The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1947
Page 5
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^SATURDAY, L'ElJKUARY 8, 19-17 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D'llT 111. Itrtloai: .. 2 tin., per liae po, d.,__ J5c a titom iwr ito. i>« r d»> gl » no.,* j.< r »„, j, r d »j :::;:;" ?S 1!* linn. p« llu, „„ j.J __:;:" ce Monti uor Una B0( . Couut five ivcrige vrorda u llii'llut. Ad ordered for Urea or ilx tluiB« mid •towed before wplration win ba charged for tlia muniber of times llie id .5. »e«rcd mil adjustment of LIU ,mde _ AH Claimed Advertislug copy ' morn tied ty persons rcsidlui; outsklc of tlit city must bo atcomnnnlcd ty cavh Hates may oo easily computed from tlia aliove table. .^AdvortlzloB order for Irregular luset- •Lf ns ukc « ttio o»> tlmo rate T^Jfo MspuasiLlllty will bo taken far "ore thau ouo Incorrect Insertion of »iiy classified ad. For Sale For Sale A Haifa Ijaj- 2 n ,n fs WMC U1| u ,,~ Inijiiire a, .M ooro Jj ryfli s, ort . Leslie -Moore. i I.>T_..,..>> •! 7 iUjikcnioru slrai.-l.crry llaruisli. 17111 I'lii,!, 3 Mo. . I.I Bl "'. ill '"K* f°?" "" '""' *°™«. n. o. U»uij>li»ll I'lioue 410 — 28BO. Olfu-t- 120 Fualfc RoriOEd 1012-ek-lf 'mi'll f-njily fnnill ^-li^iihi- inOLuKti'fV »u,l mvi will, il,r ncir fiii.i FIVI,,,' nrnl'K I'niii, anil W:jll|Ki].,. r .si,,r,. l[l!l)-i-k.:i!l flood ir fifio.. rioters rticap. Call 290R. 1 f lardy Mnrj I'll,.11 All coal heaters at cost. Good selection. I'hmlers Hardware. 2-1-ck-tf Bunch and liojf Disc. (;. A. Hale, nunlello, Arl;., Ph. ,; iiinni- i,u,,,u H- n'l'Vl'"!']',.'."' U "' 1 " ''' "'"' iS I'lill'i. <'nYl A!'<i'"il,'i"k,.y"'.sr.'.' i^™lu. j :i. ( ,k i I We spcfinlizc in rnTii Tre/spray materials. Ask us what and when to uso. Planters HiinUvurc- Co. Inc., 12<J W. .Main, phone ""»•«•« Case i>ic'ku|, hav lialor International 715 Disc, 2 hollom M" black land International No. R hreakiiifj plow. :i bottom 12" mixed land Case breaking |>lmv. Call us on what you want we'll K d il for'you. l>;uil ]). Ahliott Sales Service, Yarbro Komi, plume (!;">!). 2-0-ek-i) See Us For BABY CHICKS You'll like our quality chicks, hatched right from selected Hocks. Hardy, fast* grosvers. Low price. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. ',<: Block So. of Depot Phone 493 G-room residence near business district. S3500. Owner occupied. Quick iiosscs- .sion. H. C. Campliell, ^ Realtor, 120 S. Second. W 1-27-ck-tf Hijrh grade blood tested baliy chicks. Special SI2.1)0 per hundred. Complete line o! i'eed. Ulaylock Hatchery. N. Gl. 1-31-tk-tr Knr liny. c.jrn. nml r,,M l.y ,,,irl: l,:.:i,ls. Cull l.eo llrnwlt'y 1!4IO. 1 :!l.