The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1947
Page 5
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TUKSDAY, FKBUUARY 11, 1047 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAQE < ^BETTERHOMES ' Science Provides Aid for Builders New Meter Reveals ^Defects Which Naked Eye Cannot Detect 1JV I'AUI, V. KI.I.IS HJiiIteil Priss Science Writer) NEW YOHK, Pel). 11. lUI'J — The man planning to build a i> war home .should check and doub'.e rhec-k Hint lumber going-Into Ihe dwelling. In these clays of black market!, lhat Imr.bcr still muv be ^recii or havc too much moisture. Resul 1 .: his new home may have doors thai .shrink off their hinges; Moors that warp and '.'.'alls that crack. Science has a tool, however, that, acts us u watchdog to j;n; against grcvn lumber. 1'. is culled a moisture meter and wa:i developed by scientists in the electrical industry, it, is about, the sine of nn ordinary shoo box. and weighs just a few ounces o»-<:i p five pounds. The meter is electionically controlled, getting us power from ';"all batteries in the portable ou 1 .Of, the home builder need not buy ono of these meters. He can ask his contractor to use • the mete:- and muke on-tbe-spot testing before tin; mjr.ber is used. Lun b.'i- >)iiy vjiss the test at a RFC Approves Mammoth Loan To Build Homes WASHINGTON, Feb., II. lUI'l — The Reconstruction Finance Corp.. announced loday a $9.000.000 loan lo Higgins Homes. Inc., New Orleans, lo aid in Hie production of prefabricated houses. The agreement specified that th- Warehouse Fire Ties Up Traffic; Cuts Out Phones UTTLK HOCK, Ark., Feb. U. <U1') — Service has been restored lo about 3.00D telephones In Norlh lle Hock, iind traffic was expected to be resumed today on the llrniid- way Bridge across the Arkansas Hiver following a lire under ihn span Sunday. Higglus firm put up and spend $2.- j . T ! le hridge was closed lo traffic 000.000 before drawing-or! any of| clnur1 " 8 imd llftl ' 1 ' l . lle l "' <1 ' lnlt I"- 1 *' the HFC loan. It also provided that $3.000,000 of the loan be used for equipment and materials ami Hint the remaining $0,000,000 go Into Motorist faces Charge Following Fatal Accident JONKsnoilO. Ark., Feb. 11. (Uf'i —A. n. Fisher, 34, of 1-onoke Coun- ly, Is in ji Miu-l-.ed Tree jail today ujargcd with involuntary man- .shuu'hler following Ihe dcalh of Mrs. Lois lirown of .lonesboro Kun- day nlBhl. Mrs. liiown, 2D, was killed when lasher's truck slrucl: a cur driven by l>ut Drown on Hisliwny (ill near Tyroiwn, l£cu::ation Association, would.aUo\v working capital. The Hisgins firm orlglnnlly asked for a bill that request was rejected. much mill, but mny absorb loo moisture <;uring shipment. The moisture meler is simple to operate. The contact is made by driving loin phonograph needle deai-odes live-sixteenths of an mch into the surface. Presto and the contractor can tell by reading Ihe meter whether the lumber is i'JMsoned properly ' meter ha.s been developed • or some time, but its use was not so general until ;;]ack market operators ii3g'in selling lumber, ire.shl.v cut and too green.' The shrinkage comes months later causing ijrcni damage. S.-nne contractors make it "must," to lest all lumber ' - tors. a It is i»spcc- Inc meter also the moisture of brick, biiildim; til material. it- may also be used newly-plastered walls to determine whether they are dry enough to paint. Walls that arc wet painted sometimes peel or Here again, the meter is a dos; for ihe home builder. is used to test concrete, stone. anci insulating testinj; when blister, ivatch- Forty Snowbound Boy Scouts Have "Merry Episode" CLEVELAND. Feb. 11. (UP)—The big adventure was over today lor some 40 Boy Scom.s stranded in farm houses near their winter camp yesterday. The Scouts sold they "had the "time of their