The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1947
Page 4
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»'•' iPPi2S£L£22L T*iftew Dealers Rght Rent Hike - forme* 44ousing and OPA Chcefc Urge Presidential Veto WASHINGTON, Fcb JO-(UP) •-President Truman wns uiged bj t»6 former got eminent ofilcl.Us today to wain Coiigicss now that )ie~»lll \elo nnj bill 101 on across- the-board Increase In ienl ceilings Tlie request i\ns made b> lonn- er OPA Chief Leon Henderson and ex-housing expeditci Wilson W wjatt, now serving n s co-cln'imui of Ainericai.t, for Oemociatic Ac- i tlon I * Thes 'said In a lettci to Mr Tiu- man; (lint Tie should make a na- j tionwlde tadio address | () O i \ se ^ . thc^'landl* el's lobby" fpi n fiat 15 *"" oef"cent Incieasc in ceilings. 'The administration has a moral obligation to assume leadership In this fight; ihey s-ud, "we urge vou to accept tin, challenge uu- efniKof-ilH' " Here's Typists' Heaven—'Pu'>,bu^on' Lc COURIER J^EWS l Mcrtrrwhile. DcmociaLs on thc Senate Banking Comn)ittee appenr- • ed moie likelj to get toge,th el . with Republican's on removing controls frpni new housing than on oka«- ing aiiv flat incicaso in ceilings. A banking subcommittee is now at woik on legislation to continue rent control in some form after Its present June 30 oiunatlon date Soundings disclosed Hint several Demociats on ll, e full committee »ere inclined to •tgiee with their GCP colleagues that it may be necessary to deco'itrol new housing in Older to spin construction of nouses nnd apaitmcnts | Committee sentiment on n general rent inciense is split shanilv' along party lines Republicans favor one Democrats uho oppose the laen, say privately (i lnl . p ros i(i cnt iTiiman should ing rents kn in, , ? I,', 1 i ' 1 " lc . wi ' llcr , WI ' il " « !cltor-,r,h,lo. 5 l. T'l • ? U|> '"- S " H '1f olu ' rs "''''"' "»nionn,s : "" u ,""' U " Vl! ."|st"lin B record, U roll, .sinnlnr s. 0.1:1 mck p:ir;yra|)hs in .lie dosn-.M .v Di.-i|j);n'cd :il rctunt Chu-ago entice iibuuUHiiis t)i L-ccorvied piir-.i'^niphs^ .0 if'.il iise.1 :u 'jlayur •)i;l:;cis. 11 y iibiiKi'.:on ami iiu-jlmm -,v:-os iheini Takes 1 No Lip icto anv bill hik- Government Seizes Stolen Paintings WASHINGTON Peb 10-(UP)- : Attorney Onoinl Toir O. C'nik announced today Ihrti three pninl-i ings, •including a sl-10,000 . Rem- bMndt seir-poitrnlt have 1 been seized by the government at Dny- ton ,o. where they were on ex- moit at the D.nton Ait institute, ' The sei?uie n.i, ou.ered im der the tiadlng with the enemy act • The announcement, slxl( | tilc pnintin?-! had been Uolen from the wcimnr Museum, Wcimnr Tliti- tiiiEia in 19 2 Clark said alien piopertv inves- tlgators found Ilial the pnfniings , ialer had been sold to f.v ( > onr—n seamen who biodglit them to K-CW yoik m I9J4 .