The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, February 10, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKR OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XIJ1I—NO. 273 BlythevlUe Dally Newr Blythevllle Courier lllythevme Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader BLY'l'HEfcJLLE, ARKANSAS. MONDAY, I-'ICIUUJARY 10, 1017 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Jay&esJPrepare te Meeting pril 18-20 ""Governor to Speak; Many Notables to Be Invited to Convention- South Missco Farm Bureau Drive To Start National Junior Chamber o[ Commerce figures and .(lUtlngulsh- «1 quests will highlight, a slate Jiiycee convention gathering here Apiil 18, 19 mid 20, Recording lo plan- ir.ude at a mc.'xin^ of the Stale Hoard of Directors in Little Reck ycscrclay. More Iban 200 Arkansas Jaycees are expected lo attend the state. convciulcn, Otho stantield, a na- tiotinl director nncl convention chairman, said today in his an- nr;uncem<'nt of plans made al yes- icrday'K meeting.' Heading the list of speakers will be- John Ben Shepherd, national Jayccc vice president, who has been invited to address delegates at a dinner meeting scheduled for Die evening of April 19. Governor Invited Governor Ben Laney is expected lo address Jaycees at a luncheon that day. Mr. Stanrield said. Wiih "Unity of Arkansas Young Men" as the convention theme, lorunis will lie conducted covering all aspects (if Jaycee activities. Leaders [rc-m throughout l!ic state oiLianixi'.lion wrl be selected to hear! these torums. Mr. stanfield als.o announced « :at invitations will ho sent Jaycce ate presidents in Missouri. Tcn- nejsee, Oklahoma and Illinois. A. c. IIowcl! of Longview. Tex., a national director of the Jaycees, addressed (he .state directors yesterday, pointing out the vcsponsi- biii.ies that lie before young men today. , Oilier Jaycees accompanying *Mr. StnnjieH to Little- nock yesterday were Jim Smothermon. Jennings Bailey, John McDowell and William 3 t -T ' i In Hatch Act inaiignrBting the 1841 Farm Bur-1 ~ eau membership drive In SouthJ -i. Mississippi County, a "push-off" iiccllng of cnmpaian workers will I w held ni the Osceoln Court House .onight. The drive iiself, aimed at u goal Jf 2100 members.' will 'Bet underway tomorrow. About 80 drive tinkers' arc expected to attend lo- ''Kilt's meeting. Mississippi county Farm Bureau President John K.. Grain of Wikon, Vice President H. p. Ohlendori of Osceola and Membership Campaign Commltteemen C. F. Tomp- klns of Burdetle and A. C. Spell- Ings of Osccola will be in charge of the meeting. Many Italians St. n i i>• • Protest Signing Of Peace Treaty British Invoke Death Sentences Three Underground Leaders Doomed by Military Tribunal Police Battle Group Of Students During Disorders in Rome ' Changes Story waving Murdered Father JERUSALEM. Feb. 10. (U.P1 — A British military court sentenced three irgun Zvai Leumi members to deat|i today shortly aftrv tv.e Jewish Agency and National Council had rejected a government ul'.i- matum demanding cooonralioA in a fight against the ui«i::r[r:ourul. 'rhe death sentences and (he rejection of the ultimatum appeared certaain to bring on a now crisis in Palestine. Tne situation has been grave for days, and au thoritics feared that only n spark wn.s iicedod to to\ich off a niajoi conflagration. The sentencim* of the Iigun'sts reopened one of the longhest as- • ROME, Feb. 10_-(UPI Italians protesting (he signing of Ihe Italian peace treaty lodny .'mushed Into the Yugoslav Mlll- lury Mission Building and uiilurl- cd the Italliin (Ing from n bale >iy. Ttie incident followed by a few minutes disturbances In I'laz/a Venezla where 25.000 Italians, gathered to give vent lo "national mourning", ripped an American flag to shreds. Students shoutim; nationalistic slogans battered down the iron gale of the Yugoslav building, broke lown several doors nnd surged upstairs to the balcony. They did not molest a Yugoslav lag flvin« from another part of the building. Mobile police rushed lo the scene n jeeps and dispersed most of the crowd which then began shouting, "on to the Russian embassy." The attack on Ihe U. s. linn occurred after Ihc crowd suddenly was galvanized into action when a ID-inlnutc period of silence in protest against the treaty c«me to an end. 