The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, .KKBUUARY 10, 1947 State Department to Get New Home Draft Extension looks Doubtful Leaders in Congress Share Belief Bill (Cannot Be Passed iiv BEAN w. niTTMKn United I' Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. to— IUPI— Proinineiu House member* jaid to- dav the administration's proposed universal traiiilm pro^rnni was a dead duel; despite Ihe ref fst by Secretary of Slate George Marshall. Thcv also termed ii highly doubtful that Comji'ess would no along with any admliiUtialion rc- 'Hiest to extend (he draft act be- voiKl Its sehediilcd March 31 expiration. Marshal) lolj his firs: news conference since becoming „ cabinet member iliat universal trainiiK. was needed if this nation was to" fclvo effective backing to its foreign policy. ' Republicans and Democrats alil-e shnrcd the 'belief that such a pro- Bi'nin would not be enacted Hep Noah Mason. R., m,, „,.,,. dieted thai it nasn't "a ghost of a chance." "I don't think we'll even take it '115." he said, "we've (jot too many other things t o ,| 0 .' Chairman Walter G. Andrews R , N. Y., of the House . Arm-id Services coiumillee .said . Universal training could not be considered by the group for .some li me because of a heavy schedule of n , 0 rc iirgcni legislation. "The only chance the War Department had or cell ing a trainin" Program was in Ihe last months of 'he war or within a few months after V-J Day," another Hous" member said. "If Congress would not pass it then, u certainly will nol now." Garland Gets Top as Designer Picks Worst Dressed 10 Women HCUYWOOD, Feb. in (UP) — l-jsluon design r-r Rav Driscoll to- d?y put .Uidy Garland, wlio dresses likr- a tired cli: jwoniaii" at the top of his list . of .Hollywood's II) woisi-dressed women. "I told her tho same thing last I "''• ''amcs D. OsUorn, Pi-cclcrick year." DrisMll said. "She still has-l ckla - wtl ^ kill «' when his head ] nii-wercil n't taken my actviL-e " ! - ."uucicii nio^^ta t ^^T t ' 6mSK& Bla -'^'"S the best dressed, she is the 2. Greer ,'Garson.' -« er clothns' " 1<Bl " ressg[i '" suegcatecl a., kewpie-doll complex." : ,p,,.,, 0 , ~^7, T ~I ; 3. Deanna DiiMin. "She iool-s liko! „ f St cro ' :s railk tenUl !Uno "= r Kite got the first a ra!> in a grab-! L ! "" T _ CTO>K '" filrm vaiuc •I Jane Russell. "She doesn't rea- li'.j it's bjtler to conceal than lo reveal." 5r/ : Diahn Lynn. '"A]j who dresses like .a , teen-ager in dis-; &, Jo: n Fontaine. "She aspires "ogKedly. rather than beautifully, 1 to ;tl:c mode." 7S Jeanne Grain. ':Ycn think sh!> . did it an pinposc." 5: Dinah Shore. -She tries to drtss the perennial engcniie." P. Maria Montez. "If she wears f.iii} more feathers, she should b<- • able to fly !],• herself." 3D. Coiiflaucc Moore. "Instead of BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS In this $10 million building of r.W columns ami chimney Dels. Aiiicric.«ii foreign policy 1ms btcn fcnur.latvd for 70 years. Now George 'c Var- sliall, new secretary of stale, is moving' oul-amid a howl of proles- iron, career men. Sen Lime jj la) diplomats of (lie old school love tins om slate building, n Viclorian hodgepodge next door lo Hie W'lito House Ihe venerable horns ,,r the .3l:ue Comment represents a baroc,ue roinprenme of French iieo-classicist ideas, now called '•neo-nlngcrbic'id 1 by Washington cynics. Deyim in l(j7S and designed by A' D . j-uu'lei, Mullets nrnhitectural infant asylum" by i l!s t orllln Tlcn| . y A(lnl)1 ' s T ^ a the building W!ls fireprocl, civil war General William Sherman, replied 'What a pity." Hcuimin !: frc,n a world tour. General u. s Grant temtecl it as "o climax of all ll.e curohis construction" he has seen abroad. Apparently another (amou, ucncral feels thc same way a'bou- il. Marshall i s taking his department (o a new massive limestone b.u'd" Hlf f i rp/*to/1 in in.i i I- ...