- He said n Daylon resident who V/ns not identified, purchased thorn the? , seamen, knowing Mint they were stolen property Therefore. Clark said, the '\Vel- nne H Se A"" stm " 1>d f "" iw»i n P' nint "Ws thus are alien property the Rembrandt, M«| considere Besides " C there RIU d at '*4-.OOaT wasVy Tcr^B'orcl'I- 1 " rri i ,^ embran[|t bad been loaned to the museum in Germany l,y finch Gin ' 1Ci Duchcss T heodori- of Hclimfr- Wcl "' ar " Eisenach. Heih- >,_., ' tjern jaiiy. A German court nnd decreed that the painting bliould remain permanently in the custody of the siale of Tlurringia. * Conners of Two States Hear of Bright Outlook NASHVILLE. Tcnn.. Feb. 10 (UP) —Fred A. Stare. Coin n-. bus Wis jast president of the ' National Banners Association, today at.drcss- <ed thc Tennessee-Kentucky Cnn- ;ners Asso:iation In annual convcii- ••tion here. : stai- c • told the representatives ot 'CO canning plants that if thev -conlmiie to pack' high quality -foods , thej always will have n market. ' Red Blood Cells Must Be Kept Up If You Want to Feel Alive TTjOusands Now Regaining Old Time Pep/Vigorand Drive By Releasing Vibrant 'I-ncrcyTo Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell in. . .•the Superior Judge George A.-Doek- wciler, uf Las Angeles, is pic- liucd in Ins study, where he in- tiiCiitecl that he would lake no lip from Leo ("Lippy") Durochcr ovcr his handling of Ihe Hrool;- lyn Dodgers manager's uiix-np with aclreps L.arainc Uay. .ludgo ;iclmi(ied ho would :>luciy Uuroclicr's recent ?(|uawk lor possible contempt nf cnurt cclioi:, but ,s;iid il wns "|>rob;ibly btnc'ath nolice." SSA Field Representative To Visit City Tomorrow A representative of the Joiicsboro office of thc Social Security Administration will he at the State Employment Service Office in Bly- thcville at 10:00 a.m.. Tuesday. The representative will assist ihose who wish to file applications for old-age and srvivora insurance benefits under the Social Security i Act. The benefits n rc iwtd to re- — Inert workers wllo have, reached age 65 nnrt.So survivors of workers regardless of their !lgr . at ,i ra ih. r ™ Corkers u.nin Insured status under the .program by employiurnl Jobs covered by tile Social Sc- ICC Refuses To Postpone Ro/7 Hearing IjITTLE ROCK. Ark., Fell. (UPl—Attwney General -Guy Willinms and clilxens along . ltn , strikebound Missouri and Arkansas Railroad -todny nrc prcpnrliiB to light abniidonineiit of the line at nil Interstate Commerce Commission -licarlnt; hqre on Fob. 24. The hearing wns definitely set for that date Saturday when the ICC refused Williams' request for a postponement. Thc nUuriicy general hnd sought to 'have the hcarims delayed four months in order Unit the property could be surveyed' mid the cost of rehabilitation determined. However, in refusing the request Uic-ICC told Williams thai "nl th- conclusion of the hearing you may present to the examiner n request for a further hearing if so desired." I-'nani Kills Boy Scout's Bid for Mayor (Just for a Single Day) One Sure of Getting Votes CLAHKSDAI.E. Miss.,'Feb. 10. — (UP) — Little wonder Hint Bdb ! Milley v;a s elected Clarksdalc's h fl y, icotit mayor-ror-a-tlny. Milley wan a landslide victory 1 over Ulll McNinn with this iplnt-- fonn: i 1- Esenlutovs In ^he school. 2. No examinations for .students with grades over .10. 3. Abolition oi all taxes? •l A 70,000-scat football stadium tor (his .city of 12.000. . 