|,fc.;i;: A II.!,; ] - I:,,,! i;.,, . 2IK7. Itnli-r tt L Mil ].; M, in Fully equipped tire repair shop. Building 1 iixiif), "one :>'/2 li.p. bolter, 2 recappers. !) section molds for ;il| sixes iiu-lucling (ruck and tractor tires; one air compressor; I! buffers; everv- thinjr else needed for modern tire shop. -One piece or everything. Also Hill i'! v . mrnilh pickuj) with new motor and new tires; combination adding machine and cash register. Located 'in highway and railroad. Wade Coal Co. & Tire Shop, N. H W y. ([], phone 2291, night phone 700. Reason for. selling, ill health. 2-:i-- 'r.'-.!, lif.i,,,. K r,,,,,,,l ,,,,. : ,|~"\Vr." mni,'. uri;;^;;;/';^;;;;;,*-;^ l.iinflry'a Mill. ;],,„ s . *,•,•„„.f M . •2]r,.,,k-->2n i"-room resJrienco located on • S. 20th Street, convenient - to highway and bus line. H. 0. Campbell. Realtor. \ 120 S. Second 1-27-tt in '*'•». Mint s,.|l n v B ,,i Will ...II /„,- ,, :ir , OL'2 .r,,,,,^).,,,.,,. Arl Wanted to Buy u .Inlin D-crn Iraclnr ^ li.T.'.TIIy „,.„• 1 .1. tnr* with rc|,ii|,in<.nl' 1>K:11 Lr.-irtnr-i ivitli ,.. rnrrnnlt ir lii. llo •I '•'iiiiiuiu'iii: "n. '>•«!•• it M Ir r,.u . m .lcl. • r,..«- K .M,,|i,, r >"-r- lr;innr vFIli .I...1.1; I V,,^11 nliher. in tnitil i l.i, in SO hoa.l cif .-rm« can I,.- nrran "»'-. 1 J.-)il^ jojill, nf Ilr.ifi-ii'(,,r:, OONT TAKK A UOSsT Gel the lop price for t-ntir car nr «ruok from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. _ 6-S-ck-t i NEWS Scrv/ces (j!i)jl »>.[ ri'imlr. All n-nrl 4-0 ,,,|l. .... '•ill« Mntkluo ' "fl' 111 l>Mi vnhlnc ».,-kl,,r, ."."!'.' t ''.. k '" J .»' ««mlUI««. Alu i nil tlflln'T OI7-rk.ll il ulU-lllllun. KM, .>|,,. •Jll lik :l]l r it -f", f;il •1^1 Don't Lei Winter Rob Your Car of Pickup! Watch your car lake ro the roaJ /„ defiance o Olc Man Winror after undergoing n thorougl. check by our minute men." They're always on Ht* joh, ready to whip your cor into shope for any type weai-'ncr, any occasion. Bring your CQ r to your l-neridly Ford Doafcr~Pf-fILLIPSJ, We'll Put rs MON'ICY TO LOAN <> yon need a loan to rcpnli or rt'miulel? No down pay. nu'iit, no mortgage, no ri'ri I'ipu. I'll A approved rat* »'•''. Ask for del nils. Max 1 "K"", li«nllur, phone 20yv Lynch ISid^'., HI vl lie T Hit. n-2!)-ck-ti \Vi-alher strip|iin s . H,, VC r nc ; l>y having doors nnd win- (Invvs wwilhor.slrippcil. C. I'!. WiKRins, 512 N. lOlh. I'lione 22<j:i. l2-:il-pk.;5-l MOTO.R COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Ulythcvillc, Ark.—Tel. -1r>r!