The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1947
Page 2
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'PAGE TWO •LYTHBVILLB (ARK.> COUKIER NEWS Models Cotton Jerry Lowe Honored At ! Birthday Party Fi\" joil "U Jerry Lowe, son o M end M s J. C. Lowe, think Invjng b rthdays Is r.mi—especial! when he is gusxl of hnuor a; His mot^i"! entertained 'EaUi.- (H\ aJt~i rim at the Ly.'e home S'7 N 't h S x'Ji, with a party fu J r y cnc. 31 of liis friends. ^irpi c the games they played in Jon s |'I, room were "pin th tail on the donkey," with urjz•'. COIMK to Steve McGiijrc ana Gcan •Atkinson. Atte C p n is 'his gifts, Jerri rife H»(' e h guest wilii favors. *">. tmj M s. Lowe in enle.-iaii!- iUK x c.t Mrs c. A. Tant Mrs ,R.u "el' Bur mm and Mrs. Goal Mis Moses Speaker Ar., Alpha Delta Meet 1 XhsiAic e\\ M-JSCS presented the fUlfUi >) po t o t the A'--ha Dclt ChED e Beti Sit^i- P'ii, pr-' 1 "" r^fe\ tftci nooii at the rcRnlar "JS^JDp it the chi5)rc?m. _ IWrM ti tcnL'ral-thcinc "Exws- <Wh \trs i-Vases •Miscitsse;! '"Ext C'i i Before an-Audience." V s G: bTt D. -Himmo;k presi- tfpnt coi ducted the business scs- 1 ion ' ;. • • M-s Frank J. .Tiirck, hostess :crvcd refreshments. Mis. Rose to Present . DAR Piogiam Tomorrow Noted Sjns of Arkansas" will lj-> discussed tomoirow rtt Ihe luncheon mcetmr, of Cliarlevoix Chapte- n-.n»ht"is of the American Revolution it Hotel Noble. Mrs R c Rose is In charge of ihc pro-rai-t Hostesses foi the occasion are Mrs r B Joyner Miss Cordelia Wilhhe and Mrs A M.. R. Branson. Sudbury'PTA Will Present Program Friday SuSmr Faicnt-Tea:-.ier Association \\M pusent a "Woufaiiless WMrMp F icUy night at Suclbury E-nco! \ -en i king and queen .if the vciicol al o will b^. crowned Staging inotber performance os- c->u*e cf U e many requests since its presentation of v "Womanlcss Wcddin 0 u, T45, tlic Association Mill J a\p t\o performances Friday night \ ith the first at 7:30 o'clock an fie sc~>id at 8:3i) o'clock Mieii<x El) .,1, daughter ot Mr a^d \- ^ H^thruck Salibn. will be c o; ne-i queen, and Jerry LWZ Son o, M n iJ oil:s. C:m Lutz tkm,. TV\ WL.e chosen iu a school contest Ti-eii crurt v,il] ,> IKU uc in ct pli ot'iri siiulents who |J.v- "" in the contest. ' Takm-r pan in the uiuisiial wed- in,, udl »•> Mike yates, as an mi " H2tll| i'-3»d as H-nry Wheat Lt r uncle of the bride; UEO P ^ n, \frs. WheMheart, tiie 'de s lint r 011 smwell ft:i Mrs ' ^osej Toadzine a neigbior; Gcor-je M, J ES Ml!>$ u:>1: - l 'S=:atDhfeed, tin. j>f» t sweetheart; KA-ri-j Wclra, WO P^nrj M""B3:z l 2:''c"t3, B ":i l v £' t r a tio jrlda; 'Shleicli F.J- " " — tuit Hor-lKy, the colored -j J E as Pappy. o li-i E Htes 'i's C Granny dr Rye" the ErTdncth-r; Joe M Clure a-' 5.^. ?.:.... ni3tli " of the bride: Razorback Beauties Selected Bits of N«LWS Mr.:, Miss., Mrs. Mrs. four i:I.-Is In Ihe University ot Arkansas have been selected ,., the •HaxorUnck neat.tlc.s- for the io-JC-17 H.'i M rb, TC k. the st.Wcnt yearbook leliro.r.rom'a'no 10 ' 1 " 5 ' bV ^ *"" JOriil1 "' "" tO ''- Th ° lK ' il " ties wc ' re ' Tiie fjirls selcslcd by CnnUT i.cp Iciti: Ullnni- Mayfield •t)rt Sinilh. n frrshman in Collide 01 Art;: and Hale.HI top i-lghti Martlia H>inan •iiytttevllle. a fiv.shman In Cane Hill. Ark., a freshman iii the Cdle^ o f Ail's and scienrer ir-a rlnhtl Alice ScrcK-| ' ol - :ollc-lie of Arts and Sclc-uers; ilv)t .