5. The iilnyiiii; O f n le i 047 world's .series here. 10. Vacationist Loses Jewels To Burglars MIAMI HBAOH, Pill.. IVj. (.UPl—Miami -Beach detectives; 10- day toiiiin n melhodb;il .scrutiny of nil- rncki'tccrs kuov.-n to >e 1:1 (Ills area in jin effort to apprc- •Jiuid ii Jewel rim; which yestorciav iansivk2il (lie j)hKli home ,,f .AI,. S - u>oii L'jwonsleln. wllo of a Now Yoik textile -broker, mid (.'.SKI-JIT. with wins valued ut between S7s'- 000 iiiul $]25.0i:o, Tlie theft, the lur»csl of n winter season marked -by a series i<I similar i-cbberlcs, occurred Vhen the ijamllls hroke hi thruii"!) :i glass-liancllcd door afte? the Lmv- eiisu'ius left their hojiie yestordu, Iftrriidon PolL'c IMICVX tnej- had lo real with tliw work (U profession Us hv DIP (<•••*. tn«t the- use,) only Jewelry lleins which' 1101 engraved, leaving other - MONDAY, FRRHU/UtV JO, Conspi ra tor ; Memphjan Killed V!-ATF:::3. Temi.. i-\b. 10. (UPl i - •F.mcra! servicei; were planned hc:r.' lodty for Elmc.-'E. Pi'cslev. j S8-;.?«r-olci cur.slruHion worker, \viirj I *:is injured ta.ady yesterday when , •a ;•[ 'jio oroke nnil plunged him -l>| Icet to a concrete floor. Prosify died in u hospital two hou:s after the plan;. ill " detectives suici £1S3,CCO. were closet in Mrs. mom. lint the evciy room and drawee •house before lindlii" 'the of tho rams. KKUI In a locked •Lowcuslelu's oed- thleve.s in (lie location I In the first linlf of 19-10 clvill;inij o()ii.suui])tlou of gasoline in the If. S. wns 6 yer cent higher tlnni the 1941 period. costly now- '''A It CH1AIH YOU tllACH THEM ^ SAfllY fOK LONG1ST WEAK Glaiu wind dune., of K ltly Hnwk. war " '" " S nlllcl1 ;is 20 fccl " . aru accused around the counr.-y.! homes win, piuxiy checks and then "renting" diem to victims for cash. The exiipcr.u i mother. Mrs. .Elwell, met Tiucher on 11 cross-country | n is niiri dp- tlclcd to "seo thc wurld" with hi::, lifter having had a spat with her soldier husbnud. INEA Telcpholo > Read Courier News Want Ads. CURTiSS POOD Don't tlMcli Hie HARSH WAV with uncontrolled bleaches An uncontrolled bleicli. t!iat vari« in scrength, nuy cause you 10 oivrW/ji-A your couon5 anil linens Tliis oxidi?« fabric ihruds. They ivcjlren and soon fray on:. Ice on Pond Breaks; Ctittendcn Man Dies CM Shoc'k and Exposure • MARION. Ark.. -Feb. 10 (UPl— Homer L. Sides, Jr.. of ,, car 11Brc ' died yesterday (if shock mid exposure shortly after lie fell throu"!i ice on a nund ni;:ii-'hi s home. —Police S&y Ijcana now arc used in mn!;- lii!! i'. blown liquid, which, wiicii -ui^'ii^u ™ »»'!.»•<"«. ,'o™« I!'«».»: «;^ S ro. dU-r^Tfei^o" • ^r S mSs";;L,e:: h "" icd J ^^j.^. ^»««**™& Dies u." Exnosurc B. Tcnn., Pel,. 10 reported today that Albert MONEY FOR YOUR INCOME TAX Get Ihe money lo pay your income tax from G.C.P.C. Take a year to re- poy. Compare our rales. 125 W. ASH St. BIYTIIEVILLE GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION Seventeen of every Nonvay depend upon their livelihood. 100 Mie men in sea for NOW ot-^ Liberty Cash Grocery • i j, 01 td lack of ccr- bownyf/gke DOI1IBTS «•!