The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1947
Page 3
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^MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1947 Two While Men (ARK.) COURIfcB NEWS Jefferson County Officeis Question Two After Gun PINE BLUFF. Art:.. Pel). 10. (UPl — Two AHlv.'iimM' Negroes ;ne heliig held on ripen charges bv Jeflfrrscm County officers for questioning in the fatal shooting of two white Hicn last night. ~ The victims were George Cletns Bryant, 2".!, Jaircrsnu County deputy sheriff, and c. \v. Winston, 12 storekeeper for the Elms piniiting Company at Altheiiner. The NWOPS were Identified by Pine Dluir oftiecrs as Albert Wil- kerstm uud Willie Wilkereon of tl»s Nobel Lake rouiinunlty near Alt- heiiner. , A brother of the deputy sheriff said the Negroes passed '(hem at high speed, and the three stopped them for questioniiiK. He said one of the Negroes opened fire which was returned. One bullet struck Willie Wilkerson in the arm. The Negroes, however, in a signed :;tnle- inent said (he white men opened Tire first. Bryant was struck by four bullets and Winston v;as hit by one. Continucil from 1'agc 1. mnrchcrt to parliament hil! and shouted "traitors' oiit-sldo Monte- citorio Palace ngalust the deputies lor fillowln;; the treaty to bs signed. Dispersed again by police, the students then me.iched to Rovr.l Air Fwce hcadounrtors at (he Hotel Milnno and whis:l»d and Ijaoed ^i tin. Biilish. They threw stones |f upiinst the hotel 1 :;"windows. Bloody linhtinrj broke onl br- Iween 100 students and Letups in the wide pla::a and th c fighters huried stones at one another and wielded largo c'ub s furiousiy. J-'irst Treaties Sidled PAR'S. r^\>. 10.—lUPI — Italy was officially at pence with the world toclav 4.' ir.cii'.ii? alter she capitulated lo allied nrmies swarm- jiKronvo^j the Mediterranean from North Africa. Tim peace treaty formally put- Un? 071 pud to the hostilities b»- twcen Italy and the 20 nations that foyeht against her wa^ s:encd at 11:30 a.m. Wifh the completion of slsmlne ceremony. Italy became l!io" first of the 'former Axis partners to achieve peace, li was a mointmt Italians ha ( | hoped for ever since— six years and nine -months-, neo — Benito Mnwtjni hurled the v/einht of his Fascist divisions against Britain and France. Yueo-lavia £ i™nen the trcal-v and surprised the diplcmatic world by nccertiiiR the terms or tho peace she had vigorous!-.- objected to ever since the Bi^ Foiir forM»n nilnis- i tevs first announced the treat? provisions. LOIIJT embitinreti bv hcv rallurc to br> nssign<-rt Hie city o f Trieste and all of (he disputed territory of Vcnczh oltilia, yustosHvia nrbte-sf- ed thrcuah the nth hour that she would not be a party to the pact The Kignini; of the Italian treaty was first on th« neftidn In Hie famous Salon de L'Horlo'e—the clock room of the French foreign ministry. Treaties ending the war for Romania, Bulgaria, Hnnpary and Finland wi:i be signed later today. The signing ceremonies