The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1947 BLYT11EVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Ex-Marine Held In New Hurder s Los Angeles Police Have Second 'Black Dahlia' Case on Hands r LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11. (UP) — An cx-Marlnc who wns considering self-imposed confinement in a psycho-iipiu-olir: vrard WHS held 0:1 suspicion of muulor '.O'!".;.' after ud- iilUIng he quarreled with his estranged wife just a few hours before, her horribly mutilated and u ^Pd body was found tr;'.in|)!ed mtoThc weeds of n vacant lot. Prank E. French, «. a veteran of two wars, swore "before me and my God" Hint he was not responsible for the death of his dnrk-hnired. attractive ivlle, 'li-year-okl Jeanne T, French, a culorliil "Hying nurse' who once traveled as a part of the "intcnialiomil set" j» pails, London and New York. Police said that French's account of his activities between midnight Sunday and the discovery of the body Monday morning showed "major discrepancies." "We believe we Dave the right won," officers said. Mrs. French. r, former movie actress nnd one-time 1 companion to the New York socialite and oil heiress Milllcent Rogers, was the victim of the city's second mutilation slay- Ing In less than a month. Her nude body, beaten and mutilated, was discovered by it bulldozer operator en route to a lioua- Jne project. Scrawled in lipstick across her nbdomcn was an obscen- liiunt and the letters "B.D." Police thought they, stood foi "black dahlia." the name applied !•, beautiful Elizabeth Short, who wa. savagely murdered Jan. 15. bu doubted there wns tiny connectiot between (lie two cases. "The murderer apparently got hi: ideas from the black dahlia murder," homicide Capt. Jack Dona >v?« said isi explaining the letter, ai J|niutilalion. ''He may have beei trying to throw us off the truck. The murder cancelled Mrs French's appointment with her hus band at the city attorney's offlci lo discuss wifc-bpatiiu; charges 01 which she had him arroslcd onl- nine days ago. and their discussioi of a divorce. and his npplicntioi for admission to ;\. veterans' hos pilal psycho-ncui-oUc ward, lie was excused from work to TV A Accuse'd Of Violation Of Civil Rights t JACKSON, Ti'iin., Feb. 11.—(UP) •—A S15U.OOO damage Mill charging ;,Mu> Tennessee Valley Authority | witli vlolntlon of civil rights today i had been filed in Federal Court llui by 21 plaintiffs. \ Die sidt was believed lo be tli*> first of II.H kliul iigHhusl TVA. I'ie bill charged TVA violated PACK TORE* Actor Tierney Has Reformer Role A dnrlnc prison break brines on <hp crisis In RKO Ilndlo's grli!- plUS now drnrna, "Snu Qiicntin," stBrrln K Lawrence Tierney. Tile film l s being shown hero In Blythevlllc nt the nlla Theater today and tomorrow. 'Die break occurs on the way lo n press club conference organised by llu- wnrdcn of Sun Quentin for the purpose of combatting criticism f of The ImmUes's Welfare lx>ngiie, an ortiaiilrjilluii of convicts devoted to self-discipline ami the planning of useful lives iirtcr their re- tin lifth amendment pertaining lo lease, in tl\p pnrty arc an cx-con- uUl rights by assuming and "exnusiiii: nt will" the right to flood i lands In Himlhi and McNalry counties on which it had no flood :hts or easements. The owners of (he land claimed they were "arbitrarily" deprived of use. of their land, crops nnd livestock were destroyed, nnd land vaiiip lessened by sand deposits left by the waters. Numerous suits In the past have charged TVA with negligent operation of its dam system, but none has been successful. nations..Scouting has always been an active force , u nnmioiinc belter understanding ami mutual goodwill amoi.R the nations. Abort is (lie olhcial poster marking Hie event. Passing of the Years Brings Many Valentine Day Changes Before lying down to try to sleep, the young girl took one