the 85th Congress convenes. Rep. Oren Harris, right, of Arkansas will be moved up to head the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee. He was an outstanding supporter of the natural gas bill. Rep. Thomas S. Gordon, of Illinois, below, is the new chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee and the same committee of the Senate will have a new chairman in spry-at-89 Sen. Theodore Francis Green, of Rhode Island, below, right. Mayor Considers Charges Against Youthful Driver CLEVELAND, Dec. 26 <UP>Mayor Wilson Stapleton of subur ban Shaker Heights today con sidered charges against a 16-year- old motorist with whom he was involved in an auto accident. The mayor's car struck a car driven by Robert Luria at a stop street. The mayor said he had seen the car speeding and chased it at speeds up to 80 miles per hour. He said there was no indication the car would stop at the stop street and he was prepared to follow it through the intersection. The mayor said after the accident the boy accused him of slapping him and of calling him a "punk." Stapleton denied the slapping and name-calling. REGISTER-STAR-NEWS Wednesday. December 26. 1956 Richard Rudd Gets Indiana Position i ^ELLEVUE. Doc. "26—It has been announced that Richard Rudd. Fairfield-av, manager of the Fangboner Co. retail warehouse, has accepted a position as head of the . '"-chasing and scheduling departments of the Shelbv Electric Co.. Shelbyville. Ind. Rudd had been plant superin-i tendent of the company before coming to Bellevuc as foreman of the press department of the Cockshutt Farm Equipment Co. He will assume his duties Jan. 1. Mrs. Rudd and the-' •hildren will remain in Bellevue for a time. Most of the Nation's Largest Mortgage t,ind«« require Title Insurance on your property for lh« protection of their interest as mortgagee. > C*» you really afford a greater risk than they are willing to tssume? Louisville Title Insurance Co. 411 Western Security Bank Bldg. Phone 8063 Hear — Enjoy Rudolph Ringwall's 'Memorable Muiie" WLEC 7:30 V M. Tuesdays and Thursdays. - " Confidence Man Nabbed In West Office Relaxation Is Recommended CONSTIPATED? new laxative discovery un-Iocks bowei blocks without gag, bloat or gripe tively .close voting. Closer still was the race between "Picnic," for which James Wong Howe was camerman, and "The Ten Commandments" which had Loyal Griggs as photographic chief. A single vote separated the two. Additional photography for the De Mille picture was by J. Peverell Marley, John Warren and Wallace Kelley. Three players who already had placed in other categories were chosen by the critics, reviewers and commentators as "finds of the year." Anthony Perkins of "Friendly Persuasion" easily led the field of 34. His closest rival was Don Murray, seen in 20th Century-Fox's "Bus Stop," followed by Paul Newman, seen in Metro's "Somebody Up There Likes Me." Newman led Carroll Baker of "Giant" by one vole, and Baker had the same slim lead over Su san Strasberg of "Picnic," a three-time FFF winner this year! CLEVELAND, Dec. 26 (LP) Police today learned that Howard Louis Pederson, a confidence man wanted here for swindling morej than $50,000 from businessmen, has been arrested in Great Falls, Mont. However, it may be a lou^ time j .... before the Cleveland police gei| "' their hands on him. Ho is also Morton wanted in Detroit, Dallas. Boston and Evansville, nd., for variations of confidence garnes he al- CHICAGO. Dec. 26 (UP)—The businessfnan • who spends part of each day with his feet on his desk has the right idea but isn't carrying it far enough, a furniture engineer said today. What the busy executive really needs. Lawrence L. Morton said, is to take the kinks out of his spine by relaxing in a reclining: legedly pulled here Detective Inspector Thomas Murphy said Pederson's method was to approach businessmen and tell them he had contacts with Army procurement by which he could get merchandise for them at below ^wholesale prices. He then collected down payments but didn't deliver the goods. He was arrested in Great Falls said busy exec 'ves; become tension-bound and need occasional "rest breaks" to avoid: later exhaustion. "Sitting and reclining for these short periods takes a strain off; the heart." he said, "as it re-f Iowa grows better than 500,000 bushels of corn in an average year, one-sixth of the entire U. S. I for impersonating an Air Force ci'op. ! officer. duces the work the heart must do| to pump -blood back from thej toes/' ; Ideally, he said, it would be nice to have every office equipped with a sofa which will support the head and legs and cushion the body i.s "the most that can be expected" in most offices today. Constipation is caused by what doctors call a "thrifty" colon. A "thrifty" colon is one that, instead of retaining moisture as it should, does the opposite: robs the colon of so much moisture that its contents become dehydrated, so dry that they block the bowel; so shrunken that they fail to excite or stimulate the urge to purge that propels and expels waste from your body. TO REGAIN NORMAL REGULARITY two things are necessary. First, the dry, shrunken contents of your colon which now block your bowel must be re-moistened. Second, bulk must be brought to your colon to S-T-R-E-T-C-H STIMULATE it and so, excite its muscles to action; to a normal urge to purge. 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