'Jlie demonstrators seized a laurel wreath six feet in diameter bearing an American Mag from i.he tomb of the Unknown Soldlei where It was placed last week by American Ambassador James C Dunn. They lore the wreath imd I In: to tatters iis a sign of defianc' loward the pact, for which thev In iiy rAiu, m\ I'nilril I'trss StaCf Coir<<s]ioiuU>nt ST. LOUIS. Fob. 10 (U.! > .)--Chulil ) y Alary Ut'iii-clon was ivporli-d today l<> hiivc cliMiiKod her sloi-y lluit slio killed her fatlicr nt'tcr ho ftmnd IUT nnd n lil-yuur-old boy al a Uuiml cabin HaUivdav ttioniinu. She lind tola |)0llce slu- fired u liullet lido Ihe head of J. Vincent Reardon, the- father % and £V wealthy paint iiinnufaclurer, 115 the latter .was drfvlni; her iiud Michael l)'Arc>' home^froiu the ciunp.- . - • "I really dldn i kill iny fnttier," she was reported to have j told ne\\ at the St. Ixniln "The fionv " Elividea;'Four to T.hree J On 'Clean Poll tics- Law. ; W.VSHIKGTOM, >TVr. !0. (UP) — The U. S. Sr.pretii6 : Court today npheM the "clean politics" 'section of the Hn'.ch Act whirii foi' fedora] employes to engage in pol- iii-s. Justice Stanley F. lUvd delivered the •'• to 3 decision. Justices Huso L. Bl?ck. Wiley B. Rutledge and William O. Danalas dissented. Rred wrote in tne majority opinion that if ihc Congress and the PiTsidcr.l J'lcscd that efficiency may best be obtained from government. workers "by prohibiting active participation in Politics as i>:<r:y o'!::ers or workers, we see no CLXistituticm-.I objection.'' Twelve federal employes and the United Federal Workers of •America 'OIO) had challenged the no-politics provision as a violation of their rirfUs of free speech and a:;scn:bJy. This section of (he Hatth Ac: permits cli.-charse of a government work?.- for "any active part in political management or political cKKi- paisin." CIO counsel contended that the advantages of "political neutrality" /jor civil -en-ices employes were -:;,r cKtwi-isThccl by Dip curtailment ' o: I heir fuH rights, of citizenship. The woii-.ers and the CTO nppcaloc: to the. Supreme Court after a spcL-ial three-judge federal court in il:e U;--;:i;t of Columbia turned r;own iiir-ir plea for an injunction to irsu-nin (lie Civil Service Commission from enforcing the polili- c.ii ban. Utility Executive Flies to Chicago For Conferences Miss Ciara Ruble, purcliasin* a;:c:if. for the Arfcansas-Misi=ou"i Power Company, jeft by plane ycs^ In-day lo. Chicago, \vheie she will atiuu' n twrj-ciay conlerencc of the N'r-.tional As. ; o:iation of Utility Pur- i-iinsln;; A^nls being held lod'oy ami tr.inorrow. Mi:.K Ruble. \v!io has -cliaiRe o: all ::u\in:; for the electric rom- jiai y. whic'n iias its heaSquarters m're, lias the unique distiiution ol b.'iri; tin! only woman purchasing |ku?cnt e.r.ploy.Hi by an electric ^rc<;>ip:>riv in the country. She has held her JM-CSOI.I position wilh Aik-Mo for (he r-.isl II years. The conference is nn annual affair. High en tiic riaciicia of this .join's incethnr are discussions rc- i.i;tti^ to trcVjlems connected 'b;ain:ns critical equipment and miitr-rir, !s for maiiitaminf; high standards of service and extending ••erv:<c to new customers. Also, new equipment and dec- rical apparatus developed rturiim .ie put yenr will jo discussed and deinonsti-ned by ijpres-mruivcs of 1 iic - \ii\ JDHS ; elect riml mumiMr- tiK'ClS. .Weather AKKANSAS-Falr and warmer loni-ht and Tuesday with low tcir.