The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1947
Page 6
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, PAGE f SIX Chicks to Tackle Traditional Foe from Jonesboro in Cage Game Here Tomorrow Night COURIER ^1° •££"£,, ™ S Hunter Flies Like Ducks To His Favorite Shooting Spot Playing host to traditional rivals.-* the Chicks'.'clash with the Juncsboro Golden Hurricane in the secoiui of a 'two-game series tomorrow night in Uic Blytticrillc High 1 School gym al a o'clock. This risrforiiiance again finds the Chicks pitted against their toujiicst cage foe and a fast quintet of lull-handlers WHOM? equals h'avc been few and far Bc- Iween this -season. In the first nicmiug of thf-ic icams 10 days ago en the Jom-s- boi'O hard'.vcort, the Goidc-n Hum- cane, blasted the CDicks by a fis.lo 42 count alter taking a strong lo.irt in tile ECCODA quarter. In tiddilion to being artful biill- liandters and basket marksmen, tnp Hurricanes Jinve buou playing a' season o! conrcrenre competition that has. nivcn them cx/erlcnre against the top loams in ilie state. Tlicy liave lost only to Ceni-al High In Memiihb and North Utile Rock. Nevertheless, tlic Jones'joro cim- crs cion't ttke the C!;ir!:s lishl - and acknowledge them as hard- lighting oj;::o!icuts. Tllotiijh tha momentum of the rolling Ooloen Hurricane was finally too much fOi them, the Chicks played b.ill ell the way in the first tilt. What cxtui the Hurricanes have m ubll- it.v. the Chicks have in spirit. While Jonesboro Ini.s an iuidc;ii:i- ble ertge in tomorrow night's lia-i .cas, the facts that (!) The ChL-ksl will to;; working on homo territory, imd (2) they new know what! they face may hav<- , m iujluen-c' on ni:rrewing the final ninrsin. ! The rapooses. too, meet old rivals as they travel to Jonesboro - to trWRle with the Whirlwinds in another return cn.'aBi-iueiit tomorrow night. I" iimr first tilt with the Wliiri- jrincis iess than throe weeks ::--.) the F.ips nosed out .1 3! to 2s win m n mp-Biirt-tiKk panic to s:ove mi u;;3ot over the si:eeily Joncsixi:.> Juniors. Junior Champion OHM- 1'CMas la-ye-ar-olcl Korlh sopho.nnrc doin Dallas, lias accepted an Divide Twin Bill With Wilson f-UXOHA. I'eli. 10— Luxor* eaH- jers split winniny, honors in two I Raines with Wilson there Halur- d.iy nl|;hi a.s the local boys won 45 lo 40 and the n u-;: yliis triumphed a ft to 22. Jn the b;HV till. Hide of IV/I;/J<> copped liixh scoring honoirr by sinking ^0 points. Layel of Lnxoiu WKS rtmnei-ni) w ith 17 markers. Gray dropped through 10 lal'te.i lo:- the Mixui'a <.i!rls to lead noin'inaltliu: mid Tucker <>r Wilson followed ivlf!) IS. The i.nxoia sqimds play host to Missis;.J];pl Counlv Hi|!h School ! cagcrs toiiiono.v nljjhl. ; Baseball Star Spurns Salary ' YtTJK J,-| b. in lU!>)- K;>'.:riiiiiB a tailaiy ol more than ?ir..C?0. HiMk Orcci:>r K , the bis li'Rijiieti h'jrnc run l< ai'.cr lor 1941). • Icrlrtril < ;1 iTtUc :i? un a;the player todity so in- could ronsluYi several 'ithe:- ]j-i=:tif,n;; outside basi-ball, Orici .leu:. v.i'.o hit \\ home runs! loi tnc OrlMii, Timers lart season I and was sold f> I he Pitlsburun I'lraler, |or $5C,Ol>!) j as t inontll, said! jvst»rii!iy th:i! ii,.