„ | iboUoin . 'i; | liaiixite. a senior In ,11,0 Coilcjjo or Arts and Sciences. Portrniis nr tin: four co-edK will be cavnid in cm left) Cartu Lee Mntlhcws ,ui Ha/orljack. the "lienuly SMtioii" of this yoai W-ten J l, OM as - Mrs Shu:k fr"prt\T ' Hl ° ri ^-' J -«er; Win- fed m,r cw f v s M: " ' SI " d «y RIM- fie d mai. of i.nor; 0:113 Stanfiek; rt . ' ICr " er ' pii)lli ". ccm^'S", LC* e s" t i rja ^ ss^^vs^ **»%&& Miss June Stires Will Be crowned 'Y" Sweetheart Miss June Stires, cluitghtcr of Mr. «c. Airs. C. O. Stires, will be :o\vncd "Eweetheart of the v" in Jjpld's Coiut toincirow niyht at. he Y roun:s in Oliy Hill The ci'o-cniii!; will tok. pl;-;e at :30 o'clcK'k. with tha "Sweetheart" ia'. ;ie:- cr.iirt to reir.n during he reniainder en r))t- Valnutin^ prcgrnm. Tlic orograni -.vill inelu.'li! Denial nuisi; niii,-.j«rs, a se:ond presenlnlion <j[ "My Unlucky Day. 1 ither .-kits. 5pc:in!ty ntiir.jers siicii ^s i::p tlunrcs and muslr :>y a -liili- billy rand." All inrticipants will r> Y n;einb?rs. Ritmier-np to Miss siircs, wlio ss srlc:lc<l in a ponny-a-voLe At The Hospitals IILYTHKVII.LE UOrt.'lTAl, Admitted: Joe Wntklns, city. Mrs. Heatrice Usietli. city. Mrs. 13. T. Willford. city. Mrs. Sylvia Auti-y. city. Born to Mr. and Hf rs . Eli Woods Jr.. of Osceola. twins, a clntmhlcr and a son. Born to Mr. and Mrs. D. p. si.\ten or Holland, a daughter, yesler- day. MaA-tiy, MliK Lynn JachErjn is In St. Louis fui- a it-union wild tlirce of in'i- tc'i-nu:i- seluioliniilss at Llndcn'wooil Colk'iic, St. Chai-les. Mo., n-om vvncri) ;,lie was graduatsd. Slio was loined In Dexter ,Mo,, by her former roujinnali;. Miss Mary Lynn Darby Oi.'iers In St. Louis for the reunion 'iHI Mis', Amy (/in Sliilllon and Mis- Uoi-oliiy He--s. II. W. Howsll of Jacfeon, is Ihe HUL'.si of her sister' U. P. Pry. Other guests or ivun. Fry' have l;een Mr. Kowe'.i and Mrs. II. P. Collins of Mrjiiir I phi:;, another sister, who now have i relumed (o their homes In Memphis and Jackson. 'lltuae In niytlicrfllc yeslei'day to ntlc'id funeral services for MI-H G T3. Pecry, who died Saturday niorn- I..S at her home on Armorel Road W.-IT- a number of friends and relatives from out of town. They included Mr. and Mrs. Bland Pecry of Lilili. Hock; My, and Mm. o K Ill-own and .son, Don. of Cireeiiwood! Mi.-is.: Mr. and Mis. H. c. Wilson of Dycrtlmrij. Tenn.; Mr. and Mrs! Arthur Sherwood of Uycr.slniru: i Mrs. W. P, tihnrgi of Pine I3luir- Mrs. Flora Lucy. Mrs. Jack Timms' j Mrs. Georisia Klni', all ot Memphis- ' Mrs. Kathryn Uellfiorlda ot LIMI-' rjuck and Dun Hamiier, of Osccoln. i Mrs. w. 'r. Morrow of johnsFuni 1 City, Tcnu.. is tlic i-nesc r ol . ;i ' \ few days of Mr. and Mrs C A j Cunningham. