The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 27, 1931
Page 6
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JlAY27,j)_3_l_ BT/VTHRVIM/E, r (AIttC.y COtlRIBR NtiWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two teals a word" /or first' insertion and oiie cent . » word 'at <-ach iub5e<iuent Insertion. No advertisement for less than 50c. Count Hie words and send lue cosh. IMionc 306 Navy's "Floating Fortresses" 1 ry Out Bi<>; Guns FGiC KiiNT Coin- l-'OH ItUiNT—Aparlincnt 111 iwiluing. S<e l j arkhurst puny. UO-11 1-OK KENT—Newly furnished col lagc 4 rooms and batii on Uav:s slieei. Call DliS or 050. L. i> Ward. l-'Olt HLNT— I'urnbhcd rooms Jor lljlil housekeeping, also sleeping Ijorcii lor couple or iwo young men. 7UO West Walnut. ajc-if FOIl HUNT—Modern new mem. '013 W. Asli. Call or Siiti. . - a purl•112-W FOll KENT—1 rooms nnd kith, llK!:! Holly, beven rooms and bath. 1TO W. AMi. Phone 100, K. FOR REST—South bedroom. Phone •ilM. 27C-K3 Mr. and Mrs. lillss Vancey, Il-ili Hilli'.sple Jr., L'uyd Helen mill Mr:-. luinuiMli SllMimiu i-iijuy- e.t a jixiilc Hunday. MM. Cnarliv Si'Olt, Mrs. l-'oiier Vuti's aim Miss Ih'is Elinor Thiveat vtie Mrmplii.s visitors Wednesday. Mr', '.ilul rs. Toni[*ins nud eiill- :hcn 01 iiunU'Ue allended I'hurdi ji'ivucs here Sunday. .Mr. .iii.i Mrs I'rank Vullmei were UlyllKvilk- viiltors Sunday. Mr. aim Mrs. J. W. S.-auni ]r., of O.iceuia wvre Biiesis uf Mr. and Mis. 'luai Uiiliav Simd.iy. Mrs C. it. Wood sliupiKd 1 111 lily- llieulU- Monday. .Miss M.UB.HCI Mo'llll was. a Hly- thoulk vi-jiur Sunday. Hill \\muu-ilick alli-nded to business :n'io Mumiay. Js'cUui T.iIVy ol Mcmiili:* r-p.-nt Sund..y ni Lu.\o:a. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern «C-ltn Bocin, bconi! Forward guns of the U. S. b. Tex AS rear r.:id r;>:ivt s-.\ii-;iiv' clciKts of black smoke WANTE& 1'OUL.TRV WANTED—Market prices, aiiy quantity. Marilyn Hat- cucry. 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora VJzell, 2207 18th St. TF W1L1, PAY l;ASH for Used- Cars. Lehman ClIllLspii-. Demon . Chevrolet Co. yi as the txUUtsliips of the U. S. Navy disuse in practiie The picture was snapped jitsl bcforo llu b:nok-o uiiiov. o(T Nieul.'s lilund near Los Angeles. C, the drcadnaiighl. THIS CURIOUS WORLD LOST AMI) FOUND LOST—Mi'.lo bird-dog puppy, months old, liver s]K)ls. Liberal mvard. n. B. Wesi, Phomi 60. 20P-KM 1'KKSONAL CASH PAID for second hand furniture. A. L.. Flowers, corner Main & Lake Sis. GC-TF STOCKHOLWEKS MEETING ol The lil.vthcvillc Cotton Oil Company The Annual Meeting of the directors and stockholders cf the above comyany will be held Thursday, June 9th at, 10:30 A. M. In the offices of W. A. Gage £ Co., > Falls BldiT., Memphis, Tenn. 4C-KG-3 SINCE as O.'SCOV/KQV in 1885, ALTHOUGH ir (S A I islios, Frc-nch rice pudding, milk, 1 loa. DINNER - Creole houillabaistv lead leltiuv will) l-'rem-h drersin'j •ye bicad. slrawhcrry batter pud- iiii!. milk, coltec. Closimj Stock Prices A. T. &. T. .-. 104. 3-i . Anaconda Copper --3 3-4 Auburn 1G8 Catbrpillar'Trac'tor • '•.'. .'''22 ; l-3." Chrysler 10-3-8 Cities Service ...; • 10 5-8 Continental Baking 10';. General Electric 38 ':• Gctieral .Motors 35'.'t Montccmery \Vani 17!V New York Central &2 7-8 Packard 0 1-8 Radio Corp 14 7-8 Simmons I- 1-3 Standard ol N. J 33 5-8 Texas Corp 20 £.ua;-di,y alU'inoon Misi Carn Mill HllTs rineil.ill;cd wllll a wily ijiii|ili:iK'i)Uuij Mlis Maxlue "!i ana her aueit, Miv, Uyrolhy CJlciin ui Callii'ivillc, Tcnn.. at lliu male u; Mi.,, nusstll liowen. In tie Kami's, Miss Maiatucl Mof- I'.l won lu^h srure, u vase, Mis. V. J. 