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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio • Page 7

The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio • Page 7

Sandusky, Ohio
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Huge Attendance Reported At Camp Fire Mother-Daughter Tea Phenomenal attendance R. J. Schneider and Diane of nearly 800 will be entered and Sandy, Mrs. Emil Sengstock and Mary Jo, Mrs. Stanley Covigh- the leco.d of Firelands Counci flnd Kathy James MoA of Camp Fire Girls and Mrs R.

Brady, Bar Speaker Mother-Daugnler tea. Distinctive appointments emphasized the aims and purposes ot the organization as the girls and their mothers participated in the pleasant social' experience together. Ruth Ann and Marlene, Mrs. Clarence Tuohey and. Kathleen, Mrs.

Robert H. Mleike and Patricia, Airs. Mary Vargo and Sally, Mrs. iVorman Hoelzer and Jo Ann, Mrs. William Lang and Suzanne, Mrs.

Fehr and Marcia Ruth, Carole The tea table centerpieee Lorraine Arnold, Marilyn traded much attention and many eitusive compliments tor Mrs. Vincent Moran and her eight year old Blue Bird daughter. Crissy, who made it. They ap- plied gold paint to a wooden pic- -are frame to enclose a symbolic composition depicting a typical Camp Fire Girl in costume, the crossed logs emblem of the organization, and a flock of blue birds in'flight. For an outer border, they added fall leaves, flowers, figurines, fruits and vegetables to signify the 1956 theme, "Plant Seeds Reap Friendship." This composition on a beautiful white Italian culwork linen cloth was extremely effec tive.

Mrs. Leroy (Jeanne) Neff, executive director of the Fire- lands Council and Mrs. Emmett Murray, president of the Leaders- Sponsors association, each wore a corsage made and presented by Mrs. Moran. Other committee members were Miss Ann Millott, Mrs.

Ray Jordan, Mrs. John VV'ahlers, Mrs. James Fosco, Jr. and Miss Sandra Gundlach. Members of the board who poured were Mrs.

Franklin Hoh ler, Mrs. Ralph Crammoncl, Mrs ChUd Study Club To 30 Day, On Have Fashion Revue vin a 9e I k. Girard F. Merrick. 29, 1222 W.

Wednesday At HUrOn Monroc-st. pleaded guilty before Municipal Judge James Young Tuesday morning REGISTEB-STAR-tfEWS Tuesday, November tt, Classes Resume At Firelands High As HURON, NOV. 6-Members of Systeir Fixed the Child Study Club are spon- inic i wni i under tne influence soring a Fashion Revue liquor. He was fined $200 and HENRIETTA Nov 6 Classes Joseph's store in Sandusky, sentenced to 30 days inj were resu todav at Firelands Wednesdav at 8 p. in Huron! ial1 1 "Is driver permit High scn ool after a'brief vacation: High school gymnasium.

All pro for three years to a ack of pressure in the eeeds from this revue will be' Judge' said the heavyjschool's water system. Corrective turned over to the United Youth senlence was due lo tne fact have been taken and Council Fund of the village tnis was tnc second time school now has plenty of Mrs. Leo Hohler from Joseph's rick had been arrested for drunk (water and pressure, will be the narrator and fealure! ast four months. Due to 1 long dp spell, the late fall sports and holiday: school deep well had not been items. Children of active mem Hy 6S To Start up fast enough to meet rie- bers wiU be models, as foIlo 10 TCm A la 1 1 1 other laboratories.

ith installa- talKiSI it 'OW Feed TodaVtion of an auxiliary pump and Emma Jo Mooie. Saia 300 gallon storase tank, it now Connie Taylor. Pennsy Starr. Dee; i wl be possible'to keep eunuch Bowers, Nancy Ebcrt. Leslie A on I AG ION, 6 nn Gockstetter, Georgia Hinde.

of State John in the 5.000 gallon tank dra Leidheiser. Danny Dulles was expected to start Norman Rau. Susan Swanbeck.i taking food by mouth today in a SUMNER CANARY Speaker at Thursday's second annual Ladies' Night dinner meeting of the Erie-co Bar Asso- Arnold, Mrs. Chris Kafka and Sue, Mrs. Richard Wennes and Ann.

Airs. J. J. Szekely and Rosemary. Mrs.

Charles Curtin and Diane. Mrs. John Stewart, Regina and Ellen, Patti Pluckhorn, Mrs. James Printy and Susan, Karen and Sue Liebschner, Mrs. Edmon Miller, Janet and Susan, Mrs.

Phil Chambers and Phyllis, Mrs. Robert Laundrie and Robert, Mrs. Hugh Dewey and Margaret, Bernard Niehm and Marsha Dewey. Mrs. William Till, Sally and Susan, Mrs.

Paul E. Smith, Paillette, Mrs. Robert J. Stoll and Pamela, Mrs. Leo Krick and Theresa, Mrs.