i\cre ^p- ened by French Foreign Minister Georges Bidanlt. All of the Big Four power.' mtisl rafiify Ihe separate Ircat'es nidividnnlly before they arc finally binding. For the united States ratification must be voted b'- two- thirds of the U. s. Senate. " Labor Dispute Involves Fence &•*%•' Estate Board To Meet Tomorrow Night The Blythcville Real Estate Board win hold its regular dinner- incc!iii£: tomorrow night at. C:30 at the Delta C.ifc. Several matters of importance concerning the housing situation in .Blytlievllle will be brought before the meeting. II. c. Campbell, president of Die Board, announced today. STUFFY-N'OSED? EXHAUSTED FROM COUGHiiiG DUE TO A STANDBY OF MILLIONS THROUGHOUT45 YEARS — FAMOUS PsescRiFr/cN TYPE j x SI.1,l,,i:i.-l:i,.]i 1 -r from I,-,,]. *& ;"n-v u^'Ir'hVi'r-,^,"' 1.. II v',1,1 ! k "T,'. 1 Ka 'i',". h- "1^ ^•'••".-w i s^ir™ ! [\ >|f j ' COLD PREPARATIONS Iff Tablets or Liquid 1 i[.j< \jtjk I:.,. ^ V , • .-^^* ras ^^--:-^^^^'^^^^ R]filp|b V Ml|i*»i«-:> : ;:: ; - ^S^' ^ ^»iiS|l::fe : "v •• :v; ;: W%:> A labor dispute in Ilousoln. Texas, evolved aro-uul n ivn^. T,,.,, W. E. Merritt. Jr., city resident engineer for i, ; ,-u ,,„!,',,,' ..,,'<! fence on a Houston sanitation project. To til,-' i ( -K ,-, i:,,,,-,!,tractor and on the right is E. I,. Wye-he. S«i)eriiii."iui ,,!' I- qiincs him to pass through, or around, the fence never n m.' ^ Papers of Many Presidents By DUKO'lliV WILLIAMS I Untied r.-c-ss SlalT Corrcsyoiidcnt) WASHINGTON, Feb. 10 (UPl — The late President Calvin Coolid?e ! about a mouth after leaviiMj dlfil-a traiisferrcd his papers from Uic White House lo the Library of Cor,- : gross. The papers are still owned by the Coolkhc family and may b- inspccled only by permission of the president's widow. Mrs. Grace Cool- Now President. Truman repoit«il-.' plans to go one step further. !Vr- j sons dose to Mr. Truman say !u- I intends to separate 1m public.' and private papers and leave behind nhiii all public documents when lie fiuil-, ' the White House. ' I Mr. Truman's intentions were d'.s-' closed recently when S.-cretnry of Treasury John W. Snycii'r under- ' took to recover certain documents : from former Treasury Secretary Henrj' Morgenlhan, Jr. I Mr. Coolidge was not the first' president to hand over his nin, i 0 the library, but he. was the fir-st to Approve liirii- immediate transfer! to a public repository. He an- i thorizcd ,their transfer to the li- oVary at ;the request of ills'colle-'p ' friend, the inie Dr. J. p Jam-s'in then chief of th c librarv's maini- scri])t division. In 1917. Ihc late Theodore R:io:c- White House. K nve his public paper's to the of Con B i-cwi. Later the widow of Woodvow Wilson "•!