- w!ls reluctant j to "slrni, aiuiv in a new environ-! irciit." The :ic-M-:tr-sl:l outfielder- 1 lust baseman emphasized Unit sal- .'iry term.'; ha>! nritlitiij; tu ( ;i> vitlt ision not lo slxn a 1917 ami . (ll.Ulls ll I'INI'CAU Iniilds bliml of drirtwooil . rvadv fnr actJon. Ills <'oiitriM;t. '1'hi; !'it!i'-)inj:;i , i cepe an n- j:i vilation to play in the SIO.COJ 1 l> a ».v." Gici-ubevr; said Texas cpen Golf tournament at I 1 '- 01 "'- u'.oney tluui I nrackcniid!;!* Park, san AntonUi. [ ''.'. n ctroi(." Prcsicien 1= Coin- id, "offered IT:C ever rerelved .a Prank M.:- Txnvry. )9« slate liifjli school i.«lr. K ">"<'y of the Pi'.atc.s, with whr.'.a clinmrloii. and 1<HO Texas .-iLitei H«»l^ hail been ron(..-nir, K ihe Junior golf cllamp. is the first,'I : -' 1;t f>'W <!:\5::. ^aii! 1,1 u staremcnt ever extended a bid to i>lay|" 0i -' Pitt-'jiiri-li that the ex-Tii:er j 575,rot) ii ]iiniot in the ;jholo.) MEA Vie -I'ji olivied inoie uliSht salary. IlKI May Appeal License Loss NEW yClHK. Fi-3. 10. <UP> While E.waUing a decision en his status in National Boxing Association terrHoi}-. Rocky Grazlnnn was KhtiC'jIcd for :t cotifjrcnce today wiln Attorney Jacob Roscnjlum ' York SLA court I E/.ar not mem- dc^ic'.e whether -ight agair.;,-. New icvcjation of his lir New Yolk state i ber of the N. IS. A. The New Yovk State Athletic Commission revoked Ornzlnno's license Pririny for his failure ID report three figh'.-bnie offers ol S1CC.CCO. This pjr.alty bars the midrib- weigh'. (hallenyer jrom hoxiiif, in the Eni]>i,v si3te. |,ut it daes not prcrent hi.; fijliting in N K A states unless the N. B. A. decidus to take aciioji against him. Ail boxing state? except Nc.v York Mas.i. nchtisctt-s and are mc-in- b™rs of the N T . B. A. .Abe J. Greene, president of the N. B. A., s^id at Paiciaon, N. J. "I have no idea, as yjt. what atti-' Uide cur or^anizalion will lake toward GrfiZirmo. That's entire!}- up 'o % .oiu- executive committee." i Golfers and Fans, Too, Brave Sleet in Florida ORLANDO, Fla.. Feb. 10. 'U.P.I —Sleet failed to halt the winntv.R ways of Bnlie nhicksmi ".ahanas and her baseball partner Oerald Wnllier as they bested Polly niley and Joe E-atr r> mm ,.; iu annex the Florida tv.'o-bal) Rolf tonma- ir.ent here yesterday. Mrs. Znhnrias, the Denver wum- en'f; champion, and Uie rx-bin league out fielder from Colur.diia. S. C.. outdrove and outpultca f</ Oliver is Winner In Texas Golf Tourney II} 1 II1L.MON M:A sucdiii < MEMPHIS, Feb. 1. (NEAj_-js' 0 KC-lliiiK up before daybreak and shivering in the blinds until sun-up when Joe Bowen noes duck huntini;. Instead of KetliiiK jiiantcd and waiting for the dueks to come to him. Bowen finds the ducks and goes to them. A beatitiful feature of Bowen's system Is that he seldom has to walk more than a few hundred feet. rarely ever gets his feet muddy! . "You can wear this clothes you've ! sot on without (jetting messed up." ! he promised. Before 1 could say no. Bowen h.ul donned his hunting cap. shm« some decoys over his shoulder', Dirked i,-i) his trusty .