The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts on September 24, 1976 · Page 7
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The Lowell Sun from Lowell, Massachusetts · Page 7

Lowell, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Friday, September 24, 1976
Page 7
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Henry J. Taylor Red spies infiltrate German unit ,:;:: PARIS - Officials of France':; lop - secret SDEtTE (Service de Documentation Extcrieurs et Counter - espionage: Ull me that the Soviet has penetrated West Germany's hush hush HND (.Bundesdesnachnendiestl, This is of deep consequence to the United States. OurCenl' - al Intelligence Agency has a cIdsc, confidential relationship with the BND. Our CIA exchanges secret information nearly daily, In fact, the BND maintains a high - ranging official in Washington The SDECt: insiders find lliat the Soviet has penetrated the BNfl as thoroughly as the Soviet penetrated in World War the tamo us Fremile Her re Osl, THIS WAS THE Nazi army ABWERs anti - Soviet intelligence division. The Soviet called the spy ring that penetrated the Frerr.cte Herre Ost the "Lucy fling" and it was run by German - horn Rudolf Roessler and his group in Lausane Switzerland. Red sympathizer Rnpsslor's "Lury Ring'" reported in advance to Moscow, often by months, the Mazi seizure of Austria. Ihe invasion of Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and northern France and achieved the first mention of V - l and V - 2 rockets. The collapse ol Nazi Germany in 1MD gave the KGB agents further opportunity to penetrate Germany's intelligence services. fn Jnnua ry that year, the NAZI SS Intelligence moved Emm Berlin to Salzburg. They scattered their headquarters through the Styrian Lakes area of the Salzkammergut region. When the collapse came, the Nazi intelligence bigwigs packed the files in waterproof chests. They lowered them into hiding in Lake TjpliU and some of the Lakes in Czechoslovakia. British agents sought the chests, but KGB agents beat 11mm la it. In fact, they murdered two British agents while searching for the files and left their bodies on the crags above Lake Toplitz. Having found the files, and using blackmail and other means, the KGB ultimately recruited former Nazis to infiltrate the BND. This laid the foundation for the current infiltration of the BND which got underway while Willy Brandt was Chancellor ol West Germany. USING THE KGB's "sleeper" (waiting to he activated I technique, it forwarded Gunthcr Guillaume and his wife Crystal into West Germany. They arrived 19 years ago under the guise of refugees from Communism, giving Dresden, East Germany, as their address. After Brandt became Chancellor, the KGB contrived to have Guillaume became Brandt's assistant and Guillaume finally became Brandt's confident and intimate. The prize and priceless - - information needed by any nation is: What are the enemy's Intentions and capabilities? This requires penetration at the decision - making, policy - making level. And Guilliame turned out to be an officer of the KGB - controllcd East German Staatssuchereltdlenst (SSD) espionage apparatus reporting to Moscow. The scandal forced Brandt to resign. The BND is large, much larger than the SDECTC. Size invites penetration and one of the smallest is also one of the best intelligence services In the world. It is Mossad, Israel's senior and overall espionage apparatus. Tire full name Is Mossad Aliyah Beth (Organization for the Second Migration! . Founded in 1939, Mossad's first job was to get Jews from Europe to a safe haven in Palestine. AFTER ISRAEL was established in 1918, the Tel Aviv government constructed four additional intelligence services under Mossad. These included the Shahak, sometimes wrongly referred to as the Shin Beth , an abbreviation for Bitachon, the Hebrew for "security service." But, compact as Mossard is, no country is exempt from prnetration. This Is especially true of the United Slates, Hie only country the Kremlin fears. The sole question is: To what extent? Former CIA chief Allen W. Dulles has stated that "Ihe Soviet had over - to high - level agents in various Washington departments and agencies during World War II, At least this many were uncovered: we don't know how many remained undetected." It would he inconceivable to any intelligence .manager that there are any fewer in place in Washington today. All governments need broad eyes and ears that they can trust. But a penetrated intelligence service is not just a bad one. Instead of being a watchful eye it can be a dangerously credulous car and a deciving voice destroying its own purpose. SDECE insiders consider the BND a sieve. THE SUN