••(the library tile voluminous fdes'ac cumulated by her husband dunn« his career in and out of the White House. Like Mrs. Ccolid;;e. she res-rves the right to authorira inspection of her husband's papers Library officials say this restriction .Is not unusual. Its purpose is o prevent the embarrassment of living persons who might be af fcelcd by publication of materi-d in such collections. The library's presidential section now contains at least some of the papers of '29 presidents. They were acquired by gift, deposit loan and purchase. Before it became congressional custom lo vole n S5 000 animal pension for president's widow, some former first ladies sold their husbands' papi-rs to the government Subsequently, however, tlv libra ha.s received niiiiiy oiitii K lit- p.ift.s such documents. The most publicise 1 acf.iii'iti'i'i recent yi.-nr.s Is Hi,- AbraSu-pi 1 coln coil'.vlion. v.-il!Mi |:i ihn' brary by the civil v.';!r pr.-iui-n son, the late li'iiin-. 'i\u : . i l.i^n i with tlu> .Mipiilaiiim ii- :li it'v-ni not be o|jt-r.:d until July •> •; |.|| Most ot tin' iiaj:.'!-., i,\" >.i,m rresldcnt Herbert Honvci- an- tho Hoover War I.ibia-•: ; .i -•;;-, ford Univcrsitv. Tlie (il.-s ( ,f (<!-•> ;-.M i-.. i | Frnuklin U noci.vvi-U a-- ,">.''..'."^v in a special library, i u.-;• - : .-[ ], v act of Coii'ire.^s. ;u'lIvJo Par;;. >,' Tills iibrury ir, -a nnii "HI iin.. Jj-ii'iu'i Archives. " '"~!t Minus. ni.-iiKYr I'm 1 Ihe union .lot), helps lion-u:;:i.-n |:-] o>-, t.-:. )!:roll;;h Ilu- lulio.- c I.'.-iih, f.iip liru'iii-Vi-i t,-,i- (in, union con- hv IIDII-U!!!.'!! i-ui!l\li'tnrs. Mi'll-ttfs Job I'C- :i h ilay. r-:i- A T, !r;shoto.) i 'Wo:ri!cc{iil Expedition' ! ,!n 1773 Traveling \ HOKTOM (t)l') —In his diary. J:>. i.'ih Quiiwy drvribes as loiiows a trip he m.uli! In ma Irom llos- loii t'.> Kew York: "T .-.ft mil frnjn Hn.ston jn U)C \,in>.;'', J'l-isf ij\ nun]' 1 , consider- t"-\ a mi-thud or IL-aimportation of v,<-i;de:-rii! fvpe<ll:lon. 'Hie journey Ycirk USD miles) took up :» vf' 1 ;. \v,' iPfi'-iifd onj- resUiHt n'ni'r. for thr: ni,,hl, if no accident !i:!<'i-vcnrd, at HI o'clock, and aller a frugal Mip]:er. went In bed willi '•'• "-'lie.- !l>ai v.-c sliuuld ;ie called •' threi 1 . wl'.ich linmaliy prored lo '••it null p:-:-; two. end then, whelh- i'v it M!fiv.-e,( o,- rsini-d, (he traveler li: " : i-'-e i-ml mute readv, and ?.-(-•••< i! on his way over bud roads. ii-:i i-tniii-.; tn'tiiv; out. j/j help flic r<::n-'imi:n )i[; tin- i-nacl] , )UI of ., <iu. !*mln- or ml, alu | ...n-jvi,,,, j,i KI-A Viiil; aller a week's hard t-v.'lin,:. vr/.s.ihi^ ,v the ease, a- «t!: as the expedition wllh w)i:Ji our j-iiirnuy K -a.-; rffectwl." • ! : i:l 1- Bumais Admits Slaying Of Black Dahlia 1-OiiT nix. N. j., ,.-,,!, -l> !'•' -Corp. Joseph lJu;mls 'amressort" ho was tin; Societ -Personal I j-'S'er of pretty i-.llMbcth Short. »i' Los Antielc.s "Black Dahlia" >iid i;iive dcl.ills of |]ii> tiimllKtfcn nd dissection of her bod,-. Armv olfirlnls sulci. Aulhorllic.s immediately lel"- 'IlmiCd (Iclillls of Ills StllleUH'IU I'C- Kimlnm (he actual sUiyimc niui iniilillliition lo UK Aniieh's po)i.