last look at her pillow which she had carefully decorated with five bay leaves, one nt each corner and one in the center, and breathed a little prayer that she would dream of hei- swcbvheart. The young lady lived in 1164 and occasion for the buy leaves was the night before Valentine Day. which In the 18!h century, was taken seriously. If she dreamed or her j keep the appointment at noon but according to the city attorney's office, did not appear. French denied at first that he had seen Ills wife Sunday night, police said, then admitted they had been "drinking around in various bars" until lt:« p.m. Th™ she started a quarrel, he said, hit him with her purse and left. Cdnfesshm Doubled FORT DIX. N. J.. Feb. 11. (UP) Cpl. Joseph Dnmnis was having a tough time today try-in"; to convince authorities he killed Elizabeth Short, the victim in Los Angeles' black dahlia murder mystery. After hours of cMiestionim;", Capt William H. Florence.-, head of the criminal investigation department ill the camp, snid he wns not con- ».cccl the 29-year-old military po- K^'maii hilled Miss Short and dumped her nuttiinlcd body on a vacant lot in Los Antjelcs. Florence planned to question Dumais further today. Still lucking was proof that nu- niais was on tlin West. Coast at the time of the slaving. He said he w^as. But two soldiers teslified he was in cam]) on .Jan. 11. 15 and Hi. Another stildier told the United Press that Dumais slept in the bed next, to him on the nights of Jan. Ki, it and 15. Miss bliorl's body was found Jan. 15 and police believe she was killed the previous day. To insure the winning of a husband, she also added a boiled CSK just before going to bed. Hi was ho ordinary boiled egg she ate, but one from which the yoke had been removed and the center filled with the celebration. A predecessor of the modern Valentine Day might have been the Roman festival of Lupercalia on Feb. 15. Goats and young dogs were sacrified lo Lupcrcus. protector of shepherds, and afterward young Roman men. clothed in the "skins of slaughtered animals, ran through the streets hilling one j another over the head with goat| ski]i thongs. During this celebration. I he ed in n box of chance nnd Inter drawn by young men for partners in (he festivities. This was n forerunner of our own valenlmc boxes. There were numerous Valentine Day customs, one was for a girl to run 12 times around a church Police Propose New Policy for Traffic Violators l.ITTLtf ROCK, Ark., Vnb. 11. <UP> —A system of fines. w;th motorists being charged by the stale for all traffic violations, probably will be submitted to Ihc Arkansas legislature tin's week. Under the plan as described by State Police Director Jack Porter. Slate Police would lj» allowed to hand out tickets specifying fixed lines for all (ruffle olVenscs on state highways. The fines would range from $1 for no headlight lo Sf> for speeding and reckless driv- 1'orler said the state police issued 120.000 (ruffle warnings Inst year that would have been subject to fine under Ihe new system. The rcve- All lines would :>e payable lo tho State Hevcnue Department by mail. vlct, now n icspeelful cltlicen play ed by Tierney. mid two '(rusty 1 convicts. The two convicts make a bvpak, one is killed bill the other Ket.^ n\vi»y and joins up with an old partner in crime and slurl on n rolgn of terror. To save the League from extinction, Tierney lukos R upon himself to (rack down the two men and, though harried by the jrollcc who suspect his motives, succeeds in Ills quest. "Sim Qucnlin" denk with the struggle lo encourage convicls lo prepare in prison fur a law abiding return to normal life. San Quenlln prison has actually an Inmate Wel- fare orRMn/utlon Hint | s n moilcl of Us kind. Ni'Wi'imii'r MurlBn Oinr plnys lr loniiinlic .supiiort to 'I'lcrncy. Otli- or featured |ilnycrs arc Drirtoi Maclxme. Joe Uevlln, Hurry Sliim- non and ciiml 1-iiriuiin, Wllliiuns, 54-year-old newspaperman, who dlud Sunday afternoon ill u Uttlc Rock hospital after a long Williams began his newspaper career on the Arkansas Guxetlo 111 Little Flock, utter ^nuluallni; (roni the University of Michigan. Later he took a position with tho Southwestern Hell Telephone Co.. and also w lth the Arkansas Democrat. Ill health forced hts retirement In the early months of 1845. Survivors include his wile, his mother nml one brother. ] Read Courier News Want Ads. Newsmun Dies KITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Feb. 11.