The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1947
Page 4
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FOUR BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) •TUESDAY, -FEBRUARY 11,. 19-17 BETIER HOMES Home Builders Busy in Osceola -_ - Five Residences Co'mpleted and Sold; Others are Building OSCEOliA. Feb. 11 — Building - here continues-on (he upswing with - the • completion of five-houses and tfie" beginning of constriicllon work- on four more. •> The the completed residences are part, of Ihc veterans housing' program. Located In Hie neiv Crime Subdivision, they have been sold lo W. B. Stewart, MaHlflnt Erwln. Cfiarles ,\vlygul, Milton. Clinton and J. : B. spencer, prices ranged from $6700 lo S8000. .Work began .Saturday on Hie new , residence fo'Mi-. and Mrs. liari-cl Crane on Quli'm Avenue. Or modern" rtesign with .six rooms nml both, the house Is slated for completion , by April '!.-'•• ' Work has begun on three !at_ed frame residences in the Crane Subdivision. They are being built by BillMcMath, Ernie Ronser nnd Charles Wigginlon. "Dr. Jvtorrts Nlcliol' has added ft , bed-room nnd bn{h to his home on West ; Seemes Avenue. Tree Farming Idea Spreads New States i. Wilii the addition of six new J-stales, 108 tracts, and 1,787,281 ^.ncjes to. the '"J'rce Farm inovc- j ment. 1940. chalked up an linprcs- i Rive and encouraging; contribution .V to' the nation's future supply of < trees. •= Certification under the Tree r Farm program Insures .The mnn- ., asement of woodlands according to ; the enlightened forestry stundards ;; prescribed, by iLs Industry nnct state -'i iprcstry group .sponsors. '.\ 'The -participation of Tennessee, Florida, South Cnrolinn, Wisconsin. - Ohio, and New Jersey in the nation-wide program ndtled -15 new tree farms and a total of 540,011 ncres to the Tree Farm program, which is coordinated by the Amcr- ican Forest Products Intluslrlcs. Incorporated. Texas led all other states in growth bv certifying 1C nr.w Tree Farms with n total acreage o( G15,- 474 acres under approved maiiiiBC- . ment practices. Approximately one out. of .every four privately owned acres of timber land in Texas is now under Tree Farm manngc: ment. . 5 Thc present national boxscorc ; lor ,the r Tree :Farm movement is 1.053 Tree Farms, totnllinf! 12.022,2->l acres in sixteen stales . This is divided nmong (he regions as follows: Tree Farms Acres 854 8.057.802 18f) 4,002,408 G 257,411 4 l.uo 3 3.500 — to the sixteen states already have certified Tree - . ,,-. Programs arc now getting imacr way in Louisiana. Virginia, West Virginia. Maryland, Kentucky .and Pennsylvania. Succeeds Bishop Morris South •sJWesi;..;-.. ..-;.; '-:Lnke' Slates VCeiiVStatcs - : E;tern state • ROCK, Ark.. Feb. 11. _ (UP)-Bishop Albert L . Fletcher •^frim ed as tllc '°" rth WsnoP -of little Bock tociay in a,v imprcs' sive pontifical mass lidcl by Rev .Joseph Rummel, archbishop of New- Orleans. The sermon a t st Andrews Cathedral was delivered by the most «ev. Jules B. jeanmard, bishop ot LaFayette, La. Bishop Fletcher was named to succeed the late Bishop John B Morris, and is the first native or Arkansas to be elevated to the hierarchy. " • Look! Muffins Made With Mincemeat! f«r •" tderftitinj onj ii/jor, fotf UM? E £Y 0 ?i lcd A1I - Bra » and mince"cat taste hkc Christmas cakol $®Sss3 JffiSSSSE mg powder isalt Attractive and Distinctive Michigan Dressmaker Builds Her Own Seven-Room Home FKX* FIAN ; . WCONO'H00« MAN Here is a neat, Irim, uttractive and