-i- for ehecklmt ninilnsl tliu known facts, f.os AnfjeliT, pollco had t,aht ''arHer thnl they hud provided Ilk- I 1 ''" I Dix offk-llils with o,ueMlims which iniiv HIP actual slayer cimui uisvvcr correctly. Dumals snlti thnl he wns "responsible for tho n'lme." Fort Dix authorities wild, nnrl added Unit He used a meat cleaver lo sever ll'i' pretty brunette's body iilliv "HH her In the back »inl cu'.- )»er face and mouth witii i saHl Ire then '.vi'siicd tin; r'nllons of the body o: blood Him left (hem in 11 vacant lot in l.os Angch-s. where Miss Hhou'.-; uoiiy \\as found on Jan. 15. nmnals .said, according to Major C- T. Morris. Hint h,-' fir;.;, sloii- an iniioinoblle niul a i-o|:.,-, ilu n went on a date with Ml.v, sii.ii I. lied her up, and slabbed her. Hut there were many discrepancies In the 211-year-old soldier'-; stnry. which still wrc lu-hi" rhei'knl, Kirlier he (,,,d K ,id h,' 'bclicvcd" he might li.iv ( . |-.m,<ct MIS.S short, but that he luul pone bilo » "blackout" whilr on a dale with her ill sun l-'ninclwo -' : "1 '.I or 10. AS yet. lh(-|-i! nothini! hi any ol 'his !:tnti;iui "' account for the neriod be",' I hat date nnrt tlic rinding ol body, and nothing to how I "lie went, or was taken. Ivoi-i :;an Francisco (o I,os Alludes. H was believed thnl LIB Miles police, once they | 1]u i ltlll details ot Dumals' desct-i|illo.i n the Dimmer In whlirh the Unly ,,1 lhc. K ny "parly B |i'|" -.van inul'ilut- id and severed, would Ir ,, U |;, |,, dclcnnlne whether Dnina!>; actually might Imvt! pcrcpclialr-l liu- eriine. Meanvvliile. one soidti'i- mi UK- post was ([iiestloned by oifirei'S i,| die criminal investlyatlon (Upari- inent. In nil effort - o csliiolhh nmnals 1 wliereabouii; at tin- llni.< of (he nelual Rlaylni:. jn-,-? n hlv -Ian. 13 lo IS. Morris snid 11 i"c man a.verled he snw Hi: cortioiMi on |he Fort, Dix post !:i ihiU period, isighl oilier soldier;,- i-oJ'.,M- tec-rcd slinlln r info'-inntiim. |-, ( - saui - Mrs. Nora Bi'oWir f t -f;.-. TlMii fnr Peo;in. U!.. where r.-ie w:l lend a v-cddiug or wide ii-.u-rc Illinois,' that of iiie :,ci:i „: and-Mrs. H. H. Letoiirnertn. Ji retiirning home. Mrs. Ur:; visit in St. fjOniFj. Dr. Morris Nlc-liol !efl toda attend the Dental jV^.ci meeting in Chicago. D. Fred Taylor gr., j s .seri III in a aiemp-his hospital Miss Piavi.-i Ui-ivcr h:i-,"i'ec a position with the First Nai Hank of Madisrm. \\-i-, i,,]i- her Bi-aduation in Janu.irv froi University of Arkansas. " Miss Bettys Joan CoU-n-;\n Sartain. Dick 1'iv.rd:: and .MI' ty Branch, aii ul Pecan r. .i-n tnvncd ye,;t(-rciay ID i.--... v .-.r'i where they are Judeiit-; Vt'ur'- versily of Arkansas, after spe -'ime sh'.rf:i s e i:f hnsrrc! oil ' -|ioi)::ib:e fnr drvi'Ir.pluenl of nc-i-irtd fiii--oli icfinetl and i mvii it h :i5 attaltu'd desh- .:.v '•]' !ie:ivi', llie paint i lie 'u -.'.Vi'.::--,L'inestcr holidnvs with lh"ir ,::,l-ci)l;;. r.'-ui:t Ivy. Andrew J. Florida. Cr."ii!-.' riiukia and Melvin fip,.,-',; r"t:i;-!i(.l Tinn-.-dav nii;ht from Kan- v i.s- C'u.v. win-re tiley Jiavc been on u bu-ine,-; uip. • Myron T. Naming attended lo b.i-infs-i in Covi-igton, 'i'enn.. last v.'t-i!