-.'172I Local A IMI\S Competent Help H vqiiatcly Insured and Misc. Service Home Service 1-ti.n Distanrc Coiitrftct a. i3o i MiivliiK- etit. Atlc- Co. Kre«h Stuck Kirby Drug Stores 1>llone ;I2S n» K. Main L 0 O K WE HAVE CARS At! Makes & Models '•!3 riymuudi 42 G.MC I", (nn '12 II? Snlci 'I'l-iifk '33 Uuii-k '3S Cht-vrolcl OTHERS TO SF.I.ECT FROM BURNETT & ALLEN ALLEN SER. STATION W a I c r heaters, sinks, tlo.scls. lavalories, soil pipe & filfiiiKS, galv. & cpppcr jjiuc & filfin;^;. Orsburn's I'lnmliing- & Heating, pli. S75. 2-(i-pk-2!) Cash for wrecked or junk' automobiles. \Ve : ll come and get it. Wade Auto Salvage. North Hiwy Gl, phone 3785. ] 2-26-pk-2-£(i j Pianos in any condition. Adams Appliance, phone 2071—night 2fi.=i9. "Eat a Bonnee at Barney's" Delicious I'lncl; tiinl,. C.ult.r -Si,.-i in..nlS< .,1.1. s,,l,jrrl . . 1'ln TCI. Osn-,.1;,. *v timinli'*. 'c'-nni.- ' to ,fm"'« Or, ,^,iiitli l-'r.iuk-lin. p>i. ^.*i4. Iftink. I20S Ifr,l[y. l']i. 20TI9. lOl'i rr^Tiir>u four flo,->r Drill .\!]r>.'* K t -r\ir^ Sl.-ilimi >Iniii. I'l ,- 02S . .'.itp. j.i.-J^ - vvn^n,,. on rill,l,r/ ,11 .•Iiirr )^l .M,,-. I'.irl •„„. '.'.I If. ,,-11 Ti:i,l,- f.,r ti..»- 'i'iV],,.|1. Ailv^inr.- M.-. "ili-jik ? '.'any size. Dclco Ualtcriex, . Don't crank your car i'ur \vant of a jfoocl hatlcry. See Shellon Motor Coni- iianv, 12T \V. Ash St. it 2-6-c!t-:j v' .............. — ............ > ...................................... --------- , Tires! Tires! Tires! Kxlra Song mileage fires from Shell on .Motor Company sjive you protection aKains) nntimcly ncoiricnls, 121 W Wanted to Kent I'ill.y n.-....|s 1,0,,^- nr"vlni"iu. I'liiiiin i.'<!-I>!i-:l . ars ol,l „,) . ,,,,,,;,, if. Ktupldy,..] 1,,- Kivifl j. (•,,. |).- L ,i, ,, niifnrni»hr-[l ,1 nr I ronin ai,nrl- f,, r ,,r r m n ,,,n, r. -!,!,.„, ,"?"„ ii.h,.. !'h,.;i c H..IO] X,,. __ He/p Wonfec/ 't BONNIE BUTTERED STEAK SANDV//CH BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 20flr, W. Main St. phone 31547 Sec iis I'd r an oslimiile lio- (<irn yon have yciur tracloi ovcrhauU'd. Wi> spevinli/c i" slciim cleiininjr iiiiii painlinn'. Klrclric anil awl- vleiu- weldiiiR. Himseli I'diJIips Tracliir ('». riivv;iy til South. I'linne 2171. fiiiiOi. I! 'I.'..-!,. II For K'ent «' r,.,i:,i,i,. i,,,i,,,,i'. c.-ill •],;-, l>"cll.niM. :l|.| Nl.. till,. !• " «.':•-. 1 I mil >E \V L>!.'. nil -\ I ' '."-I.-.I.'" l-.-.l M,.,,,, ,,,li,,l,,l,i K talk I'll..!.,, J.'.-, I IT Ml | 7 Wnlmil. lllSck-H Situation \Vrjntoti ''. '.'.'li.kll llcnil {!onrlr>r News Wiinl Ads. SBraKfK5S3!re«3itaBMHKSgS35> BAD WEATHER JUSTIFIES BETTER CARE! latlv for scncrai n('- fice ivork. Ihisl he (ypiKt. Write .q-ivini; qualifications to Hox AI G M, '•; Courier \VANTl;:> AT nVOK—Kxiii-riciici.,! ''•'• cirl "> 'I" iniim.