The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 1, 1925 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 15

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 1, 1925
Page 15
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RED GRANGE OF WEST Creatett ARgrfRation That Ever how tha Capital fans that their victory - of 1m at Saturday was no atara ftuka. By defeating ' tha Wtn- nlpeg ohampions, thay caa add, to tha la.urela as proudly won over tha week-end. Despite tha absence of Joe Millar,. Mia Ottawa back field alar, tha team will go Into tha game with determined mien, , Edgar Mul- ronay or Jerry Ault Will replace Millar, ub. Muironey llkejy getting tha call, aa, ha has baa a nret string sub. la all tha gamea. . " ! All Ilia sr.smoera ot tha turn ware pleased beyong words- whan tha gsius concluded laat Saturday, slthotgb a ('( them bora alight wound, they all daolarad that they will be la good abapa for tha Ana! aania of the year. Ottawa, will concentrate on tha aania kind of play that brought them victory over Queen's, and Coach Dave MoCana and bla aaaiataot are confident that they will briny the flrat All-Cana-diaa championship to; tha city In .years. -......,'. , i. Weatanwra' Stronc ' ;'-vl j, ' fa mettlnj Tammany TlKe'ra; ihe Ottawaa are coins to so "P Satinet ona of -tha ba-Scar' blttlny tearae that played here. The We.t- ern taenia ara noted for their heavy Una plunging and Bruce Borah a in and Mike tihaa. the well known .Winnipeg eport erltica, deolare that Ottawa will aea the beat team that ever eama but ot tha Waat. If Ihe Tigers Uva ap. to tha -' reputation Whiah Is being made for them, they should be a real 8ns taam. At any rata Dave Mecana Is being olosely Informed of the atrangth of tha Wee tamers, sad declared yesterday that bla squad can take aa ehanoaa. Ha evidently reepecta tha .Weatern-era, judging by the order for ateady practice laeued a the Ottawa head- auartece. CREATOR OP LOBO rTO LECTURE HERE Ka writer la mora eoinplstaly sail shrined In the hearts of ehlldrsa and adults then ts Ernaat Thompson 8eton. the creator of-Lobol -Johnny Bear and Molly Cottontail, who Is coming here to lecture next Thura-day and Friday evening In St. Jamas 0Blted Church under tba joint aua. pleea of-ft, Jamas nd McLeod, aSaW.rg.'V'..". .; , i r-t On 'ThDnottyvenai'snrtsc- turo on "Tha Woodcraft Way.? and on Friday pis subject Will ba "Animal Life." Tha advance, aals of tickets for'- theaa lectures shows great Interest in Mr. Baton's Visit to, Ottawa, --:--, . i RHJEAU WARD TO " HEAR CANDIDATES . A meeting b the executtvs'af th Rldeau Weed Municipal Aaaoclatlon was held last evening being tha flrat nesting after the annual election of tha aaaoclatlon. R. Hood was la tha chair and ant -af - the ejeuuttae ware preaent. Much busineas. dona and plans, made for- a buey' year.' Mr. O. P. FlUmaa waa named aa chairman of tha Publlo Im-prove-mnt Committee. ! v Tha association will hold two meeting during, the present -week to : hear - campaign spaechea ' The first, on Wedneaday" night, will be for tha candidates tor tha Board of Control. There will aleo ba a meeting held on Thureday svanlng im St. BartholonMwa Hall for the al-dermanio and achool . board eaadi-datea only. . ' ' John MacKanals U ths ahalraian of the sports and ' entertainment committee. . Ona ot tha Brat bits of work ot this, commutes Is the organising of the different k hockey teams in the ward and a meeting on .this matter wllMehe Jtoralt Jn- The Prince of Walea 1s preeldent of ths Royal Caledonian 'Curling Club ot Scotland, which la tha governing body of ths sport ot ourling throughout tha world. - . DID YOU KNOW,,.., that ' Wewbro's Herplrid'e has beaa the leading hair tools la AsMrloa for over- 2& yearei that It positively eradicates dsnd-. mff and- 'prevent hair lose; ad that It ts sold at all drug counters'1 . , i - FOOTBALL DOMINION CHAMPIONSHIP . FINAL GAME WEST vs EAST . - ! Winnipeg Tigers vs Ottawa ' ; Saturday December 5th ' : ' Game Starti at 2.15 Sharp ; ' I Ticket Box $2.00, IM, $1.00, 60c Tax Included Season Tickst and Parking Bpaoa Bubscrtbert may ; Phone Q. 1381 and Beserr Tickets. ; Sale open 10 a.m Thursday, at Union Bank Eldg. ' THE OTTAWA JOIH-TAT, THE SPORT PAGE EVERYBODY READS ,-' TITHnTV." DKfTMBEB f. 116. 