•))<) shotgun, headed for his shiny two-place pliuic on (he flight line of the Ark., airport he Variety Show In Prospect For Mat Fans Variety in wrestling styles looms for tonight's IUK match in tlic I-e- t'lon Arena where Charley ICeene «nd Bill Vcnable pair offtt-ngahist Tommy Ward and Chris Bclkns. A fust, -scientific pair of grap- plcrs, Ward and IJelkas are expected to provide clsnn-brenking mat- work. Young and in yood condi- "0)1. (hey turn in a consistently hard-fought, brand of f;rapi)liii<4. Wards <tenrt B lo'play rough dnrini; infrequent burst or tcni|)cr. Hlllv Vennble win l n all probability will be part and parcel of rough a"d tmnblc operations tonight. i 'lefty ,- mid hard-hitting, he lias | tcllc-d .several opponents with his j stomp hammer-lock. ; ) A nevyeomcr, Charley Keenc makes his first, n|)|ienrtince on the Arena ma! tonight. His wrestlini: «'» tip - the scales in favor of a '•oiigh or n .scIciK'Ifia match, rtc- midnitr on waich lnc[ics hc , 1( | OUts _ Keenc is reported ( 0 be cnpnulc of providing a scientific wrestling ex- hltjUlon, but I K a vctcran of ., Miilif-ieiillv I.ii-Ke number of mat .i:en(s to be able to handle the more niR&cd me'.licd.s also. In the two one-fall prellminarv tussles, Belkas will tangle with Keene and Ward will battle it out «i!h VenaWe. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 19-17 j Johnny Ni-tin. successful nian: .''nor in Yankees' chain and ! J'"ach of parent dill) for two [ years, takes over as manaui-i- of Cincinnati Hods al Tampa f. training base March 1. Lev/is Gives Exhibition f-A'N ANTONIO, Tex.. I-\ b. 10 <UP>~Kcl ,:£-.<., i; V) Oliver ot Wil- inmiiton, nt'j., of professional golf's • West Memphis, r ,vi,il .-.-id ,, ws i i,,,| tlr i;v men. operates. me tin.CSJ'.W^o;^ nursed' 11," | ^''and't^werc ^"-^"in^our way up thL- Mississippi River. A few miles above Memphis, we s:<\v thousands of ducks .swimming and waddllnc: around on sandbars. A little farther up. Jiowcn pointed out a smooth .strip of sand, and viid: "ThiU's where we're Koiny in." HUM) OF ni!lI-"i'lYOO!> Hn set tile little plane down, put j on tlie parkint; (mikes, tied the ship ! ?Ky^»r«=!s^-' = ^'^r;" "• |lfS:nHis-=!;£S~^~H .-,,..,','. „.,„..... .... i [or ' "n instant, spun in. ^,,-a bh,^ s;.M!^'U^^°^ ^ SAN SALVADOR, P,:!i, 1(>. lUHl —Jcc Louis, heavyweight champion, planned to fly today to Panama ted a lone mallard hen co m ,,, e _do™ j ^n^c^ifio^Wednes'ay. ^ '" Louis save an exhibition at the National Stadium here yesterday al- tcrnoon before several thousand the river rapidly. When .she sav the decoys and began circliiii; in look the place over. Joe bes>an sr«.° £&*£ ;r^: | -r- - - r »-,=; i and Walter Kaefer. who are ar.- tlle chair.pion on liis caller. The hen plopped riuht in amour the decoys. Before she discovered that she had been duped. Joe slur!- years follovvln.. of Orlando the Dubsdri nis psxiir. Cou'..-e I'air- -sleet, and f'lUriiMj the the ftallciy aftinnoon. 