lives" and their farmer hosts called it a "merry episode." The "city kid's,- 12 to 15 year oid-, from Cleveland, went to their winter camp on 138 acres of wilderness 30 miles east of Cleveland wi Saturday afternoon, planning to return home Sunday afternoon. Mut high winds piled up huge drifts of snow, blocking their way home and stopping rescue crews and snowploivs .sent lo dig lliem out. The boys and their leaders took refuge in three farm houses and proceeded to enjoy themselves— while their worried families in Cleveland waited word of the rescue aitenipts. State Highway and Army snow plows finally dug through the drifts of Die secondary roads late yesterday and reached the snow- bsunr; youngsters. cars and liulit truck* to cos s' "i iin<.:i i said the bridge probably would be opened to nil truffle this afternoon after being closed for further examination from 10 p.m. last night until 7 a.m. today. ndoo ol- Arkadolphia. J. E. Smilli 01' Hsyn'o. Or-over Nance of Newport, fciul Ihey got scattered sup- part from J. Wecms Trussell ol Pordyca, Dr. F. •{;.• Crow ol Hops, and Byron Goodwin of DeQueen. Said'Smith regarding the sever' .. . lion the property tiix to be collected HIM'! Ui»y year, with the revenue 1 (|oln{!' to public schools anil colleges, Tile Senate also made u special order ol Lmsiness for tomorrow a !)iil by Sen. Krnesl Maner ol liot Springs, .selling up a 2j percent liiivllc-at! tax on net profits of '.ill wholesale liquor dealers. Another bill bv St'ii. njron Goodson.6l' 1»- QiK'i'ii would allow a city ol the tlrtt or second ehiss lo hold « local Ojilloii. liquor eh'L'lion reniird- le.s.i of tlir current .sliilns of the remainder of the county. The bill would, in L'ffoct, nullify >\ recent, siiiinine court decision. In the House, an 84 lo 3 vol.0 set up a Meitioi iid Sliidlnin Commission to advance plans lor uulld- $75,000 Offered ' For War, Project Costing 4 Millions urn.!.; UOCK. Ark.. R>b. u, - lUl'i...'rj,,. rCjilonnl office of (lie AV'i Assess AclrnlnlHtralloli here Mail lieloiv It today u lime bill of $75 WK) ior the BOvenunmt-owiu'd ))r»|)i'iiy ui die southwest 1'rov- i"W Ciruiiiul.s ut Mope. 'Mie Lid wus silbmittiM yester- by the Hope Industrial Cor- Pupih Move Quietly From Burning Building HAVCiaUUHST. tin., FA II.-- lUI'JTIw Jeff Oiivl', County Con- ;nlldtilrii .School vvns destroyed by lire yesterday, bu'. several hundrcul filddrrils wc".i' matched !imn ilio 'jiiililiiiK In orderly fashion without Injury to undone Uainiivii 1 was es- I[muled "I In Die Congo, prnycrs lor revenue mo Bald by driving nnlls Into H wooden simile. U. S. government $4,'J92.000. i Floyd .Sharp, chief of renl prop- j city disposal for (he WAA office povniion, composed of a group of j here, siild that other bids opened ] Hn>i- Inislncsstiu'ii, wllh C. O. yc.sU'rdny were on 1TO bulldiiiBs at Sprains „«, prcsfdem. j ,,,„ Al . klmsns ordnance 1'hiiU IIL| 'I'hi' WAA expressed iloubl Iliat. Oil- bid would be acceptable In \yaslilui;ton, becnuso of Ihe fael Ihul [t ^as so far below the ap- liriiiscd viiliio ol' tlui pni|)erts\ Con- sl.slltiii of ifto acres and ir> bulld- Iniis. ihi> proving urounds cost Ihe Jacksonville. Shiirp salil Unit H words would bo iinnotinurd iiller nil offers had been liibulnlcd. This Is the first time that the tfeucrnl public ha.s hnil tin opportunity to bid on any of the properly. ance lax.' "in the face of slalemeifts ing such u stitdltnu LEGISLATURE C'nntinucd from rate 1. -! error's tax-boosting legislation. The Senate yesterday endorsed eight of Laney's 10 measures, .with; the. strongest opposition coming in! '*"' vcte on raising the severance- thut the stale. U collectin£ record high revenues, I can't vote for :i higher tax" tjfii. 