1 HOCKEY TUBF BOWLINO - SKIING iETNO CUELINO I ILLY BUCKINGHAM IEADS THE PRAIRIE CHAMPIONS' INVASION . it- -5wy-Team From Winnipeg U Came Out of the Wert Ottawa Ketume Work Today. . . tickled pink sfter their great ttorjr over Queen ',, the Ou Aw football player rested yet- - rduy but all will resume rao-t today ' at- noon in prcpara- for the lust game of the ' , minion championship; finals ' :iiist 'Tflmmany;LTiB'!ra of - 'innipfj. Coach Dave McCann ' bailed the clarion call jester- ty and announced that a per ' d of intensive training would t started today aa he desires a turn to the game of Saturday ben the Ottawa team -stamped self as the greatest football juad of the 1925 season by toddy- trouncing: ' ths- pride I the Intercollegiate union, Bern's. ' ;;; f Must Kbit Take' dvaaccs. ... tlttawas '.'are determined thet ' sir treat victory ,ot -Saturday shall t be nullified this,' week-end, and ia styls, they are um ig show b tocibaU world that the? are the IM of the .Canadian gridiron. , ash bfcCann la la receipt et word n Winnipeg - that Tammany tarn are the east team that has 'X ths Wast ysl. and declares that ." r will Siva OtUwas raal battle, ley have a, bis bruising Una,, a roar, speedy beokneld and Weet-B critics ars confident that thsy 11 ahow Eastern (aoa a thing -or whan they step out at Laaa. SU1 tha Ottawa players are la x shape, and ara keen ta seals 'S MEN'S CLUB li ELECTS orncEss Tl ka Club alaatad tta KS of Officers for tha anauina wear .1 Its regular supper gathering- last, ynlns-.ta the T.M.C.A. The new vuiiaiatai ox air. C . UaO all, prasidentl Mr. O. Hi Donald- R. Mr. H. V. Jarrett and Mr. T. D. n, vlce-praaldanUi Mr. S. P. M1eom secretary, and Mr.' H. M. Vmore, traaaurer. . . .. . ... ... following tha election past-nreal-mt Roy Anderson gava a brief re-" trt of ha activities orlhs . paat ar and in a abort addreaa declared a club has a place In tha future prk of the Y.M.C.A,. that should aks every Member Snthualaatlo in J aanrlca. Speakers Included President Mac-all. Mr. T. H. -Hutchlneon, Mr. H. Jarrett and Mr. W. C. BeatUa. - r. T. w: Cowan presided. I . r .v4 ; -.An Indoor golf achool Is conduct- I by a large department store la . pokane. -. - ... ; .. ... .,. , r t: It'a thai Tnt tT Wna rtm- Thatv amata ; -v T Society Brand Overcoats; , $3(Lto $60; I RUSSEMi HOISE BLOCK. 92 Sparks Bt. . . , Where- Society Brand Clothes - - Are Sold. J OYSTERS t . On the Half Shell Oystan Stewed or Tried 1 - Arriving Freeh DaDy " PLAZA HOTEL ' " Stop using MacfsT : At the pace of a 5 , . few . smokes, you 1 ; . can own your own. EASSON RE-ELECTED J 1 AS OiJJL PRESIDENT - ----. i (i . Nominations " Close For Ontario .Senior OflicersT TOn0MV. , Nsv. , It. Nomina-' lions for office Ift ths Ontario Amateur Hockey Aaeoclatloa sloaad Hat-urday sight with the senior officers all being re-elected by acclamation, while eight, have been named for .ths executive. committee, of which four are to be elected and two appointed.' Mr. William Kaason,- of Stratford, as president, .wlll-aga bs In cbsrcs of ths destinies-of hs largest provincial, amateur hockey body la Canada. Ths list of nonil-nations follows? ' fraeldent. WllllsmEsasoa, Stratford r.-eloted). - . - . Flrat vlca-prealdent, George- B. McKay. Kitchener .lire-elected); second vicS-preeldent, Richard Butler, LlndMty .(re-elected); A.A.U. of C. governor, W. W. Daviuaon, Toronto (re-elected), - Treasurer, Sheriff J. W. Paxtorc. Tbronto- (re-eiactad);' aecretary. W. A. Hewitt. Toronto (re-elected). ' - Exeeutlvs committee.- four to be elected J" P. Bond, ? Petsrboros Angus D. Cainphelt. Cobalt-. Qeorse . Uuillty. Oiaoode Hall; J. R. Iler. tiarrle: W. 11. Duncan. Midland: Frank Hydge. Woodatock; Vr. J. M. Mitchell.. Colllnsweod; A, H. Bib-legal, Prsston.-.. .1- 1 Ottawas Respect ' : in Gridiron Final , Coach Dave MrCana derlarre ' , . that he baa great nepers for the .weaiera rnaniptona. Itava was -' llpHt off to their system ye.