« Woml II Junior won -, dpinl hl , |fc i.» br,b,»g h im W |,h Q OOWNVflAKE D . ..n 9 him o OOWNVflAKE D o 01> ,„ pj I ™«»l Plain Donuls Dozen Sugared Donu(s .... 30 35 « fl«h nil out hollow - O*t • - 83S TS "- L!C SALE Sikesfon, Mo. /9 Feb. 13, 1947 Al (la- !{. I). Clayton Sale l';ivi!ion 30—Tractors—30 Power Machinery hvviiy 00, 50—Mules—50 Mule Drawn Tools Sdv?' 1 " '""' " ! ' ijr Wlle- n '" 1>( n "' SS "' rnr i( wi " hc » i—Nciv 191(5 rarnvill Tracinrs 1111 rubber. Starter Ji Lij-hls I—Iflll M Farmall Tracinrs tin rulilier, Sturlur ,V Lifrhls S—I'ower I.ifl Ciiltivatnrs 3—inis M ramnit Trarlors on riilihcr, Starter A Lights 1—I'ower I.ifl riiltivntor l-l!!lr, ;M l-armall Tnvetnrs on nililwr, Starter & Lights VO—Power I.ifl Cultivators 1— IfUZ M I'arrtmll Tmrlor on riltilicr. Starter ft Lights 1— 1!U4 I'ower Lift Cultivator 1—194.1 I-'onl Tractor on rubber. Starter \- I.iRlits. 1'low. Disc * Cultivator 1—1943 II! Tr.iclors ,m ruliber. Starter * Lights 1—I'ower Lift Cultivators 2—1945 Allis-Chalmcrs WC Tractors on rubber, Starlcr * LiShls !—in 15 Tower Lift Caltivalors i—1912 Ford Tractors on nililicr Starter * Lljhls J— I!)ll Tower Lift Cultivators. I'low j;- Disc I—1D12 IS Farmnll Tractor nn nililicr, Slnrter A- Llslits I'low, Jtowcr, 'Culllv.ilor Al>!sc -1.11:5 Kurd Tractor on rubber Slarlcr ,t I.i s his -l!)l<> John Deere Tractor on nililirr. Slarlcr .V I.:>h(s -A Mis-Chalmers No. CO C'om- binc -John llrrrp Combines -i-M Ifllfi Corn Picker for u "r M Farmall -Xew IIIC notary line -New 1'ickcr -a lloltom |f niC Plows -S Holloin M" mo flaws -Allis-Chulmors Iltsc II.-irroHs -U I'.-tu me Plow on rubber -New Oliver 2 row Mule rialil- ors -N'c« Black Hawk Mule riant- ers -XJsccI lllnck Hawk Mule Hint. er -I row IIIC Combine. 1'hntcr A Sccil Allarhmcnt . l.sccl Walking Cultivators T, 2 "*"* M '" mc ""Mm 0—2 Horse ^li.hlle Busters —NVw i Iforse Walkinj- I'lows —l'se.1 2 Horse \Valkin E l'|ow s —SO Tooth Harrow —New F: ltm Trnilrrs oil rulilirr Solo Starrs 10.-30 A.M. AtlCTtONKEKS: Col. K. A. McCord Col. Sherman McN'cw Col. Joe McCord Col. Lcnxle Beck 1'or furlher inform.itinn call: K. 1). Clayton, 813. SlkcMon, Mo., or Tillma,, \ v . Anilcrsnn. 25% Nile. l.«7 Day, Cnpc Oirarrtwu. Mo. ,. Ol.VK U8 THIS DAY . -. OUR DAILY met:AI> . For bread the merchant labors long and late; . For bread the beggar goes from Bnte to gate. For bread the sailor loses lienrth '• and inome, A . 'thousand, thousand miles bread-seekers roam, •for brea4 are weddings made ;': iuid sermons siild' Of -all cood things. Hie first and ! •best Is bread. —By Arthur Qulteiman Ble»ch Ihe GENTLE WAV with ControMed action Purrx! Evity liohlc of Pu'rex lias itic sJmc itreiif-ih, ssiiiccoirecc bleaching action. Used as directed. 'Furtx un'tr ovcibleaclies. U provides Contfolletl Action because ic's pu- .rilitd-nml subilizcd'by the ImrJlil 'Process, txcluiivt with Purc'x. Cotcons and linens comcouc.i/esh, snin-fre« and snowy. f..isy 10 •inc!...;m lunlrr on iliin^s tfiuri or<liiury washing. Al intir friar i. TH£ COrUROllED-ACTIOH 6LE/CI1 OfNTiE TO 12MENS THE PUREX FREE! Monite FREE! WE CUAkD fOtJR""CLOTHES. 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