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan R. Van Patten and her mother, airs. W B Thompson, spent .vcsleivJnyi tii Memphis as uviesls o f ]\;,. ',,„(, Mrs. W. A, Meredith. !Vf«. William T. Uotts of Oklahoma city, Okla.. has been visltIni: fricnd-i and relatives here lor the past two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. p. K. Harris, who haw iicen visiting [rlcnds aim relatives here, have gone to Roltn Mo., where Mr. Harris is enrollcti in Missouri School of Mines Mr. and Mrs. J. A. MeKav were iruests Oils weekend In Memphis i ot tlieir clniifjlitei-, Mrs mr--scli ffotlijc, and family. Coming Events TUESDAY Tn-Towii Hridfe Club meeting with Mrs. .rallies Ten-y. Blyttienllc Choral Society •nc «t Ihe Woman's club' Mrs. HoiUing'Hostess With Afternoon Party Ark., Feb. 10. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1947 It's nay cottiiii for this attractive outfit, desiiiiied by ncnie for linr- bara Hate, RKO star, in her r.'ir- runt picture. The chlnlz pea'^'iu. skirt is a gaudy mixture or green, purple, gold, and fuchsia spli'isheu aci'css wliite. The tjlouse, -,vi!.li iti normous .ilceves. is i while c'jttoii . . the sleeves and ofr-llie- i!;c'ulder neckline are edsc-t 1:1 lace. Lace also edges tlio skir- luffles and the fi:ll cotton i*tli- coals. Houseguests Honored By Mrs. W. C. Mason CSCEOLA. Ark., Fell. 10.— Mrs. J. R. Sreets and daughter, Miss Marie Sheets, and Miss Mary Brown of Madisonville. Teun., were gucst-s of honor Friday when Iheir hostess, Mrs. W. C. ' Mason. entertained' with i' dessert Mrs. Spencer Driver won ~high score prize in afternoon i;nmcs unci Mrs. Wnlllicii Prcwitl cut coi'so- lalion pri2o. The fiuc-sts of honor were presented KlfLs or slallohcrv. tmesis, Mrs. Loi'ene Eden of Man- anna and Miss Bernice Caldweil cl Salem. CECECLA, Ark., Fob 10 -' Low bowls ot eieenc-y were R.'rs. Mike Nallljnu cnUrt'ilnnl " s(? /or riccol ' nljon '" l)lc ' ilri "r'; c n „„„„,.. . ,,, '"and illnliiK IKOIUS am; rail white -ra tucsts v,nii 911 nltcrnoon party [ t andlcs burned at each end of the Trlday complimenting he.- two serving tables. PRETTY IS AS PRETTY DOES! You'll never lose that ugly fat by wishing! Let us help you attain, the figure you've always wanted. There's no exercise to take, no hot baths, no diel . . . Just relax and let the gentle gyro waves do tiie rest. Phone for appointment now! GYRODUCE FOR HEALTH CALDWELL BEAUTY SHOP 311 No. Second St. Phone 2592 J. ii. Jchnson, city. Mrs. Rhodn Ashaiiranner, Manila Mrs. OCOI-BC Wood and baby, city] Mrs.. Alvln Wclvitcr and baby. Ann Singleton, lUf. 2. .lames Robert Lee, Tomato C. \v. Tijiton, Manila. M'-s. L. L. Jone..; and haby, Muir- 114111. Carai Dcwdy. fourth, "ilflh" ami :•; . r.r.r. M'rv I.oii Oanseic. first seconci and third BIV::;.I. Beverly Jones glared r.CL-ond in - J"-ior !ilnh r-.tei!d!int division; Martha Dyer and Cynthia Ann Hr.sU:- were rumicr-\ips i'l -he fCjti:;!!. fir:!, ;:ni sjv;), ( | iv | s ioi: tiul llKiilyn sue Jr j);PJ , rur.-cr-ii'J in IU= !!:;:, E t::uJ. ;lrii thh-.-i dlv.l :iou. Ciiarlcvolx Chai.-te:-, Da -he Aaierican Revolution. :ni:i.ti!i!; at Hole! NOli;. WEDNESDAY Mrs. .1. c. Ellis entertains Town and Country uridgu club. Mrs. c. A. Cunningham hosiers U> Wednesday Bridge CH.o. Shirley Pinkerston, Wanda isbeh 13ol>lj!'.- Thwoau, rjarijara Sl|r ; fingsdale Mark Chltwood, DobevI Kyle and Ronald Wamble. 1'rcceeds of the program will be '.•-TJ fr.r a V dircjuiy systi-ui. 