- pornlures (onighl 15 degrees extreme North to 24 extreme South portion peels of Ihc enlire situnuo-i. it was the condemnation of Day Gruuer. 11 n"'"ibf!r of the same underground organization, that touched off the n, rtcent wave of itmi -Brii:?!i violence. By apparent coincidence the new sentences were imposed a little after the Jewish Agency and the National council had Uuiic-.l down the British demand for help in fighting the underground. The rejection of the ultimatum came with its c.xpiratio-i tonight a week after the British government called upon the Jewis.ii leadership to cooperate in rooting out what it called terrorism in' the Holy. Land, The Jewish rejection of Ihe British request had be.":i foreshadowed by events" of'the week since- the ultimatum, wa^. issued. Responsible quarters' tiad s forecast freely that, the rcjec'li in wcuJci mean imposition of' slYrttil-i.-y martial law on Palestine. The British announci!-! tuiiaj that a "cantonment" s-c'.ienu- restricting the movemen's of individuals to certain areas Jerusalem would lake effcci noon Thursday. Firemen Make Seven Runs Over Weekend Blythevillc firemen made seven runs ovc-r the week-end and brougham this morninu with only tne of the alarms resulting in more :han slight damage. Heaviest damage was caused by lire, believed started bv an overheated stove, woich sutted a three- room Negro residence this morning in the Texas Quarters, behind Ptetl- !?ra: Compress plain No. 2 on South Division street. The house 'vas one of i>. rcw of closely adjoining Negro quarters. Houses on (ithcr .side of the Butted buildins; .'.cr.- scorched by the flames. Sparks from a trash fire ignited waste oi; at the Cities Service filling station on South Division this morning, .[nit the flames were brought under control before dam- ace resulted. Slight clause resulted early this morning when chimney sparks i™- mtcd the root of a lionse at '2CI Wrs.t Coleridge. Blazts extinguished yesterday included fire in a sawdust pile at the Baiksdalc Manufacturm;* Co. on South Division, burning npliol- slery in a car at Ihe Philli;>s large part !;!ame<i Briiain and th United States. Hundreds of students leavinu ;!i Plaza whei'e Mussolini declared war against Britain and Frnnce in 19« See TKKATIES on Vafre :i Ouster Action by Prosecutor Fails Arkansas Supreme Cour.t Dismisses ^ Benton County Case LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. ,Fl'j. Itl. <t)?>— The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled today that a pro.sec'.ltins attorney has no authority l'6 originate nn ouster suit nyninst municipal officials. The couil reversed and dismissed a 13311,01, Circuit Ccurl decision vacating the Municipal Court bench in Rogers. The original suit was filed last June 21 by ProseriUinK Attorney Jeff Duly following a lengthy mixup in the Rogers court The incident began when the Rogers City Council created the court and attorneys of the county elected EH Leflar as judge. Leflar, in turn, declared Ihe ordinance unconstitutional and abolished his oflicc. Mayor J. Prank Smith, however, claimed the bench, and Duty filed suit asking that the office, be declared vacant. Duty's was approved by Circuit Ju<!c'- Ted P. Ccx.sey. The Supreme Court, however held that Smith was right in con- lendins that Ihc prosecuting al- Icrney under the "usurpation slii- tutc" lacked Ihc authority to re-originate the .suit. The court said the law applied only to county officers e,nd that municipal officers are "Ot county officers and llml municipal officers are not officials within the meaning of the usm pillion statute. Instead, ihc court said the should have been .brought » v the- attorney general. M^ennwiillc. mcctinp in n o -'crs liist Friday ,,ight, the City Council ?bo],sncd the