'Clyde Byra of El Dorado. • president pro tcui of the upper | vhnin'jcr, prior to the voting on (he severance tax siikl, "I don't ; Jike lusher taxes, but we hui-e to do one ol two things—vole higher pay for leathers or fail }n our puipose of this scs.ilon." The measure got a 31 lo 1 vote of approval. The rest of Oov. Limey's bills and voles accorded then] in the Senate; Revising methods of distributing funds jiow going in the general re-, 31 to 0; transfer of some f8,£00,(>00 in surplus funds, 32 lo p; nllou- the stute to pay lite auditing of rounly finances, 33 lo U; requiring counties lo pay salaries and CXJKIISCS of counly assessors and dejjutys, 31 to 1; atolishiUB the state proiierty tax. 28 to 3; raising Hie inconic tax in thu hiRher brnckcls, 30 to 3; raising the cigarette tax one cent per p-ick 28 to 4. Two other measures, both with amendments, were not acted upon One would raise the lit|iior tax SO cents per gullon, but was revised »t the request of the governor in order to .separate' the collection o! slalc and federal ia>:cs. Tlie other measure, involving a compromise Jetwcen Laney and the Arkunsns Arkansas. n other notion, the House: Hi-reived a bill by Kens, Al*|ie Word and E. C. Flcemiut of MIs- slssipiii Counly advocating rejw»l "f a 1SJI5 law I hilt nil pom mi I by Received n bill presented Cliiuac Coffclt ol IJsntfin. us for a supplemental appropriation ol bstween $303.000 and S750,COO to 1>D distributed to Arkiinsas' 76 counties by the Game iind Fish commission; !ie;-i'ived another bill, by Coluni"Jiu Citiiity H.]). II. I). C'olny, nn- liiurizing a privilege tax ranging Irom $1 ttj j;>5 on coin-operated machines. Including scales, peimut venders, juke boxe.s mm soft drink vending machines. WARNING! ACT PAST ON PINWORMS wlltllirc. And .1 ii nuw ki^iwn tliul tliu UKly croalutva. llvinti uiul uroiviiiK Endiilu the tutmnu Ixjily. cm* cause real dhlreas. fco diln't takti rlmiiuea widi I'hi-Wnrnw. t'Qm lluiinlivrlraof Ihourarnvntlnu r«liil llcli or oiln.-r troubloa cnUMi-il by lliu i,,-iia. GctJAVNE'SP-WoltlioflrUiiii-nut I'in- Wonn». P-W in n mitllrolly r:»n:( tn-ul- mcnt linsctl on nn nflitlalfy rccoKni£L-i] druif IT-.-icii'lf wliii-h Iici4 |iri,v«s| ati n-uneierful '- .Iralitu- xvllh tl,l« l.ifccllot,. -Ill* Binnll Wnnuafjjlly nii.l nnW/. your drutnlit: P-W for Pin->Voniia I r*-\V t The i..nti-admtnistrntion bloc !,•(, by Senators G. W. Ixx>k-; Parenthood Planning Gets Doctors' Okay Mmr -.rrt-r-, i -' *** ""- J ***-•"'->, vi nrie Lucy ui- > , NEW YORK. Feb. 11. (U.P.)— A j tended the "State of the Union- ! TO! of a representative group or Sam CtOic has returned from, jlmencnn physicians showed today; Hot Spring.;, where he' has b»c-i! Osceo/a News J. li. Buiin, assistant attorney Bcnera of Ar>:unsns, spent the. 1 - weekcnd with his family. j Mrs. Joe Onilom Jr., of Wilson. Mrs. Jack Wilson. Mrs. Melvinl Spsck and Mrs. Jcttie Driver spent! Friday in Memphis, where they at- I thai U7.8 per cent favored biith control for health reasons, ar.c] almost n.s largo percentages favor it for economic reasons an-1 tor •marital adjustment. The results of the poll, the first land gyucology at Johns of its kind, were announced last'Medical School, at a dinner nighl by Dr. Alan F. Outtniacher, ing of the Planned Parenthood associate professor of obstrctrics' Federation. j j lor the past three weeks taking! j a series of baths. Mr. Coble lias I been iil for some time. His condition is improved. Hopkins GKT YOUR 10-17 COLOR BOOK FREE! Brighten Up Every Corner of Your Home .,. HARD TO GET ITEMS We have tho following sixes of ]>lntc glass in stock: 60 x 60 inches 1 48 x 60* inches 44 x 80 inches Also Rlnss to c\it top.s for any sine or shaite furniture! ARKANSAS PAINT, GLASS, & WALLPAPER COMPANY MY FAVORITE PAINT FOR THE KITCHEN! SHIKWIN-WlUIAMS 105 East Main St. Phone 2272 SEMI-LUSTRE WALL FINISH Ii'j the housewives' fivoritf I Semi-Lustre W>11 Finish gives rich color and lasting beauty to kitchci\and hith- loom walls as well as woodwork throughout the house. Amazingly washable... cuts f houscclcaning time! 1 .35 WE MIRACLE WAtL FINISH 3.49 Gal PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. BEN WHITE & SONS CONTRACTORS GENERAL MAIN OFFICE -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 ?r's Fricntl wnssai;lnff /; ration helps hrtng case and comfort to expectant mothers. M OTimiVS l-'RinNn. nn rx<r ur«|>urccl I'lnalllcnl, H ilscl"! In nil i-ol)clllluui v/hrr'.