'eci Honored With Bridge Din»<j f OSCEOLA. Ark.. FvD 10 Mr 1 ; Pater White im( | Ml . s _ A ,. u ,,,;: "own cntartaincd Friday ni H ht witli a bi-ulsc dinner hemoriti" jii v Charline Mnssey. who will b". W cd Feb. 20 is Winford Watson nr. The 1C gucsl.s were entertained ii- rooms decorated in yrw-n and whito' Burnmi; white candles cast a dor over the low silver bawls of while carnations. i i^ rs ' }'' I3 ' illl;i!io v. inotlier of t!ic brlrie-clcct. and MIS w w son. mother ot -In- briiu-ijrooin-ek-c.1 were pres-'itcd wliitc carnnllona i First Grade Presents Two Plays at Sch.aof CSCL-CLA. Ari:., Feb. lo.-Trc'i rna rri-adc <if Oaccola Elementary i .F'hool ui-ci.eut.crt twn plays Thursday afternoon under the smie;- I .vision cr Mrs. ,. yv. Foster ten-h.',- ; Taking ,,-^ '„, ,,., ri ^t ,,'f': ••Tl'(. 'in,.:- i.ittic; Kiitcns.- we're Barbara Chit:,i. aolvby Lou Nai'l- i Horace" Linds'r ""^ S ' lllivn1 ' il:KI Pni-liclpatiii.; ,„ ,,„, . S1T1V1<1 „! , "The Kim Who Was Sad" Jinimie Simmons. Mruesl (; L Hud Henderson. Anu '"•-'"n.-raoii. Ann Itlir.n^ j Brcmln Ruff. Shirley c.e,,r« - ,! ' ! Bmv L5 "" fl , E ™ 1 " 1 Joy< "- 1 "li'i'w'l. ._L.^ ^ llp js. v Carolyn sue '.Viloy. We Feature - - | MILKMAID Cosmetics -Also- Prbce MatchabcUi Colognes, Perfumes And Dusting Powder | CWe Gift Wrap Free) The GIFT SHOP Make Valentine's Day a Memory for "HER" V,,,,,- Fi n , ver Or()or N FLOWERS TURKISH BATHS Wann nvlgoratlng and really a v O-der wo ) er, that's what you'll «y about these wonderful turk- Wi Lalhs at Artie's B;auty Shop Vou v di f ee i better instantly and lose psunchge EO easily and so fast—you U be: amazed as will your friends! It> a turkish both at Artl"s for real results! ARTIE'S UTY SHOP 3tS N». Second . . Cl preview j new season bcaut-y! ±"*>^ !^.-,, C-v-j> -«sSJk -o ^w- 1 ^ ,.,^, '•• S <S!-PP ^ .**;• f ^ THE Y C 1st Null' Hank Hldg. Phone 3274 5m & ^<f^f f *$£\ ' n c '"flr*-"* M-BEAUTY CLINIC RKO RADIO PICTURES' U $AN QVZHJW Time Today Lady Luck ivilll Holrert Young, ISaitarn tl;,! Paramount Xews Also Shorts Continuous rtllou-hit .Kvcryilay a dramatized TRUE radio crime story from the files of WARDEN LEWIS E. LAWES Tuesday ?nd Wednesday a-tinc. 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Supported by such flue scre'-n talent as: liarton .Macl.anc » Marian < - arr " jtc Devlin Hurry Shannon * Carol Forman Proiluced by Mnrtln Monncy. nircrle.l by Cinnton n<iuda». SEE SAN QUENTIN at the RITZ Tuesday and Wednesday SPECIAL: t On our stage Tuesday Nile only—Mr. X, revealing the actual due life experiences he endured while bsliiml bars. Uoii'l mfss this for cariosity's sake! You'll be amarcil—you H find It hanT la believe, hut It's all true. Selected Shnrl Subjects Continuous Showing Everyday Coming to the Ritz Feb. 18, 19, 20 and 2] "The JoJson Story" (In Tcclmirolnr) Starrinif [,,-IITV I'arks Box Office Opens ti:4fi Opens Sunday 1:00; Starts I:l.> Continuous Shows Sat. and Sun Bargain Night Every Night E:in:],t Sulunlay. No passes honored on Sunday al the Ko.vy. Last Time Today Blithe Spirit with Kcx Harrison anil Constance C.'iimnilncs Tol .News and Selected B'hart Tuesday ;md Wednesday tlOCHI.r. VKATtlKK

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