Lowell, Mast. FOCUS Friday, Ssp. 24, 1976 Page 7 A stimulant Debates and votes By BENJAMIN SHORE Copley News Service WASHINGTON In August.'lW, a poll of persons eligible to vote in the upcoming Kennedy - Nion election revealed that only 56 per cent planned to vote. After the first televised debate between Ihe two candidates, the same pollster found 6! per cent saying they planned to vole (which was just about the actual turnout that November!. It Is this slim historical fact that provides the only hope this year to groups concerned about the low level of registration and voting in the United States. THEY ARE COUNTING on the Ford - Carter debates to spur public interest in the. elec lion. Only the first debate Last night could have any effect on registration, as the deadline tor signing up comes along before the second debate, Many government officials long have anguished over the embarrassingly low degree of ultimate political expression in the most free and open democracy in the world. The I960 turnout of 62.6 per centof the voting - age population was the highest for a presidential election since 1920, when universal surfrage went Into effect. After the I960 peak, it declined Id 61.8 percent in 1W5. M.S per cent In 1968 and 55. per cent in 1972. Projections for this year, based an a survey conducted in the second half of July, are lhat around EG per cent will vote. . The voting age was lowered to IB. but that hasn't much more, than proved how disenchanted tile majority ol youth is. And proposals far registration by postcard are beginning la seem, less promising as a method la increase voting. - The problem, according to the in - depth poll this summer commissioned by the Committee for the Study of the American Electorate, is one of negative attitudes among half of the 145 million citizens eligible to vole. While four free nations have rim - pulsorv voting, no one is seriously considering that route for the United States Nor Is there any way lo legislate a better attitude. Mos L people who never have voted arc either too ignorant lo be expected to vote, are consciously expressing dri - tKgonism toward the political system, or have truly been thwarted in efforts to register. THIS SUMMER'S FQLL found that the majority of those who have no Intention of voting on Nov. 1 are educated and have voted before. They are dropouts; they have lost Interest. While cerlainly the political atmosphere must change to lure most of the dropouts back Into Ihe picture, there are some changes in election procedures that could at least be tried. First of all, serious consideration should be given to abolishing registration. The goal is voting on election day, not fil ling out fo rms month s in advance. Standard personal identification, such as a driver s license with a pholo and signature or any other similar ideh - lllication issued (or life by a local election board, should be enough certification thnt the person arriving at Ms or her appointed polling place Is over 18 a nd a resident oi Ihe area se r ved by the voting location POSSIBILITY FOR FRAUD? Always . But s landard identi flcatlon and maintaining a list of those who have voted should be sufficient. Another suggestion is to reserve the: first Tuesday in November for federal elections exclusively. Forcing state and local governmeoU to choose another day for voting on their candidates and issues would streamline a billot bearing presidential candidates. The poll this summer found that lengthy and complicated ballots discourage many who would vole if the: ballot dealt only with candidates for president, senator and representative. Another possible inducement might he two consecutive days or voting Instead of one. Some people simply can't make it to the polls on a specific day, while others might be stirred if the first day's voting activity (but not the tesulls) were publicised. Who are they? Playboy story didn't tell it all By ROBERT G. REED ' Editor, Editorial Page Playboy Magazine is all right with most red - blooded, American men except lhat the girls don t look like anyone they ever knew. But the editors had their big chance with Jimmy Carter, and they muffed it, Here was a presidential candidate, a fellow hot after the biggest job in the world, trying to prove, that he is or,e of Ihe boys. Never mind that he is a scripture - quoting Baptist from the Hi. ble bell. Forget liow many times he has been born, ire said he'd never lie to us and he went 1o Playboy to tell us the truth Only he didn't tell it all. THIS IS Playboy's fault S much as Mr Jimmy 5. After all, the magazine does sell for somewhat more lhan a newspaper and i! should be able to hire a few reporters who know how to interview