-' - terrtay by a prominent foot hall rrHlowrr wlHk baa n them ' play this year. According to ' tlUa bifnrmant, they have one ' of the bJasest teanu playtag tlis . .game, aiui a barkftdd that aliowa that football la Improv- ' -big -out rewt,--kXtawas cant . afford to lake chances with ibis t Seanv- e . a-, -iii-j .(.' THB tins condition of the field on Saturday was largely due to the eo-operatloil and good ' work .of. Superintendent -J. W, -Nelson, of the streets department. Mc. Nelson had several teams worklngton the.griil-lron all morning and butetda-aews. papsrmen Were loud la. their pralae of,-ths 'work doasi . -."'-.' t"-s, . s--; '''' '.' , "THS ' press stand" thit aooommo-dated a large crowd ot visiting and- local- praaamen was construct' sd under the guiding sys of Jim McCualg.' Jim had avsrytbing la fins snaps and despite the cold day the.'preaemea worked- under good eoaditloaa. . - ' - - "JHERB waa no mors pleased man ' In the grounds than Dr. Andy Pa vies. The Doo went wild with Joy and .wrestled around -with Dug. Wrlght'e bulldog with (treat enthusiasm. ' Ne'edleas to say 'the Doe came out on top. . The Capital has seldom given . a seas to aucb real entbaalaant' as oa Saturday evening. - A bugs --parade from the grounds waa --.started' from Lanadowne Park -and - - -wended . Ita - way 'down-' binarks strces. - Not since ArmU -stirs Day baa thera beea sucb JolUty and neantaKsM. f- -Sl ' K StJ,t t ITS. .WALKER, ths great little. . Uneen's eutstde wing, serenaded Jos. Tubman and lifted the Ottawa oaptaia oa hie shoulders. : , .. .-.e e ,. e(' ,- f CCOMPAXIBO " oy the , best ' wleher ot hhr - team- mates and the sporting public In, gsnsrat, Jos Miller left ths Capital last night for Bt. Paul, where he Vrill play hockey. There could bane finer tribute paid to any athlete than to leave the city with ths p rallies ot ths fana ringing la. bis esr:-.-r-'.-- -.W.,:,.. t. t-.f a : -a-.t. .f. ..'. - MONO -the eonsoisstfotu) workers ; on the Ottawa sxeoutive none exceed! Louis Fournler, He did a trsmandoua amount- ot- work all fallr and at tha game, handled ths field arrangements la - great 1 styls, A diplomat and A worker ot ths first magnitude. . . r ' VANCOVVEH WINS. . Vancouver, .o,kov. io The VancouverMaroone took the Saaka-toon- Bheika into camp in a Weetern Canada Hockey Laagus llxturs hers tonight, by ths score of 4 to 0. Reg; MacKay, Vancouver defenoa star, turned In a sterling game, -scoring two of ths Vancoaver.talllae. . H 1 f CASTB8 WI!f. lOONDON. Nor. I0.--In the an neal Oxford-Cambrldgs relay raesa .toaay j the five event - . "4 rt ,:-t n StopNiaht Uouqnsr' ' , - j f-' Ona doee of Bucklejr'atf -Mixture brines Immediate) relief and sleep - returns. Keep it bandy - -eta like flash on coughs, bronchitis and ' " U throat and chest IrrtV v h, tatkmS, Stops couthing ' ' epells as toon as taken. .. Wards off the more dan- , f r-rous diseases pneu- J monia, flu eta. ; . , "" All druttirtt sell Buck- , V-v't Mixture "Strong" ' , oc"Modinrl"on a money . ' ' refunded guarantee. t 75 44 doa' OUCKLEYS Jaar MIXTUDC aavr . se unerea ?- New Contract? By At, KtMARKK (t'ormcr Pltclier, N. T..iaata. The seven-year contesct of former Judge landia now high eom-niUaiouer of organlssd baasball. has ona more year to run, Whether thia" contract will ba renewed Is a vary Interesting point for specula-tion In the near future. From what I aether from the opinions of own., era, managers, players, umpires snd fans In general that I have come In contact with, I , and that tha great majority of these men ara unalter ably opposed to renewing ths com- miaaionera contract. - Moat ot tham raaenl ths esar-llka power and at-tltude-of tandiay -a man abeolutely devoid of any baseball' background. and therefore lacking ia all know!- as ot ths psychology ot the gams. They rather favor appointing a real baseball man or abolishing ths of-flee entirely and going back to ths Old comniliuilon. AS IT Ie now-wlth landler arbitrary tactics, a baasball owner with millions Invested' has lean to say -concerning his. Investment than the owner ot a dellcateaaen store.