„_, „ . J<L erected in ,041 un<le -modern functiona, designs" which hoi,<cn ' --• -11 *i««,nui:<n uL-.->niiis wnicn iiouscn he War Department before 'it moved into the Pentagon. Move Ins been threatened since 1911. when an award was made lor „!„„, o,- ajiew State Department builriin;.. ,K EA Telephoto.) Frisco Passenger Dies In Missouri Accident and shoulders were pushed through a broken window and pinned be| neath the sleel car body. Osbnrii SPRINGFIELD, Mo.. Feb. 10. - ! o',« lo^eriurn'' ""* ™ r - lh « °'">' (UPI—A split rail was blamed to- | — 'lay for I lie derailment of. lour cms e- „ r» _. or a St. Louis and San Francisco ! * " e Damages Theater Hanroflri train in whlfli n>m ii/ir- ' . n racsco Railroad train in which one pas- ! sender was Wiled niui six others I injured Friday ntght. ! —Damage estimate!, at several In addition to the <iv nerson- i thuisnml dollars was caused by an onelu to the ,0s, al 1 ere v°%* ' ,? l ' lj ' |mor » i »lf "''<= wW=h swept ' S. Tenn., PoS. 10. <Ul'> estimate!, at several brought, to the hospital here, a otncc passengers received . aid treatment at the scene. irst Dr. James D. Osborn, Frederick. LEGISLATURE runliniu'it froin I'axc i, iTal days will !>•• ill? Joint House- Kenale Hospital Ii'.y'esliu.MinH Coiu- milieo. Tlic other noiips inrrlliifi iii'i'. .Senate Temoeranoe committee to Kturiy a ui'oixwnl to put the state In the wholesale liquoi 1 buslne:«; House Veterans Commitlee to dts- cx|!»mlliiK ihe service Inirenu in Ihe state: and the House A(|ii- fdillural ComiiiKtri! to discuss a oil! I'lquirlui' u lor Uan;(s Disease on callk- ycliin sold al pu'oli- aur- ticr.. Ii'<>nnial Hall 'lunislil Wednesday eveninj! tho House I/i'oor Commllteu—headed by lie|). li.-i rtsill fi^son cf Foil Smllh—wl!l hold a yc'Jli; hearlni; on Ihe en- i bllni; net (if Aiknnsas "i.'eed'oin- lo-woik" ameniimem. 'j'in 1 •bill i).is«ed ihe Senate some 13 days ayto. Meanwhile on U'.e r.oor of tlie is i)rep:ti-iii;: its attack on operiitlii;; Jiid^et.s and liireatens to blo."k passnue f of su:-h liiMs unlii ihcy have b'en tiiininecl -unsidciv.'oly. The ly.'glslnlors moved b.i:k "iutoi the oipiial city todiiy set lor a bit of relax;:!ion tonight before diKRhijj Into their lifih and heavie.u week cf the session. The senators and renrescnlath mid other "iicsls have 'jeen invited j. lo a b:ill lor.lulit by Gov. and Mrs. \ Liiucy. Lieut. Gov. and 1 Mrs. Na- • than Gordon and Speaker and Mrs. Roy Riali's. Wnile .-i'omc-'of UK;' meii'!i>fs attend the bull, others will ••)-• taking in ihe Hist public hearing on the governor's lax te(ilsla- : lion. The meet was scheduled by | the House Revenue and 'I'axation \ Commiltee. PAGE seems nroporly iisummlcd at her .-h.ld's |>nv,u',iv ' v " l! "'- li """'H'i 1 "elf-salislled. wul,, perhaps, just ;,' Younu "stroius nun," is H.x-muniH-.M A llamk, ,|r., of C'liic;i|jg. . Prosperous Farmer V Kicks Witt To Death • HUTLIiR, Mo., jr r .|,. 10—(6l>) -A prosperous fnrmer who kicked "la wife lo deiidicr ra|)icr' lhati me i« "biutal 1 ' nxc, mid police today In- "only did W |,n t cio ( | told me to i il<>." ; Harvey Hivnhlni, 59, showed no | I'rniur.s-f nfler stimipltm ,,m die life ! s "I his wife. Violet. 