— <UPi—Funeral services were held here tliis afternoon for Oilcn S. boy would pop ;i p (<) deliver grcel' mgs. The Valentines grandmother nnd great-grandmother received v.'hen they were girls were far dlffrenl. llvtn the little hcart-.shuncd pieces of paper with .sentimental or tricky verses exchanged now between the enough to ciclve into the history of the holiday believe that St. Valentine really had nothing i o do with it. There were at least eight saints by this name and two ot them supposedly were born on Feb. 14. It is generally believed that the St. Valentine who was ber^adcd in the third century and hurled in the St. Praxiteles Cemetery in Rome was the man responsible for the nearest hospital. " might give grnmidnu'ijmer a'l'nlen- In the early ( | R ys. (here was a tine with a happy clephnnl on the doorbell-ringing custom on Ihe front sayim; "Can I be your Vnl- to that eminc?" nnd little sister or brother might bring home a hand full of viilcnllues from their chums to brag about. And big sister?—There won't, be many depending on a boiled egg night of 'Feb. 13 similar used on Halloween, with knockers .substituted for doorbells and good deeds for mischievous ones. Baskets or gills were left on the porch as the giver scampered away before Ihc door was when the box was opened, a young Assessments Increased MEMPHIS. Tcnn.. Fe'.J. !1. (UP) - Total valuation of Memphis property tocby wns assessed "at S29G.- 54fl.C15, an increase of 516.S30.773 'nl, il the lasi. assessi tvjwrtcd today. The property valuation would produce city taxes totaling $5.337,893. Fire Damages Rustic Inn C2CEOLA. F?'j. n.-Fire believed caused by an overheated oil stove broke out in the Rustic Inn here Saturday afternoon but was biought under control before more than slight dama;,;c rcsultsd. WhenYourinnanls'' are Crying the Blues CN CONSTIPATION riakts you foci Vunk .is the dickens, brings on stomach upset, sour t.TL.le, r,..'~t-j' discomfort, Like Dr. Calrlwc-Sl's finious medicine lo quickly pull the liiKRer on lazy "innards", and help you feel bright and chipper afr.itru DR. CALOWELL'S is the wonderful scn- Ka laxative coiil-iincri in pood ol;! Syrup Pepsin to niskc it so easy to lake. MftNV DOCTORS use pepsin preparations in prcscrijitirjus (o III.IKC the medicine more palatable ,->nd agreeable to lake. So he f,.ire y<n:: !axa:i\c ii contained in Syrup Popsin, INSIST ON DR. CAlDWELL'S-lliefa- ?onlc of millions for SO y^ars, .->iul feel t.ul wholesone tolicf from constipation. Even finicky children love i!, CAUTION: Usuor.Iy as directed MONARCH ,5^ JUICES AI TOUR DEALERS African Trues Go Norlli ANCIIOUAC1E, Alaska {UP I — l.nboriUory tcclinlcliin.s at 111 Alaska Hiillioml IkispiliU here IIHV imiioi'trd n African troys to be used In pvcBiiiiiicy Icsl.i. Tccbnl- clmis .siilil hrvclofoi'c Ihcrc has been no reliable inciin.s for Hie- csts here. NOTICK Notice U hereby nlvcn that Wnl- nil Anns, Incorporated, has made PiMlciitton to erect n twelve unit imrtmcnt on the west 91.3 feet of X)t Number Six according to the eplnt of niock Number TWO of Ihc "ones Addition lo the City of IJlyllic- 'Illo. Arkansas, which Is shown to H' Hie re-plat of suld Block Two which Is of record In the office of s tho recorder of tht District of Mississippi County, Ar- luiu«s • "' , ' \ •»- ThLi structure to be of brick atid tile, two etory, a»bestos roof and steel windows, and to. be used* ai reaidence apartment*.