an important Person. But they weren't up to it Plenty of men in the U.S. or A. may feel tx'tter knowing that their secret fantasies BTe not a sign of moral decay. If a maybe President is bothered by private passions, Joe Sixpack is entitled lo a few of his own. Playboy has made lhat clear to the nation. It also showed that Ihe Democratic nominee knows words that were expletive deleted in some of Hie newspapers that printed the story of the interview. He has been in the barracks with the troops. That makes him human, puts a little tarnish on his halo, brings him closer to Ihe fellow who is trying to find out what he has been saying. But then Playboy blew It. The interview was a bust nut. It didn't give us the one key piece of infurmation in the whole story, and millions of men are waiting for it. Jimmy now is known to have had dalliances of the mind and heart. Gut the great, unanswered question is: Who were the girls? Does Bella Abzug head the list? Does he pant after Phyllis Dltler? Does Madia Comanect make his blood run faster? Js Haquel Welch the private paramour of his heart? OR DOES JIMMY look back to an earlier day, when he had time for other things than peanuts and presidencies? Rita Haywwth? Hinds Wassau? Ma Kettle? The great American public has no idea, and for a magazine dedicated to more and better fun and games. Playboy has failed in a vital responsibility. It is one thing to tell us a presidential candidate looks with fondness on the ladies hut to withhold the identities of the subjects of his imagined pecaililloes is no reporting at all. What Playboy needs Is a Daniel Schorr, or maybe a Daniel Ellsberg. There would be no secrets from the public then. The trouble is. the Playboy story leaves us all with Ihe haunting suspicion that Jimmy is not telling us all there is, that he is hedging on the issues, and that . he is nu more frank about his unrealized affairs of the heart than he is about his foreign policy or what he would do with Clarence Kelley. This is hardly enough for a man who would be President. Playboy readers should not be expected to suffer any more evasiveness in the matter of Governor Carter's reveries than they do in that of balancing the budget, cutting half the people's taxes and spending an additional (100 billion at the same time. WHAT THIS country needs in its leaders is all - out honesty and candor. Jimmy has said lhat himself. And we hope the world will not have to wait longer for the revelation of Jimmy's ladies than It did for the story of Elizabeth Ray. At least we have some idea of Wayne Hays' taste. And as long as Judith Campbell Exner Is working on her hook about While House visits, we have a right to know who Jimmy Carter thinks about when he steps grinning. Playboy must lake the blame, of course. The magazine could not hack it when it got beyond Ihe girlie pictures. It has left thousands of men mumbling to themselves these days, wondering, thinking, searching their minds. Who could they be? Fanne Fox? Jean Harlow? Linda Lovelace? Grandma Moses? . . . The Voice of the People Voting is dishonest and fraudulent GSOTON Perhaps the people are grasping reality In spite of indoctrination we have been subjected to via our schools, media, government, and others whDWish to maintain the status quo, i.e. the few controlling, and living at the expense of, the many. This country was founded on the principle of individual Tights to life, liberty, and properly which are inherent in the nature of man . Ye t today mos I laws, regulot tons, and taxes are clear violations of the rights of the individual in favor of the group, society, government, the collective. Is not forced busing the result of forced schooling? Isn't thin a violation ol individual rights? If government derives Its powers from the governed, how can it be "legal" Tor government to do things that are "illegal" for the individual? Consider gambling. Will the stale soon start selling drugs to raise "needed revenue"? Why nof Some states sell or control and lax alcohol! This is for the good of the people. Right? Has it ever dawned on the editors lhat the attitudes ol the 70 million projected non - voters may he very consistent with the reality that the concept of voting and electing representatives is basically dishonest arid fraudulent? If voting could change anything It would be made illegal! There is no way any politician can legally represent anyone because he was elected on a secret ballot by a small percentage of voters. He then claims to represent the people who voted against him and even those who wisely chose not to participate in such criminal activity. You say those 70 million stay - at - homes Will forfeit their right to complain