distinctive, 8 ara K e-atlached A unique feature of this six-room resictcncG is the location of tl.n O prance hall which leads Into the service section of the home from tri» mng quarters. The pieasing appearance of the exterior Is acmUuaVu b the charming entrance way and a large front window which j, ^,1 Ml off by the masonry on Ihc extended front wing The second Horn- P an provides for ( hrce becirooms, one over the at ached ^ " allows for very good closet spate. • Rental Increase Regulations Relaxed in Hardship Cases Two changes in Office of Price Administration regulations bringing libmilizntion ol provisions under i which owners of rentiil j>ropcrlyl can at.-;ily for iilci eases in rent cell-1 ings were announced yestcrdav l>y [ the OPA Uirough C. A. Cunning-1 liaui. head of tiie Rent Control | Orfice here. The clianges were discussed in a memorandum from Maj. Gen. PJiil- j lip li. Fleming, administrator of the ! Office of Temporary Controls, to the Senate Ranking and Currency Committee in Washington. One change, to ue cfrcctlve Feb. IS, will, make ii, easier to get rent, increase's to cover "financial hardship" in cases where rent, ceilings arc lower than rentals that generally prevailed in the area lor omparab'e housing on ihc :naxi- nuin rent date. The other, accom- ilishecl throinih instructions to OPA rent olfices. relaxes the pro- edurc for granting rent increases •here "peculiar circumstances" ave caused rents lo oc lower than )i coirpnr:ibie dwellings on the laxiimtm rent date. Details,of the- two chances are— 1- Hardship cases—Milder ;:ie rent igulaiions, finaiu;a; hardship is etermlncd by comparing the op- rating position of thc property in lie current year with the opcrat- ig position in n representative ;<se period. Until now, ihc base ri-iod had to lie belore the ma\- nuni rent ("ate. From now ou. Ilic tesc period may be a rcprc- seiuiitive two-year perlotl after Jan. 1, 1D39. 2. Peculiar circumstances A rental property owner who. -because of "peculiar circumstances." was renting at the lime lie came under rent control at a rate substantially b?]cw the comparable rent for similar accommodations in his rerUiil area can ask for an increase, far example, a landlord who needed to leave town immediately because cl illness in thc family and who had to rent his house before he left, might have rented it an an unusually low rent: because of pressure of time. OPiA has now given its area rent offices more discretion in their decision a.s to the existence ol a "peculiar circumstance." granted BB6.91I individual petitions for rent increases, under all of thc 15 individual increase grounds provided 'by the rent regulations. The monthly rate of these increases, which has been increasinE bin?c early 1EMG. : s now somewhat, more than 25.050 petitions per month. Among thc major ground", j- jr ihc individual increases are- j 1. To compensate for an increase i ni furniture, equipment or services. I 2. To compensate lor it major I capital improvement. j 3. Because of n substantial in- I crease in crcupancy of a rental j unit, such an Increase in thc 1 number of sub-tenants or in tlui JACKSON, Mich. (UP) _ .,vjr.i Myrtle Ami Dibble, a dressmaker IK us much at home v,ith a ham- rner and raw «s with ft needle unrl scissors—anrt she'll soon - hare a lnind-;nadc seven-room house to prove It. Mrs. Dlbblo dccltfcd' that if she could cut nnd sew dresses sue could run up Q house for lieWi JUKI her two young .daughters . Hhc had the basement, dirf' lust May—the .only, tiu.e -she called in professional help. She mixed her own cement and persuaded her daughter, J/iurctUi Lc e . 