500 pt-rsons sliivcn- \ m ;in-de; v ,re(; l'.'Pi):evatiii e morning round. Ditl BIT vi ;o OO'J In lllc Coach Takes New Joi> DALT^tOHE. Ft'j. 10. lUPi — •'il t-.iell. football coach at Pnr- ic t,'n:vcr. c iity. was named lotiay head of tlu" Baltimore Colts. neiv football (cam in the All-America Conferenre. Annr.unDcinenl of Itbcll's selec- This Impetuous Youth Serves in Dual Role NEW ORLEANS. Feb. 10. lUPi- Thc iii-,petuoi;s vouth stoiy doesn't, always have ? bad ending Young Richard Wells wanted \o see the team c oaciied -by his father Play last night but first he had to take the basketball floor with his Newir.nn High S;hool, against Jtetairie. La. He scored 21 poniu to pace the Grecnics to a 62-13 halftimc lead, and thru the coach let him Ueal it to the Coliseum. Ri=liard s:r,v iiis Dad's Tnla^L- five trounce Alabama S3 to 411 N:wn:ar. meanwhile went on t"'i bu-y Aletnir.'e. K-l-20. ' start- n| six lean ones. Oliver scfircd a seven-imdei-];ar El on Ihn final IB holes yesterday iov a 72-hole total of 2Ka at-d vie- to; y by one strrke c,ver Jinni'v n-- mnret oi Cjiii. C',,1.. who won th- Tucson o:>en a vei k earlier. U u.-i.s- Ciive:-'.-; tn.'.t mv.jor victory in a streak of i i; i ( | |,ir!; whirh suutccl v.'nen he was disqualifieil leeiuc aft toj soon, and nood link Plnyed an important part ' .H«:ry Todd, Dallas, was third ] with liOS strokes. , 'Pirates to Piay Manila I Gosneil Juniors will hi! the road' i for Manila loniijUl where they will : tangle with the Junior Lions" i sind grass. "There will 1> = more ilomj in a iev. p minutes. Ducks arc iiifn-iiif! down the river, u may •i'lurd funny but when a hunch of them leave u place a new bunch will !i"nr!y always come hi." Blind completed, decoy.-; out, we tzot under never. In ii malii'i- of minutes we spot- , to the bank with the will drift wind. "This is not as easy as it seems, however, for sandbars are tricky .Mid danj-.erous. No one mil an expcri- J»c?d pilot should try to land on a tar. and then only after he has Experiments in controlling air traffic by radar it-ail to hope uy lion was made by RcScrt Roden- experts thru cvrntUiilly 300 plane's b2i«, Washington sportsman and Ian hour may be landed at large head of tne Ilaltmiorc franchise. airports even in zero visibility fe, \ From'where I sit,,. -Ly joe Marsh ISSf^^l -T Let Responsible Men Do The Job Right Grid Practice Begins MEMPHIS. Tenn., Feb. 10. <UI>. —More than -10 candidates reported in freezing weather here today to- the first Spring football practice session at Southwestern University. T guess folks ia our loun mal.c nlTnnl us ninny mislakcs us .in\- I'llcrc else jinil like inosl folks I liny vcyiciiilicr licsl l| u . Ics 5(m5 i| u ,'j. Icnvn llic haril >nn. That's whjt Jim Roberts spoke Ins mind Hie other cveuiuu when 'liscMssing rrohil)iiio:i w ;i], n Bi-oup of neighoors. Jim, \vl-.o i:^ su]icrintenilciit of the big mill, contended tliat it would be just scnsiWc to vote out repainted, lc';;:il sales, when we know boot- JcKKcrs would take over, as it would be for Kim to discharge his Root! men ami hire hoodlums instead. Jim sail! it's best lo let responsible men do a job i ij;M. From wlicrc I sit, Hie. rclurn of bootlcjfK'CTS in <lj'y areas in Arkansas proves Jim was ripht, Wliat'r, more, Arkansas is Icsintr revenue it i;cr;!.