H. A. Frutig and Susan, Mrs. August W. Sprow and daughter, Ann Wahlers, Mrs.

Geneieve Knapp, Mrs. Norman Windau, Mrs. W. P. Skirball and Eileen, Mrs.

Mary C. McNamee, Mrs. Carl WW and Carol Ann. Beth Mayer, Mrs. Louis E.

Dennis, Mrs. Harlan Edgington, Mrs. Robert Krueger, Mary Alice Appell, Mrs. Louis Muratoir and Judy Lynn, Sandra Lee De Blase, Marsha Fosco, Mrs. William Smith and daughter, Mrs.

Chester McGory and Patty, Kathy Smith, Mrs. Paul Brown and Paula, Mrs.jAlHltS And CoUSinS Daniel Beck and Patty, Jordan, Mrs. Vern Jordan. 1 6 OTlClCIl DHOWer Robert Close, Stephanie and; SPECIALS for the RUMPUS ROOM KNOTTY PINE PANELING JSVicaq. It.

AZROCK FLOOR TILE 12c It. CEILING TILE 12 Vac aq. ii. Fiberjrlas Folding THOMPSON'S Fifth at McKinley Ph. 4609 Steve Siegrist.

Peggy Wilkes and I major step forward in his recov Peggy Emmert. ery from his operation for an to meet the school's needs, it reported today. All classes were suspended last Thursday, Friday and Monday Students will have to make up two days later in the year. Friday not Associate members will be cancer, ciat.ion will be Sumner models, as follows: Mrs. The 68-year old diplomat has counting as the' school would U.

S. attorney for the northern Walker. Mrs. Richard.been fed intravenously since heihave been closed anyway for the district of Ohio. The meeting Mrs.

Robert Grah-i underwent the emergencv surK-! a nnual teachers meeting scheduled for 6:30 p. m. at the Mrs. John Dutt, Mrs. Saturday afternoon.

But his Plum Brook Country Club. Stipp. Mrs. Fred Lee. Mrs.

said they planned to: The Labrador is the most pop- Canary, former member of Voight, Mrs. Charles him on "oral feedings" to-iular dog among American dog Cleveland law firm of Arter, Hadden, Wykoff and Van D.uzer. is member of the Cleveland, the Ohio State, the American and the Federal Bar Associations, as well as of the American College of Trial Lawyers and the International Association of Insurance Counsel. Mrs. William Mote.

Mrs. Ervinglday. jhunters. Maxim and Mrs. E.

E. Koontz. Acting Secretary of State Her- Mrs. ft. H.

Holliger will Hoover visited the nish musical selections during Monday night and re- Committee is as follows: ported he looked "perfectly wonderful" and that the doctors weie "very pleased" at the rate of h's recovery. Hoover spent about 10 general chairman, Mrs. P. R. Emmert: Mrs.

Edward McQuil- Mrs. Franklin Wilkes. Mrs. Stan Moore and Mrs. A.

L. iCawrse. Tickets will be Dulles. He said he gave thei lat the door and tea is to be secretary a brief report on the served after the style show. swiftly-moving developments in the Middle East and Eastern Russell'Kelly.

Mrs. John Mrs. Eugene-H Wobser For Darleen Riccelli Probe Charges Of Europe. Mrs. Albert O.

Appell, Mrs John Auble and Mrs. Ervin Klee. program highlights included a piano selection by Maureen Kelly, who played the number she did for a recent Friends of Music radio broadcast; and group; singing accompanied and directed by Mrs. Jack J. Mayer.

i Among those present for this particular interlude were Mrs. Ellsworth iWJ Dianne, Mrs. Helen Wagner, Donna Partain, Mrs. James Stark and Lynn, Mrs. Harold Zellner and Paula, Mrs.

Maynard Mainzer and Donna, Mrs. Charles Ward 'and Karen, Mrs. PaUla Carroll, Linda Neff, Mrs. Brauer, Joyce and June, Mrs. Atkinson and Ellen, Mrs.

Harrison and Frances, Mrs. H. Kesinger and Ellen, Mrs. H. Weatherholtz, Carolyn Frost, Mrs.

Lawrence Geary and Sarah Ann, Mrs. Ray Johnson and Elizabeth, Mrs. Wil liam Cullen and Ginger, Mrs. Delbert Arend and Barbara Ann, Mrs Thomas Canby and Cathy Ann, Mrs. Owen Disbrow and Dianne, Mrs- Carl Hug and Priscilla, Mrs Don Woolf and Donna, Mrs.

John Weis and Peggy, Leo Roth and Enolia, Pat Thomas, Mrs. Frank Blake and Faith, Mrs. Kenneth Powers and Karen, Mrs. Ralph Windisch. and Barbara, and Starr, Mrs.

Robert L. Gagen and Mary, Mrs. Kenneth Oeder. 1 Diane and Judy. Mrs.