-;,-,'.' - ' I find that ths great majority In all Walks of baseball lire believe the preaent great popularitjr-and -prosperity ot ths gams la the result of Us inherent appeal and (aaclnatloa for- the American public, and -not to Keneaaw. Mountain Lanais as an In-, dividual In other words they take ths stand that Jackie Coogan, the Prince of Wales. Mussolini, Volstead or the Smith. Brothers could have bald ths office ot coramiaaioser without. Influencing the popularity' of ths gams in any way. ; 800 GERMAN BRIDES Are Putting Locamo Spirit-Inlo i Practice. . COLO.VCE. Nov. to. As a gesture of good Will on ths svs of ths signing of the Locarno pacts.. Brltlah svacuation of ths occupied sons began IS. hours before the ceremonies in J-iondon tomorrow, whch will re eetabltah Germany on an eoual loot ing snd preetlge among the nations of the world. Thirty lorries ot troops left for Wleabadan this morning. Tha remainder of ths force ot 1,009 will move out ot tha sons by train tomorrow. , Ths troops themselves ara doing their share of putting ths Locamo aplrlt into practice, for they srs tak Ing with them Sue German, girls Whom they have made their wives. and thla , In spite of the fact that rraternixing between r-the - Brltlah Tommies and German civilians Wak omciaiiy diatouraged. Ths Cologne shopkeepers are (he chief mourners, aa their harvest has been 110, too weakly from- ths troopa. IMPORTANT PARADE ' DIVISIONAL TRAIN An Important parade Is called of tns off loers and- N.C.O.'s ot ths Third Divisional Train tori this svenlng, at III Walllngtoa street. All non- commissioned officers attached io the unit are urged to bs present in order that - they may . become acquainted with their , aew duties and nsw otflosrs. ' . - TV.. UK... ..-.1111 Ind tlms will be available for a few games of euchre and bagatelle.-, 1L Jonas will give a short- talk : on "Preparatloa .and Care of Horse Lines." - . " ; .":.'.,.-. '.- Capt. Frank Campbell will be of fleer for ths-day, and "Bob" Hoed orderly sergeant. ORIGIN OF BLAZE 1-; C, PUZ2LE3 FIREMEN Mystery entrroenda ths origin ef a Bra which began behind a fire-place at the borne of Mr. R. E. McKlnetry, to Fentimaa avenue, at le o'clock laat night; When Mr. and Mrs. Mo Klnstry disco vsrad that their newly built fire-place waa smoking badly they thought that something had gone wrong with "the drawghtlteut whea a few minutes later th.y heard flames crackling la the. walls of the room they turned ia aa alarm ta ths Are department. .' .. j When nremea from stations seven, nine and tea arrived at tha Mo Unstry home they could abt see ths nre although they could near the crecklina- In the walla. It' waa only after they had removed part ot ths wail ana flooring that they got te tne seat of the trouble. ' About two months age there was a similar firs la ths walls ot the living room snd It was found that a defective chimney wes ths cause. In order to prevent further trouble tns nre-plaos and cnimney were tors Sowa and aew onea were conatrucl-ed. The new chimney waa helleved to be era-proof. Ths new fire-place bad been In nee for almost a month and up till last Bight bad; proved satlwtactory. - . : . 1 . ' ' - TO PLAT HUMS. . i 1 1 ' PORT ARTHUR, Ont, Nov. IS The port Arthur and Fort William hockey teams nnlght .held their flrat rink practice of' tha season. The port Arthur ehamplona had In uniform every one of the regu-hire on the team which last year wen the Allan -Cup. Fort William alao had all. last vear'e regulars and in addition Rooe and Hoard, of Ottawa. The port Arthur' leave M-tm-dav rlav at Vlnoaor. Slrftt-ord. Niagara Kell. otlaaa, 'If rusts ana Montreal g. " T , 1 U , ' SCOTS ENJOY CONCERT AND SPLENDID DANCES President, T. D. Jlogg.iO,.' Aims ot the Society." Thrilled to martial fervor by songs of Scotland's valor on Heidi el traditional - tenia, - softened and subdued by ballade ot gcotUsb'ro. mance, homes and ; friends, and raised to bilsrloua heights by aide- splitting presentation of typical Scottish humor, members en friends 6f 8t. Andrsw's Society of Ottawa, enjoyed their annual B(. Amlrew's Day feailval ot muale la. the Kueeell Theatre last night. .' v gcoumsa listened ss . ths finest SootUeh- talent available In-the city snd Dominion, stirred' the chords of meinoryi wnen in younger days there was- serhana "kotiuln In the Oloamln" or stain when Bcotames "Up snd Aa" to Oelda ot valor and martial