Municipal Court' and voted to substitute in' it.s ,,] ncc :l police court. In ether action. Ihe court auth- M'^' " U " le . Rock '"»» to con- uc(ninintiince.s County Denteiitlon Home, police will be able to find out the aiiRle of the bullet." Reports of the switch in hey story were prevalent as Mary, in bobby .sos. a brluhl red coat and ei'W dress, was escorted to Ihe coroner's Inquest inlo the death of the wealthy businessman and younp D'Arcy, who succumbed lo Injuries received when Keardon lost control of his cur afler he was shot The H-ycar-olil nirl listened with rapt attention as the Inquest opened. Dr. J. O. Boli-y of St. Louis Conns' Hospital testl[le<l thai the bnl- et wound found in Ucardon's lead might not necessarily have proved falal. Death, he said, actually was the 'CMill of u crushed chest. Mary, after she and D'Arcy were pulled from tin: wrecked car near their fashionable homes in .suburban Laduc. hud lold In delaP how she had fired a shot at Hie back of her father's head from tlic rear seal. She was afraid, she snid. that because she had run invay with D'Arcy her nil her would send her lo a girl's school, "and I wouldn't- like that." The prospect Unit she might be committed to a stale reform .vchool didn't seem lo bother her. "I'd like to g^ to reform Fchoo!." .she said, 'because '-they havp lots of books and T like l» read." The shooting occurred along the 40-mllc stretch on hitihway from Wenlzvillc, Mo., to Ihc neardon home in exclusive suburban Laduc where Mary Catherine lived her pampered life- Mary Catherine told authorities she asked ITarcy for the .20 caliber German Manser he had brought along ":.O" show oil," and then sent a bullet craKhtnK through her father's head. The car, travelling about 35 nn hour, slipped over the cm 1 hic'iU and-crashed Into a Keardon was dead when he etl a hospital and D'nrcy died -y- t nrday night of skull injuries. Mary Catherine escaped with cuts and bruises. nation Demanded ion in Great Britain oal Shortage Brings Crisis Cn-,1 ?-,!/> v;«U, \Laborites Ask Co-Operation Seal Sale Yields In Meet Emergency : Dies in Osceo! Former Mississippi County Clerk Buried In Erman Cemetery President- of Missco Tuberculosis Group Pleased With Results Till' lil-Ki Chrlstmiis Snil sales of Ihe Mississippi Cimnly Tiihercnlo.sls Aii.sorlailon brought n loln'1 of S"M3.M. U wns announced lodny by i Mrs. Uol'inil Circen. pre.sldcnl of Ihe •: i as*"eiiii ion. ' •; Of this loliil, JM1IS.O!) was con- I Irlbuled by rcsldenls of North Mli- slsslpjii Conidy wllh lllytlu ville's; donations iimcmiillnu to $:<Bl!:i.!)7. I'l-iml' Kcnilli Mississippi County •mil' S'.tMIt/.!7. l.-d by o.sceoln con- Irlbidion; loliilliig Stimuli. Cunt i Him Ions Horn Nejirycn undo up $41!..i:i of llii! county total wllh SUM/M romlnv, I Kim lllylhevllle. S2 r i from Osceola anil $'.!'.>,r>0 from Wilson. In acl'.nnw]i'di$lnn imrchnseii ol Chrlsimua senh;. Mrs. Own lodny expressed her tluinks and appre- i'iiitl"n for all contributions .< the A:-snrlaltnn lo aid 111 lt-i wnrk 'i<:alnst liilxTculosi.s. A brrnk-dowii of contributions bv imiminltu-s follows: BlythevlUe, $H,«03.!I7: Armorel. SI44.IG: lllackwnler. SM.OO; lioynlnn S2>!,:<D; Drown. S7.ll: Hox isider. S22.00; Calumet, S'.'.l.'JO; clear l,:ikc J75.3I' : Dell. $'22i,M. Flat Lake, $H.r>0; (".oKllell. $!ia.3f. "0. (U.I.'.)—J'rime Minister Clmerit told tin! Ihnisc nl' ('ominiins today Unit Britain's t'ui'l crisis i:\ M<] ^I'iivo UK; onici'tfcticy etui l>s> met onlv 1 ))i' tho fooixM'itliim ol 1 nil |i!ii'tios. " ^- AUli>i''s iippoitl caini' HM Hrilisli industry fallercd- uiul'ci' Hie and I In- ini)iact Kovi<niiiK!Mt 10 llH'C't till! ol' an iiit|>rra:doi)ted power tUwpcrali'ly snnifht for Heads Diosese 'Wto* f ! ol litTILl! KCCK, Hrk.. reb. 10.