about the way they are governed. Being enlightened, they are perhaps saying they do not want any part of a system where coercion in the form of taxation which is the taking of properly allegedly being protected and war which is nothing less than murder is the sole means of its existence. If you vote and are in Ihe majority you violate the rights ol the minority, or vice versa. The implicat:on is "might makes right". If yoj vote you are im plicitly agreeing to play the coercion game and must accept the results. If a person doesn't vote or otherwise participate in the aggression of government they are on very sound, consistent moral grounds a3 they attemp to live in peace and liberty. Which arc you for, individual freedom, or the tyranny of a dictator, the majority, or so - called law? I think it is lime the media made it explicitly clear where they stand. We cannot be part slave and free at the same time. It is amazing how many humans will accept almost anything and even adjust to living in chains if told to do so. By its very nature politics is corrupt. Lei us not be beguiled into going along with the establishment. Let us show them we are awaro and demand our freedom by not voting or otherwise sanctioning aggression. The coercive society can only euist with the sanction of us, its victims. If we want liberty and peace we must not attempt to shun responsibility by voting while politicians plunder us. Robert S, Borden, M.D. North Main St. Facts on Democrats PELHAM, N.H. Mr Leo J. Bel - lemare's letter in The Sun Sept. 16th contained about as many generalities as those he accuses of being general. The FACTS are that we now have and have had for the past eight years a Democratic - controlled congress a congress Congress controlled by the Irresponsible who are able to get a bill passed on the initial roll call hut cannot even find enough of their peers in attendance when it comes time for the override vole. The fact is that a number of these "fine" Democrats will vote on the bill the first time lo show their constituency their "in favor" vote. What they will not tell their constituency. Is that they purposely absented themselves when it came lime lo override the veto. Check the Congressional record, Mr. Bel - Ternarc. Another fact is, thai this is the first time since the early 1900s that we, Ihe United States, have experienced a prolonged period of PEACE TIME Elaine Sua Salem St. Electronics John Mello North St. Line Operator Should the city appropriate more money for school transportation? "Yes. Ihe city should appropriate more and offer the bus service. If the kid wants lo walk, he can walk For Ihe young kids, we should definitely have the bus. The older ones can take care of themselves, but we might lower the mile and one - half hmil down to three - quarters of a mile." "Yes, the city should pick up all rhilrirej and bus them into school. If they walk, I hey have more lime on their liands and are more apl to horse around." ecomony and Ihe Democrats as well as Ihe GOP really can't cope wilh it. Mr. Uellemarc, look at your idols: Roosevelt credited with WW II. Truman, Korea. Kennedy, Vietnam, Johnson, Escalation of Vietnam. Where Mr. Rellcmarc, will Mr. Carter put us, in Alrica. Ihe Middle East, in order to restore your type of outstanding administrations? Also, Mr Bellemare, since your Socisl Sccurily program is so great, how come it is in a near state of bankruptcy? How come the combined tax for S.S. is 11.7 promising Lo go higher and the earning level approaching $20,000 annually and gelling worse? Do you realize that each year under the Roc. See. program fewer and fewer senior citizens are able fo achieve maximum benefils. Do you realize that the same amounts nf money contributed by you and the employer put into a private, government mandated savings plan would now present you wilh an estate of Over $200,000 and in add it: on upon one's demise, a com tollable and secure lulu re for your survivors. Give the government hack lo the people as the Constitution intended It, a government "By the people, for the people and of ihe people". V.A.Perperlan 10 Clcarvlew Road Wonderful people LOWELL We think it is sad when The Uwell Sun can (ill s - pace, pictures . and stories to print what should not even be made public, but couldn't find time and space to give some recognition to the firefighters and all the other wonderful people who worked so hard to moke the Ubor Day telethon at Ihe Oakdale Mall for muscular dystrophy a hig success Well, wc want la say Ihsnk you for what you did lor us an all the other kids with muscular dystrophy. Donny and Steven Zirngiehel . 27 Canterbury St.

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