glory. air. r . ik Hogg, prestdent or Ihe Society, 'previous to ths opening ot ths concert, delivered . ths annual presidential address. In which bs sx-tendrd a hearty welcome to thrne preaent on ths occasion of the TXtn anniversary of the founding of the socleiy. iipeaklns of the charitable objects of ths society. Ihe speaker aisled, mat lis beneficence waa of ths broadeet possible seeps.' " . Splendid Talent, .'J;.; Ths programnis opened with 'the eustomiu-y selat-tlons Xroru lbs Em-plre-l'ipa Burnt. Ths main part' of ths contort Itself proved to bs bSrhabs ths beat that has ever been Staged under ths auspices of lbs St, Audrew's So. slety. Ths Ulsnt, ot its kind, was second to none. Miss Vera Maclean, lha eutstsimlng Toronto contralto, Mr.- Merlin Device. well-known Montreal tenor; and Mr, Duncan Cowan, famed, Scottish humorist, of Toronto, being the out ot town artiste- engaged, while local repre- ecnieuves on tne -programms in' eluded. Mies Kllsea Williamson, so BraKo: Mr. Nlcbol T. Allan'. Mas and Mr. Jamee Mctntyrs. violinist. , ramiiiar . .scpttuin ... .dances L" also. naa ineir place on tns programme, eight tiny, but skilful puplta of Miss Jeeals Dunlop, the Mlaaea, Muriel Petsrkin. Ann Bvanai tin la Phillips, marjory O'.Nell. He ra - wtekware. Muriel Milne, end Masters Donald and AMarus MacMlllan. - arousing keen Intei-evt and anient amtmir membsm. of ths audlenos- Piis siajor - Anarew - ounjou, ror- many yeara one of the. society atronsent supporters, played the a'cconipanl-ments on the bag nines, whlls plane .acoompanlments for the othsr ar tists wars rendered by. Mis dlth Mimoar- M las Vera Maclean's contralto Vnlca of great purity and at tunas gripping power, neid adequate vehicles in "My Laddie'' by W. A. Thayer, and "Doon the Burn Davie Lad" by James Hook. - Mlm Kltsaa Williamson, one of the ' beat known of Ottawa sopranos, pos. seeeos a voles of unique purity snd sweetness, which in. "Scottish Blue Hells" by George Barker. "Scotland Forsvsr."' by Manuel -Klein, and "Lang Lang Hyns," Old Scotch, Won great favor with:ths audience. - Mr. Duncan Cowan,' h.eralded as a humorist guaranteed to get a laiiKh out of the most dour ot Scotsman) undoubtedly lived op to bis reputation, for a quick scan-'of -ths theatre during bla offerings .failed to reveal a serious f sea ' in. addition to a stage presence In harmony with the vein of .his -offerings,. -Mr. Cowan stood out atrongly In baritone aelecUona of great attractiveness, and It Is to-be hoped that future St. Andrew s concerts wlU see more of him. . .:.''. -, .' i ' Attractive Nasubers.' ' " Mr. Merlin- Dsvteat of Montreal, churmed the audience with tenor renditions of exquleite ohsrsctsr. .cbooelng "Draw ths Sword Scotland," by.O. H. Rodwell, 'Xauels O'Mlne," by Edward Watt, and Afton Water," by A. Hums, as bis selections. Mr. James Mclntyra lived up to the sxcsllent reputation bs baa established In Ottawa as a violinist, and baa. jrarsly-.-appeared -In ,bettr.r form. His selections were ''Tulloch-gorn," by i. Anderson, and. ' Blair Athol," br W. Maopherson. Jlr, N. t Alias is also wellksown to Ottawa audlenoeev and his solos, "Border Ballsd.'t by Kraderlck -K. Covin; and "8oud ths Plbrsch old Highland melody, were attractively rendered. . ., , i. , , .REJECT SCHEME t 1 END COAL STEIKE ' PHTTjADETsPHIA. P., NOV. le Th unthrarlt oparmtor today r jot4 Governor ptnehot's pro pom la for ndinc th hard coal tiik. ,; Irt rtuinr 4ils plan, already .ae eapted as 4 foaila of Mttlarncnt by tha United Mina Workara.- tha mlna ownara oftarad no oountar propovt tlon, but draw- tha Governor's at tantton to a propoaat itnada to Praal dant elohn lav Jw.s, ot tha .tnlnara union, 'two" waaks ago akOd.fajactsd br him..-' - ".