-. i*ml«l 1:11" of the lurfirst [iailierl.i(;« f (he catholic court denied Motor Co. used cnr lot at 5th aiidi '"^''ion sinned bv * would have halted 225 W;.lnut and East Uougan. A laundry hearter water-jacket believed frozen, exploded Saturday I Ihe home of Mrs. Cai.el Beard. 00 Bast Missouri, resulting in shcht damage to the lieatcr. Alcohol bcinn put in the radiator of a Two-States produce truck i-- lauie ignited Saturday but Ihc lire was extinguished before nnv damage was done. N. Y. Stocks" ^ p.m. Quotations A T and T 173 !_•» Amcr Tobacco ............ go 3-4 Anaconda Copper 41 5 H Beth Steel Chryl.ser Cien Electric . Gen Molors Monlgcniery Ward N Y Central .Int KarvesJej-. a writ „[ |)VO . six md, lhat in Pulaski Ccniyn. Circuit Court action trou e ht Weather Bureau I Promises Relief Cold Wave Reaches Florida And in North Fuel Supply is Low The Weather Bureau in Little Rock p r o m i s c d some warmer Weather for tomorrow aflcr Blylhe- ville hnd recorded minimums of nine decrees Saturday mornlni;. 1C decree;; Sunday and 13 degrees this morning to give the clly a prolonged cold spell and Ihe temperatures in two years. Robert E. Blaylo'ck, official weather observer here, said this moiling lhal Ihe low for today was just tour decrees' higher than the 0-defirec reading Saturday morning. - Ma\minm readings for this area arc not available, hero since the thermometer for official rccordins of the ^d-*ily maxynum tempera- lures was broken several weeks u-O. Snow in rlOTitla The severe cold wave which brought .snow to Northern Florida for Ihe limo in 30 years rind lied up transportation in the noi Ihcns'.crn portion of tin- coun- Irv continued today wilh only flit-hl!y diminished fury, accorciim: to Unlled reports. Florida children «-ho had never seen snow lefl I heir dinner *7.blr.s yesterday to ijazn in wonder us the while .snow flakes fell. The snow held no joy tor Moiid.t Funeral set vices were held lilir. afternoon at Swllt Funei:it Home, Oseenla, for Thomas \VaUon {'otter of Oiceolu. Mississippi Comity public,? office holder for :'.0 ycar.s, who died Saturday at his home nftor a long illness, lie wa^ 70. Oflirintiiif' ministers were the W. V. Womnck. pastor o: •ola Presbyterian Church lind E. K. Scwell, retired Mcth- mlnlsler. 'Burial was In ''Cemetery. ' ' llb^.irers were L. K ILirwriri;, E. L. Taliferrlo, Air'.'rev Cownn. Mii- lon Pope. Ira Wrlrjiit and 11. A. Nicholson. Mr. Potter completed ills third term as Mississippi Comity Conn clerk Dnc. 31, although III health had kept him inactive during the p:istj'13 months. Belore 'ilecondii!! clerk, he set veil many years as a court deputy. He was born in Tut'! County, Miss., and moved t., OsceoU in 1301. ii? is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bernk'c Potter: two sisters. 'Mrs. Lucille 'Moore of Tupelo. Miss., ancl Mrs. P. M. Mobley of Unlcigh. 'lenn.; n brother. R. K. Potter ol I Inglouood, Culil., and two nephews, | .Jamie and Joe McOavrllj. both o.' I O.;ccola. | Several officials from North Mississippi County were ill Osceola today to attend the. funeral r,cl vices | for Mr. poltcr. They Included llo- | land Green, county jucli;c; Miss I Eliz::'?eih Hlythe. county clerk, lowest I*- K. Cooley. ancilloi; Harvev Minis, circuit ( -Ierl:. and Miss Delta Piirlle, county treasurer. Shady Hoselnnd. V10.00; Orovr, SB.M; Toinnlo. Sl r ).00; WhlK- tlevillr. $:m.OO: Vurbro. $Mr>.()0. To- tnl Chickusawba nistrlcl, S5,TJ, r ).OD. . , Osn-oln Dlslrlct Hussett, $:ni.(j|); liirdsonir, $10.00; lliirdetlc. S1C!1.SO: Carson I.nkp- Uilwr-Orldpr. $1701(7: Dyess, ssi.lltl; I'ra/.ier, s r >,f)0; Prcnclnniiirs llnyou WO.on: Halrfier. $!>.<)(>: Joiner. S11S10: Kelser, $M;u>2; l.lnncy. SS.ti.1 I.iixoni, 5738.15; o'Dtmncll licnd. V>.«n: Osctiola.; Pecan Point, ?:i.(io: ilontul i.ak'e, $ri.oo; rtosal 55.fin; Huns Houcl. $5.00; .Shady Urncl. S2.00; Vlcloria. S'l!).4f); west Hlduc-Ktowali, SUO.OO; Wilson, $U50' Whllton. S7.