^ n btuud, Inllil miculynu nuiiii-pllv iiu'dltim hi ttklu Uilnkatlan l:i (tcxlrcd. Ono cunclttlon lit which women tor more tlinn VO ycurK Imvu u.toa u h -•• >n (or niuKiniilni Ilio ' ' :l"licy .. . ll Wln.l \xt fr^, It HhX'*lnvi mill tOllC't ll >\,\n, AttMtnl inuwiiLRui\])|>)|cutloii fur l numb, tliitfllnii or hurnlint uriihntlonn tli* Hkln,..for tJio tlrod ImoX niuacj or CTQiiip-ELko puliiH In (he Ipgti. Qvilckly ' - pNjiw**t V*/i "»(•!*K*» t -. THE QUINTUPLETS •lw«y« us« thte art** rah l*r COUQHS^COIOS CHId'i MJIJ , MUSTEROLF! CHICK THEATRE 'Where Happiness Ijuj Onice O|wii!i'«:4$ p.«%-Show eUrii T:«» ».». s-g': i -r\, 'Lone Rider Rides On" with . •";•. Ciiuirgr Houston iihil ,. ; Al "i : u/7.y" $t. JuUit Also Hlmrl Subjects . mr\ny \IKC. doct tors uiul ' , uny (]iUk/ ii\:\i\ I'liiol . ] s L for MotliiT'y J-'rkml-lhu lenl (\m\ hibrtcAiiL, Uo try It! 'Mother's Friend QUICK ESTIMATES-THOROUGH PLANNING! LET DAVID REAL ESTATE BUILD YOUR POST-WAR HOME NOW! Tlicre'.H an ciHl saylnu. "l^on't. put oK 'til louiorrow, \vluit you can do loduy." 'null's true of Hie housing condition here loo. There's no need helnu overcrowdl^d, dlstunli-nli'il and un)ni|>py when all you luive In do Is call In Uavld lirnl 1'^tatv iind have them build for you N()>V. We. will build to your spcclllcalloiiK, IPIIK term loiins ari'aniicil, Includ- Iny insurunci? and taxes, pny back like rent. Kcc David Real Kslate Today I DAVID REAL ESTATE & INVESTMENT CO, 112 N. 2nd St. Phono 3633 WATER- What An Important Part It Plays In Our Daily Lives Most all of us take for granted our water supply and the service it renders in our daily lives. Seldom, if ever do we stop to realize the precaution that must be taken in safeguarding our water supply. ( Deep, Artesian wells supply the clear, sparkling water that comes into your home. It is thoroughly purified and softened in the most modern processing plant before it enters the home. So essential to the health of tvery person is water, your cheapest com- modity. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Hint, « T Water It Your Cheapest Weilnesdny & Thursday'' "Tho Woman in the *l Window" •-••''• Wltll <«.'; III IlLiiiii'tl I:I|».H[| (i. lt(|bli>8«n 'rinl: "I'liunlom Uiiler" Chipt. 3 Also Shorls '.' "' ,' v <)|icu Ii::t0 |i.m.; Shiiw Stnrls-7 p.m. Tuesday ' I'Al, NIGHT ••"."•; "HIGH SCHOOL HERO'r with ' '.. '.\ • I'mhlle Sluarl, .lunc Prtlsser ,Serial: Ohii|ii. I, ".rack Arm.H(rtnjt" Helei'U'.l Sliurl Subjects. .', ./ Wcilncsday & Thursday CONFIDENTIAL AGENT Cliiirlcs HO.VCT, r.uurvii Barall 1 News of Hi; l)a>-\ Also HIi New Theater Manila's Finest Shows EVI!IIY NIGHT •', Matinee Saturday & Sunday: Boi Opens Week IJajm 7:M pjm. Sal.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cant. Bhoirioc TUESDAY "PILLOW TOJOST"' with Ida l.uiiinn, Sidney Grrens(ri$t with Shnrl .Subjects Wednesday & Thursday "Home in Oklahoma" with Itoy Kujrcrs :uul Dale Kvnnc Scledcd Shorts • - " THEATRE Manila, Ark. Tuesday 'When Strangers Marry" with Dean .l.iRfii'r.s :unl Kim Hunter 1'lus Kay Diikc anil His Gan'e —Tn Person— Fcadirinf Ray nuke's Horw "Smokey Joe" Wednesday & Thwdayi "DECOY" ' . with Jean Gillh- and Edward Nerrta P.irnmfiunt Xcwn and

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