-.cifc , - - Tba action of tfcf oparators laavea tha situation practically whara It waa) baforo tha Governor mad a Ills oftar and tha strike- anter tu fourth month .tomorrow with tha anthray clte supply dally growing; shorter. f .Tha operators wasted . no words In reTiiaine; to meet tha miners oa th Governor's conditions, 1 HE COUGI OR OLD THAT HANGS ON Chronto ooug hs and k paralstant colds lead to sarlous trouble Tod can atop tham now with CreOmul-ipn, an omulainad eraoaoto thai Is pleasant to take., Creomulalon Is a oaw medical d I acovelry with two-fold action, It soothes And heals tha In Hamad mem bra naa . and kills tha (arm. -' - - Of all known drairs. ei-staota to rocornUed by medical authorities as ona of tha greatest haalinej arenelee for pemleteut aoufrhs and colds and other forms of throat trouble, Cre-oniuUloQ eontalns. In addition to creosote, other heellnej olementa which SQOtha and haaj tha Inflamed aiambraneai and stop tha Irritation and inflammation, while ths creosote aroe oa ta tha stomach, la ab sorbad Into tha blood, attacke the seat of tha trouble and deatroys the (arms that lead to conaumptloa. , Creomulalon la cuarantaed aatts-faotory ta tha treatment of chronic oouiche and colds, bronchial asthma, catarrhal bronchitis and other forms of throat and respiratory diseases, and Is excellent for building up tha tyntem after cokia or flu. alone? refunded if any coush or cold la not relievad after (a I'm accoNllns to tlrecttona Ak vour JrimitlKt. Crao. 'aaulaloaj Co tlmHed Toronle Oat. "TED! DEVUN AGAIN. 1 1 HEADS.CLIFFSIDES Pomlar Cluh loldt It" Annual " ' - Meeting.- - W; r. C (Tsd Devllo was agala cbosaa as) preeldent of the CUffnide kl Club at- their seventh, annual meeting at the T.M.C A. last night. The meellng -was attended by a large number ef enthusiastic. skiers. The financial report that wast submitted snd which waa ajiproved by all present leaves ths club In a splendid position for ths . eonilng , Ths 'lodges and ski tower have bean Improved and there will he empls accommodation tor. a lurxsr iiiemnershlp, which Is sae of ths main objects of tbereiub thla yesr. . ,w s . .-a.--. " , ' A suggestion that one of the old llmera propossd and which waa carried unanimously Is to have two students from IhS'ttlehe Collegiate. I.kigar Colleglata,' Ottawa Univer sity. Ashbury Oollwts -and. Ottawa recnnicai gcnool after' vote or ths pupils, appointed to ths hoard of director, of the slab.. This un- doubtediy will help to promote this popular- inter, sport smoiig tne Studsnta f , - -The eliib wilt Basin hold roi-ea snd lumping svents far the hlghJ scnooie every week-end.- ', .' -' -.. a '.'a- , '-a . -President Devlin and a 'few othera have been clearing out newl trsiis during ths summer and fair inonlhs, so that this year ths club will have Its own trails Sad will re lieve ths congestion that has prevailed and hindered theakleraln tne past. : . . e S' Tbs following Isdlea and gentlemen were elected: President, 'Ted" Devlin; directors; Mrs. David Klrby, Mrs. K. Brockinaton: Mne.. "Alex" McDonald. Mtss.U, Puahman,- Mrs. W. F. C. Devlin. Messrs. E. CI. Ulat kauar... David Klrby.. W. 'j: uooky, al. BrocXlnnton, "Don' Klrby. Oenrgs Hamilton. Arthur Bmce. H. Fraasr, "Alex" McDonald. ' ' SALE O THl'nSDAT. . ' .. Tickets tor the Ottaws-Winnipeg Dominion chemptouahlp final -wilt go on sals on Thureday morning at IS o'clock In the Unfoa Bank Build ing. This wss annotneed by. Secre tary joe rraaer last night-follow, ing communication with C.R.V. otn clsls. Owing, to,Jhs heavy . gusran tea that thS Ottsaaa bavs to -give to ths westare,--cha melons, M amouma to soms two thousand loh la re, tans srs urged to get their paaieboexda .Immediately after, ths au. aiarta. ; - ' 1 ClJKIJ.N-tt MkETINO. 1 - Tha annual maeUm of tha Olcba CurUof Club will ba hela thia even-lnf at Horticultural Halt, Lana- owne-Park. Itartlns; at o'clock. Tha election of offlcara, skips and general business ' ara important Hems on tna a we no a. , LVTEnXATIOAt 'tHLtaiC MOSCOW, Kov. 10. Threa Bus-siana, Chotlmlrnkyr . Rgmanowiky and Werllnsky, and Rett, of Csecho viovaKia, were winners in tha aix-teenttt tound of tha . intsrnutioiutj chess touroamont today. lLaakort of Germany' and Mar halt, .. of tha United St r tea, straw thair samss. Ths sitmmaryr . Good -Bye, Corns 1 At etaatti asptaiaa? That tMaaalvM Tfestte. Ktlry Ont, Nmt Mre i .BairM ihm Ta OmVmi Uasee m-Nils Aa led Ai Krh Paitr, , VltiMat 1'alsia; gflaater, cattlugf mt . He Mqulaa. asd ChUMalas Vlppmmr Like Masl. , . -The thick. turdiistd.