-l.on. Tolal OsCPola District. Sa.. r .:i!l,'2i 'I'olal Missls.slp])! County. SB,:i33,:i(l. Johl1 Election Contest TVial Date to Be Determined Soon Rate for Ihe trial ot the electlo- Three Injured In Accident Near Osceoia ,„ Rc^ublicStt'o] •... ficcoiiy .Vacuum . SUide'oaker Standard ol N J. Texas Corp Packard . . U S Steel !. 87 7-8 10.1.3 -<l 39 i-a 04 I-« 21 1-4 K> 1-4 10 3-a -.30 f.-:, '•• 10 ^l-'-l . !5"l-4 24 1-i! 60 1-4 59 7 1-4 i. certified-| )y V Ulc and elerSTVp!^ 0 M thc *«»nrr Vn->tt'r m ' lhCBniCrnIeI « ll °" 'I lie election ronicst action 's J 1 Cling 111 fll? O.SepnTn !-!!..»..:,. r ICl, 01 farmers who sai,| the current wave dropping leinneraturos to 27 loilay at Jacksonville and :n nt Orlando woul<i destroy lemaininu tender truck crops. In the northern portion ot Hi' 1 ! country a shortage of gas c.nuMd ! factories and steel mills to continue I Ihelr shutdowsn. t Auto companies at Detroit announced that an additional fifl.- Otlf) workers would |>e laid off Inday because of the shortage " r R.IS for industrial users. Hie I) 11 - troit workers <vere expected t.i be recalled to their jobs tomorrow. Al PiUsbui-Rh. the U. S. Steel Co. announced it would donate 10.- CCO.OOn cubic feel or gas from its o\vn private source lo help alii'- ' viato tlic low pressure in )l^^ci:v. . Main- Highways Closed Snow driven by high winds closed many country roads in Weslnn New York vestcrdny and feljd wires.ajid telegraph poles thrau'h- .cut the-area Condition of ,J:>c L. Wat>:ins. 3>. of Blylhnville, who received miilil- |)le fraciun-5 o: t;-.e skull .Saturday nlnht when tho truck in which !v.' was ridinj; o\-ei Lurried t'.vicc near Csoeola. was irpoitcd u U5 as "sliiiliily hrprovcd." 'Removed to Blythcville lln:,; following 'UK- n-cident. lie lermcci in cri.ica] conihiinn loday was -jiven n i:dr -hanc recover. A'so injinccl Mere H.nvnrd liurr, Sj. of Hiythrville. and J. \v I'liil- li|!5. ?2. of Osi-rola. Mr. Jimr rr- ceivcd head injuries but was dismissed from the hospital [ulli.ivjn:; j minor lareiatioii:. Grand Jurors Head Of House Bank WASHINGTON, Feb. 10—I UP >A federal |;rancl jury lodny indicted Kennclh Honiney, former .serpe- ant-nt-arms of Ihc House of licp- iT'-enlntlves, on charges of defrauding Ihe United stales In cim- ncc:lon with „ $125.503 shortage In nciicunls of the House Hank. Komnoy wns indicted on three counts. Two aliened that he "kmnv- ini;ly and w i 11 n 11 y fidsllied amounts of ni.-.)i on hand b y irp- | n senlini; checks and I other paper obligations as cash. ] The third accused him of concenl- ) tn;; Ihe sliortuite whleli a t one time was a:; much as $M3,9C3. Much of tf r e r;horlni!e p.oc"i b:u-k 20 years, noiimey wa-i serneanl- alarms for 18 years and an emiiliy< or UK- o.'flcc for ;tO ycnrs. hop MeiclUH, the of tho stale lo be raised lo the. hlcrarcliy. will celebrate the Pontifical Muss of Installntion. 'A'hti Most Itev. .loscph Hummi'l. nreli- Wshin of. New Orleans, will i>re-, side ovt^r the ceremony of insi/lla-' lion and the Most Rev. Jules B. ; ,Ieanmard, bishop of Lafa>elte, \viU -deliver the. i;crmon. ^ State Legislators Teckle Big Issues General Assembly Enters Final Half Of 1947 Sessions i AHfer>'s appeal for conbcrv 1 ! c-')nneiatiun, ( i|)|>nsillon nieni- of I'aillamrnt sboulcil: "Atf .icnir I 1,1 'arent lhal the fuel Is hnd brought to the labor tv t:'.vcrnmenl a p>lllical crisis ronsldi r.