-i haillv. Legs! Iicer ami ale pay more tlian a million tK'.ll r< f|»arter diill.M's into \\\ , .slate treasury each year. Kw.~ Idjycrs dint jmy un-jlliini)! I.OWKST ADMTSSIOX 1'RH'P Seals m 8 ,, e at the Le.ion Arena .MJwt ™! Evcrv ' Monday Mondoy, Feb. 10 BOX SKATS EXTRA TAG MATCH TOMMY WARD andCHRIS BELKAS~ versus CHARLEY KEENE and BILLY VENABLE ALSO 2 1-FALL, 30 M/NUTE MATCHES Tommy Ward Chris Beikas VS. j Venablc Billy Charley Keenc -SEE JIMMY FIRST! L:<tin Amcrifoi! tour. A person:; cnn be Poisoned ir, ! poison ivy withcut, toucliing it. Smoke from b'JrnniR poison ivy irritates sensitive skins. and walked over every fool of this bar before, 1 tried to land on it, "While fa.xilng into position for a takeolf the other day. the plane , relied into n sott't spot, mired up over the wheels. It that had happened to someone while coming in for a landing, the plane would have ftoyprd over on its back, and someone mi(iht have uot hurt." But Joe Eowen certainly has the la/.y man's way of hunting dueks. You 7 !! Find Furniture Values ot Jibwiie Edwcrds Furniture. Co.' ANOTHER WEEK OF VALUES on BEDROOM SUITES The 5 o!t spoken arccnls of our bcdrnnni funnti-iv will endure for years and years. Finely Imishert -,'iui enriched-with charmin B decorative loui-ln-i otu- fu ••- niture ciiiitnres the sparkliim loveliness ol yom- i.- )jnl and adds wjirmth to H hoinr'y atmrj.Mlhi'ro Thrrf- no store anywhere tliat buys to suit it's ctistoniei^' tastes as does Jimmie Edwards . . . nor any store that considers your budget wisely! See these beautiful suites today, .they're giveaways! I'iccos l\«t c\ iitli is ]iicturc;il CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Cost} So Little" a-ix Of/ite Opens 6:« p.m. . Kliow otarU 7:00 p.m. •l-;ist Time Today, "Between Two Women" I with Van Jolimon, Gturiii DeJlaven N't'\vs and <;artonn J*- "Lone Rider Rides On" with George Houston anil Al "Fin"/.}"' St. John Alv-n Short Subjects B:SO p.m.: Slinw KUiru 1 p.» Last Tiine Today "POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWiCE'' willi .Inhll <i:irlir!:l. I,ami Turner ranimiiunl News and Stiorls Tuesday "HIGH SCHOOL HERO" Will! Freddie Sliiiirt, June Prcissi-r Serial: Chant. I, "Jatk Armstrong" Selected Short Subjects New. Theater. .Manila's Finest Shnws EVURr NIGHT . Matinee Saturday & Sunday Box. Opens .Week Days 7:110 p.m.' Sat.-Stin. I C->nt. Showlnt Time Today * ^ picture of mnst talhcd-almut tbe vear! "THE KILLERS" with Av:i Gardner. Bert I.nncnsl Snle.cted Hhnrt Siiti.[er(s TUESDAY "PILLOW TO POST" with Ida Lupino. Sidney Ove,-nslri-el with Short Subjects V/E BUY AND SELL USED FURNITURE! Value Giving PRICES on TABLES! End Tables, Walnut Finish $1.75 Radio Tables, Walnuf Finish $2.25 Step Table, Walnut, Maple or Mahogany $4 95 Cofce Table, with Glass Tray $9.95 Lamp Table, Solid Walnu't $9.95 Dial 2487 JIMMY FIRST THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Today JEAN PIERRE AUMONT AOOtfHE MENJOU HlxO Nrvis Tuesday "When Strangers Marry" Dean .lancers and Kim llmiicr I'llls Hay Millie and His (; a n s —In Terson— reatnrins l!ay Diikr's Ilnrsr. "Smoki y > .toe"

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