13 ant. 'Moiia M.w. 12. to Iiau) lire cement Mocks while she- set, them "I•mil more than 1,0=0 blocks into that basement," Mrs. D'Ibble said 'I iiiid a miison .look j t , over alul ne said it w<^ a pretty good lob" Ihen .she bousht green oak logs und had them cut Into boards -it :i saw nrill.' nut. she ' had to lit tlicm herself. . . , . . -Green oak saws, plenty hard" sue said displaying .« blistered palm 'And arlvine halls Into that »ood JS prcbably the hardest ,m I I'j'e-r took on." • • u ^1, Elt '' lrif » l Wofk ' ivork iu tl * [! '^ a " tl?C electl ' ical to who the entire .hogse 'Lid "do all her jjlumbing. A divorcee,-Mrs. DlbJ,]* u scii ,,or 1'lcs favings to start the house Its gelling to the ]x>int now where r m going: to need some more money to /h^h ii,-'^ ™a so I uuess I'll luxve to go bart to dressmnklng for a while" 3/ic. set up living quarters In Hhf completed b:uci»iei,t' recently Be- lorc that, the Dibbles commmed Jfl miles a day to and from their former home in Onarga < Vf" U i^'"i ly ' S "' t 50 mu " h w ' ork ." •Mrs. Dibule said. "Anj-bocly with a htllc patience can build a house ?.'.!! ' Mltl . c " ce is :1 virtue f W r^" aso s ' hu g heavy on her hands dtir- ' he meat and put [,., liuit.s and vegetables. Pilgrims Found Plenty Ot Timber; Times Change How much wood \vas growing In America's primeval forests ten years after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock? The National Lumber Manufacturers Association thinks It has the answer; Studies Indicate, it says, that ihere were 8,175 billion botuil feet or 1 trees' standing j n 1030 in this country.. In the aoo years since then, 9,500 billion board feet have grown to supply America's needs. Oilly a '.small part or our forestry resources (3.259 billion 'feet) were used for lumber, however the Association says.' The . greatest consumption .was by . natural cause/ such 'as Insects, fire anil ' disease. Clearings and-cubing for fuel accounted for another' part. Teen-Agers Accused CIADSDEN, Ala.. Feb. 11. (UPJ — Two teen-aged youths were held by Etowah County here today in cor.ncotion with the burglary of tlie Dixie Theater a week ago. Chier of Detectives Jack Fisher of the city police identified them as Paul Rains Gray, 19, and John B. underwood. 16, and said they had made a trip to 'New Orleans -since the I>xie Thealer was robbed of JS3». The cutter Louisiana fired the last naval shot at New Orleans in the War of 1812. Too Late to Classify For So/e I'JIli l-'onl jpii- Mi, -JUKI. Ki-esli K«K'K. 527 N. 10th. I'd. 1IAJ1V CHICKS tr.i "l7«lr7""fTiiiin-rTiT- U-J- aiL.I Imv.i .-lurilv fj;,i, ,',.,. ».| u . tl ,1,,., t-i-l I'A.V.A-MIX r,. B i.l.ii-lv in il,,,ir iiin-li. «'c liav,- I'AX.A.Mix. ;, Ur. Hf-p, j'Kiihin. \\',i t ,.l-s JJiun Hlort-. 'J-'l W. Jluiii SI. I'll. :,ri7. 11-c-k-ll I'KI'l'Y CHK'KK! Surf, if tlu'j- K c( In'll.-r IK,, i,f f,. t .,| ' Wo,,,!'* Dmt N[,ji.-. -'^1 «V>1 Atnlu Si. 1-hiiri.- .'HIT I I il.-l I v.':il-{. hf lil.Hr.lira. ilirc'r. IVi.'.il ;i! unlv *-:i.U.S. On null |,l,.,K,. :,.l,l -if,','ill riiiliijjs. :ins V:. .Main/ EII'I-I'IU- '•'"'•. Ark. ll-iil-l I 7.', frun Inr. -(Or, X. HroailvMiy 7 nirird JMJIS*' uilK hnil, H ,,,L puj-ii i>,-l H .rr :nnt Ki'i-iraril IIOI.M.. I'ric- II.I-.T! tii .«,•)! wllli 'ir u-illmul t ':,s jilnln. Pi.^.-ssii,,, H.' H.lm.0,; 1 "' r s "'• Jll """2^'i'. ! ,'i.."s Kl-li. J. llnyy niKr,. i.n.l |, nri ,. ),,„!, liavr-sliril r>n fori-lira,!. Kinall mk. •• i* ilurt liny. Krwnn!. Cm,In. I AHir Kfl'liMlr. Hi. I. Dojj .