'fmiderhrk cm consu a douij:,. (ink O f curds, while Mi,;, luwui ;uid Uic two lionoret-s Vicro H'en'iiti-il loicly silts. The hostess icrvcd a d,.!icluus salad tours j. The jiii'it hit incliKlcd betides Miss L3rovvn jiul Nhii.s Cilcnn, Mcscii'.nu's W. J. Wuiultillck, Buck Silllman, ic.s UnviT ul Osi-cola, C. W. Voll- r in Ulythi'villc, Mitsi-s Malbflle CcoK. M.iriiiiici Moilllt, iMnry Sue Hale and Julia Craig ol' Osccob. EU7.ala.ili Siiaini and Lo'.ilse Hudson. Luxora Society—Personal Second S3 Bill of Its Kind in'U. S. found ANCBJT HINDOOS . TriouGHT THS eAKTU WAS A HEMSPHSRE. HEiOUP &Y SIEPHWS, VIHILE A -TURTLE HSLD up THE Mr. and Mrs. K<1 L'ookc. Clra L?..I and Mildreil Uw.iy o; .Manila were the jjucst.s ui Mib. Hlcliard Kiveric, Thursday. Mis-Janws B. O. Wilklns, and \V. 0. Howard were visitors in Bly- liitville. Thursday. Mr. and Mrs Frank Vollmer wore business visitors in Mtiiiphis. Wednesday and Thursday ot lust week. Rev. and Mrs. I'linikett spent a fev; days of Ihp week in Al- nli^nia at. the bctlsiitc of Mrs. LMiin- IkcU's mother, who is :;a-ionsly ill. Clarence Vollmer of Ulj'thovilUr v.oa a Luxora visitor, Friday. Mr^. R. C. LLIII^&IULI sy.-ni, Friday in Blylheville. Mrs. 'J'. F. Hiu'son, Mrs. Sue Grown nnd Miss Loniso Hudson we;e visitors in lilyllievilie, Thursday. Mrs. Jjmcs Driver of Osccola u-.d Mrs. C. W. Vollmer of Bly- hevir.e were KUC-sls at a bridge •arly givi^n by Mrs. Buck Silll- nan iu Iwr home Tlutrsctay nlier- ni-on- Mr. and Mis. Tom Uallcw Thursday in Blythcville. Mr. and Mrs. Bliss Yaiicey and daughter, ^f.^ry Bliss, were .y.-eek- tuci guesls of Mr. and Mrs. Lcuis MAU1SON, Wls. IUD—A W bill has bc-L-ii found hi Maulson lo jirow reiinils lhal "Ihe worlil's only lluec-dollar bank note" ILU !] ihiL-cvercd In tlie iJOsseslon of Ctem Iv.-y,- Cinclnnall. Ben H. Doorman is the owner o: the bill loimd in Madison. It wn. issued by Ihe Suite Bank ot Moiui Vcir.oi:, Jnd., in 1858, and IMS utt-i in U^uriiKin's possL'ssion for man' years. Ivi-y's note is claicd June 21, 1B-I1 and was issued by a Lebanon, O bank under authority ol U'.e slnl gf .Ohio. POOR ! -THIS PLACE A MUSEUM, WITH ! ~Co COWER ... . -file. Ba-ffLe wrrvl ^v-Qosel, I -fAk£ -l- AUK 15 t-l/U-T USEP SOtE VRQ&S Excavators at Aiuio, a scashui town on Hie Italian court, toul ol Home, have uncarllied ft luxur ous sea villa belonging to Her the etniJL'ior who is said to have fiddled while iiouic burned. U. S. Steel 92" New York Cotton MEW YORK. May 27. (UP)—Collor. closed steady. Open High Low- July B14 873 BID del. 903 015 ai!2 Dec !K) 3:15 903 Jan 039 018 915 Mar. .... Bill OIV7 9;!3 Siwts steady and unchanged at 805. Close 3S9 not S3 j 'jit; SISTER •MARY'S KITCHEN New Orleans Cotton T NEW ORLEANS, May 27. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. July Oct. I5CC. Jan. Mar. Oiicn High . 8ii8 »7!1 . 905 014 . 921 035 . 'D44 D'lG . Hjft S5C Kl U30 Closs B3S R01 02:!1) 917b Is steady at SM, oil 5. NOT THAT KIM) I-OS ASOELKS. - Elliott \V. Sparlin:: thought Ins wife .slinuld lie ":c<ialc. aiio'.erc and sislcrly' Inward him. But Marguerite Sparling didn't want to be that way. Hlic tolri -Superior Judi;e C r. Ilusli, in a divorce suit, that she war.ted to be "full of pep am! laughing and kissablc." Slw was gratiled a divorce and alimony. Courier News Want Arts Pay. ^WASHED GRkAStD; EATON AND SON l-lionc Will Buy Late Model Used Cars Lee Motor Co., ]IV SISTKR MARY NEA Service Wrilrr If you are piaiiiiinE; lo serve tea or entertain in any fashion, sandwiches usually come into mind as a suilaWo anil attractive breadstuff. Used alone with tea or as a salad acccinpaiiimenl, they always are popular. The modern vei::oii is a far cry frcm the ordinal "two slices of _ bread with a tliin layer of filling '[between." for tl:c most allurin 1 .,' of sandwiches uses but cue slice ol bread and the filling is anything ml thin. Tins "open face" sandwich can be varied almost indefinitely. It can be mart; and garnished so yiictiircsrr.iely thai it looks more like a confection than a sandwich. Crca:n 'softened with heavy cream mal:-s an effective border piped around the Stuffed olivrs, sweet p;c- klod cucumber rinqs. pickled \va- Icrmclon rings, a bright t:<rl jelly, ])imcnto. ri;-ccl hard-cooked egg yolk, any well s.