-'ble. mannltmle as well. '1 h' 1 sellout slluaUon which the ' iniiy now faces can bs mcl only jy tl'e iicc.pjr.Ulon of all, "Attlco n I led lie saltl the coveriiinciit was .nvi're of Die serious losses 'being Inflicted on Utitiiln by the power '.litttolf bsit "it is an action which Iti csseiulal at the iiresenl lime." Altiec loltl commons that n:titnl- )y Hrlliiln ivii.s r.nlferlng from a •hronic fuel problem rather than rai isiihiUtd crisis arising due to Ihe .severe Winter weather. Id ::al'd lhat while coal produ:- lon 1'iu.l inrreuscd steadily there iiad been mi unprcccdctitcd and nn.x t i cicd Increase In dt:mond. 1L> said the coal situation In Britain Imd been critical for the past five years. It.' srdd lhat In addition lo Ihc •iliorlnno. of coal Drlliiln's iivallu'3'.c Bcncr.itinn plant capacity Is rapidly IT/;.rocc-hini! ine ^loliit where It Is .Millions ot Workers Idle However, ho added, had it, not been lor Ihe unusually severe wca- ther should have been able, to pel through tills Winter without a crisis due lo measures that .had b:on taken to Increase coal pro- clui'tlnn nnd Improve, transportation. M'.llirnn of workers were idle. Thousands of taclorles were closed or limplnB. Homes were told, and dark. The - coal- shortiga:- ivhlolK ftrccd the power shuliiff was com-. liiK l"lo lull effect, . :j.:'. The ui'jlnet. held Hn urgent meet- ins nt No. lo Downing 1 Street: Commons prepared to battle but Hie Issue In one of Us most momentous sessions since the war. Alllco announced Hint lie would talk to the p?o]ile by radio lonlgtit.- an c.monrfnicy measure harkint; in LITTLE RCCK.. /.tk.. l-'l b. in: 1 i UPl—-Al kunsas' ]cf.)sliitors move into l!ic lur.l liiilf o[ the 56th sen-' era: assembly today, facim: some of Ilic major o.uc.'ilions of the prc- eni, M'.ssion. I The (wo houses will convene at two o'clock tills afternoon. i Ili(.:h un the do:V:et tills week lli lie legislation already pr.>- ))r>r.e<l by Gr.v. Hen Lmcy ano oth-^i' 'ii'la v.'hich he is expected lo tois Into the rinjj later this week. Tc:ni):hl Ihe. House Roi'cnne and Taxation Committee, headed oy U"l: TaSjal Fellds. Jr.. cf He:rn- •••tr ul County, will hold Hn first public lieariiu; on Laney's legislation. Con.sideri'cl will bo six tnx p-ni::x>:ils. r'our v/oukl raise levied b:ii.k lo wartime messages of trans- cnndent urgency. •Attlce also was mnkitis a statement In Commons this afternoon whirh some quarters thought might lead to Immediate debate "as a matter of public urgency," « ' U V,:P-, understood liin't if Wln- | .stem Clum-hlll'r, opposilion should I ciemand House debate, the government would bo in no position to to Negro Boy's Hearing on Murder Charge Delayed eph In th'c Preliminary hearing [,,r J Jones. 15-year-old Blythevil],. Rro held for the shol-nnn .1.1 « Friday of ano'.hcr NI-CIO yoiiih. ronlimicd in tomorrow itn moi of Die defense attorney I hi inc in. Municipal Court. Jones faces charues of first degree murder fo, the klillii!; ,,f a I7-.vcnr-ol ( ] Negro, wllorc name was -said to be Tommic Jones, in the Cade Hotel at 5th and Ash. Thnc was said lo he no relationship between Ihe two youths ;md the col - rrciness of the dead Negro's surname appears doubttui. Aflci- Ihc shoot Inn, which Jones i admitted, the- youlh was s.iirt by C. of C. Banquet Admissions to Be By Ticket Only Tick'Is for the p:-.mi:i] Chains of Commerce banquet to be held i-Vb. 21 in the Hole! Noble al 7:3U [iiii. are now on sale, it an- il | noim.-,-d tod.iv by R. A Nelson j cii.-ij 11:1:111 oi Hie ii.-S'.-t s.ilc.s colil- j mirtce. : The unmoor of t::' f :c:s for .sale will b': limited to (In- .seating ca{ p K.i'.y of tiie b:mc]iir-t rooms, T^r. N''ii said, nnd v.iH h! sole! on a 'first, com- 1 , first .s< : \-cfi' basis. Admission nt I lie door ;\ill be bv !i.!;?! oniy. in- ivmnxl-'d CSbambcr Receives Million • Pipeline Offer WAST-UNGTOK, Feb. 10. (UP)-- P.iifsel! Palmer. New York and Washington businessman, today offered lo buy the Big Inch and Little Ms Inch pipelines for S120.