-;. It Will Pay You to See Jack W. Pov/ell Insurance CoiuiseJlor Mississippi County OJ you know what happens to yntir inifinoss when your business partner dies? Office— 2) Lynch I'hone ;)702 1'lionc 211.'? I'ost Offiro Uox COl Bl.v(hevillc, Ark. Friday, Fob. 14th Plionc 549 C?,[t Flowers Corsages Pot Plants ens H. n':, T'kr.vcrs say "t low yon Whatever!. b:st u, r.t the need i \«('i- :;:-;[.-I c:i - - i, irvc Lit ffeaton's, Ui (iliulioli, lU-i C'amcliiii.s, (, l'esoni;is, \ io ;•:,:,;;(!, :,,, ( ,n, At'Jiciii, ..-. Pol'.ctl Cyc!;imen, ?i\l J or (.'locjiiiiiiisiy and Kliop Comer Davis at Franklin F/owcrs Wired Anywhere PAGE THRE8 KDISON CENTENNIAL 19-! 7 T MOM AS ALVA !847 ^HK "WIZARD OF MKNLO PARK PATENTED OVER ),IOO INVENTIONS, 3SSON ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER. Cnstcrn shore ot Virginia/ '"' Tho Navy «ald at, Watt « planes had taken part In a search lor the craft. Transient avli%or» also were asked to lop]t"for the " Too Late to Classify Lost x .'0 ilro omJ rim 1,cl»ein ill Uiccoln Haiunioy , iillil Kirun, I r TOOK 6COO EXPERIMENTS OITR AH 8-YEAR PERIOD T<j riNO A SUITABLE FILAMENT ('(>'•> THE INCANDESCENT UMP DEAF FROM BOYHOOD, THIS HANDICAP WAS AN ASSET TO EDISON-IT SHUT OUT DISTRACTING SOUNDS, HELPED HIM CONCCNTRATE -nor ONLY DID EI>ISON INVENT THE ELEC1RIC V.AMP- BUT HIS POWCP PL AMI' IN NEW 1ORK PJU'5'T IMAGINE A WOULD WITHOUT Ei.L'CTKIC LIGHTS MOTION PICTURES, TaW-ONES, ELECTRIC rcWKR--y\LI. MADE PftACTICsL OY EDI50H. Scotch For Navy Plane Wili, W Persons Aboard NORFOLK. V:i., l-'cb. 10— <U1')~ - c ''- v -'"ch KU- a mJssInu Navy 'plane- with ID ii.'rai.-ns aboard has ueen ahiiiulonril jif.rr a "super-sntura- i : "ii" hunt planned over tho week- i-nil wa-. .Hnscd by cold weather and li-i', I lui Navy announccil loduy. 'I'lii' plum- iHiappi'nrcd last Tncs- d;vy nlj,-li! i.-Mi'diiii. from IMrts- |»")nlh. N. I!, to Norfolk. The plane | was I.IM hen rd iront In the vlclu- Uways rely on tfiis great nib for - "~ --- — Head Courier News Wunt Ads. lo relieve £onr,lis — aching RHIM)M RUB ON ty or ClilncDtenuiie Island off the x in, .l loi wcv Kir.'i>t. C'all ilia. ajio. p i?.is TAKE CARE OF YOU* NUTRITION ZpNt AND IT Will TAKI CARE OF YOU Ol«l> TM ADLMIK* Co. A DLERI GIVE NATURE A CHANCE! Mal(» lute your ctnjfnl ioure« of h«allti li funtlionin-] piop«ilyl GET ADLERIKA TODAY! Uie «very olK«r day for 10 dayt and nolle* the diflctonct! Tiy ISii 10 doy TONE W ol NAIURE'S NUIBI71ON ZONE SlorT- Ino TOMORROW MORNING — UPON ARISING Don'l Dtloyl . . Do II today! ASK YOUR DRUGGIST! ____^^__^^^__^__^_^.^ CAUTION i USI OMIT AS CTKICIIO KEMEMBER THISi JATISFAOION GUARANtCED OR MONEY REFUNDED ' 3c Hemp It, raiAt SUE r« Hi. ADtERlXA CO., Dapl. 1, SI. foul I, Minn. THE HUDSON FINISH! OUR BETTER CLEANING IS IN THE FINISH 8-HOUR SERVICE YOURS FOR THE ASKING Suits-For Men & Ladies Made to Measure Hat Cleaning Dye Work Alterations Tailoring DSON CLEANER . CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheyille, Ark. Phone 2612

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