17. n)U j Kavc , 10 j outward siun 01 concem Dint first il««i-rc iniirrti'r L-hnrges Jind been "1 did it bwause Clod did me , I" do II," lur told Sheriff hnvlcl j I'ei-.v. "The'll iiavo to do to me! ulmtcM'r I've not comlnn." i I'etly .'1:11,1 /.wahlen was not a "In fuel, hi; i»lcl us lie doesn't believe in clum'hes and doesn't be| Ions to liny," the sheriff snld. I He said hi: could find no weapon I an c | believed the mini had floored i Ills wife with hl s fist, Hi) snld he ' n.sktil '/.wiihlen If ho hiv.l used a tool, "perhaps nil nxe." "My Coil, no." /.waliicn replied, "(hut U'Oiild ln< brulnl." Doctor's Discovery FOR FLUSHING KIDNEYS •• Do You Suffer Witt COLON TROUBLE Causes— Ef -r- Told in ; FRKE Are you bothered with Stomach ' Intestinal troubles. Constipation Piles, Flslula? 40-|mBC FREE book contains m.-ijiy dlngitims, charts nnd x-Hay picture* of leclal ar.d culonic conditions, ,'nic Thorntoji fc Minor Clinic, Suit* 272. 926 Mc- Oce St.. Knnsas City. Mo. of ham, Nashville Warehouse Damage Near $250 OCO •'.siiii-.iu'd today e.i S'iOU.03U. 'I lie hli.'ie. L'llildlnij, invnvd Oy the X;isliv!lle Terming.'.-;, uml leas- cd u> Hie jMlil-'I'emi Wiirehoiis'; C' r >:ii:::uiy, \vns not Insured, or, i- ( ''"' :i : '"i ( l- It eonliiine.'i iiiiiiiiliui:n -<»«»• YOUNG ouali a neighborhood theater..,.., yostcrday, owners of the thealei said tcday. Elgin Biiinpai's and two trucks' the fire call. Cause oil the -blaze had not b3di determined A Beethoven, owing to deafness, s never heard a single note of his ; (neatest work, (he NliUh<Svnipho- ' ny. * ~ WOMEN 38-52 YEARS OLD-DO YOU SUFFER THESE FUNNY FEELINGS? fffllA lt\ tltfc f • •*«r>4'!niN> ^ I IT 1 tlLnH-,^, 11, '„. \T nf . n i .. I>1 ^ ."-« i due to this functional 'middle-age' cause? Ii you're in your "40V and this functional 'middle-age' period peculiar to women is causing you to iiiffer from hot flashes, nervous irritability and weak, tired hi»h- slrung reelings-then do try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Tills great medicine is famous for this! Taken vcgularly-Pinkham's Compound helps build lip resistance agnaiist such 'middle-age' distress. Thousands have reported benefit! It's also a grand sto- machic Ionic. Worth trying. VEGETABLE COMPOUND SPRING SERVICE for frost bitten cars! It's natural for car.s lo be slu^i-sh and won, out after a hard \vinlci-H • Iriviiw. Remedy thc situation early to avoid extra wear and tear. Mibri- <-.'<(ion and an oil change will do wonders for thc performance of voui- car. See us about it N T O\V! COMPLETE OIL LUBRICATION— Fast Service — Hring your car to Us wlien von go shopping, Heady in a jiffy! BRAKE CHECK FREE! More .iccldi'iili nrc cnuscd l>y fnulty brnkss Uian any other one cause. M;ike fiiirc your brakes liolrt nnd pull even when forced to slop suddenly. Let our brake specialist check your cnr now. Plymouth, Dodge Job-Rated Trucks BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY Fhone 422 217 So. 2nd St. aby's cold while he.s Hub un Vkka VupoHub lit Mnii:. b'oolhes. nlfilit. Try Ii! bed- f pep, ucttiui; up ui'lcil irthintti hy n« ici l(i«Jiiry ucliun t'. KKJm V* due ly i-i ti n-iiuvtnn, nHii»'ti fi inn tlic hli>i)il. Aiul wlu'n l!u-t;c impmilin hiur(( ii|i. Iruulilr iimy sttirl. tin il'you luive ilitwc trouble-), KIVK yoiu kUbtcys uiul hl.ul.lcr n i-nnd lU^hitu; utn hy l>iluiL K Or. KIlnirrN rv,v...:M' U'>.t Ll wmUw i HI llu: kMncys Ui Itnxli thn» out iiicrcLi..iiit'. (lie 1linv of urine In h<-lj> i«r!iov< Uiul cxrcb-j jii iiliiy niul CHSO ilnu iMinnin ilcr. fn.