- CIOCOO. Palmer's bid .. , — was the first one minor. dRiiictlcs. incomes and opened as the War Assets Admin- natural resources. The other two Istratton for the second time re- ii re dr.ihincd lo abolish the stale i -rived offers on the Tcxus-to-East ,:ifi;:'r!y lax aftrr January I. 1C-W. j Ccrist pipelines which cost the cov- Kxprcli-d to be lntro(,u:i'd ny I i niiiic-nl SUS.CCD.OCO. the. i'.m-l executive thin wcei: wi!l| P.ilaiers bid ivas not accompanied be rle.~i.inn law duin-e.;: a rr.visUm i fcy a cerliiied check for $ICO.COO ns of I hi- fi-cal code of the :;in.(c; a ; required In the war assets' stipula- nir:iMi;e calling ft..- a committee I't i lions. study possible coii.-ioli.:ati,>n o( j Palmer stair-i:wnrd schools; snirt bills whicn I company \\nulil turn over Ihe rolled ion ot j ' 'nuisance laxe.s" to cities and coun- i;rc;:c.scd ''''•'•• ' ' To I-:liminale N'uis.incc Taxrs The.c nuUance tuxes arc listed us those on advert isinu awards, | pnol tables nnd ventiini; niachiii'^j prc;)35ed to form a new of which he would be Siainran of Hie board. The firm to use the pi|x;lincs ci- f" 1 ' oil or gas, at its election. 'H? offered $s:,CCO,OOS for the 2-1- liuh big in:h tine nnd SW.OOO,(IOO for tlic la-inch little-inch pipe. 21 ot c illy eat up the revenue which should rj^hlliilly uo to citic.s ana counties. TonlOKow niclil the legislators will b^ facial wilh tour .--imultau- eoil.s connmtlce iiicctiiif;^—all on in ;:.irtanl .sulljcr'.s. IvC-convi'iijr.n utter a of sev- Scc I.KOIS1,ATIJHE on l>agc , r > . ffdsdemeanor Charges n' l!.e lollowini: p.vsons: F.,i!iic.r Ku«;and. nt. lilid- dlivitdii and C).; Mr. Nelson, at Mr. Pi-r;:i-i liotllitii; Co: W. P. ninir-1, at redoit-.l Compress; j\fiison. in Ark-Mo Power Co. General O:fi e-: J. \v. Adams, at Adams A- 'plianee Co: H. ii, Williams. at the National Bink: and B A. Lvnrb. a| t!i c raiiiier.s I!.n:k .\i-.d Tusst Co. N'ortli' Cetilral States the ! officers lo have hidden Mir body held in Osceola. rold was expected to moderate slowly today nn<| tomorrow and the forecaster at Chicago said temper- ntures in thai area probably wo, Id and not so below, at least dm-iiiK N. Y. Cotton Heavy heads and light pockct- conks were [lie familiar Monday- mornitisc combination again todfiy as over-zealous celebrants paid [or thrlr week-end piccadtllocs in Municipal Court to the tune of 5725. Of 21 persons arrested by City ; Police over the week-end and, I charged wilh cither public drunk- i cnncss or distriiblng tbc peace. i only four appeared in court this i morning to meet wllh Ihc fines of j S10 and costs. The olher 17 slayed Suit has been filed in the Chicka-t nwa >' nn d thereby forfeited bond suwbn District. Mississippi County! amo uiits o( $20.25. The latlcr lost Circuit Court, by Alvln M. ancl j littlc ' though, for court, costs as- MasRie B. Hardy against T. H. and i "Js*ed those appearing up the to- Vclma Ionise Van Bibber seeking i t£ ii to nn equal amount, inclement lor S7.000 in a deal in-- j On! J' O11 e man appeared pn volvliiK sale of real estate on East charpcs of ririvins; while under the Memphis Residents b'ued . F MV ;On Realty Deal Hero 1 the first part of the week. under Ihe bed In an adjacent room. Jones then left for Stcelc, Mo., ! where he was arrested by Police ] May ; Chief Charles Short and Dnpnty July Sheriff Er*ln Jones Friday after- Oct. 1 noon. ucc. !•. M. Qllnlalion.i . 332-t 3340 331S . 3^3.i 32S3 321li nnr>5 3077 3C37 . 2818 2832 :]7X> . 2721 2745 2701! 32-10 3CCU 2812 2123 Main Slreel in 1943. The amount is sought us the balance due on the purchase price from the defendants, who now are residents of Memphis, according to the complaint. The First National Unuk of lilytheville was named ns Biir- nlshce in the action. influence b[ Intoxicating liquor and was docked S25 and costs. county fines mado up more thiin $115 o, r Ihe grand lolftl ris two persons forfcilcd $.10.?5 bonUs. tiii- i>:hcr parted with $33.25 bond »"<'• ! two others paid lines ol $10 and i costji.

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