-:i.«nfd sanriwich inislure, a fine shrimp in a border of caper;; - all '.hete and nnny more mnterials can !)e u^cd for tlic. center of the cheese border. \ Graham, ivhile rye, Bust on blown' bread or whole bread can be used for tlic foundation. The bread should be sliced thin and cut in rounds not more than two inchm In diameter. Smail diamonds and hearts can alro be cut and i! adds imirh lo the attractiveness of Hie fini.-hc'd I ray of sandwich.:* if tile stapes arc varied. "The ways to riecorale those sandwiches are innumerable. For ribbon s;>i:d<ilches. use two kinds of bread and cut the bread in thick. Irnslhwi'o slices. For "i-hcckerbcarcls," c.ut ai;;>in. niak- ini! strips. Butler bread lightly and put together ivldi (liricrrnl IV.l- rS infs. Wrap tiglitly jn waxed pn- jjl per and put in a oold place lor an hour or longer, 'llien slice about 3-8 Inch Ihick. Tile filliiiR must bo quite smooth and not so luoisl lo soak into the bread. A seasoned butter is olten used and is vcrj satisfactory when several varieties of assorted are served Kollcd sandwiches arc ano'.hc interesting pnsMbllit)'. The brcac must be Irosh lor tlieie. cm MM thin and even. Hoth graham am whilo breads are used for these too. Remove crusts and slic bread, lengthwise of the lea: Spread each slice with crearr.e.' o;ic end of c-arh tfrahasn roll evenly ivith bnliLi- ami roil up in grated pistachio nuts. Of course anj dry materials that will clins to the b'il;c-r can lie u^rci, but tbu yellow Liici'ji' ar.d giccr. nuts ar.? sucj cd on account of their color. 1 This tyi'.i: of saiuivvlcli naturally l-.ikcs li:nc lo make, but i' i:; mosi beguiling and B'ra a delightful party air to any function. BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES WITH I'UiASUHU! By Martk; Courier Nc\vs '.Vailt Arts Pay. 'j'o:iiorruiv's Menu l'.!l!iAKi"AST — Cheni.js, cereal ccokul with date;;, cicam, sour cream waffles, ir.aii'.c syrup, milk, cofke. LUNCliKOiV—Ilakcd f,»inai.-h and i day. rad- MLsses Rosa Lou Cookc spent the week-end in Blylheville. Leroy Woods si»nt Hunday with relative hero. ML-a Janice Fleitvs was an OECC- ola visitor Sunday. Miss Lois Mae Powell of Meal- phis spent Uie week-end witli her I parents, Mr. and Mis. Joe I'owell. ' Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Crawford and son. Carl, of Hughes, Ark., spent Sunday with Mr. and Mi'j. LouU Sjiami. Miss Elizabeth Spann is spending a week with her sister. Mrs. Bliss Yanccy and Mr. Yatiecy at Hughes, All;. Miss Josephine Holly of Cooler. Mo., \vas a visitor in f^ixora £;;n- BAKGA1IN NO. 3 UNIVERSAL : S1.I1JNGLES The kind tliat do not Curl or Flap 'in Uie Wind. $Q95 10!) S(juare l-Vi-t Check up on your roof. I;C(J us send n. man lo Huru it mid uiiikL- you pvict applied. I'honi! 101) E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. VlGUU, W6C& 1 AW, AT L-AST....A1J' 1. HOPE TH'S IS SOFT COAL IVA UAMO1NG WASH Tt:UKS f I'LV. SHOW '£M ,TrtUN5£Rl I'LL BUV (\ NOT SEE1M& oEftVl, ^MO CjO TO C,£P. ToiMfvUD MORN IMG, THEY ftRE •STARTLED BV ^ fWWT TRVPWfa KV TME.1RTOOR., £SCA,P£ FROM Trit V?WM. RUrt-RUNNE.R5 IN Tvi.e <i«010IN& P^NESS. GUT *T wrtW ^ COST! STOUN t!\R&0. UlS SE&T &OKT, WE LOST JUST AS HE Se BUSV UMTtt LWe (M FOR AN1Y POSSlBtE TROUSLE.

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