- ana 1 lit,, nc in n,.n ,•„,,,.„ nffi,-.,. ,;„„,, ^j,., Ash St., Phone -138. 2-G-ck-9 " <«' "!•-. Molar in (nir 5l,:, r t. 7™- lir^^. Priro.l to ^rll qnirkly. Cnvvrn I |>!,,Mr,K Simp, in 11 Sunlli l.-.k.v •J S (ik-li <IM, hay. :-'*l»!in.' Itlyrhrvlll,. K. r\-V.. I Tmrk flnrt N's- nou-ly ovcrh.Mil- 00, trailer tirr^ •c. Sc» or call •ffpl» Curb Mkl.. loin ford T.irtor. nw ( .hn n i<. a l|j. p Son'i,., s. i- "s 'it- '"" «« • "<i'^ s.nlinn. S, nivi,in n . 2 NOTICE OF PHOBAT'E bi- YVILI. Notice is hereby given that the Tx>st Will nml Testament of Jerry P. Miller was probated in common sorin by the Probate Court of Mississippi County, on the 28 day of •January. 1947. An from such probnlr can be cflccted only by mini? a petition, stating the grounds on such appeal. with this court within six f6' months from date of this notice. Witness my hand nnd seal this 28 day of Jnmmvv. 1947. ELIZABETH BL.YTHE Clerk of said Court. ai-E-15 WAIIM.VO ORDKK In liic Chancery Court, Chlrkj'.aw- ba Dlstricl, Mississippi Cour.ty Arkansas. Anita Beck Thnrston Phi'niifr vs. No. S955 Milton S. Thurslon D?f«nrlant The defendant Milton S. Ti-.>:r:-' ton is hereby warned to r.ppcar wilhin thirty days in the conit named in the cAption hereof nnd nnswer the complaint of th> plnfn- UtT Anita Beck Thurslon. Dated this 2-1 day of Jan IDn HARVEV MORRIS, Clerk Bv Mary Lee jJrvrr.iti. U f. Oene E. Bradley, Ally, for Phi. 1(25-2 1 3-15 Thunders lor m. s m-cnv only once in every 10 years a t ( h 0 't-nrth's poles. Walk In Boxes Dry Coolers Ice Cream Boxes Home Freezers or Any Heavy Refrigerator for hnnu'diiitl: Delivery CALL Srecll 17F22 DIXIELAND SERVICE KM.IS roor.i:, ownn * M S I. ' Ilicluvay ni >.'«rlll :\l HOLLAND, M(). IN TIIK Clt.WKUV C'OI.'KT TIM: CIIICKASAWKA niSTIUCT Ol AllSSlSSfl'fl COUNT V. Alt- K.XfWAS, l-liOllATU 1)1 VISION. In tin. .Mailer ,,r Illi' IMiilc of .Most- Smith, m'riMsnl, 1'i'i'cy A. Wrliilit, KM-fiilor. NO. m:i * XOTICM TO citinn rons oT PACK KIVB i'i'.'i liMiniu-niary on tlu-1'Mnl,. of Muse sinllli. i|i>ci nse<l •*••>«• lirniilctl (D Hi,- uiul.'reinned 1,11 |«K. ->:ird day o f Jmmni-y, m-iv bv ihf - cuiu-i M,- ih ( . OhU' . "f f.sla |,i o HiulcrsiBiiiMl us Kx- I.MI,U>, ln-riiri- uif en, I •J( six I,.'; Tuuil llK> lllltc of ll u . uriiiuini; ,,r MIC l, ( .(|,.,- s Tcsli,ine.|- '«ry ii|»n> Mild csuilo. nnd i: :n,;.