-|fn H»(ii lUsidilu i you i])> oil{Kl:i. luibit fdrLiiint:. CiiDtitm: lultt- u:. ilii ciitcil !fnr Trn- Irlnl >ui)|ily, send lit Di'pt. Y. Kilmer 61 Cu., Ini:., Bus I'iSS. Slinnf.)r,| Conn. C)r.--i;cl liill-:ii<r<l bi>llli>urSwuiil|i Huot UiUily nt ynui ihii^sinrc. Deafened Now Hear V/rHi Tiny Single Unit - Bi!lt>iiut! has now made it pusslbU for ths deafeii'jd to heal faint •iOundN. ft is a hearing device TO small (bat it fits |,v the hand and enables thousands to enjoy sermons music mid friendly cainpnnkmshli)' Accepted by the Council on Phyblcal Medicine of the. Anittrlcan Medical Association,' This device doc? not rc<|iiire separate battery pack, battery wire, case or garment to bulge or weigh you down. The tone is clear mid powerful. So made that you can udjiuit It yourself to suit your hearlni! as youi heating clHiuiica. The makers of Beltone )ept. 130, L150 w. mh St., Chicago It, HI., are so proud of llicli achievement that Ihey will gladly send fire descriptive booklet ami cvplaln how you may (jet a full dcmon- strtUltm of this remarkable heating duvice In your own homo without, rlsklne u penny, wi'ltc Beltone W« 9 C '. ,« S • what About YOUR PAY CHECK ADVERTISING? WHAT OTHERS THINK SECRETARY — I work in n company thai; advertises a grocery product. Thai's wJint lins made our office grow from 17 people to 27. I've been promoted twice in 3 years. Advertising helped. FARMER — My prices depend on supply and demand. Good advertising seems to make folks buy more goods. So I gitesH in the long run advertising helps my prod lice find a ready market nl a good price. PLUMBER— Since I've been advertising my shop I've added 2 men. It's helped my business and my income all right. SALESMAN — Ads do the same Icind of work salesmen do— sell more goods. My company's advertising certainly increases my volume of business. Thnt means both safety and more income to me. SHIPPING CLERK -When the ads run, we are busy and happy. When our outfit cuts down on advertising, first thing you know our business slacks off and they have to cut down on help. Perhaps You've Never Heard It Explained This Simply Before lOU'LL> l.hali tho advertising you see and hear line one main purpose ... to sdl (roods and service's. • When a company Kolls more goods or services, Micro's jusli nnl-unilly more work to he dona in that company. Tim I, means more jobs, better jobs, more security, „„„•(> chance lot promotion. What's more, the mines and mills and farms and busincases thai, 'supply thai firm also have more work lo do. So do 1,'no transportation linos, dealers, stores, etc, who handle thc goods. So they have more and bettor jobs aa well, , Today producing goods is a relatively simple problem In many fields, selling the goods is the big job. And advertising is oneot ihe lowest-cost methods of selling goods on u big scale .*'. a scale that makes more, jobs and plenty of them. ^ So whether or not you work foyrt company that advertises, remember—that modern method of mass personal sdlini,' you sec and bear everywhere, is important to your fob •It's often the spark plug that keeps the motor humming- full speed, full power. And that means more security, greater opportunity for you—nnd for yours! II. Brings you better goods for less money. 2. Mokes shopping more pleasant and easier; 3. Has given of thc worW* highest standard of living. ' MOVGTf ISinCI BY SJEU/TO MORfGOODS ; 5J • • • TO MORS PfOPU Makes your job more secure BLYTHEVILLE COURIERNEWS

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