^ ^ ' Any protest should be In writing and filed In the office of the City JOE 'A. CARNEY ^ * City Engineer. Clerk. 5oo ourcomplclo selection of Hollinurk Cards foi every occasion. 31IJ-WEST MAIM ST PUBLIC SALE Sikeston, Mo, Feb. 13,1947 .' •' t. At Hie It. I). Clayton Sale I'nvllio'n Highway. 60, .West 30—Tractors—30 50—Mules—50 Power Machinery Mule Drawn Tools This will he a big sale. Don't miss it, for it will he a ilaiuly. ....... t—Nrw 1946 Kurjmill Tractors on rubber, Starter & Lights 1—1014 M Farmull Tractors on rubber, Starter Ik Lights R—Power Lift Cultivators 3—194:! M I-'n r ma 11 Tractors on rubber, Starter * Lights I—Power 1.1ft Cultivator I—10IS M Kurmull Tractors on rubber, Starter A- I.lghtx 10—Power 1.1ft Cultivators 1—1912 M Fiirmall Tractor nil rubber. Starter A I.ltbti I—18*4 Power 1,1 ft Cultivator I—10t5 Ford Tractor on rubber, Starter & Lights, Plow, Disc A Cultivator I—1943 II Farnull Tractors on rubber, Starter 4 LIxhl.H «—Power 1.1ft Culllvators 2—IMS AlrlK-Ohalmeni WO Tractors on rubber, Starter & IJchtx 2—1945 Power Lift Cultivator* Z—1942 Vorrt Tractnrn on rubber, Starter A I,lp;hts 2—1914 Power Lift Cultlvalors, Plow A Disc I—!042 H Kill-mail Tractor oil rubber, Starter f. M(;hl» Plow, Mower, Cultivator & Disc 1 — J015 Ford Traotor on rubber, " Blurlcr * Light* 1 — l!)4f> John Deere Tractor *n rubber, Starter & I.lsiits t— Allh-Clialmcrs No, 60 Orp- blnc '.''''. 2— Jnlm llccro Combines • 1— ^-M 1910 Corn Picker for II or M Kurmall 1— New IIIC llotary Hoe I- — New Ideal Corn Ticker- > ' 3—2 Bollom 14" IIIC Plows ^— 3 Bottom 14" IIIC Flows . 3 — AlllK-Chalmers Disc Harrows 1—2 I'uii IIIC Clow on rubber U— New Oliver 2 row Mule Planters , it—New Black Hawk Mute Planters 1— Used Hlitck Hawk Mule Planter 1 — I row 1110 Combine, Planter \- Seed Attachment ID— New Walking Cultivator* . 10— Used Walking Cultivator* 2— New 2 Horse Middle Busters 10—2 Homo Mlittlle Dusters 3— New 2 Homo Walking Plows • 7— llMil 'I Horse Walkinir Flows, 1 — SO Toolli Harrow •i — Sew Farm Trailers on rubber Sale Starts 10:30 A.M. SENNAIAXATIVE «""»«« -N SYRUP PEPSIN I From Dreifus To be assured of the finest... in beauty and in value, choose her lovely wedding bond from our large slocks of exquisite rings . . . plain, or set with brilliant diamonds. There's no more perfect way to join your heart with hers. MATCHED BRIDE AND GROOM WEDDING BANDS taui;fol "Mr. and Mil." mat<Wnj' v*ed<jing bond 1*11 for dcubli ring certmorntt . . . newctr deiigni . . i Col. R. A. Mc.Cor.l Col. Sherman MoNcw Col. Joe McCoril (>ol. l^nzie Beck l-'or further Information call: It. 1). Clayton, 813, Slkeslon, Mo., lir Tillnv.m W. Anilcrson, 2596 Nile, 1521 Day, C'upe Glrardean, Mo. , FEB. 18,1947 EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY THEREAFTER —RAIN OR SHINE!— At Holland Auction Bam on Highway 61 Across From Dixie Land Service Station Over Vi million dollars worth of cars, trucks, farm machinery, tractors and hundreds of other hard to get items for sale on opening date. Bring What You Have to Sell and we will sell it. Don't miss the opening date of one of the biggest auctions in the South. If you arc looking for any thing to buy you will find it at HOLLAND AUCTION SALES. These auctions will start at 9 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday and continue until everything is sold. Food will be served or^i the grounds. Come early and buy what you need. Plenty of room and parking lot to accommodate over 1000 cars. We have plenty of inside room. Reqistration fee $2.00. —RAIN OR SHINE!— UCTION SALES At Holland Auction Bam On Highway 61 Across from Dixie Land Service Station J. B. HOLLY ELLIS POOLE T. F. "DOC" DEAN T. F. "DOC" DEAN, Auctioneer

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