Richard Kruse and Christina, Mrs. Joe Riedy and Marilyn and Mrs. Byron Walker and daughter. Cook's Tour It switches from to and hundreds of other stitch variations at the flick of a lever! The amazing new SINGER AUTOMATIC with finger-tip control! Ifs the most remarkable machine you've ever does ihuudreds of decorative stitches at the flick of a lever! Monograms, embroiders, darns, ques, overcasts does zigzags, scallops, edging, everything. Even makes straight sewing easier.

In modern and "period" cabinets or smart portable case. NEW ORLEANS (UP) Two Louisiana-born women, authors of "Gourmet's Guide to New suggest a chicken curry as typical of; Creole Louisiana cooking. The authors are Miss Natalie Scott and Mrs. Caroline Merrick Jones, who published the first edition of their cook book in 1933. The 14th edition is to be published shortly.

Most of the recipes in the book, available in almost any book shop in New Orleans, are credited to "first family" hostesses or occasionally to a restaurant chef. The curry recipe is from Barbara Brooks, who calls it "a perfect one-dish meal." The' ingredients: 4 lbs. chicken or duck; V2 pound.rice; 2 tablespoons flour; 2 tablespoons butter; 1 tablespoon brown sugar; 4 tablespoons cum' powder; 1 each small onion, green pepper; Ki cup seedless raisins; 4 to 5 cups stock from fowl; 1 table- spon vinegar; black pepper, cayenne, bay leaf, salt; and 1 stalk celery. Simmer fowl until tender, in salted water with a stalk of celery, bay leaf and vinegar. When done, remove skin and bones and cut meat in medium small pieces.

Reserve 4 or 5 cups of stock for sauce. Sauce: In a large iron skillet, melt the butter and lightly brown th onion and pepper, finely choppea. Add curry powder, sugar and flour, blend together until smooth, and add hot stock, cup by cup. Let boil gently for Ebout five minutes, until th? consistency of thick cream. Add raisins and cut-up fowl, and simmer until ready to serve.

Add more hot stock just before serving if necessary. Put rice on to cook in three quarts of rapidly boiling water, boil 20 minutes, drain and steam until light and fluffy. To serve, heap the rice on a large hot platter, make a depression in the middle of the pile and fill with the curry sauce. Serve individually in hot soup plates, with any or all of the following sambals: chutney, chopped roasted peanuts, chopped bacon, piccalilli, grated cocoanut, chopped fresh pineapple, and shrimp. These are stirred into the rice and curry sauc and the mixture eaten with a fork and large soup spoon.

A miscellaneous shower honoring Darleen Riccelli, bride-elect of Thomas F. Wood, was given by her aunts and cousins, Mrs. Kenneth Riccelli, Mrs. Leslie Leder. Mrs.

Edward Albert and Mrs. John Aldrich at the latter's home. 1215 Fifth-st, Sunday afternoon. Games were enjoyed by all and awards went to the bride-to-be and Carol Riccelli. Table decorations were carried out in white, silver and pastel pink.

Other guests were Mrs. Leslie Leder, Mrs. Russell Furrer, Mrs. Lulu Ruppert, Mrs. George Wood.

Mrs. Anna Riccelli, Mrs. E. C. Pluckhorn, Mrs.

Frank Gleason, Mrs. Roy Riccelli, Mrs. Robert Motter, Mrs. M. W.

Selders and Mrs. Sterling Riccelli. Miss Riccelli and Mr. Wood will be married on Dec. 15 in St.

Lutheran Church. Register Fraud XENIA. Nov. 6 Secretary of State Ted Brown Monday investigated charges by Sheriff Clarence Stewart of alleged fraudulent voter registration. an investigation last week, said the fraud occurred at Wright View by residents i who also registered in co, Ky.

John Peterson, chairman of the Green-co Republican Executive Committee, criticized Stewart's charges. Peterson, a candidate for prosecutor, said the Republican sheriff appeared to either have been misinformed or is actively seeking vengeance on the man who defeated him in primary. First architects to work with Elliott-jstone, the Egyptians began using that material for building about 2750 B.C. Florence Church Group Plans Meet FLORENCE, Nov. Community Church council deaco- nate and trustees will meet this evening at the parsonage for an important meeting.

The Rev. Donald Scott is preaching a series of three sermons on the subject "Fulfillment of Our Vows." A total of $43.17 given by men of the church has been placed in a special savings account to start a building fund. Work Day for Christ, sponsored by Youth Fellowship, has brought in $33.60 to date with all returns not yet in. Damage Suit Over Sandwich COLUMBUS, Nov. 6 (UP) Jimmy Corrova, who sells his patented "Poor Boy" sandwiches here, today sued a competitor for advertising "A Rich Boy sandwich at Poor Boy prices." Corrova, 22, proprietor of the TAT Pizza Carryout, filed for $10,000 damages against Wally Coen, operator of Wally's Pizza Barn.

Corrova added that his "Poor Boy" sells for only 50 cents, while the "Rich Boy" brings 60 cents. Another nolfha eorf! W. h.ll.v. a drycleoning thovld htyond (ho point ol delivery. A lint (leaning job prtteilien up untU- moment yov'select garmtnl for wear.

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