|r,|^ JlJ.Mll.'vill.. 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HEAL ESTATE WANTED City Vnpttlr. all typ«a blllltiMKii and farcis L] anil around Blytlieville. Sell in your- iirojierly. jilenly of buyere— list nowl Phone ^394. J. j. Field. Bonded llca! Estata Broker. -I 'i uii!r« >vr,t „'[ Hlylh.'vill,-. Cull «S!n. -J-ll-i-l-M for Rent I'Vonl Lril'nxiiri. (Uovr ' in. Criiislant .li<il . \vaii-r. 1'h. LJOC2. ] i-,,k I 1 Services Oil Stoves cleaned S: repaired. Work gtuiranieed. T'h. I ' Complete Stock of Bathroom FIXTURES "PETE" THE PLUMBER 100 N. Firsl |.|,on e Dependable Installation and Quick Repair Service Osceola School Improvements Are Completed OSCEOLA, Ark., Keb. Ii— The inter-communication system at Osceola High School was completed today and Is now ready for use The system has 17 outlets, including two for the playground. football ncld, boiler room, dr&s- mgs. band room und all class roohis Another addition to the school is a recording machine for the band room which is used to transcribe banti music in order that thc band muster and students may find flaws more easily. T nu:r.ocr of occupants,- in execs* ot normal occupancy for that ciass of accommodations. i 4. Because a special relationship between an owner and a tenani led to a rent on thc maximum lent date which was substantially lower than comparable lent ceiling's for housing. For example, if n landlord were renting an apartment to his brother for half of his normal rental before iem control, he can ask for an increase under "special relationship" provisions. OF SPARKUHG SHMK fOR A 0/Af f LIQUID.DYANSHINE Liquid . tccn scarce because ot war conditions. 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Walnut Telephone 2381 Abstracts of Title —Farm Loans ^«" -,- fei^-.v - Give Your Home a More . Colorful Background! Wallpaper can create the atmosphere fur your honit . . . an atmosphere of colorful charm wiih lovely new patterns in quality wallpaper found at Deal's Taint Store. DEAL-S PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Center" Plinnt! lft-1 S. 1st. **:•:. .-" fL\ - , • t:i ^-.;>-;.• - V • a For light-traffic neighborhood streets .". . a^new, low-cosf " avement SOIL-CEMENT lasting—easy to build—saves money Revolutionary is the word for ihis new kind of low-cost, light- italfic street pavement. Here's how it is done— The workers simply mix exact • mounts of porllandcemcntand water (determined in advance by laboratory tests) wilh the existing roadway soil; proportions arc usually about 10% cement to 90% roadway soil. No other materials are used. Shaping and tolling complete the job. Hundreds of Miles of Proof There's no guesswork about Soil;Cement pavements; Hundreds of miles now in service through the country have proved liie durability 'jfp t economy of this new type •*>/" const r.'.ction: Sorl-Ccmt:;f & not firtciitfettfor tisc on hrnvy tfttty rp.itfs or streets. For such pivcnicnts the superior load-carrying capacity of port- land cement concrete is needed for utmost economy and long life. Soil-Cement does offer new •economy for lightly-traveled neighborhood streets. Urge your officials to investigate Soil-Cement. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 916 Falls BMg7, Memphis I, Tenn. A Mtfoaof eryaitfnffM fo improve and •xfunc/ ffo utti n( cement* « • • onJ «ngfn««rm9 lirlj work

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