|, Malms bv not MI |»vscnii'cl. I hi-,- \\ili Di- furcvcr bacirtl. I'KKCY A. WlilOHT Km ,,, AIJIANV. N V. lUl>)--AM>uny lospllnl IIIIK creeled u iviirnhiii I" luilorMs. U n-iids: "Uilvo caivtul- X- \Ve Inirc no cxlrn beds." FARM LOANS / Low Int«rMl / Long T.rm 1/ Fair Appraisal 4 Prompt Sorvlca RAY WORTHINGTON Hnvlii ff This Sccll.m for 21 Vnirs 115 So. 3ni niythuvllk-, AUi. TUIK- In ri-uilriitlnl ['roqrum Suinhij ui | p,,, nv( . r Can You STOP In Time? LET'S Let us inspect th« brakes on your car cind make needed re- pairs or adjustments RIGHT NOW. L O Y E I C H CHEVROLET COMPANY 307 W. Walnut Texaco Gai & OU* Phon«578 Save IHunny Tocluy. Any STOP /NO SWAP KI.MIillT •HUFl-'MAN'S tot K. ai;,in Vuu. Must 111! Phone 8!>Ji or No )>«<1 Our Uadio Ucpaii's ;irc ;ind our \vftrkin»nslii|> finur (h:in nnywhci-o WE: UKIMI ANV MAKi:_A\V Phone 2612 FRED CALLIHAN 106 South First V/e still have a few monvhs of bad weather | ahead. During these months you should exert every precaution in casing for your car. it's the economic motorist fhat has has cor checked periodically during winter's bod v/eat'ner to prevent untimely breakdowns and consequently i heavy repair bilis! RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All rj[i<-s K* K ,d Cancrrl DRS. NIES& NIES ^^^<;ilrle 511 Main, niyll,,. villc. Ark., |.|,,,,, c ua-l ^MT^^^^SMl^^^U! DON TOWARDS "Thn 'fviirwrltcr* i\I;in" ROVAL, .SMITH. COItO.VA ami ItKMlNGTON I-OUTAULF iin N. SKCONO err. PHONK (Every Transnctlnn MOST BE SATISFACTORY) Come To: U-DO-ST LAUNDRY,:'"..' With Those Dirty Clothes °!' en n. ni. r, : :)0 p. m. , . . - . m. liiy lm ,| Tliursdny Nights Open Till 9 o'ClocIt 323 North 2nd St. BRING US YOUR POULTRY"""^" lll)ili<-.s( 1'rlres fnr nil ![,.,«, (tooMurs. llucks anil Ge H:n' K -fhm fli;<l(IJcinnri> fro 111. Our t'rlccs Oovcriu-d I,, IM.ii-| tt .t Vnltii- Highway (il North I'hone .'17(i2 j PLANTERS HARDWARE OFFERS - F. H. A. TERMS ON MANY ITEMS: No Money Down (,'ntil-AIrc Allfr Funs Sllll-Ill-nig Alltlllllallc Oil llfiilns NntKU Klrrlrlf Hat \Vllll-r ]|L-;iii<|-i Slierwin Wllllnnin Paints SlK'ffiild Fleht Fcncinj Gould's ^Vnlcr Pumps Moilpin W:ilcr Sndeiien Gliilii-rson KKclicn Blnki 36 MONTHS TO P.4V US AUOUT PAUiMlCU'S TERMS WITH ANNUAL I'AYMHNTS P 3 IS 3 * f fc /s HARDWARE CO., Inc. 12R West iMain St. Yos. It's True! T '' n GAR MARTIN -. (X.D PVRt PvttW HMRtURSK.'E. '. Trt<= OLD TtR^ U^ED "ilUMP?, ,-vmnTtutre '• But ^_^^ . SHOW ? VJHtRt THt TREE. WfW5 SUPPOSED TO CAftRK THt - v , l ^°RTHWt« CORNER '? -/ WO HOU=>E% 150 OVER ON VftNO ! T. WJJJJJ BY AfRKR/J irRLOSSET 1 IOXK1 1 S 4\l> His (i-teit Ml: OU, BROTWER..' Ir K'EVER SMOULP MAVE HAPPENED T<3 PcOPi-e LIKE US/

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