-tkla -ef a hit- earna and nliou. rrm conipoi4, b( roareie. aoMtalna ae errt or blood Vttw. "la. In fact, th apjMir ltvyra r trvc tically ttrtsd. - Jo th eiM of a sorn. It hi not tha' tap that canst uoh pHn. It 1 ttia Uttla polntad part ahlcti stndt down into tbs to and prsa an vnal-ttva Birvatf. Cattina tha top oft with a ratuir er tin.ina it off vita aauatie il. Ida, parrtfa and plattora' la tlma. Alio. It -I dantwraaa. Intttad of aurrk pwtly -tsmTMrary cspatll.ntsj, .try ooak Ins rour It In the) aaltratsra Water, pra-parasj b4lrotlfisr nt Ruflr Jiath Salt-rata In a sailoii ot hot. faiar.- Thla will dtaaolT tha' all and- aobacaoaa rnattar from liardanad,' r.Uoaa4 and ' "corpr' akin, laavln It ao aoil that aama ar aaatiy picked eat, root and all. Aa tr ealioaaca, thy ran aa acrapad rlchjt eff aim tha doll adsra of a -nlfa, Tha waitr rtn have tie afTaot whatavrr on aoand. haalth ahln. Yoe narat dm trt i at osn auppir IUud-! Bath Halt rat a or st It for ra at aharl aotlc. u ant ef atac at anjr tlma, , WINNIPEG TIGERS ARE HAVE POWERFUL, WELL BALANCED SQUAD. Western Champion To Depend On .Speed and Plunging- Abilily- k . s r. . r, . r w . rigain8t.viiawas-4-ieave tVlNMI'ta. Man.. Nov. Csllsd upon to face a team whose stock, hie soared, greatly by Its clear-cut triumph avay the redoubt -sble Ouaen'e machine, and upholding the prestige ot the entire Canadian West, Tammany Tigers. . ot Winnipeg will leave for Ottawa on Wedneeday morning In quest of ths Dominion rugby championship. Tlis western champions who meet ths Ottawa Senators In ths gridiron classic 0 Saturday next, will bs so-Com pealed 4y a group b,t-Winnipeg suppu.srs. While ths sporting-fraternity-of Ottawa eaiebratlng; victory snd in.,. Lipiui eiiy . un, wiw. championship In many yeara, Winnipeg ' fandom - la sgrssd that .ths Tigers represent the etroageat ag gregation mat naa ever venturou alleld from Winnipeg for tbs bliih-sat rugby honors., ' i' ' -,'.-' ' -Only Umt Oars. '.:'.; The Tigers sre reported to bs in ex -client physical condition, and since tha close of: ths regular season havs practised faithfully. ' under ths. expert coaching of men eon. vsraaiit with the eastern mode of playi At .'present the team. Is com lining He efforts to Indoor, work' outa. f'Tln." Tiny" Houston, formerly a mem ber ot ths .Toronto Argos has had charge of tne -team here and with the eld ot-fBunny" Warren, man' agar, the players have been forced to work their beads on, races, with ths short playing a. sen hero the Winnlpegers will go into -tbs east and want contest with leas actual Bxperlenes oa 'ths - Held than the Ottaws 'Senatora, but the etrenuoua training Indulged In sines tue ctoae of th playing season here, ta expected to have good results, When TR AVKIvHOTF.I.s; and RKSOItTR . " .,: .... Florida Direct ThrouKh Sleeping Car Trom MONTREAL 7 - Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays - Lv, g. IS s. ak fesai BMlveetst. Sis. To "EAST COAST RESORTS in connection With - m - "hist mm iimiteo" tff44HK.04a.7l . Ri,Elr Psltsua trslse here Peesa. Tsna -Y , a I ai., l.0 a. - 101 e. m, .10 p. m.. (L. 0. 71.7. !.., 1E. Dst. HI, .Jp. m., (Ef. Jul i,S4., UJIIauill.Ui.a . TTl. WMtr Tmriit TltkftM, sllewfsr rfse eerri, a.wM44l4S4ilf.a-4lvaUai,JsMls,lM 7A. DoeMt Track Strn Ll Roatm Atlantic Coast Line. fe eaM JUMPS' efoW M - ; Wrtf B. f. rULLIS.O. . P. A, IZ4S Bresenr, Nsw Terk Tl. 70SO fiii'iMSi-wir 1 PASSENGSB BAXUNQB 4 FROM 0ALIFAX M Aaoama ta lir4 CbarH teoadoav Jan.- tl Alaunla t Liverpool, rb S Aarania U fly., Char., laaadea. rb. ll---CJM'marilo to UwrpooL Man 1 Antonio to afly.. Char, iea4a Msir. is car mania ta uvorpoot. Mar. J9 Auaonla to Plr.. Char., Apr, II Alaunla, to Uvfrpool. Aar. n ,4 aoa n la to riy, Ckar 1 moM incw tork -y- Dae. ts Aqwitanta is Cttar atttamptea lao a Laoonla to Qtown. lAvarpaol. . Dao. Cameron! to Ij'darrr. OlaagoW. lvo tiara nsraria ta Char, grthampios Dao IS tlamarla ta Q'tawn, Istvarpoel. Das. la "Aaranla to Piy-e Char, tvandoas Dae. la art t nla to , Piy Caar B'amtoo,, ' baa llAn.i-nta u ri Char, sfami burg; ' ., tao.' SS Aucanla Qowo, UvarpeoL - Itaa. 1 Athania to L'derrv. Ulaacow. ' liaa t Aueonlo te Pir. Char., Indae l)o. 4 flcythia ta Q'tovm. LivanvooU Jan. t :mrroTiia to Vdarrr. Ulaarow. Job. I Beraaaaria to Cher, aVthanytoa ' 4 . .'.'.CaJla. at ffaitfai pm J4. ,'. , ' ' FROM BOSTON i Daa iaVatatta is. Vtaws,. UverpeeL ' CHEISTMA8 SAILlNa PROM FAMFAX To rtranootti.- ChsvbMra "Sal- AHTANIA '..j. ..a,. PRO, 1a Doadsoloa ay Dtca m vraitaaaa. UlvatratosS eoottetft amiiiM llata. eta., sa , raquaat. . . -j-y- f TSUS UODERT REFOEO CO. tttt Asvaa.' -'':- TBAVfla, BOXJtLS and &ES0&T& i III j j I I A I i ai f :; Ar-H Hntit CECIL 'standi grogrsphicsHv,- rX l"t'rlc"T ancJsociall5' et ttt "Very, heart of London. From its window are jV i vuibie t)ie majority of tht landmarks whose -. - ' names art household words the world over' ' The great artcr of . the Strand flows pail ' .' Its northern doors to Trafalgar Square key . '.; . to the Weft End end theatre-land i oa iu"t - eonthcra 'tide the tree-lined sweep of the ' 1 hatnes Embsnkmen and us curves of the historic river carry the eye eastward to : . ths Tower of Londoei snd St- Paul's: ' westward to the Housrt of Parliament and Wciimimtcr Abbey. The ideal situation ia . all Load pa' for the visitor from overseas . HOTEL CECIL LONDON ' ' ' ' Ftsr TsrlB apply The Manege. Cahtes oeeeiia," Loodofu vr Thoe. Cook At Hon. Sis at. Catlierlue .tit. West, Montreal. A STRONG TEAM , ror Lau tarjy iomorrow,- Inclemsat weather msds outdoor practice Impoaaible two weeks sgs the Tigers took to the gymnaaium snd have bean-bard at it (or boms each day ainoe, - - ' Twenty-four players Will be Included In tbs squad" - which will journey east and every man will he ' In condition to play. Coacb Alouaioa said today.. , ' . , . . . " , sonnny la mg a atsr. Easterners will bs particularly In-tereated in. Johnny lalng, a forinvr ' member of the Hamilton Tigers, snd s strong oog In ths strong Winnipeg bscaneld, Lalhg Is one et the re gulirs. . Tbs Tigers boast tWS capable hooters jn dreg Warren snd Jimmy tirsat. -Both men. sre .aurs oa catches, . ars. Siiesdy runners, and capable - tsrklers. InformstiuB is . that they compare favorably with,: their opposition In the Senator baok-Aeld. Ths real star of ths Tigers team, hewsvsr. Is Buckingham, ths othsr member of the beck division. ;.-'. -KKAHNS VIKBl : y SAN D1EOO. Califs Nov. .4 Jack . Krarne, ' former manager, et -Jack Dempsey. wsa-Snsd-:t0 by jusllcs Uoyd Clriftln this morning on a charge uf dlsturbing.tbs pcics at the International bonier hurt Frl- day night, . tins hundrsd snd fifty dollsrs ot 'ths flne was suspended, -however, on condition that Kearus violate no laws for sis wionthe. - - TKAVKIs IIOTKI.SV and IlKSOKTS, Atiantic Gly - i in December " -4.VS4. SW. 1, 'j ---TKsouaat tor rest this time - ot the veer should take you . i to ths big Ocean Decks ot - ChaJsnte-Havdiion Hail. .' , -. Atlantic CuVt meat favored , ; botels. , The, greet tun-flooded i porches sbovs ths BosroV ,.-i-' walk and overlooking tha ssa, appealing as thay ars ths --. 1 whole year round, ars MOST ' i enjoyable during Pecembes. . You recline on a ccesotcs . '- bis sossmer chsir, wrapped ss snugly as s beaver In hie - - tur, ana surrender yourself -4 to ths blessing of cool sslt- - sss sir snd warm penstraang ' eunshins, I ThUb genuine REST...., , .. with an obbligato of good - cooking completing the naa, snony ot a perfect day. '- 'U'rkatoJBiotfiisJoU. , aVaSlsn3aAisJalissertvUkx4a " HaddonHall- ' atlantic crry , r- i. MibaadisJibhaMI ' vkaiasaa.e'akii . ''-.'.'" - Assarts.. flea eelr Atwevteaea -,, teiai mt t Siplema Cuaajsai , 4 '"...m '.- ssaV .jatsaSxaaBliBBil -'-- ' ' H Nasaaajastj2iia -; w xcunakder 'Franconia' Thi WorWt Prmlrktrnt '' CVuili4rShJt!. ' V - Agon Soilmg EssWwwd ' ; 'i "$-". Jos. Idf ISig s,. T-V T1" th eompaes oc", W 133 days yoa will oi-low Tnaslerhanct itinerary "visiting each country at a time of the year when clirnatic and other conditions are at thsir '.hest, . . .'.,, -,!' . . Supreme ta ths unriw ; sled experience and . resources of the world's foremost travel organ!- . . rat ioa snd the renowned : Cunard service. . Faro cmr mU store crrarwej Ceasptr gwUe-baea aW osW .. . liurwotre ew reoweet, THC3. COOK aeon ' gig At. CatlHne Kt Was, . MllMM:tI. or em-el exvinonll' agenls. Try .Of in i, f yi r

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